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INDEX for:

Jewish History, Jewish Religion:
The Weight of Three Thousand Years

By Professor Israel Shahak



adultery, capital offense, 87
Aggadah, talmudic Narrative, 39
agriculture, 41, 43;

Jewish contempt for, 42,53;
mixed crops, 44-5

al-Mansur, caliph of Spain, 57
Alexander VJ Borgia, Pope, 21
Aloni, Shulamit, 27
Amalekites, 84;

law on murder of, 77, 113n;
Palestinians identified with, 91-2

antisemitism, 2,103;

alliance with zionism, 71-2;
modern, 66-9

apartheid, Jewish ideology compared with, 100
Apuleius, The Golden Ass, 21
Arab League, meeting at Fez,100
Arab mayors, attempted assassination (1980), 112n
Arabs, as enemies, 77;

exploitation of labor of, 5, 96,
see also Islam; Muslims Arba 'ah Turim,
on saving of life, 81

Arendt, Hannah, on Jewish history, 16
army Sec Israeli army
Artaxerxes I, King, 50
Australia, 23, 24
Austrian Empire, Jewish Enlightenment in, 70;

Jews in, 15;
and modern Judaism, 51;
serfdom in, 53;
under Metternich, 17

Babylonian exile, return from(537 BC), 50
Bar Mitzvah ceremony, 17
Bayit Hadash, 83
Begin, Menachem, 35
Ben-Gurion, David, 12;

alliance with French antisemites, 71;
Jewish ideology of, 8-9, 35

Bergman, Hugo Shmuel, philosopher, 28
Beyt Yosef, codification of talmudic law, 75;

on saving of life, 81

Bible, biblical borders of Israel, 9-10;

interpretation of, 36-8;
Kingdoms of Old Testament, 50;
New Testament to be burnt, 21, 98;
polytheism in, 32

Bismarck, Otto von, 70
Black Death, 65
Blacks, racism against, 25, 106n;

US organized Jews' support for, 102

Book of Education, The, 94-5
Book of Knowledge (Maimonidean Code), 24-5
books, anathematized, 18
Bratislava (Pressburg), Jews in,15
bribery, use of, 17,21
British Labor Party, 30
Buber, Martin, Hassidic apologist, 27

cabbala (mysticism), spread of, 32-3, lO7n
Canaanites,23, 91
Canada, support for Israel,101
capital punishment, within Jewish communities, 14-15, 17
capitalism, and modern antisemitism, 66-7
Casimir the Great, of Poland, 61,62
Castile see Spain Catholic church, and alliance with antisemitism, 68
cemeteries, blessings and curses on, 234,93;

violation of, 378

characteristics, Jewish, and modern antisemitism, 18-19, 67
Charles W of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor, 117-18n
chauvinism, Jewish, 11-12,103
child labor, exploitation of Arab, 96
Chmielnicki revolt (Ukraine 1648),66,72,73
Christian clergy, as 'friends of the Jews', 29-30
Christianity, and campaign against Talmud, 20-2;

Jewish hatred of, 92-3,97,98;
lack of racism in, 67;
persecution of Jews, 97; and
records of Jewish history, 52;
rise of, 51

class, and effect of dispensations, 48,49;

within Jewish communities, 55

classical Judaism, 74, 105n, 106n;

decay of monotheism m, 324;
effect of dispensations on, 42, 47-8;
major social features of, 52-6;
Platonic influence on, 12-13;
profit motive in, 49;
repressive nature of, 19-20,
see also Orthodox Judaism; zionism

clergy, Christian, as 'friends of the Jews', 29-30
clergy, Jewish, powers and exemption from taxes, 54-5;

restrictions on marriage, 59

Code of Talmudic Law (Editio Pn'nceps), 21
conservatism, alliance with antisemitism, 68, 69,70,71
conspiracy theory of history, and modern antisemitism, 67
Constitutional law, against opposition to 'Jewish state', 3
conversion from Judaism, 20, 105n, 117n;

as escape, 15

conversion to Judaism, and definition of Jewish, 4-5;

and entitlement to settle in Israel, 34;
of women, 5, 1 16n

Creation, by First Cause, 33
Cromer, Lord, on imperialism,100
crusades, and persecution of Jews, 65
curses, against buildings, 93;

against Christians, 92-3, 117n;
on graveyards, 24;
on infidels, 24-5,93;
prohibition against, 96;
spitting, 1 17-18n

