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The Encyclopedia
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Updated 1/12-1997


The purpose of this "encyclopedia" is to provide a list of various public persons, debaters, politicians, subjects, definitions, events, ideologies and organizations that are of current interest in the debate on the Middle East and are being treated in the home page. That certain persons here mentioned are Jews is significant in the same meaning as if they had been Palestines and has nothing to do with racism. Without Judaism no Zionism; without Zionism no Israel, and Israel is an occupant. Those who support Israel take a political position to the question. Persons here mentioned have been selected, scrutinized or criticized not because of their ethnic origin but because of their ideological and political activities.

ADL (Anti-Defamation League)
A Zionist intelligence agency. The aim of this Jewish organization is to map the opponents of zionism in different countries and then by means of defamation, threats and extorsion deprive them of their employments and their social and economic positions in society. The ADL is a subgroup of the big Jewish masonic organization B'nai B'rith. The Swedish Committee against Antisemitism works directly for the ADL.

AIPAC (The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee)
A powerful organization in the USA, the main Jewish lobby in that country. AIPAC has enormous economic resources at its disposal, which are used to bribe US politicians to support Israel and zionism.

The Israeli military intelligence service. It has specialized in stealing military construction plans from abroad and in this criminal way enable Israel to enhance its military industry.

A system of racial discrimination and segregation, a symbol of which was the now abolished regime in South Africa. Today the occupying power of Israel is the main example of this system, with discriminatory laws and segregation practised against the Palestinians in their own country.

The great majority of the Jews today, also called "eastern Jews", as they come from countries in the east, such as Russia, Poland and Rumania. They were descendants of the Khazars in southern Russia, a turkish-mongolian people, who were converted to judaism during the 8th century.

Aynat, Enrique
Spanish historical revisionist, who has written a number of interesting articles about Auschwitz and the so called "holocaust" or "extermination" of the Jews.

B'nai B'rith
A powerful Jewish freemasons' organization, founded in 1843, with hundreds of thousands of members in lodges in approximately 40 countries. The Anti-Defamation League is its intelligence agency.

Bauer, Yehuda
Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and by the Zionists considered as the most prominent of all so called holocaust historians. Belongs to those who have now admitted that there was no soap made of Jews during the war, that the Mauthausen camp never had any gas chamber, and that the Nazis never planned any extermination of Jews at the Wannsee conference, et cetera.

Bella, Ahmed Ben
One of the leaders of the liberation struggle of Algeria against the french in the sixties and the first president of Algeria after the independence. He is now living in exile. Ben Bella is a dedicated sympathizer with the struggle of the Palestinians and the liberation of the Arab world from oppression and enslavement.

Ben-Gurion, David (1886-1973)
Leader of the Jewish Bureau and Israel's first prime minister. Leader of the labour party Mapai. In Radio Islam's documents Zionism-FAQ and Israel-FAQ there are many revealing quotations from Ben-Gurion.

Bennet, John
An Australian champion for freedom of speech and a historical revisionist, member of the Australian Civil Liberties Union.

Burg, Joseph
A Jewish historical revisionist, now dead, who has written books about his own experiences from the war, dealing with the propaganda about the "holocaust". He had the courage to appear as a witness for the defence in the Zionist lawsuit against the historical revisionist Ernst Zündel in Canada.

Butz, Arthur
American author, professor and one of the most prominent historical revisionists. He has written the well documented book The hoax of the twentieth century, an indispensable work for those who want to get into the subject of revisionism and questions connected with the "holocaust".

Chutzpah (chutzpeh, shutzpah, shutspeh)
The Jewish cheek (impudence). An example (according to Encyclopedia Judaica) is the son, who killed his parents and then turned to the synagogue fund for relief as an orphan!

Cyclone-B (Zyklon B)

An insecticide produced by the german firm Degesch before and during World War II, also exported to Sweden. It mainly consists of HCN (hydrocyanic acid). It is highly inflammable (explosive, too) and was used in the german concentration camps in special gas chambers for disinfection, and also when barracks were disinfected to prevent epidemics of typhus fever.

Cole, David
A young Jewish historical revisionist, with connection to the IHR (Institute for Historical Review). In 1992 he made a film with his interviews with Dr. Franciszek Piper, in which he sheds light upon the myth about gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau and the post-war construction that today is shown to the tourists as an "authentic gas chamber".

