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Jewish Media Power

Jews have disproportionate influence on the medias in the West; the press, TV/Satellite channels, radio stations, publishing houses, and also in the film industry where for instance the Jewish dominance over Hollywood is used to promote their Apartheid state of Israel and Jewish values, and where the political enemies of Zionism are portrayed as sub-human. We also recommend reading on the different Jewish media magnates in our respective sections on for instance Britain, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, Georgia and Russia. Many of these magnates/tycoons/oligarchs have direct contacts with Israel and the highest echelons of that state.

Hollywood is mainly - according to Jewish sources - in Jewish hands, and is misused as an instrument of propaganda. The Hollywood films shape the minds of Westerners but also, due to their Global reach, the rest of the world as well.

"Four of the largest five entertainment giants are now run or owned by Jews. Murdoch's News Corp (at number four) is the only gentile holdout -- however Rupert is as pro-Israel as any Jew, probably more so."

-- Los Angeles Jewish Times, 'Yes, Virginia, Jews Do Control the Media', Oct. 29-Nov. 11, 1999, p. 14.

"Time-Warner, Disney, Viacom-CBS, News Corporation and Universal rule the entertainment world in a way that the old Hollywood studio chiefs only dreamed of. And, after all the deals and buyouts, four of the five are run by Jews. We're back to where we started, bigger than ever."

-- Jewish Week, 9-17-1999, 12.

"Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. [...] Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?"

-- Jewish journalist Elad Nehorai in "Jews DO control the media", The Times of Israel, July 1, 2012.


Most important articles/documents                  The Jewish Hollywood
Names of the actors, companies, analysis              Jewish admissions, the names, the influence

Murdoch empire and Fox News                       MEMRI
Murdoch and Israel, bias, censorship                      Connection to Israel, op-methods

 Examples on bias/censorship                          Israel Knows the Power of the Media
   Articles to illustrate                                               Examples Netanyahu, Barak, Rabin

 Other Zionist tactics                                         Harassment, violence against journalists
Middle East "Experts", Slogan/Myth Drilling            Beatings, shootings, bombings

 Arab vs. Israel:                                                 Cartoons / Caricatures / Memes
Belligerent Rhetoric vs Belligerent Action 

 Hebrew (i.e. Israeli) Press
Where Jews write what the really think


Read also

  Most important articles/documents

    "Uzi Safanov, a writer at the Seawanhaka newspaper of Long Island University in New York, agreed. 'I'm a Jew before being a journalist, before someone pays me to write,' he said. 'If I find a negative thing about Israel, I will not print it and I will sink into why did it happen and what can I do to change it.'

    Safanov said that even if he eventually wrote about negative incidents that happen in Israel, he would try to find the way 'to shift the blame.' "

    -- Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, November 23, 2001, in an article reporting on a Jewish journalist meeting at "Do the Write Thing", a special program for student journalists sponsored by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the World Zionist Organization at the General Assembly of the United Jewish Communities.

  • Jewish Influence in the Mass Media (pt.1)
    [362 Kilobytes] [about 76 paper pages] Jewish control of the mass media; Jewish filmmakers, comedians; the popularity of psychoanalysis in Hollywood; non-Jewish movie stars in the Jewish world; the Jewish "shiksa cult" and its role in institutionalized sexual predation in Hollywood; Jewish dominance of major Hollywood studios; Jewish screenwriters; Jewish nepotism; pre-eminence of Jewish women in the Hollywood power elite; Norman Lear, Aaron Spelling, and other powerful Jewish executives of note; the name-changing of Jewish celebrities; African-American resistance to Jewish Hollywood hegemony; the semantic issue of whether "Jews control Hollywood" or "Jewish individuals control Hollywood."

  • Jewish Influence in the Mass Media (pt.2)
    [591 Kilobytes] [about 123 paper pages] Laurence Tisch's pro-Israel CBS experiment; Time-Warner; erosion of family values at Jewish-dominated Disney-ABC; prevalence of drug glorification in Hollywood; Jewish pre-eminence in the strip tease and pornography worlds; the usual Hollywood double standard: a loving portrayal of Judaism and deconstructive attack upon Christianity; TV's celebration of Jewish identity and mass media defamation of Italian Americans, Ukrainians, Muslims, Arabs, and others; Jews at the helm of sleazy entertainment; Jewish pre-eminence in the news world, the publishing trades, the talent agency scene, radio, music; international Jewish pre-eminence in the mass media from Brazil to Poland

  • Jewish Influence in the Mass Media (pt.3)
    [513 Kilobytes] [about 103 paper pages] The mass media's censorship of critical stories about Jews or Israel; Jews and the "intellectual" and "radical" media; Jewish dominance in the music world; Dear Abby, Ann Landers, and Jewish domination of the "agony aunt" field.

