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"In the universities of the West in the 1950s, Jews were still holders of many important chairs of Islamic Studies, whereas, at that time only one ethnic Arab, Philip Hitti, a Lebanese Christian teaching at Princeton enjoyed a major reputation ... In the 1970s ... the three leading historians (in Princeton's Department of Near Eastern Studies Department) were all Jews ... the most eminent of all, Bernard Lewis ... a confirmed Zionist. [Edward] Said's celebrated Orientalism (1978) sounded a clarion call to ethnic Arabs to liberate their historiography from Jewish imperialists."
Norman Cantor,
The Jewish Experience, HarperCollins, NY,
1996, p. 126

"The use of the word 'terrorist' -- where Arabs who murder the innocent are always called 'terrorists' whereas Israeli killers who slaughter 29 Palestinians in a Hebron mosque or assassinate their prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, are called 'extremists' -- is only part of the problem. 'Terrorist' is a word that avoids all meaning. The who and the how are of essential importance. But the 'why' is something the West usually prefers to avoid. Not once yesterday -- not in a single press statement, press conference or interview -- did a US leader or diplomat explain why the enemies of America hate America. Why is Bin Laden so angry with the United States? ...The reason almost certainly lies with US policy -- or lack of policy -- towards the Middle East ... Bin Laden himself was obsessed for many months with the massacre of Lebanese civilians by the Israelis at the UN base at Qana in south Lebanon in April 1996. Why had Bill Clinton not condemned this 'terrorist' act? he asked. (In fact, Bill Clinton called it a 'tragedy,' as if it was some form of natural disaster -- the Israelis said it was a 'mistake' but the UN concluded it wasn't."
Robert Fisk,
As My Grocer Said: Thank You Mr. Clinton for the Kind Words ..., The Independent [London], 8-22-98,
p. 3]

In 1982, a Jewish American (also with Israeli citizenship), Alan Goodman, shot and killed two Arabs near Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock -- the third holiest shrine in Islam.. Resultant Arab riots resulted in another 11 Muslims slain by Israeli soldiers and police. Goodman was pardoned by Israeli authorities for his murders in 1997, on the condition that he returned to America. Still unrepentant, he declared that "what I did was politically correct." Arab Americans in Baltimore, where Goodman was returning, expressed worry and outrage that such a man would be living in the Maryland community. "If I was a member of the Baltimore Muslim community, I'd watch my children after [Goodman's] arrival," noted Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, "As Congress enacts legislation against terrorism, it is accepting a terrorist."
Joanne Loviglio,
Return of Gunman from Israel Concerns Arab-Americans,
Associated Press,

In 1994 Recycled Paper Greetings, the fourth-largest greeting card company in America, headed by Jewish co-founders Phil Friedmann and Michael Keiser, came under heated attack by Muslim and Arab groups for a "get well" card in its line. The card depicted a head-to-toe woman in a black veil and was captioned with "Rather than confront her morbid fear of germs, Millicent changed her name to Yazmine and moved to Tehran." Inside, noted the Houston Chronicle, there was "irreverent play on the word 'Mecca' and 'Shiite.' Hundreds of telephone callers protested to the company and there were two death threats. The company continued to refuse to pull the card from it's line.
Stephen Franklin,
Company Greeted with Fierce Protests,
Houston Chronicle,
October 2, 1994, p. 9

This anti-Arab, anti-Islam tenor, of course, is a recurring theme from Jewish-dominated Hollywood. In 1998, for instance, The Siege, by director Edward Zwick, came under especially heated attack by Arabs and Muslims. From the apologetic side, "Zwick and [Siege producer Lynda] Obst, both Jewish, have said that they intended the film to combat racism." [PFEFFERMAN, N., 9-4-98] The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee strongly felt it did something else, calling it "insidious, incendiary, and dangerous" for Arabs and Muslims. "There is no doubt," agreed Montreal Gazette reviewer Bill Brownstein, " ... that The Siege does incite racial hatred toward Arabs ... The image that will linger long after the lights come back on is that of U.S. soldiers herding up every Arab in New York and shunting them off to mini-concentration camps." [BROWNSTEIN, B., p. A3]

In 2000, London's daily newspaper The Independent noted the new movie Rules of Engagement, directed by William Friedkin and produced by Paramount, whose head of the film division is Sherry Lansing. Friedkin and Lansing are husband and wife -- and they are both Jewish: "The Arab nations -- and the Islamic world in general -- have become the new stock enemy, a powerful and unreasoning force in True Lies (1994), Executive (1995), GI Jane (1997) and The Siege (1998) -- in which Bruce Willis rounded up Arab Americans in an attempt to stop a Hezbollah-type terrorist group blowing up New York. Even The Insider (1999) -- a film about corruption in the tobacco industry, for heaven's sake -- tacked on a Syrian prologue in which Al Pacino took on a pack of mad-ish mullahs. And Rules of Engagement? 'This film is absolutely off the scale,' says Hussein Ibish, communications director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Commitee, a Washington-based pressure. 'I've never seen anything quite so vile. I felt like I was being physically beaten, which is a reaction I've never had encountering a work of art. It was mind- bogglingly vicious. I'm amazed that a major American entertainment company would actually release such a thing." [SWEET, M., 7-30-00]

In 1999, the Disney company [Eisner, formerly Katzenberg, Roth, Ovitz, et al] found itself embroiled in yet another controversy, this one political. It had allowed the state of Israel to have an exhibit -- the largest --"on display at the new Millennium Village at [Disney World] Complex's Epcot Center in Florida." [LOS ANGELES JEWISH TIMES, Aug 27-Sept 2, 99] Muslim and Arab organizations were concerned that Israel would portray Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, an assertion at odds with the Muslim and Arab view. In 1992, the Disney film "Aladdin" came under attack from outraged Arab and Muslim groups. Condemnation starts with its opening song: "Oh, I come from a land / a far away place / where the caravan camels roam. / Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face / it's barbaric, but, hey, it's home." [SHAHEEN, J. 12-21-92, p. F3] Professor Jack Shaheen complained again about Disney four years later: "Nearly one year after Disney bashed Arabs in 'Aladdin,' ... its] studio executives promised they would in the future consult with Arab Americans so as not to repeat the mistakes. Soon after, in 'The Return of Jafar' (1996), they displayed gobs of hook-nosed Arabs referred to in the film as 'desert skunks.' That same year, Disney continued trouncing Arabs in ... 'In the Army Now' ... In 1995, Disney's Christmas feel-good family film 'Father of the Bride, Part II, writers inserted a foul, rich, Arab-American couple, the Habibs... Collectively, Disney's relentlessly ruthless images advance suspicion and hatred. Although other studios perpetuate injurious clichés ... only Disney violates Americans of Middle East heritage." [SHAHEEN, J., 8-12-96, p. F31]

"Specific themes [by Jewish lobbying organizations] were developed. One was connecting Arabs in general, and Palestinians in particular, with Nazism. In part this was just a matter of rhetorical flourishes. ('The checkered kaffiya of the PLO has replaced Hitler's blackshirt.') In part it was a trope of slock fiction. In Leon Uris's Exodus (both the novel and the film), Palestinian terrorism is masterminded by an escaped Nazi in the background. In dozens of thrillers (like Frederick Forsyth's The Odessa File), unrepentant Nazis collaborate with Arabs to destroy Israel. But serious arguments were also advanced about continuity between Nazism and the Palestinian movement. 'The Arabs cannot pretend they played no role in the Holocaust,' said I.L. Kenen, the head of AIPAC. 'The Palestinians, or many of them,' wrote Leon Wieseltier, 'were Hitler's little helpers in the Middle East.'"
Peter Novick,
The Holocaust in
American Life
Houghton Mifflin,
1999, p. 156

"The Middle East Research Institute (Memri) is a unique organization little known by American Jews. Established in 1998 in Israel, it translates Arabic and Farsi primary sources into Hebrew and English ... Then, its media center in Jerusalem provides journalists, diplomats, policy makers and academics with unbiased, comprehensive information regarding the Arab and Islamic worlds, particularly the Arab-Israeli conflict ... No other organization does this work ... Yigal Carmon [is the director of MEMRI] ... Arab antisemitism is alive and well and MEMRI brings it to us as no other publication does. From Carmon's point of view, Islam itself is an imminent threat to the U.S. today."
Aileen Kassen,
Cleveland Jewish News,
Learn What Is Being Said in Arabic,
11/16/01, p. 9

"The man who translated Salman Rushdie's 'Satanic Verses' into Persian -- and was threatened with death for his work -- is seeking asylum in Israel. Dr. Jamshid Hasni, 57, is married to an Israeli woman and is undergoing a conversion to Judaism. He told the Ma'ariv newspaper that he could not "return to my homeland because extremists will harm me. I prefer to live in a Jewish country. I want to be part of the Jewish people."
(News in Brief; Rushdie's Translator's Plea, Jewish Chronicle [Great Britain], December 6, 2002, p. 13

[Jewish authors below are Bold-typed]

Reel Bad Arabs. How Hollywood Vilifies a People,
(book review)
"Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People is a groundbreaking book that dissects a slanderous history dating from cinema's earliest days to contemporary Hollywood blockbusters that feature machine-gun wielding and bomb-blowing 'evil' Arabs. Award-winning film authority Jack G. Shaheen, noting that only Native Americans have been more relentlessly smeared on the silver screen, painstakingly makes his case that 'Arab' has remained Hollywood's shameless shorthand for 'bad guy,' long after the movie industry has shifted its portrayal of other minority groups. In this comprehensive study of nearly one thousand films, arranged alphabetically in such chapters as 'Villains,' 'Sheikhs,' 'Cameos,' and 'Cliffhangers,' Shaheen documents the tendency to portray Muslim Arabs as Public Enemy #1-brutal, heartless, uncivilized Others bent on terrorizing civilized Westerners.
" [Who rules Hollywood?]

A Call to Boycott All Advertises at CBS-TV and Radio,
(Council on American-Islamic Relations), June 8, 2001
"Dear Ms. [sic; Mr. Leslie] Moonves [the Jewish head of CBS TV]: On behalf of seven million Muslim-Americans and three million Arab-Americans, we must inform you that CBS-TV [a division of Viacom headed by Jewish mogul Sumner Redstone] leaves us no choice, but to start a boycott campaign ... Why this boycott? Because CBS Television is preparing two high-profile programs in which Muslims and Arabs will, yet again, be depicted as terrorist villains ... Dear Ms. Moonves, to refresh your memory here is a partial list of films starring Chuck Norris, which consistently vilified Arabs and Muslims: (1985) 'Invasion USA,' (1986) 'Firewalker,' (1986) 'Delta Force,' (1990) 'Delta Force II' and (1991) 'The Hitman' - These films were produced by the notorious Canon Films run by the Israeli producers Menachem Golan and Yoram Globus, who pioneered the stereotype of Muslim and Arab 'terrorist villains' in action films."

Hebron's Ugly Truth. Hints of a Second Shooter and Revelations of Official Laxity Raise the Specter of High-Level Resignations, Time, March 28, 1994
"Tragic but simple: that was Israel's official characterization of last month's massacre of [29] Muslim worshippers [during prayer in a mosque] in Hebron. The killer, a Jewish settler, was portrayed as a singular lunatic acting alone. The episode, it was said, could not have been foreseen or prevented, and Israeli security forces responded properly. But after two weeks of hearings by a state commission examining the slaughter, it does not look so elementary anymore. Baruch Goldstein, the Hebron triggerman, is no longer the sole subject of suspicion, now that witnesses say a second man may have been involved. More broadly, an entire national mind-set that enabled settlers to run amuck with shocking ease is on trial ... For many citizens, the most dismaying revelation came at the beginning of the hearings from Deputy Commander Meir Tayar, who heads the paramilitary border police unit in Hebron. Standing orders, he said, forbade security forces from firing on Jewish settlers under any circumstances. He explained that if a settler opened fire, instructions were to 'take cover and wait for the clip to finish, then stop him in some other way, not by shooting.'"

Who is Daniel Pipes? CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations]
(Pipes is a Jewish American scholar). "Throughout his career, Daniel Pipes has exhibited a troubling bigotry toward Muslims and Islam. As early as 1983, even an otherwise positive Washington Post book review noted that Pipes displays 'a disturbing hostility to contemporary Muslims...he professes respect for Muslims but is frequently contemptuous of them.' Pipes, said the reviewer, 'is swayed by the writings of anti-Muslim writers...[the book] is marred by exaggerations, inconsistencies, and evidence of hostility to the subject.' (The Washington Post, 12/11/83) In The Weekly Standard (1/22/96), Pipes offered a glowing review of the infamous anti-Muslim book 'Why I Am Not a Muslim.' The National Catholic Reporter (11/17/95) called that book 'the literary equivalent of hate radio...literary warfare against Islam,' useful only to those 'interested in returning to the polemical past to do battle with Islamic believers.' Pipes called the book 'quite brilliant' and 'startlingly novel.' 'This religion would seem to have nothing functional to offer,' remarked Pipes."

Worldwide News of Religious Intolerance and Conflict for 2000-FEB,
Religious Tolerance
, February 2000
"FEB-1: USA: Anti-Muslim speaker to address House subcommittee. According to Excite News: [Jewish reporter] Steve Emerson will testify before a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims on the topic of 'Terrorist threats to the United States.' He has been called a Muslim basher and an Islamophobe, partly because of his controversial TV program 'Jihad in America' (PBS, 1994). He allegedly claimed that Muslims were responsible for the Oklahoma bombing, that they caused the downing of TWA flight 800, and that Islam sanctions ' part of its religious doctrine.' He is allegedly involved in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a Florida newspaper. The newspaper had reported that Emerson gave a document that he had written to two reporters, claiming that it was from the FBI files. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, (CAIR), has expressed concern over Emerson's appearance."

What Islamism Shares with Nazism, [Jewish] Forward, November 9, 2001
"As Americans grapple with the new ideological 'evil' of radical Islamic fundamentalism, the old benchmark of ultimate evil, Nazism, has been invoked in the effort to understand the origins and implications of September 11. While President Bush has predicted that radical Islam will soon join Nazism among the 'discarded lies' of history, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has controversially compared U.S. coalition building efforts among Arab states to western appeasement of the Nazis in the 1930s. Journalists and pundits have made similar comparisons ... Both Nazism and Islamic fundamentalism emerged as ideologies opposed to the modern world ... Given the ideological similarities between Nazism and radical Islam, the historic response of the West toward the former may provide lessons for our current response to the latter. First, it is important to recognize the deep roots of both ideologies in the cultures from which they emanate. We should be just as suspicious of attempts to exonerate Islam for its fundamentalistic offshoots as we would be of attempts to portray German traditions as guiltless for Nazism."

Sacks Lambasts 'Anti-Semitic" Islamic Radicals, Jewish Chronicle, November 9, 2001, Chief [British] rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks warned this week that Islamic extremists were in danger of reawakening the sort of anti-Jewish hatred which led to the Holocaust."

North Salem Official: Close Border to Arabs
The Journal News, November 1, 2001
"Town Supervisor Sy Globerman wants America's borders closed to Arab immigrants and those from terrorist-supporting countries and said those individuals already in the United States on visas should be sent home. In an e-mail sent this week to three local representatives in Congress, Globerman, a retired pharmacist, asked that Congress 'lock down' the country's borders, saying the move was needed to protect Americans from smallpox, a deadly virus. Issa Eraifej, executive director of the Yonkers-based Arab American Foundation, denounced Globerman's assertions. 'We do condemn this kind of bigotry. This is terrorism itself,' Eraifej said, adding that Globerman's logic would lead one to believe that Jews in the 1950s should have been deported following the convictions of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for passing atomic secrets to the Soviets ... Town Board member Cynthia Curtis, the panel's lone Democrat, also condemned Globerman's letter, calling it 'outrageous' and 'a racist statement' ... Globerman said his suggested ban should be lifted whenever 'terrorism ends,' but admitted that the struggle against terrorists could go on indefinitely."

US Plans TV Station to Rival Al-Jazeera,
Guardian [London], November 23, 2001
"An Arabic-language satellite television station financed by the US and aimed at winning hearts and minds in the Muslim world could shortly become a reality. President George Bush has been told of Initiative 911, which would put half a billion dollars into a channel that would compete in the region with al-Jazeera and would be aimed specifically at younger Muslims who are seen as anti-American ... Following the attacks in New York and Washington, Norman Pattiz, the chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors' (BBG) Middle Eastern sub-committee, put the idea of the station to Mr Biden who was 'intrigued by it and said in the current context we need to think bigger,' according to the aide. The $500m (£350m) price tag was described as 'eye-popping' but is being seen as a worthwhile investment if it lessens the possibility of further attacks by starting to dry up the pool of recruits to al-Qaida and by convincing young Muslims that the US is not anti-Islam ... The BBG chairman, Marc Nathanson, said: 'It is our responsibility to serve as a firewall between the international broadcasters and the policy-making institutions in the foreign affairs community, both in Washington and overseas.'" [Both Pattiz and Nathanson are Jewish]

Reform Judaism's Leader Speaks of Modern 'Nazism,'
Boston Globe, December 9, 2001
"The top US official of Reform Judaism called Islamic radicalism 'the Nazism of our day' yesterday, saying that a strain of Islam 'rejects reason, worships death and abhors freedom.' 'Like German Nazism ... it, too, has a blazing belief in violence, and is consumed by hatred of Jews and Judaism,' Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie said in a sermon before the biennial convention of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, meeting in Boston. 'Islamic radicals and their allies are waging a battle against liberty, democracy and humanity.' Yoffie, a Worcester native, is president of the union, an umbrella organization of Reform Judaism and the largest and fastest-growing Jewish denomination in the United States. Yoffie's speech did not define ''Islamic radicalism,'' but in an interview Friday he tried to differentiate between Islam, which he said is peaceful, and what he called 'fanatic, politicized Islam.' 'Fascist terror with a radical Islamic face wants to erase Israel from the map, even if this is not its immediate goal,' Yoffie said. 'If the champions of terror survive intact, the jihad that they promise will be a mortal threat to the Jewish state.' Imam Talal Eid of the Islamic Center of New England said he was disappointed that Yoffie had highlighted radical Islam. 'There are radicals in every religion,' he said. 'To pinpoint it on Muslims is wrong. There are Jewish radicals and radicals of all faiths.'''

The Ghosts of Auschwitz
, by Suzanne Fields,
Washington Times, December 10, 2001
"Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian extremists who support him have escaped similar comparisons with the Nazis because, we're told, Mr. Arafat is a weak leader and his strength derives from his weakness. But anyone who follows the ruthless brutality of the Palestinian terrorists, who are certainly 'enabled' if not encouraged by Mr. Arafat, find the analogy to the Nazis credible. Mr. Arafat and his fanatics believe, as Hitler and the Nazis before them, that they are right and eager to kill infinite numbers of civilian innocents to make their point. While decent men and women everywhere are outraged because the targeted victims of the suicide bombers are civilians, the terrorists see them, as the Nazis did, as merely Jews."

Muslims Blast CNN's J.Lo Blow, New York Post, December 20, 2001
"Muslims are seething at CNN and MTV [owned by Sumner Redstone's Viacom] after the cable-TV giants teamed up to surprise sheltered Afghan kids with sexy, skin-baring photos of Jennifer Lopez and get their reactions on camera. In the segment aired on CNN last night, reporter Jason Bellini whipped out an American teen magazine featuring J.Lo, showed it to traditionally dressed Afghan teens and asked: 'What do you think?' The jolted youngsters told Bellini that while J.Lo was 'very beautiful,' she would 'never be allowed to dress like that here because her outfit exposes her belly.' Disgusted Muslim leaders said the interviews, produced and edited by MTV and aired on CNN's 'Newsnight with Aaron Brown,' were disrespectful. 'I'm surprised a CNN correspondent would not be sensitive to Muslim issues. He should have known better,' fumed Dr. Sayyid Syeed, general secretary of the Islamic Society of North America. 'You have to know what the limits are. That's why I think that all journalists should take courses in Islam - Islam 101.' A CNN spokeswoman said the newsman, formerly at MTV, had used the magazine with J.Lo's image as a prop to quiz the kids about their knowledge of American pop stars."

Arab League Alleges Illegal Eviction,
Yahoo! News (from Associated Press), December 24, 2001
"The 22-member Arab League filed suit Monday alleging that its landlord is illegally trying to evict it from its Manhattan offices in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. The league says in court papers that the landlord's managing agent, Sage Realty, asked the league to leave its midtown offices about a week after the attack. The agent said other tenants wanted the league out of the building because they were worried that the group would attract trouble, according to court papers. The Arab League, which has permanent observer status at the United Nations and diplomatic immunity, believes it has a valid lease and has no intention of leaving, according to the court papers. 'I told them that this was uncalled for,' said Ambassador Hussein Hassouna of Egypt, the league's permanent representative to the U.N. 'We feel like we are being discriminated against, and we informed the U.S. mission to the U.N.''' [Sage Realty is a subsidiary of the William Kaufman Organization]

Defensive Saudis Lash Out at 'Zionist' and U.S. Critics
[Jewish] Forward, December 28, 2001
"A roiling debate over the United States' ties with Saudi Arabia took an ugly turn last week when the powerful Saudi defense minister, Prince Sultan ibn Abdul Aziz, publicly accused the 'Zionist and Jewish lobby' of orchestrating a 'media blitz' against the desert kingdom ... In addition to blaming the 'Jewish lobby' for Saudi Arabia's negative characterization in the media, Prince Sultan, according to Saudi press reports, also claimed that the media 'campaign' was a result of Saudi Arabia's strong support for a Palestinian state. Prince Sultan added that he believed the campaign would be over in 24 hours if Saudi Arabia was to 'befriend Jews' ... Former American officials said this newfound media interest has spurred the Saudi leadership to go public with its long held belief that Jews control the Western media. Other observers, while rejecting the Saudi accusations of a Jewish-orchestrated slander campaign, nonetheless point to the re-emergence of an anti-Arab lobby in America. 'There are many people in and out of government who want to go after Iraq and other Arab states,' said Michael Sterner, former deputy assistant secretary of state for Near East affairs and former representative of the Saudi national oil company. 'It is basically an anti-Arab lobby and its members are mostly pro-Israel. They have come out of the woodwork lately.' Mr. Sterner named Richard Perle, a former Reagan administration official and current chairman of the Defense Policy Board, as the most powerful advocate of this anti-Arab stance outside of government. Mr. Sterner pointed to Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz as the main proponent of this anti-Arab stance within the Bush administration. Both Mr. Perle and Mr. Wolfowitz are Jewish. 'Those folks see Saudi Arabia and its oil as the biggest challenge to America's strong alliance with Israel,' Mr. Sterner said."