Cyprus, Israel's claims to, 9, 90


Daughter (Shekhinah), and union with Son, 33-4
Dayan, Moshe, 100 Decalogue, talmudic interpretation of, 36-7
deception in business, 89
democracy, lacking in State of Israel, 2, 3
Deutscher, Isaac, socialist, 53
diaspora, Jews of the,

influence of Talmudic laws on, 2;
uncritical support for Israel, 101-2,
see also USA

dispensations (heterim), 42-7;

and deception of God, 47, 48;
for holy days, 94;
profit motive in, 4~9;
social aspects of, 47-9,
see also Sabbath

divorce, 110n
doctors, employed by rulers, 534;

and Gentile wounded (Israeli army), 27,28;
and saving of life on Sabbath, 40, 81-7, 115n

Dreyfus affair, 68
Drumont, E., La France Juive, 67, 68

Egypt, claims of Israel to, 9;

Jews in, 51

Eiger, Aqiva (Rabbi), 82
emancipation of Jews, and rise of antisemitism, 70;

within civil states, 14, 15-17, 66

England, Jewish community in medieval, 56;

legal rights for Jews in, 14

English Revolution, 69
excuses, for not desecrating Sabbath, 82-3, 84, 85,

see also dispensations

Ezra, Book of, 50

Fatimid empire, and Jews in Egypt, 58,59
'fellow', interpretation of, 37, 95, 117n
First Cause, Creator, 33
'forbidden thoughts', 16, 19
formula, significance of, 35
France, Jewish community in medieval, 56-7;

legal rights for Jews in, 14;
and modern antisemitism, 66, 67~, 71;
and modern Judaism, 51

fraud, against Gentiles, 89
French revolution, 14, 15, 69, 73


Galilee, 'Judaization' of, 8
Gaza Strip, 91-2
Gazit, Shlomo, General, 11, 12
Gemarah, discussions of Mishnah, 39
Gentiles, 70, 81;

and authority over Jews, 88;
duty to oppress, 96;
fictitious sales to, 434, 45;
gifts to, 88-9;
kings excepted from laws against, 534;
in Land of Israel, 90-2:
murder by, 76;
murder of, 76;
praise of forbidden, 93;
presumed contamination of wine and food by, 94;
as resident aliens, 91, 112n;
saving life of, 1, 80-1, 82, 86;
sexual offenses and status of women, 87-8, 116n;
as slaves, 95

geography, study of forbidden, 18, 19, 105n
Germany, Buber's Hassidic eulogies published in, 28;

Jewish Enlightenment in, 70;
Jewish society in 18th century, 15-16;
and modem antisemitism, 66, 67, 669;
Peasant War (1525), 73;
persecution of historians, 105n,
see also Nazis gifts, as investment, 88

Golden Age, Jewish, in Muslim Spain, 57-8, 110n
Gordon, A.D., 7
Gospels, banned in schools, 98
Greek Orthodox Church, and antisemitism, 68
grinding, banned on Sabbath, 40,45-6
Gush Emunim, and biblical borders of Israel, 9;

cabbalistic traditions of, 32, 35;
on Islam, 98;
and oppression of Gentiles, 96;
prayers against Christianity, 92-3;
and treatment of Palestinians, 91

Gypsies, Nazi extermination of, 64

Habbad movement, 27
Hadas, Moses, on Platonic influences, 12-13
Hafetz Hayyim (Rabbi Yisra'el Me'ir Kagan), 1 15n
Hagga'on, Sa'adia (Rabbi),104n
Halakhah (legal system of classical Judaism), 75;

and Israel's criminal law, 79;
on Muslims, 98;
on saving of life, 80
hands, ritual washing of, 34

