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Jewish diplomat involved in Prostitution-scandal

For Jews, goyim - i.e. non-Jews - can be quite useful, at times. One thing is using them in prostitution and pornography. Here we reproduce two articles from Reuters and Jerusalem Post, respectively, on this theme:


Brazil links Israeli consul to child prostitution

Updated 11:55 AM ET July 5, 2000

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Brazilian police suspect an Israeli diplomat of hosting child prostitution sessions after finding pictures of nude teen-age girls taken at his apartment, police said Wednesday.

Police began a hunt for Israel's administration consul to Rio de Janeiro, Arie Scher, Tuesday and the Israeli government said it was recalling the middle-ranking diplomat to investigate whether he was innocent or guilty.

Following a young girl's testimony, police arrested a Hebrew teacher at his home early Tuesday where they found pictures of nude girls taken in the diplomat's apartment. In other photos, where everybody was fully dressed, Scher appeared embracing the same girls.

"We confirmed that the pornographic pictures were taken next to the consul's pool and on his deck," said Roberto Costa, a chief investigator for the civil police. "We are going to charge him with exploiting minors and prostituting them."

Police believe Scher is hiding out in the Israeli Consulate in Rio.

Foreign Minister David Levy told Israel's Army Radio, "I don't know if he is guilty, if he is innocent. The first thing is we need to bring him home and an investigation has to be conducted."

The Israeli Embassy in Brasilia said it would not comment on the case until it had further details.

Police said a young girl testified that she was filmed and photographed by the teacher, Georges Schteinberg, having sex with Israeli tourists. She also claimed that Scher participated in some of the sessions, without explaining what his role was.

In Schteinberg's home, police said they found 12 videos, Internet messages and 154 pictures, including the shots of naked girls in Scher's apartment.

Rio de Janeiro has the highest rate of child prostitution in Brazil. Workers at hotels and restaurants along world-famous Copacabana beach often offer to provide clients with teenage prostitutes. 


Jerusalem Post, also had a news article on this story. It was published in its Internet edition, on July 6, 2000. Note that the Jewish diplomat escaped Brazilian justice by escaping to the Jewish state of Israel.


Brazilian police stake out diplomat accused of running kiddie-porn ring

By Eli Muller and News Agencies

JERUSALEM (July 6) - Brazilian police continued to surround the Israeli consulate in Rio de Janeiro in the belief that Israeli vice-consul in Rio Aryeh Scher, wanted on suspicion of running a child pornography ring, had taken refuge there. However Foreign Ministry officials said Scher has been en route to Israel for the past two days.

Scher, who was at one point consul-general in Rio, was declared a fugitive by Brazilian authorities after a search of his apartment on Tuesday yielded what police officials described as evidence it was used for the manufacture of pornographic material, some of them involving underage girls.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman declined to comment on whether the Brazilian police had been informed of Scher's whereabouts, but said that general-consul Eitan Sorkin would meet with Brazilian foreign ministry officials yesterday afternoon.

Brazilian authorities notified the Israeli embassy of plans to revoke Scher's diplomatic immunity on Tuesday, prior to the search. By the time police were able to obtain a warrant to search Scher's penthouse, the vice-consul was already on his way back to Israel, where he will face a Foreign Ministry inquiry. A ministry spokesman said that Scher had been recalled when the first evidence of possible misconduct surfaced, and that he had left the country via "legal diplomatic channels."

The investigation that culminated in the search of Scher's apartment began when a 17-year-old girl accused Georges Schteinberg, a 40-year-old Hebrew teacher of using her as a model in pornographic pictures and of distributing them on the Internet. Photographs of nude minors posed on a car with diplomatic plates were discovered in a search of Schteinberg's residence earlier in the week, in addition to massive quantities of pornographic material. Police then traced the car in the pictures back to Scher.

The search of Scher's apartment confirmed that some of the photographs found at Schteinberg's residence had been taken in the vice-consul's penthouse.

Schteinberg, who is also alleged to have run a service that brought tourists to Brazil to visit child prostitutes, has since been charged with sexual exploitation of minors.

Israeli embassy and consulate officials in Brazil refused comment pending the release of further evidence.



Israel wants to dictate Germany´s foreign policy

Please read this short, but important, Jerusalem Post article posted on the Internet, July 5, 2000. It shows how Israel has the chutzpah to tell the Germans who they should and in this case shouldn´t meet.


News in Brief

By Jerusalem Post Staff and Itim

Israel asks Germany to cancel Khatami's visit - Foreign Ministry officials confirmed yesterday that Israel has asked Germany to cancel Iranian President Mohammed Khatami's scheduled visit to Berlin next week.
According to one official, the embassy in Germany further asked that if Khatami does visit on July 10-12, the matter of the 10 Jews convicted this week of espionage be brought up and stressed. A ministry spokesman would not deny the report, saying only that internal diplomatic messages are not made public. 