A Mere Brush with Our Reality, Arab News, December 29, 2001
"To: New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman. Dear Mr. Friedman: I have read your 'memo' (The New York Times, Dec. 12) from President George W. Bush addressed to Sheikh Saleh Al-Shaikh, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Islamic Affairs. I was pleased that you revealed your inner belief that for the United States, Saudi Arabia was 'a big gas station to be pumped and defended but never to be taken seriously as a society' ... I beg to differ with your assertion that Saudi Arabia’s schools, and the thousands of Islamic schools and charities financed by us, were responsible for depriving several thousand American children of their parents. By making that statement — and thus indirectly equating Saudi Arabia with terror — you are posing a veiled threat that Saudi Arabia will now be considered just as the Soviet Union was considered during the Cold War ... It is Congress that has prevented educational reforms, health service reforms and welfare reforms that would have helped the many millions of your citizens who live below the poverty line. It is Congress which provides the weapons that allow Israel to commit mass murder against Palestinians and the billions of dollars that help that country build settlements on stolen land, while, at the same time, allocating relatively little money for the renovation of the many decaying inner cities across the United States. Your armed forces are ever at the ready to bomb other countries and overthrow or install their leaders. At the same time, your internal security forces have proved themselves incapable of combating organized crime or defeating the drug lords who, in practical terms, control large parts of your major cities ... We grieve personally for the victims of the Sept. 11. We also grieve for the hundreds of innocent Palestinians who have been killed and the many thousands who have been left permanently disabled during the latest intifada alone. It is not our schools or madrassas that breed bitterness against the United States. It is the unqualified support your country gives to Israel. Unless you look at this fact impartially, you will never even come close to understanding why there is anger directed against your government."

Canadians Urged to Boycott CanWest Media,
Canadian Islamic Congress, December 7, 2001
"In the wake of veteran Halifax journalist and journalism professor Stephen Kimber's resignation, citing editorial interference from the newspaper's owner, the Canadian Islamic Congress today called on all Canadians to boycott CanWest-owned newspapers and TVstations, urging them instead to obtain their daily news and editorial views from competing newspapers, broadcast networks and the Internet. In a letter sent to the CIC last year, Lord Conrad Black, former publisher and still a 50% owner of the National Post, said that 'Readers who do not approve of our newspaper are free not to read it, to buy competing newspapers, or start their own, as I did in this case.' Kimber, who is Director of Journalism at the University of King's College, maintains that the [Israel] Asper family, owners of CanWest Global Communications, are imposing their personal views on all the media outlets controlled by their company. 'They're pro-Israel. They think rich people like themselves deserve tax breaks. They support privatizing health-care delivery. And they believe their newspapers, from Victoria, B.C., to St. John's, Nfld., should agree with them,' he said ... The latest (Fall 2001) edition of the Canadian Islamic Congress's annual report on anti-Islam usage in the media showed that during the past two years, the National Post, Montreal Gazette and Ottawa Citizen contained the highest occurrences of language and views that portray Muslims and Islam in a pejorative or misleading manner. All three newspapers are now owned by CanWest The Asper family, based in Winnipeg, now holds controlling interest in CanWest, which includes Global TV, the National Post, and the former Southam chain of newspapers across Canada. This means that more than half of Canada's newspapers are the property of CanWest."

The Pilot Who Lost His Cool,, January 11, 2002
"To Ms. [columnist Debbie] Schlussel, the matter is very simple: '[Secret Service bodyguard to the president of the United State Walied] Shatter was armed. He was visibly an Arab (as were the Sept. 11 hijackers). He was belligerent, appeared nervous, and flight attendants reported to the captain that his behavior 'appeared to be strange'" – as if some of those airline stewardesses should talk! Furthermore, 'there were doubts whether his Secret Service ID was legitimate. No terrorist ever used a fake ID before, right.' Nothing will satisfy Schlussel: after all, he's 'visibly Arab,' and that's all she needs to know. Gee, I didn't know they let Jews into the Ku Klux Klan. At any rate, she would look a lot better with a bedsheet over her head ... Did she apologize then [about her article about Schlussel]? Of course not. For this is precisely what Schlussel and the blindly pro-Israel faction of the conservative movement want: to import to our shores the tribal violence that makes life in Israel so miserable. Indeed, any ordinary decent human being would've dropped the Issa vendetta after the bombing attempt, but not Schlussel ... Oh, those dirty rotten Arabs, so 'self-important' – well, we know how to treat them in Israel, now don't we Debbie? The pure hate that emanates from Schlussel's poison pen is enough to send one reeling and choking, but I have the sinking feeling that the sheer brazenness of this kind of evil is deliberately meant to be shocking. The ugly racism of some sections of Israeli society is now being injected into American politics, and that kind of poison could be deadly."

In Reply to Scoot McDonnell, by David Horowitz,
, January 16, 2002
"Arafat and the PLO are the Nazis of the Middle East. They behave like Nazis, they think like Nazis and even though they are mercifully infinitely weaker than the Nazis, they are identical when it comes to negotiating a peace. You appear to think that the United States, if not Israel, would be better off appeasing Arafat and his Islamic terrorists. What on earth could possibly make you entertain this illusion at this particular point in time? ... I am not – as I said in the article – a Zionist. I see this issue through American eyes."

UK Chief Rabbi: Muslims Are the New Anti-Semites,
Ha'aretz, January 18, 2002
"Britain's Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says Muslims are the archetypal anti-Semites of the new millennium, while the State of Israel plays the role of the classically persecuted Jew. 'It's moved,' Rabbi Sacks said in an interview with Ha'aretz, 'from Europe to the Middle East, from Christian culture to Islamic; from the individual Jew to the Jews as a sovereign nation. But essentially it remains the same: the inability, or at worst refusal, to grant Jews a space.' Sacks sees this as the backdrop to a current, two-track surge of anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom - among the country's two million Muslims and among the left-liberal media. Uninhibited disparagement of Jews has become rampant, and even acceptable, at London dinner parties; and Jewish community leaders are voicing concern. 'The anti-Israel media have taken the Arab propaganda line on board,' says Lord Greville Janner."

Dershowitz: Make Torture and Option, CBS News, January 17, 2002
"Is there a place in the U.S. justice system for torture? Alan Dershowitz, the civil libertarian defender of O.J Simpson, believes the law should sanction torture so it may be applied in certain cases, such as terrorist acts. In a report to be broadcast Sunday on 60 Minutes, Dershowitz tells Correspondent Mike Wallace that torture is inevitable. 'We can’t just close our eyes and pretend we live in a pure world,' he says. After the events of Sept. 11, with many al Qaida members in custody, Dershowitz says he wants to bring the debate to the forefront. He gave the 'ticking bomb' scenario - a person refusing to tell when and where a bomb will go off."

Iran Blocks UK Ambassador, BBC News, January 9, 2002
"Britain's new ambassador to Iran has had his appointment blocked by Iranian Government officials, according to reports. Iranian newspaper Jomhuri Islami said that the decision to appoint David Reddaway had angered Iran, who claimed he was not acceptable for the role as he was both Jewish and linked to Britain's MI6 secret service. Mr Reddaway was to replace Nicholas Browne, who left the post in December. Fluent in Farsi, the main Iranian language, 48 year-old Mr Reddaway previously served in Madrid, New Delhi and Buenos Aires. The British Foreign Office did not comment on the newspaper's report, but the newspaper said that Britain had threatened to downgrade the Tehran post in retaliation."

Talking to Saudi Arabia, (Editorial) Washington Post, February 3, 2002
"The Saudi government is convinced that it is the victim of an orchestrated campaign by the U.S. news media. Senior officials point to a stream of reports calling attention to the involvement of Saudis in the attacks of Sept. 11, questioning the government's cooperation in the subsequent investigation and worldwide crackdown on the al Qaeda network, and suggesting that the kingdom's deeply conservative religious institutions and international charities may be helping to foster Islamic extremism and terrorism. Such criticism is unprecedented in the 60-year alliance between the House of Saud and the White House, the Saudis protest; it can only be explained as a systematic effort by their enemies to disrupt the U.S.-Saudi relationship. Who are those enemies? That's easy: Israel and the American 'Jewish lobby.'"

Hebron Surprise, by Barbara Lerner, National Review, January 16, 2002
"The reality behind the myths is stark and simple, and is not a matter of Left/Right, as the elite media in America and Israel keep insisting, but of East/West. If the West will not fight to maintain its hold on its two birthright cities — the Hebron of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the Jerusalem of Jesus — then, secular faith in diplo-speak aside, it will in the end cede the entire Middle East to an imperialist brand of Islam still seeking conquest, not coexistence, with the Judeo-Christian world and the Western civilization it gave rise to. If, on the other hand, Israel and America join together to insist, clearly and forcefully, that Jews and Christians will not be defeated and driven hence, then Islamist imperialism will suffer a major defeat, and peace and coexistence may yet have a chance."

Let America Take Its Cues from Israel Regarding Torture
by Alan Dershowitz, Jewish World Review, January 30, 2002
"If American law enforcement officers were ever to confront the law school hypothetical case of the captured terrorist who knew about an imminent attack but refused to provide the information necessary to prevent it, I have absolutely no doubt that they would try to torture the terrorists into providing the information... In my new book, 'Shouting Fire: Civil Liberties in a Turbulent Age,'' I offer a controversial proposal designed to stimulate debate about this difficult issue. Under my proposal, no torture would be permitted without a 'torture warrant' being issued by a judge. An application for a torture warrant would have to be based on the absolute need to obtain immediate information in order to save lives coupled with probable cause that the suspect had such information and is unwilling to reveal it. The suspect would be given immunity from prosecution based on information elicited by the torture. The warrant would limit the torture to nonlethal means, such as sterile needles, being inserted beneath the nails to cause excruciating pain without endangering life."

Trouble in Holy Land. Arab Anti-American Rhetoric Rising,
World Net Daily, February 5, 2002
"Abd Al-Bari 'Atwan, editor of the London Arabic-language daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi, compared President Bush to Hitler. In an article titled 'A Rash and Vulgar President,' 'Atwan wrote: 'The American President George Bush, whom all agree is reckless and inexperienced, presented himself in his 'State of the Union Address' ... as a leader thirsty for bloodshed and for declaring war on half the world to satisfy a sense of vengeance and in submission to the sick Israeli incitement that stems from the interests of the Hebrew state – even if [satisfying] these interests comes at the expense of the destruction of the entire world.' 'The triangle of evil of which the American president spoke poses no genuine threat to U.S. security and interests – yet this triangle, primarily the Iraqi and Iranian sides, jeopardize Israel's aspirations of expansion. ...' 'Atwan wrote. 'President Bush seeks to wage war against Iraq and Iran because they strive to obtain weapons of mass destruction. However, he does not see the weapons being stockpiled in the Israeli arsenal. ... He also does not see [the WMD] in Chinese, Russian, and Indian arsenals. ...'"

Israel Seeks to Turn Iran into Outcast, Los Angeles Times, February 6, 2002
"Emboldened by President Bush's 'axis of evil' speech, the Israeli government has launched an international campaign against Iran ahead of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's trip to the United States this week. Israel charges that Iran is arming the Palestinians and Hezbollah, the Shiite Muslim militia in Lebanon, to further destabilize a region rocked by more than 16 months of bloodshed. In New York on Monday, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres echoed Bush's State of the Union assertion that Iran is developing weapons of mass destruction."

Schools Remove Donated Books, Los Angeles Times, February 7, 2002
"Los Angeles city school officials have pulled nearly 300 translations of the Koran from school libraries after learning that commentary in the books was derogatory toward Jews. Copies of 'The Meaning of the Holy Quran' were donated in December to the Los Angeles Unified School District by a local Muslim foundation, said Jim Konantz, director of information technology for the district. Konantz said the books, offered as a goodwill gesture in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, were distributed to the schools last week without the usual content review. The reasons for skipping the review were unclear, but the donor was known as a supportive community member. On Monday, Konantz received a complaint from a history teacher who concluded some of the book's footnotes were anti-Semitic. After reviewing the book, Konantz instructed principals to secure all copies in their offices until the district determines what to do with them. 'It's not an issue of whether the Koran should be available in the library,' Konantz said. 'It's like any other research volume. But these interpretations are certainly in question.'"
[Conversely, note the way Arabs/Muslims are freely treated with abuse in American society, for example by the National Review with their cover entitled "Desert Rats."]

David Frum's 'Axis of Evil,', February 5, 2002
(David Frum is one of President George Bush's speechwriters. The notorious 'Axis of Evil' speech, condemned by many critics, impugned Iraq, Iran, and North Korea and implied a military threat to them). "One of the occupational frustrations for established writers who become speechwriters is the absence of a byline. Apparently it's a frustration for their wives, too. Today Chatterbox was forwarded an e-mail apparently sent to family and friends by Danielle Crittenden, wife to White House speechwriter David Frum. Like her husband, Crittenden is a reasonably well-known Washington writer. [Update, Feb. 6: Apparently a Toronto Sun editorial identified Frum as authoring 'axis of evil' on Feb. 1. Christopher Hitchens repeated this on MSNBC's Hardball on Feb. 4. In both instances, though, Frum's authorship was merely asserted, not attributed to any source, so it was hard to know whether it was true. The Feb. 11 Time attributes the phrase to both Frum and chief speechwriter Michael Gerson.]" [One author describes Frum as a 'conservative, pro-Israeli Jew,' American Prospect, 12-17-01]

Blunt Question, Blunt Answer, by Thomas L. Friedman,
New York Times
, February 10, 2002
"We were just finishing a lunch hosted by a U.S. diplomat for Arab editors in London when one of the editors turned to me and said: 'I hope you will not be insulted, but I have to ask you this question because it's around: Are Jews in the media behind the campaign to smear Saudi Arabia and Islam?' My first instinct was to ask a question back: When Jewish reporters in Beirut and Israel were at the forefront in covering such stories as the Sabra and Shatila massacre of Palestinians, why did no one in the Arab world ask whether they were part of a Jewish conspiracy? When Jewish congressmen and commentators led the campaign for U.S. intervention to save the Muslims of Bosnia and Kosovo and to roll back the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and protect Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf war, why did no one in the Muslim world complain about a Jewish conspiracy?"

Schools Sow Seeds of Hate, by Arnold Abrams, Newsday, 2002
"The most frightening thing about Syed is his normalcy. The 18-year-old Pakistani is one of several hundred students at the Rahatabad madrasa, a medium- sized Islamic religious school in Peshawar, a Pakistani city near the northern border with Afghanistan. He is an average student, and he has the same impoverished background as his classmates. But his response startled a visiting reporter from the Los Angeles Times who, after the murderous Sept. 11 attacks against the United States, asked the boy's class for its views on America. 'Everything you do is wrong,' Syed said. 'America's wealth, its resources are in the hands of Jews, and they are not using it for a noble cause' However hateful, distasteful or distorted they may be, those views are widely shared by students at this madrasa. Militant fundamentalist Islamic teaching is at the core of curriculums in schools like this. Students can spend eight to 10 years in them, studying the Quran, which is the Muslim holy book, and learning fundamentalist Islam."

Stephen Schwartz and the Wave of Anti-Saudi Hate. How a One-Time 'Libertarian Socialist' Crossed Over to the Zionist Dark Side,
Pravda (Russia), February 14, 2002
"'Terror – meaning the infliction of physical violence on the innocent, through such acts as suicide bombings in public places – is the quintessence of militant Islamic fundamentalism … [It] rejects any and all coexistence with Judaism and Christianity … like Nazism and Communism, [it] will be a threat to the peace of the world as long as it is allowed to flourish under Saudi patronage.' So wrote neo-conservative convert Stephen Schwartz in an October 25, 2001 article in National Review. Over the past four years, Schwartz has steadily been building a name for himself as a commentator on Islam, and is working on a book on the subject called the 'Two Faces Of Islam.' But many have been confused by his changing perceptions of the Muslim faith. After all, it was only a few years ago when Schwartz made his leap from obituary page writer at the San Francisco Chronicle to religious expert stressing the similarities between Islam and Judaism (a way of saying it is similar to being good), briefly converting to a Sufi Muslim, and calling himself 'Suleyman Ahmad' on the way ... Many are wondering how this cheerleader of US intervention in Kosovo and Islamic-Albanian rebellion, described by his friends fifteen years ago as being 'short, rotund … with grey and black hair,' converted so quickly to being the spearhead of the Zionist demand to destroy Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi branch of the Muslim faith. But looking into his history – from his days as a reviled member of San Francisco’s far-left anarchist-punk community, to his conversion to Jewish conservatism in the mid-1980s while working on a CIA-funded report on Grenada, to his sudden reappearance on the modern political scene as a spouter of pro-war anti-Muslim hate – one can see that Schwartz has always been perceived as a blowhard making any ridiculous statements he thinks will impress his audience, without any real convictions or evidence to back them up."

The Sound of America, New Yorker, February 20, 2002
"[Jewish radio mogul] Norman Pattiz, the man in charge of delivering the American message over the radio waves to the Middle East,is not a policy wonk. To begin with, he lives in Beverly Hills, not Washington, and he likes to spend his time going to Laker games with Sylvester Stallone and Heather Locklear, and driving his 1984 Aston Martin. Until recently, he may not have known Dubai from the Doobie Brothers, but Pattiz has other qualifications. He is the founder and chairman of Westwood One, the $3.5-billion company that is the country's largest distributor of commercial radio programming. Starting next month, hewill oversee an innovative radio network aimed at bringing American values and pop culture to Arabs in the Middle East. The project, which has a budget of thirty million dollars, is being launched by the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees international government-sponsored broadcasting ... 'Will the religious extremists like it?' Pattiz asked himself the other day. 'Probably not. But you've got to go after the hearts and minds you can get."

A Dangerous Appointment, by James Zogby,
Saudia-online, April 16, 2001
"[Jewish lawyer] Douglas J. Feith has been appointed Undersecretary of Policy at the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). This is one of the Pentagon's four senior posts, charged with 'all matters concerning the formulation of national security and defense policy and the integration and oversight of DOD policy and plans' ... A prolific writer, Feith has left a long paper trail of anti-Arab tracts and diatribes against those who challenge or seek to compromise Israel's strength and as he defines it, 'moral superiority' over the Arabs. As was the case in the Cold War battle against Communism, in Feith's view, there can be no place for compromise between Israel and the Arabs. Since he defines the Middle East conflict in absolute terms, the only option for Israel is to confront its Arab enemies until they are defeated, which, in his worldview, means when they submit and accept Israel's legitimacy and sovereignty over all of mandatory Palestine. Since Israel represents the 'good' and 'our values,' in Feith's view, it is necessary for the United States to identify with Israel in its struggle against the forces of 'darkness,' the Arabs. This means providing Israel with superior military strength and political support." [In 1997, Feith received the Louis Brandeis award from the Zionist Organization of America. The ZOA noted that both Douglas Feith and his father Dalck were "noted Jewish philanthropists and pro-Israel activists."]

We're the Good Guys, by Jonah Goldberg,
National Review, March 6, 2002
"Muslims don't like us. We don't like Muslims. It must be our fault. That's pretty much the way the chatterers have been chattering about the two recent Gallup polls which reveal the stunning news that Arab countries don't like us and that we ain't exactly in a hurry to name our kids Osama or Waleed ... [W]ords we have very good reasons to have negative attitudes toward Arab countries. And, hell, even if Sept. 11 never happened and Osama bin Laden had followed his true calling and became a cross-dressing apple-bobber in Amsterdam, we would still have a legitimate reason to have 'negative views' toward Arab countries. You know why? Because they are undemocratic stagnating cultures led by tyrants who drink daily from a heady cocktail of brutality, corruption, and crapulence. I am so fed up with the criticism that it is 'arrogant' to express such opinions. Fine, it's arrogant. I plead guilty. That doesn't mean it's not true, does it? The same people who talk about the folderol in the Florida election recount as if George Bush executed his opponents and seized the White House at gunpoint, bat their eyelashes as if I emitted a foul and offensive odor when I say 'Saudi Arabia is a bad country.' In Saudi Arabia it's illegal for five guys to stand on a street corner and talk about politics, for Pete's sake. And yet, James Zogby, the head of the Arab-American Institute insists America has to work harder to persuade THESE COUNTRIES THAT WE HAVE A LOT IN COMMON WITH THEM. President Bush, he says, has a lot of work to do in explaining that we share their values. Hey Jim, we don't want to share too many values with these countries."

The Axis of Incitement, Asian Times, March 9, 2002
"White House speechwriter David Frum, who coined the incendiary 'axis of evil' moniker used by President George W Bush, is leaving Bush's employ for the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI). It seems the perfect fit. The phrase incited a diplomatic storm over Bush's next moves in his anti-terrorist campaign. Likewise, the AEI has long been a source of provocation, particularly for intelligence professionals at the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The staunchly unilateralist AEI, and its foreign-policy honcho, Richard Perle, have never been so powerful. Much to the frustration of Secretary of State Colin Powell and Washington's European and Arab allies, the Bush administration has embraced virtually all of the AEI's policy positions on the Middle East, including the right-wing Likud Party's opposition to the Oslo peace process for Israel and Palestine. The 'axis of evil' - and the policy consequences of that designation, including the option of pre-emptive military attacks against Iraq, Iran and North Korea - represents a major triumph for the AEI, which for years has denounced as appeasement US and European efforts to engage any of those three countries. The AEI and especially Perle, who holds a unique position as both chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board and as an independent commentator, have emerged as the keystone of an 'axis of incitement' - a small but potent network of like-minded, ultra-hawkish officials, analysts, and opinion-makers. Unlike the 'axis of evil,' members of the 'axis of incitement' share a passionate belief in the inherent goodness and redemptive mission of the United States; the moral cowardice of 'liberals' and 'European elites'; the existential necessity of supporting Israel in the shadow of the Holocaust and in the face of the 'implacable hatred,' as Frum has written, of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims; and the primacy of military power. Their reach within the administration extends far. At the Pentagon, they include Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, whose relationship with Perle goes back 30 years, and Undersecretary for Policy Douglas Feith, whose pro-Likud sentiments led him to denounce the 1978 Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt as an Israeli sellout."

A Letter to My Fellow Jews,
World Net Daily, March 19, 2002
"These are difficult times for us. The most difficult since the Holocaust. As painful as it is for us to acknowledge – because we don't want to believe that so many people hate us – tens of millions of Muslims, primarily in the Arab world, believe in and promulgate a Jew-hatred unlike anything seen since the Nazi era. Whether we are liberal or conservative, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or secular, our being born a Jew is sufficient to mean, in the eyes of millions of Muslims, that we are worthy of death. That is why the ritual slaughter of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was so frightening. He was simply a Jew by birth – he was not religious, and he was married to a French woman. Just for being born a Jew (and an American), he was worthy of death to his Islamic murderers ... Israel lives in the midst of moral and religious primitivism ('kill Jews and Americans and be serviced by 72 young women in heaven') so frightening, that many of us (especially in academia and the media) do not want to acknowledge it, and some of us, perhaps suffering from the Stockholm syndrome, even think that somehow Israel is at fault."