Hassidic movement, attitude to non-Jews, 26-8
Hatanya, Habbad movement text, 27
Hellenism, influence of, 51
Henry II (of Trastamara and Castile),60, 110n
Herzl, Theodor, alliance with von Plehve, 71, 112n
Hesronot Shas edition of Talmudic Omissions, 23
Hess, Moses, Jewish racist, 30
Hippocratic Oath, 85, 86
historiography, and nationalism,22
history, Jewish ignorance and fear of, 17, 18, 19-20, 109n;

Jewish need to confront,734;
and totalitarianism, 22, 105n

History of the Kings of France, 19-20
Hitler, Adolf, zionist approval of, 71-2
Hokhmat Shlomob, 19th-century commentary, 83
Holland,censorship of talmudic literature,21;

legal rights for Jews in, 14;
and modern Judaism, 51;
War of Dutch Independence( 156~1648),69

Holocaust, the, 64, 111n
holy days, laws against work on, 94, see also Sabbath
hostility against Jews, avoidance of, laws on money and property, 88-9;

and murder, 76;
and popular rejoicing, 93;
and saving of life, 76,82-3, 85-6

houses, lease of, 90-1;

sale of to Gentiles, 90

human rights, and attitude to non-Jews, 101-2
humor, Jewish sense of, 18
Hungary, serfdom in, 53
Hussein, King, of Jordan, 100


identity cards, 6
immigration laws, Law of Return, 6;

residency rights, 5

imperialism, Lord Cromer's

formula, 100

interest on loans, dispensation for taking, 42-3, 89;

to Gentiles, 89, 95-6

intermarriage, in Spain and Poland, 67, 110n
Iraq, claims of Israel to, 9
Islam, attitude of Judaism to, 98;

forbids expulsion of Jews, 57;
lack of racism in, 67,
see also Arabs; Muslims Israel, ancient kingdom of, 50

Israel, Land of (as defined in Talmud),

laws against Gentiles in, 90-2

Israel Land Authority, 5
Israel, State of, citizenship, 4, 6;

dangers posed by, 2-3, 8;
defined as a Jewish state, 24;
discrimination against non-Jews, 5-6, 234;
dominated by east-European Jews, 64;
laws on murder, 7~9;
religious basis of policies, 1-2, 8-9, 99;
restoration of biblical borders, 9-10;
role in Middle East, 11, 73;
uncritical support for, 102

Israeli army, doctors and Gentile wounded, 27,28;

and religious laws on murder of Gentiles, 76-9, 1 13n;
and Sabbath observance, 46

Israeli Medical Association, 87
Isserles, Moses (Rabbi), 81
Italy, anti-Jewish laws in, 115n;

Jews in medieval, 19,57
Jabotiasky, -, pact with Petlyura, 71
Jabri, Sheikh, of Hebron, 100
Jacquerie revolt (1357~),73
Jesus, talmudic misinterpretation of, 97-8;

talmudic precepts against, 21;
as term of abuse, 118n

Jewish communities, in 18th century, 14-15;

autonomous powers of, 54, 60, 62;
between talmudic and classical periods, 41-2;
liberated by modern states, 15-16,66;
as middle class in feudal countries, 534,56

Jewish Enlightenment(Haskalah), 32,70
Jewish ideology, continuing chauvinism of, 17-18;

imperialism prohibited by, 100-1;
influence of, 11-12, 99,
see also classical Judaism; Judaism

Jewish Medical Law, 85-6 Jewish National Fund (JNF), 5, 7, 8
Jews, categories defined by Talmud, 3940;

defined in 1780,14;
defined in Israeli law, 4-5, 109n;
social position in eastern Europe, 534

Jordan, claims of Israel to, 9, 90;

relations with State of Israel, 99-100

Judah, ancient kingdom of, 50
Judaism, attitude to Islam, 98;

gap in knowledge of (AD 200-800), 52;
hatred of Christianity, 97~;
historical phases of, 50-2,
see also classical Judaism; Gush Emunim; mysticism; Orthodox Judaism


