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Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem



In 1985 the United States Justice Department issued a
report prepared by the Terrorist Research and Analytical
Center, Terrorism Section, Criminal Investigative Division.
A section of that report deals with Jewish terrorist groups. In
January, 1986 the United States Department of Energy published
a report about terrorism in the United States and the
potential threat to nuclear facilities. It dedicates a full section
to Jewish terrorism, mainly about the Jewish Defense League,
the United Jewish Underground and the Jewish Direct Action.

These Jewish terrorist organizations are not acting on their
own. They are acting in coordination with the Anti-Defamation
League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), the American-Israel
Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Presidents' Conference
(composed of Presidents of 48 Jewish National Organizations).
The Jewish terrorist organizations which carry
out the terrorist acts are financed by wealthy American Jews
and partly by the above-mentioned organizations which are
supposed to be charitable tax-exempt organizations. The
ADL, AIPAC and the Presidents' Conference should be
denied tax-exemption status and should be registered as
foreign agents because they are neither educational, religious
or charitable organizations, but organizations working as
agents for the State of Israel in performing the following

1. They cooperate in order to control United States Middle-
East Policy and make United States interests subservient
to Israel.

2. They cooperate in order to control the Congress of the
United States. They use members of Congress to put pressure
on the United States administration if it takes any initiative to
serve United States Middle-East interests, such as selling
weapons to Arab countries or taking any initiative which may
be friendly to the Arab states.

3. They cooperate in efforts to defeat any member of
Congress who does not support Israel one hundred percent or
dares to be fair-minded in relation to United States Middle-
East policy. The cases of Congressman John Rarick of
Louisiana, Senator William Fulbright of Arkansas, Congressman
"Pete" McCloskey of California, Congressman
Paul Findley, and Senator Charles Percy of Illinois are only

4. They aid and abet the Zionist State in daily committing
warcrimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the
Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza and in the
refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon.

5. They collect and store computerized information
(mainly derogatory and scandalous) about every American
citizen in public life, whether in Federal or State Governments,
about journalists, professors, professionals, ex-
Government officials and about every American citizen in
private life who dares to make a speech or write a letter to any
newspaper criticizing Israel or expressing any support for
Palestinian rights.

6. They monitor all newspapers, television and radio
programs for any statement criticizing the Zionist regime in
occupied Palestine.

7. They harass any U.S. citizen, attempt to dismiss him
from his job either in Government or the private sector, cause
the bankruptcy of his business, assassinate his character and
do everything to harm him physically and mentally if he dares
to oppose, criticize, or does not agree with the Zionists in the
United States or with the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine.

8. They harass all Arab Diplomatic representatives in the
United States or in the United Nations and all American Arab

9. They spy on United States citizens and on Arab organizations
and Arab Diplomats and cooperate with Mossad

10. They publish papers, studies, periodicals, press
releases and hold press conferences attacking their victims.

11. They use the term "anti-Semitic" or "Jew hater" as
vicious libels to terrorize U.S. citizens who dare to voice
criticism of Israel or who express sympathy for the Palestinian
or Arab cause.

12. They use the Jewish Defense League, the United
Jewish Underground and the Jewish Direct Action to do their
dirty work of harassment and actual terrorist incidents and

In 1975, the ADL produced a 118-page document entitled
Target USA: The Arab Propaganda Offensive. The document
purported to detail "the work of the Arab propaganda apparatus
in the United States" and named officers and
prominent leaders of Arab-American organizations, together
with their addresses, and charged each of them with being
either "PLO fronts" or part of the "Arab master plan" with
"billions of petrodollars at their disposal."

In 1983, the ADL updated this work by publishing the
"first edition" of a handbook entitled Pro-Arab Propaganda
in America: Vehicles and Voices.
Employing conspiratorial
imagery similar to its 1975 Target USA document, the 1983
handbook created a more explicit suspicion of Arab-
American leaders and organizations by dividing the book into
two sections: "Vehicles" which ostensibly described all
Arab-American and several non-Arab-American organizations;
and "Voices" which detailed somewhat distorted
biographies and selected quotes of several dozen individuals
prominent on the Arab-American and Middle-East scene over
the past decade.

Later that year, AIPAC published its own book entitled
The Campaign To Discredit Israel. Modeled almost entirely
on the ADL's Pro-Arab Propaganda In America, AIPAC
went a step further by describing the Arab-American community
as an "artificial community," funded by "petrodollars"
and motivated by "hatred of Israel." The AIPAC book
included the same discussion of Arab-American organizations
and leaders as the ADL handbook.

In 1984, AIPAC published a book entitled, The AIPAC
College Guide
"exposing" an anti-Israel campaign in
American Universities. This guide listed organizations and
persons in 100 campuses, who were described as part of this
anti-Israel campaign.

