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Interview with anti-Zionist veteran
Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam

Ahmed Rami is a name that very few people in North America are familiar with, and until recently I was one of them. This must end. Rami is a tireless warrior for human rights and truth. He's been jailed, threatened, exiled and more -- but that does not stop him -- nothing will silence him.

      He is a shining example of bravery, integrity and intelligence. Ahmed Rami is also a proud Muslim. A religion that his been vilified and heaped with lies and enemy propaganda. Since 9/11, the tyrants of this world have sought to turn the West against Muslims and Islam in general. The enemy has found millions of highly receptive ears. Their programming has been very successful, all over the West mouths parrot the lies their masters have spoken.

      Just like the 9/11 attacks, which were NOT perpetrated by Muslims, the 'terrorist' attacks in Europe and America find their roots not in Islam, but in Israel and their goyim servants. The evidence is there for anyone to find. Unfortunately, most people refuse to abandon their programming long enough to think for themselves and find the truth. No matter, we are not speaking to those people. Those people do not matter.

      The truth is that, yes, there are Muslims who are being used by our enemies, just as there are Christians, and anyone else. Do not be tricked into thinking there is a Muslim conspiracy that wishes to destroy the West. It is in fact the West whom has destroyed the Middle East. Endless bombs, assassinations, coups, decades of CIA/Mossad ops, invasions... it goes on and on. Israel needs the Middle East to be in chaos. It thrives on bloodshed, civil wars, in-fighting, confusion and chaos.

      Many Muslims are the mortal enemies of Israel. They often know this evil first hand -- without its Western disguise. To continue the tyrant's policy to keep the Muslim world soaked in blood, Israel, its henchman and servants, have appealed to the rest of the goyim world for help. They know they can't just ask "Goyim, help us kill Muslim children, destroy their nations, libel their religion, and commit genocide against their people." Instead they know what buttons to press. They knew they had to anger the cattle first. That they have. Through a series of staged attacks, a media propaganda blitz and an 'immigration' invasion, the stupid lemmings are boiling with hate.

      Israel has been successful. Its enemies are now the enemies of the brainwashed West. Its armies are mobilized. Its murderous drones assassinate men without charges or a trial. Mission accomplished. Are you proud goyim?

      Of course, I'm not speaking directly to you, dear reader. I know you realize that the Muslims are our natural allies. You, of course, do not believe the enemies' tired old lines. You know that those who are publically vilified are most likely the opposite of what's being said by the controlled media. You know that the majority of Muslims are just as fucked as the majority of us. You understand that their situations are strikingly similiar to ours. That most of their countries are controlled by the same hidden masters who control ours. And those that aren't are in the crosshairs of our bombs, or, soon to be.

I implore you: 
Know your enemy. 
Check your fire. 
Adjust your bearing. 
Make every bullet count.
Know your enemy!

Extra Special thanks to our comrade Amir for making this highly enlightening interview possible! Amir took the time to meet with Rami in person, conduct the interview in Swedish and then translate and transcribe it into English. And of course, last but definitely not least, our warm thanks to Ahmed Rami, for taking the time and thought to do this interview for us.

Summer, 2015



      Hello, my name is Amir, I would like to thank Ahmed Rami for his time and thoughts for doing this interview. We from Mourning the Ancient will ask Ahmed Rami about the past and present, the world at large and Zionism. I am asking the questions on behalf, whom specializes in the more unknown chapters of World War II.

[Amir]: ISIS/ISIL – There is so much misinformation about it circulating. We’re bombarded with negative propaganda from the establishment and media, but how much of it is true? There is the question of Mossad’s involvement, which also seems like a huge possibility.

[Ahmed]: Well, here in the West, there is a very distorted, Jewish propaganda against Hitler and National Socialism. So there have been these "useful idiots" that imitates this Jewish perception, called "Neo-Nazis", whom are Jewish caricatures of Hitler and National Socialism. And it is the same concerning Islam, there is an intensive Jewish propaganda war against Islam and the Muslims, this perception is then imitated by certain Muslim lunatics, like the "bondrasister" (Swedish, literally means “Farmer Racists”, but it is the equivalent of "Rednecks"). So of course, they also become part of the Zionist war against Islam, whether they know it or not, but these “useful idiots” are successfully recruited and manipulated by Mossad. It is very easy to infiltrate and manipulate them, which is the same concerning “skinheads” and many “Neo-Nazis” declaring war against Islam and taking on the wrong enemy. The same applies to these “Muslims”, al-Qaeda, ISIS and al-Nusra which is the Syrian version of al-Qaeda, notice that they have never attacked Israel (yet they attack the rest of the world) nor Zionism. What they do is attack other Muslims, igniting civil wars among Muslims, destroying Arab armies and infrastructures like in Syria, Iraq and Libya, and of course, Israel benefits from it. Because the Jewish occupation of Palestine only survives because of its weak neighbors, the non-Jews' weakness, the Goy's weakness.

Once, an ISIS member was asked the question “When are you going to attack Israel?”, he replied “When Israel has become Muslim”, which means they only attack Muslims. If you look at the civil war in Syria, it is only conducted between these Syrians and all these organizations (radicals) which are directly or indirectly armed by Mossad, financed by them, and their actions benefit Israel. It doesn't benefit Syria, the Palestinians, the Arabs nor the Muslims. The question one should always ask regarding crimes or violence is, "Who benefits from it?". Regarding Syria, Israel and the West, or the USA which is a “banana republic” for Israel, they don't want either to win, they just want Syrians to destroy one another.

History repeats itself, during the American Civil War between the South and the North, they were both financed by the Rothschilds, whom wanted them to destroy each other. Now this repeats in our countries.

[Amir]: It is said that ISIS is supported or financed not just by Mossad, but also by NATO allies and Gulf states like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It's said that they also train individuals in FSA (Free Syrian Army “moderate opposition” according to Obama) and ISIS. Do you believe this is true?

[Ahmed]: As I said, the strategy of these groups is not decided by Qatar or Saudi Arabia, but by Israel, they are allied to Israel and act accordingly. One should not believe that countries like Qatar have their own strategy, they are just a puppet under Israel. I believe one should not believe that this benefits the USA, the West, Europeans or NATO. It only benefits Israel, because all lose on what is happening down there. The USA drives NATO, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada, they are themselves politically and internally occupied by the Jewish power, through the Jewish lobbies. So if they don't emancipate themselves... Sometimes one believes that Palestine or the Middle East will not be free until the USA itself is free from Jewish power. The USA today is an occupied state of Israel, today Netanyahu has more power than Obama himself in his own country.

[Amir]: Netanyahu received a much longer period of ovation and applause than Obama did, in the US Congress.

[Ahmed]: Precisely, because all these servants that sit in the congress, they know who has the power, they know who will get them re-elected, endorsed by the Jewish lobby. All this applause is a way of showing obedience. The Jewish lobby sets roles for each of them, including Obama himself, he has played his role. As for the Western countries, I believe that the Europeans, the Americans and the Russians must try to emancipate themselves from the Jewish lobbies. Namely, simply put, the Americans should have the same rights as the Jews have in America, there should be equality. The French should have the same rights as the Jews have in France, the Germans should have the same rights as the Jews have in Germany, now, this is not the case, even here in Sweden. The Swedes must struggle to have the same rights the Jews have in Sweden. The Jewish power also occupies Sweden.

[Amir]: In Germany, in the past, they forbade non-Germans from occupying important social institutions, like courts, political positions and the media. Do you think this is needed or is equality enough regarding these entities?

