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Critique of the Charge of Anti-Semitism:

Their biggest defensive weapon
The pathetic label of "Anti-Semitism"

From: The Student Revisionists' Site

There is no label more feared by prominent Gentiles than "anti-Semite." To receive this label is to kiss one's career goodbye. Well, sometimes a good old-fashioned, Marlon-Brandoesque retraction might save a career, but not without permanent damage. All politicians, journalists, stock brokers, lawyers, etc., had better know which side their bread is buttered on. Most of them do, which is how they make it to such positions in the first place. Many revisionists, even, preferring to remain apolitical, will simply deny anti-Semitic motives, and move on. This is legitimate, so long as one does not give tacit recognition to the absurd concept in the process. We at the SRRS choose to challenge this hollow accusation head-on.

We have recently discovered Paul Grubach's excellent article "A Critique of the Charge of Anti-Semitism," which perfectly outlines the problems we have with the concept.[...]

Also, the following is a passage from Neil Camberly's John Stuart Mill, Speech Prohibition, and "Neo-Nazism."

"Anti-Semitism" is a word the Jews have developed to describe speech that is critical of Jewry. It is used in almost exactly the same way the word 'scapegoating' is used: to render Jews immune to criticism.

By assigning this one label to all speech regarding the Jews, which the Jews don't like, they have created an atmosphere in which everybody assumes that there is some old, familiar, ugly, psychological illness which causes people to say negative things about the Jews.

I have even heard it said by a Jew, about an Arab critic of Israeli politics, that said critic suffers a "pathological hatred toward(of) Jews." And that was for simply asking why Israel receives so many billions of dollars from the US government!

We have all been led to think that there has been some enormous history of frivolous accusations made against the Jews. We have all heard some comedian or some professor or some author, jokingly refer to the idiotic notion that the Jews are to blame for everything. This has gone on endlessly for the last fifty years, and has had an awesome impact on us all.

These respected comedians, professors, authors, etc., are virtually invariably Jewish, or on a Jewish payroll. Well, there are some who parrot this joke in order to be fashionable, as well. Of course it is true that the Jewish nation is not to blame for everything. But it is to blame for an overwhelmingly disproportionate amount of it.

This has been the case for hundreds of years, but only now has pointing this out come to constitute "Anti-Semitism." True or not, any detail pointed out is therefore indicative of malicious intentions, or, at least, psychological illness. When things like the things I am saying now are said, most people who read them become disgusted. They feel sorry for the Jews, and feel that I am adding insult to injury by saying these things.

I totally understand this feeling. I am the sort of person who feels sorry for others and wants to help them. But this compassion tendency, which is concentrated in my own race far more than it is in others, can be taken advantage of very easily. I balance mine with careful skepticism.

That's why I don't give my food or money to those guys standing by the onramp with their cardboard signs, and that's why I don't buy into the Hollywood-perpetuated idea that the Jews are some sort of great victims. People don't understand that this Hollywood-perpetuated idea of Jews being victims, (of all things!) is a very new one.

It contrasts sharply with the experience of hundreds of years of our forefathers. Its obtaining corresponds directly with the Jewish nation's total victory in World War Two, and its introduction of television to the Western world.

With experience of the Jews gotten only from Hollywood, it is extremely easy to feel sorry for them. With a little bit of detailed research into their actual role in history and their current role in world affairs, it is extremely difficult to feel sorry for them.

(From: The Student Revisionists' Site)

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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