The object of publishing these guides and pamphlets by
these supposedly charitable and philanthropic Jewish organizations
is to alert Zionist agents and Jewish terrorist
organizations throughout the United States to do their dirty
work against all organizations and persons mentioned in these
guides and pamphlets.

We hereby produce extracts of the two reports mentioned
above, namely those of the United States Department of
Justice and the United States Department of Energy.


In FBI terrorism analyses published since 1981, responsibility
for 18 terrorist incidents has been attributed to groups
seeking to publicize past and present injustices suffered by
the Jewish people. While claims for some of these acts have
been made in the names of the "Jewish Defenders," "United
Jewish Underground," and "Jewish Direct Action," 15 of the
incidents were attributed to the Jewish Defense League (JDL),
by far the most well known of these groups.

The JDL was founded on June 16, 1968, by Rabbi Meir
Kahane in Brooklyn, New York, and was subsequently incorporated
in the state of New York on September 30, 1968.
"Never again," is the official slogan of the JDL. This slogan
is in reference to the JDL's adherence to the principle that
unless a constant vigilance is maintained to battle against
anti-Semitism, the Holocaust will reoccur.

While headquartered in New York City, the JDL has
chapters located in several of the larger metropolitan areas of
the United States. The JDL is composed primarily of young
Jewish-American extremists who consider themselves to be
a front line of defense against anti-Semitism, as well as being
supporters of the state of Israel. Responsibility for numerous
acts of violence in recent years, to include arsons, bombings
and assaults, which have been directed against Soviet
diplomatic establishments and personnel, individuals associated
with the American-Arab community, and persons
allegedly affiliated with the World War II Nazi Germany
atrocities committed against the Jewish race has been claimed
in the name of the JDL. These terrorist activities have been
perpetrated in an attempt to focus international attention on
the plight of the Soviet Jews, as well as to retaliate against
Nazi Germany and Arab transgressions against the Jewish

In 1985 four incidents are being attributed to Jewish
extremists. Although certain evidence leads to suspicion of
elements of the JDL, final attribution to any one specific
group must await further investigation.

On May 15,1985, at approximately 2.30a.m., apipe bomb
exploded at the front door of Dr. George Ashley's residence
in Northbridge, California. There were no injuries or deaths
as a result of this blast; however, there was approximately
$2,000 property damage. Ashley is a professor at the Institute
for Historical Review, a private research organization in
Torrance, California, which has claimed that the Holocaust,
the atrocities incurred by the Jewish people during World War
11, never occurred. A crime scene investigation determined
that Ashley's sidewalk had been spray-painted with the letters
"JDL" prior to the explosion.

On September 6, 1985, at approximately 4.30 a.m., Robert
Siefried observed a fire at the residence of Elmars Sprogis in
Brentwood, New York, and, while alerting Sprogis to the fire,
triggered an explosive device that had been placed on
Sprogis' front steps. Siefried was seriously injured; Sprogis
received no injuries. At approximately 4.55 a.m., Newsday
newspaper received a telephone call from an unknown male
stating, "Listen carefully, Jewish Defense League, Nazi war
criminal. Bomb - Never again." The caller immediately
hung up. At approximately 5.05 a.m., a second call was
received at Newsday, and the same message was given with
the exclusion of the statement, "Never again."

Sprogis is an alleged former Latvian police official who
was purportedly responsible for guarding Jews incarcerated
in Nazi concentration camps during World War 11. Sprogis
was a defendant in a highly publicized deportation proceeding
in Uniondale, New York, wherein all charges against Sprogis
were dismissed. Members of the JDL and related militant
Jewish organizations were highly critical of the decision. (1)



For more than a decade, the Jewish Defense League (JDL)
has been one of the most active terrorist groups in the United
States. Although the JDL maintains that it is a political action
group concerned with dramatizing the plight of Soviet Jewry
and, in more general terms, protecting Jews and Jewish interests
worldwide, the FBI has long classified it as a terrorist
organization. Thevast majority of the group's operations have
been directed against Soviet targets, including Soviet
diplomatic installations, personnel, and their personal property;
Soviet travel and airline offices; Soviet dance troupes and
performers; and Soviet and non-Soviet persons and businesses
either sponsoring these sorts of cultural events or
having trade relations with the Soviet Union.