Deir Yassin
A Palestinian village, which on April 9-10 1948 was attacked by Jewish soldiers, who executed a bloody massacre of the defenceless villagers. 254 men, women and children were murdered. The massacre in Deir Yassin was the starting signal for the ethnical cleansing in Palestine by the Zionists.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Diaspora (Dispersion)
That the Jews have been "dispersed" from their home land Palestine-Israel is a myth circulated by the Zionists. In fact more than 90% of those, who today call themselves "Jews" are the descendants of the Khazars, a turkish-mongolian people, residing in southern Russia, who in the 8th century converted to judaism. These Khazar Jews, who today represent the main body of the Zionist movement, have thus no relation whatsoever with Palestine.

Eichmann, Adolf
A Nazi leader in the SS and responsible for the deportation of Jews during the war. Managed to escape to Argentina after the war but was found by Israeli agents, who kidnapped him and brought him to Israel. In a show process he was sentenced to death for having participated in organizing the "extermination" of the Jewish people and was hanged in 1962.

Eytan, Rafael
Commander-in-chief of the Israeli army at the time of the invasion of Lebanon 1982 by Israel and the following genocide of the Palestinians there. Eytan is a true Jewish racist. Before the invasion he characterized the Palestinians as "cockroaches"! It has now come to light that Eytan is one of those responsible for the mass murder of captivated Egyptian prisoners of war, who were shot, with their arms pinioned, by Jewish soldiers during the Six Day War in 1967.

Farrakhan, Louis
A prominent black muslim in the USA, leader of The Nation of Islam, the greatest black organization of the country. A dedicated antiracist and humanist, who dares to speak out about Jewish racism, Jewish racial oppression in the USA and the power abuse of the Zionists. Louis Farrakhan scored great victories in 1995, when he organized the gigantic black manifestation the Million Man March in Washington D.C., which gathered more than a million black men and became the greatest demonstration in the history of the USA.

Faurisson, Robert
A french scientist, who has been working as professor of literary history at the university of Lyon. For 30 years he has studied documents, archives and testimonies dealing with the alleged extermination of Jews during World War II and has arrived at the conclusion that the official version is full of historical errors, disinformation, distortions, propaganda, and downright lies. As the first investigator Faurisson has also done research as to the weapon said to have been used in connection with this mass murder: the gas chambers. In the USA he has studied the real gas chambers used in certain American prisons to execute one person at a time, compared these data with the stories presented about the german "gas chambers", and pointed out the absurdities and errors. Faurisson has written several articles, treatises and books about the "holocaust", and several times he has been physically attacked by Jewish activists. In the spring of 1992 there were big headlines in Swedish newspapers, when he visited the country, invited by Ahmed Rami, the founder of Radio Islam. Faurisson challenged the foremost adherents of the holocaust view to an open historical debate, live broadcast on TV or radio. No Zionist dared to accept his challenge!

Felderer, Ditlieb
A Swedish historical revisionist, who has made much pioneering work on the spot in alleged extermination camps like Auschwitz, Treblinka and Belzec, and who has published his results in books like Auschwitz exit and The Anne Frank diary - a hoax?. Founder of the revisionist and anti-Zionist publishing firm The Bible Researcher. Several times arrested and harassed by the agents of the Zionists, Felderer has even been assaulted by Jewish hooligans because of his work.

Groupe Islamiste Armée. Algerian islamist resistance group.

Golan heights
Highlands belonging to Syria but occupied by Israel in 1967 and then annexed by the Jewish state contrary to all international conventions.

Goy (pl. Goyim)
A condescending Jewish designation for non-Jews. According to the Talmud synonymous with "cattle".

Garaudy, Roger
French politician and ideological researcher, former member of the communist party at top level and deputy speaker in the french parliament. In his book Les mythes fondateurs de la politique israélienne (released 1995-96) he elegantly puts an end to the myths, upon which Zionism and the policy of Israel are based and reveals the power of the international Jewish lobby. He is now a believer in Islam.

Gerstein, Kurt
An SS-officer, who after the war as a prisoner of the allies wrote a "confession", according to which he had witnessed a gassing of Jews in Belzec, Poland. Subsequently he took his own life. His "confession", now existing in six different versions, are full of fantastic improbabilities, like his statement that the Nazis pressed 750 Jews into a gas chamber with a floor-space of 25 square meters and a volume of 45 cubic meters! His testimony is devoid of all credibility, and the historical revisionists Carlo Mattogno and Henri Roques have written treatises, in which they go through the different versions and point out the absurdities.

