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Celebrities bowing to their Jewish masters                              

Celebrities posing with Jewish Chabad "orthodox" fanatics, wearing kippahs, posing with Israeli War Criminals...

Actor/"Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger with Chabad Jews

Actor David Arquette.

Actor Martin Sheen and Rabbi Cunin
on the First Chabad Telethon, 1980.

Martin Sheen hosting Chabad Telethon 30 Year special 2010.

See also the following YouTube videos of famous Jewish and non-Jewish celebrities promoting fundraising at the Jewish supremacists' Chabad Telethon:
Cast of "Friends" on the Chabad Telethon                                    Michael Douglas for the Chabad Telethon
Matt LeBlanc from "Friends" and the Chabad Telethon                 Leonard Nimoy - "Spock" - on the Chabad Telethon
"Joey" from "Friends" and Jimmy Kimmel on Chabad                  Gary Coleman on the Chabad Telethon
Jon Voight Chabad Telethon Dance                                            Gene Wilder on the Chabad Telethon
Regis Philbin for the Chabad Telethon                                        Adam Lambert on the Chabad Telethon 2004, well before American idol

CNN:s Jewish anchor Wolf Blitzer with Chabad Jews.

CNN:s anchor and reporter Anderson Cooper with Chabad Jew.

CNN Jew Larry King with yarmulke on head at an event organized by
Jewish Chabad fanatics. 

Jewish actor Tony Curtis (real name Bernard Schwartz).

Actor and Chabad supporter Jon Voight, father of Angelina Jolie.


2009 Chabad Telethon: Jon Voight dancing with Chabad Rabbi Cunin and Jewish Hollywood actor Elliot Gould.

Elliot Gould at the Chabad Telethon 2018.

Rapper MC Hammer with a Chabad Jew.

More Israeli flag waving: Promoter Don King. King has been named "honorary Ambassador of Good Will for Peace" by the "Peres Center for Peace" in Israel
by Zionists and war mongers Shimon Peres, Prime Minister of Israel and Uri Savir, Israeli ambassador.

Celebrities wearing the Star of David

Britney Spears

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Peaches Geldof, celebrity daughter of musician Bob Geldof

Elvis Presley, "The King".

Republican Governor Sarah Palin.

Jewish skullcap - yarmulke/kippah - on celebrity heads

David Beckham

Madonna's son David Wearing a kippah. 

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, in Israel 

Michael Jackson, "The King of Pop".


Justin Bieber.

TV-host Conan O'Brien with kippah and rabbi.

Jewish-Canadian rapper Drizzy Drake.

Note: There will be more skullcap wearing celebs below...

Harry Styles in pop boy group One Direction showing off a tatoo in Hebrew.
Israeli paper Ha'aretz (Jan. 6, 2014 ) lets us know in the article
"'Judaism-obsessed' One Direction star studying Hebrew", that
"...Styles, 'loves the Jewish community and wearing a Magen David,' adding that
all the One Direction members 'love Judaism'"

Actress and celebrity Lindsay Lohan with the Jewish "chai" symbol necklace.

Musician and rastafarian Bob Marley with the "chai" necklace. The Jewish mag Tablet/Jewcy has speculated on his Jewish roots, notes that his son Ziggy is married to an Israeli woman and Israeli paper YNetnews notes that "Ziggy Marley feels very close to Israel".

The bizarre "James Franco's Bar Mitzvah" event of the Jewish Hollywood elite

With the Goyim - non-Jews - passively and silently watching on. The Jewish "New Normal" to come...

Participants; James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jeff Goldblum, Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus.

Jeff Goldblum
enters the scene, in rabbi's attire, with scissor in hand ready
to "cut" James Franco's privates.

Jeff Goldblum dressed as rabbi, cutting fake foreskin from James Franco,
the latter with Jewish skullcap, kippah, on head. (Click pics to enlarge)

USA Today writes.

But Jeff Goldblum—er, "Rabbi Goldblum"—stole the show.
By performing a fake circumcision on Franco.
He entered the stage, reciting chants in Hebrew blessing Franco's anatomy, as Seth Rogen looked on.


Miley Cyrus performing with a giant Star of David. Note band members behind also clad with the Jewish Star of David emblem on their suits,
the band called "Miley Cyrustein & The Super Jews". (Click pics to enlarge)


For more see: "Jeff Goldblum circumcised James Franco for charity" (USA Today, 19 October 2015)
                     "James Franco's Bar Mitzvah: 'GMA' Goes Behind the Scenes" (ABC News, 19 October 2015)


Hollywood stars prostituting themselves for Zionist agent
and Israeli Hollywood Mogul
Arnon Milchan

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Arnon Milchan with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (married
to Jewish actor Michael Douglas). 