The underlying purpose of the JDL is to reverse the
mythical image of the Jews as victims. This militancy also
fuels the anti-Soviet campaign designed to create and foment
new sources of tension in Soviet-American relations until
persecution of Soviet Jews ends and they are allowed to
emigrate to Israel. It deliberately seeks to embarrass the USSR
by disrupting Soviet cultural performances and exchanges
along with undermining its international trade and commercial

The JDL, however, has also attacked Arab, Iranian, Iraqi,
Egyptian, Palestinian, Lebanese, French, and German targets
in the United States. In 1976, for example, the Iraqi U.N.
Mission was bombed; in 1978, Egyptian diplomats were
targeted; in 1981, an Iranian bank in San Francisco was
bombed in protest of the treatment of Jews in Iran; and in
1982, a Lebanese restaurant in Brooklyn, alleged by the
League to be a PLO headquarters, was set on fire. Attacks
have also been staged by League chapters in France, Britain,
Italy and Israel.

The JDL was founded in 1968 in the working- and middle-
class Jewish sections of Brooklyn - Borough Park,
Crown Heights, and Williamsburg. The religiously orthodox
residents of these neighborhoods have long been prey to
muggers, vandals, and teenage gangs, primarily groups of
young blacks and Puerto Ricans who lived in the ghettoes
surrounding the Jewish enclaves. Thus the JDL originated as
a vigilante street patrol. Within a year of its founding, however,
the group became involved in politics as a result of the
New York City teachers' strike.

In 1969, the JDL embraced the cause of Soviet Jewry. In
early December of that year, a"100-hour vigil" was launched
by JDL members who camped outside of the Soviet Union's
U.N. Missions in Manhattan. Later that month, the protests
escalated; groups of League members simultaneously invaded
the offices of the Soviet news agency, Tass, and the
Soviet tourist board, Intourist, while a third group handcuffed
themselves to an Aeroflot plane which had just arrived at JFK
airport. Two years later. the League committed its first act of
terrorism. On January 8, 1971, the JDL bombed the Soviet
cultural offices in Washington D.C. An anonymous caller
later informed the media, "This is a sample of things to come.
Let our people go! Never again!'' Since that time, the JDL has
pursued a dual-track strategy of acts of civil disobedience and
generally peaceful protest, along with acts of outright terrorism.

In 1971, the JDL's founder, Rabbi Meir Kahane, and his
family left the United States and settled in Israel. Within afew
months, an "International JDL Office" was opened in
Jerusalem. Although Kahane commuted back and forth between
Israel and the United States, his absence greatly affected
the American branch of the JDL and it gradually fell
into disarray. In August 1985, Kahane suddenly announced
that he was stepping down as leader of the JDL and had
appointed Irv Rubin in his place. Rubin, the JDL's West Coast
coordinator, is a private investigator and sometime painter,
who boasts of having been arrested 30 times in connection
with Jewish causes. The ostensible reason for Kahane's resignation
was his desire to devote more time to his parliamentary
duties in Israel (he was elected to office in 1984) and to his
fledgling KACH party. But the real reason may have been
Kahane's desire to distance himself publicly from the intensified
terrorist campaign now being waged by the JDL and
thus avoid compromising his efforts to obtain contributions
from American Jews for his campaign to become Israeli
Prime Minister.

In February 1985, the JDL took credit for a bomb discovered
beneath a car belonging to a Soviet diplomat in
Manhattan (the bomb was defused by bomb-squad technicians).
The JDL is also believed to have been responsible
for a bomb that was found in front of a Los Angeles cinema
presenting a Soviet film festival in April. That device too was
dismantled by the police. The following month, the JDL
claimed credit for bombing the house of George Ashley, a
Los Angeles-area high school teacher, who had told students
that the number of Jews killed by the Nazis during World War
II was considerably less than the commonly accepted figure
of six million, and that not more than a million Jews perished
during the war. Then, in June, an anonymous caller stated that
the JDL had intentionally set fire to theoffices of theGerman-
American National Political Action Committee in Santa
Monica, California. The German-American group probably
incurred the JDL's wrath by its advocacy of the view that
'Jews were not gassed by the Nazis ... (and that the) numbers
and reports of predetermined extermination are greatly exaggerated
by professional liars." In each of these cases, official
JDL spokesmen subsequently denied or disavowed any connection
between the group and these attacks.

In August 1985, the locus of alleged Jewish terrorist
activities shifted to the Northeastern United States. On
August 16, a caller claiming to represent the JDL stated that
the group had planted bombs that were discovered in various
places around West Roxbury and Cambridge, Massachusetts
(the West Roxbury device exploded as police attempted to
dismantle it). Another bomb was found in front of the offices
of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
(ADC) in Boston. Two police officers were injured trying to
disarm it. The JDL, however, denied that its members had any
part in the incident. That same day, an explosive device rigged
to the front door of the Patterson, New Jersey, home of
Tscherim Soobzokov, who was once accused by the U.S.
Justice Department of concealing his wartime membership in
the Nazi Waffen-SS, exploded. Soobzokov was critically
wounded and died three weeks later. Less than a month later,
a similar type of bomb exploded outside the house of another
alleged Nazi war criminal in the Brentwood section of Long
Island, New York. Although the target of the attack, Elmars
Sprogis, a former Latvian policeman, was not hurt, apasserby
was seriously injured. Shortly after the bombing, a local
newspaper received a call from a person purporting to speak
for the JDL, claiming credit for the explosion.