[Ahmed]: The Germans will always be a majority, by quantity, but the problem is that even the minds of the Germans are occupied, most of those who work in Germany for the Jewish power are ethnic Germans. They are brainwashed and have prostituted themselves for the Jewish power.

[Amir]: Most Jews are Zionists, but there are even more non-Jews that are Zionists.

[Ahmed]: Absolutely, Zionists or Jews...

[Amir]: ...Come in all colors.

[Ahmed]: Actually, for me, there is no difference between Zionism and Judaism, it's like separating the hammer from its carpenter. It is the same. I believe it is this principle, because Judaism has a principle that they are “the Chosen People”, that they stand above other people, that they belong to a higher Race and that non-Jews should be ruled over. The Zionists, Jews themselves that hold these racist beliefs, they don't say it openly, they play it tactically by saying that they are for equality, but in reality, the worst racism, the worst holocaust, is conducted by Jews, all evil forms of racism stems from Judaism, from the Old Testament. I believe Marx himself said that Jews themselves can liberate themselves from Judaism.

Here in Sweden, I reported the Old Testament to the police.

[Amir]: Because it encourages them to rule over others...

[Ahmed]: Precisely, violence, killing non-Jews and occupying their countries. Actually, this book should be thrown into the garbage can of history and be illegal in all countries. They themselves say that we must forbid racism...

[Amir]: Outside Israeli borders they promote freedom of speech when it is against Islam, but not when it is against Judaism.

[Ahmed]: Precisely, freedom of speech should be the same for all. But it is only they who have the right to limit our freedom of speech.

[Amir]: Let me spin further on this Middle East, it's pretty relevant, the Syrian Civil War, many nationalists say... They don't see Assad as the perfect leader, but Israel wants Assad gone because he has criticized Israel. The FSA and ISIS whom have been trained by Mossad are much worse alternatives than Assad, which many nationalists and I believe.

[Ahmed]: It's like choosing between the plague and cholera, an alternative is needed, like Hitler, that represents the people. Hitler didn't make the leadership a family dynasty, which causes chaos and catastrophe. The Assad family is responsible for this chaos because they have transformed the state into a dynasty and ruled like a monarchy. But of course, if we have to compare all of these evils, Assad is the best one. Because right now, the tactic of Israel is to get a hold on Hezbollah, and the enemy of ISIS is not Israel, but Hezbollah and Iran.

[Amir]: 99% of the world is ISIS's enemy, but Israel.

[Ahmed]: Precisely, also if Hezbollah becomes a target and vulnerable, they have to prevent their destruction by going to Syria. So the first step may be that Assad wins the war, resigns and then holds free elections.

[Amir]: Assad belongs to the Alawites, whom are a minority in Syria...

[Ahmed]: This Assad lineage belongs to a Baath party which was founded by Christians ideologues. When the French occupied Syria, they needed traitors to help them with the occupation, so when they organized the Syrian Army, they chose to recruit Alawites, whom are a minority. So later the Baath party was founded and they took the power in the name of it and the majority of the top brass in the Army are Alawites. The coup was organized by the father of the current Assad, but later there was a conflict between him and the founder of the Baath party, the Christian Michel Aflaq, who escaped to Iraq and joined Saddam. So all these factions in Syria are founded by foreign powers. For example the Muslim Brotherhood, they belong to the Freemasonry, a Jewish sect, and of course they don't say it, but if you look at their rituals... Like what happened in Egypt, as soon as the Muslim Brotherhood's member Morsi came into power he sent a very friendly letter to the president of Israel, Shimon Peres, seeking to improve relations with Israel. This Muslim Brotherhood always supported monarchies in the Middle East. They were against Nasser (whom had many Wehrmacht and SS officers as his advisors), and instead supported the king.

Regarding Turkey, it is more complicated. They have a problem, the party AKP which rules. It's an “Islamist” party, the ones who formerly had the power were the Kemalists. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a Jew from Greece. He took power to destroy Islam, to Judaize Turkey, many generals are camouflaged Jews (crypto-Jews). This “Islamist” party has actually succeeded without force and limited their (Kemalist) power. But they still have the power in the military, whom call themselves Atheists, but they actually want Turkey to become Judaized for Israel, like what has happened to Europe. They have this problem, the greatest threat to Turkey are the Kurds, whom are allied with Israel and Israel's goal is to destroy Turkey, like they have done in Syria, Iraq and what they also are trying to do with Iran. These Kurds belong to the Marxist-Leninist movement, and Turkey wants to prevent the Kurds from becoming a future threat by preemptively striking Kurdish strongholds in Syria. Turkey doesn't want to lose control of its territories like in Iraq. So Turkey believes that if the Kurds win in Syria, they will later attack Turkey. The Kurds unfortunately receive help from the Assad regime.

Everyone now fights each other, it's an evil circle. When Syria was strong, before the civil war, their relations to Turkey were good, they even had a visa-free regime. Now when the Syrian government no longer controls all of her territory, one is forced to pass through all these groups (radicals), even when you want to give humanitarian aid. This chaos, Israel wants to spread in the whole Middle East, the whole world actually. You can simply take a look at Ukraine, they want various peoples to destroy each other. It also applies to World War II, all the countries that participated lost and the only ones who won were the Jews. They founded Israel, but if Hitler had won Israel would never have been created.

[Amir]: Otto Ernst Remer (Wehrmacht general that saved Hitler from the coup/assassination attempt) said that the Jews were to be relocated to Siberia, Northern Russia, or the backup plan of Madagascar.

[Ahmed]: The Jewish power's goal is not just to create Israel, but they also want control of all countries, to make all countries a form of "Palestine". I remember a Jew named Jackie Jakubowski, originally from Poland, the editor of the Sweden-based "Judisk Krönika" ("Jewish Chronicle"), he was interviewed once and asked about his political opinion, he said he is a Zionist. 
"What is a Zionist?”, he was asked. 
"It is the goal to make all Jews move to Israel", he said.
[He was then asked]"But why did you move to Sweden and not Israel?". 
"As long as there is a single Jew outside Israel, my mission is to encourage them to move to Israel!", he said.

So they sit and encourage each other to move to Israel while they actually don't move to Israel. When a French person says, France for the French, that is logical. When a Swede says, Sweden for the Swedes, that is logical. But the slogan of the Jews is, Sweden for the Jews, America for the Jews, they want power in every country! So they don't want to move to Israel, they rule the countries from the inside. The occupation of Palestine is a military one, whereas the West is a political one, which is softer.

[Amir]: In Palestine, the religion is still Islam, while here in Europe, the religion is still "Holocaustianity".

[Ahmed]: Yes, the Jewish power has successfully occupied Christianity, the ongoing task for them is to try to occupy Islam as well. But even if Holocaustianity is a religion, we should still have Freedom of Religion. For me, my religion is Islam, I don't have to believe in Holocaustianity, and I have a billion witnesses that can confirm the existence of Allah. Just like they say that they have "lots" of witnesses about the gas chambers' existence.

[Amir]: In Germany, there is the most successful examples of their brainwashing, by "denazification" programs, making them non-patriots, forbidding them to love their country, it was an Allied dictatorship. So today in Germany, it is impossible for them to criticize mass immigration, they have nearly the largest immigration in Europe, and the only party that wants to limit immigration is the National Democratic Party of Germany, but they only get 1% at elections nowadays, I don't believe they can ever wake up, they were the first victims of the Jews.