With actress Ashley Judd. 

With actor Russel Crowe

Milchan gives tennis ace Serena Williams a trophy. 

Selfie with Leonardo DiCaprio and fellow-Jew Steven Spielberg.

Arnon Milchan with Zionist co-mafiosi Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Arnon Milchan with War Criminal Ariel Sharon.

Hollywood actors lending themselves for Jewish propaganda
- is really bending over for Zionism "sexy"?

Daniel "James Bond" Craig in "Defiance", playing a
Jewish resistance fighter hero during World War II.

"Inglourious Basterds" with Brad Pitt as a non-Jew leading
a Jewish assassination commando during WW II.

 James Woods, Meryl Streep in the
"Holocaust" propaganda promo TV-series

Jewish actor Peter Strauss and non-Jewish British
actor Peter O'Toole in propaganda TV-series "Masada".

"Cast a Giant Shadow" - Propaganda film on Israel and Zionist
Jewish "hero" militant David Marcus, featuring Kirk Douglas,
Yul Brynner
, John Wayne and Frank Sinatra.

"One Night with the King" - Jewish propaganda film on
the biblical story of Esther, Mordechai and Purim, with
actors like John Rhys-Davies ("Gimli"), Peter O'Toole,
Omar Sharif
, Luke Goss and John Noble.

Action movie star Charles Bronson posing as Israeli Brigadier
General Dan Shomron in the propaganda movie "Raid on Entebbe".

Charlton Heston as the Jewish prophet Moses in the
blockbuster movie "The Ten Commandments".

Some other interesting "role switching" examples...

French-Canadian-Moroccan Jewish actor Gad Elmaleh - when he
was a soldier in the Israeli army.... this time NOT acting!


Former Israeli soldier Elmaleh making holocaust propaganda in "La Rafle" (together with Jean Reno).
Switching one uniform for another...

Elmaleh recruited for Jewish filmmaker Steven Spielberg's "Tintin" movie.

French-Jewish actor Edouard Baer with his kippah on head...

Next, kippah off - celtic helmet on - and Baer transformed into... Asterix!

Israeli-Jewish Hollywood actor Oded Fehr... U.S. TV-series "Sleeper Cell"...

...transformed into Arab terrorist "Faris Al Farik".

Jewish actor Sean Penn - "the conscience of Hollywood" - at an IDF (Israeli military)
field hospital in Haiti.

Celebrities - non-Jews and Jews going to Israel = occupied Palestine

Actor David Arquette during his Bar Mitzvah, Wailing Wall, occupied Jerusalem.

Arquette in deep prayer...

Bob Dylan (real name Robert Zimmerman) at Wailing Wall, Jerusalem.

Jewish musician Bob Dylan plays "Hava Nagila" at the Chabad Telethon 1989.

Then Dylan meets and performs for the Christian Pope John Paul II.

Richard Gere in Daliat-Al-Carmel, Israel
Actor Richard Gere in Daliat-Al-Carmel, Israel.

Irish-Jewish musician Bob Geldof in Israel.

Will Smith visits the Western Wall in Jerusalem
Will Smith visits with Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem
Actor and rapper Will Smith with Jewish religious fanatics and Jewish occupation soldiers in Israel.

Ashton Kutcher at the settlement of Efrat, Israel
Actor Ashton Kutcher at the Jewish settlement of Efrat, Israel.
Jewish actress Natalie Portman tells of Kutcher in Israeli paper
The Jerusalem Post, 27 Jan, 2011 on their joint film "No Strings Attached":

"In an interview promoting the same film, the Jerusalem-born actress said that co-star
Ashton Kutcher "has taught me more about Judaism than I think I have ever learned from
anyone else." She said that Kutcher is "a very serious student of Kabbalah and Judaism"
and that "he reads the Torah every Saturday." Kutcher also reads Hebrew in a Jewish
funeral scene in the film."

Jewish actor Ben Stiller at Wailing Wall.

Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson.

Actor Verne Troyer, "Mini-Me".

Jewish actor Zach Braff, famous from TV-series "Scrubs".

Actor Tobey Maguire, aka "Spiderman".