Goldmann, Nahum
Jewish leader, now deceased. Was at the same time president of the World Zionist Organization and the World Jewish Congress. He has written a most informative biography, The Jewish Paradox, which reveals the manipulations and tactics of the Zionists.

The military branch of the Zionist movement in Palestine and the instrument for the conquest of the land of the Palestinians in 1948.

The muslim resistance movement in Palestine.

Hizbollah (God's Party)
The guerilla in southern Lebanon, which continues its brave struggle against the Israeli occupant army and its mercenaries in the so called SLA-militia.

Hassan II
Royal dictator in Morocco since 1962. Exposed to several attempted coups.

Herzl, Theodor (1860-1904)
An Austrian Jew and author of the Zionist manifesto "Der Judenstaat" in 1896. He became the founder and leader of the World Zionist Organization at the first Zionist congress in Basel 1897. Herzl was a dedicated admirer of the colonial imperialist Cecil Rhodes.

Hilberg, Raul
Jewish "expert" on the "holocaust", by the Zionists considered to be one of the foremost in this field. His book The Destruction of the European Jews is a standard work in Zionist circles. It was a major set-back for these circles, when Hilberg in his capacity of "expert witness" for the prosecutor was completely smashed when examined by the defence during the first Zündel trial 1985.

Höss, Rudolf
Commandant of the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau between 1940-43. Used as a "witness" by the allies at the war crimes trial in Nuremberg 1946. Executed 1947 by the polish authorities. In 1958 appeared his alleged autobiography "Commandant in Auschwitz", allegedly written in his death-cell. Today it is well known that Höss was tortured by Jewish interrogators during his captivity, which puts his alleged confessions of gassings in Auschwitz in quite a different light and explains all the absurdities that the book and his "confessions" are filled with.

IHR (Institute for Historical Review)
The institute of the historical revisionists in the USA. It publishes books, edits the Journal of Historical Review and arranges conferences. It has been subjected to repeated harassment and attacks. A bombing of the institute in 1984 totally devastated its localities and destroyed material for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This proves how much the Zionists fear the attempts of the institute to spread the truth.

A designation for the Palestine rebellion against the Jewish occupation.

Irgun Z'wai Leumi (The National Military Organization)
A Jewish terrorist organization operating in Palestine during the forties and terrorizing both Palestinians and englishmen. Among other things it carried out the bombing of Hotel King David in Jerusalem in 1946 and the massacre in Deir Yassin in 1948. Its leader Menachem Begin later became prime minister in Israel (!).

Irving, David
British historian, author of books like Churchill's War and Hitler's War. Was the object of much attention, when he in 1988 - in connection with the Zündel lawsuit - revealed that he no longer believed in a Nazi genocide of the Jews. He thinks that the research of the revisionists, his own knowledge of the subject, and Leuchter's report have clearly shown that the official version is no longer valid. Irving is nowadays an object of constant harassment by the Zionists, who were mightily enraged, when a prominent historian like Irving openly confessed to be a revisionist.

JNF (The Jewish National Fund)
A Zionist organization responsible for the control of land in Israel, in cooperation with the Jewish state. According to its constitution it is supposed to work in a way that is "directly or indirectly favourable to persons of Jewish religion, race or origin". What is this if not discrimination, apartheid and racism!

Jewish agency
A Zionist organization mainly devoted to guaranteeing the Jewish presence in Palestine, by supporting immigration of Jews to Israel, stealing water supply from the Palestinians, and establishing Jewish settlements. During the first war of conquest against Palestine the Jewish Agency also had a powerful military branch, the Haganah, later to become the core of Israel's future army.

Jihad (Fight)
The Muslim rebellion against the Jewish occupation of Palestine. Jihad is the fight against injustices and all sorts of evil, which is a religious duty within Islam. Is is not an aggressive or imperialist war, but a fight to defend human rights and the dignity of man. As we must fight evil within ourselves, we must also fight evil outside ourselves, in the society or in the world.

A turkish-mongolian people once living in southern Russia, where they had a big empire. In the 8th century (A.D.) they converted to judaism and are since then regarded as genuine Jews. They were defeated by the vikings. More than 90% of those, who call themselves Jews today, are descendants of the Khazars, not of the hebrews.