The most recent incident of suspected Jewish terrorism
occurred on October 11,1985, when the office of the ADC in
Santa Ana, California, was bombed. The Committee's director,
Palestinian-born Alex Odeh, was killed by the bomb. and
eight passersbys were injured. The attack came at the end of
a long week which had seen the seizure of an Italian luxury
liner, the Achille Lauro, on the Mediterranean Sea by Palestinians;
the murder of an American passenger, Leon Klinghoffer;
the negotiated release of the crew and passengers; and
the inflight interception by U.S. Navy fighters of an Egyptian
airliner carrying the four hijackers of the ship. Although Odeh
was accustomed to receiving anonymous death threats, this
attack seemed to have been prompted by his appearance on a
local news show the previous evening, in which he described
Yasir Arafat as "a man of peace." It was also speculated that
Odeh was targeted in revenge for the murder of Klinghoffer.
a Jew.

Bombing is the JDL's favored tactic, accounting for 78
percent of all JDL incidents. Shootings are next, accounting
for 16 percent, followed by arson,vandalism, and kidnapping,
accounting for 1 percent each. In the past, the preponderance
of bombings suggested that the JDL was still at a relatively
primitive stage and was not able to undertake more sophisticated
operations. However, the group's technical proficiency
has apparently increased appreciably. The new generation of
recruits joining the group may have greater knowledge and
sophistication in terrorist tactics in general and the manufacture
of bombs in particular. This sophistication may also be
product of the summer camps run by the JDL in New York
andCalifornia forJewish youths. A leaflet issued by thegroup
describes one camp, known as JUDO (Jews United to Defend
Ourselves), as a place that offers the opportunity to learn
Karate, legal and proper weapons training, street fighting and
how to be a proud Jew who can defend the Jewish people.

Since 1968, JDL operations have killed 7 persons and
wounded at least 22. Thirty-nine percent of the targets were
connected with the Soviet Union; 9 percent were Palestinian;
8 percent were Lebanese; 6 percent, Egyptian; 4 percent,
French, Iranian, and Iraqi; I percent, Polish and German; and
23 percent were not connected with any state. Sixty-two
percent of all JDL attacks are directed against property; 30
percent against businesses; 4 percent against academics and
academic institutions; and 2 percent against religious targets.

Typically, an anonymous caller will claim responsibility
for a specific terrorist act for either the JDL or one of its
alleged subgroups, only to have an official spokesman for the
JDL deny the group's involvement the following day.

In the past, although the JDL was among the most active
terrorist organizations in the United States, the threat it posed
appeared to be primarily symbolic. The JDL used terrorism
to draw attention to itself and its causes, to maintain momentum,
and essentially to stay alive. Recent events, however,
suggest that this view requires revision. The increase of
militant Jewish terrorism represents not only an escalation of
violence but a significant change in targeting patterns, as well
as a dramatic shift in tactics.

Nine times as many terrorist acts have either been claimed
by or allegedly carried out by the JDL in 1985 as in either
1983 or 1984 (one incident occurred in each of the two earlier
years). Whereas Soviet targets were previously the terrorists'
primary targets, only two attacks in 1985 were connected with
the Soviet Union. Hence, it now appears that nonstate targets
in the United States that are perceived by the terrorists as
hostile to Jewish interests have become their primary focus.

As far back as 1976, the JDL had expanded its scope of
activities to include Iraqi, Iranian, Egyptian, Palestinian,
Lebanese, French and German targets. But these operations
were isolated and infrequent and were consistently overshadowed
by the group's preoccupation with the issue of
Soviet Jewry. Now, however, the group appears to be concentrating
its efforts on persons and institutions it considers
to be enemies of Judaism and Israel. The targets now include
alleged former Nazis and warcriminals; Palestinian and Arab
individuals and institutions; and persons and so-called research
centers promoting views about the Holocaust that
minimize the dimensions of Jewish suffering.

Perhaps the most far-reaching change, however, is the
increasing use of assassination, both to draw attention to the
terrorists' causes and to eliminate perceived enemies of the
Jewish people and Israel.

This is an ominous development. Political violence does
not occur in a vacuum, and it is responsive to both internal
and external stimuli. In the case of the Jewish terrorists, the
internal stimulus undoubtedly is the decline in membership
and financial contributions that their groups have experienced
in recent years. By expanding their targets, they may also be
trying to appeal to a larger and more diverse constituency.
This could represent a bid to regain momentum and duplicate
the JDL's successes of the 1970's.