Blogger Perez Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira).

Singer Justin Bieber at Wailing Wall.

Actor Morgan Freeman at Wailing Wall.

French actor Gerard Depardieu at Wailing Wall.

James Bond actor Roger Moore.

Famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas at the Wailing Wall.

Famous French singer Charlez Aznavour.

Argentinian football legend, Diego Marardona, doing the "Goy Celeb Visiting The Wailing Wall"-routine.
So much for him being a champion for the oppressed! 

Football legend Lionel Messi at the Wailing Wall.

Brazilian footballer Neymar also bending his back for "The Chosen"

Lionel Messi representing FC Barcelona, in Israel shaking hand with Benjamin Netanyahu.
Note Israeli War Criminal Shimon Peres - "The Butcher of Qana" - in the foreground.

Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger at the Wailing Wall.

Rolling Stones band member Ron Wood.

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts.

Singer of band The Black Eyed Peas in Israel posing with the Israeli flag, meeting rabbi and doing homeage to Judaism at the Wailing Wall,
occupied Jerusalem.

Wonder what he's scribbled down on that small piece of paper: "Yahve, gimme more shekels!"?

Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons kisses the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Russell Simmons guided by Jewish rabbis...

Russell Simmons of Hip-Hop with rabbi Marc Schneir (Foundation for Ethnic Understanding).

Steve Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith at Wailing Wall Israeli-occupied Jerusalem, with David Friedman,
Jewish-Zionist(!) Ambassador of the USA to Israel.

Rock band Aerosmith in Israel, meeting its criminal leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Full access if you prostitute yourself for Zion!

"World's Sexiest Man" Hugh Jackman visits an Israeli Air Force base.

Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch has again spoken out in strong support of Israel at an event
which also was MC’d by Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman.

Celebrities with Israeli War Criminal Shimon Peres - "The Butcher of Qana"
- the man behind "Operation Grapes of Wrath" on Lebanon 1996

Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli meet the Israeli Vice Premier and former Prime Minister Shimon Peres in Tel Aviv, Israel
Leonardo DiCaprio.

and filmmaker Guy Richie.

With actress Eva Longoria.

prostitutes herself hugging "The Butcher of Qana"... Note that she is half-Lebanese!

with DreamWorks' Jews in Hollywood, Katzenberg et al.

with Google's Jewish boss
Sergey Brin
and Facebook's Jewish
boss Mark Zuckerberg.

For more pics of Peres, see "Celebrities in Israel" below.

Israeli War Criminal leader Yitzhak Rabin - responsible for the ethnic cleansing
of the Palestinian city of Lydda in 1948 - with fellow powerful media Jews;
Actress/singer Barbara "Nosejob"Streisand, & record executive, film producer
David Geffen. Lunch for Rabin Fundraising for Israel, November 16, 1995.
Diana Ross singing to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1976
American Diana Ross singing to Israeli War Criminal and Prime Minister
Yitzhak Rabin in 1976.

Hollywood actress - and convert to Judaism - Elizabeth Taylor, cuddling with Israeli terrorist leader Menachem Begin.

Menachem Begin was responsible for the 1946 terrorist bombing of Hotel King David, the 1948 massacre in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin and the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and the Sabra-Chatila massacre of up to 2 000 civilian Palestinians.

The macabre event called the Gala for the "Friends of the IDF" (FIDF)

Organized by the Jewish-Israeli media tycoon and Democratic Party megadonor, Haim Saban. An annual fundraiser event to collect money to the Israeli military, the IDF ("Israeli Defense Forces"), money that is used to finance IDF's atrocities against the occupied Palestinians and aggressions against neighbouring Arab states such as Lebanon.

Below you can see Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gerald Butler, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, Ashton Kutcher, Robert De Niro, Andy Garcia, Fran Drescher, Jason Alexander, Liev Schreiber, Simon Cowell, Pamela Anderson, Gene Simmons, Barbara Streisand, Seal, and Pharrell Williams.

(Click images to enlarge and view captions)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Seal with Haim Saban posing with elements of Israel's IDF at Fundraiser Gala, Friends of IDF-FIDF in 2017.   Arnold Schwarzenegger with female Israeli IDF soldiers at the FIDF Gala 2017 

Arnold Schwarzenegger with female Israeli IDF soldiers at the FIDF Gala 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gerard Butler with IDF soldiers at the FIDF Gala in 2017

 Zionist media mogul Haim Saban and actor Mark Wahlberg at the FIDF event in 2015.