'Bush's Blunder' May Be Kristol's Inside Influence,
by Dana Milbank,
Washington Post, March 19, 2002
"Karl Rove's loyalty police should be on deep orange alert, if not hot pink. There is a sleeper cell operating in the White House ... . [The hiring of Joseph Shattan as a White House speechwriter] [s]ounds like the work of the Kristol cabal, a vast, neoconservative conspiracy centered on William Kristol, publisher of the Weekly Standard magazine. Kristol, who backed Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) in the GOP primaries, is persona non grata at the White House. But he has some operatives on the inside. Shattan, who worked for Kristol when he was Vice President Dan Quayle's chief of staff, will join Bush speechwriter Matthew Scully and Cheney speechwriter John McConnell, both of whom also worked under Kristol on the Quayle staff. Fellow Bush speechwriter Peter Wehner worked for Kristol when he was chief of staff to then-Education Secretary William Bennett, while National Security Council speechwriter Matthew Rees worked for Kristol at the Standard. Nor is it just the wordsmiths. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham is a Kristol acolyte from the Quayle days, while drug control policy chief John Walters worked under Kristol at the Education Department. Jay Lefkowitz, the new director of Bush's Domestic Policy Council, was Kristol's lawyer. Other Kristol pals include NSC Senior Director Elliott Abrams, Cheney Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Undersecretary of State John Bolton and Leon Kass, the head of Bush's bioethics panel. The tentacles reach into the kitchen cabinet, too: Al Hubbard, a close Bush friend, was Kristol's deputy on the Quayle staff. 'An entire cell -- right under the nose of Rove!' exults Marshall Wittmann, a McCainiac and Kristol ally who works at the Hudson Institute ... For much of Bush's first year in office, Kristol was a steady critic. He criticized Bush's initial military budget as inadequate and then, in September, was one of those demanding a broader war that included Iraq. Since then, however, something curious has happened. Bush's 'compassionate conservatism' is morphing into Kristol's -- and McCain's -- 'national greatness' agenda ... His 'axis of evil' reference (coined by a Kristol acolyte) echoes McCain's and Kristol's calls for a broad assault on rogue states. Kristol's not talking, but the innocent explanation for all this is that Bush aides, though hostile to McCain, embrace the senator's neoconservative ideas. But could it be Kristolean mind control at work on his inside agents?"

Arabs Suffer in the Hands of Hollywood,
Seattle P. I., March 21, 2002
"Retired from the classroom and devoting his time now to writing and lecturing, Shaheen was in Seattle last weekend to speak at the fifth Arab Film Festival. It was a timely invitation. Shaheen's new book, 'Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People,' is an exhaustive survey of more than 900 movies, most of them American made, that contain portrayals of Arabs, from the briefest cameo appearances to relatively major roles (though you'll have a tough time finding an Arab or Arab-American character as hero or heroine). Of these, Shaheen says only a dozen portray Arabs positively, with about 50 more offering a measure of balance. The rise of television in the latter half of the 20th century mirrors the film industry's record, Shaheen says, and though his book 'The TV Arab' is now nearly 20 years old, he sees no reason to celebrate TV as being any more evolved than film. As he says in 'Reel Bad Arabs,' the people who control the entertainment industry are slow to change when they recognize a profitable opportunity. 'Seen through Hollywood's distorted lenses,' Shaheen writes, 'Arabs look different and threatening. Projected along racial and religious lines, the stereotypes are deeply ingrained in American cinema. From 1896 until today, filmmakers have collectively indicted all Arabs as Public Enemy No. 1 -- brutal, heartless, uncivilized religious fanatics and money-mad cultural 'others' bent on terrorizing civilized Westerners, especially Christians and Jews.' Same goes for TV, and these days Shaheen is particularly down on CBS, a network he once served as a consultant. Without much prompting, Shaheen will talk about how 'The Agency,' 'JAG,' 'The District' and 'Family Law' have treated Arabs this season. In a word: badly."

Israel and Brothers-in-Law, by Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder,
The American Prowler, March 21, 2002
"Morris, who was retired from being retired, said, 'But, things are different now. There is a new peace plan from Saudi Arabia: Israel should withdraw to the pre-1967 boundaries in exchange for the Arabs' recognition of Israel.' Irving, at this point, was in the conversation with both feet, and waving a pickle in Morris's face said to him, 'How stupid can you be? You better retire from your last retirement. Some peace plan! It's like my saying to my brother-in-law,' motioning with a nod of his head to Seymour, his brother-in-law, down at the other end of the store eating a knish, 'I'll make a deal with you. If you stop stealing from the cash register I will acknowledge to the whole world that you are my brother-in-law. The problem is, whether I like it or not, I am stuck with the fact that I'm his brother-in-law, and what I say to the world does not change this fact, and no matter what he now says, he will soon go back to stealing from the cash register.' The group nodded their heads in agreement, and said together, 'He's right.' Sammy whispered to no one, 'What the hell is he talking about?' Moishe began to worry that he might lose his position as resident philosopher. And 6,000 miles away there was laughter in Saudi Arabia."

New Response to Palestinian Terrorism, by Alan Dershowitz,
Jerusalem Post, March 11, 2002
"Here is my proposal. Israel should announce an immediate unilateral cessation in retaliation against terrorist attacks. This moratorium would be in effect for a short period, say four or five days, to give the Palestinian leadership an opportunity to respond to the new policy. It would also make it clear to the world that Israel is taking an important step in ending what has become a cycle of violence. Following the end of the moratorium, Israel would institute the following new policy if Palestinian terrorism were to resume. It will announce precisely what it will do in response to the next act of terrorism. For example, it could announce the first act of terrorism following the moratorium will result in the destruction of a small village which has been used as a base for terrorist operations. The residents would be given 24 hours to leave, and then troops will come in and bulldoze all of the buildings. The response will be automatic. The order will have been given in advance of the terrorist attacks and there will be no discretion. The point is to make the automatic destruction of the village the fault of the Palestinian terrorists who had advance warnings of the specific consequences of their action. The soldiers would simply be acting as the means for carrying out a previously announced policy of retaliation against a designated target. Further acts of terrorism would trigger further destruction of specifically named locations. The 'waiting list' targets would be made public and circulated throughout the Palestinian-controlled areas. If this automatic policy of destroying targets announced in advance is carried out with the full support of the entire government, including those who are committed to a resumption of the peace process, a clear message will be sent to the Palestinian people: Every time terrorists blow themselves up and kill civilians, they are also blowing up one of their own villages. Over time, the Palestinian residents of these villages will place the blame where it should be placed: directly on the Palestinian terrorists who engaged in terrorism against Israel with full knowledge the consequence would be the destruction of their homes. Those villagers whose homes were coming up on the list would have an incentive to pressure the terrorists to desist." [See also the Ukraine Archives' analysis of the moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy at root in this Dershowitz 'Final Solution']

The Prince of Darkness,
by Jude Wanniski, Polyeconomics, August 8, 2001
"Memo To: Henry Kissinger From: Jude Wanniski. Re: Richard Perle. [Both Kissinger and Perle are Jewish] I was surprised to see you on television last night making arguments I associate with the world’s No. 1 hawk, Richard Perle, who has been the chief architect of our policy toward the Arab/Islamic world. There is no single American more responsible for inciting outrage among Muslims globally than Richard, whose maniacal prescriptions led inexorably to last week’s cataclysm. It was no surprise to me to see Richard on CNN’s Evans & Novak, Hunt & Shields program on Sunday, calling for all-out war against the Arab world with a coalition entirely composed of western Europeans. If he were just an ordinary maniac, we could live with him, Henry, but he is chairman of the Defense Policy Board, which advises the Pentagon, and which gives him total access to all military secrets. Do you have any doubt that he is now in constant communication with Ariel Sharon and Binjamin Netanyahu, the leaders of the coo-coo wing of the Likud Party in Israel? Over the last four decades, since I first met both you and Richard in the first year of the Nixon administration in 1969, I always associated you with the moderates, like the late Sen. Jacob Javits of New York, who would look for diplomatic solutions to conflict. Richard, who was then a 25-year-old boy wonder who worked for Sen. Henry (Scoop) Jackson, Washington Democrat, was a protege of Albert Wohlstetter, who played hawk to your dove in our dealings with the Soviet Union. Back then, I was allied with Wohlstetter, a Cold War hawk, although I at least had an appreciation of your views. Now I see you practically in lockstep with Perle, who we have always known as the Prince of Darkness, a master of disinformation who helped us win the Cold War, and who now wants to bring the Muslim world to its knees."

Muslims Blame Pro-Israel Lobby for Raids,
Yahoo! News (from Inter Press Service, March 29, 2002
"Leaders of Arab and Muslim communities in the United States have blamed what they call the "pro-Israel industry" for last week's raids on Muslim homes and businesses. The accusations follow press reports that a celebrated U.S. Nazi hunter and staunch pro-Israel lobbyist was behind a new round of interrogations of Arab and Muslim individuals announced by Attorney General John Ashcroft. The Washington Post reported Sunday that John Loftus, a former federal prosecutor and current president of the St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum in Florida, filed a civil suit in Florida state court urging the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies to investigate Muslim institutions for possible links to terrorist groups. The suit said that some Muslim organizations conspired with the Saudi government against the United States and funneled money to terrorist groups under the guise of charity. Muslims leaders here say the newspaper report echoes their views that self-styled Middle East 'experts' like [Jewish pundits] Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson were possibly behind the raids against some of the country's most respected Islamic institutions, including the Graduate School of Islamic Social Sciences, which trains Muslim imams for religious service."

The Core of Muslim Rage, by Thomas Friedman,
New York Times, March 6, 2002
"The latest death toll in the Indian violence between Hindus and Muslims is 544 people, many of them Muslims. Why is it that when Hindus kill hundreds of Muslims it elicits an emotionally muted headline in the Arab media, but when Israel kills a dozen Muslims, in a war in which Muslims are also killing Jews, it inflames the entire Muslim world? I raise this point not to make some idiot press critique or engage in cheap Arab-bashing. This is a serious issue. In recent weeks, whenever Arab Muslims told me of their pain at seeing Palestinians brutalized by Israelis on their TV screens every night, I asked back: Why are you so pained about Israelis brutalizing Palestinians, but don't say a word about the brutality with which Saddam Hussein has snuffed out two generations of Iraqis using murder, fear and poison gas? I got no good answers. Because the real answer is rooted in something very deep. It has to do with the contrast between Islam's self-perception as the most ideal and complete expression of the three great monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - and the conditions of poverty, repression and underdevelopment in which most Muslims live today. As a U.S. diplomat in the Middle East said to me, Israel - not Iraq, not India - is 'a constant reminder to Muslims of their own powerlessness.' How could a tiny Jewish state amass so much military and economic power if the Islamic way of life - not Christianity or Judaism - is God's most ideal religious path? ... The Muslim world needs to take an honest look at this rage. Look what it has done to Palestinian society - where the flower of Palestinian youth now celebrate suicide against Jews as a source of dignity. "

The Myth of the Suicide Bombers, by Jonah Goldberg,
National Review, April 5, 2002
"That's what I keep thinking about these suicide bombers, the most bizarre and evil propaganda tools of the last couple centuries. Constantly we are told that these young people do what they do because they 'have no hope.' We — and more to the point, Yasser Arafat — cannot stop the suicide bombers, the Hanan Ashrawis declare, because you cannot stop hopeless people from committing suicide. Well, first of all, they're not committing suicide. They're murdering lots of people in a manner that takes their own life too. Suicide as a political act is quite common in human history. The most recent effective instance seems to me to be that of the Buddhist monks in Vietnam. But today's terrorists aren't killing themselves to make a statement, they are killing other people to make a statement. Even Hamas concedes this. They've said over and over again that the suicide bombers are visiting terror on Jews because it is the Jews they want to terrorize. But the more important point is that it is a myth that these people are killing themselves because of their 'hopelessness,' at least in the way the propagandists frame it. They are hopeless because they've been told to believe they have no hope — much like that college kid was led to believe that corporations prevented him from speaking his mind or becoming a lawyer, doctor, whatever."

The Axis of Evil, by David Horowitz,
Front Page Magazine, April 3, 2002
"The seed of the Palestinians’ genocidal mania is rooted in Islam and began its metastasis more than 100 years ago when the first Zionist settlements signaled that an oppressed people, huddled on the fringes of the Ottoman Empire, was about to assert itself. Jews, in fact, had been living continuously in the region for 3,000 years but only as a stateless minority, easily and therefore frequently abused. Once the Jews began to assert and defend their presence in a world that regarded them as infidels and therefore damned, they immediately became the targets of an Islamic jihad – a permanent holy war whose goal was their destruction."

Israel's Righteous Fight, by Morton Zuckerman, (Zuckerman OWNS the US News and World Report, and is its chief editor),
U.S News (and World Report), April 5, 2002
"Israel has no choice but to root out the terrorists in their bases ... This is a policy of pre-emption because deterrence no longer works. Deterrence is based on the assumption that people are unwilling to die. Deterrence will not work when people have been so conditioned by a culture of hatred and religious fanaticism that they will commit suicide in order to kill innocent civilians. The only way to deal with this new phenomenon of suicide bombers, and make it clear this will not work, is to go after them before they get us. But this strategy of pre-emption against suicide and terrorism will have to replace a strategy of deterrence for the United States and for Israel. This war is also a media war. Many journalists are impervious to the carnage that defines daily life in Israel. And they are too often inclined to make a moral equivalent of the terror and the civilized response to it–as if there were no moral distinctions between the arsonist and the firefighter; between deliberately targeting innocent civilians and inadvertently killing innocents while pursuing terrorists; as if it weren't the purpose of the Palestinians to kill as many innocent civilians as possible; as if the Palestinians had not danced in the streets after the World Trade Center bombings, while Israel went into mourning; as if Israel hasn't proposed a real territorial withdrawal and compromise while Arafat's maps include all of Israel; as if Israel wasn't an open democracy and the PA wasn't a corrupt, authoritarian regime; as if Israel is not practicing restraint; as if it is possible to eliminate terrorism without going after the sanctuaries that are the root of the terrorist challenge; as if Israel, unlike America, is not permitted to engage in simple self-defense and thus gets the support of the press only when it is a passive victim."

Anti-Semitism Revived: The Impact of the Intifada on Muslim Immigrant Groups in Western Democracies, by Raphael Israel,
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, June 1, 2001
"Domestically, these new [Muslim] immigrants [in Western countries] are clamoring for equal rights and tapping the resources of the host countries to support their absorption in their new homes and to benefit from the high quality social services these nations offer their citizenry in general; but at the same time they import with them their own understanding, biases, and emotional approach to the Middle East dispute, and strive to align their new countries with those views. 5. As they grow in numbers and influence, they not only assiduously assert their views, but they also begin to erode the longer established and highly regarded local Jewish communities which usually wield a very visible influence in the economic and cultural domains and stand at the opposite political pole as regards the Middle East. The result is that, despite tremendous Jewish efforts at dialogue with their Muslim/Arab compatriots, antagonism between the two communities sets in. 6. Although much of the developing tensions between the two denominational communities can be traced to the wide gap existing between the usually more educated and prosperous Jews and the poorer and more frustrated new Muslim/Arab immigrants, a large part of it must be ascribed to their usually antagonistic positions regarding the Middle East. 7. While Jewish support for Israel is normally dignified and within the boundaries of law and legitimate dissent and demonstration in democratic societies, the Muslim newcomers, who are not versed in these niceties upon their arrival, tend to perpetuate the tradition of violence and open outrage that they bring with them from their countries of origin, resulting in clashes, eruptions of rage, and acts of force, intimidation, arson, beatings, and the entire gamut of fury and passion resorted to in the Middle East."

Is It 1938 Again for the Jews?, by Dennis Prager,
World Net Daily, April 9, 2002
"This is the scariest time for Jews since the Holocaust. The Jews are being abandoned. Again. From the Jews' perspective, the world can be divided into three groups – those that hate the Jews and want them dead, those that ignore this hatred and aid the haters, and Americans. The first group consists mostly of Muslim and Arab societies. If ever Arab hatred of Israel was purely political, that time has long passed ... . As long as America remains Judeo-Christian and continues to prefer the values of the Lone Ranger to those of the United Nations, Jews will never be entirely abandoned. But given the Europeanization of America's elite, the news media's constant moral equation of free Israel and its fascistic enemies, the increasing number of anti-Jewish, anti-Christian Muslims in America, and the continuing influence of the anti-America and anti-Israel left on academia and on liberal Christian denominations, one day the Jews and Israel may be entirely abandoned."

Israel. Dark Thoughts and Quiet Desperation, by David D. Perlmutter,
Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2002
"For the first time in my life, I see the shadows of Israel's destruction, if not by Arab armies all at once, then by suicide bombers, one Jewish child and mother at a time. I see an anti-Jewish European press sadistically attacking Israel's defensive measures. I see a clownishly hypocritical United Nations condemning Israel's bulldozing of a building while millions die in the Sudan or Tibet. I see my fellow academics musing and posturing in praise of demons who would cut their throats merely for being non-Muslims. Small items, too, prick hard. I find myself getting irritated at a Jewish social organization I belong to for raising its dues: Why don't we send all the money to buy Israeli war bonds instead? I am furious when I read that some Jewish media mogul just gave $7 million to the Democratic National Committee ... I daydream--if only! If in 1948, 1956, 1967 or 1973 Israel had acted just a bit like the Third Reich, then today Israelis would shop, eat pizza, marry and celebrate the holy days unmolested. And of course Jews, not sheiks, would have that Gulf oil. In contrast, if the Arabs had conquered Israel, does anyone think a single Jew would today be alive between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean? This is what I'm reduced to: thinking like a Nazi when an Arab accuses Jews of acting like Nazis. I'm unhappy as well--especially since I teach political communication--at Israel's unsophisticated, unplanned media policy ... Israel has been building nuclear weapons for 30 years. The Jews understand what passive and powerless acceptance of doom has meant for them in the past, and they have ensured against it. Masada was not an example to follow--it hurt the Romans not a whit, but Sampson in Gaza? With an H-bomb? What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a Nuclear Winter."

We Must Vanquish An Enemy Determined to Annihilate Us
, by Benjamin Netanyahu, Los Angeles Times, April 2, 2002
"An unremitting carnage that indiscriminately slaughters all who come within the murderous reach of Palestinian terrorists shows the depths of their hatred. Clearly, the only constraint on Arab terrorists is their capability to destroy. Given the power, they would kill all of us, down to the last infant. The primary objective of Yasser Arafat's terrorist regime is not to establish the 22nd Arab state but to destroy the only Jewish state ... With such a regime, whose ultimate objective is our destruction and which pursues this objective by the most barbaric means imaginable, there is no place for negotiations and no hope of reaching any sustainable peace agreement ... We must do what any nation in our position would do: stop bickering among ourselves, fight the war that has been forced upon us and vanquish an enemy who is determined to annihilate us."

A Plea to the Palestinians for Help: 'There Is No One Else to Ask
by David Harris, San Francisco Chronicle, April 14, 2002
"Dear Palestinian people: We all need your help, though I know it is above and beyond what we have the right to expect from you ... I could have asked the Israelis, but you, of all people, know what that's like. They worship their own national experience but refuse to credit anyone else's. They are self-absorbed under the best of circumstances, but under attack and led by a man you quite properly consider a war criminal and terrorist for what he ordered done to the camps in Lebanon, Israel is now positively myopic. That the terror your suicide bombings has brought to their lives might bring them to recognize the terror their occupation inflicts on your own stands to reason, but reason is not working very well in either Israel or Palestine these days ... .The president of the United States has long since given up any pretense of evenhandedness. The Israelis, quite shrewdly, have spent the last six months repeating the word 'terrorism' in the president's presence and pointing in your direction. This incantation -- perhaps the only nine-letter word the president knows how to spell -- coupled with your own assault on Israeli territory, has stirred the president to, in effect, grant Israel American permission to do whatever it wants to you, whenever it wants to ... Now is the moment to transform your [Palestinian] national movement. Disarm yourselves and take to the street with your cause. Confront the Israelis as human beings, stripped of the instruments of war but armed with the righteousness of your right to govern yourselves and your own territory. It is not at all an unprecedented approach. Similar tactics were responsible for creating India and Pakistan and ending the British empire. They also finally chased the French from Algeria. More recently, unarmed political uprising overthrew the monarchy in Iran and established the world's first Islamic republic."

Iraqi Sanctions a Failure, Lecturer Says,
Rocky Mountain News, April 23, 2002
"U.S.-backed economic sanctions against Iraq continue to wreak havoc on that country's children, despite a massive oil-for-food exchange program, according to Peter Pellet, who monitors nutrition in that country. 'The major effect of the sanctions has been to induce nationwide poverty,' Pellet said. His speech at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Monday night is part of a six-part lecture series on the Middle East. The series has angered some members of Denver's Jewish community, who say it's dominated by pro-Arab views. In response, the museum added an additional lecture to the series on the history of Israel."

Arab Anti-Semitism and Incitement Kill Peace Prospects, Congress Told
JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency), April 19, 2002
"Congress got an earful about anti-Semitism in the Arab world this week, and members didn't like what they heard. Lawmakers listened to experts at a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee hearing Thursday speaking about increasing anti-Semitism and anti-American incitement in the Arab world, and how it threatens peace prospects in the Middle East as well as U.S. security. The Anti-Defamation League painted a grim picture of Arab anti-Semitism, and said hopes for regional cooperation in the Middle East have been shattered. Political leaders must promote tolerance and reject hatred, ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said. 'Arab anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism, if allowed to flourish, could become one of the most destructive forces unleashed in this new century,' Foxman testified. The ADL called on Congress to take steps against the incitement and hatred that fuels terrorism. 'Now that we are simultaneously witnessing the unraveling of hopes for peace and a spurt of Arab anti-Semitism, it forces us to take another look at the connection between anti-Semitism, efforts to dehumanize Jews or Americans, and the terrorism against Israel and America,' Foxman said. New satellite channels cater to the masses' anti-American sentiments, according to Yigal Carmon, president of the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors Arab media."

AIPAC Mounts New Offensive to Display Support of Congress,
JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency), April 22, 2002
"The American pro-Israel lobby is mounting a new offensive to equate the U.S.-led war on terrorism with Israel's own battle against terror. Timed to coincide with the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, U.S. lawmakers have introduced several pieces of legislation to display support for Israel in Congress and combat what is viewed as increasing pressure on the Bush administration's Middle East policy from Europe, Arab states and the United Nations ... The conference drew 5,000 delegates from around the country, double last year's attendance, in a sign that American Jews are revved up in the fight to ensure that the U.S. government stands behind Israel. The bills, all introduced last week at the urging of AIPAC, seek: • additional aid for Israel to combat its war on terrorism; • sanctions against the Palestinian Authority and its leader, Yasser Arafat; and • the inclusion of Syria in the president's 'axis of evil.' AIPAC delegates were scheduled to lobby their members of Congress on the issues on Tuesday. The mere introduction of these bills in Congress, which Kohr called 'the firewall for Israel,' is expected to show the Arab world the possible consequences of continued support for terrorism. At the same time, even though the bills and initiatives may never be enacted, the aim is to pro-actively demonstrate the depth of congressional support for Israel as the Bush administration continues to reassess its policy in the Middle East. One of the more substantive initiatives is a complete overhaul by the Senate of the Middle East Peace Commitments Act, which has been introduced several times before, but has never gone anywhere. The new bill, introduced in the Senate and dubbed the 'Arafat Accountability Act,' denies visas to Arafat and other PLO officials, downgrades the PLO office in Washington, imposes travel restrictions on senior PLO officials at the United Nations, and seizes the American financial assets of PLO and Palestinian Authority officials, including Arafat."