Knesset (Assembly)
The parliament in the Jewish state of Israel, a single chamber with 120 members. The representatives are elected in general elections every 4th year. The Knesset has legislatory power, approves of governmental declarations, budget proposals etc. The government of the state of Israel must have the support of the Knesset, otherwise it will have to go.

Meat obtained through slaughter according to Jewish ceremonial law. In the Jewish rituals the animal must not be anaesthetized before the slaughter but must be kept fully conscious.

La Vielle Taupe (The Old Mole)
French publishing firm and association, consisting of free-thinkers to the left, with a strong pathos for freedom of speech and research. Historical revisionists like Robert Faurisson and Roger Garaudy have published their books there.

Litani war
A war started by Israel in 1978, when Lebanon was invaded by 30.000 soldiers. The Israeli attack cost 1000 people their lives and was a prelude to the invasion 1982

Leuchter, Fred
The foremost expert on executions in the USA, also by means of gassing. He has worked as a special consultant concerning equipment for executions, including gassing, poison injections, hanging and electricity. Among other things he has designed and constructed a new gas chamber for the state of Missouri and constructed the first automatic machine for poison injections in New Jersey. In 1988 a team led by Leuchter made a thorough investigation of the gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek (among other things bricks from the alleged gas chambers were subjected to a chemical analysis in a search for rests of cyanide). According to the so called Leuchter-report no gassings for the purpose of mass murder could possibly have taken place!

Lilienthal, Alfred
American Jew with an anti-Zionist conviction, author of the book What Price, Israel? and the still more interesting book The Zionist Connection II, which exhaustively reveals the Zionist power over media and politics in the USA. Also to be recommended is his essay about the Khazars: The Jews are no Race.

Lustiger, Aaron
French Jew and cardinal (!) of Paris. Intended candidate for the post as a new pope after John Paul II. During a visit to Israel in 1995 he stated that he is always a part of the Jewish people! A good example of the Jewish infiltration of the christian church and its judaization.

The biggest evening paper in Israel (privately owned). Two of our documents: "The Jews who run Clinton's court" and "The Jewish laundry of drug money" have recently been published in Ma'Ariv.

Jewish religious commandment. One of them is the so called Amalek-mitzva, by which the murdering of non-Jews becomes legitimate.

The intelligence service of the state of Israel. A world-embracing organization with not only Israeli agents but also with Jews in the "diaspora" working for them in case of need (so called "sayanim").

Marcus, David
American Jew and leader of the collection of "evidence" against the German leaders before the war crimes trials after World War II. In 1948 Marcus was military adviser at the Jewish army and commander of the Zionist troops, and therefore implicated in the robbery of Palestine. Killed by his own, by mistake.

Mattogno, Carlo
Italian historical revisionist, author of works like Il rapporto Gerstein, anatomia di un falso, The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews, and now lately Auschwitz - the End of a Legend.

Meïr, Golda (1878-1978)
Israeli prime minister 1969-74. Known for her statement that there is no Palestinian people!

Nation of Islam
A Muslim organization in the USA, fighting for the rights of the black, for their economic liberation and spiritual awakening. Under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan the members of the organization have succeeded in checking the drug trade, the gang fights and the criminality in the slum quarters, and they have given many people a feeling of security, pride, self-esteem and optimism.

Nasser, Gamal Abdel (1918-1970)
Egyptian leader and Arab nationalist. Overthrew the corrupt regime of King Farouk in 1952, then nationalized the Suez Canal and fought the Suez War in 1956 and the Six Day War in 1967 with Israel.

Ostrovsky, Victor
A former Mossad agent who has turned his back on the organization and written an interesting book, By Way of Deception, describing how the Mossad works.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization.

The People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The yearly Jewish festival at the change of the month February-March. It is celebrated to the memory of the Jewish massacre of 75.000 persians, as it is described in the Book of Esther in the Old Testament, that is the Jewish Bible.

Perez, Shimon
Born 1923. Israel's prime minister after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin in November1995. Has been minister of defence, foreign secretary and finance minister in the Jewish state.