Fran Drescher, Ashton Kutcher and Gerald Butler at the FIDF Gala in 2018.   Oracle's Larry Ellison with media tycoon Haim Saban at the FIDF Gala in 2014.

Ashton Kutcher in the grip of Zionist Jew and media tycoon Haim Saban at FIDF Gala 2018   Singer Barbara Streisand with Haim Saban at FIDF Gala 2014.

Gene Simmons of KISS performs at the Friends Of The IDF-fundraiser in 2015.   Gene Simmons of KISS at the FIDF fundraiser in 2017.

Gene Simmons of KISS at the FIDF-Friends of the IDF-fundraiser in 2017.   Singer Seal performs at the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) fundraiser in 2017

Singer Seal with Israeli soldiers at the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) Gala in 2018.   Seal with Israeli soldiers at the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) Gala in 2018.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gerard Butler at fundraiser Gala of the Friends of IDF - FIDF- in 2017.   Gerard Butler with Israeli soldiers at the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) Gala in Los Angeles, 2018.

Oracle's Larry Ellison and Nikita Kahn attend the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) Gala in 2014.   Media mogul Haim Saban with TV star Simon Cowell at FIDF event in 2013.

Actress Pamela Anderson with Haim Saban at the Friends Of The Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) Gala in 2014.    Actress Pamela Anderson with Haim Saban at the Friends Of The Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) Gala in 2014.

Robert De Niro with the Israeli military at the Friends of Israel Defense Forces party, 2018.   Robert De Niro with an Israeli soldier at the Friends of Israel Defense Forces party in 2018.

Antonio Banderas with Zionist Jew and media tycoon Haim Saban at the FIDF Gala 2015.   Actor Antonio Banderas with IDF Staff Sgt. at the FIDF Gala in 2015.

Actor Andy Garcia and Fran Drescher at the Friends Of The IDF Gala in 2018.     Ashton Kutcher in the grip of Zionist Jew and media tycoon Haim Saban at FIDF Gala 2018    Ashton Kushter with Fran Drescher attending the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) Gala in Los Angeles 2018, pic from Instagram.

Actors Jason Alexander, Liev Schreiber and Antonio Banderas attending FIDF Gala in 2015.    Pharrell Williams performing at the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) Gala in Los Angeles 2018, pic from Instagram.

Schwarzenegger and De Niro at the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) fundraiser in 2018.    Arnold Schwartzenegger and Sylvester Stallone with Haim Saban-annual Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) Gala in 2014

A small reminder of the doings of the Israeli military, the IDF, who the Hollywood elite so gladly supports...


Celebrity adherents of the Jewish "Kabbalah" sect


More Celebrities in Israel
(click images to enlarge and view captions)

During the South African Apartheid era, celebrities boycotted that country for its racist policies, but as of Apartheid Israel - built on land stolen from the Palestinians - these people below put dollars over morals...