External stimuli probably include the growing sense of
unease felt by Jews in the United States as a result of the
anti-Semitic insinuations and proclamations issued by the
Reverend Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Black Muslim Nation
of Islam, the growing evidence of a widespread network
of right-wing and neo-Nazi extremists, the hijacking of a
TWA aircraft in June 1985 by radical Shi'as in which Jewish
passengers were separated from gentiles, and the murder of
Leon Klinghoffer. All of these developments have alarmed
Jews, and more important, they may have convinced the
terrorists that the Jewish public has become more amenable
to and supportive of militant Jewish activity.

The increase in Jewish terrorist activity may prove to be a
harbinger of continued escalation of such activity in the
Unitedstates, the use of increasingly violent tactics, andeven,
perhaps, an expansion of the terrorists' already broadened
range of targets. (2)

Taken as a whole, the above evidence shows a well-organized
and financed campaign aimed at preventing Arab
Americans and others from exercising their Constitutional
rights and freedoms.

The nationwide scope of Jewish terrorism against
Americans and Arab Americans in the United States is
thoroughly documented.

The variety of methods used by the Zionists for intimidation,
harassment, arson and even murder are reminiscent of
the Zionist methods used in Palestine against their Palestinian
Arab victims, British officials and their families, and even
dissident Jews.

The following incidents singly are seemingly isolated
occurrences. Analyzed in toto, they show a planned and
coordinated attempt to prevent Americans and Arab-
Americans from exercising their rights and freedoms in the
United States.


In April 1980. the Washington, D.C. office of the Palestine
Human Rights Campaign (PHRC) was the target of a
firebombing. On the day after the attack, the Jewish Defense
League (JDL), as is its practice, issued a statement "approving"
of the fire.

On May 10, 1985, Seattle, Washington, a Washington
couple had their home completely ransacked, their furniture
destroyed, and chemicals poured on oriental carpets and
audio-visualequipment. Their dog was beaten and then killed.
Neighbors claimed they did not hear anything despite the loud
noises. Fingerprints were lifted, but police claim they were
useless due to smudging afterwards. Nothing was stolen. The
family suffered great psychological damage. The couple are
American Indian and Asian Indian, and very outspoken on
Arab issues. Mr. ... had publicly debated JDL in the past and
believed they could be possible suspects in this attack on his

On August 2, 1985, Tuscon, Arizona, the Arizona Daily
reports "Men Carve Star Symbol on Woman During
Rape Outside Of Restaurant." Victim suspects JDL since she
was dating a Palestinian man. She was attacked by two men,
struck in the head with a metal pipe and raped by both. They
then carved what appeared to be a Star of David on her chest.

On August 16, 1985, Boston, Massachusetts, bomb exploded
outside ADC office seriously wounding two Boston
policemen attempting to defuse the device. Calls were
Zionist Terrorism Against Americans in the United States
received by the Boston Globe and Tribune by persons identifying
themselves as the JDL and taking responsibility for
the act.

On October 11, 1985, Santa Ana, California, Alex Odeh
was murdered by a trip-wired bomb upon opening the door
to his ADC office. FBI, ATF, and local police still investigating
the case. FBI has indicated that the JDL is the suspect
party to the crime.

On October 29, 1985, Washington, DC, ADC National
Office damaged by fire set on second floor of building. Fire
termed "arson" by Fire Chief and ATF. As a result, new space
is being sought. However, given the recent attacks against
ADC, many landlords refuse access./ep./

On January 9, 1986, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Palestinian
grocer, Mr. N.... was shot in the head by unknown assailants
in his store. No money was taken from him or the cash
register, which may indicate a political motive. This is
bolstered by the fact that the victim had pictures of PLO
Chairman Yasser Arafat hanging in the store.

On January 17, 1986, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mr.
D...., editor of Arabic-English newspaper, was attacked by
three unknown black assailants near his home upon return
from a meeting in New York City. He was nearly beaten to
death and spent several days in ICU with a blood clot on the
brain, fractured skull, 17 stitches and othercomplications. No
money was taken from him as in the case cited above. While
in the hospital, a tall white male entered his room, asked his
name and said, "We let you live this time, next time we
won't." The family believes it was the work of the JDL who
are opposed to their newspaper. JDL had harassed the victim
in the past by stealing printing equipment and publicly taking
credit, claiming that they would use the equipment to print
anti-Arab and pro-Israeli material. They recall a JDL leader
took responsibility for the acts in 1975/76.