Arab Schools Must Stop Teaching Hatred, by Steve Israel,
Newsday, April 26, 2002
"[A]t this moment a young generation of Palestinians and other Muslims in the Mideast are being taught every day to hate the United States and Israel. Maps and geography textbooks in Palestinian schools and all through the Muslim world deliberately eliminate any reference to the state of Israel, stamping the word 'Palestine' on the maps over Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Eilat, the Negev and the Galilee. In the text 'Modern Arab History and Contemporary Problems,' Zionism is defined as 'a political, aggressive and colonialist movement, which calls for judaization of Palestine by the expulsion of its Arab inhabitants.' In 'Our Country Palestine,' a banner on the title page of Volume I reads 'there is no alternative to destroying Israel.' And in the text, 'Our Arabic Language for 7th Grade,' one exercise for students reads: 'Subject for composition: How are we going to liberate our stolen land? Make use of the following ideas: Arab unity, genuine faith in Allah, most modern weapons ...' If one wishes to find the breeding ground of teenage suicide bombers, one need not look beyond the state-controlled curriculum of the Palestinian National Authority."

Khatami Says 'Radical Warmongers' Drive U.S. Policy
Yahoo! News (from AFP), April 27, 2002
"Iranian President Mohammad Khatami blasted US Middle East policy in an interview published here, saying it was driven by radical warmongers.' Khatami, whose nation was lumped with Iraq and North Korea in George W. Bush's 'axis of evil,' said the US president was acting against the best interests of the United States. 'After the tragic September 11 events the United States abused world sympathy, and Israel activated its lobby and took advantage of Bush's lack of experience,' he told the International Herald Tribune. He said the Bush administration 'fell victim to this trap, against US interests' ... But Khatami's comments reflected the outrage in the Muslim and Arab worlds over US backing for Israel's assault on the Palestinians, which Israel also calls a war on terrorism. The paper reported that he said a 'radical warmonger' group was willing to risk an escalating conflict in the Middle East in order to back Israel and install US military power in the region. He said Bush's hardline stance against Tehran had hardened 'national solidarity' in Iran, where Khatami has led a reform movement kept at heel by the regime's powerful conservatives."

Anti-Semitism is Deepening Among Muslims, by Susan Sachs,
New York Times, April 27, 2002
"Stay in a five-star hotel anywhere from Jordan to Iran, and you can buy the infamous forgery "Protocols of the Elders of Zion." Pick up a newspaper in any part of the Arab world and you regularly see a swastika superimposed on the Israeil flag. Such anti-Semitic imagery is now embedded in the mainstream discourse concerning Jews in much of the Islamic world, in the popular press and in academic journals. The depictions are not limited to countries that are at war with Israel but can be found in general-interest publications in Egypt and Jordan, the two countries that have signed peace agreements with Israel, as well as in independent religious schools in Pakistan and Southeast Asia. Arab leaders, for their part, have long rejected the accusation that their state-controlled press, universities and television stations promulgate anti-Semitic views. Islamic history, they say, contains nothing like the anti-Semitic horrors that occurred in Christian Europe, and Islam as a religion accepts many of the revelations embodied in Judaism. The use of Nazi imagery, the newspaper caricatures of Jews with fangs and exaggerated hook noses, even the Arab textbooks with their descriptions of Jews as evil world conspirators - all of that, Arab leaders often insist, reflect a dislike for Israelis and Zionism but not for Jews and Judaism. Yet in many Muslim countries the hatred of Jews as Jews, and not only as citizens of Israel, has been nurtured through popular culture for generations."

Sharon Is Insane - Friedman,
Gulf News, May 2, 2002
"Despite his unwavering criticism of Arabs and Muslims, The New York Times [Jewish] columnist Thomas L. Friedman was invited to address the 2002 Arab Media Summit held at the Emirates Towers in Dubai on April 28 and 29. Arab journalists were eager to meet the man whose writing is forever tainted with blatant bias towards Israel. It was, however, an ironic tour de force, that he who often criticises others showed himself incapable of accepting the criticism of others. When asked by a Saudi university professor why he persisted to criticise the kingdom even after he accepted the hospitality of the crown prince, Friedman refused to listen to his 'garbage', and stormed out of the hall in indignation. His dramatic walkout sent shockwaves through the audience, which included mostly Arab intellectuals, but also European and American journalists. His statement that 'I am biased and being paid to be biased' was also another shock to the audience, although it was a well-known fact. Gulf News met Friedman after the organisers of the summit managed to persuade him to return and address the forum. Below are excerpts from the 30-minute interview:"

Jenin: The Truth, by Charles Krauthammer,
Jewish World Review, May 3, 2002
"And yet for weeks the world has been seized with the question of the 'Jenin massacre.' The U.N. Security Council called emergency meetings. The secretary general appointed a special investigating committee (now disbanded). The European press published the most lurid allegations. ... For the "international community," as embodied by the United Nations, such inverted moral logic is the norm. This is what it must have been like living in the false consciousness of Soviet communism, where everyone had to publicly and constantly pretend to believe the official lies, all the while knowing they were lies. This is what it must have been like living in the 1930s, as the necessities of appeasement created a gradual inversion of right and wrong -- the Czechs, for example, pilloried by official opinion in Britain and France for selfishly standing in the way of peace at Munich. Churchill's great gift to civilization was not just that he rallied good against evil but also that he pierced a suffocating fog of self-deception by speaking truth to lies. Where is the Churchill of today, the official of any government, prepared to tell the United Nations that its frantic hunt for a phantom massacre by Jews -- while ignoring massacre after massacre of Jews -- is grotesque and perverse?

A man walks into a bar one day and sees George Bush and Colin Powell sitting in the corner. The man asks the bartender, "Is that who I think it is?" "Yes it is," replies the bartender. The man walks over and says, "Sirs, it's a pleasure to see you here. What are you guys doing?" "We're planning World War III," says George Bush. "World War III, what's going to happen?" asks the man. "Well", says George Bush, "we're going to have to kill 140,000,000 Arabs and a bicycle repairman." "Why are you going to kill a bicycle repairman?" asks the man. Then Bush turns to Colin Powell, punches him in the arm and says, "See, I told you no one would care about 140,000,000 Arabs!"
One of the most vicious, racist anti-Arab web sites around: "Should the U.S. give the green light to Sharon to assasinate Yasser Arafat and his cronies?" Discussion Board: "Welcome to American Mans 'War on Terror BBS.' A Place for Patriotic Americans to vent how we feel about the War on Terror here in the USA and to show support for our Jewish Brothers and Sisters around the world."

Islamic Fundamentalism Wants World Hegemony, by Yair Sheleg,
Haaretz [Israel], May 8, 2002
"A report prepared at the request of the American Jewish Committee by Hebrew University History Professor Robert Wistrich is an anthology of anti-Semitic and anti-Western quotations from Arab and Muslim culture. Wistrich, who is presenting his report this week in Washington, claims, 'To make a significant change, the Muslim world will have to go through a Renaissance, a Reformation and an Enlightenment - all in one generation. But it's possible.' Wistrich's report on Islamic fundamentalism and its dangers to Israel, Jews and the West in general, opens with a quote from the memoirs of Albert Speer, Hitler's close friend and architect. 'I remember how he [Hitler] showed films in the chancellor's office of London burning, the sea of fire around Warsaw, the bombed-out convoys, and the great happiness that overcame him every time. But I never saw him so happy as the time when he described his vision of New York sinking into flames. He described how the skyline would turn into a burning torch, how the buildings would collapse in chaos, how the blasted city would be reflected in the black skies.' Hitler's fantasy, as is well known now, was actualized, at least to a certain degree, by Qaida. Wistrich seeks to make tangible his claim about the fascistic, neo-Nazi nature of Islamic fundamentalism."

Muslims Defend Jewish Woman Fired for Marrying Palestinian,
U.S. Newswire, April 9, 2002
"A prominent American Muslim group today called on a Jewish newspaper in Kansas to apologize to a Jewish employee who was allegedly fired for marrying a Palestinian Muslim. The employee told the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that she was terminated from her position as a staff writer at the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle one day after telling her supervisor who she had married. When informed of the marriage, the supervisor allegedly said: 'I am going to have to think about this.' When the employee returned to work following her announcement of the marriage, she said her supervisor's behavior became increasingly hostile. The supervisor allegedly commented to a friend over the phone that, 'There is no way Muslims can be friends with Jews, no way at all.' When the employee asked why she was fired, newspaper officials claimed she was an unreliable worker, despite receiving many positive reviews from readers and her supervisor during seven months of employment."

Crisis for American Jews, by Edward Said,
Counterpunch, May 19, 2002
"Two weeks ago the weekly magazine New York, which has a circulation of about a million copies, ran a dossier entitled "Crisis for American Jews," the theme being that "in New York, as in Israel, [it is] an issue of survival." I won't try to summarise the main points of this extraordinary claim except to say that it painted such a picture of anguish about "what is most precious in my life, the state of Israel," according to one of the prominent New Yorkers quoted in the magazine, that you would think that the existence of this most prosperous and powerful of all minorities in the United States was actually being threatened. One of the other people quoted even went as far as to suggest that American Jews are on the brink of a second holocaust. Certainly, as the author of one of the articles said, most American Jews support what Israel did on the West Bank, enthusiastically; one American Jew said, for instance, that his son is now in the Israeli army and that he is "armed, dangerous and killing as many Palestinians as possible." Guilt at being well-off in America plays a role in this kind of delusional thinking, but mostly it is the result of an extraordinary self-isolation in fantasy and myth that comes from education and unreflective nationalism of a kind unique in the world. Ever since the Intifada broke out almost two years ago, the American media and the major Jewish organisations have been running all kinds of attacks on Islamic education in the Arab world, Pakistan and even in the US. These have accused Islamic authorities, as well as Arafat's Palestinian Authority, of teaching youngsters hatred of America and Israel, the virtues of suicide bombing, unlimited praise for jihad. Little has been said, however, of the results of what American Jews have been taught about the conflict in Palestine: that it was given to Jews by God, that it was empty, that it was liberated from Britain, that the natives ran away because their leaders told them to, that in effect the Palestinians don't exist except recently as terrorists, that all Arabs are anti-Semitic and want to kill Jews. Nowhere in all this incitement to hatred does the reality of a Palestinian people exist, and more to the point, there is no connection made between Palestinian animosity and enmity towards Israel and what Israel has been doing to Palestinians since 1948. It's as if an entire history of dispossession, the destruction of a society, the 35 year old occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, to say nothing of massacres, bombardments, expulsions, land expropriations, killings, sieges, humiliations, years of collective punishment and assassinations that have gone on for decades were as nothing, since Israel has been victimised by Palestinian rage, hostility and gratuitous anti-semitism. It simply does not occur to most American supporters of Israel to see Israel as the actual author of specific actions done in the name of the Jewish people by the Jewish state, and to connect in consequence those actions to Palestinian feelings of anger and revenge."

Terrorism: Violence of the Weak. Defense: Violence of the Strong,
Counterpunch, April 9, 2002
"Pulitzer Prize winning author Thomas Friedman, 'one of America's leading interpreters of world affairs' columnist for the New York Times, is a master of this Orwellian mystification. In his March 31 column, 'Suicidal Lies,' Mr. Friedman warns us, with all his probity and prescience, that 'The Devil is . . . dancing our way.' He warns that a new type of warfare is threatening us-America, and the other "civilized" people-for its political gain. The isolated, clandestine suicide bomber. How dare he or she, that individual with no organized army, no F-16s, naval ships or tanks from Lockheed, Raytheon or GE, make a frontal assault (and for political gain, no less!)? It is war, Mr. Friedman says. But if one cannot match the military might of their enemy and, a fortiori, if their tactics become effective, the Orwellian framework so common to American hegemony easily places (subjectifies) them: terrorists (against civilization); or, as Mr. Friedman would have it, the Devil (against God). Practical import: terrorists are the ones who want nuclear and biological weapons; the armies of the civilized nations are the ones who have them. Indeed, casual but careful observation suggests a good prima facie case that there is a high negative correlation between military might and the likelihood of being labeled terrorist (weakness and/or non-authorized tactics=terrorist). Mr. Friedman pretends he can understand the daily fright, desperation and frustration in the Middle East (presumably of both sides, though he only acknowledges that the Israeli's are "terrified," since only Palestinians commit acts of terror)."

Jewish Islamophobia, the most virulent of all,
by Khalid Amayreh, Palestinian Times (undated)
"Since the 11 September terror attacks in New York and Washington, Zionist circles have been almost uncontrollably emitting their profound hatred of Islam in ways unseen since Hitler’s Nazi Germany. From Occupied Jerusalem, to London, to New York, to California, the Zionist, or the Zionist-controlled press has been propagating one and the same message: kill the Muslims, kill the Arabs, kill the terrorists! The equation of Muslims with terrorists was conspicuous throughout hundreds of editorials, commentaries, talk shows, interviews and even grossly opinionated hard news. So, all of a sudden, it seemed as if Zionist and pro-Israeli editors and anchormen, who have a long history of poisoning Western public opinion with concocted lies and myths about the Palestinian cause, finally seized their long-awaited opportunity to display their deep hatred for Islam and Muslims. As a result, hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world, already shocked by the infernal terrorism in the U.S. and struggling to ward off fast-spreading Islamophobia that is often accompanied by violent racism, had also to reckon with extremely virulent and rabid Zionist efforts to besmirch, vilify, demonize and even de-legitimize Muslims altogether. The seemingly coordinated campaign has been unprecedented in its maliciousness, unmatched in its nefariousness. This vindictive campaign, spearheaded by the Zionist media, but by no means confined to it, carried tacit and often explicit messages so horrifying that they can only be construed to mean or to imply condoning genocide against Muslims. One message, appearing on an Israeli-America web site (, urged the West to aim at the religious centre of Islam, the Ka’aba. The author, Reuven Koret, an Israeli-American Islam-hater applying Nazi ideas to Muslims, suggested that America should bomb Mecca and destroy the Ka’aba if American targets were attacked again by terrorists bearing Muslim names."

Arabs sue Jewish broker over losses,
National Post (Canada), August 24, 2002
"Two Arab brothers have filed a US$36-million claim against their Jewish stockbroker and his employers, alleging he deliberately squandered their money because they are Arabs. Youssef and Ali Fakih say Michael Cohen, a New York trader, lost almost US$487,000 of US$600,000 their family in Lebanon had asked them to invest in the United States. The brothers and two Jewish friends taped hours of telephone conversations with Mr. Cohen, in which he describes Arabs as 'stupid' and appears to acknowledge he knowingly let Arab clients lose money ... Charges of coercion and aggravated harassment have already been laid in New York State Court against Mr. Cohen in relation to alleged telephone messages on one of Youssef Fakih's phones ... Things Mr. Cohen said over the four months suggested he avoided doing business with Arabs, but had accepted the brothers as clients because he initially thought they were Jewish, according to the transcripts. In a Nov. 1 conversation with Isaac Markowitz, Mr. Cohen described Arabs as 'sand nigg--s,' and said they were 'too stupid' to work alongside him. In the same conversation, Mr. Cohen spoke of his refusal to take on an Arab client, and made a reference to the World Trade Center attack. 'I says, 'Where are you from?' And he says, '... EEE-Egypt.' I says, '... are you Christian?' He says, 'No, I'm Muslim.' 'Well listen,' I says. 'I don't desire to do business with you ... You pricks blew up my f----g building in front of me.' "

Pakistani newspaper shut down, burned after publishing letter,
Freedom Forum (Associated Press), January 30, 2001
"The Pakistani government shut down the English-language daily Frontier Post in Peshawar yesterday, arresting five staffers. Today hundreds of angry protesters destroyed the Post's printing equipment, accusing the newspaper of publishing a blasphemous letter, according to the Associated Press. The Frontier Post had carried a letter, received via e-mail, about the Muslim community's alleged hatred of the Jews. Dawn, the largest English-language daily in Pakistan, quoted a magistrate as terming the letter's assertions "derogatory and sacrilegious ... Dawn reported that Home and Tribal Affairs Secretary Mazhar Ali Shah said the newspaper had carried a sacrilegious piece, and that the district administration would deal with the matter. Dawn also quoted a press release from the district magistrate, noting that 'a letter under the title of 'Why Muslims hate Jews,' by Ben DZac, was printed in the 'Your Views'" section of the daily. 'The contents of the letter were highly sacrilegious and derogatory to the Islamic faith and Koran. It appears that the letter has been authored by a Jew,' the magistrate said. 'The highly objectionable and derogatory material published by the newspaper has grossly hurt the feelings of the Muslim community and have caused immense resentment amongst them.'"

Doctor Accused of Targeting Mosques,
by Rachel La Corte, Yahoo! News (Associated Press), August 23, 2002,
"A podiatrist arrested after authorities found guns and explosives in his home planned to destroy an Islamic education center and dozens of mosques, court documents alleged Friday. Deputies searching Dr. Robert J. Goldstein's home near St. Petersburg found up to 40 weapons, 30 explosive devices, a list of about 50 Islamic worship centers in Florida and detailed plans to bomb an Islamic education center, according to a complaint filed Friday. 'Set timers for approximately 15-20 minutes to allow for enough time to get out of area, but to confirm explosions has (sic) been successful,' reads an outline of the attack, according to court documents. 'The amount of explosives should be ample to take down the building(s).' Police believe Goldstein planned to use VCR tapes and walkie-talkies to hide explosive devices or detonators, sheriff's Detective Cal Dennie said. 'He was just a smart guy,' Dennie said. 'He knew his stuff. It was like a James Bond thing.'"

Lawyers Seek to Sever Bombing Trial Courts: Defense team says jurors will be prejudiced if two JDL leaders are tried together for alleged plot,
by David Rosenzweig, Los Angeles Times, October 10, 2002
"Attorneys for Jewish Defense League leader Irv Rubin said Wednesday that jurors will be severely prejudiced if he is tried alongside his longtime associate, Earl Krugel, on charges of conspiring to bomb a mosque in Culver City and a congressman's field office in San Diego County. In papers filed in U.S. District Court, Rubin's lawyers asked that the defendants' Nov. 12 trial be severed. Rubin contends he had nothing to do with the alleged plot to bomb the King Fahd mosque in Culver City and a field office of U.S. Rep. Darrell E. Issa (R-Vista), an Arab American, last year. Krugel's defense is that he was illegally entrapped by a former league member turned government informer. To counter Krugel's entrapment claim, prosecutors are expected to present evidence that he was involved in at least two previous bombing plots. Any such evidence is likely to rub off on Rubin and prejudice him in the eyes of a jury, defense attorneys Peter Morris and Bryan Altman argued in their severance motion ... Rubin's defense also contended that jurors will be prejudiced during a joint trial because of the 'many disgusting racial remarks' that Krugel made during secretly recorded meetings with the government informant, Danny Gillis. According to a partial transcript of one meeting, Krugel and Gillis traded racist quips about Arabs and blacks."

Old Money Wants Iraq Back,
Newsday, October 10, 2002
"The limousine was so long it looked like a small, mobile country of tinted glass. It was escorted by four Nassau County police cars. When Ahmed Chalebi stepped from it at the Mineola courthouse to speak to the media yesterday, correction officers stood guard. They wore bullet-proof vests. Chalebi wore a nice suit. He is an Iraqi-born, Western-educated investment banker and head of an organization calling itself the Iraqi National Congress. The members of this group are all exiles, and all opponents of Saddam Hussein. They want him out. They want parliamentary democracy in. The occasion for this visitation to the grubby courthouse by Chalebi, a patrician-looking, soft-spoken man, was a little obscure, to be honest. It seems Chalebi is friendly with a Long Island man named Mark Broxmeyer, who is in the real estate business, and who also is chairman of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and who also happens to be a member of the board of trustees of Hofstra University. Through whatever association it was, Broxmeyer apparently arranged for Chalebi to give a lecture about Iraq yesterday at Hofstra. An hour before that, Chalebi spoke to the media in Mineola about the great historic homeland to which he would like to return."

Pro-Israel Activists Seeking Allies Among Immigrants From India AIPAC, Others Stress Threat of Muslim Extremism in Outreach Bid to America's 1.6 Million South Asian Hindus,
[Jewish] Forward, October 11, 2002
"Mirroring close ties between India and Israel, Jewish organizations have begun assisting Indian-American groups in their efforts to become a potent force in both domestic and foreign policy. Leaders from the two communities have been coming together in recent months to discuss hate-crimes legislation and political activism. A major catalyst for the cooperation, however, is the perception that both communities face a common enemy in Muslim extremism ... India and Israel have built a close economic and strategic relationship in recent years, with bilateral trade reaching $2 billion annually ... 'We're fighting the same extremist enemy,' said the capital region director of the American Jewish Congress, Charles Brooks, referring to Jews and Indian Americans. 'We want to help them become more effective in communicating their political will.' Brooks is working closely with the Indian American Political Action Committee, or INAPAC, a new organization that has just been formed, primarily by Indian Americans from New Jersey. Brooks is helping the new organization develop relations with the U.S. Congress and other political leaders. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the American Jewish Committee are also drawing on their considerable lobbying experience in helping Indian groups, representing a community of some 1.6 million, to learn how to flex their political muscle."

Arab regimes and the industry of hate,
by Barry Rubin, The Australian, November 11, 2002
"Although anti-Americanism is genuinely widespread among Arab governments and peoples, there is something seriously misleading in this account. Arab and Muslim hatred of the US is not just, or even mainly, a response to actual US policies – policies that, if anything, have been remarkably pro-Arab and pro-Muslim over the years. Rather, such animus is largely the product of self-interested manipulation by various groups within Arab society, groups that use anti-Americanism as a foil to distract public attention from other, far more serious problems within those societies. For years now, anti-Americanism has served as a means of last resort by which failed political systems and movements in the Middle East try to improve their standing. The US is blamed for much that is bad in the Arab world, and it is used as an excuse for political and social oppression and economic stagnation. By assigning responsibility for their own shortcomings to Washington, Arab leaders distract their subjects' attention from the internal weaknesses that are their real problems. Thus, rather than pushing for greater privatisation, equality for women, democracy, civil society, freedom of speech, due process of law, or other similar developments sorely needed in the Arab world, the public focuses instead on hating the US." [Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs Centre in Herzliya, Israel, and editor of The Middle East Review of International Affairs. This is an edited extract from an article in the latest edition of Foreign Affairs.]