Danna Harman


A Jew admits: Jews invent enemies

This very revealing Jerusalem Post Jewish World Article, written by the Jew Joseph Aaron, was published on the Internet on July 4, 2000. Underlines have been added by Radio Islam.


The bogeyman phenomenon

Comment By Joseph Aaron

(July 3) - Anyone remember Joerg Haider? Come on, think now. Joerg Haider. He was all the rage a mere few months ago. Give up? I hope you'll remember that you've forgotten.

Because there's a very important lesson for all of us in that, a lesson that we need to cling to tightly as we make our way through this new century.

Joerg Haider was the politician whose party did remarkably well in Austria's elections, a man who has said nice things about Adolf Hitler and his not-so-nice actions against Jews.

At the time of Haider's strong electoral showing, much of the Jewish world panicked, rantingthat antisemitism is alive and well in the heart of Europe, and Nazism is making a comeback. Haider would take over Austria's government and put Jews in danger.

But we've forgotten all about Joerg Haider.

Just months ago, I had several Jews tell me how serious a threat this was, how we can never believe the world is a friendly place for us.

Now no one hears a peep from Haider, who no longer holds a position in the Austrian government and even resigned as head of his party.

Many of us panicked about Haider because of what I call bogeyman Judaism.

You have your Orthodox Judaism, your Conservative Judaism, your Reform Judaism, and your bogeyman Judaism.

Most of us are most committed to the bogeyman branch because the motto is so simple:

Everyone scares us. Everyone is a threat. Some nut or kook comes along and we exaggerate it, drawing parallels where there aren't any. Bogeyman Judaism has cost us a lot, not only because it diverts our energy from the important issues at hand, but because it results in a fear that shakes us to the core.

It teaches us to hate for no reason. Hatred harms not only the person it is directed at but the person directing it.

THIS FEAR causes disunity in the Jewish world. We spend so much time hating those we wrongly perceive as a threat, we get used to being paranoid, and pretty soon the Austrian politician who you hate becomes the Jew who is different from you whom you hate.

This explains how Jews can say such incredibly hateful things to each other, things Jews shouldn't say to their worst enemies. But when you're paranoid, even other Jews start to look like enemies. It is no surprise that there are voices in Israel calling for the murder of Prime Minister Ehud Barak, voices like Benny Katzover, a West Bank settler leader, telling protesters not to stick to the "law book" during their demonstrations. There is also the voiceof Rabbi Daniel Shilo of Kedumim, who says that "the transfer of parts of Israel amounts to treason."

Then there is Shimon Riklin, leader of a group of militant settlers, saying: "If Barak evacuates settlements, he might be murdered." The peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians is drawing near, and yet these people can only see the Palestinians and the Jews who want peace as bogeymen.

I'm not suggesting we don't have enemies. But we have a lot more bogeymen than we have enemies.

When we constantly focus those who threaten us, we fail to catch the evil in our own house. It is frightening that so many important government officials in Israel are under indictment or under investigation for a wide array of crimes.

Our president was forced to leave office early because he took gifts from someone doing business with the state. Our prime minister's campaign is being investigated for financial

misconduct, our former prime minister may have stolen state property, our transportation minister was charged with sexual misconduct, our former internal security minister was charged with passing classified information to a major newspaper publisher accused of trying to have his enemies killed, and a former head of a religious party was found guilty of bribery. The list is endless.

And yet most Jews, especially those who panicked when Haider got all those votes, not only ignore this Israeli misconduct, they get mad when anyone talks about it.

We are afraid of bogus threats, but ignore real ones.


Joseph Aaron is the editor of the Chicago Jewish News.


Jews fool Jews - tree plantation scandal in Israel

Planting trees in the occupied land of Palestine - what is called "Israel" - is considered a great Zionist duty among Jews within Israel and abroad. Organizations like the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and Keren Kayemet help Jews in expressing their Zionism, by planting tree saplings in the occupied Holy Land. This has been a good way to make Jewish "tourists" to Israel feel that they have contributed their part to the Zionist cause, and the money earned has gone to the large pockets of these organisations.

But now it has been revealed in the Israeli paper Ma´ariv that there has been uprooting of the saplings after they have beeen planted, in order to make new tourists do it all over again - and in such a way earn some more bucks.

A Jerusalem Post News Article published on the Internet June 30, 2000, has more details on this affair, and JNF´s desperate fight to lessen the impact of the news. Underlines have been added by Radio Islam.