On May 27,1986, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, Dr. & Mrs.
Ismail Al-Farouki were murdered in their suburban Philadelphia
home at 3.00 a.m. One daughter was also stabbed and
hospitalized in stable condition. Another daughter and her
child escaped the attack by hiding in a closet. The police and
FBI were called and briefed about anti-Arab attacks in the

On June 16, 1986, Washington, D.C., United Palestine
Appeal office at 2100 M Street, Washington, D.C., was
completely destroyed by a fire which police have deemed to
be arson. Eyewitnesses on the scene saw a young male
running from the building. Police are pursuing the suspect at
present. FBI and ATF were on the scene. Terrorism has not
been ruled out.


On March 26, 1985, New York City, ADC office was
subject of attempted break-in and graffiti was spray-painted
on exterior wall stating "rag heads". Several phone calls were
received by the office coordinator, some claiming to be from
the JDL, threatening her and the ADC membership. Most
comments either dealt with the march taking place that day in
solidarity with the Lebanese resistance to Israeli occupation,
or were simply abusive and vulgar. The calls continued for a
few days and died out. However, Mrs. R. ... reported this to
the police and asked for increased security and an FBI investigation
as well since an international terrorist organization,
the JDL, is a suspect in the crimes.

On April 20, 1985, Orlando, Florida, Mr. L. ..., an ADC
member erected a large sign next to a highway by his office
in 1982 after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon which read,
"Palestinians Have Rights Too." The sign had been
desecrated in the past but during the night of April 20,
someone came and sawed the posts of the sign and destroyed
the huge billboard. Mr. L. ... suspects the JDL and made that
clear in the many media appearances after this incident.

On May 23, 1985, New York City, ADC office was
subjected to several days of telephone death threats in
response to an ADC-Jewish sponsored peace rally. JDL attempted
to disrupt the event by sending several
demonstrators. However, police and FBI had been contacted
by ADC, and were on the scene. Local JDL leader had earlier
come to ADC office in an attempt to "volunteer" his time to
the organization.

On June 22, 1985, New York City, the Arab People to
American People Organization received telephone death

On December 21, 1985, Clarkstown, New York (Rockland
County), Mr. and Mrs. S. ... were victims of attacks on
their property and death threats over the telephone. A swastika
was painted on their garage leading some to believe that acts
were anti-semitic. Could be a JDL/JDO cover as well. (Mr.
S. ... is the nephew of ADC activist Mr. N. ... of Yonkers, but
has no idea why anyone would attack him or his family.) He
is a naturalized citizen and has been in the United States for
over 30 years. He told reporters he was 100 percent American.

On January 7, 1986, Washington, D.C., ADC employee
and friend were followed by suspicious car that tried to ram
them and force them off the road. Ms. E. ... spotted a police
cruiser who then apprehended the suspects. Details pending
on identity. Minutes later, another car also tried to run them
off the road. However, the second auto was not apprehended
or identified.

On January 13, 1986, Houston, Texas, Mr. R. ..., Local
ADC board member wrote an Op-Ed piece about terrorism
which exposed double standards, such as Israeli state terrorism,
etc. As a result, he received several threatening and
ugly phone calls.

On February 4, 1986, Atkinson, Nebraska, Mr. X. ...
received letter from activist in which he noted that, "... my life
has been threatened on numerous occasions by anonymous
callers operating in the familiar fashion of the terrorist JDL
and Levy's JDO." He is not a member of ADC, but is
sympatheticandhas written articles on Israel which prompted
Mordechai Levy to publicly accuse him of being a "neo-Nazi"
in a letter to the editor of the Village Voice on January 14,

On February 7, 1986, San Francisco, California, ADC
representative called to report that the ADC Bay Area Office
was vandalized; a window on the entrance was found
smashed. The police were called and an investigation initiated.

On April 14,1986, Washington, D.C., ADC Headquarters
received a phone message on tape machine threatening to
bomb and kill the members. Another phone threat was
received by an ADC staff member one day after the United
States bombing of Libya, In both cases, references to ADC
staff as Libyans were made.

On May 28, 1986, Washington, D.C., Ms. K.H. ... informed
ADC office that she received information about an
Arab-American who was severely beaten 6 - 9 months ago by
two men, one white and one black, in Philadelphia. During
the course of the attack, they told him they were JDL and if
he reported this incident to the police, they would kill his

On June 14, 1986, Washington, D.C., Mr. T. ... reported
that while leafletting for the Haagen-Dazs campaign at the
Dupont Circle Metro station, be was attacked and punched by
an unknown assailant. The attacker had already verbally
accosted ADC demonstraton outside the Haagen-Dazs outlet
by swearing at them and calling them Nazis, etc.