Kafr Qasim, mass murder at 79
Karaites (heretical sect), 60;

ban on saving life of, 83,85-6

Karo, Rabbi Yosef, Beyt Yosef, 75
Kaufman, Yehezkiel, 28
kibbutz, exclusivism of, 7, 17
King, Martin Luther, Jewish support for, 26, 102
kings, exceptions to laws against Gentiles, 534
Kiryat-Arba, 100
Kohens (priestly tribe), 87-8
Koran see Qur'an Kushites (Kushim), transliteration of Blacks, 25
Kuwait, claims of Israel to,9


labor movement, zionist, and redeemed land, 7
Lahis, Shmu'el, amnesty for, 1 13-14n
land, ownership of, 34,5;

redemption of, 78,11, 100;
sale of to Gentiles, 43, 90

Law of Return, 6
laws, 'of heaven', 75,

see Talmud learning
see scholarship leavened substances, dispensations for, 45

Lebanon, Israel's claims to, 9, 10,90
Lemberg (Lvov), rabbi poisoned in, 17
liberalization, see emancipation of Jews
liberalism, and antisemitism, 69;

zionist hostility to, 71-2

Likud Party, and restoration of biblical borders, 10
Lior, Dov (Rabbi), 10
lost property, belonging to Gentiles, 89, 116n
Lvov see Lemberg

Maccabean period (142-63 BC), 13
Machiavelli, 12
Maimonides, Moses, Guide to the Perplexed, 25;

Mishneh Torah, 21,24-5,75;
Muslim persecution of, 97;
physician to Saladin, 59, 98;
racism of, 25;
on saving of life, 80

Marx, Karl, on Judaism, 49
marxists, as 'friends of the Jews', 30
meat and milk, injunction against mixing, 37
medicine see doctors; midwives
Meir, Golda, Prime Minister,71, 100
Mencius (Chinese sage), 74
mercy, interpretation of, 96
Mesopotamia, ancient kingdom of, 41,50
Metz (France), 83
Middle East, State of Israel's role in, 11,73
Midianites, Biblical exhortations against, 92
Midrashiyyat No'am college, 77
midwives, for Gentiles, on Sabbath, 82-3,85;

in Turkey, 84

milking on Sabbath, dispensations for, 44
Mishnah, legal code of Talmud,39
Mishnah Berurah, modern codification of talmudic law, 75, 118n
Mishneh Torah (Maimonides' codification of talmudic law), 21,75;

and work on Sabbath, 84

mixed crops, dispensation for sowing, 44-5, 108n
monotheism, in Judaism, 324
More, Sir Thomas, 12
Moses, incarnation as Son, 33
Moshe (soldier), letters to rabbi, 77-9
murder, of Gentiles,76;

of Jews, 75,76

Muslim countries, Jews in medieval, 57-9
Muslims, and contamination of wine by, 94
mysticism, attitude to non-Jews, 16;

and deception, 269;
Hassidism, 2~8,
see also cabbala; Gush Emunim


Napoleon III, Emperor of France, 115n
nationalism, and historiography, 22
Nazis, extermination of Jews, 64, 11 in;

Jewish, 112n

New Testament, public burning of, 21,98
Nicaragua, Israeli role in, 73
Nicholas I, of Russia, 16-17
Noahide precepts, 91, 112n
non-Jews, 'friends of the Jews', 29-31;

in Jewish mysticism,16;
and redeemed land, 7;
used for work on Sabbath,44, 45-7,
see also Gentiles


Occupied Territories, Israeli regime in, 2;

land 'redemption' in, 8

Old Testament, and ancient kingdoms, 50
organizations, exclusiveness of Jewish, 102
Orthodox Judaism, 13,32;

corrupting influence of, 48-9,
see also classical Judaism; zionism

Ottoman Empire, Jews in, 58-9, 70

Palestine, ancient kingdom of, 41, 50;

British Labor party plans for, 30;

PLO, 99-100
Palestinians, religious duty to expel, 91-2,96;

zionist hostility to, 29, 72

papacy, liberalism of, 21;

and persecution of Jews, 65-6

Parthion Empire, 110n
Patriarch, Jewish, in Roman Empire, 54-5, 110n
Paul, St, 51
payment, for work on Sabbath, 47
peasants, absent from classical Judaism, 52-3;

Jewish contempt for, 42, 72, 109n;
oppression by Jews in Poland, 63;
State of Israel's oppression of, 73