Sacha Baron Cohen in Tel Aviv. Armin Van Buuren performs at Haoman, Tel Aviv. Olympia Dukakis at the Sheraton, Tel Aviv. AnnaLynne McCord at the Sea of Galilee, Israel. AnnaLynne McCord, center, poses with Israeli soldiers. Carolina La O and Didier Hernandez in Israel. Afghan Whigs performing in Tel Aviv. Morrissey at the Tel Aviv airport. Axl Rose performing in Israel. Holly Robinson Peete in Jaffa, Israel. Holly Robinson Peete at the Palmach Air Force Base, Israel. Bono in Jaffa, Israel. Russell Simmons kisses the Western Wall, Jerusalem. Russell Simmons at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. David Arquette prays during his Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem. David Arquette celebrates his Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem. Greg Grunberg visiting with immigrant children at the Rogozin Bialik School in South Tel Aviv. Regina Carter performs at the Red Sea Jazz Festival, Israel. CSI Miami stars Carmine Giovinazzo, Jonathan Togo, Omar Benson Miller and AJ Buckley in Caesarea, Israel. AVICII performs at the Bitan 1, Tel Aviv. Actors Rob Morrow, Harry Hamlin, and Andrew Bowen at the Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv. Of Montreal at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Bobby Mcferrin performs at the Tel Aviv White City Jazz Festival. Naomi Campbell in Jerusalem. Shakira visits the the Western Wall. Paul McCartney visits the Church of Nativity in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. Missy Elliott performs in Tel Aviv. Pamela Anderson in Israel. Val Kilmer prays at the Western Wall, Jerusalem. Lady Gaga in Jerusalem. Jean Claude Van Damme in Tel Aviv. Jean Claude Van Damme at a cafe in Tel Aviv. Akon prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne arrive in Tel Aviv. Antigone Rising in Israel. Dena Tauriello of Antigone Rising in DAD (Drums And Disabilities) workshop in Raanana, Israel. Guy Ritchie with President Shimon Peres. Roberto Cavalli at Tel Aviv Fashion Week. David Lynch with President Shimon Peres. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown sing with members of the Black Hebrews community during a ceremony in Houston's honor. Whitney Houston and her husband Bobby Brown arrive in the southern town of Dimona, Israel. Paul Simon Arrives in Jerusalem Donna Karan at the Shenkar College Gala Event, Tel Aviv Jamie Lynn Sigler on Taglit-Birthright Israel Jeff Goldblum (center) at the Israeli Film Festival Richard Gere in Daliat-Al-Carmel, Israel Richard Gere Visits Israel Demi Moore Attend a tech convention in Tel-Aviv Ashton Kutcher in Jerusalem Ashton Kutcher delivers a speech at the Bezeq Expo in Tel Aviv Jerry Seinfeld in Jerusalem Jerry Seinfeld with Israeli President Shimon Peres Lisa Edelstein (House, MD) Learning about the Save a Child's Heart program Omar Epps, Amber Tamblyn and Jesse Spencer (House, MD) in Jaffa, Israel Marie Fredriksson of Roxette in Jerusalem Per Gessle of Roxette in Jerusalem Kellan Lutz in Jerusalem Will Smith visits the Western Wall in Jerusalem Will Smith visits with Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem Natalie Portman shopping in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel. Natalie Portman paying a visit to a wounded soldier in Israel Natalie Portman touring Israel with her then boyfriend Bette Midler visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem Ashton Kutcher, at an Israeli national basketball game in Tel Aviv American rockers Linkin Park tour the old city of Jerusalem before their performance in Tel Aviv Claire Danes and Husband Hugh Dancy visit the Western Wall on their tour of Israel Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli meet the Israeli Vice Premier and former Prime Minister Shimon Peres in Tel Aviv, Israel Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli meet the Israeli Vice Premier and former Prime Minister Shimon Peres in Tel Aviv, Israel Ben Stiller in Israel promoting his film Madagascar 2 Chris Rock in Israel promoting his film Madagascar 2 Tara Reid and fashion designer Dani Mizrachi in Tel Aviv, Israel Academy Award winner Helen Mirren came to Israel as part of her role in the movie The Debt Zach Braff enjoying dinner with friends in Israel Liev Shreiber and Naomi Watts came to Israel to campaign to save water Liev Schreiber and his son in Israel Quentin Tarantino came to Israel to promote his movie Inglourious Basterds Val Kilmer in Tel Aviv, Israel visiting friends in the country Hugh Jackman visiting Israeli museums with his family Hugh Jackman visits an Israeli Air Force base. Jean Reno attended the Jerusalem International Film Festival Ashton Kutcher at the settlement of Efrat, Israel Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at the Ben Gurion Airport Ashton Kutcher visiting Jerusalem, Israel Madonna with the Israeli President Shimon Peres Lucy Liu is visiting her Israeli spouse in the country Actress Sharon Stone Visits Tel Hashomer near Tel Aviv, Israel Rihanna in Jerusalem Rihanna visiting various holy sites throughout Israel, while on her tour of the country Rihanna visiting various holy sites throughout Israel, while on her tour of the country Kristin Davis attends a photo shoot in the Dead Sea, Israel Pamela Anderson in Israel promoting PETA Shakira visits school children in Jerusalem


Elizabeth Taylor visits the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem Sophia Loren in Israel, 1964 Film Stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton visiting Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem, 1975 Diana Ross singing to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1976

More pro-Israel celebrities

Kissing the ass of Zion is very lucrative. The Jewish site lists what they call "Pro-Israel Celebrities" which we here have just taking a copy of, as the webpage looked in 2012.

As "General Sources" the site names the following articles, we have added the names of some of those mentioned:

Support for Sderot is strong at L.A. benefit concert
Jewess Paula Abdul couldn't make it so she was replaced by Noah Tishby, Israeli model, actress and executive producer of HBO's "In Treatment".