[Ahmed]: About Germany, they have succeeded yes, temporarily at least, occupied their minds, their culture and their media, they have de-programmed the people. It has gone so far that Germans still see their American occupiers as their liberators, and are now reacting negatively because the American soldiers are leaving. The same applies to Japan. But I believe the Jewish power is very successful in creating their enemies. I once read a book "Hitler: Born at Versailles", Hitler himself is a product of humiliation by the Allied powers. Today, Germany still suffers, it is still paying for WWII to Israel, a country which didn't exist during the war, because the Jewish power knows no limit.

I believe, I am certain, that history will make Hitler right, I believe that the Germans will believe that Hitler was right. The only thing he tried, was to liberate Germany from Jewish power and the Germans have the right to liberate their country from foreign occupations, no people has the right to rule over other people. The Jews do it wrong, they should adhere to the principle of equality and Freedom of Speech, they organize like a mob, it will not benefit them in the long run.

First week in Sweden 1973

[Amir]: It is not just the political occupation, most people who push to implement Feminism are Jews, in order to minimize the birth rate in European nations. Also in criticism against Islam, most are not Christians, but actually Jews. When Germany actually protests against mass immigration, like PEGIDA ("The West against Islamification"), the Jews hold speeches that they are with the Christians, that they will help them against Islam. When you criticize the Muslims, it is Freedom of Speech, when you criticize the Jews, it is "Hate Speech".

[Ahmed]: It is just propaganda as I said, because the Muslims here in Europe, they are just modern slaves, at least in Sweden, they have no power here.

[Amir]: They just want to have their BMW and a ceiling overhead.

[Ahmed]: Islam has five pillars, praying, pilgrim, fasting etc., but there is no pillar that says you should infiltrate other countries. While the first pillar of Judaism is about infiltration, all their prophets have infiltrated other nations, all their celebrations, like for example Purim, is a celebration about killing 75,000 Persians. The second is that their god gave them the Holy Land, to Abraham, it is wicked. The other one is, the obligation to return to Israel, a country where they have never been, so if you become a Jew, you become schizophrenic with the belief that you are now living in exile, that you now belong to Abraham. Christianity and Islam don't have these ideas. Actually, as a Jew, you don't have to believe in God, the only requirement is having a Jewish mother. The Muslim living in Europe, is not by default, programmed to infiltrate and dominate. What I want to say is that Christians and Muslims don't have this tradition to organize like a mob, Muslims rarely engage in politics, whereas most Jews are politically active.

For example a regular Swede applying for the state radio of Sweden, he thinks the process is fair, but the Jew applying actually gets support from his Jewish network already working within this entity, the same way Freemasonry works. But we non-Jews don't have this tradition.

[Amir]: We don't need networks to survive, because we are not doing anything that would anger or endanger them (the Swedes).

[Ahmed]: Precisely, when I came to Sweden, I didn't think of engaging in politics, we Muslims, we don't have equivalents to AIPAC and Freemasonry. Contrary, the Muslims who live in here in Sweden, can be of use...

[Amir]: We are allowed to say what the Swedes are not allowed to say.

[Ahmed]: Precisely, there was this Sten Andersson, who said "Ahmed, we need people like you here in Sweden, you dare to say things that we are not allowed to say here."

[Amir]: There are many Swedish versions of you, but they have been forced into exile to other countries...

The next question, regarding mass migration and Muslims moving to Europe, it seems that most migrants just want to drive around with their BMWs and iPhones and not give a damn about their home countries. Do you have any message to them?

[Ahmed]: Now it is a bit wicked in the Middle East, this internet generation, they have no ideals, they have this idea that happiness can be found in the West, like a trend. They don't have to be unemployed, even well-off people want to move to the West, not for political power, just for happiness. No one is organizing them, how to solve it? You can stop them, you should solve the problems where they originate, Morocco, Syria etc. You don't solve problems by moving populations from the Middle East to Europe. Sweden doesn't have to feel guilty if they cannot do anything in Syria, because they can't, they should actually practice non-interventionism. I believe, as long as Israel exists, there will always be tragedies and problems. One should solve the Palestinian problem first.

[Amir]: There were no major population transfers from the Middle East before Israel was founded.

[Ahmed]: I believe it should be solved radically, a Swedish Jew has no right to Palestine and should stay here. A Palestinian should stay in Palestine, many Jews even want to move out from Israel. If the Jews only wanted Palestine, it wouldn't be a problem, but that is not the case, they want to occupy both!

[Amir]: So the solution is equality in the whole world, but should one also forbid dual citizenship? Because I think either making powerful positions in society exclusively available for its indigenous population, or forbidding dual citizenship is needed to prevent situations from repeating themselves.

[Ahmed]: Normal, individual migrations have always existed...

[Amir]: But not invasions...

[Ahmed]: Precisely, no ethnic group should be allowed to have privileges, one should not be able to have privileges just because one is a Jew. And for example, one should not be allowed to have dual loyalties. If someone lives in France, but serves in the Israeli military and feels more Israeli than French... Things like this have greatly contributed to the Israeli problem. "What are they?", there is a Jewish problem, and Hitler tried to solve it his way (certain laws and emigration). Also there is no Muslim plan in Sweden, there is no Muslim "Bonniers" (the most powerful Jewish family in Sweden whom owns all major newspapers and TV channels).

[Amir]: The Jews want the Islamists to gain maximum attention in order to turn Christians against Muslims and provoke civil wars.

[Ahmed]: It's like the matador metaphor, the matador is a Jew holding an Islamic crescent flag to lure the bull, who is Christian, to attack it.

[Amir]: It is known that Jewish lobby groups are keeping the European borders open, so you can see it as the second phase, to replicate "Middle Eastern" problems in Europe.

[Ahmed]: Precisely, the Jewish power wants to move the problem in Palestine, Syria and Iraq here, so the problem duplicates. If the Jews who live here, are cultivating support for Israel and for the occupation, why shouldn't Palestinians be able to cultivate the resistance in Palestine? For the Palestinians, it is easy to see who the enemy is, but for the Swede, he has no connection to reality or the Middle East, he gets his image from the Jewish media, so the Swedes get Judaized. They start to see many things from a Jewish perspective and therefore become a part of the occupation and start to hate the Muslims. I say, the only way to find out if the person is an enemy or a friend is to find out their position on the Palestine-question. I even say, if Jesus would return, I would ask him, what is your position on Palestine? Do you support the occupants or the resistance of the Palestinians? I don't think the current situation was Jesus' vision.

[Amir]: It's not just the Muslims who criticize the occupation, there are also Christians. I was there recently, I saw a poster saying "We welcome you on your journey as we welcomed the Prince of Peace (Jesus), Pray for the Freedom of Palestine", made by Christians.

[Ahmed]: The Archbishop Hilarion Capucci sat 7 years in prison for his resistance against the occupation. They (Christians) are a minority in Palestine, but they are just as resistant. It is not news that Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus.

[Amir]: But you are not allowed to state this fact...

[Ahmed]: It is stated in black and white in the New Testament, why did they kill him really? He was not violent, he was just a resistance man that wanted to tell the truth, fight for justice and for humanity.

[Amir]: So we head to the next question, the Palestinian problem. We see world opinion turning against Israel, with more and more people becoming aware of the atrocities going on against the Palestinian people. Personally, I don’t ever see a chance for peace. No one with a sane mind can blame the Palestinians for being angry. Everything they had was stolen right from under them. Many of them still have the keys to their houses which were stolen from them. They sit and rot in virtual concentration camps, their every move under Israeli guns. How can you make peace with a people who have murdered and imprisoned so many of you Arabs?