JNF admits some saplings uprooted

By Eli Muller

JERUSALEM (June 30) - Jewish National Fund officials yesterday reluctantly admitted that an article in Ma'ariv, reporting that saplings planted by tourists were uprooted after their departure to allow more tourists to plant more saplings on the same site, may have been correct.

However, the officials insisted that this was an aberration rather than general practice.

The article, by Yaron Kanar, described saplings and dedication signs being consigned to the garbage heap. The article was accompanied by a photo of tourists planting saplings near Hadassah-University Hospital, Ein Kerem, and another photo taken the following day of the same area, conspicuously treeless.

The article quoted an unnamed JNF source who stated that groups of tourists are taken to plant saplings in the same areas day after day.

According to Yehiel Leket, chairman of the JNF directorate, discussions between JNF officials and Kanar had prompted the formation of an investigative committee, which concluded that workers at the planting area had disobeyed orders and uprooted saplings. The workers and their immediate supervisor were suspended pending further investigation.

JNF officials nonetheless condemned the article for giving the impression that this was a common practice. Leket said that the allegations should be viewed in the proper perspective. "...This is not [systematic], not JNF policy," he said.

Tourism Minister Amnon Lipkin-Shahak said the allegations pose a significant threat to tourism, and announced that those responsible ought to be dealt with harshly should the allegations be confirmed.




More murdered Arabs found in Sinai mass grave

Article published in the Israeli paper Ha'aretz´ Internet edition, June 27, 2000:

IDF blamed for mass grave found in Sinai

By Daniel Sobelman

Ha'aretz Correspondent and Agencies

The Egyptian opposition daily Al Wafd reported on Monday that a mass grave was found in Sinai containing the remains of 52 Egyptian prisoners of war, allegedly executed by IDF forces during the Six-Day War.

The mass grave was uncovered by Egyptian workers at the town of Ras Sudar, 200 kilometers southeast of Cairo.

While no identity tags were found in the grave, some of the dead men were identified through identity cards found in the remnants of their clothing.

Al Wafd stressed that some of the skulls had bullet wounds in them, "which proves that the soldiers were executed."

No official response was made by Egyptian authorities to the newspaper's report.

The spokesperson at the Israeli embassy in Cairo said that the embassy had first learned of the allegations when its staff read the article in the newspaper. The Egyptian authorities did not contact the embassy on the matter, the embassy spokesperson added.

According to researchers and retired IDF soldiers, hundreds of unarmed Egyptian soldiers were executed in Sinai by IDF soldiers during both the 1956 Sinai Campaign and the 1967 Six-Day War.



Jews fear lawsuits for breaking earlier claim-accords

The following Jewish article reveals an interesting fact: How the Jews by continuing their claims against German companies - although they already had settled with them before - now fear that they will be sued for this, and therfore press for immunity against such lawsuits!

The following article was published as a Jerusalem Post Jewish World Article, June 14, 2000, on the Internet. Underlines have been added by Radio Islam.


Claims Conference demands legal immunity from lawsuits

By Marilyn Henry

NEW YORK (June 11) - German industry is not the only one clamoring for "legal peace" for itself as the price of the DM 10 billion German slave-labor initiative. The Claims Conference, which concluded agreements for Holocaust-era slave-labor compensation some 30 years ago, is also now insisting on legal immunity from lawsuits by German companies.

The Claims Conference's position is the latest obstacle for the fund, which is to be financed equally by the German government and industry.

Negotiations resume tomorrow in Washington between German industry, the German government, the Claims Conference, lawyers representing Nazi-era laborers, and the US and Central and Eastern European governments.

German companies announced the slave-labor fund in February 1999. Although they called the fund a humanitarian initiative, industry has insisted that the US government intervene to suppress the class-action lawsuits in US federal courts that are demanding compensation from German industry for Nazi-era claims.

A final agreement on the fund has been delayed because German industry contended that the extent and legal value of the proposed American intervention was insufficient.

Now the Claims Conference is chiming in. "Our position is that we are simply seeking the same legal peace that the companies are seeking," said Claims Conference Director

Gideon Taylor. "We believe that if legal peace is to be part of this agreement, we want legal peace on all sides."

The Claims Conference apparently fears that it will be sued by German companies over decades-old agreements it made with a handful of German companies for slave-labor claims. A condition of the companies' payments at the time was that the Claims Conference would indemnify them against all future claims.

There has been no public suggestion by German companies that the Claims Conference honors the indemnification clauses.

Nonetheless, the Claims Conference's lawyers sent a letter to German industry asking for an indemnification waiver, and stating that if such a waiver was not given it would not support the DM 10b. slave-labor fund.

"These agreements raise some legal issues as to potential liabilities that some companies could take against the Claims Conference," Taylor said Thursday. "We don't believe there is any liability."

A spokesman for German industry declined to comment on the Claims Conference's letter.



"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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