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What exactly did Ahmadnejad say?

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Others Victimized by Those Who Fight Against Truth & Logic

By Ashahed M. Muhammad
December 2005


You've heard all of the rancor and probably wondered if you are unacquainted with the facts and have no other sources other than the controlled media what all of the fuss was all about?

On December 8th 2005 it was reported that Iran’s President Ahmadinejad said the following:

"Some European countries insist on saying that during World War II, Hitler burned millions of Jews and put them in concentration camps," Ahmadinejad said. "Any historian, commentator or scientist who doubts that is taken to prison or gets condemned."

"Let's give some land to the Zionists in Europe or in Germany or Austria , so they can have their government there," he said. "They faced injustice in Europe , so why do the repercussions fall on the Palestinians? Offer a piece of land from Europe, and we will back this decision and will not attack this government."

"Those who are occupying and ruling Jerusalem , what is the origin of their fathers? ... Most of them have no roots in Palestine , but they are holding the destiny of Palestine in their hands and allow themselves to kill the Palestinian people," he

Source: CBSNews

  Factual Analysis:   
Freedom of Speech!
Just Watch What You Say!

The  events surrounding recent comments by a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the recent furor surrounding the comments of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and others have opened the inquisitive minds of those willing to go beyond the controlled media spin provided on the news channels such as FOX, CNN or MSNBC.

Some of you may already have some prior knowledge of Roger Garaudy and what he went through as a result of his written words in his book “The Founding Myths of Modern Israel” regarding the dissolution of Jews in Germany during WWII. (For more information, purchase your copy of the book “The Synagogue of Satan
.”)  His crime, simply stating that mass destruction campaigns have been directed at others on the level of the mass destruction campaign aimed at the Jews.

In other words, what happened to the Jews is not unique.

On December 14th 2005 he directed his comments to European nations and for the record, he put forth the premise that if the Jewish people were wronged by Europeans in general and Germans in particular, why is it that the restitution given to the Jews (land use for the purposes of establishing a Jewish state) comes at the expense of the Palestinian people?  


This is extremely logical, and one with even just a cursory understanding of the situation and the desire for equality and justice can relate to.   

Those who committed the offense should be charged with the responsibility of making restitution for the crime.

So why is everyone so upset? This must be understood in light of the comments made by the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So What exactly did the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood say?

Muhammad Mahdi Akef, General Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood added to the controversy by stating the following:

    M. Mahdi Akef

"Western democracy has attacked everyone who does not share the vision of the sons of Zion as far as the myth of the Holocaust is concerned."*
*A statement released days later clarified that his remarks were not meant to imply that the Jewish holocaust did not happen, however, that the remarks were made to highlight the West’s attitude toward democracy when it comes to dealing with justice for the Palestinians.
Source: Al Jazeera

Perhaps a poor word choice either by Akef or the translators who translated his words from Arabic to English.  We all know of the difficulty in conveying words and ideas and translating information in different languages, however, the general principle of the statement rings true.

Read the referenced articles and judge for yourself. 

Regarding the misfortune of the Jews in Germany

Some of what was believed to have happened did, some of it did not. Some of it took place but not in the manner that some remember it. 

This is what happens when there are different individuals providing their interpretations of events that have transpired.

In that sense, history is kind of like a car accident. When the witnesses are asked about their recollection of events, there are usually many different stories depending on one’s vantage point.

All events and facts must be placed in their proper context, like for example when the Jews attempt to contextualize their involvement in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade by saying “It wasn’t just us, everyone else was involved too!”

Most acquiesce when confronted with the facts surrounding the terrible fate of many Jews in Germany at the hands of those under Hitler’s military command. We at the TEI do not deny what took place and feel that anyone who completely denies that must be insane and/or wickedly dishonest and possibly (probably) both.

The position of the TEI intellectually is that what happened to the Jews should be viewed in the light of what happened to Blacks in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, as well as those who perished at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as what happened to the Indigenous people who are also referred to as Native Americans.

As you can see, those Holocausts with the exception of Hiroshima and Nagasaki predated that which happened to the Jews.

There have been many campaigns of mass destruction aimed at entire groups of people, not just what happened to the Jews in Germany, however, it appears that many Jews believe they have cornered the market on human suffering and anyone who dares to challenge or question them regarding those events is ex post facto an enemy of the Jewish people.

If that is their feeling, that is fine. No one should be able to tell another group of people how they should feel. It is up to that particular group of people to determine that which is to be considered detrimental or that which is to be considered beneficial to the aims and goals of the collective. 

This is the right of self-determination. Kujichagulia. One of the principles of the Nguzo Saba.

Why do Jewish leaders feel so comfortable telling Black people who they should listen to and consider friends and enemies?

That being the case, they should not object to being judged using the same scale of justice they have used against others.

This is logical, isn’t it?

Logically speaking, if they have the desire to diminish our suffering (taking place by the hands and through the wicked machinations of Jewish merchants and others) then those Jews holding those types of beliefs are to be rightfully considered the enemies of our people and they should be treated as such.

How should enemies be treated? 

This is one to ponder by those of you who have been given the responsibility to guide our people out of the collective quagmire of ignominy and decadence to reclaim our elevated position and secure our rightful destiny.

Facts are facts and truth is truth.

USA should not dear attack Iran!

Proposes committee to clarify "Holocaust"

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- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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