[Ahmed]: The Palestine-question today is crucial for the future and humanity. The occupation in Palestine is not just a local problem, it is Jewish world domination that reaches all countries, it is an international problem. The Jews would never be able to occupy Palestine without outside support from the UK, USA, France... when they say "support", they mean from the Jews from these countries. This is why these countries work for Israeli interests and not for their own. USA For example, their foreign policy in the Middle East, it doesn't favor American interests, instead they would gain by supporting the Islamic world.

[Amir]: The USA says they are against Islamism and Talibanism, but they only overthrow secular Arab governments like Saddam, Gaddafi, but still continues to support Saudi Arabia which oppresses its people, beheads people on the streets, just like ISIS does, but Saudi Arabia works for Israel, so that's why the USA will never touch Saudi Arabia.

[Ahmed]: That is correct, but let's return to the Palestine-question. The first step to solve the Palestine-question is to ask the right question, the thing is, one tends to not even ask the right question. It is really that this is an occupation, but in the UN they never talk about it as an occupational force. One has completely accepted the occupation, one no longer questions it, the only thing they do now is try to force the Palestinians to accept it. A Russian Jew, an American Jew, they have a country to return to, but the Palestinian have no other country! The policy of Israel is that any Jew can "return" to a country they have never been to...

[Amir]: Just like the Germans during the 30s and 40s, all ethnic Germans can return to Germany...

[Ahmed]: ...But no Palestinian has the right to return, those that have been expelled or forced to move.

[Amir]: They have no Freedom of Movement...

[Ahmed]: Nope.

[Amir]: There are some that say 'They can move as they like!", but this is a lie, I was there, not even I could move around freely.

[Ahmed]: When one speaks about South Africa, most were against Apartheid and thought that it should end. The occupation in Palestine is a thousand times worse than the Apartheid of South Africa, no one talks about this. The problem is so clear!

[Amir]: They use double standards.

[Ahmed]: The occupation is the problem, therefore the occupation must end.

[Amir]: Do you mean foreign Jews, namely American Jews, French Jews etc., should they move back to their country of origin, give them the same rights or what?

[Ahmed]: I usually say, one should create a democratic state, where Christians, Muslims and Jews have the same rights, similar to here in Sweden. Imagine if Sweden would be declared a Christian state? The Jews would be the first to protest. The Jews pretend to fight for Freedom of Speech, Equality and Democracy in all countries, but as soon as they have created a state within an occupied territory, the first thing they do is create a Jewish state, where all Jews in the world have the right to move to, on occupied territory, while at the same time denying the Palestinians, who are already there, their rights to stay. They are on the way to extinction and are expulsed from their country. The only reasonable solution in the future is that Israel in its current form must cease to exist and be replaced with a democratic state, not an Apartheid state.

[Amir]: Do you think Israel will diminish from sanctions, like South Africa's apartheid government did?

[Ahmed]: South Africa had no synagogues or lobbies in other countries supporting its existence. The Jews don't just occupy Palestine, they also occupy USA, France, Sweden, Germany, it is a world occupation. With this situation, it means that the Palestinian question can only be solved by eliminating the Jewish power. The French, Americans, Swedes should identify themselves in the question of Palestine, because today they are not conscious about it. The difference between the occupation of Palestine and Sweden for example is, that the Palestinians recognize their occupants and the immune system of the Palestinians is still intact. The Palestinians make at least an intellectual and cultural resistance, while here in the West, the occupation is more similar to a form of cancer, because the Jewish power has broken down the immune system through mass media. People only see what is happening around the world through channels of information controlled by Jews.

Today every Arabic country is an occupied one. When I came to Sweden, I studied these Arabic countries and realized it [Sweden] is worse. One does not have the right to state an opinion, if you don't follow the Jewish ideology, you no longer exist, you are finished, not even an interview. I was once invited to Linköping University in Sweden to discuss Freedom of Speech, there was mayhem, Jews were protesting. It was not even about Palestine, just Freedom of Speech, I have no longer the rights of a citizen.

About Palestine, every country must first liberate itself. Once I had a lecture in Munich, Germany, there was a Nationalist that said: "The day we seize power, we Nationalists, we will support Palestine!", I replied: "If you can just liberate Germany from the Jewish power, we will be able to do the rest", the same applies to USA and its AIPAC etc. When I am talking about the Jews, I am talking about the Jewish power, they use all of the USA's resources against us. Notice this, the Jews alone themselves have never won a war. They have only used others against Germany, the Middle East etc.

[Amir]: Both the USA and the Soviet Union have supported Israel, especially during the 1948 war against the Arab states and Palestine.

[Ahmed]: This is a global problem and it exists in every country. Every country is occupied today. There are Swedes that are aware of the occupation and those who are brainwashed and for the occupation.

[Amir]: For example controlled opposition, Sweden Democrats.

[Ahmed]: Precisely, they were infiltrated by Jews. They infiltrate all organizations. The basic pillar of Judaism is about infiltration. All Jewish leaders and prophets in the Old Testament are described as infiltrators. When Abraham came to Egypt, he wanted to infiltrate the Pharaoh to seize power. He used his wife and told her to have sex with the Pharaoh and tell him that she is Abraham's sister. So he prostitutes his own wife. Abraham is portrayed as a villain. The greatest Jewish holiday is Purim -- what is Purim? A Jewish leader called Mordechai used his daughter Esther to infiltrate the royalty in Persia, where a kind of "Miss Persia" contest would be held. He told her, you will not reveal that you are Jewish and you will partake in this contest. She wins and the Persian king chooses her as his favorite wife. She receives instructions from Mordechai on how to manipulate the king and to make Mordechai his prime minister and hang the former Persian one! When the Jews had their moment to act they slaughtered 70,000 Persians! They celebrate this massacre in every country, every year, until this day. They celebrate with cookies that resemble the ears of Haman (the 'prime minister' under the king of Persia). An interview was made with a Jewish woman about Purim, “Why do you hate Haman so much?”, she was asked. “Haman was like the ancient Hitler”, she replied. But this is not correct at all.

[Amir]: I will return to the subject regarding controlled opposition -- Sweden Democrats, they say they want to decrease immigration, but will continue supporting Israel's expansion. It's like you are closing the door to your home and keep throwing bombs out of your balcony. The Muslims will get cornered, they have to vent their frustration somewhere, either to Europe or Israel. You cannot close borders and at the same time support the occupation of Palestine and invasive wars in the Middle East that create these streams of migration. I think the Sweden Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot, Swedish people believe that they will solve the problem permanently by simply closing the border, that it will save their country.

[Ahmed]: I think Sweden Democrats are not needed anymore, because they have become like other parties in Sweden, pro-Zionist and pro-Jewish, even more than other parties. Jews in Europe have bought “Neo-Nazis” and financially supported them to make propaganda that Islam is the one and only enemy. They lure them with the lie that if Israel wins the war against Islam, we will be liberated. Israel is the matador that lures the bull, which is the West, with the piece of clothing which is the banner of Islam.

What is a threat to Europe is Judaism, it has always been. As soon as a party of significance emerges, they infiltrate it. If you look at the last Swedish elections, the late night show of it, Sweden Democrats was the only party boasting with an Israeli flag.

[Amir]: There is a clip where a bearded Jewish man is giving instructions to a Sweden Democrat woman.

[Ahmed]: It is almost like a caricature, it's like a joke. In the beginning, the Nationalists in Sweden were anti-Zionist. Today, those who dare to be anti-Zionist are those who have nothing to lose. If you want to be a normal person, live normally with your family and keep your job, you cannot criticize Zionism. So only the “crazy” ones dare to criticize it, the negative thing about this is that these parties are easy to infiltrate and manipulate. For example the key members of the Sweden Democrats are two Jewish brothers called “Ekeroth”.

