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I want to be a freedom fighter

I have all sorts of viewpoints from all sorts of Muslims when it comes to world situation. The general consensus from all these different peoples is DIVIDED and APATHETIC, that is our main problem!

By Sana


I am a Muslim who recently learned about Radio Islam´s website and
ever since, have been in total agreement with its message and its mission. 
I have forwarded emails to as many of my friends as possible!  I think
that Br. Ahmed Rami is very brave  masha'Allah, and he has done so much
for the Muslim cause, unlike so many Muslims I know who just gripe about
world situations but don't do anything besides.  There is a hadith that
says, " Whoever goes to sleep and wakes up not caring about the state of
the Ummah ( the islamic nation ) is not one of the believers". 
Well I can certainly see that the fire of faith is very strong in Br. Rami's
(and anyone else's who is involved) hearts! 

I have all sorts of viewpoints from all sorts of Muslims when it comes to
world situations.  The general consensus from all these different peoples
is DIVIDED and APATHETIC, that is our main problem.  The Radio Islam
website has given me the correct, most truthful information about world
situations in which Muslims are in jeopardy.  Also, it exposes who the
real culprits behind all the world problems are (I'm not going to mention
it here b/c you all already know who it is) and how these people think.
The exposed books and documents were especially helpful to me because
reading that stuff 1) made my blood boil, and 2) makes me want to fight
all the more vigorously against these people.  I am so grateful that I am
now kept out of the large group of people who are brainwashed and all the
truthful info is in this site.  Moreover, it is essential to warn Muslims
of these activities going on as we speak because this "height of success"
of theirs is one of the signs of the day of judgement according to sahih
hadith.  It makes me sad when I see things going on that reming me of
their influence, but it makes me even more grieved when I try to tell my
Muslim friends and family about this and they are apathetic, or in
disbelief, or they accuse me of "hate-mongering", saying this is not what
Islam is all about. Insha'Allah, I am only trying to do what we are meant
to do here on earth, that is worship Allah, and by that I am only trying to
inform my ummah of the dangers that are about to plague them...only  a
few listen to me.  I myself have changed so much with regards to this
(for the positive) and I am hoping others will do so too.  But a couple of
people asked me, "How is having a website based on building sentiment
towards one group of people productive?" 

I will insha'Allah try to answer in  the best way I can that each group of
believing peoples throughout time will face trials and persecutions from
their enemies.  Well, in the sequence of time we are in now, THIS is the
group of people that will persecute US!  Therefore, it is our duty to warn
against the evils of these people - they are the ones behind the divisions
in the Ummah, they are the ones who, sadly, control everyone's thinking
at some level, they are the ones who will be acting out the next sign of the
day of judgement, they are the ones who actually confess to all this
themselves (and yet people still do not listen to me)!  I try to remind
everyone what it says in the Qur'an about these people (the numerous
verses), but still I am met with apathy and disbelief...

Personally, it benefitted me in a vey important way as a Muslim... it kept
me more mindful of 2 things - 1) the day of judgement, and 2) our primary
duty as Muslims - everything we do is supposed to be for the sake of

I am filled with so much zeal about these issues but I do not know what
to do.
I want very much to be part of Radio Islam´s struggles, no matter what it
In my own little way, I want to be a freedom fighter. And may Allah bless you all for your efforts -


P.S. I was there watching when someone from Stockholm, Sweden called
"Larry King Live" (when he was interviewing Pollard's sister with Wolf
Blitzer) and tried to expose the antics of "certain people" -
conveniently Larry King hung up on him and would not let him speak, and
they all ridiculed him - this is a sign of their arrogance and malicious intent! 
But my heart cried out "Allahu Akbar!" b/c I knew it was one of you ...


Brother Ahmed Rami,  I thank YOU for your efforts - you were a freedom
fighter when so little people sided with you (I can't even imagine what you
had to go through living lfe constantly in danger, even today), and you are so
dedicated even today, tirelessly, to get out this information to the
Ummah.  So much so is this great effect that the JDL website are extremely
threatened by you (I visit their website from time to time because I want
to know what my enemy is doing).  Anyway, you are giving out the knowledge
that is actually Fardh upon Muslims...we MUST know about the signs of the
Day of Judgement and this is one of them...I just wish all Muslims would
realize this instead of telling me that "We need to focus on good
relaetions with everyone...blah blah blah..."  Meanwhile they are all
being cheated in so many insidious ways and they don't even realize it
because they keep saying Hadiths about tolerance...I want to answer back
with "Yes, we tolerate, but we cannot forget what Allah Himself told us in
the Qur'an about them..." but as you know people don't like hearing
Allah is always on the side of the Mu'mineen, and even if a tear
falls from the face, He knows and cares about it if no one else does
(Allahu Akbar!).  We know that the times are coming soon when there won't
be true justice anymore (temporarily), but we will get Allah's (in other
words, the best and only) justice on the Day of Judgement.  In the
meantime, masha'Allah, you have performed your duty extremely well in
keeping your Muslim brothers and sisters informed!
A little about myself. I am 20 years old.  My parents are from Pakistan,
but I was born and raised in the U.S.- so I have really seen this country
through the years for what it really is.  Of late, especially this year,
I have been increasing my awareness of current events pertaining to the 
Ummah and increasing my knowledge of Islam in a variety of ways...this
change in me has not been easy...I have had to let go of friends and
distance myself from my family because I am trying to live my life insha
'Allah as closely to the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAWS) and Shariah as 
I can, and many don't like it (and are apparrently not afraid to
tell me they don't like it).
I visitted the links to the sites on Hamas and Hizbullah, and when I did,
I realized that these are not people to be simply labelled as terrorists
(and people only do so b/c they don't understand the whole picture or they
listen to the media, and we know what that means...).  I felt really sorry
for these people and of course the est of the Palestinians - they and Radio
Islam raised my awareness to the situation like never before...insha'Allah,
may Allah reward them for their intentions.  They are actually applying the
Hadith and Ayat when most Muslims are apathetic...
Wa assalaam, 

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