  • Who Rules America?
    The Jewish Grip on Our News and Entertainment Media Must Be Broken (updated 2002)

  • Who Rules America Through The Press

  • Jewish Power in the American Medias
    An analysis of Jewish influence in U.S. TV, radio, newspapers
    "The greatest concentration of Jews, however, is at the producer level --
    and it is the producers who decide which stories will go on the air, and how long, and in what order, they will run. In 1982, before a shift in assignments, the executive producers of all three evening newscasts were Jewish, as were the executive producers of CBS's 60 Minutes and ABC's 20/20. And Jews are almost equally prominent at the 'senior producer' and 'broadcast producer' levels as well as in senior management. When Reuven Frank stepped down as president of NBC News in 1984, for example, he was replaced by Laurence Grossman, who left the presidency of PBS to take the position."

    -- Charles Silberman, A Certain People. American Jews and Their Lives Today, Summit Books, 1985, p. 154.

  • Who Rules Hollywood And US TV Today?

  • Jewish Media Moguls in Action
    Important collection of quotes and articles on Jewish Media Power

  • Jewish Magnates in the U.S. Medias and Finance
    List of Jews in control of U.S. media, finance and Economy

  • From "Jewish Influence in America"     
    Updated 2017. Names, positions, pictures...
    Who Controls Media Conglomeration?          Who Controls Hollywood?
    Who Controls Televised News?                    Who Controls Television?
    Who Controls Newspapers?                        Who Controls Social Media?
    Who Controls Millennial/Modern News?

  • God’s Chosen People (Banned by YouTube)       
    Authentic Jewish quotes and video clips on Jewish dominance in Hollywood etc, compiled by Know More News. Alternative versions, if the video has been deleted by the Enemy: here  and  here  and  here

  • Jewish influence over Disney and thus over what the kids watch
    From the Jewish Tribal Review homepage's "Jewish Influence in the Mass Media" (pt.2). See also info further down in the document on Haim Saban.

  • The Jews themselves on the importance and result of Jewish media influence
    From the Jewish Tribal Review homepage's "Jewish Influence in the Mass Media" (pt.3).

See also:



Outright media provocations by the Jews

To get the "Clash of Civilizations" going...

Some Zionist Media Actors
(see also Murdoch's Fox News and the Jews behind Hollywood, below)


Above: Steven Spielberg in Der Spiegel (Jan. 26, 2006):
"I Would Die For Israel"
(click here for more)

Jewish Hollywood director Steven Spielberg with the Zionist top brass.
Above right: With Yitzhak Rabin, Israel's Ethnic-Cleanser-In-Chief.
Below right: With Shimon Peres, the man who cemented Israel's links to racist Apartheid South Africa, the man behind the Qana massacre in Lebanon.


Note: The vast documents Jewish Influence in the Mass Media (pt. 1) and Jewish Influence in the Mass Media (pt. 2) contain a lot of info specifically on Hollywood.

Regency logo

Regency's Arnon Milchan with arch-Zionists Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu

Arnon Milchan is an Israeli film producer in Hollywood behind the famous "Regency" production brand. The Los Angeles Magazine (April, 2000) writes: "Throughout the 1970s, '80s, and even up until the Gulf War in 1991, Milchan was Israel's foremost weapons procurer". The Hollywood producer Milchan was also involved in the cooperation and military arrangements between Apartheid South Africa and Israel, to circumvent the boycotts. Milchan told CBS "60 Minutes" (3/5/2000 edition): "I was playing an important role in the system of collecting money from South Africa, or transferring money, or helping South Africa in their financial transactions." According to "60 Minutes", some of the money Milchan moved around the world came from an illegal $100 million slush fund set up by the South African government used to buy off politicians and foreign media outlets critical of its policies.

Haim Saban, Jewish Hollywood Mogul:

Jewish Hollywood tycoon Haim Saban with Israel's Shimon Peres.

“His greatest concern, he says, is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship. At a conference last fall in Israel, Saban described his formula. His “three ways to be influential in American politics,” he said, were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.”
- The New Yorker, on Haim Saban "The Influencer", May 10, 2010.