Jewish Group Claims Its Database Helps FBI Combat Terrorism,
Cybercast News Service, October 15, 2002
"In the year after the terrorist attacks on America, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says it has played a vital role protecting the homeland by providing law enforcement officials with valuable information about suspected terrorists. The ADL's mission of tracking international and domestic terrorists is not new, but the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon sparked greater interest in the ADL's efforts, said David Friedman, director of the organization's Washington office. Friedman spoke about the ADL's relationship with police officers and FBI agents at the group's national meeting in Houston last week and echoed those sentiments in an interview with CNS ... However, the close interaction between police and the ADL worries the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Spokesman Ibrahim Hooper questioned the relationship, noting that the ADL's pro-Jewish agenda concerned him, especially when it comes to the rights of Muslims living in the United States. 'The pro-Israel lobby generally has an agenda that works counter to the political participation of American Muslims,' he said. 'They do whatever they can to marginalize and disenfranchise American Muslims. If that requires smears that American Muslims somehow support terrorism, that's what they do.' He said the ADL's work with law enforcement officials was particularly troublesome. 'It concerns me that they're behind the scenes whispering in the ear of law enforcement,' Hooper said."

The Temperature Rises We should liberate Iran first — now,
by Michael Ledeen, National Review, November 12, 2002
"While the world obsesses on Iraq, Iran, the most-important country in the Middle East — and the keystone of the terror network — has once again been shaken by the rage of its people. On the one hand looms the terrible regime which, fearing that it may be brought down by the kind of national insurrection that the mullahs led against the shah 23 years ago, is lashing out in an increasingly incoherent wave of thuggery, torture, and public executions and amputations. On the other, those segments of the population able to organize are demonstrating their contempt for the regime, daring the security forces to do their worst ... The mullahs are constantly firing and hiring new thugs to protect them against the wrath of the people, and the question is whether or not there is a sufficient supply of killers to forestall the end of this hated regime. This is yet another test of the courage and coherence of American leaders. President Bush has been outstanding in endorsing the calls for freedom in Iran, as has Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. It would be nice if Secretary of State Powell added his own eloquence to the chorus, especially because many Iranians fear that the State Department is still trying to cut a deal with the mullahs. I have long argued that it would be better to liberate Iran before Iraq, and events may soon give us that opportunity. Let's hope our national-security team recognizes how wonderful an opportunity it is, and therefore gives the Iranian freedom fighters the assistance they so richly deserve. Faster, please. Opportunity is knocking at our door."

With a friend like this... America divides to control. It's a policy that could make even Bush's best friend Blair an antagonist,
by Nick Cohen, The Observer (UK), April 7, 2002
"I don't need to be the seventh son of a seventh son to foresee that Tony Blair won't get Bush alone in his ranch today and ask the President to tell him, statesmano a statesmano, why America intervenes in the Middle East. The question is superfluous because the answer is too obvious to waste breath on. America sustains fundamentalist monarchs because it wants their oil. American policy is neo-colonialism to the left-wingers, and what any great power must do to protect an essential resource to conservative realists. Support for Israel, which has no oil and is the enemy of oil producing Arabs, confuses this simple reasoning. But it can be explained away as an aberration created by the enormous influence of the Jewish lobby in Washington. The big picture stays unclouded ... The US is a benign power. Worrying about its dominance is knee-jerk anti-Americanism. Much anti-Americanism is actually far worse than knee-jerk. Like anti-Semitism it is the 'socialism of fools'. Religious fundamentalists are against America because it represents modernity."

Q&A. Party of God [Hezbollah],
by Jeffrey Goldberg, New Yorker, October 21/28, 2002
"This week in the magazine, in the second part of a two-part piece, Jeffrey Goldberg continues his examination of the world's most successful, and perhaps most dangerous, terrorist organization, Hezbollah, or Party of God ... [Interviewer]: One interesting question you explore is where, in the rhetoric and ideology of Hezbollah, hatred of Israel ends and frank anti-Semitism begins. Can you discuss this distinction? How unusual is Hezbollah in this respect? And how dangerous is it? [Goldberg:] To most Israelis, and, indeed, to most Jews, the belief that Israel should be destroyed is itself a kind of anti-Semitism. In other words, the argument approaches anti-Semitism when it goes beyond, say, the rights and wrongs of Israeli policy with regard to the West Bank and Gaza, and becomes a question of whether the Jews constitute a nation that deserves a state at all. That said, something new is happening in the Arab world—namely, the melding of Arab nationalist-based anti-Zionism, anti-Jewish rhetoric from the Koran, and, most disturbingly, the antique anti-Semitic beliefs and conspiracy theories of European Fascism. Add Holocaust denial, which is also becoming popular in the Arab world, and you have a dangerous new ideology, an ideology that Hezbollah, despite its assertions that it has nothing against Jews as Jews, propounds quite vigorously."

Palestinian Enemies Of the United States,
by David Horowitz, Front Page, October 21, 2002
"In the Gulf War, Palestinians sided with Iraq against the United States. A recent Palestinian poll (see today's Sidebars) shows that 80% of the Palestinians will side with Iraq in the next Iraq-US War as well. It’s time for the United States to recognize a mortal enemy when it sees one, and stop understanding the 'root causes' of Palestinian malevolence and hatred. It’s time to end the delusion of a Palestinian state on the West Bank. Such a state would immediately form terrorist alliances with Iraq and Iran and become part of the general Islamicist jihad against America. Until the complete occupation and denazification of the West Bank is undertaken and achieved, it should be obvious that no decent state can emerge from a culture that has been poisoned by its own leaders. There is little or no chance of such denazification taking place in the foreseeable future."

Carving up. 10 anti-war arguments at holiday gatherings,
by Michael Medved,, December 9, 2002
"[T]his year one or more members of your clan will inevitably offer some indignant objection to the upcoming war against Iraq. Here, as a public service, we present a handy guide to the top-10 arguments against that war, and the most direct and effective ways to counter them ... Decisive, crushing victories (like World War II) lead to long-term solutions (like the utter transformation of Germany and Japan), while indecisive and hesitant outcomes (World War I, the Gulf War) often lead to further struggle and instability ... The truth is that our enemies don't hate us for what we do, they hate us for who we are [JTR Editor's note: this rationale is the essence of Jewish conviction about "antisemitism."] The 'don't get the crazy Arabs mad' argument rests upon the premise that their fury arises in reaction to some action or policy of the United States, rather than as an expression of their own self-destructive insanity and suicidal evil ... [A]ll humanity – especially the 200 million Arabs who suffer under the fanatical oppression of their own regimes – will benefit from a sweeping U.S. victory and an increase in American influence. With these brief but logical ripostes, you should feel prepared for even the most contentious holiday gathering, and feel ready to carve up any sanctimonious Uncle Murray along with the goose or turkey. Merry Christmas!"

Pigs, Jews & War,
by Jonah Goldberg, National Review, November 1, 2002
"I am fascinated by this idea of wrapping dead terrorists in pigskin and lard. This is what the Russians — who understand far better than Americans how to deter Muslim terrorists — are doing with Chechen terrorists. The idea is that some Muslims believe they cannot enter heaven if they're wrapped in pork, which may be the other white meat here but is the unclean meat over there. Which is just another example of the growing rift between our two civilizations, as many Americans consider being swaddled in pork products to be heaven itself. Eternity in bacon… mmmmm ... First of all, Hamas is in the murder business and they pay very little in terms of cash wages. Their only compensation for (literally) self-sacrificing employees is a promissory note redeemable for, among other things, free nookie and booze in the afterlife. (Muslims aren't allowed to drink in this life but are promised great wine in the next, which always struck me as odd. Why should something be sinful in this life but okay in the next?) Obviously, if, all of a sudden, Jews could invalidate Hamas's bottomless bowl of nookie coupons by simply tacking a piece of bacon to the corpse of a murderer — sorry, 'martyr' — then Hamas would either have to up its wages considerably or get into a totally different line of work. .... Hell, let's just glide past the whole Islam-means-peace thing (unless you think, in the light of those 72 virgins, that "peace" should be spelled 'piece')."

Etherzone, November 6, 2002
"The resounding success of the recent antiwar demonstrations called by the International A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition has the pro-war forces in a panic, and this has given rise to an unlikely alliance between the limousine liberals over at, the born-again wacko 'Christian Zionists' of WorldNutDaily, and frothing-at-the-mouth ex-Commie –turned-rightwing-nutball David Horowitz. We might call it the pinko-brown alliance – two colors that, when combined, produce a shade of dirty beige almost exactly the color of cow-dung. The strange tone of Michelle Goldberg’s Salon piece – 'A day for peace – and fury' [warning: link for pay] – leaps right out at the reader in the opening sentence: 'Kaffiyehs, the checked Palestinian head scarves, were selling for $15 each at the massive antiwar rally in Washington on Saturday, and they were selling well.' Not that there’s anything wrong with that – but clearly Ms. Goldberg found it disturbing, along with those 'indie-rock cheerleaders jumping around crying, ‘Liberate! Smash the state!’' This is an ideological cue to sober liberals of the 'It Takes a Village" variety – who, after all, make up a significant chunk of Salon Premium subscribers – that these are not necessarily the good guys. After all, the Clintonian Left loves the State, and any attempt to smash it – even metaphorically – sounds just Gingrichian enough to cause them some real discomfort."

Knight on the wrong horse,
Arab News (Saudi Arabia), November 13, 2002
"The US entertainment industry and media (which we all know is not, cannot be, controlled by Zionists and pro-Zionists — the Aarons to Zimmermans are surely coincidence) stereotype and vilify Arabs and Muslims day-in, day-out, in movies, books, mainstream publications and talk shows, with no regard to history, actuality, or factuality. Spin this way, spin that way, distort, convolute, improvise, bastardize, it’s all there. Let’s not even get into what is said and portrayed in the darling ally, the only regional democracy of democracies, about their neighbors. Heck, they teach their own kids that there was nobody around a few decades ago, right as they sit in the very usurped homes of the ghost people who purportedly were never there. But, then, the Palestinians took a different evolutionary approach. They didn’t evolve the way the rest of us did. It seems that they metamorphose directly from cells in the soil. Darn! Darwin, where art thou? Where do you get off trying to smother the freedom of speech, expression, opinion, and artistic work of a local TV production, whether factual or fictional, while decades-worth of productions demonizing, stereotyping and vilifying “Red Injuns,” “Japs,” “Gerries,” “Vietcong,” “Arab Shieks” and on, and on, live in the memories of millions and are on video shelves for the renting? And please don’t give us the sob story about the Elders of the Protocols of Zion being used as the basis for pogroms and the Holocaust, not when those very events (sad as they were, and promoting of egalitarianism as they should have been) were the pretexts for repeat brutality, eviction, murder, plunder, and apartheid by the Zionists against Palestinians. By perpetuating injustices done to them, Zionists have unwittingly (perhaps not) legitimized original sin. No one is surprised that the Israelis would object to this work. They’re prone to barking. Besides, if they object to something, there’s got to be at least some right in it. But for the US State Department to take it up on their behalf? Especially when it flies in the face of the very freedoms the US purportedly stands for? ... It’s no surprise when Zionists attempt to portray Arabs or Muslims as being 'anti-Semitic.'"

PBS, Recruiting for Islam,
by Daniel Pipes, December 17, 2002
"What would be the best way to convert lots of Americans to Islam? Forget print, go to film. Put together a handsome documentary with an original musical score that presents Islam's prophet Muhammad in the most glowing manner, indeed, as a model of perfection. Round up Muslim and non-Muslim enthusiasts to endorse the nobility and truth of his message. Splice in vignettes of winsome American Muslims testifying to the justice and beauty of their Islamic faith. Then get the U.S. taxpayer to help pay for it. Show it at prime time on the most high-minded TV network. Oh, and screen it at least once during the holidays, when anyone out of synch with Christmas might be especially susceptible to another religion's appeal. This is precisely what the producers of 'Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet' have done ... The heart of the film consists of nine talking heads competing with each other to praise Muhammad the most extravagantly. Not one of them criticizes him ... It presents Muslim wars as only defensive and reluctant, which is simply false. All this smacks of a film shown by missionaries ... 'Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet' is an outrage on two main counts. PBS has betrayed its viewers by presenting an airbrushed and uncritical documentary of a topic that has both world historical and contemporary significance ... The U.S. government should never fund a documentary whose obvious intent is to glorify a religion and proselytize for it. Doing so flies in the face of American tradition and law. On behalf of taxpayers, a public-interest law firm should bring suit against the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, both to address this week's travesty and to win an injunction against any possible repetitions."

Anti-Semitism on Campus,
by Ruth R. Wisse,
Front Page
(from The Wall Street Journal), December 13, 2002
"With the recent addition of Columbia and Yale, over 50 campuses are currently circulating faculty petitions to divest from Israel and from American firms selling arms to Israel ... How does one know, for example, that the divestment petition is anti-Semitic? Why should Jews have become a target in a campus atmosphere of such advertised sensitivity? And what can universities do to remedy the situation without stifling healthy debate? Like many such initiatives since the 1960s, the petition campaign against Israel is promoted by relatively small numbers of faculty with interlocking interests. Its driving force are Arabs, Arabists, and their sympathizers who help prosecute the war against Israel as a way of diverting attention away from Arab regimes. They are joined by Leftists -- including Jews -- who see in Jewish particularism the chief hindrance to their internationalist faith; by radicals who consider Israel and America to be colonial powers and who promote their reactionary or revolutionary alternatives; and by antiwar enthusiasts who blame Israel for inviting Arab aggression against it ... All the while that students, in the spirit of diversity, are actively discouraged from making pejorative comments about other vulnerable minorities, some Arab and Muslim students have been actively fomenting hatred of Israel as an expression of their 'identity.' On campuses with a large Arab presence, such as Wayne State in Detroit, this has resulted in a palpable threat to Jewish students, and outbreaks of physical violence have actually occurred at San Francisco State and Concordia University in Montreal. Since Arab and Muslim students are currently the only ones who exuberantly defame another group, and who blame that group rather than Arab and Muslim governments for the failings of their own anti-democratic societies, it is hardly surprising that they should be joined by others looking for a villain or scapegoat. Anti-Semitism thrives because slandering Israel is the only aggression against a minority that is encouraged by the rules of political correctness ... The more the Arab world and its defenders try to blame Israel, the more critically we should be studying the Arab world to see how it uses anti-Semitism to divert attention from its problems, and where the responsibility for those problems really lies."

Congress Watch Congress Cooperates in Not-So-Subtle Effort to Discredit Saudi Arabia,
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, August 2002, pages 20-21
"Saudi Arabia's public emergence as a voice of moderation regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict surely could not have pleased Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. After all, the land-for-peace formula outlined by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah is accepted by most world leaders as consistent with what the ultimate solution must look like. That is not how Sharon pictures a peace agreement, however-if indeed he even wants one. Then, in late April, when Abdullah's visit to the U.S. had an apparently positive effect on President George W. Bush, it was too much for Sharon and his American allies, including those in the U.S. Congress, who mounted a coordinated effort to return Bush to blind acceptance of Israeli actions and policies. Part of this effort included a campaign to paint Saudi Arabia as an unworthy ally, at best. In addition to several negative newspaper articles, the campaign included three different House committee hearings, stacked to reflect negatively on the Kingdom. The first, on May 22, was held by the House Middle East and South Asia subcommittee, chaired by [Jewish] Rep. Benjamin Gilman (R-NY), on 'What future for the U.S. & Saudi Arabia?' The stage was set in the hearing announcement, which questioned the pace of Saudi reform, the outlook for Saudi stability, the strategic benefit of Saudi Arabia to the U.S., and whether both official and private Saudis continue to support terrorist organizations. Gilman opened the hearing by saying that the U.S.-Saudi relationship is 'deeply troubled,' and 'the differences between American and Saudi values are profound. Our interests, too, may come into conflict' ... Following Gilman was ranking [Jewish] International Relations Committee Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA)-who has emerged over the past year or so as the House's unofficial spokesman for AIPAC-who said he couldn't see why the U.S. even deals with Saudi Arabia ... Witnesses included, on the one side, [Jewish] Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), who complained about Saudi Arabia's human rights record, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, who criticized the influence of religion in Saudi Arabia, and [Jewish] Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, who can always be relied upon to be critical of anything Arab or Muslim. Countering them was former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Richard Murphy, who tried to correct many of the misstatements made by his fellow witnesses ... To assure that the panel had the appropriate anti-Saudi tilt, however, it also included [Jewish] Middle East Forum director Daniel Pipes and Cato Institute senior fellow Doug Bandow [Jewish?], both known for their anti-Arab biases ... Other recent hearings of interest included an April 18 hearing by Gilman's subcommittee on 'The Impact of Incitement, Anti-American and Anti-Semitic Propaganda on American Interests in the Middle East.' In his opening statement Gilman said that anti-Semitism was partially responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, and that the "fanatical anti-American and anti-Semitic incitement that permeates the Arab World" constitutes "an ideological enemy that may turn out to be harder to defeat than Al-Qaeda or the Taliban."

Group Files Complaint to Disbar Dershowitz Council on American-Islamic Relations,, November 23, 2002
"An American Muslim legal group today announced the filing of a complaint with the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers demanding disciplinary action against Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. The Muslim Legal Defense and Education Fund (MLDEF) says Dershowitz violated rules of professional conduct when he advocated the commission of war crimes and the use of torture. MLDEF will hold a conference call today at 11 a.m. (EST) to discuss its complaint. Media professionals may call 510-220-1414 to receive the phone number and password. In an article published in the Jerusalem Post and the New York Daily News on March 11, 2002, Dershowitz advised the Israeli government to establish a 'waiting list' of Palestinian villages scheduled for destruction as a means of deterring future suicide bombers. In so doing, he has violated Rule 8.4 (d) of the 'Rules of Professional Conduct' which states: 'It is professional misconduct for a lawyer [in Mass.] to engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice. As an officer of the legal system Prof. Dershowitz has sworn an oath to uphold the laws of the State of Massachusetts and of the United States. The latter includes international treaties and conventions to which the United States is a signatory. The destruction of villages is a Nuremberg War Crime and is contrary to Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which states: 'No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed,' and 'collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.' The Geneva Convention is a ratified treaty and is therefore a valid Federal law of the United States ... Dershowitz recently advocated formulating a legal mechanism that would allow police to obtain warrants permitting the use of torture. PRESS CONTACT: Farhan Memon, 510-220-1414, "

Complaint dismissed on Dershowitz,
Boston Globe, December 6, 2002
"Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz said yesterday he has been formally notified by counsel for the state Board of Bar Overseers that it has dismissed a complaint against him by a Muslim group. The Washington-based Muslim Legal Defense and Education Fund, or MLDEF, said last month that Dershowitz broke professional rules by proposing that Palestinian villages be razed in response to attacks on Israelis. In a letter to both parties, the Office of The Bar Counsel said Dershowitz's comments were protected by the First Amendment."

Palestinian shot dead in Bethlehem,
Ha'aretz, November 28, 2002
"Palestinian sources reported Wednesday evening that IDF troops killed 33-year-old Ataf Abiya in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. Earlier Wednesday, IDF troops shot dead a Palestinian as he was banging a drum to announce the beginning of the Ramadan fast in a refugee camp near the West Bank town of Nablus, hours after senior local Hamas and Fatah military commanders were killed in the Jenin refugee camp in what security sources said was an Israeli assassination ... IDF troops opened fire on Jihad a-Natour, 24, as he was going from alley to alley in the camp to announce the beginning of the dawn-to-dusk fast. Military sources told Israel Radio that a-Natour was shot after he had violated the curfew imposed on the camp, and that another Palestinian curfew violator had been arrested."

Arab League blasts new U.S. aid to Israel,
UPI, Novmeber 28, 2002
"The 22-country Arab League Thursday criticized the United States for considering $12 billion in new military and economic aid to Israel at a time the bloc says Israel has been conducting unprecedented aggression against the Palestinian people. An Israeli team met with U.S. national security adviser Condoleezza Rice Monday to request $14 billion in continued aid to defray the costs of fighting terrorism and to bolster the country's economy. A new delegation is to return to Washington next week to formulate the details of the aid package, the Israeli newspaper Globe reported Thursday. Arab League spokesman Hisham Youssef said Washington's position 'raises many questions and causes worries.' Youssef said Washington instead should ban exporting some weapons that Israel has used against the Palestinian civilians. 'This U.S. stand appears like a reward to Israel for violating peace pledges and ignoring international resolutions,' Youssef said."

Ottawa sued for not banning Hezbollah,
National Post (Canada), November 29, 2002
"The Canadian government and two senior Cabinet ministers are being sued for not cracking down on fundraising by the radical Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. The Jewish organization B'nai Brith Canada launched the legal action in an attempt to force Ottawa to freeze Hezbollah's assets, according to documents filed at the Federal Court of Canada ... The lawsuit names the Attorney-General of Canada, Martin Cauchon; the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bill Graham; and the federal government."

Hezbollah ban in works, Caplan says B'Nai Brith seeks court order putting group on terror list Solicitor-general maintains no decision has been made,
Toronto Star, November 30, 2002
"The federal cabinet intends to list Hezbollah as a terrorist organization but first has to gather the appropriate file of evidence and supporting material, Revenue Minister Elinor Caplan [who is a Jewish supporter of Israel] said yesterday. 'As a member of the cabinet I can tell you that as I understand it the process is ongoing and as soon as there is sufficient information and evidence to support a listing, the decision is made,' Caplan said outside the House of Commons yesterday ... Caplan's comments came on the same day the Jewish organization B'Nai Brith launched a legal action against the government, calling on a judge in the Federal Court to compel the government to list Hezbollah as a terrorist group and ban any fundraising for it in Canada. Solicitor-General Wayne Easter was more cagey than Caplan. 'I'm not going to get into ... a discussion on an entity that's not listed, be it Hezbollah or any other,' he told CBC Newsworld." Some context about Ms. Caplin, as noted in an earlier article in London's Globe and Mail this year: "An influential group of Canadian Liberal MPs [Members of Parliament], led by Deputy Prime Minister Herb Gray, is lending its support to Israel by attending a conference of Jewish politicians organized by the Israeli government. More than 50 legistlators from Europe, the Americas and South Africa are attending the four-day meeting in Jerusalem, sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 'I made the decision [to come] because I am a Jew,' said Anita Neville, a rookie Liberal MP from Winnipeg ... Five of Canada's six Jewish MPs are attending, along with two Liberal senators. Although the United States has a larger delegation, Canada is the only country to be represented by two senior ministers, Mr. Gray and Immigration Elinor Caplan. Ms. Caplan sees no problem in wearing 'two hats,' one as a Canadian minister and another as a supporter of Israel." [ADAMS, P., 1-8-2002]

Conservatives Dispute Bush Portrayal of Islam as Peaceful Critics, Include Some Policy Advisers, Call Stance Political,
Washington Post, November 30, 2002
"President Bush finds himself in a rare disagreement with conservatives in his party over his efforts to portray Islam as a peaceful religion that is not responsible for anti-American terrorism. In a score of speeches since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the president has called for tolerance of Muslims, describing Islam as 'a faith based upon peace and love and compassion' and a religion committed to 'morality and learning and tolerance.' But a large number of foreign policy hawks -- some of them with advisory roles in the Bush administration -- have joined religious conservatives in taking issue with Bush's characterizations ... Calling Islam a peaceful religion 'is an increasingly hard argument to make,' said Kenneth Adelman, a former Reagan official who serves on the Bush Pentagon's Defense Policy Board ... Another member of the Pentagon advisory board, Eliot Cohen of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, wrote an article on the Wall Street Journal editorial page arguing that the enemy of the United States enemy is not terrorism 'but militant Islam ... Nobody would like to think that a major world religion has a deeply aggressive and dangerous strain in it -- a strain often excused or misrepresented in the name of good feelings. But uttering uncomfortable and unpleasant truths is one of the things that defines leadership,' he said ... "Certainly not all Muslims are terrorists," [Norman Podhoretz] wrote. "But it would be dishonest to ignore the plain truth that Islam has become an especially fertile breeding-ground of terrorism in our time. This can only mean that there is something in the religion itself that legitimizes the likes of Osama bin Laden, and indeed there is: the obligation imposed by the Koran to wage holy war, or jihad, against the 'infidels.'"

