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Islam Times Exclusive:

Interview with Swedish Anti-Zionist writer
Lars Adelskogh

Quds Day is constant a reminder that we must not give up the struggle

Islam Times - Lars Adelskogh is a prominent Anti-Zionist writer, translator and lecturer. He studied Slavic languages at the University of Uppsala and Oriental languages at the University of Stockholm. In 2002 he published En tom säck kan inte stå (An Empty Bag Cannot Stand), in which he explains Holocaust revisionism...

During the Holocaust conference in Tehran 2006 this book was presented as a gift to Dr Ahmadinejad, president of the Islamic Republic. Adelskogh used to work as a teacher but he was dismissed because of his views. He has translated Kevin MacDonald’s book The Culture of Critique into Swedish. He is well known to young Muslim intellectuals in Sweden for his knowledge, courage and kindness. We are in the holy month of Ramadan and soon we will be commemorating the annual Quds Day, which was established by the late Imam Khomeini. I took the opportunity to ask a few questions.

Mohamed Omar: What motivates you in your intellectual struggle against Zionism?

Lars Adelskogh: I have been an anti-Zionist since 1972, that is to say, all my adult life (I was born in 1950). As soon as I learned the facts of the matter – how the Jewish Zionists had forced the Palestinians out of their ancestral land, killing many of them in the process, and robbing them of their property, I saw that truth and justice were on their side as against the lies and crimes of the Zionists. You see, we were not taught these facts in school or at the university, nor did we read them in the newspapers. Everywhere it was only the Zionist version of history, the myth of “the land without people for the people without a land”. However, it was not until I learned the facts of another Zionist myth, that of the so-called Holocaust, the alleged annihilation by the Germans of six million Jews, mainly in fabulous “gas chambers” – whose function no engineer or chemist has been able to explain – that I decided to write my book on this issue. These two Zionist myths are intertwined, of course, since the so-called Holocaust provided the Zionist with a most effective moral club they could swing at those who dared to criticize their policies against the Palestinians. As I see it, dismantling the myth of the alleged Holocaust is as important in the intellectual struggle against Zionism as dismantling the other Zionist myths, for example, of their “right” to Palestine.

Mohamed Omar: Is Zionism a problem in Sweden?

Lars Adelskogh: It is. You could say that in important respects it is The Problem. As you know yourself, on Monday you may be a renowned figure in the cultural sphere, a celebrated poet, though you are a Moslem, but – of course – a “moderate one”. Then on Tuesday you come out as a supporter of the Palestinians, sympathizer with Hamas and the Islamic Republic of Iran. On Wednesday you are over and done with. You have become a non-existent person, or the bogeyman that people use to scare children with. Your poems will not be read on the radio any more.

“Zionism” is a word I do not use very much nowadays. I prefer to talk about “Judeocracy” instead, the striving of a small group of extremist Jews to rule all the rest of us. And then you may say that “Judeocracy trumps democracy”.

You may believe you have certain democratic rights such as freedom of speech. However, you must not exercise such a right to criticize the extremist Jews or their doings. I did, and I lost my job after three days of relentless attacks in the radio, on TV, and in many newspapers. I was lucky though. I did not end up in jail as my friend Ahmed Rami did, here in Sweden. His “crime” was that he quoted the Bible and Marx on Jewish extremism.

Under Judeocracy you do not have the right to free speech. You do not even have the right to free listening. A know a man who was a teacher but was fired from his job as I was – but not for anything he said in speech or writing, but merely for listening to forbidden truths. He attended a lecture given in Stockholm in March 2007 by Prof. Robert Faurisson, the famous Holocaust revisionist and champion of the Palestinians. He was indiscrete about his attendance to a colleague at his school. She reported him to the headmaster, and he was promptly fired.

Under Judeocracy you do not have freedom of assembly either. It is impossible to publicly announce lectures and discussion evenings on themes critical of Zionism or Judeocracy. All such meetings must be held in secret. When I had given my first lecture to the Aguéli Study Group in the city of Uppsala, the city’s leading newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning attacked – not me or anything I had said – but the landlord for renting the premises to such an association. “Such a thing must not happen again!” And it did not. Liberal rights are all right as long as they do not collide with the interests of Judeocracy . So Judeocracy trumps liberalism as well as democracy at large. If you have not recognized this truth, you need to wake up from your slumber.