Pedro I, of Castile, 60
Pentateuch, talmudic interpretations of, 37
persecution of Jews, 64-6,97, 110n
Persian Empire, 50,51
Peruvian tribe, converted to Judaism, 34
Petlyura, -' pact with Jabotinsky, 71
Pharisees, 51
Philo of Alexandria, 105n
Plato, 12-13, 104-5n
Plehve, Count von, alliance with Herzl,71, 112n
PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization),99-100
pogroms, in Tsarist Russia, 65
Poland, dispensation on interest-taking, 42-3;

Jewish communities in, 14,17,55, 614;
Royal Towns, 62;
serfdom in, 53, 110n;
treating Gentiles on Sabbath, 83

Popper, Karl, The Open Society and Its Enemies, 13,18
popular movements, and opposition to Jews, 60-1,64, 65-6;

racism not a factor in, 73

Portugal, 59, see also Spain
Prague, crucifix on bridge, 117-18n
prayers, against Gentiles, 92-3, 117n;

morning, for union of Son and Daughter, 34;
superstitious use of, 48;
to propitiate Satan, 34

Pressburg (Bratislava), Jews in, 15
priests see clergy
primary intention, and ban on work on Sabbath, 86
Prinz, Dr Joachim, and ideology of racial purity, 71-2
profit motive, in dispensations, 469
Protestantism, and alliance with antisemitism, 68
Prussia, emancipation of Jews in, 70; serfdom in, 53
Pugachev rebellion, Russia, 73
'purity of weapons', 78, 79, 113n


Qibbiya massacre, 92
Qur'an, not condemned by Judaism, 98

rabbinical courts, Gentile witnesses in, 88;

of Jerusalem, 1;
powers of, 14-15

racial purity, ideology common to Nazism and zionism, 71-2
racism, against non-Jews, 2, 69;

irrationality of, 11 1-12n;
pro-Jewish among non-Jews, 29-31

Reformation, intellectual honesty in, 21
Religions, Ministry of (State of Israel), 21
religious fanaticism, dangers of, 29
religious toleration, in early Judaism, 50-1
Richard I, King of England, 65
ritual, importance of, 35, 107n
Rivkes, Moses (Rabbi), liberalism of, 81
robbery (with violence), of Gentiles, 90
Roman Empire, Jewish religious toleration in, 51,110n;

legal position of Jewry in, 54-5

Romania, emancipation of Jews in' 70
Rosten, Leo, The Joys of Yiddish, 26
Russia, censorship of talmudic literature, 21, 23;

emancipation of Jews in, 70;
persecution of Jews in, 65;
serfdom in, 53,73, 110n

Ryazin, Stenka, rebellion of Russian peasants, 73

Sabbath, dispensations for milking on, 44;

saving of life on, 81-7;
Talmud's definitions of work forbidden on, 40-1, 84;
use of telephone on, 1,
see also dispensations

Sabbath-Goy, dispensations for, 45-7, 108-9n
sabbatical year, dispensation for, 434, 108n
Sadduceans, 51, 106n
Saladin, toleration of Jews, 59, 98
Satan, propitiation of, 34;

role of, 33, 107n

Saudi Arabia, claims of Israel to, 9
saving of life, 80-1, 114n;

on Sabbath, 81-7

Schneurssohn, M.M. (Rabbi), 27
scholars, deception by, 24-6
scholarship, religious textbooks, 94-5;

restricted in classical Judaism, 18, 19-20, 105n, 109n,
see also history

Scholem, Gershom, 16n
schools, Gospels banned in, 98;

Talmudic omissions taught in, 234

Seljuk empire, 58
serfdom, in eastern Europe, 52-3;

in Poland,61, ll0n;
in Russia, 53, 73, 110n

sexual offenses, Halaldiab law on, 87-B
Sharon, Arid, 10
Shaygets (sheqetz),

definition of, 26, 118n

Shazar, President, Habbad supporter, 27
Shekhinah see Daughter
Shevet Musar, on moral conduct, 107n
Shmu'el Hannagid, of Granada, 57-8
Shulban 'Arukh, codification of talmudic law, 75;