"The Hollywood Jews created a powerful cluster of images and ideas -- so powerful that, in a sense, they colonized the American imagination... Ultimately, American values came to be defined by the movies the Jews made."
- Neil Gabler, "An Empire of Their Own. How the Jews Invented Hollywood"

More articles:


At a ceremony in Los Angeles in 2002, Jerry Weintraub - a famous Jewish Hollywood agent/producer/executive - was awarded the "Golan Fund's Humanitarian Award" by right-wing (at the time former) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu. The Golan Fund is a Zionist organization, described at one Internet web site as "a non-profit organization in the U.S. Its objective is to support developing Jewish life in the Golan [Heights -- part of the Occupied Territories of Israel] by strengthening the 32 [Jewish] communities and the city of Qatzrin.")

  Murdoch's media empire and the Fox News

Murdoch and Peres
Rupert Murdoch with the war criminal Shimon Peres

Ariel Sharon "The Butcher of Beirut" and Rupert Murdoch

In 1997, the United Jewish Appeal revealed the real colours of the Jewish community by awarding its "Humanitarian of the Year" award to media mogul Rupert Murdoch at a fund-raising dinner that raised $2.3 million for the organization. Mother Jones magazine wondered about the surreal moral reasoning behind the award: "The media baron is better known to labor and human rights groups for his union-busting and for catering to the Chinese government (in 1994 he yanked the BBC off his Asian satellite network because officials in Beijing were angered by its reporting on Chinese human rights violations)."  (Mother Jones, 9/10-1997, p. 18)

"By what criteria has the UJA chosen the worldwide robber baron for this years' award over, say, Radovan Karadzic [accused of war crimes in Bosnia], or perhaps Larry Flynt [the pornographer]?" wondered Eric Alterman in the Nation, "... Murdoch was chosen, the UJA says, for his 'longtime support of the security of the state of Israel, his friendship for the Jewish people, and his support of UJA.'" [ALTERMAN, p. 6-7]  The Australian-born Murdoch had earlier been honored in 1982 as the "Communications Man of the Year" by the American Jewish Congress. He was presented that award by AJC president Howard Squadron, who was also Murdoch's American lawyer, his guide to visit right-wing politician Ariel Sharon in Israel, and an opinion page writer for Murdoch's New York Post. [GOLDSTEIN, T, p. 69; KIERNAN, T., 1986, p. 262] "The Jewish national cause is one that is extremely important to me, to my family, and to my company," Murdoch told the UJA audience, "... We're also in Israel [Murdoch has investments there] because of my faith in the integrity and worthiness of the Zionist undertaking. I have been accused of being pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, pro-Jewish -- charges to which I plead guilty." [LEON, M., 7-4-1997, p. 16]
(See the following link to trace the quotes above)

More on Murdoch's influence in the world of Internet and on-line information can be read in the document:


Thousands of "independent" journalists all over the Globe get dispatches from this Israel-controlled organization, articles and videos edited to suit Israel's propaganda goals.

  The result - Media bias

Media bias in the U.S. is the manifestation and endresult of Israel's power in the Western world. It is not always so much in blatant lies, but rather, it is in telling half-truths, taking events out of their historical context, and giving gentler names to actions by Israel vice vile ones to actions by Palestinians and Arabs.

"...of an average of 3,000 olim from the US each year, there are more than a few, and perhaps far too many compared to other communities, with a tendency toward acute extremism, to the point of violence"
-- Eitan Haber quoted in the Jerusalem Post at

For examples of the Zionist manipulation of American public and media in the war against Iraq, see our special Iraq section.

  Other Zionist Tactics

Middle East "Experts":
The spectrum of news analysts and commentators is divided between the hard-core pro-Israel individuals, such as George Will and William Safire, versus the mildly pro-Israel ones, such as Tom Friedman and Ted Koppel. By selective criticism of Israel, the latters are made to appear as anti-Israel hence, giving the unsuspecting audience the illusion of balance reporting and equal representations on both sides of the issue. In addition Middle East guests on shows usually span the same spectrum of opinion of hardcore versus mildly pro-Israel. So not surprisingly, the only Arab-American who appears with frequency as a "Middle East expert" is professor Fouad Ajami, who was reportedly viewed, even by president Bush, as "more anti-Arabs than the Israelis," after the latter summoned Ajami to a meeting before the Gulf War (see a review of Ajami's book, the dream palace of the Arabs, by Andrew Robin from the Nation dated 03/23/1997.) Rarely, if ever, does one see such true Middle East experts as Edward Said, Norman Finkelstein, and Noam Chomsky, anywhere near media outlets. (This is also partially due to these experts themselves turning down invitations to shows which usually dictates on them presenting their case in few minutes.)