Live for Sderot Benefit Concert Photo Gallery
Includes Sylvester Stallone, Jon Voight, Noah Tishby.

Nicole Kidman and 84 Others Are Against Terrorism
Pro-Israel ad in Los Angeles Times also signed by actors Michael Douglas, Dennis Hopper, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Danny De Vito, Don Johnson, James Woods, Kelly Preston, Patricia Heaton and William Hurt and directors Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Michael Mann, Dick Donner and Sam Raimi.
Click here to see complete ad and all 84 names.

US’s best wish Israel happy birthday
With Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Brooke Shields, Kirk and Michael Douglas, and Donald Trump. YNetnews (05.09.2008) writes that "the project was organized by the Israeli Consulate in New York with help from Steven Spielberg's sister, Nancy Katz".

60th Anniversary of Israel “From Vision to Reality”
Sumner Redstone, tennis-ace Serena Williams, Jason Alexander, Warren Beatty, Noah Tishby, David Foster (music producer), Seal (the singer), Arnon Milchan (producer), Terry Semel (former Yahoo CEO).

Hollywood Jews: Toronto film fest protest against Israel a ‘blacklist’
Pro-Israel signatures: actors Jerry Seinfeld, Seth Rogen, Robert Duvall, Halle Berry, Sacha Baron Cohen, Lisa Kudrow, Lenny Kravitz, Ed Zwick, Jason Alexander, Chazz Palminteri and David Cronenberg, top producers and executives Ron Meyer, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Sherry Lansing, Neal Moritz, Jonathan Glickman, Nina Jacobson, Darron Star, Nathan Kahane and Gail Berman.

Israel At Sixty American Zionists Salute Israel
Names Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Brooke Shields, Harrison Ford, Jason Alexander, Michael Douglas, Dakota Fanning, Sir Ben Kingsley, and many more.

Hollywood stars salute Israel
Names actors Jon Voight, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Toby Maguire ("Spiderman") and Michael Welch ("Twilight" series) and actor-models Moran Atias and Noa Tishby.

To Life! America Celebrates Israel’s 50th
Kevin Costner (host), Ben Stiller, Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Fran Drescher, Richard Dreyfuss, Dustin Hoffman, Jon Lovitz, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, Kathy Bates, Mili Avital, Sid Caesar, Natalie Cole, Harry Connick Jr., Ted Danson, Dennis Franz, Marvin Hamlisch, Noah Wyle.

T.V. Celebrities Visit Sderot
Sarah Drew, Kevin McKidd ("Grey's Anatomy"), Travis Milne ("Rookie Blue"), Lucas Neff ("Raising Hope"), Gregory Smith ("Everwood", "Brown & Rookie Blue"), Shannon Woodward ("Raising Hope").

Crossing Jordan
"Twilight" star Kellan Lutz, "Crossing Jordan" actor Miguel Ferrer, Columbian singer Carolina La O and Cuban performer Didier Hernandez taking part in America’s Voices in Israel mission.

Pro-Israel Celebrities For Habima Speak Up
British Jews Arnold Wesker, Ronald Harwood, Maureen Lipman, Simon Callow, Louise Mensch MP & Steven Berkoff.

The Jewish site then writes:

With yet more celebrities coming out against Israel, now seems like a good time to publish this post which I have been working on for a while.

Below is a list of celebrities (dead and alive) who were/are either definitely pro-Israel or have somehow been associated with a pro-Israel cause. Where there is an article proving this, I have linked the celebrity’s name to it. Where an article lists many such celebrities, I have included it under General Sources after the complete list of names.

Note that this post is designed to be a work-in-progress, and not a complete list of pro-Israel celebrities. If you know of other pro-Israel celebrities, please leave their names in the comments, as well as a links to proof of this, and I will update the post accordingly.