on saving of life, 81,82

Sicilian Vespers (1282), 111-12n
Sinai, claimed by State of Israel, 9,10,90
Sirkis, Yo'el (Rabbi),Bayit Hadash, 83
Sixtus W, Pope, 21
slave revolutions, 73
slave trade, Jewish role in, 111n, 105n
slaves, Gentile, 95, 105n
Slavs, Nazi extermination of, 64
socialism, and antisemitism, 69
socialists, racism of Jewish, 30, 53
Sofer, Moshe (Rabbi) ('Hatam Sofer'), 15;

responsa, 83-5

Son (Holy Blessed One), and union with Daughter, 33-4
South Africa, Bantustans in 100;

and human rights, 103

Spain, Jewish Golden Age, 57-8, 110n

Jews in, 14-15, 59-61, 105n;
massacre of Jews (139n),65-6

Stalin, Joseph, 103
Steinsalz, 'Adin (Rabbi), 24
Strasbourg, persecution of Jews, 65
Suez War (1956), 8-9
superstition, 110n;

of Polish Jews, 63

Syria, ancient kingdom of, 50;

claimed by State of Israel, 9, 90

Tabernacles, feast of, 34
Talmud, Babylonian, 39,41, 75
Talmud, Jerusalem (Palestinian), 39
Talmud and talmudic law, attacks on Christianity, 20-1, 234, 106n;

Christian attacks on, 20-2;
exhortations to genocide, 91;
and interpretation of Bible, 36-8;
and profit motive, 49;
on saving of life, 80;
structure of, 3942,
see also Mishneb Torah; Shulhan 'Arukh

Talmudic Encyclopedia, 75
talmudic literature, 39;

censorship of, 21,
see also Aggadah; Gemarah; Mishnah; Talmud

Talmudic Omissions, 23
tax collectors, Jews as, 60, 62
taxation, Jewish clergy exempt from, 54
technology, effect on Sabbath observance, 45-6
Temples,building and destruction of, 33
theft, talmudic interpretation of, 36-7,90
Theodosius I, Emperor, 54
Toldot Yehsu, on Jesus, 98
Torah see Mishneb Torah
Torquemada, Tomas de, Inquisitor, 61
totalitarianism, and deception, 29;

in Israeli-Jewish community, 10,103

travel, on Sabbath, 84-5
Trevor-Roper, Hugh,

'Sir Thomas More and Utopia', 12;
The Rise of Christian Europe, 110-un

Turkey, claims of Israel to, 9, 90;

midwives in, 84


Ukraine, Chmielnicki revolt (1648),66, 73
universities, disputations in, 21, 105n
USA, and Buber's works on Hassidism, 28;

Israeli influence in, 3;
non-Jewish 'friends of the Jews', 30;
predominance of east- European Jews, 64;
support for Israel, 101;
translation of Maimonides' Guide to the Perplexed, 25

USSR, and human rights, 103;

immigrants from, 6


virgin, Talmud's definition of, 41

wages, delaying,96
Waldenberg, Eli'ezer Yehuda (Rabbi), 85
washing, of hands, 34, 107n;

ritual bathing, 107n

Weiser, Shim'on (Rabbi), letters to soldier Moshe, 77-9
West Bank, land restricted to Jews, 34;

oppression of Palestinians, 29;
and relations with Jordan, 100

women, midwives, 82-5;

status of Gentile, 87-8, 116n;
status of Jewish, 88

work, types defined in Talmud, 40
work, right to, discrimination against non-Jews, 5
World Zionist Organization,5

xenophobia, and antisemitism, 68
Ximines, Cardinal, Inquisitor, 61

Yad Le'akhimorganisation 21
Yemen, Jews in, 52
Yiddish, inaccuracy of glossary of, 26;

literature in, 70

Yom Kippur War, 99

zionism, alliance with antisemitism, 71-2;

and hatred of peasants, 53;
influence in State of Israel, 13, 51, 99;
influences on, 1-2, 35; and laws against Gentiles, 90-1;
nostalgia for closed society, 19;
and political expediency, 97;
as response to antisemitism, 69-71,
see also classical Judaism; Orthodox Judaism



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Jewish Religion"

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Encyclopedia of the
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