Now summing this problem up on the plane of principles, you might say that in the world after 1945 where aggressive and militant nationalism, racism, and colonialism were supposed to be things of the past, to be supplanted by peace, international cooperation, and the recognition of universal human rights, there remains one brand of aggressive and militant nationalism that still has to be accepted, one brand of racism, and one brand of colonialism that you must not merely accept but even recognize as the “Jewish people’s right to self-determination”. If you do not – you are denounced as a Nazi or an Islamo-fascist – or if you are a Jew – a self-hater. This is simply abnormal, a collective mental disease, to be rightly diagnosed only by the psychiatrists of the future.

You have to fight problems in the order of their importance. That is why the struggle against Zionism, or Judeocracy, comes first.

Mohamed Omar: Did Zionism have a hand in the recent terrorist attacks in Norway?

Lars Adelskogh: It is obvious, since the terrorist Behring Breivik was motivated by his hatred of Moslems and Islam and his admiration of Israel. He drew his inspiration mainly from so-called anti-Jihadist propagandists such as Bath Yeor, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, Andrew Bostom, and the Gates of Vienna website, all of them being unabashed Zionists. Also the Social-Democratic youth that had gathered on Utøya were markedly anti-Zionist, holding up posters saying “Boycott Israel” on July 21, the day before Behring Breivik murdered them. Was it a coincidence that July 22 was the 65th anniversary of the bombing of King David Hotel in Jerusalem, a terrorist attack by the Zionist Irgun gang that killed 91 people? I think not.

In the matter of Behring Breivik’s Zionist extremism we need neither speculate nor interpret, however. It is quite sufficient to quote from his 1500-page manifesto, “2083”:
“Assist Israel in deporting all Muslim Syrians (also referred to as ‘Palestinians’) from the Gaza strip, the West bank and Jerusalem. These territories will be included in Israel. However, Jerusalem will come under joint Christian-Jewish administration. Demolish the abomination known as the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple of Salomon – the Third Temple as described in the Book of Ezekiel, chapters 40-42. The Third Temple will become a place of worship for both Jews and Christians. The Dome of the Rock is regarded as occupying the actual space where the Temple once stood.”
Comments are superfluous, are they not?

Mohamed Omar: What is the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in countering Zionism?

Lars Adelskogh: A very important one, I think. I would even go so far as to say that if it were not for the massive support and military assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples, both would have succumbed to Zionist aggression long ago. The Iranian aid to Hezbollah was probably decisive for the latter’s victory in the last war (2006) against the Zionist entity. All true anti-Zionists must share a sense deep gratitude to the Islamic Republic of Iran, not only for this sweet victory, but for the ongoing support of many years past.

I think that the Zionists are not really afraid of the “threat” of a “nuclear Iran”. Their leaders know perfectly well that Iran has only a nuclear energy programme, not a nuclear weapons programme, as they have not managed to find even a shred of a proof of the latter. What worries them though, and very much, is the fact that Iran is the hub of anti-Zionist activism, and they know that they will not be able to effect the “final solution” of the “Palestinian problem”, that is deporting them en masse to Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, and killing those who resist, as long as Islamic Iran remains a staunch protector of the Moslems of the region. That is the real reason why Zionists in the United States and Europe constantly forge plans of aggression against Iran. The “nuclear threat” is just a lie, as is everything the Zionists say.

Mohamed Omar: What is the importance of Quds Day? Can demonstrating make a difference?

Lars Adelskogh: It is important as a constant reminder, once every year, for we must not forget, we must not give up the struggle. It is important here in Sweden, as well, as we could see two years ago, when suddenly even organizations and people who until then had managed to masquerade as “anti-Zionists” and “friends of the Palestinian people”, such as ISM, had to publicly denounce the Quds Day demonstration and recommend their members not to have anything to do with it or its organizers.

Whether it can make a difference only the future can tell. When in the future, not the too distant future, I hope, Palestine is liberated, and we shall be able to write the history of that liberation, and all the movements and people who contributed to this noble achievement will be given their due credit, then perhaps it will be said that our demonstrations made a difference.

© Islam Times

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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