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The non-Jewish, non-Zionist, historical version of what actually did happen, and what did not happen, to the Jews during W.W. II.

The Jews fear objective investigation as they know that to lose the “holocaust” is to lose the sword and the shield of Israel as well as a formidable instrument of political and financial blackmail.

They know only too well of “the fact that, if the Holocaust can be shown to be a ‘Zionist myth,’ the strongest of all weapons in Israel’s propaganda armory collapses” (W. D. Rubinstein, Jew and professor at Deakin University, Melbourne, in “The Left, the Right and the Jews", Quadrant, September 1979, p. 27).

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 The Journal of Historical Review
(July/August 1998)

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  Revisionists + basic articles


      Robert Faurisson              Ahmed Rami                 Mark Weber

      Roger Garaudy                David Irving                   Fred Leuchter

      Germar Rudolf                 Ernst Zündel                  Arthur R. Butz

      Fredrick Töben                Jürgen Graf                   Paul Rassinier

      Richard Harwood            Gerd Honsik                   Joseph Sobran

Robert Faurisson

Se also our large Robert Faurisson Archive in other languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese...

Robert Faurisson

Announcement October 2018:

Radio Islam
mourns the death of our dear friend and mentor, French scholar Robert Faurisson, champion of free research, of research devoid of propaganda and war lies.

Let us honor the legacy of Robert Faurisson by actively spreading his texts, videos and interviews!

- Let us not forget Faurisson's methodology when approaching historical problems, "exactitude" as he called it, always using a sharp historical correctness.

- Remember and use his wise quote: "To judge is to compare", when putting past and present events into a larger historical context.

- Remember the wording of his unanswered challenge in 1992: "My Challenge to the Swedish media". This challenge looked very simple: "Please, show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber." But the "holocaust" propagandists shunned it, fearing getting stuck in one version, contradicting all the other versions out there... This challenge should be kept repeated!

- Remember also his defiant expression "No holes, no holocaust" which sums up the main controversies surrounding the alleged Auschwitz gas chamber buildings (for more see here).

Rest in peace Robert! We will continue the research and fight against historical lies and the tyrannical Zio-Jewish oppression of thought and expression, that you so bravely have enlightened us about! 

Robert Faurisson and Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam, visiting Dachau KZ camp.

Ahmed Rami and Radio Islam

Articles by Ahmed Rami on Islam, the Muslim World, "Islamophobia":

More articles, videos and images on Ahmed Rami and Radio Islam: Radio Islam Archive


Mark Weber


Roger Garaudy

David Irving


Fred Leuchter and the ensuing reports

Germar Rudolf


Ernst Zündel



Arthur R. Butz


Toben with Ahmadinejad
Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, with Fredrick Töben.

Fredrick Töben

Jürgen Graf


Paul Rassinier

Richard E. Harwood

Did six million really die?





Gerd Honsik


Joseph Sobran


Jewish mythmaker: Elie Wiesel

Jewish mythmaker: Simon Wiesenthal

Another icon of "holocaust" mythology. Wiesenthal's handling with the truth was severly investigated by revisionist writings but has since also been exposed in the "main stream" medias as in the revealing book review in The Times (Online) 2009 (see below).

  More important documents, articles


New Gas Chamber lies after World War II:

The Jewish Press, February 21, 1991
  On the political use of the myth

Further reading:

- More on Israel and politicizing the "holocaust".

- On Zionism, its relation to Nazism and its actions during WWII regarding the Jews in Europe

  More books, articles, photos

Victims of Zion

The Victims of Jewish Persecution
Lists the names and information on the long line of fighters for truth - intellectuals who have
become victims of systematic persecution by the new Jewish Inquisition


First Amendment

The U.S. First Amendment

  The Journal of Historical Review

Published by the Institute of Historical Review


International Revisionist Conference on:
Revisionism and Dignity of the Defeated Countries
(in Trieste, Italy, 6-7 October 2001) 

An international Revisionist Conference was held by the cultural association Nuovo Ordine Nazionale , on the 6th and 7th of October 2001 in Trieste Italy. Amongst the participants: Mr Jean-Louis Berger (France), Professor Robert Countess (United States), Mr Russ Granata (United States), Mr Ahmed Rami (Morocco), Mr Vincent Reynouard (France), Dr Fredrick Töben (Australia), Jürgen Graf (Switzerland)...










"Revisionism and Zionism" Conference  2001

Conference information

Media attention


Jewish genocide balance    Auschwitz Figures

    What Really Happened?


Prison for sceptics                  Cellblock for Revisionists

Zündel in prison

Dresden atrocity

Ground radar 

Zyklon B fraud

REVISIONISM in other languages

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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Viva Palestina!

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