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Israel: Jewish Supremacy in Action
By David Duke

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Israel: A violation of international law


The U.S.S. Liberty, a lightly armed intelligence ship whose mission was to intercept foreign radio communications, had been sailing in international waters off the Egyptian town of El Arish, which Israeli forces had just captured. Israel knew that the Liberty was monitoring its transmissions and was fearful it would learn of preparations for an invasion of Syria the next day.

On the clear and breezy morning of June 8, Israeli fighter jets circled the Liberty numerous times, coming in so low and close that the ship´s crewmen waved at the pilots and could actually see their faces. The Liberty was clearly marked with its large U.S. Navy identifying letters, and it had a large American flag flying stiffly in the breeze.

With no warning, at 2:00 p.m., unmarked Israeli jets attacked the Liberty with rockets, cannon fire, and napalm bombs. Their first target was the radio room, which they destroyed along with the Liberty´s antennas. The fighters made repeated passes, attacking the ship until they ran out of bombs and ammo and broke off the attack. At that point the men of the Liberty replaced the first American flag, which had been shot away, with an oversized 7- by 13-foot flag.

The Israelis obviously knew the ship was American as they intercepted and tried to electronically jam the Liberty´s radio signals for help. Incredibly, the ship´s radio men had managed to rig a new antenna and get through a distress call identifying the attackers and requesting help from the Mediterranean Sixth Fleet. The carriers Saratoga and America sent messages that help was on the way and dispatched fighters to defend the Liberty.

The beleaguered and bloodied crew of the Liberty waited in vain for the promised fighter support as Israeli torpedo boats then attacked, trying to sink the Liberty and finish off the crew who were now fighting the napalm fires on the decks and tending to the wounded. The Israelis raked the Liberty with 20 and 40 mm cannon fire and struck the ship with a torpedo at the waterline, killing 22 more sailors below decks. The torpedo boats came in close enough to machine-gun the crew tending to the wounded on deck.

Despite 821 holes bigger than a man´s fist, napalm bombs exploding on the decks and in the superstructure, and a gaping hole and serious torpedo damage at the water line, miraculously, the Liberty remained afloat (no thanks to the U.S. fighter support, which never came; they had been called back by orders of President Lyndon Johnson before they could intercept the attackers).

Israel obviously intended to sink the Liberty and kill everyone on board. In violation of international law, Israeli torpedo boats even machine-gunned the Liberty´s deployed life rafts. They sought to knock out the Liberty´s communication room and jam her radio signals to prevent her from identifying her attackers, then to send the American ship and her crew to the bottom so no one could refute the natural supposition that the treacherous deed had been committed by the Egyptians. The Zionists knew that by knocking out the Liberty they would have more of a free hand in Syria, and the indignation over the sinking of an American ship by the Egyptians would garner unconditional support for Israel´s most radical war aims. Only the courage and resourcefulness of the men of the U.S.S. Liberty prevented that further miscarriage of justice.

In his recall of the U.S. Navy jets sent to protect the Liberty, Johnson committed of the most treasonous acts of betrayal in American history. He cared more about preventing a public breach between the U.S. and Israel than saving the lives of American fighting men. The survivors of the Liberty have stated clearly that had the jets not been recalled, the torpedo boat attack could have been stopped, saving many American lives.

Captain William McGonagle, the Liberty´s commanding officer, although seriously wounded, showed exceptional heroism that eventually won him the Congressional Medal of Honor. Usually the president awards the nation´s highest honor in a White House ceremony along with a citation recording the details of the heroic deed. President Johnson called the Israelis to see if they had any objection to the awarding of the medal and then decided not to take part in the ceremony or even allow it at the White House. The Secretary of the Navy ended up awarding the medal at the Washington Naval Yard, and the citation did not even identify Israel as the attacker. The Washington Post had no story about Captain McGonagle receiving the award. The U.S. Navy conducted a perfunctory court of inquiry (lasting only four days), and failed to call even one Israeli to testify. In contrast, the attack on the U.S.S. Stark merited a nine-month-long investigation.

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"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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