On June 21, 1986, Los Angeles, California, Mr. T. ...
reported that he was physically accosted by a suspected
member of the JDL while demonstrating in front of a Haagen-
Dazs ice cream store in L.A. The police were contacted and
are tracking down the attacker from the license plate number
of the car in which he escaped. (3)

The campaign of Jewish terrorism in the United States has
many facets. If the violence is shocking in a free society
pledged to openness of ideas and free exchange of views, the
relentless Jewish efforts at harassment and intimidation are
no less destructive of civilized values. A case study of the
tactics, methods and terroristic purposes of Zionist fanatics is
revealed in the testimony of an Arab-American, Bonnie
Rimawi, before the House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee
on Criminal Justice on July 16, 1986. Ms.
Rimawi's detailed account of Jewish harassment is but one
of many cases in the Jewish terroristic fear campaign in the
United States. The following are extracts of her testimony:

The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee
(ADC) opened its first regional office in New York City on
March 1, 1985. Less than two weeks after its opening, a
continuing series of harassing incidents were directed against
me while I was the director of the ADC-NY Regional Office.
The following is a detailed account of incidents that led to the
temporary closing of the New York Chapter of the ADC.

On March 23,1985, I played back my answering machine
and received these two calls: The first came in a male husky
voice, saying: "You f- bastards. I hope you all die." The
second came from a male voice as well, very angry and loud:
'Listen well you PLO scum. Sabra and Shatila are going to
seem like nothing in comparison to what we're going to do to
you Palestinians. We're going to throw you all into the sea.
Never again." (This tape was handed over to the F.B.I. Terrorist
Task Force's Detective Bernard McCrossan on August
27, 1985.)

On March 26, 1985, we held the above-mentioned rally,
which was held from 3.00p.m. to6.00 p.m., when the break-in
at the ADC office was attempted. Our office door received
three heavy blows, breaking the molding and chipping paint.
People working in the building saw two men leave the site at
about 5.30 p.m. Before the men left, they wrote the slur
"ragheads" on the wall outside the door.

On May 20, 1985, the NY ARC office received a collect
call from the "death squad for Bonnie." Another call (collect)
from "the Morgue for Bonnie," and a third, again for Bonnie,
from a "cemetery."

When Alex Odeh, the Los Angeles Regional Director for
ADC was murdered, the ADC National Office advised me
that same day to close our New York office for about two
weeks or until more was known about Mr. Odeh's murder.
We received a message on the answering machine, "They
killed one of your leaders in California and 1 spit on him. And
I hope they kill more of you Arab dogs in New York." In the
two weeks we were closed, strangers tried to forcibly enter
the office. Two middle-aged men claiming to be accountants
said they had an appointment with Bonnie Rimawi and asked
the landlord to let them in so they could look over the books.
The landlord asked them to leave the premises. He then
removed the ADC listing from the roster in the lobby next to
the door. He packed up the contents of our office and stored
them in another room to have it appear there was no such
office. By then many tenants in the building were alarmed;
we knew we were in an unprotected office building. It was
then that we decided to permanently move from those offices
and to look for more secure offices.

Soon after the death of Alex Odeh, I learned that my name
was included on an "Enemies List" which had already been
published on the front page of a New Jersey monthly
newspaper, The American Jewish Life, in the October 25
issue. We were on the list described as "enemies of the Jewish
people" and I was described as a PLO organizer. Others on
the list included neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members. I
believe that my name was included among them in order to
isolate me from the American mainstream and to discredit me
with the peace and religious groups with whom 1 had worked
so hard. The caption below the lists of names reads as follows:
These various groups are enemies of the Jewish people and
should be treated as such." (Some of us listed were listed not
as groups but as individuals.) "We understand that they have
received collect calls from pay phones, beatings and even
bombings. The source of this highly confidential list comes
from a top secretive source whose identity cannot be
publizized." (4)

Jewish terrorism against Arabs has received remarkably
little attention in the press of the United States, due to the
pervasive Zionist influence in the American mass media. This
has extended even to Jewish terrorism directed against non-
Arab American targets, where Jewish extremists who feel that
99% US subservience to Israel is not enough - 100%
obedience is required. As an example,

On October 18 of 1983 a 22-year-old Israeli man was
arrested in the public gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives
after trying to detonate a bomb he had carried into
the building. Had he been successful, the bomb would have
exploded with the force of two to five sticks of dynamite.

The incident took place as members of the House were on
the floor voting on establishing a medal to commemorate
Vietnam veterans. The measure passed 410 to 0. Had the
bomb, which did not go off because it had been wired improperly,
exploded, there is no telling how many congressmen
and members of the public would have been killed.

Despite the gravity of the incident, it received little media
attention. The Washington Post, which reported the story the
next day, ironically buried it on the obituary pages in the third
section of the newspaper. A follow-up story 10 days later in
the "Metro" section added little new material. The New York
finally managed to cover the incident by November 2.

The explosion of adeviee on the Senate side of the Capitol
building a few weeks later brought renewed interest in the
earlier bombing attempt. Nevertheless, the Israeli man was
allowed to plead guilty to charges of disturbing Congress and
got a six-month sentence. Even that sentence was suspended
when he agreed to be deported.