Adam Sandler


Allan Houston

Amare Stoudemire

Amy Pascal

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bowen

Anne Kopelson

Annette Bening

Arnold Wesker

Arnon Milchan

Ari Emanuel

Arnold Kopelson

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arthur Cohn

Ashton Kutcher

Austen Tayshus

Austin Nichols

Avi Arad

Avi Lerner

Barbra Streisand

Ben Feingold

Ben Kingsley

Ben Stein

Ben Stiller

blue steel

Bernie Mac

Bill Maher

Billy Crystal

Black Eyed Peas

Boaz Davidson

Bob Gale

Bob Hope

Branko Lustig

Brooke Shields

Bruce Ramer

Bruce Willis

Bryan Cranston

Carol Connors

Carolina La O

Chazz Palminteri

Chris Noth

Chuck Norris

Clint Culpepper

Colin Callender

Cyntheia Pett-Dante

Dakota Fanning

Dan Akroyd

Danny Dimbort

Daniel Adam Sussman

Danny De Vito

Darren Star

Dave Mustaine

David Arquette

David Cronenberg

David Foster

David Lonner

David Matalon

Dennis Franz

Dennis Hopper

Dennis Miller

Deran Sarafian

Dick Donnor

Didier Hernandez

Don Johnson

Don King

Donald Trump

Doug Liman

Dustin Hoffman

Dwight Howard

Ed Zwick

Elizabeth Taylor

Emmanual Nunez

Eric Braeden

Evan Sayet

Fran Drescher

Frank Price

Frank Sinatra

frank sinatra

Gail Berman

Gary Barber

Gary Sinise

Gene Simmons

Gerard Henderson

Giancarlo Esposito

Glenn Beck

Gloria Carlin

Goldie Hawn

Greg Germann

Greg Grunberg

Gregory Smith

Haim Saban

Halle Berry

Harrison Ford

Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Hamlin

Henry Winkler

Howard Gordon

Hugh Jackman (?)

Howard Rosenman

Ivan Reitman

Irwin Winkler

Jack Carter

Jackie Mason

Jack Gilardi

James Woods

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jana Wendt

Janine Turner

Jason Alexander

Jason Bateman

Jason Biggs

Jason Isaacs

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Jerry Seinfeld

Joan Rivers

Joel David Moore

Joel Surnow

John Ford Coley

John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)


John Malkovich

John Savage

Jon Avnet

Jon Liebman

Jon Lovitz

Jon Voight

jon voight yarmulke

Jonathan Glickman

Jonathan Lipnicki

Joshua Malina

Julio Iglesias

Justin Chatwin

K’s Choice

Kat Graham

Kathy Bates

Kate Linder

Kathy Ireland

KayCee Stroh 

Keifer Sutherland

Kellan Lutz

Kelly Kruger

Kelly Preston

Kevin Costner

Kevin McKidd

Kid Rock

Kirk Douglas

Kobe Bryant

Kristin Chenowith

Larry Elder

Larry Gelbart

Larry Miller

Laura Ziskin

Lauren Shuler Donner

Lawerence Bender

Lenny Kravitz

Liev Schreiber

Lionel Chetwynd

Lisa Kudrow

Lori Loughlin

Louise Mensch MP

Lucas Neff


Manny Pacquiao

Maria Conchita Alonso

Marc Platt

Mark Gochman

Marlene Dietrich

Marvin Hamlisch

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Mary Steenburgen

Matt DelPiano

Maureen Lipman

Mayim Bialik

MC Hammer

Melissa Manchester

Meyer Gottlieb

Michael Chiklis

Michael Douglas

Michael Mann

Michael Welch

Miguel Ferrer

Millie Perkins

Montel Williams


Naomi Watts

Natalie Cole

Natalie Portman

Nathalia Ramos

Nathan Kahane

Neal Moritz

Neil Sedaka

Neil Sedaka

Nicole Kidman

Nina Jacobson

Noa Tishby

Noah Wyle

Norah Jones

Norm Crosby

Paula Abdul

Pat Sajak

Patricia Heaton

Phil Blazer

Randall Emmett

Regina Spektor

Richard Boone

Richard Kind

Richard Schiff

Rick Finkelstein

Rob Lowe

Rob Morrow

Robert Avrech

Robert Duvall

Robin Williams

Roger Birnbaum

Roger L Simon

Ron Meyer

Ron Silver

Ronald Harwood

Rupert Murdoch

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sam Raimi

Sam Schwartz

Sandy Wernick

Sarah Drew

Sarah Jessica Parker

Scott Lambert

Scott Patterson

Serena Williams

Seth Rogen

Shannon Woodward

Shaun Toub

Sherry Lansing

Sid Caesar

Simon Callow

Sir Ridley Scott

Stephen Dorff

Steve Scheffer

Steve Tyler

Steven Berkoff

Steven Weber

Stevie Wonder

Summer Redstone

Sylvester Stallone

Ted Danson

Ted Nugent

Thomas Calabro

Tom Cruise

Toby McGuire

Tom Dressen

Tommy Lasorda

Tony Bennett

Tony Scott

Travis Milne

Valerie Harper

Vidal Sassoon

Vivica A. Fox

Warren Beatty

Whitney Houston

William Friedkin

William Hurt

William Shatner

Zach Braff


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"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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Viva Palestina!