Slogan/Myth Drilling (with Response)

The deception in Middle East politics lies in the detail, not the headlines where most people "get their news about the Middle East". This accounts for some of the distorted view of the true Middle East in people's minds. Other methods of media deceptions is the continuous drilling of false slogans and cliches into people's minds, so that when one is too lazy to seek a detailed book for the facts, as most people are, he/she will fall back on to these "truths." These slogans also serve to mobilize diaspora Jews to pressure the US to accept Israeli position. Such slogans include:

  • "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East" rather than a democracy for Jews, a colonialist and a religiously exclusive state. Even Jews (of denominations other than Orthodox and/or of Sephardi origin) are discriminated against in Israel.

  • "Israel made the desert bloom", but no mention of the sources of water such as the headwaters of the Jordan river, Sea of Galilee and the lakes above it that were being used to irrigate Arab lands, which now, as a result of water shortage, were turning into desert. See page 131 of Cockburn Dangerous Liaison, 1991. (Of course not to mention the erasing of 418 Palestinian villages and uprooting of 726,000 and enslaving the rest, as part of blooming the desert.) Also noted is Israel's systematic uprooting of tens of thousands of Palestinian trees, 50,000 since the beginning of the Oslo "Peace Process" alone (See article by Gideon Levy and an 11/28/2000 by Michael Browning and Larry Kaplow, (American-Statesman 11/28/2000)

  • "Israel's purity of Arms" not counting the cluster, phosphoric, and implosion bombs used in Lebanon against civilians and the resultant 20,000 deaths, 85 percent of which were civilians, killing of prisoners of war by Israel, countless devastations and massacres, and killing and maiming during the Intifada of over 70,000 Palestinians many of whom children under 14. See an interview in Al-Hamishmar of Israel's Chief of Staff Gur where he bluntly admitt how Israel customarily bombs civilians, cited in Edward Said's intorduction to "The Question of Palestine", 1979

  • "[Poor] Israel is haunted by terrorism", without really alluding to the reasons for that, such as provoking, dispossessing, killing, harassing, uprooting, and torturing the Palestinians.

  • "Israel our [US] valued ally", but avoiding such sensitive issues as Pollard, USS Liberty, Israeli espionage, Israel Lobby's neck-hold on such US-ME policies as blocking Billions of Dollars of airplane deals to Saudi Arabia and competing with U.S. defense industries.

  • "The Palestinians still refuse to truly recognize Israel", as if an elephant, Israel, really cares if an ant, the Palestinians, recognizes its existence. Just in the same manner that the US would not really care if, say Micronisia, recognizes its existence.

  • "The Peace Process" is a "land-for-peace" Deal, but never mind the astronomical growth of 50 percent of settler population on the occupied Palestinian West Bank just since Oslo, or the thousands of Palestinian homes demolished on Palestinian lands since Oslo to build settler-exclusive highways and others.

  • In 1948 The Palestinians were asked by Arab governments to leave in order to comback after an anticipated victory. Israeli historian Benny Morris dispelled this myth a decade ago. But the reason for the departure of the Palestinians is irrelevant here, since according to the Internationl Declaration of Human Rights they have a right to return. (See Benny Morris' "The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem", 1989, and Edward Said's "The Question of Palestine", 1979)

Of the many manifestations of Israel's/Jewish media power is:

Infitely many movies dehumanizing Palestinians and Arabs as mere terrorists who are in constant lust for blood and lack for a legitimate cause ("True Lies" and "Executive Decision").

Infinitely many movies nourishing the many negative stereotypes about Arab culture in general ("Best Defense" and "Father of the Bride II").

Infinitely many movies, books, documentaries, shows, etc, collecting charity of public opinion for, and allegiance to the suffering of the Jews ("Schindler's List" and "Diaries of Anne Frank"), while obscuring the massacres of others throughout the ages, such as the Ukranians by Stalin or the Armenians by the Turks, but mainly, the atrocities against today's Palestinians at the hands of "holocaust" "survivors".

Almost all U.S. TV announcers and other public figures will not forget to juxtapose "Happy Chanukah" next to the customary "Merry Christmas", a gesture only granted to Judaism among the many religions whose followers in the U.S. number more than Jews.

Such biases and deceptions are aimed at molding a more human image of Israel and inhumane one of the Arabs and the Palestinians in the U.S. and hence creating and maintaining a more ignorant public, whose tax money and ignorance are necessary to maintain the US support of every atrocity Israel commits.