Imam warns of 'undeclared war' between US, Israel and Islam,
Independent (UK), December 1, 2002
"American and Israeli tourists should avoid Islamic countries in the wake of the latest terrorist attacks, a leading Kenyan Islamic cleric warned yesterday. 'There is an undeclared war between their countries and the Muslim world,' said Sheikh Ali Shee, chairman of the Council of Imams. 'It is not good for them to come until the [Palestinian] problem is solved' ... 'We have nothing to do with al-Qa'ida and we have nothing to do with those bombs,' he said. 'We are condemning them very clearly.' But the sheikh, sitting under a fan in his side-street office in a neatly pressed white robe, said Israeli and US policy towards Palestine should also be described as 'terrorism'. And he would refuse to help investigators from the FBI or Mossad, Israel's spy agency. 'We will never co-operate with these people,' he said. 'They are criminals. This Bush is the worst leader ever. He is a man of war.'"

Inventing a pretext for war against Iraq. Friedman of the Times executes an assignment for the Pentagon,
World Socialist Web Site, December 3, 2002
"Hence the latest public ruminations of Thomas Friedman, the foreign affairs columnist of the New York Times. In a column published December 1, he urges his readers to 'pay no attention' to the inspections taking place in Iraq. Rather, he advises, 'the key to whether we end up in a war with Iraq' lies in a paragraph inserted into the UN Security Council’s inspections resolution allowing for the removal of Iraqi scientists, along with their entire families, to be interviewed abroad. The columnist claims that this paragraph was among the “least-noticed” passages in the UN document, but has now become the pivotal issue in “the fate of Iraq.” This is a deliberate falsification ... The fact that Friedman begins his column with a lie will come as no surprise to any objective and politically literate observer who has followed his output. Friedman’s journalistic work over the past two decades amounts to a smug celebration of US military might and the wealth and privilege of the ruling elite that it defends. Cynical and indifferent to the suffering of ordinary people subjected to war, he employs the language of the bully, egging on US aggression from his comfortable desk at the Times ... Friedman is representative of a generation of journalists who launched their careers under the Reagan administration and adapted themselves to the reactionary political atmosphere in Washington. Over the years, many of them became corrupt, Pulitzer Prize-winning liars who specialize in comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted. They became extraordinarily wealthy pandering to the needs and interests of America’s ruling strata. Friedman first became fascinated with power as the Times correspondent in Beirut, covering the civil war in Lebanon. He reserved his admiration for the “tough guys” of the Israeli military and their allies in the Lebanese fascist Falange. He retained this attitude, never questioning the god-given right of the US—and Israel—to use military and economic power as they saw fit, and never wasting time worrying about the tragic results for the people in the oppressed countries."

Portrait of a War Bird. 10 questions for 'the philosophical whore of North Beach',
by Justin Raimondo,, December 6, 2002
[An examination of war hawk Stephen Schwartz, raised Jewish, former Left wing radical, who converted to Islam and now rails for war against Iraq]
"National Review Online recently posted 'Ten Questions for Adel al-Jubeir,' yet another rant by Stephen Schwartz, the Michael Ruppert of the Right, who claims that the Saudi government was really behind the 9/11 attacks. It is the usual fare from the neocons' resident Saudi-phobe, a weird mixture of smears and unintentional humor. For example, Schwartz asks when terrorists arrested by the Kingdom are going to be named, and given public trials – but he might well ask the same question of John Ashcroft, who has rounded up thousands without identifying them and claims the authority to haul them before secret tribunals."

PM vows probe into claim Ginossar ran Arafat's Swiss bank account,
Ha'aretz, December 6, 2002
"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Thursday that a full investigation into allegations that former senior Shin Bet official Yossi Ginossar was responsible for managing a Swiss bank account belonging to Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat and PA financial advisor Mohammed Rashid was already underway. The allegation was made by the Ma'ariv daily in its Thursday edition. The funds in the account were not defined as belonging to Arafat and Rashid, but as 'monies of the Palestinian people.' According to the report, Ginossar and his business partner Ezrad Lev transferred some $300 million in funds from the Lombard Odier bank account to unknown destinations during the first year of the current intifada. Ginossar received handsome commissions for his services, the report said, and in return, he funneled money to Rashid via fictitious companies that were set up. The former Shin Bet official responded to the report by saying that all of his business activities were legal and that he had filed all the necessary reports to the relevant authorities." FURTHER CONTEXT TO THIS STORY: By 1993, Yassar Arafat had a French Jew, Gabriel Banon, as his peoples' chief economic advisor. Banon was once a 'close advisor' to former French prime minister George Pompidou. Banon also claims to have done 'favors' for presidents Gerald Ford, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan [BERLEY, M., 6-22-96] Stanley Cohen was even the lawyer in 1995 for "senior Hamas official" Moussa Mohammad Abu Marzook, who was jailed in New York City. 'All the Israeli press,' Cohen said, 'wants to know how a Jew can represent the head of Hamas. I ask them, 'How can a Jew NOT represent the head of Hamas?' [WALKER, R., 9-11-95]

Why Arab/Muslim Anti-Semites Are Worse Than the Nazis,
Jewish World Review
, October 30, 2001
"All Americans are worried about the America hatred among groups who do not value human life. But Jews who know their history have additional fears. We Jews have reasons to worry because a significant part of humanity have a hatred of us indistinguishable in kind and intensity from that of the Nazis."

War is the only option. A former winner of the Nobel peace prize says we must stop Saddam's killing machine,
by Elie Wiesel, Observer (UK), December 22, 2002
"Saddam almost certainly harbours deadly arsenals. Ideally, the international inspectors would uncover and then destroy the weapons that are putting many other countries in danger, not only Israel. But what if Iraqi hiding places turn out to be too deep, too well concealed? The weapons may be buried in hospital basements and cemeteries, and plants may be operating in presidential palaces. Do the inspectors have adequate tools to discover them? Few intelligence specialists doubt that Saddam would be ready to use weapons of mass destruction. His mentality, his temperament and his past are well known: Killing a great number of human beings would not concern him ... [N]umerous lives are at stake. The lives of Israelis, Americans and, of course, Iraqis. Tens of thousands ... Is President Bush's policy of intervention the best response to an imperative need? Yes, it is said, and I am reluctant to say anything else. Bush's goal is to prevent the deadliest biological or nuclear conflict in modern history. If the US, supported by the UN Security Council, is forced to intervene, it will save victims who are already targeted, already menaced. And it will win. The US owes it to us, and owes it to future generations. As the great French writer André Malraux said, victory belongs to those who make war without loving it."

The Enduring Pattern of Liberal Values
[Excerpts from author Gore Vidal about the mass media and pro-Israel Jewish bias against Muslims and Islam; this material was sent in by a Jewish Tribal Review reader]

Israeli Arab Porn Video Inflames Community Passions,
Channels (from Reuters), December 31, 2002
"[T]he bilingual film billed as 'the first Israeli-Arab porno' has inflamed the Jewish state's Muslim minority, drawing charges of sacrilege and a vigilante death sentence on 'Fatima' issued by her own hometown and family. Amal Kashua, a 38-year-old mother of eight, was set upon by a mob last week in Tira, a prosperous Arab community in central Israel. 'Yussuf,' a Palestinian known only as Amir, was beaten too. They went to hospital under police guard, then into hiding. Shamed by association, Kashua's relatives disowned her. Tira residents were divided over whether Kashua and Amir were married or merely lovers, and rumors put the money they had made in November for their hour-long on-camera coupling at anything from 700 shekels ($148) to 30 times as much. But none disputed that the stars of 'Yussuf and Fatima' had brought the near-lynching in Tira square upon themselves ... The litany of complaints began with the video's cover, which showed Kashua [a drug addict] and Amir in a pre-coital pose against a minaret. 'This is a blow to the sensitivity of Muslims everywhere,' said Tira attorney Ihab Galgoly, who was representing two men arrested on suspicion of leading the assault on the couple. 'We are considering suing the producers for breach of the law guaranteeing human dignity and freedom.' The studio which made 'Yussuf and Fatima' remained unfazed. 'We are not liable since we did everything by the book,' [Jewish] SexStyle director-general Amos Lahat told Reuters by telephone ... Lahat allowed that market considerations were behind its cover design. 'There is considerable demand from the Arab sector for porn which 'speaks to them', as it were. So we wanted to emphasize that this was a precedent-setting ethnic film,' he said. But as of mid-December -- several days before Kashua and Amir were attacked -- the cover of 'Yussuf and Fatima' had been stripped down: no minaret, no title, just the photograph. 'An Arab client who bought the film called in to lodge a polite request that we change its look to avoid causing offence, so we did,' Lahat explained. Some Muslims took further umbrage at the name Fatima, which was also that of the Prophet Mohammed's daughter. On this account, Lahat was unapologetic. 'In these parts you can find a scriptural connection to just about any name,' he said. 'Take a look at Hebrew, for example. Some of my Jewish actors have biblical namesakes too. So what?' ... What's tragic is that, as Amal tells it, she got into pornography because of her financial straits. It is the same with many Israeli Arab single mothers who become prostitutes to support their children. And it may well get worse,' [Jewish feminist Yael] Dayan said. Israel's labor market and welfare system have been gutted by an economic slump linked to the world recession and a more than two-year-old Palestinian uprising for independence in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. But the blues are good for blue movies, according to Lahat. 'Since this whole story over 'Yussuf and Fatima' broke out, we have sold hundreds of copies, most of them in the Arab sector,' he said. "We may make another Arabic film. It pays.'"

Kill Jews, get your own country,
by Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder, World Jewish Review, January 2003
" For the first time in fifty years we [Jews] have again become a lost, confused, helpless and paralyzed people. Somehow we have resigned ourselves to suffer the constant killing of our people [in Israel], like another but slower Holocaust. We have paralyzed ourselves by our sickening irrational fear of 'World Opinion,' which is why we find it impossible to face one simple fact. We will never win this war unless we immediately threaten to drive every Arab out of Israel if the killing doesn't stop. It is no accident that the Arabs are not concerned with public opinion while killing our people, but we are terrified of public opinion before we dismiss them from our country. Somehow, we have become intimidated into believing that we are obligated to give them a place to live, and we have no right to throw them out just because they are killing our people. It is about time we realize that public opinion is nothing but publicly expressed anti-Semitism and appeasing public opinion makes as much sense as Chamberlain's appeasement of Adolf Hitler. Jews dying in Israel disturbs them as much as watching your neighbor killing a cockroach, even if it doesn't fill you with pleasure you certainly don't feel remorse about it. That is why when suicide bombers kill hundreds of Jews not a word of protest is ever heard, but when we try to defend ourselves by retaliating against our killers the U.N. immediately is called in an emergency session to protect our assassins."

Activist group cites ‘threat’ of new mosque. Muslim leaders blast accusations of connections to terrorists,
Boca Raton News (FL), December 25, 2002
"A group called Citizens Against Hate opposes the construction of a 9,000-foot mosque planned for 3 acres on Northwest 35th Street. The group says activities at the mosque would present a threat to the area, but a spokesman for the Islamic Center says A group called Citizens Against Hate is rallying the community to halt the construction of a new mosque for the Islamic Center of Boca Raton. 'This mosque, if allowed to be built, would be a major threat to Boca Raton and all of South Florida,' said Joe Kaufman, 32, of Tamarac, chairman of the group ... 'It is not the Muslims we are fighting,' said Kaufman. 'The mosque might be a threat to the community. If it is built, we don’t know what is going on behind the walls' ...[Kaufman] accused the ICBR [Islamic Center of Boca Raton] of having 'anti-Semitic material' on its Web site ... Kaufman said the ICBR Web is still linked to anti-Semitic stories ... Kaufman asked residents to call Boca Raton City Hall and object to the mosques. Mayor Steven Abrams, who said he knows Kaufman, said he received one telephone call Monday from a resident objecting to the mosque plan ... Kaufman, who has run unsuccessfully twice for the Florida House of Representatives, said, “I am not running for office now.”

Press groups join row at college paper,
The Washington Times, December 23, 2002
"A campus conflict that erupted after the September 11 attacks continues to rage at the University of Miami, where the editor of the student newspaper seeks redress for threats after he published an article about a Jewish fraternity's derision of Muslim students. A national journalistic organization is preparing to join the fray by running a half-page ad next month in the student newspaper, the UM Hurricane. University President Donna E. Shalala, a former Clinton administration Cabinet member, rejected calls for further disciplinary action from two prestigious journalism organizations, saying nothing will change her mind. Jordan Rodack, 21, said he moved off-campus after his fraternity brothers in Alpha Epsilon Pi — which calls itself 'the Jewish Fraternity of North America' — targeted him for allowing publication of an article about members of the fraternity who denigrated Muslims in the weeks after the attacks on New York and Washington. As part of rush activities just weeks after the September 11 attacks, the paper reported, the fraternity dispatched pledges on a scavenger hunt to collect videotaped replies to questions referring disparagingly to Arabs. About 9,000 copies of that issue of the semiweekly Hurricane were stolen. Despite Mr. Rodack's hands-off policy to avoid conflict of interest about his fraternity, he was targeted by Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers. He said fraternity members broke into his room at the Alpha Epsilon Pi house and left a burned American flag beneath a wall smeared with a used condom and, in a separate incident, dumped vomit inside his doorway. Mr. Rodack, who is Jewish, described the Hurricane's coverage of the fraternity's activities as 'a public-safety story because many of our Arab and Muslim students were being harassed.' Mr. Rodack's fraternity brothers took out an ad in the Hurricane to apologize for stealing newspapers, a protest tactic routinely prosecuted at other universities. 'This is a case of right versus wrong. I know I'm right. I'm not going to back down until this thing is properly resolved,' Mr. Rodack told The Washington Times. 'The fraternity needs to be disciplined. They have not been.' University spokeswoman Margot Winick said the school placed the fraternity on probation for the 2002 scholastic year and suspended two members, but later lifted the suspensions. The national office of Alpha Epsilon Pi suspended the Miami chapter, she said. School officials insist federal laws preclude release of information about any disciplinary action, a position challenged by Robert Leger, president of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), and by Patrick Yack, president of the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors (FSNE)."

Israel rolls out red tape in fight to save faith,
The Age (Australia), December 28 2002
"For Jews living in Israel, switching religions can become a bureaucratic nightmare. [Ed O'Loughlin reports from Jerusalem]. Israel was founded as a Jewish state for Jewish people, and the Jewish identity is based on the sometimes conflicting foundations of Jewish birth and Judaic religious belief. So what legally becomes of Jewish-born Israelis who decide to abandon Judaism and join a different faith? The answer, claims the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, is far from clear. A human rights advocacy group, the association is preparing a court challenge on behalf of four Jewish-born Israelis who want to convert to Islam. Instead, the association says, the four were told they could not legally convert without the approval of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, which in turn tried to make them change their minds. All four have been told they will have to justify their decisions before a special committee, including a psychiatrist and a social worker. advertisement advertisement ... The association contends that there is no legal basis for the religious ministry's committee of inquiry, which seems to function as a device to obstruct conversion. 'Those who agree to go to the committee are told to come at a certain day,' said Ms Shoughry-Badarne. 'They are then told the meeting is cancelled, or else given meetings with individuals from religious affairs who try to convince them that Islam is bad, Judaism is good.' One man has been summoned to the ministry four times, only to have the meeting cancelled each time. A clerk at the religious ministry allegedly insulted a Jewish-born unmarried woman in her 20s, saying she was a traitor and accusing her of wanting to convert so she could sleep with Arab men. So with all this hassle and red tape, why bother? Apart from the fact that religious registration is a strict legal requirement, Israeli law imposes different obligations and rights on Jewish and non-Jewish citizens. Notably, Muslims are informally exempt from compulsory military service. Moreover, Israel has no civil marriage or civil family law, so marriage and inheritance disputes must be resolved in religious courts, making it important to establish one's status clearly in advance. Mortgages, welfare and residency rights often depend on marital status. And while there is little official discrimination against non-Jewish Israelis, many (mostly Muslim or Christian Arabs) allege extensive informal discrimination in areas such as jobs, housing, allocation of state resources and treatment by the security forces. The Ministry of the Interior has not yet responded to questions ... Asked on what grounds the ministry might refuse someone permission to change their legal religious status she said: 'Matters of security, or something else.'"

Israel: America's Shame and Humanity's Stain,
by Mohamed Khodr, Media Monitors, January 9, 2003
"While the American people are fiercely proud, independent, and will not submit to any nation or any person who dares stomp on the world's sole superpower, they do submit willingly and unwillingly to the dictates of a foreign nation, Israel, whose economy and political support is the prime priority of Washington D.C., even at the expense of the needs and lives of the American people themselves. Inquiring Minds Around the World Want to Know: Why are the American people so loved and respected around the world for so long (prior to Israel's founding in 1948) for their freedoms, educational and technological superiority, their friendliness, generosity, and respect for other people's beliefs and needs, are so naive to the destructive influence of Israel's 'Jewish Power' upon their domestic and foreign policies? Why are they so blind and uninformed despite having the world's largest and most advanced educational system, the world's largest media outlets, the ability to travel around the world freely, the world's largest interdependent economy that sells to every nation on earth, except to Israel where it loses on trade; a nation with more military bases around the world than any other, a nation of immigrants from around the world, a nation in possession of the wondrous law unavailable to most of the world--the 'Freedom of Information Act--whereby a citizen can seek governmental answers on policies, but doesn't when it comes to foreign policy? WHY, WHY, WHY? Why has the world been engulfed in continuous wars and conflicts in the Middle East ever since Israel was founded in 1948? Why did Islam suddenly become America's enemy immediately after the collapse of Communism in 1991? Why 9/11? ... There is a reason that Bush appointed Henry Kissinger, a powerful Pro-Israeli Jew to head the Independent Commission but who later resigned rather than reveal his "conflict of interest" nations. The reason is Israel and the answer as to WHY there is new found HATE between the U.S. and the Muslim world is simple: Why do THEY hate US? ISRAEL, ISRAEL, ISRAEL, ISRAEL, ISRAEL, ISRAEL Why do WE Hate Them? ISRAEL, ISRAEL, ISRAEL, ISRAEL, ISRAEL, ISRAEL Despite the fact that most Americans, including our Government understand this truth, America is too fearful to admit that Israel is the barrier between the West and Islam, between perpetual war and peace, and between the interests of the American people and the Pro-Israel politics of our Government too greedy for Jewish money and votes and too cowardly to face the Pro-Israeli Media backlash should they ever so slightly oppose the 'Israel First' policy. There is ZERO TOLERANCE in America’s Media for any criticism of Israel. The Political Unemployment line is filled with politicians who fought for America's cause and independence from Israel and who sought peace in the Holy Land. Among them are former Senators William Fulbright, Charles Percy, Reps. Paul Findley and Cynthia McKinney. The American Government, Media, Wall Street, Hollywood, and 'experts' on television are ensuring through daily bombardment of intimidating sound bytes that the American TAXPAYER, who is the ultimate VICTIM in this charade of 55 years of Israel's democracy and 'special relationship' with the United States, will never know the truth about Israel's grip on this nation or if he/she does, that they will never have the courage to ever speak out publicly. THE ANSWER MY FRIEND AS TO WHY MUSLIMS ARE DYING EVERYDAY AND WHY AMERICANS HAVE BEEN KILLED BY ISRAEL (USS Liberty in 1967, Marines in Beirut) and will continue to die around the world for Israel’s interests, not America’s, especially in Israel's push for America to attack Iraq, and not North Korea, IS BLOWING IN THE WINDS OF 'JEWISH POWER'."

[Traditional Jewish hatred of Christianity is shifting to Islam, vis-a-vis the problems of Israeli-Arab tensions in the Middle East. Successful Jewish efforts to destroy America's "melting pot" cultural ideology via the ethnocentric premises of a "diverse" multiculturalism has allowed Jewry to clear out an undisturbed nest for its pursuit of pro-Israel allegiance in the American fabric. Paradoxically, however, Jewish ethnocentric comfort is now being threatened by Muslim immigrants, who -- championing the same tenets of open door multiculturalism that Jews molded for themselves against WASP "anti-Semitism" -- give voice to a new dimension of anti-Jewish complaint.]
View from the Right. Why Jews welcome Muslims
Counterrevolution, Lawrence Auster
"Regarding the evident desire of Jewish organizations and Jewish intellectuals to keep admitting anti-Jewish Muslims into America, one of our regular contributors writes: 'What we are witnessing is the gene that makes moths fly into candle flames, but in its human form—a form which must have the exact same nucleotide sequence as in the moth, because clearly it’s the exact same gene.' As the writer suggests, a group phenomenon that seems to defy any rational explanation may be more explicable in terms of instinct. In this case, it seems to be the instinct to weaken a potentially anti-Semitic national majority by diversifying the nation, an instinct which may have served Jews in the past, or at least made sense in the abstract, but which under current circumstances—in America, the most philo-Semitic nation in the history of the world—is plainly suicidal. The sad truth is that once a collective thought pattern becomes established, it takes on a life of its own and becomes immune to reason. This element of the Jewish psyche is further illuminated, if inadvertently, by Norman Podhoretz in his self-trumpeting memoir, My Love Affair with America: '[M]y own view is that what had befallen the Jews of Europe inculcated a subliminal lesson. . . . The lesson was that anti-Semitism, even the relatively harmless genteel variety that enforced quotas against Jewish students or kept their parents from joining fashionable clubs or getting jobs in prestigious Wall Street law firms, could end in mass murder.' (p. 148.) While the view Podhoretz expresses here is familiar, coming from a leading Jewish spokesman it nevertheless strikes me as extraordinary. For years, traditionalist conservatives and nationalists (including some Jews) have moaned that 'any criticism of the Jews is equated with Auschwitz.' While containing an element of truth, the complaint has always seemed somewhat hyperbolic. But now (to the extent that Podhoretz accurately reflects Jewish attitudes) it turns out that that’s exactly what the mainstream Jewish community has really thought all along. In their minds, any desire on the part of gentiles to maintain an all-gentile country club, or any statement, no matter how mild and civilized, that shows any concern about or resistance to the cultural and political influence of Jews in American life, is seen as leading potentially to Auschwitz, and must therefore be ruthlessly condemned and suppressed. The significance of this belief in relation to the immigration issue is made clear by another passage from My Love Affair With America: 'Acting on the principle that 'all bigotry is indivisible,' Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League, whose purpose was to defend Jews against discrimination and defamation, joined enthusiastically in the civil-rights movement, of which individual Jews were for a long time leaders and funders.' (p. 153.) The liberal notion that 'all bigotry is indivisible' implies that all manifestations of ingroup/outgroup feeling are essentially the same—and equally wrong. It denies the obvious fact that some outgroups are more different from the ingroup, and hence less assimilable, and hence more legitimately excluded, than other outgroups. It means, for example, that wanting to exclude Muslim immigrants from America is as blameworthy as wanting to exclude Catholics or Jews. Now when Jews put together the idea that 'any social prejudice or exclusion directed against Jews leads potentially to Auschwitz' with the idea that 'all bigotry is indivisible,' they must reach the conclusion that any exclusion of any group, no matter how alien it may be to the host society, is a potential Auschwitz. So there it is. We have identified the core Jewish conviction that makes Jews keep pushing relentlessly for mass immigration, even the mass immigration of their deadliest enemies. In the thought-process of Jews, to keep Jew-hating Muslims out of America would feed exclusionary attitudes among America’s white gentile majority that could result in another Jewish Holocaust."