Latest Additions - in English

What is this Jewish carnage really about? - The background to atrocities

Videos on Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and Blacks and Jews  

How Jewish Films and Television Promotes bias Against Muslims

Judaism is Nobody's Friend
Judaism is the Jews' strategy to dominate non-Jews.

Jewish War Against Lebanon!

Islam and Revolution
By Ahmed Rami

Hasbara - The Jewish manual for media deceptions

Celebrities bowing to their Jewish masters

Elie Wiesel - A Prominent False Witness
By Robert Faurisson

The Gaza atrocity 2008-2009

Iraq under Jewish occupation
Iraq - war and occupation

Jewish War On Syria!

CNN's Jewish version of "diversity" - Lists the main Jewish agents

Hezbollah the Beautiful
Americans, where is your own Hezbollah?

Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan's Epic Speech in Madison Square Garden, New York  - A must see!

"War on Terror" - on Israel's behalf!

World Jewish Congress: Billionaires, Oligarchs, Global Influencers for Israel

Interview with anti-Zionist veteran Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam - On ISIS, "Neo-Nazis", Syria, Judaism, Islam, Russia...

Britain under Jewish occupation!

Jewish World Power
West Europe    East Europe
Americas          Asia
Middle East       Africa
      U.N.              E.U.


The Internet and Israeli-Jewish infiltration/manipulations

Books - Important collection of titles

The Judaization of China

Israel: Jewish Supremacy in Action - By David Duke

The Power of Jews in France

Jew Goldstone appointed by UN to investigate War Crimes in Gaza

When Jews rule...
The best book on Jewish Power

The Israel Lobby - From the book

Jews and Crime - The archive

Sayanim - Israel's and Mossad's Jewish helpers abroad

Listen to Louis Farrakhan's Speech - A must hear!

The Israeli Nuclear Threat

The "Six Million" Myth

"Jewish History" - a bookreview

Putin and the Jews of Russia

Israel's attack on US warship USS Liberty - Massacre in the Mediterranean

Jewish "Religion" - What is it?

Medias in the hands of racists

Strauss-Kahn - IMF chief and member of Israel lobby group

Down with Zio-Apartheid
Stop Jewish Apartheid!

The Jews behind Islamophobia

Israel controls U.S. Presidents
Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton...

The Victories of Revisionism
By Professor Robert Faurisson

The Jewish hand behind Internet The Jews behind Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay...

"Jews, who want to be decent human beings, have to renounce being Jewish"

Jewish War Against Iran

Jewish Manipulation of World Leaders

Al Jazeera English under Jewish infiltration

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Garaudy's "The Founding Myths
of Israeli Politics"

Jewish hate against Christians
By Prof. Israel Shahak

Introduction to Revisionist
- By Ernst Zündel

Karl Marx: The Jewish Question

Reel Bad Arabs - Revealing the racist Jewish Hollywood propaganda

"Anti-Semitism" - What is it?

Videos - Important collection 

The Jews Banished 47 Times in 1000 Years - Why?

Zionist strategies - Plotting invasions, formenting civil wars, interreligious strife, stoking racial hatreds and race war

The International Jew
By Henry Ford

Pravda interviews Ahmed Rami

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Shahak's "Jewish History,
Jewish Religion"

The Jewish plan to destroy the Arab countries - From the World Zionist Organization

Judaism and Zionism inseparable

Revealing photos of the Jews 

Horrors of ISIS Created by Zionist Supremacy - By David Duke

Racist Jewish Fundamentalism

The Freedom Fighters:
   Hezbollah - Lebanon
   Nation of Islam - U.S.A.

Jewish Influence in America
- Government, Media, Finance...

"Jews" from Khazaria stealing the land of Palestine

The U.S. cost of supporting Israel

Turkey, Ataturk and the Jews

Talmud unmasked
The truth about the Talmud

Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo

Jews DO control the media - a Jew brags! - Revealing Jewish article

Abbas - The Traitor

Protocols of Zion - The whole book!

Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem
Encyclopedia of the
Palestine Problem

The "Holocaust" - 120 Questions and Answers

Quotes - On Jewish Power / Zionism

Caricatures / Cartoons 

Activism! - Join the Fight!