I wonder how many Congressmen - even those that were
on the floor of the House at the time - remember that
incident. Or how many members of the general public. I
wonder why the press virtually ignored the incident, even
though, as a man in North Carolina recently observed, "It
certainly met every definition of news I've ever heard." As
an Arab American, I am tempted to wonder also whether the
incident would have been allowed to languish or draw such
little attention if the individual had not been an Israeli but an
Arab - or even an Arab American. (5)

Jewish terrorism in the United States is the other arm of
Jewish terrorism in Israel. American money from American
Jews and Christian Zionists finance Jewish terrorism in occupied
Palestine. The JDL and Jewish Action cited in the FBI
and Department of Energy reports are directly connected to
terrorist groups there, proven by a Jewish Action and Terror
Against Terror policy statement shamelessly handed out in
front of the United Nations in New York City:


Over the last few months we have been faced with importunate
efforts to beguile Israel and to involve it in a risky game
which is spuriously labelled as a "revived peace process."
Among the leading actors of this endeavour we can find even
the corrupt politicians from the "national withdrawal government"
with the traitor of Zionism Shimon Peres at their head.
Genuine Zionists, however, will never let the defeatist conceptions.
the purpose of which is nothing else but to cripple
Israel, go through under the guise of an allegedly realistic
policy. The traitors of Zionism have been holding clandestine
meetings with emissaries from Amman and Cairo acting
under the screen-play of certain politicians from a country
referred to as the closest and most loyal friend and ally of the
State of Israel.

Many of us were born in the United States, grew up there
and they have brought with them to their Jewish homeland
whatever is best in the way of life of the American Nation.
We know that in the U.S. there are ever more people who
would spare no sacrifice in favor of Israel's stability,
prosperity and security. On the other hand, there are even
those there who have associated their personal interests with
the Arab enemy of our State and who would like, under the
false pretext of defending vital U.S. interests, to make us
withdraw from the holy places which have historically and
morally belonged to the people of Israel. The U.S. administration
group of people worming themselves into the Arabs'
confidence is getting the upper hand in the White House.

What has become of the voice of Israel's U.S. friends
which has always resounded so clearly and uncompromisingly!?!

The pro-Arab Americans have assumed the most sensitive
posts at embassies, economic institutions, USIA and U.S.
mass media offices in the individual Arab capitals. It is where
the tendentious anti-Israeli and pro-Arab pieces of information
originate from on the basis of which the attitudes of U.S.
administration bodies and those of a part of U.S. public
opinion are shaped. This ingeniously precalculated plan has
been under preparation for a long time. Only now are the
results of this suspicious scheme conceived by the pro-Arab
elements in the Pentagon and the State Department becoming

We will not put up with this state of things either in the
U.S. or in the Arabcountries where a lot of Americans behave
similarly. FBI Director William Webster has warned Arab-
Americans that they may be in a "zone of danger." We want
to add that this "zone" is not limited to the territory of the U.S.
only, but that it is also in Cairo and Amman. Everywhere there
are our special cells ready to interfere and they shall interfere.
Amman and Cairo police may be able to protect you against
Palestinian terrorists, but they shall not prevent our attack.

We call on the Americans in the two countries of our
enemy to refrain from their treacherous activitiespursuing the
aim of weakening Israel in the world and strengthening the
Arabs. Mind you, the days of the "national withdrawal
government" in Israel are numbered. Avoid being swept by
us together with the Parasite Bolsheviks of the left wing!

Death on the Jewish traitors and their associates!

Hurray for the heroes of Zion!" (6)

This extremist Zionist propaganda, although documenting
the connection between "Jewish Action" in the U.S. and
"Terror Against Terror" in Israel, hides the fact that these
terrorist organizations are protected on the highest Zionist
political and military levels. Newsweek reports:

Yehudit Karp, a former deputy attorney general in the
Begin government, quit her post after her superiors hushed
up a report she had written in 1982 on Jewish terrorism. Karp
had criticized the government for inadequate policing as well
as for "intercession" on behalf of suspects. The Karp report
may be released this week - almost two years late. According
to Israeli newspaper accounts, the inquiry lists serious
attacks on West Bank Arabs - including a murder, an arson
and an assault with a hand grenade. The perpetrators were
Israelis. Press reports say they were not put on trial because
of intervention "from above," mainly by ranking Israeli Army
officers. (7)

Blame for Jewish terrorism in the United States, directed
at American citizens, is shared by all Americans, Jews and
Christians alike, who try to give an aura of respectability to
Israel and who hide the war crimes of its leaders. These
Americans create the climate in which Jewish terrorism is
able to flourish.


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Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem
By Issa Nakhleh

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