Enlarging the Problem,
by Kenneth Adelman, Fox News, April 03, 2002
"My longtime mentor, Donald Rumsfeld, is fond of saying: When a particular problem is intractable, enlarge it. Granted, that sounds funny, but it may also be profound. Let's apply it now to the Israel-Palestinian war, which has clearly become intractable. Let's imagine the Bush administration enlarging this problem by moving beyond the status of Jerusalem, the legality of Israeli settlements, the right of return by displaced Palestinians, and sundry other problems. Let's move beyond the false hope that temporary cease-fires might usher in lasting changes. In a nutshell, the administration should enlarge today's particular problem by focusing on the longtime campaign against Israel — and against America, as a fellow prosperous and successful democracy. To enlarge the problem, the Bush administration should: ... STOP maintaining that no evidence exists linking Iraq to terrorism ... STOP considering Saudi Arabia as 'a peacemaker' proposing a serious peace initiative. Remember that the Saudis have been funding hatred towards Jews, Christians, Israelis, and Americans ... STOP funding Egypt to the whopping tune of $2 billion per year ... START transforming the dynamics of Arabian thought and politics by changing the Iraqi regime, from the worst to among the best in the region. A moderate, pro-Western, quasi-democratic, somewhat tolerant Iraq — after the removal of Saddam Hussein by American forces — could speed up the looming mass revolution in Iran. And once these jumbo dominos fall, then fundamental changes in Saudi Arabia and Egypt could easily follow. The more that Islamic states in the Middle East begin to resemble Turkey and Bangladesh — and the less they continue to echo Iraq and Syria — the greater are the chances for peace and stability. Thus the safer become both Israel and America. All this is a large order, but that's what it takes. Enlarging the problem, here at least, is the only way to solve this otherwise intractable tangle." [Kenneth Adelman is a frequent guest commentator on Fox News, was assistant to U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld from 1975 to 1977 and, under President Ronald Reagan, U.N. ambassador and arms-control director.]

McDonough urges U.S. to stop funding Israeli army NDP leader seeks role for Canada in brokering peace. Critics say party too sympathetic to Palestinian cause,
Toronto Star, January 17, 2002
"Amid a swirling perception that the NDP is becoming too sympathetic toward the Palestinian cause, leader Alexa McDonough says the U.S. must stop financing Israel's powerful military. 'People are desperate to see Canada take more responsibility to pressure our American neighbours to stop bankrolling the military heavy handedness here,' McDonough said in a telephone interview from Jerusalem where she has just completed a 16-day excursion into Israel and the occupied territories on a mission of peace. 'Canada needs to be far more vocal in efforts to try to persuade the Israeli government that in the name of fighting terrorism and seeking security you can't trample human rights, human lives and human dignity. You contribute not to security but to an escalation of violence that fuels terrorism,' she said ... Former Canadian ambassador to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Norman Spector, has scolded the NDP leadership candidates for defending Burnaby MP Svend Robinson's April trip to Ramallah to see Arafat, in which he wanted to 'demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people' and was seen in an altercation with an Israeli soldier. Upon his return, Robinson said Israel was guilty of 'torture and murder' and was stripped of his duties as the party's Middle East critic. McDonough also used the term 'terrorism,' referring to Israeli military aggression, before softening her line and censuring Robinson."

Shared hatred draws groups closer Authorities eyeing neo-Nazis, Islamists,
by Jeffrey Fleishman, Boston Globe (from Los Angeles Times), January 19, 2003
"They are unlikely allies, but right-wing extremists and Islamic militants share a hatred for Israel and the United States that has drawn the attention of German authorities. Since 2001, when Islamic extremists and neo-Nazis cheered the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the two camps have echoed each other's abhorrence of what they view as a world controlled by Jews and enforced by Washington's military power. There are no links suggesting that right-wing and Islamic groups are collaborating on terrorism-related strategies, but law enforcement officials are concerned over the growing attraction between the two. 'The common ground they share is deep on two issues,' said one Western diplomat. 'They cannot tolerate the existence of Israel, and they share a conspiracy theory that the US wants to control the Middle East and the world's energy supply. It's a very paranoid world view, but they share it deeply.' On Wednesday, the government outlawed Hizb ut-Tahrir, or the Party of Liberation, an Islamic group accused of spreading violent anti-Semitism on university campuses and establishing contacts with neo-Nazis. Though extremists in both camps have been eyeing one another for decades, many are skeptical that such an alliance can advance very far, given broad religious and philosophical differences. Neo-Nazis and skinheads historically have accused immigrant Muslims and other foreigners for spoiling their dream of a pure German state. Street thugs of the right wing, according to some officials, will not easily abandon antiforeigner sentiments in favor of joining Islamists in a campaign against the United States and Israel. 'Right-wing extremists are so xenophobic that we can't imagine a deep structural connection between these groups,' said Isabelle Kalbitzer, a spokesperson for Berlin's Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which prosecutes offenses against the state. 'But we are keeping a close eye on this.'''

[Open Jewish demands for ethnic cleansing:]
Time To Threaten Arabs With Mass Eviction,
Jewish Press, January 29, 2003
by Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder
"How does the value of an Israeli life become so cheap that we Jews accept the idea that we have to sacrifice hundreds of lives on a yearly basis in order to exist in the state of Israel? ... Why was the loss of an Israeli life so inconceivable before and so acceptable now? The answer is that we are living through another version of the same mentality that accepted the idea that a Jew couldn't help dying in the Holocaust ... For the first time in 50 years we > >have again become a lost, confused, helpless and paralyzed people. Somehow we have resigned ourselves to suffer the constant killing of our people, like another but slower Holocaust. We have paralyzed ourselves by our sickening fear of World Opinion, which is why we find it impossible to face one simple fact: We will never win this war unless we immediately threaten to drive every Arab out of Israel if the killing doesn't stop ... It is about time we realized that public opinion is nothing but publicly expressed anti-Semitism, and that appeasing public opinion makes as much sense as Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler. Jews dying in Israel disturbs world opinion as much as watching your neighbor killing a cockroach disturbs you even if it doesn't fill you with pleasure, you certainly don't feel remorse about it ... We are not obligated to victimize ourselves by letting the Arabs play Russian roulette with Jewish lives. Israelis are constantly asked the same obnoxious question: How can you throw the Arabs out where would they go? The answer is, if they don't care whom they kill, why are we obligated to care where they go?"

The legacy of Jean-Paul Sartre Until European intellectuals take on board the racist basis of the Jewish State, their support for the struggle of the Palestinians will always ring hollow
by Joseph Massad [a teacher at Columbia University], Al-Ahram (Egypt), January 30-February 5, 2003
"What is it about the nature of Zionism, its racism, and its colonial policies that continues to escape the understanding of many European intellectuals on the left? Why have the Palestinians received so little sympathy from prominent leftist intellectuals such as Jean- Paul Sartre and Michel Foucault or only contingent sympathy from others like Jacques Derrida, Pierre Bourdieu, Etienne Balibar, and Slavoj Zizek? [Foucault and Derrida are Jewish, as well may some of the others here] Edward Said wrote once about his encounters with Sartre and Foucault (who were anti-Palestinian) and with Gilles Deleuze (who was anti-Zionist) in this regard. The intellectual and political commitments inaugurated by a pro-Zionist Sartre and observed by Said, however, remain emblematic of many of the attitudes of leftist and liberal European intellectuals today. While most of these intellectuals have taken public stances against racism and white supremacy, have opposed Nazism and apartheid South Africa, seem to oppose colonialism, old and new, most of them partake of a Sartrian legacy which refuses to see a change in the status of European Jews, who are still represented only as holocaust survivors in Europe. The status of the European Jew as a coloniser who has used racist colonial violence for the last century against the Palestinian people is a status they refuse to recognise and continue to resist vehemently. Although some of these intellectuals have clearly recognised Israeli Jewish violence in, and occupation of, the West Bank and Gaza, they continue to hold on to a pristine image of a Jewish State founded by holocaust survivors rather than by armed colonial settlers ... No matter how much Zionism continues to resurrect it and claim it as the excuse for its racist violence against the Palestinians, the holocaust does not justify Israel's racist nature. If Bourdieu accepted this, then his dilemma of choosing between Israel and its victims would have been readily resolved. Take Jacques Derrida as another example, who when lecturing in occupied Jerusalem in 1986 stated his position as follows: "I wish to state right away my solidarity with all those, in this land, who advocate an end to violence, condemn the crimes of terrorism and of the military and police repression, and advocate the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the occupied territories as well as the recognition of the Palestinians' right to choose their own representatives to negotiations, now more indispensable than ever.' Derrida, however, felt it necessary to assert in his speech that the Israeli State's 'existence, it goes without saying, must henceforth be recognised by all'. Despite Derrida's opposition to White supremacist South Africa in the mid-1980s, he believes that Israel, a racist Jewish state, should be recognised by all. Derrida's refusal and resistance to see that Israeli colonialism and racism operate with the same force, albeit with different means, inside the Jewish state as they do in the territories Israel occupies is a manifestation of an emotional attachment to this Israel ... Derrida's stance on Israel, like Bourdieu's, is not unique at all. Leftist French intellectual Etienne Balibar has recently sent a large number of colleagues a statement justifying his recent visit to Israel to lecture there ... While suspending the status of European Jews as holocaust survivors, these European intellectuals fail to see that much of Zionist colonialism began half a century before the holocaust and that Jewish colonists were part of the British colonial death squads that murdered Palestinian revolutionaries between 1936 and 1939 while Hitler unleashed kristallnacht against German Jews."

[Muslim influence in Washington DC? Pro-Israel propaganda goes berserk.]
Islamists' White House gatekeeper,
by Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Washington Times, February 11, 2003
"I made an express distinction between such Islamists and what is, I believe, the majority of Muslims in this country whom the former are determined to recruit, intimidate and dominate through a variety of techniques. Wahhabi-Saudi funding appears to have been instrumental in creating and sustaining a large number of organizations involved in such troubling activities as: prison recruitment of American felons, indoctrination of U.S. military personnel, proselytizing on more than 500 college campuses across the United States, charitable fund-raising for terrorists and, of course, underwriting — and, therefore, controlling — as many as 70-80 percent of the nation's mosques. Given the politically attuned nature of the CPAC audience, I expressed particular concern about one of the most insidious of the Wahhabis' activities — a concerted attempt to penetrate and otherwise influence political circles in Washington."

[More Jewish attack upon Islam:]
The Jihad against the textbooks. One man's jihad can be another man's mission of distortion,
by Suzanne Fields,
Townhall, February 20, 2003
"The Islamist terrorists who attacked America on Sept. 11 cited their murderous rampage as a 'jihad.' The suicide bombers who terrorize Israeli schools, restaurants and malls called their mission their 'jihad.' But American school kids might never know anything about it. A lot has gone missing in our textbooks. Patterns of History, for example, published by Houghton Mifflin and adopted as a world history textbook in high school classes in Texas and many other states, never even mentions the word. A seventh-grade world history book by Houghton Mifflin, titled Across the Centuries, defines 'jihad' merely as a struggle for a Muslim 'to do one's best to resist temptation and overcome evil.' There's no mention of the fact that millions of Muslims - not all, but many millions - are taught to regard anything not under Muslim rule or control as 'evil'. 'Islam and the Textbooks,' a 35-page report compiled by the American Textbook Council in New York, analyzes seven history textbooks widely used between the seventh and 12th grades and finds that millions of American schoolchildren are being cheated of accurate history. Politically correct advocacy groups have thoroughly intimidated teachers, administrators and school boards - and in a way that the most fundamentalist of Christians or the most orthodox of Jews never could."

[The National Post is part of the censorial and grotesquely propagandistic Zionist mogul Izzy Asper's chain of Canadian newspapers.]
Extremists joining forces, CSIS warns. Unlikely partners: White supremacists allying with Islamists, document claims,
National Post (Canada), February 21, 2003
"White supremacist groups are working to expand their support in Canada, according to a top-secret intelligence document released yesterday as federal authorities tried to figure out what to do with Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. 'We do have, unfortunately, our share of homegrown problems. By way of an example is the white supremacist movement,' said the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) document, dated last Nov. 22. The briefing report, obtained by the National Post under the Access to Information Act, cites efforts by hate groups 'to increase their support and criticize the immigration policies of the Canadian government ... 'The threat from the far right has not disappeared, though it's been overshadowed by the threat from Islamism and Arabism,' said Manuel Prutschi of the Canadian Jewish Congress. 'And indeed, in some ways, they have re-energized each other. It's a bizarre alliance, but nonetheless there it is' ... Mr. Zundel was "one of the pioneers" of the alliance between the anti-Israeli movement in the Middle East and the Holocaust denial movement in the West, Mr. Prutschi said. When he was charged in 1984 with 'spreading false news,' Mr. Zundel had been distributing not only propaganda denying that six million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany, but also a four-page letter called 'The West, War and Islam.' The letter was mailed to 1,200 addresses in the Middle East ... Evidence of the ties between the extreme right and Muslim extremists can be found on the Internet site operated by Mr. Zundel's spokesman, Mark Weber. He devotes significant space to the Middle East and one of his columns on the 'powerful Jewish lobby' was republished by a newspaper in Saudi Arabia."

Jews may live in Turkish hinterland, but keep secret in order to stay safe,
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
, March 4, 2003
"It seemed like anti-Semitism masquerading as history. Baki Ozmen, a self-described historian of the Jews of the remote Turkish city of Sanliurfa, pulled down the neck of his brown turtleneck sweater with one hand and made karate-like chops at his tan-colored flesh with the other. 'The Jews used sharp metal objects to cut the neck of their brethren. Only the Jews kill that way,' he told JTA. 'They were the city’s best smiths; that’s how we know it was the Jews who killed that Jewish family in 1945. This is what our elders tell us.' To create a pretext that would enable them to immigrate to Palestine, the Jews of Sanliurfa, an ancient city known in the Bible as Ur, hatched a plan to hack to death a local Jewish family and then blame it on their Muslim neighbors. Or so goes local lore. Since then, said Ozmen, a bear-like man with a jowly, bearded face, there have been no Jews in the stalls that once belonged to Jewish artisans pounding out copper pots or finjans deep in the city’s labyrinthine bazaar — or anywhere else in the city, for that matter. But Ozmen’s information isn’t quite accurate: About 10 Jewish families still live in Sanliurfa, clandestinely celebrating certain Jewish holidays in the privacy of their homes. To stay alive, the Jews of Sanliurfa — the ancient town where Abraham stopped to water his camel train, according to the Bible — conceal their yarmulkes and Jewish books in hidden corners of their homes, according to several sources, including Kadir Celikcan, the director of Sanliurfa TV. Like their neighbors, they dutifully head to the city’s ancient mosques to pray, finger worry beads, and wear the traditional baggy pants and red-checkered Kaffiyeh of the Kurds — yet they remain Jews."

[Below is well-illustrated the Jewish Lobby's imperialist aims, on behalf of Israel. The author of this aricle is Michael Ledeen, who is Jewish-American. The chief editors of this newspaper (Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll) are also Jewish, as are the dominant financial investors (Michael Steinhardt, etc.) in the new New York City tabloid, the New York Sun. Here Ledeen calls for war against Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, after Iraq.]
by Michael A. Ledeen, (from New York Sun),
March 19, 2003
"The battle for Iraq is about to begin, and in all likelihood it will involve us in the broader war about which the president has been speaking ever since September 11, 2001. Once upon a time, it might have been possible to deal with Iraq alone, without having to face the murderous forces of the other terror masters in Tehran, Damascus, and Riad, but that time has passed. We have given them more than a year to prepare for this moment, and they are ready. The Iranian, Syrian, and Saudi tyrants know that if we win a quick victory in Iraq and then establish a free government in Baghdad, their doom is sealed. It would then be only a matter of time before their peoples would demand the same liberation we brought to Afghanistan and Iraq. Thus, they must do everything in their power to tie us down in Iraq, bleed us on the ground, frustrate our designs, and eventually break our will ... Iraq is a battle, not a war. We have to win the war, and the only way to do that is to bring down the terror masters, and spread freedom throughout the region. Rarely has it been possible to see one of history's potential turning points so clearly and so dramatically as it is today. Rarely has a country been given such a glorious opportunity as we have in our hands. But history is full of missed opportunities and embarrassing defeats. We'll know soon which destiny we will achieve. Michael A. Ledeen holds the Freedom Chair at AEI. In the Spotlight "There has been a distinct carefulness in the language of many senior Bush administration officials whenever the 'd-word' comes up. The boldness of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz-'If we commit . . . forces, we're not going to commit them for anything less than a free and democratic Iraq'--has not often been repeated."

[Ledeen is Jewish. Here is argues for more assault about Muslim and Arab governments.]
Syria and Iran Must Get Their Turn,
By Michael A. Ledeen, American Enterprise Institute (from National Post [Canada], April 7, 2003
"A year ago, as I was finishing the first draft of The War against the Terror Masters, I wrote that Syria and Iran could not tolerate an American success in Iraq, because it would fatally undermine the authority of the tyrants in Damascus and Tehran. Since the United States has taken too long to move on from Afghanistan to challenge the regimes of the terror masters, they had forged an alliance and would co-operate in sending terror squads against coalition armed forces, with the intention of repeating the Lebanese scenarios in the mid-Eighties (against the United States) and the late Nineties (against Israel). U.S. diplomats didn't believe a word of it ... Now, Eli Lake of United Press International reports the government is aware of Iranian terrorist operations inside Iraq, and there have been many stories reporting Syria's campaign to send terrorists across the border to attack U.S. forces. In truth, Americans didn't need intelligence to know this was going on, because the Iranian and Syrian tyrants had announced it publicly. Assad gave an interview recently in which he proclaimed--in words that could have been taken right out of my book--that Lebanon was the model for the struggle that had to be waged in Iraq against coalition forces. And Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, gave a speech a few weeks ago in which he said the presence of American troops in Iraq would be even worse for Iran than the hated regime of Saddam Hussein. So they are coming to kill coalition forces, which means that there is no more time for diplomatic 'solutions.' The United States will have to deal with the terror masters, here and now. Iran, at least, offers Americans the possibility of a memorable victory, because the Iranian people openly loath the regime, and will enthusiastically combat it, if only the United States supports them in their just struggle. ... This is the path--the correct path--that President George W. Bush has charted, despite the opposition of so many of his diplomats, and despite the near-total indifference of the Western press to the plight of the Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian people. It is the path that most fully expresses the American revolutionary tradition, and gives the peoples of the Middle East the chance to recapture their dignity by empowering them to govern their own lands ... Yet it is impossible for a democratic Palestine to emerge, let alone survive, so long as the dominant countries in the region are tyrannical supporters of terrorism. If, at long last, the United States is going to transform the Middle East in the name of the democratic revolution, it is madness to entrust this task to a Department of State that does not believe in it. ... But, like U.S. diplomats, American elected representatives need a crash course in democratic revolution, the better to advance their cause, defeat their enemies and save the lives of the incredible fighting men and women. The United States has written an exceptional page of military history in Iraq, but it can be undone by suicidal political blunders in the region in the very near future. It's time to bring down the other terror masters. Faster, please."

[Note: Akamai Technologies was co-founded by Daniel Levin. Levin, an officer in the Israeli military, was killed in one of the planes involved the 9-11 attack. Another censor listed below is Yahoo! -- which is headed by Terry Semel, also Jewish and a judge at a recent Israel Film Festival.]
Al Jazeera and the Net - free speech, but don't say that,
By John Lettice, The Register (UK), April 7, 2003
"Arabic satellite TV network Al Jazeera's efforts to build an English-language web site have run into another speed bump. Akamai Technologies, whose 'Accelerated Networks can stand up to unpredictable traffic and flash crowds for even the largest events,' fired Al Jazeera last week. Akamai issued a statement saying it had worked 'briefly' last week with Al Jazeera, but that it had decided 'not to continue a customer relationship' with the channel. No reason was given for the decision, but an Al Jazeera spokeswoman told the New York Times that companies were coming under 'nonstop political pressure' to refuse to do business with the channel. Al Jazeera launched an English-language web site at the end of last month, and this immediately came under fire on several fronts. It was hacked, DDoSed, Network Solutions was tricked into allowing the domain to be hijacked (which inspires confidence), and US host DataPipe gave it notice after what Al Jazeera claimed was pressure from other customers. The English language site was up at time of writing, but Al Jazeera clearly needs to find a robust, long-term solution, and this is equally clearly going to be very difficult indeed. There are many ironies to the multi-decked 'get Al Jazeera' campaign; one attack suppressed the site with the slogan 'Let Freedom Ring!' (only up to a point, presumably), while practically none of those busily denying themselves the right to access it can have had time to read it in the first place ... Al Jazeera protests, in fairly mild terms, that it is 'increasingly appearing to be subject to a campaign designed at limiting its access to Western audiences,' and this does look awfully like the truth ... Essentially Al Jazeera's 'Iraqi propaganda' activities are no greater (perhaps even rather less) than those of many liberal media outlets. In the UK many of these have also been criticised by the government, but they have not been the subject of major hacking attacks, nor have hosting and services companies declined to do business with them. We should also clarify something regarding the footage of the prisoners and the dead servicemen; military spokesmen to the contrary, reproducing such images is not a breach of the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention is directed at governments, and does not cover news organisations. Al Jazeera has arguably broadcast images of the Iraqi Government breaching the Geneva Convention, but that is not the same thing. To get this into perspective, note that one of the most striking pictures from the Vietnam war was of a South Vietnamese officer shooting a prisoner - do we argue that this should not have been published? If Al Jazeera had footage of an Iraqi shooting a British prisoner, should that be broadcast? The other way around? Are our standards today different from those of the 60s, or do the criteria differ depending on the nationalities of the participants and/or the audience? The answers are not straightforward, nor should they be ... By Western standards Al Jazeera may have breached standards of taste and decency, and may not (again by Western standards) have sufficiently contextualised bin Laden and Iraqi exercises in propaganda. But by Middle Eastern standards Western media could similarly be accused of too readily parrotting propaganda in the other direction, and of too frequently operating a system of self-censorship. There's some merit to both points of view, the demise of Arnett being a good example of self-censorship, but there's no good reason for casting Al Jazeera into outer darkness - unless of course the problem is that its coverage has been increasingly reaching a Western audience. Or an Internet audience. Back in the irony department Yahoo!, which you may recall had some trouble with the French government a while back over Nazi memorabilia, is one of the companies declining to carry Al Jazeera advertising owing to 'war-related sensitivity,' and there's probably a high correlation between people who want Al Jazeera run off the web and people who oppose virtually any kind of internet censorship. Al Jazeera meanwhile has racked up millions more new TV viewers than it could possibly hope to gain via a web site, and its service has continued to be available in the US during the war. So why is the Internet different? To some extent, it possibly isn't. Al Jazeera seems to have been able to run an Arabic web site without coming under serious fire until it introduced the English version. Similarly, it's been able to run an Arabic TV station without Western companies trying to pull the plugs on it, and with Western governments denouncing it on the one hand while using it in order to get to its audience on the other. So it's possibly OK if it's over there, in Arabic, but not if it's over here, in English (if it goes ahead with its planned English TV service later this year, then we'll no doubt find out). The Internet is different, however, in that despite it being, allegedly, the New Frontier, the ultimate medium for free speech, it's also eminently suited to the suppression of free speech. Sure, anybody can set up a web site and say whatever they like, but only if not too many people read what they say, and only if they're careful about what it is they say. Say something controversial that enough people don't like, and you'll get attacked. Say something particular pressure groups don't like, and you'll get attacked on multiple fronts, bombarded via email, mail and voice phone, indirectly via your neighbours, other people in your organisation, hosts your organisation deals with, other outfits using the same hosts who don't like the publicity."

