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Given pre-conditions for peace, what's to negotiate in Mideast?

By Charley Reese,
The Orlando Sentinel, November 7, 1999


I wouldn't bet the family dog on the prospects of peace in the Middle East, despite the president's assertion that a ceremonial summit meeting in Oslo has "revitalized the peace pro-cess."

Before the negotiations, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak had said no to the return of Palestinian refugees, no to dismantling settlements in the West Bank, no to returning East Jerusalem to the Palestinians and no to giving control of the water under their own land to Palestinians.

Given those pre-conditions, what is there to negotiate?

Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat gambled at the original Oslo meeting that reasonableness on the part of Palestinians would help persuade the United States and Europe to pressure the Israelis into some kind of reciprocal reasonableness. Well, Arafat is about to find out he lost his bet.

With presidential primary elections looming in the United States, normally spineless politicians when it comes to facing up to the Israeli lobby will become positively watery. They will push and shove in a contest to see who can lick the lobby's boots the quickest and cleanest.

Europeans have never been interested in much of anything except their own well-being, and there's hardly any money to be made supporting the Palestinians, who have the misfortune of being right but broke and oil-free. In their case, having truth, justice and international law on their side will get them a 75-cent cup of coffee -- if they have the six bits.

It isn't just American politicians who ignore the Palestinians. It's most American liberals, especially those who love to yak about how important treaties, international law and the United Nations are to world peace. But they grow silent when someone points out that Israel has told the United Nations to stuff some 60-odd resolutions in its ear.

The fact of the matter is that the peace process should be under United Nations supervision and auspices. The United States, which loves to use the United Nations as a cover to kill Iraqi children, has always told, per its instructions, I presume, the United Nations to butt out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The U.S. position is that the Indonesians and the Timorese cannot settle their own affairs; the Serbs and Albanians cannot settle their own affairs; the Iraqis and the Kuwaitis cannot settle their own affairs; but the Israelis and Palestinians can, and the United States will not have any interference by the United Nations. In fact, though, Israel was created by the United Nations, and the Palestinian refugees have been a U.N. responsibility for 50 years.

In case you haven't figured it out, the reason the United States and Israel insist on no U.N. participation is that Palestinians have no leverage whatsoever without the United Nations and so end up agreeing to whatever the Israelis dictate. That way, the United States, like Pontius Pilate, can wash its hands and disclaim any blame for the crucifixion of Palestinian dreams and hopes for independence.

It's really hard to respect a government in Washington that is so blatantly hypocritical. Most of the world doesn't respect the United States. People fear its power, but they don't respect it. It is fast becoming, like the 19th century British, a pompous, sanctimonious bully.

That isn't good for us ordinary Americans who would like to see everybody get a square deal. It's not in our self-interest to allow corrupt politicians and internationalists to alienate the rest of the world while pursuing their own narrow economic interests. It is not in our self-interest to have any foreign country dictate or purchase our nation's foreign policy.

In the meantime, don't expect to see peace and goodwill in the Holy Land any time soon.

[Posted 11/06/1999 6:18 PM EST]

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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