  Israel Knows the Power of the Media

Knowing the power of the media, Israel selects its officials based on their knowledge of American manners and culture, i.e., have the ability to: play on the right emotion, maneuver skillfully to avoid sensitive issues, focus on irrelevant but catchy buzz-words, hence deceiving the American public who pays the bill, as explained by Israel Shahak (Washington Report 11/1996). This was the case of Benjamin Netanyahu who was "discovered" in July 1982 by Moshe Arens (then foreign minister) who needed somebody with American manners to "explain" the invasion of Lebanon to congress. When the issue concerns the Palestinians, Israel bases its actions not necessarily on morals, (rarely so in fact), but on the optimal way to avoid media attention. Here are two such illustrations by prime ministers Netanyahu and Rabin. The Rabin example also illustrates the difference in style, but with the similar outcome (as far as the Palestinians are concerned), between Labor and Likud:

Netanyahu: While campaigning for the prime ministership, he criticized his Labor party opponents for missing an opportunity during the Tiannamen Square massacre. "Had he been prime minister, he said, he would have seized the chance then, while the world was watching China, to carry out the transfer of the Palestinians."
-- p. 137 Washington Report 09/1998

Barak: Blaming Netanyahu for opening the tunnel in 1996 which caused riots and the killing of about 70 people, mostly Palestinians. Barak said that Netanyahu did it the wrong way. Instead of opening the tunnel directly, he should have first announced some new housing for Palestinians, to distract the media, THEN open the tunnel.

Rabin: "For all its faults, Labor has done more and remains capable of doing more in the future [in expanding Jewish settlements] than Likud with all of its doing. We have never talked about Jerusalem. We have just made a 'fait accompli.' It was we who built the suburbs in [the annexed part of] Jerusalem. The Americans didn't say a word, because we built these suburbs cleverly."
-- Washington Report
article by Paul Findley (11/1994). Cleverly of course means without drawing American media attention. This difference in style (never mind Palestinian rights) makes Labor more favorable to U.S. leaders than the more embarrassing, in-your-face style of Likud.


For examples on the Jewish offensive against the Internet, please see our special section on Jews, Israel and the Net.

And if manipulations don't work, why not shoot the journalists on the spot...

  Arab vs. Israel: Belligerent Rhetoric vs Belligerent Action

By Rosemary and Herman Ruether in their book "The Wrath of Jonah" (1989):

"Efforts of Arabs to communicate with the west have been hampered by deep anti-Arab racism in Western culture.. as well as by differences of culture that make the Arabs very inept at organizing mass communication for the Western mass democratic culture. Precisely in this area of mass communication to the western world, however, the Jews have excelled.

Vehement Arab anti-Zionist (sometimes anti-Jewish) rhetoric has been exploited by world zionism to convince Jews and Christians that Arabs are irrationally violent, in contrast to Israeli "reasonableness". While Arab leaders tend to be militant in rhetoric, but conservative and often indecisive in practice, Israeli leaders are usually carefully moderate in public rhetoric but decisively opportunistic in diplomatic and military action.

"It is ironic that most American Jews, who are strongly committed to the view of the secular and pluralistic state in the U.S., support an ethnically and religiously exclusive Jewish state in Israel."

"Palestinian unilateralism tends to the rhetorical, Israeli to be the real."
-- Washington Post Editorial 03/24/1999 (commenting on Israel's complain about the possible Palestinian "unilateral" action, of declaring a state.)

  Hebrew (i.e. Israeli) Press

Careful comparison between the Israeli press (such as Ha'aretz, Ma'ariv, and Yediot Aharonot but not the oriented-towards-American Jerusalem Post) and the American (NY Times, Washington Post, U.S. News, CNN, .... etc) shows that the former is way more informative when it comes to Israel and the Middle East. While the American press and TV is dominated by pro-Israel apologists and others who either fear blacklisting (i.e. being branded anti-Semites), or blindly defend Israel, the Israeli press, on the other hand, is often more revealing and way more informative. The American press version of events is usually watered down, or put into some irrelevant context, leaving the average American ignorant or naive when it comes to the Middle East. Observe, for example, the treatment of the following issues by both the American versus Israeli press: Israel's nuclear weapons, terrorism by Israeli settlers, American Aid, Israel's monopoly of water resources in the area, settlement expansion, Palestinian human rights ... etc 

"It doesn't matter what government the country has. The power is held by those who own and control the medias."
- Ahmed Rami (Radio Islam)


Other sections on the U.S.:

Media thought control


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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