[Amir]: ...And Paula Bieler, daughter of the Polish-Jewish Communist family that got kicked out from Poland.

[Ahmed]: The Sweden Democrats have no future, you cannot build a party that relies on hating Islam, they have not come with something new.

[Amir]: When Islam is gone, the Jews can keep the open borders to non-Muslims and uphold feminist ideals that minimize birth rates.

[Ahmed]: Sweden is not an isolated island. I had an interview in prison with a racist, I asked him, how will they solve the problem...? They don't want the Swedes to mix with non-Whites. All have been mixed up to some extent already -- just research your family tree. What do you want to do with the non-White Italians? The thing is, the Palestinian question has to be solved, and the Jewish problem in Sweden must be solved. Israel's existence is not built upon justice, but the Law of the Jungle. If it's only built upon that, the Arabs and the Palestinians will be just as strong, one day, it is inevitable. Israel is scared, that's why it is trying to keep its Arab neighbors weak. You cannot build a world based on fear...

[Amir]: ...Paranoia. We continue to the next question, have you heard about the foreign Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht units and that they were more multi-ethnic and more multi-national than the Allied forces? Men and women from the whole world, an Army of Mankind, with their non-Nordic blood, defending the Reich Chancellery and Führerbunker. The foreigners in the Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht were: Albanians, Bosnians (Muslims and Christians), British, Bulgarians, Cossacks, Croats, Danes, Dutch, Estonians, Finns, Flemish, French, Georgians, Greeks, Hungarians, Italians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Norwegians, Romanians, Russians, Serbians, Slovakians, Swedes, Swiss, Ukrainians, Walloons, Armenier, Belarusians, Indians (Muslims, Hindus and Sikh), Kyrgyz, Tatars, Turkmens, Uzbeks and Arabs from the whole Middle East. All these courageous men had one thing one common, they fought for the liberation of their lands from the British, French, Soviets and the Jews that controlled them all. They felt that National Socialist Germany was their best opportunity in achieving this goal. During World War II in the Middle East there were several Hitlerist slogans like “Allah in Heaven and Hitler on Earth”. What do you think, are you aware of this?

[Ahmed]: Because I am from Morocco, which was occupied by the French, I remember as a child, Morocco was occupied until 1956. So during the Second World War, Morocco was occupied by France, which itself then became occupied by Germany. Hitler was not interested in occupying French Africa, so he let them continue the French occupation. I later met a French colonel that was in Morocco, that was a friend of de Gaulle, whom I again met in France after I moved to Sweden. He converted to Islam... He told me when Hitler occupied France, he decided to send military delegates to Morocco to see if the French were treating the Moroccans good. He told me, 60 German officers came to Morocco, and I asked them what did they do? He said well, they were so naive that they believed everything that was told to them.

I remember as a child, I was born after the war, 1946, I lived under the French occupation. The atmosphere there was that Hitler was very popular.

[Amir]: After the war?

[Ahmed]: Both during and after the war. People were so happy about the thought that Germany had defeated France, as France was our occupier, the French were very cruel and racist. There were even restaurants stating "Forbidden for dogs and Moroccans"! Germany would never write something like this. People were so happy, because they hoped that Germany would liberate North Africa and the Arab world from the occupiers, so they considered a Germany victory as their own. The defeat of Germany was a big disappointment and defeat for us all. The cruel occupation continued by the French and British. When the Germans occupied France they were very civilized, but when the French occupied Morocco they were very barbarian and racist. And Hitler, he took a stance for the Palestinian people against the coming occupiers, the Jews immigrating to Palestine. We regarded Hitler as a real Muslim and Germans as our allies. After I moved to Sweden I wanted to meet someone close to Hitler, so I went to Germany and met the general Otto Ernst Remer. I did a long interview with him for an Egyptian newspaper called al-Shaab, it has been translated to many languages online.

If we would regard World War II as battle between good and evil, we would regard Hitler and Germany as the good, and the Allied colonial powers as evil, along with the Zionists that had a plan to occupy Palestine even back then. Those who pushed France to occupy these countries were Jewish. The official reason why France invaded Algeria was to protect Jews, because Algerian officials had beaten a Jewish businessman. 100 years before this France decided to give French citizenship to all Jews in Algeria, even though they had never been to France. When France invaded Morocco, the Jews in Morocco were collaborating with the occupants. Actually most of the occupants that came to Morocco were not ethnic French, but Jewish.

(Total interview time thus far - 106:00 minutes)




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Here is the long-awaited part two of the Ahmed Rami interview. The feedback we received from part one was phenomenal! And I must say, part two is even better and even more eye-opening. As one commentor on the interview said 'This is not just another interview, this interview is special and it should be spread far and wide', and I couldn't agree more. Nothing and no one fights their lies and propaganda about the Middle East, Arabs and Islam more than Ahmed Rami. Enjoy...

Extra Special thanks to our comrade Amir for making this highly enlightening interview possible! Amir took the time to meet with Rami in person, conduct the interview in Swedish and then translate and transcribe it into English. And of course, last but definitely not least, our warm thanks to Ahmed Rami, for taking the time and thought to do this interview for us.

Summer, 2015



[Ahmed]: After the Algerian independence, there was a term called “black feet”, namely those who came back to France after the colonial era, they were Jews. But they don't call them Jews, and there were many that are now famous, many advisors and even presidents. Even Hitler's struggle to liberate Germany from Jewish power, that was also a part of our (Arab) struggle to liberate our countries from Jewish power and their plans to occupy Palestine. The ones that defend colonialism the most is the Jewish power in France.

I have forgotten to cover one subject, about the Halal-slaughter, it has been discovered that both in Sweden and France, the owners of these enterprises are Jewish. The Jewish powers try to make money on everything. The most important thing for us, for me, is that Hitler was a role model, even today for many Muslims and Arabs. Because it is like this, we don't see the Germans and Hitler with “Jewish eyes” or “European eyes”, we have a more independent way of seeing things over there. For us it was the Colonial French that were evil, not the Germans. For us, Hitler and his intentions were good, Israel and the Jewish power were evil.

Hitler wanted to not just liberate his own country, but help other countries liberate theirs, like with Russia, help them liberate themselves from Jewish power. He supported and armed millions of Russians, because the Russian Revolution was not a revolution, but a coup, even Putin himself said that 80-85% of the leading Bolsheviks were Jews.

[Amir]: You can find it easily on Youtube, “Putin 80-85% Bolsheviks”.

[Ahmed]: I think the future will show whether Hitler had any flaws, I think it will show that he was too humane. Actually, he has been too nice to the Jews. He never had any intention to exterminate the Jews. He wanted them for once to work a bit, instead of them earning money without producing anything. The purpose of the concentration camps was to teach them how to work.

[Amir]: Just like the British had camps for the Boers in South Africa and the USA's camps for the Japanese and Germans. I have read a little about the German-occupied areas in the Arab world, that Arabs felt for the first time how it is to live without “Apartheid-like" conditions. One example is public transportation, they used the same as the Germans, but when the French ruled they had to use separate transportation.

[Ahmed]: Actually all occupations are cruel, but if you compare the French occupation to the German one, the latter was more humane, even in France, Norway etc., they were very civilized. You cannot compare the Germans to the barbarian French and British. There is a big difference, even when I was in the military academy the French told us that the German military were civilized gentlemen. Even Rommel is a legend for the French military, they talk about him like an epic tale. There is a story about a British Colonel that was a prisoner in German-controlled Libya who had managed to escape. When the German military caught him once again, Rommel requested to meet this man and congratulated him: “If I was a prisoner like you, I would also have fled, very good!” It is unthinkable that an Israeli General would behave like this to a Palestinian for example.