[Another Jew twists history and conjures a bogus Americanism to champion the killing of Arabs for their "liberation" into Zionist-driven U.S. imperialism. "Progressive Spirit," yah: cluster bombs and body parts. Even old pacificist Walt Whitman is appropriated to the Judeocentric bandwagon to lead the charge with raised bayonets!]
Today's Progressive Spirit. The scenes in Baghdad flow from understandings realized at the American founding,
by David Brooks, Weekly Standard, April 9, 2003
"I wish Ronald Reagan could be aware of the scenes being played out in Baghdad. He would know that the liberationist sentiment he rekindled in the American heart didn't die out with the liberation of eastern and central Europe. With his optimism, Reagan revived the progressive spirit that courses through our founding Declaration, that all human beings are created equal and all are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. Reagan felt deep in his bones that this statement is true, and contains an implication. It assigns us the task of doing what we can to see that all human beings are able to realize these rights, in Europe, in the Arab world, and everywhere. After September 11, George Bush was seized by this sense of mission, and has remained true to it. Happily, he is alive to see this day. I doubt he will bang bongo drums or light up cigars for the cameras, a la Bill Clinton. But I'm sure he must feel some quiet satisfaction that he, more than anyone else on earth, is responsible for liberating the Iraqi people and destroying the most murderous regime of our age. I'm glad that many, though sadly not all, members of the U.S. and British armed forces can see this day, and know that their sacrifices have paid off so handsomely. I'm glad that the much maligned hawks are around to watch the images of Saddam's statue falling and the torture chambers emptying. Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld deserve their share of the glory ... On the left, Michael Ignatieff, a Harvard professor, has endured the scathing criticism of his colleagues because he knew what was right for the Iraqi people. Paul Berman of NYU recognized that the Whitmanesque spirit of optimism and progress demands that we do what we can to liberate peoples and advance the cause of self-determination. There are millions of others who deserve recognition today. Sure, big challenges remain. But destroying the Baath regime is already a great gift from America and Britain to the world. We don't know what the Iraqi people are going to do with the opportunity to be free. But they are being given this opportunity, which is not nothing ... The rump 15 percent of Americans who still oppose this war may perhaps grow more bitter, lost in the cul-de-sac of their own alienation. But, however things shake out over the next months and years, this is the sort of day that represents what the United States is on earth to achieve. Thank God we have the political leaders and the military capabilities to realize the ideals that have always been embodied in our founding documents."

Jewish groups aim to block Al-Jazeera in Canada,
Canadian Jewish Congress (by James Adams, Globe and Mail - Toronto), April 9, 2003
"Canada's two largest Jewish organizations say they plan to oppose an attempt by the Canadian Cable Television Association to carry the Al-Jazeera network on its members' digital-cable service. Calling the Qatar-based network 'anti-Semitic,' the Canadian Jewish Congress and B'nai Brith Canada will intervene in hearings against the CCTA plan. Last week, the association, as a prelude for licensing hearings, asked that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission include Al-Jazeera as part of a bundle of 'ethnic' channels on the CRTC's list of eligible satellite services. At the same time, the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations says it will intervene in favour of Al-Jazeera, arguing 'it would broaden the horizon of the Canadian public' with respect to issues in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Keith Landy, president of the Ottawa-based Canadian Jewish Congress, said his organization's 'close monitoring' of Al-Jazeera, started in 1996, shows that its programming and journalism is marred by 'blatant anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and the glorification of suicide bombers.' 'We certainly don't want this to appear as a political attempt to prevent another view from being aired,' Landy said. "But by granting them a licence, the kind of stories that they carry could contravene the Criminal Code,' as well as hate legislation, the federal government's terrorism act and broadcast regulations established by the CRTC and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. Joseph Ben-Ami, director of communications for B'nai Brith Canada, agreed. 'Al-Jazeera is quite well known as a network that transmits blatantly anti-Israel material and sometimes anti-Semitic material. It has no place in Canada, at least not under the sanction of the government of Canada' -- a reference to the CRTC, which operates as an arms-length adjudication body under the Canadian Heritage ministry. However, Hussein Amery, president of the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations, says interventions against Al-Jazeera by the CJC and B'nai Brith are 'a form of censorship and suppression of the media' at a time when concentration of media ownership is 'restricting our perspectives of the world.'"

[The especially grotesque thing about this article is that Hezbollah doesn't really have a gripe with the United States. Theirs is a fight with repressive Israel, which seeks to draw Americans into a larger war against Arabs and Islam.]
Jerusalem Urges Bush: Next Target Hezbollah. Warns of Threat To U.S. Security,
by Ori Nir, [Jewish] Forward, April 11, 2003
"Israel is urging the Bush administration to target Hezbollah following the war in Iraq, arguing that the militant Shiite organization threatens the stability of the Middle East and the security of the United States worldwide. Based in southern Lebanon, Hezbollah has stepped up its anti-American rhetoric since the start of the war in Iraq three weeks ago. Israeli intelligence sources warn that Hezbollah may be involved in recruiting volunteers to fight allied forces in Iraq, although the group has not directly targeted Israel or the United States since hostilities began. According to Israeli government sources in Washington, such warnings have been conveyed to American officials during 'working level' talks between the two countries on postwar priorities. Critics of Hezbollah argue that the group's global network of sleeper cells and its ability to destabilize the region with missile attacks against Israel make it impossible for the Bush administration to ignore. Israeli sources said that one plausible scenario would be an American green light for Israeli strikes against Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, following American diplomatic measures to ensure that such Israeli actions would not spark a Syrian reaction. 'Clearly, we would have to work together closely on this one,' said an Israeli diplomat in Washington. Several experts warned that any military or diplomatic action by the United States against Hezbollah could trigger a string of devastating, retaliatory terrorist strikes. 'They have dormant cells around the world, which they can easily decide to use,' said Gal Luft, an expert on Hezbollah who co-directs the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, a small Washington-based advocacy group dedicated to ending America's dependence on Arab oil. Israel's position is that after stabilizing the situation in Iraq, the United States should act against Hezbollah, regardless of the organization's behavior during the war, sources said. Israeli sources told the Forward that even if Hezbollah does not actively fight with Iraq in the war, action must be taken because the organization has both the motivation and the ability to launch future attacks. Israeli officials have warned that Hezbollah boasts a military capability exceeding that of some Arab states, and a global network of dormant cells with the ability to hit American targets around the world. Also, Israeli officials warn, Hezbollah could at any moment destabilize the region by provoking Jerusalem with cross-border attacks."

[As usual, one standard for Jews and another for everyone else:]
Florida Muslims Decry Leniency For Terrorist,
Information Clearinghouse, April 14, 2003
"Florida's office of the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) today expressed deep disappointment over the government's failure to charge as a 'terrorist' a man who was actively plotting to bomb 50 Islamic centers and Muslim schools in that state. Robert Goldstein, 38, pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiracy to violate civil rights, attempting to damage religious property and a weapons possession charge. He faces a maximum of 15 years in prison. Goldstein was arrested last August when authorities found a large arsenal in his town house. That arsenal included more than 30 explosive devices, light-armor rockets, hand grenades, a 5-gallon gasoline bomb, .50-caliber machine guns, and sniper rifles. Authorities also found a detailed plan that called for planting bombs and using automatic weapons to attack a local mosque and cultural center. Goldstein had a list targeting 50 Muslim institutions in the Tampa area. According to court documents, Goldstein, who is Jewish, wanted to make a statement for 'his people' following the 9/11 terrorist attacks ... CAIR-FL is calling on the U.S. Attorney's office to explain why Goldstein was not charged as a terrorist under the USA Patriot Act of 2001, and why no effort was made to seek testimony from the intended Muslim victims. 'The fact that Goldstein was not charged as a terrorist demonstrates that the Patriot Act is a tool to be used solely against Muslims and Arabs,' said CAIR-FL Executive Director Altaf Ali. 'The leniency shown in this case sends the wrong signal to Florida's Muslim community. It signals that the charges and sentencing for planned acts of terrorism now depend on the perpetrator's religion and ethnicity,' added CAIR-FL Communications Director Ahmed Bedier. CAIR-FL is urging the sentencing judge and the probation department to hear from the Muslim community and issue a tougher sentence than the maximum of 15 years agreed to in the plea bargain."

[The omnipresent Jewish dual standard throughout American culture: one standard for Jews (who are secularly sacred) and anotherstandard for everyone else:]
Terrorism or hate crime? U.S. authorities apply different labels to crimes committed by two extremists -- one Muslim, the other Jewish,
by Eric Boehlert,, April 17, 2003
"On Independence Day last summer, a depressed 41-year-old Muslim immigrant by the name of Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, whose views on the Arab-Israeli conflict had become increasingly extreme, approached the ticket counter of the Israeli-run El Al airline at Los Angeles International Airport. Loaded down with a recently purchased .45-caliber semiautomatic Glock pistol, a 9 mm handgun and a 6-inch knife, he opened fire. During a 30-second rampage, Hadayet emptied the 10-round revolver, killing two people and injuring scores more, before an El Al security guard shot him dead. Six weeks later, in Tampa, Fla., a depressed Jewish podiatrist by the name of Dr. Robert Goldstein, 38, who wanted to send a message on behalf of 'his people' following the attacks of Sept. 11, and to express his anger over the continuing Arab-Israeli conflict, was arrested after police raided his home. There they discovered a detailed plan to blow up 50 local mosques and Islamic centers, 'kill all 'rags‚'' and 'liquidate' Muslims during the attacks if necessary. Police also uncovered a vast illegal stash of weapons, including 30 explosive devices, light-armor rockets, hand grenades, a 5-gallon gasoline bomb, .50-caliber machine guns, silencers, and sniper rifles. Ultimately, law enforcement authorities would label one man a terrorist, and the other a dangerous but deluded perpetrator of hate crimes. How do two crimes with similarities that seem highly relevant in the midst of a war on terrorism come to be defined so differently? Some observers cite paranoia in the wake of Sept. 11 as the reason. Others don't. But even some law enforcement officials are stymied by the choices made by their colleagues in the two cases."

[Unspoken context: Jewish dominance of Hollywood and the omnipresent Jewish Lobby:]
Shooting the Arabs. They're the studio's villains of choice when comes to depicting terrorists, arms dealers or torturers. And after September 11, it looks like getting worse. Author Jack Shaheen escorts Sean Clarke through the shabby history of the Hollywood Arab,
The Guardian (UK), April 17, 2003
"If Hollywood does take up the story of blonde, blue-eyed Private Jessica Lynch, there's at least one man who won't be optimistic about the film's treatment of her Iraqi captors. Professor Jack Shaheen has spent 20 years cataloguing Tinseltown's portrayal of Arabs in over 900 movies. He's found that, with very few exceptions, Arabs are presented in the movies as 'subhuman' and destable to a degree that the studios would no longer dare with any other ethnic group. Shaeen's new book, Reel Bad Arabs, compares the case of Pocahontas - Disney's Native American animation, on which Native American groups were widely consulted in order to produce an acceptable portrait - with that of Aladdin, one of the Arab and European world's most cherished folk tales, which features 'hook-nosed Arabs' singing of their milieu: 'it's barbaric, but hey, it's home.' This, as Shaheen doesn't point out, in a story set in the Baghdad Caliphate, the most culturally powerful and one of the most enlightened polities of its time. 'The tragedy' he admits, 'is that we've begun to unlearn other stereotypes' - about Blacks, Jews, Native Americans. 'But we haven't with this one. And 9/11 took it to another level' ... Shaheen even thinks the dehumanisation of Arabs in Hollywood can affect the US public's attitude to war in Iraq. 'For instance,' he says, 'we hardly ever see Arab suffering. Look at the war coverage - it's almost invisible. It's almost as if the bombs are falling on empty buildings. And that's been true historically, when every news report that comes out of Israel rightly shows Israeli suffering, but wrongly passes over Palestinian suffering. We have not allowed ourselves to empathise with Arabs or see them as being like us' ... But when asked who's to blame for Hollywood's prejudices, he identifies a less obvious culprit: the Arab American community itself. 'Hollywood can villify anything and everything Arab without getting any pressure not to do that. There's no lobby in Hollywood. There are two power centres in the US; Washington DC and Hollywood. One influences policy, and the other influences perception. No Americans of Arab heritage have recognised the importance of lobbying those who impact perception.'"

Israeli Communications Priorities 2003, [in pdf form, here]
The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee,
"ADC has obtained, and is publishing in full, a vital new Israeli propaganda strategy document for the period following the war in Iraq. The document, entitled 'Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communications Priorities 2003'” was prepared for the Wexner Foundation, which operates leadership training programs such as the 'Birthright Israel' project which offers free trips for young Jewish Americans to Israel, by the public relations firm the Luntz Research Companies and the Israel Project. However, please note that the report’s suggested language is written in a distinctly Israeli, as opposed to a Jewish American, voice:
WEXNER ANALYSIS: ISRAELI COMMUNICATION PRIORITIES 2003 OVERVIEW The world has changed. The words, themes and messages on behalf of Israel must include and embrace the new reality of a post-Saddam world. In the past, we have urged a lower profile for Israel out of a fear that the American people would blame Israel for what was happening in the rest of the Middle East. Now is the time to link American success in dealing with terrorism and dictators from a position of strength to Israel's ongoing efforts to eradicate terrorism on and within its borders. In the current political environment, you have little to lose and a lot to gain by aligning with America. With all the anti-Americanism across the globe and all the protests and demonstrations, we are looking for allies that share our commitment to security and an end to terrorism and are prepared to say so. Israel is a just such an ally. THE NEXT STEP The fact that Israel has remained relatively silent for the three months preceding the war and for the three weeks of the war was absolutely the correct strategy - and according to all the polling done, it worked. But as the military conflict comes to a close, it is now time for Israel to lay out its own "road map" for the future which includes unqualified support for America and unqualified commitment to an ongoing war against terrorism. Perceptions of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are being almost entirely colored and often overshadowed by the continuing action in Iraq. Partisan differences still exist (the political Left remains your problem) and complaints about Israeli heavy-handedness still exist ... If you only read two pages, these are the key conclusions: 1) Iraq colors all. Saddam is your best defense, even if he is dead. The worldview Americans is entirely dominated by developments in Iraq. This is a unique opportunity for Israelis to deliver a message of support and unity at a time of great international anxiety and opposition from some of our European 'allies.' For a year - a SOLID YEAR - you should be invoking the name of Saddam Hussein and how Israel was always behind American efforts to rid the world of this ruthless dictator and liberate their people. Saddam will remain a powerful symbol of terror to Americans for a long time to come. A pro-Israeli expression of solidarity with the American people in their successful effort to remove Saddam will be appreciated ... THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT WORDS: SADDAM HUSSEIN (STILL) This document is about language, so let me be blunt. 'Saddam Hussein' are the two words that tie Israel to America and are most likely to deliver support in Congress. They also just happen to be two of the most hated words in the English language right now ... A WARNING.There are some who would say that Saddam Hussein is already old news. They don't understand history. They don't understand communication. They don't understand how to integrate and leverage history and communication for the benefit of Israel. The day we allow Saddam to take his eventual place in the trash heap of history is the day we loose our strongest weapon in the linguistic defense of Israel. References to the successful outcome of the war with Iraq benefit Israel." [Etc. for 17 pages]

[Another Jewish commentator (this one a psychiatrist) tells us how to impose "democracy" upon Iraq -- first by pathologizing Muslim culture and ignoring "tribal" Judeocentrism.]
The great task of rebuilding Iraq,
by Irwin Savodnik, Washington Times, May 1, 2003
"So far, most considerations regarding the war in Iraq have centered on strategic issues. Now, we are faced with the problem of implementing the Bush doctrine. First articulated by the president in June 2002, the doctrine calls for introducing or imposing democracy in a land that has never experienced it. This goal may turn out to be more formidable than the war itself. The reasons are historical, cultural and, well, 'psychiatric' ... While the West authored the Magna Carta and the Declaration of the Rights of Man, experienced a renaissance, a reformation, an enlightenment and a scientific revolution, the cultural richness of the Arab world seemed to lie fallow. One result of this troubled development has been the persistence of modes of thought characteristic of tribal societies dominated by a mythical conception of the world. Such thinking often includes contradictory statements, bizarre logic and peculiar meanings. With insubstantial political development to separate the Arabs from their past, these archaic forms of thinking continue to exert their influence, thereby reducing the conceptual flexibility necessary to negotiate for themselves a suitable accommodation with the West. There are, of course, educated classes in the Arab world more inclined toward reason — graduates of the University of Baghdad, Tikrit University, Cairo University and others. Nevertheless, many Westerners perceive an irrational quality in Arab life — the glorification of the suicide bomber, the fear of female sexuality and a pervasive intolerance of 'infidels,' for example. What are these ways of thinking that seem to glue Arab feet to a world long gone? First, there is the tendency to substitute fantasy for reality, to seek refuge in an autistic explanation of the world. ... Dr. Irwin Savodnik is a psychiatrist at UCLA Medical Center."

(in The Jewish Tribal Review)
[a chapter from the volume WHEN VICTIMS RULE. A CRITIQUE


When Victims Rule. A Critique of Jewish pre-eminence in America

2,000 page scholarly work featuring approximately 10,000 citations from about 4,000 bibliographic sources.
The most thorough investigation to this day on Jewish power and influence in the USA and the world.



"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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Latest Additions - in English

What is this Jewish carnage really about? - The background to atrocities

Videos on Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and Blacks and Jews  

How Jewish Films and Television Promotes bias Against Muslims

Judaism is Nobody's Friend
Judaism is the Jews' strategy to dominate non-Jews.

Jewish War Against Lebanon!

Islam and Revolution
By Ahmed Rami

Hasbara - The Jewish manual for media deceptions

Celebrities bowing to their Jewish masters

Elie Wiesel - A Prominent False Witness
By Robert Faurisson

The Gaza atrocity 2008-2009

Iraq under Jewish occupation
Iraq - war and occupation

Jewish War On Syria!

CNN's Jewish version of "diversity" - Lists the main Jewish agents

Hezbollah the Beautiful
Americans, where is your own Hezbollah?

Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan's Epic Speech in Madison Square Garden, New York  - A must see!

"War on Terror" - on Israel's behalf!

World Jewish Congress: Billionaires, Oligarchs, Global Influencers for Israel

Interview with anti-Zionist veteran Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam - On ISIS, "Neo-Nazis", Syria, Judaism, Islam, Russia...

Britain under Jewish occupation!

Jewish World Power
West Europe    East Europe
Americas          Asia
Middle East       Africa
      U.N.              E.U.


The Internet and Israeli-Jewish infiltration/manipulations

Books - Important collection of titles

The Judaization of China

Israel: Jewish Supremacy in Action - By David Duke

The Power of Jews in France

Jew Goldstone appointed by UN to investigate War Crimes in Gaza

When Jews rule...
The best book on Jewish Power

The Israel Lobby - From the book

Jews and Crime - The archive

Sayanim - Israel's and Mossad's Jewish helpers abroad

Listen to Louis Farrakhan's Speech - A must hear!

The Israeli Nuclear Threat

The "Six Million" Myth

"Jewish History" - a bookreview

Putin and the Jews of Russia

Israel's attack on US warship USS Liberty - Massacre in the Mediterranean

Jewish "Religion" - What is it?

Medias in the hands of racists

Strauss-Kahn - IMF chief and member of Israel lobby group

Down with Zio-Apartheid
Stop Jewish Apartheid!

The Jews behind Islamophobia

Israel controls U.S. Presidents
Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton...

The Victories of Revisionism
By Professor Robert Faurisson

The Jewish hand behind Internet The Jews behind Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay...

"Jews, who want to be decent human beings, have to renounce being Jewish"

Jewish War Against Iran

Jewish Manipulation of World Leaders

Al Jazeera English under Jewish infiltration

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Garaudy's "The Founding Myths
of Israeli Politics"

Jewish hate against Christians
By Prof. Israel Shahak

Introduction to Revisionist
- By Ernst Zündel

Karl Marx: The Jewish Question

Reel Bad Arabs - Revealing the racist Jewish Hollywood propaganda

"Anti-Semitism" - What is it?

Videos - Important collection 

The Jews Banished 47 Times in 1000 Years - Why?

Zionist strategies - Plotting invasions, formenting civil wars, interreligious strife, stoking racial hatreds and race war

The International Jew
By Henry Ford

Pravda interviews Ahmed Rami

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Shahak's "Jewish History,
Jewish Religion"

The Jewish plan to destroy the Arab countries - From the World Zionist Organization

Judaism and Zionism inseparable

Revealing photos of the Jews 

Horrors of ISIS Created by Zionist Supremacy - By David Duke

Racist Jewish Fundamentalism

The Freedom Fighters:
   Hezbollah - Lebanon
   Nation of Islam - U.S.A.

Jewish Influence in America
- Government, Media, Finance...

"Jews" from Khazaria stealing the land of Palestine

The U.S. cost of supporting Israel

Turkey, Ataturk and the Jews

Talmud unmasked
The truth about the Talmud

Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo

Jews DO control the media - a Jew brags! - Revealing Jewish article

Abbas - The Traitor

Protocols of Zion - The whole book!

Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem
Encyclopedia of the
Palestine Problem

The "Holocaust" - 120 Questions and Answers

Quotes - On Jewish Power / Zionism

Caricatures / Cartoons 

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