Pressac, Jean-Claude
French pharmaceutical chemist, who was selected by the Jews to become their champion in the struggle against historical revisionism. He has written two books: Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers and Les crématoires d'Auschwitz, on behalf of the Jewish organization Klarsfeld Foundation. Both books became a complete fiasco and actually supplied the revisionists with hundreds of new arguments in favour of their thesis that the alleged extermination could never have taken place.

Rabin, Yitzhak (1922-1995)
Israeli prime minister, earlier chief of the general staff and minister of defence. When the Intifada started, he ordered the Jewish soldiers to crush arms and legs of protesting palestinian youngsters.

Rami, Ahmed
Political scientist and debater, journalist and author, founder of Radio Islam. Political refugee from Morocco, where he belonged to a group of officers, who fought against the corrupt and bloody regime of king Hassan II. After the failure of an attempted coup against the tyrant in 1973, Ahmed went into exile and was given political asylum in Sweden, where he was later Swedish citizen. Ahmed has committed himself strongly to the cause of the Palestinians, the islamic revival and the struggle of the arab world against colonialism and imperialism. He is an anti-Zionist and historical revisionist, who has written several books, among them Vad är Israel? (What is Israel?) and Judisk häxprocess (Jewish Witch-trial).

Rassinier, Paul (1906-1967)
Frenchman, considered as the first historical revisionist. Served in the resistance movement during the war, was captivated by the Nazis and put in a concentration camp. After the war he was a member of the french parliament. On the basis of his own experiences in german concentration camps he wrote several books about the "holocaust". For this "crime" he was prosecuted and convicted.

Roques, Henri
French historical revisionist, author of a voluminous doctoral dissertation about the "confessions" of Kurt Gerstein.

Sabra / Shatila
Two palestine refugee camps in Beirut, during Israel's invasion in Lebanon in 1982 the scene of a terrible massacre of more than 1500 civilian refugees under the supervision of the Israeli army.

Western Jews. Originally descendants of the Jews in Spain and Northern Africa. Many of these have also emigrated to Turkey and Latin America. As distinguished from the AshkeNazim, who constitute more than 90% of the Jews today and are descendants of the turkish-mongolian Khazars, there are among the sephardim people related to the biblical Jews.

Jewish designation for a non-Jewish woman, often used as a smear word, synonymous with whore

Shin beth
The intelligence service of the Israeli police, used to control and terrorize Palestinians.

Six Day War
The war Israel started on June 5, 1967, when the Jewish state attacked their Arab neighbours, enlarged Jewish territory by 100% and drove out 300 000 Palestinians.

SLA (South Lebanese Army)
Israel's Christian supporting troops in southern Lebanon, aiding and abetting the Israeli occupation of the area.

Stern gang
A Jewish terrorist group in Palestine, founded by Abraham Stern. In the forties led by Yitzhak Shamir, later prime minister in Israel (!). Responsible for many murders and outrages, among others the murder of the Swedish UN mediator Folke Bernadotte.

Shahak, Israel
A humanist and anti-Zionist, born by Jewish parents in Poland 1933. During the war he spent a part of his growing age in a german concentration camp. In 1945 he arrived in Palestine, where he became a citizen of the Jewish state of Israel. In 1961, after studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem he became a doctor (later professor) of organic chemistry. From 1968 onwards he has committed himself as a prominent champion of human and democratic rights and has written very important books. In Begin and Co. as they really are he designates Zionism as Jewish Nazism, and in Jewish History, Jewish Religion (1994) he characterizes Israeli politics as racist and totalitarian.

Shamir, Yitzhak
Jew born in Poland in 1915, one of the leading figures in the Jewish terrorist group the Stern gang, responsible among other things for the murder of the UN mediator Folke Bernadotte in 1948. Later Shamir became prime minister of the state of Israel!

Sharon, Ariel
A general in the Israeli army and a notorious war criminal. Under his leadership hundreds of Arab civilians were murdered during the wars against the neighbouring countries. As minister of defence in 1982 he was responsible for Israel's invasion in Lebanon and the massacre in the Palestinian refugee camps Sabra and Shatila, a crime that gave him the nickname "the butcher of Beirut." Later he has functioned as housing minister, propagating for continued occupation of the West Bank and Jewish settlements there.

Smith, Bradley
American historical revisionist, author of Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist. Has driven a very successful campaign at american universities for an open debate about the alleged holocaust.