[Amir]: The Allied and Jewish propaganda in the media constantly demonized the German National Socialists as being racists, but in my (author of extensive research, I, along with many other historians, have found much proof of the opposite. Here is a letter written by the Prime Minister of Iraq (Axis) in October 1942, to Germany's Dr. Walter Gross' Office of Racial Policy:


“The Axis enemies in their propaganda state that the Germans consider the Arabs among the lower castes. In my capacity as the Premier of Iraq, I can give an assurance that the Arabs do not give this claim any importance after what they have seen and felt Germany's treatment and help to them. But as the enemy propaganda goes on repeating these lies, I should like to receive an answer from an official source regarding the German consideration of the Arab race. I should be very grateful to get from you a reply on the opinion of Germany on the subject.

Rashid Ali Al-Gaylani”

Dr. Walter Gross responds:

“In answer to your Excellency's letter of 17th October, 1942,
I have the honor to give you the racial theory regarding the
Arab caste. The racial policy has been adopted by Germany to
safeguard the German people against the Jews who,
biologically, are different from the Middle East races.
Accordingly, Europe has been opposing Jews for decades. The
Germans do not fight the Jews because they are Semitic or because
they come from the East, but for their character, egoism and
their hostility to society... while Germany forbids the
entrance of the Jews into her territory, she welcomes all Arabs
of Semitic origin and cares for them. The attitude of the
Germans for the Arabs is that of respect. Not a single
official German source ever stated that the Arabs originated from
a lower caste. On the contrary, the racial theory of National
Socialism considers the Arabs of a very high caste. The
oppression of the Arabs of Palestine is being followed in Germany
with great interest and Germany confirms the demands of the Arabs.”

[Amir]: Do you have any comments on this?

[Ahmed]: I think this is a very interesting statement from an official source. As he states here, the Germans are not against the Jews because they are Semites, Semite means somebody speaking a Semitic language. The Jewish propaganda wants to portray all criticism against Judaism as an illness, but as he said, it's because of their behavior. [two famous examples of this are Ezra Pound and Knut Hamsun, two giants of poetry and literature, who were both deemed insane by the victorious Allies for supporting National Socialism before and during the war -- ed.]

[Amir]: The Allies/Jews tried to turn every possible German ally against Germany with propaganda about the Germans being racist against Arabs.

[Ahmed]: Precisely, that is why it is important for modern National Socialists to read this statement. I hope this will be spread.

When it comes to issues, the Islamic world and all peoples that are victims of domination, colonialism and Zionism, have a similar perspective to what is happening in the world. Both the National Socialists and Muslims solely want justice. While Hitler looked down upon leaders like Churchill, he received the Palestinian leader Amin al-Husseini with respect, as a head of state! The worst racists, the ones who look down upon people, are the Zionists and the Jewish religion, while the ones who believe in equality among peoples, are the Germans and the National Socialists.

Some idiots today, they are not pedagogical, during the 1920s-1930s, the word “race” didn't have a negative undertone. Today the word “race” has a different undertone, Hitler, he spoke the language of his time, even Marx used these terms. If Hitler lived today, he would have not used the word today, because Hitler was very pedagogical.

[Amir]: Maybe “People (Volk/Folk in German/Swedish)”.

[Ahmed]: Precisely. Instead of saying the “Germanic Race”, saying the “Germanic People”. The word “People” has a more positive undertone. It is a pedagogical way of speaking the language of your time.

As I usually say, modern National Socialists should not start where Hitler started, but rather continue where Hitler ended, and speak the language of today. For example the worst racists, the Jews, they don't use the word “Race” anymore. Once again I think this statement is very important for modern National Socialists.

[Amir]: It is an antidote to “Hollywood-Nazism”.

[Ahmed]: There is a document written by Hitler called “My Political Testament”, where he speaks positively about Islam, for example that Islam fits the Germans better than Christianity.

[Amir]: Christianity today is very liberalized.

[Ahmed]: It is occupied by Judaism. Therefore it is important what he says here about Islam. The (complete) testament is only available at Modern National Socialists don't like Islam so much because they are indoctrinated to hate Islam. Modern National Socialists, if they are proud of Hitler, they should ask themselves, can Hitler be proud of them? Namely are they on the level of Hitler's message? I think the future will tell us that Hitler was right!

[Amir]: I have a personal question, today there are many immigrants, Muslims that have grown up in Sweden specifically, that have been brainwashed into believing that Hitler hated Africans, Arabs etc. What are your thoughts on this?

[Ahmed]: Those who are born here, they are of course under the influence of the media here, but in the future, when they look at the question of Palestine, they will truly see who is the enemy. I think I am more representative of the Muslims than those who grew up in Rinkeby [a ghetto in Sweden-ed.], but in the future, a lot will change. The Muslims you are talking about, and even the Swedes, will discover the truth... I believe the Zionist propaganda in the future will no longer be successful. I believe that there will be some sort of revolution in Europe, in the whole world, against the Jewish power. I think a “Hitler” will arise in every country.

[Amir]: There are many immigrants that are materialistic in the West who don't give a damn about their homeland. Sure, some do post patriotic stuff about their country on Facebook every now and then, but they themselves never do anything for their cause, rather bragging about their materialistic successes in their new country.

[Ahmed]: This is a disease that has affected many countries, today's youth, they have no dreams anymore to change the world, to improve it. They have became egoistic and apathetic. I believe this is only temporary, I think it will change, but yes they should be more idealistic, ready to risk their lives. It is not only in the Arab world but also in the West, the Swedish youth, they are very materialistic and with no dreams to change the world, but of course this also has something to do with the media.

[Amir]: You have gone through a sea of attacks because of your beliefs, your passion and dedication to the truth, it has made you a big target. Can you tell us about our common enemy, how they have tried to silence you?

[Ahmed]: I believe that one is preprogrammed by nature. I was born the way I am, even as a child I was always the way I am now. In Morocco I discovered that you could criticize everything and everyone but the those who held the power, namely the King. And of course I tried to do something about this. If there had been a potential future in Morocco for elections etc., I would not have considered joining the army to make a coup. My role model was Nasser who abolished the monarchy in Egypt. Of course the coups in Morocco failed, but at the same time people discovered there are still idealists that try and risk their lives for a better future in Morocco.


When I came to Sweden under political asylum, I continued my struggle, as I usually say “Think globally, act locally”, so I thought, what can I do here in Sweden? Then I was shocked when I realized that it's the same in Sweden! Here as well, you can criticize everything but the one who holds the power. There is a quote from Voltaire: “If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize”, so I came to the conclusion that Jews rule the country. Then I engaged the Jewish power directly by creating Radio Islam. I actually got this idea from Anna Lindh, who later became foreign minister. I mentioned to her about the history classes in Sweden, that it is Jewish propaganda. She said “Yes it is, they have the power here. But the question is, what do you as Muslims do? Instead of condemning the darkness, bring the light with a candle. Do something.” So then I thought that I have to do something, hence Radio Islam as a light in the darkness.

If I only was a careerist, I would also become something within the Social Democrats, but I say what I think and I fight for justice. All evil powers fought me, there were trials in court eventually leading to my imprisonment in Sweden.

[Amir]: Through a law that was created after the Second World War lobbied by Jews.