Soros, George
Hungarian Jew, the biggest stock exchange speculator of the world and owner of Quantum. Caused the greatest devaluation ever of currencies in Europe a couple of years ago. Consultant of the Israeli government and is called "statesman without a state". Bragging that he has such large assets that he might be able to buy all the former communist states in eastern Europe. Especially interested in media and education, he is now taking over universities and mass media in Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and now lately Bosnia.

Talmud (Instruction)
Interpretations of the Jewish Bible by rabbis and "learned men", with two main parts: Mishna (the religious laws) and Gemara (commentaries and explanations). The Talmud is the supreme book of judaism, full of superstitions, hate-mongering and barbarities. Contains among other things statements about "goyim" (non-Jews), who are designated as "cattle with a human face":
Only Jews are designated men (Baba Mezia 114).
Non-Jewish women are "she-asses" (Berakoth 58a).
All non-Jewish children are animals (Yebamoth 98a).
If a goy hits a jew, he must be killed (Sanhedrin 58b).
When a Jew murders a goy, there will be no death penalty (Sanhedrin 57a).
What a Jew steals from a goy he may keep (Sanhedrin 57a).
Jews may use wiles and subterfuges to outwit a goy (Baba Kamma 113a)

Torah (Law)
The Jewish law, as it can be read in the Pentateuch, the five Books of Moses. As everyone can ascertain simply by reading the Jewish Bible, "the Lord, the God of Israel" is not a universal but a tribal god or rather tribal devil, a power-hungry, bloodthirsty, revengeful and punishing potentate, who in cold blood orders his "chosen people" to kill Palestinians and commit the most horrible atrocities. By declaring the "Old Testament" a "Holy book" the prelates of the christian church in fact made themselves worshippers of the devil, without regard to the words Jesus himself uttered to his Jewish listeners: "You have the devil as your father, and you want to do what your father wishes." (John 8:44)

Thion, Serge
French historical revisionist, leftist and author of the book Vérité historique ou vérité politique? Belongs to the revisionists connected to La Vielle Taupe.

Vanunu, Mordechai
A Jewish technician at Israel's secret nuclear facility at Dimona. When he had left Israel and for moral reasons felt obliged to divulge the truth about Israel being in possession of more than a hundred nuclear weapons, he was kidnapped by the Mossad and in Israel sentenced for "treason" to a long punishment of imprisonment in an isolation cell.

WIZO (Women International Zionist organization)
An organization for female Zionist activists from all over the world. Its local branches year ry and political support for Israel.

Weber, Mark
American researcher and historical revisionist, author of - amongst others - an essay titled Jewish Soap, dealing with the old war lie that they made soap of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Weizmann, Chaim (1874-1952)
Leader of the World Zionist Organization 1920-46, then the first president of the Jewish state of Israel. He was the man who issued a declaration of war of the Jews against Germany in September 1939.

Wiesel, Elie
Hungarian Jew and probably the most well-known of all Jewish "survivors" from world war II. A dedicated pro-Israeli propagandist, racist and fanatic. Directly after he came out of the Nazi concentration camp, he went to Palestine, where became a terrorist and murdered many englishmen, deeds which are described in his book The Dawn. He is a good friend of the fanatical Zionist Per Ahlmark, the one who saw to it that the terrorist and murderer Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (!) in 1986. Wiesel's credibility as a "holocaust witness" has been totally demolished in an interesting publication by the historical revisionist Robert Faurisson.

Wiesenthal, Simon
Jewish "survivor" from the Mauthausen concentration camp. After the war he was given enormous publicity, when he started his famous hunt for Nazi war criminals. He is a well documented mythomaniac, who on several occasions has used the lie as a weapon. Even the Jewish chancellor Bruno Kreisky in Austria condemned Wiesenthal and his methods and hinted that he had collaborated with the Nazis during the war! He is now heading so called Simon Wiesenthal centra, the aim of which is to spread propaganda about the "holocaust"and incite hatred against those, who in his opinion are the enemies of Israel, mostly arabs, germans and iranians. See also our document Simon Wiesenthal - Fraudulent "Nazi hunter"!

Zündel, Ernst
A prominent historical revisionist in Canada, immigrated from Germany. Because of his scientific activities the Jews started big trials against him in 1985 and 1988 in Toronto, trials that ended in crushing defeats for the "historians" and "experts" of the complaining holocaust party.


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"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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