[Ahmed]: Precisely, actually, they created this law camouflaged to protect the weak, but on the contrary is used to protect the powerful, the Jewish power. But, I think that... I have tried to do my duty as a citizen of Sweden. I only follow the principle of the Swedish school that one should dare to question, be brave and express your opinions. That's the only thing I have done actually, I have not tried to hurt anybody or commit violence, they are just opinions. They should respond to my opinions rather than throw me into prison.

The youth today, is not affected by what you say but by what you do, because they see what you do – you should be correct, you should be honest, you should be pure. I have never been corrupted, I have never let myself be bought by anyone. Even during the trial against me the Chief Rabbi in Sweden called me, he is actually from New York. They criticized me because I stated in Radio Islam that the Jews have the power over the mass media here in Sweden. So he called me and said: “Now you are forbidden in all media, but I have a suggestion, a compromise: That you will stop talking about Israel and Palestine, you may talk about Islam, you can broadcoast the Quran all the time if you want, we can then even give you benefits, help you pay the costs of running Radio Islam. All the newspapers etc. that you aren't allowed in, they can come to me and be allowed to run.” I told him: “You just said you don't have the power in the mass media, now what you tell me proves that you have the power, by allowing me to express myself in the mass media again.”

[Amir]: Did he comment on it?

[Ahmed]: No, he went silent. I can say this, the Jewish power is like bacteria, a virus, it just does its job. The question is, what do we do? The strength of the Jews is based on that they are organized, it is our weakness that makes their strength, they are not facing any opposition. Instead of just crying over spilled milk, try to do something, the smallest thing, anything! There is always something one can do, for example I started Radio Islam before the internet even existed. Today we have the internet. There is always opportunity to resist, to struggle. One should not be a defeatist nor pessimistic, but optimistic, and tell yourself that this struggle is between good and evil, that the Jewish power symbolizes, 100%, the evil. The good is eternal, there is no end to it. It's like the human body, there is bacteria and antibodies. The Jewish power is the virus, and those who fight for Freedom, Freedom of Speech and Democracy, they are the antibodies. They must be active, if they are not active you will get cancer and it will be irreversible.

[Amir]: If you look at Sweden, which political movement is the most difficult for the Jewish power to corrupt? I personally believe the Nordic Resistance Movement, those whom interviewed you before. They are the most difficult to buy.

[Ahmed]: Yes, but when I read the comment section about the interview...


[Amir]: The “Hollywood-Nazis”?

[Ahmed]: Yes, it is a shame. The leaders who interviewed me, they have understood the whole problem.

[Amir]: There are many, what can you call them, like “rednecks”, Sweden Democrats.

[Ahmed]: I think they should just keep Hitler as the role model. They have Mein Kampf, Hitler has made it available for everyone and they should keep themselves to his way, his morals. The Nationalists here in Europe, they have everything they need, they have good leaders. Even though Hitler is dead, when you see the photos of him you can see “what a Great Germany, what a Great People, what a Great Leader”, so Hitler can still inspire an intelligent and powerful resistance against the Jewish power to liberate all of Europe and the whole world from the evil.

[Amir]: Most people only see as far as their noses can reach. For example, the first Muslim you encounter in Rinkeby, is allegedly your greatest enemy.

[Ahmed]: Haha! Yes exactly, that's why I usually say, with these useful idiots the Jews don't have to do as much anymore. All they have to do is hand the microphone to these idiots. They reveal themselves, regardless if they are an idiotic Muslim or alleged National Socialist.

[Amir]: It is not them that the media tries to silence, but rather us, those like me who speak about the things like the Arabs, Africans and even Jews who fought for Hitler's Germany. This is very, very dangerous information because it delegitimizes the Allied war effort and their assault on Europe.

We continue to the next question, the media and the West have convinced people that Muslims are evil personified ever since the attack on the WTC on September 11th. Anyone with a brain knows that it was because of the combined effort of Israel and the traitors in the USA. The media has demonized Muslims and they have been very successful in this ridiculous goal, to make people believe that Islam is ready to take over the world at any moment. Israel and its agents have finally convinced the Christian goys (a derogatory term for any non-Jew, like calling a black person “Nigger”) to hate the traditional enemy of the Jews, whom are the Muslims. Of course the fact is that it is the West who has slaughtered, occupied and raped the Middle East for a very long time and not the other way around. For centuries Muslims have not tried to invade Europe, except recently due to the borders being opened. But none of this was instigated by the Muslims, they just fled wars. What are your thoughts on this, that the Jews have succeeded in mobilizing Christians against the wrong enemy?

[Ahmed]: The last time I met Ben Bella, the legendary leader who led the revolution against the colonialists and became the first president after independence, he told me that when Jean-Marie Le Pen criticizes the Muslims, he actually means the Jews, since he cannot criticize the Jews who rule. Everybody knows that the Muslims have no power.

[Amir]: It would only take one day to kick out all the Muslims, but the Jews... that would be a lengthy process.

[Ahmed]: Yes, about all this World Trade Center (WTC), ISIS, Syria etc... The WTC, everybody knows it was not the Muslims, but Israel, Mossad. And all those who now give a bad image of Islam, are puppets of Mossad. To villify Muslims is just an attempt to divert attention away from Judaism, Jewry and Israel, to Muslims. The question today is, since the Muslims cannot even liberate their own countries from Jewish power, how would they be able to occupy other countries? Those who are coming to Europe now are only so called “digestive systems”, they are modern slaves. A Swede or a Frenchman has never read the Quran, for him Islam is that unemployed illiterate that strolls around in the street, that is Islam. They are just garbage resulting from our problems. The chaos that Israel is stirring in the Middle East is driving people to flee the region to Europe. The Republican slaves of Israel, like the USA, they destroy Arab countries. Today in Libya there is chaos, there is no state, no infrastructure, no army – complete chaos. In Iraq it is the same, they eliminated the army and now there is only chaos and anarchy.

In the beginning Islam was only a “Christian” cult, no difference. The Quran mentions Jesus more often than Mohammed. A Muslim is actually also a Christian. In both books, contrary to the Old Testament, there is no encouragement to infiltrate and occupy other nations. In the Jewish bible (Old Testament) it states that God gave them the right to occupy Palestine and kill its inhabitants. If the Quran said that God has given Sweden to the Muslims, with the right to kill the Swedes, then I would myself be against Islam. But there are no such principles in Islam whatsoever. By the way, in our countries there are probably 1-2% who practice Islam completely, while the rest are just born Muslim. In Sweden, there are more practicing Muslims than in, for example, Morocco.

[Amir]: More radical.

[Ahmed]: Not just more radical. For example the Pentecostalists would have no success in Morocco, but in Sweden they and the Jehovah's Witnesses have hundreds of thousands of members. The Swedes are more naive and credulous.

Today the Muslims are not practicing Islam, if they practiced Islam, Israel would not exist today. Today we don't believe in anything, we Muslims have transformed hypocrisy into a religion, we say a lot but do nothing. A Swede once asked a Japanese person on a TV show why Japan is advancing and we are regressing, he responded: “It's because we follow our books”. Swedes who convert to Islam actually practice Islam, while a Muslim who was born Muslim doesn't practice it.

If you take Morocco, it has the most democratic constitution, but in practice it has one of the worst dictatorships in the world. Everything is hypocrisy! Islam was powerful when it was practiced. The Chinese are now very powerful, everything is made in China etc., they would succeed with any ideology. They are good! They work hard, they are organized, you would never see them dragging around in the streets doing nothing, but if you go to Rinkeby you see people doing nothing but banter. What we actually need today, in the Arab world, is a new Hitler. A good leader, then you will see we will become a great nation.

The Germans are not born the way they are, it is in their culture. When Hitler came, he was the right person that came to right place in the right time. If Hitler came today, no one would listen to him. Right now in Sweden, he would not accomplish much.

I believe that in the right time, a real Hitler will come in Germany, everything will begin in Europe, it always begins in Germany, it is the engine of Europe. In the Arab world it is Egypt, the change will commence, maybe also in Algeria.

[Amir]: What is Egypt like today?

[Ahmed]: A catastrophe. It is the Muslim Brotherhood that were hypocrites and always cheating. They talk about Islam but in reality they are just a form of Freemasonry. Note this, all Muslim leaders who wear a tie are Freemasons. All Muslim brotherhood leaders wear ties. Khomeini didn't wear this, if he did he would not be the same. Wearing a suit and tie is proof that they are Jewish Freemasons. Morsi in Egypt wore a suit and tie.

[Amir]: Many people, including the author of, feel that change is in the air. It feels like people are waking up to the truth, do you also feel this change? If so, what can you refer to?

[Ahmed]: I believe now, despite everything, that the internet is the best thing that has happened. I remember in Morocco, to spread the truth was a very difficult task, we had to print flyers and follow instructions on how to spread them. Today all my books are available on the internet, they cannot stop this. I think the internet is a fantastic tool that should be used to the max.

[Amir]: It is much more difficult to control compared to physical media.

[Ahmed]: Yes. I am very optimistic, I believe anything is possible, especially in the Islamic and Arab world. I think this chaos that is occuring is the beginning of something good that is about to happen, because this cannot continue. The Palestine question is the most important question, the most efficient argument against the Jewish power is talking about what the Jews are doing in Palestine. In Palestine it is so clear who is evil and who is good. That's why they want to start wars all over the world and divert debates away from Palestine.

Nationalists, National Socialists in the USA, Sweden etc., should have the Palestine question as number one, because there you can see the truth of Jewish behavior. It also gives Nationalists and National Socialists humanistic credibility and not just an impression of egoism, but rather shows the goal to build a better world for all of humanity.


[Amir]: You want to break the shackles and not abandon everyone else.

[Ahmed]: Precisely.

[Amir]: I have a personal question, many Nationalists see modern Russia as a resister against the West, Marxism, Feminism, Homosexuality, while defending family values, and now Putin also protects Assad. They have stopped some interventions by the West in the Middle East. What do you think about this?

[Ahmed]: Russia can play a big role. It is always better with two competing devils than one. It is just that Russia no longer has the tools for their ambitions. Today Russia is very weak, decadent and corrupt. If there is any power on the advance, it is China. It is fortunate that the Soviet Union dissolved since they would not win a war against the USA. Today, 70 years of Communism has destroyed everything, it is rotten. The Russian TV shows are run by Jews, and Putin bought an apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel. He goes around in a kippah etc., I mean, a good leader should not do this.

[Amir]: It is suspicious.

[Ahmed]: Yes, I don't believe the Chinese would do this and shill for the Jews. Russia shouldn't humiliate itself in this way. The Jewish power is everywhere, I will say, Radio Islam would never be able to exist in Russia.

[Amir]: I have seen a list of Putin's staff and some were certainly still Jews, from Soviet times.

[Ahmed]: Take Medvedev [Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia, May 7, 2008 – May 7, 2012], both his parents are Jewish and some say Putin's mother is Jewish.

When I meet German people, Japanese people, Chinese people, they are organized and honest people, but when I meet Russian people they tend to be corrupt. When you buy stuff today you see “Made in China”, never “Made in Russia”. I say America has not defeated Russia, it has seduced Russia. They talk big about switching to their own system but still Russians use the dollar. No, this is rather suspicious, after all, from the start, it was just a Jewish revolution (1917), all KGB (and NKVD) were Jews. No new revolution has occurred, it is the same KGB in effect, Putin is former KGB.

[Amir]: Do you think NATO should attack Russia?

[Ahmed]: They don't have to. What Russia did with Ukraine does not show that they are strong, but that they are weak. They managed to anger everyone around them. Poles and Balts today go so far as that they would rather get bought by Abramovitch, a Russian-Jewish oligarch, than have Russia ruling over them. If Swedes would vote, they would join NATO because of everything that is happening.

[Amir]: But they would be sent to the Middle East instead.

[Ahmed]: The more foreign intervention in the Middle East the more chaos, but now they are already entangled. All of these groups in the Middle East have forgotten Israel and fight each other instead, even Hezbollah is busy in Syria rather than Israel. Is there any greater victory possible for Israel?

[Amir]: I actually have one more thought, Pakistan has, since March 2015, upgraded its nuclear missiles, they now can reach Israel. At the same time, documents have been leaked that Mossad or Shin Bet, I don't remember which agency, concluded that Iran is not producing nuclear weapons. They said it themselves, but still Jewish leaders are trying to provoke Iran, but Pakistan has nuclear weapons, they don't talk about that.

[Ahmed]: This is why, from the beginning, Israel knows that the whole Indo-Pak conflict is only between Pakistan and India. If the weapons were directed towards Israel, Pakistan would have been in the same situation as Iran today.

If I had any dream it would be that Iran, Turkey and Pakistan would become a form of united states and they would have nuclear weapons. They are all neighbors, they need to stop with the petty conflicts, look at it as a whole, build on what they have in common and not fight each other for the things they do not have in common. They can use the Quran as a reference and Mohammed as well, the rest is just stupidity. Mohammed was neither Sunni or Shia, he was just Muslim.

[Amir]: They didn't slaughter each other 60 years ago, now they do it out of nowhere.

[Ahmed]: They should unite, stop this Sunni vs. Shia stupidity. It is Israel that fosters this conflict. When I was in Saddam's Iraq I never heard about this Sunni vs. Shia stuff, I didn't even know it existed. I was invited to Iran as well, they invite all Muslims, they didn't see any difference. Again, I'd like to see unity between Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.

[Amir]: Turkey is very complicated it seems.

[Ahmed]: They are good, they are organized. Iran, the leader is good. Also in Pakistan. The core of the power is the Army.

[Amir]: Their (Pakistan's) “state religion” is actually that the military has built the country.

[Ahmed]: This is good. Their intelligence agency is controlled by the military.

[Amir]: Pakistan actually has a similar problem like Palestine, although not as severe, Kashmir.

[Ahmed]: I believe it is neither good for Pakistan or India to start a war, a nuclear war for Kashmir. That would make everyone lose. A compromise is better. It is not like the Palestine question, in Palestine they are exterminating the Palestinians. In Kashmir they don't have the same desperation. Even in India there are a hundred million Muslims, in India there is another “Pakistan”.

Think about it, Europe had two World Wars and massacred each other, now they are united under the European Union. There have never been similar wars between Pakistan, Iran or Turkey for example, why can't they have it? I am optimistic, they need an intelligent leader. In 20 years China will be greater and more powerful than the USA, also militarily. Now it's the USA. I don't say that China is good. The most dangerous thing would be if...

[Amir]: Jews infiltrate China.

[Ahmed]: They try. I have some articles about it, for example the founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg marrying a Chinese woman and attempting to infiltrate China. I met this man Jan Myrdal, he said: “It is not easy to be a Jew in China”.

[Amir]: I'm out of questions, so let's finish this?

[Ahmed]: Haha yes, it is a lot.

[Amir]: Thank you again for this interview!


Read the interview by Ahmed Rami with Wehrmacht Major General Otto Remer:

To our section on Ahmed Rami and Radio Islam

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