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Interview with Ahmed Rami published in Maroc-Hebdo International





Ahmed Rami:
l´acteur des tentatives de coups d´Etat au Maroc parle...
This interview is translated into:

Ahmed Rami


July 22, 1994 "Maroc Hebdo International", a Moroccan weekly (close to the regime),
published an interview, here translated into English. September 1, 1994. The article
was partly republished in the French periodical "
Courrier International".

Ahmed Rami:

A combat with unequal weapons

participant in two attempted coups d'état, interviewed by Mustapha Tossa


Ahmed Rami was born in 1946 in Tafraout, Morocco. He was educated at a senior high school in Tiznit in southern Morocco. From 1963 to 1966 he was a teacher at secondary grammar schools in Casablanca. In 1966 he was admitted to the armed forces staff college in Meknès and two years later appointed a lieutenant at the armoured forces in Rabat.
He took part in two attempted coups d'état, the one at Skhirat in 1971 and the one starting with an attack on the royal aeroplane in 1972. After disappearing for a year he reached Sweden, where he got a place of refuge and acquired Swedish citizenship. After being an active member of the UNFP (Union Nationale des Forces Populaires) he presents himself today as a militant Islamist, but as one who "bypasses the debate on the folklore and the rites". Being a self-taught person he has published numerous works in Swedish, the language of his new motherland, on the Palestinian question, the state of Israel and the conflicts between Muslims and Jews. Twenty years have changed Ahmed Rami. Today he believes in a peaceful political dialogue, provided that "all liberties are guaranteed in the bosom of a state governed by law".


You are a political refugee in Sweden. Will you tell us about your activities in that country?

Ahmed Rami:
As an Islamist I must think globally and act locally. When I arrived in Sweden, I had soon noticed that our Moslem identity was always scoffed at. So I created "Radio Islam". I can tell you that in this radio I have never blackened my country, because I think we should not wash our dirty linen internationally in public. The themes dealt with in our radio are among other things the Palestinian problem, the Gulf war and the situation of Moslems all over the world.

As to the Palestinian problem I was drawn into a conflict with the Zionist lobby in Sweden and all over the world, and I have written some books in Swedish about it. The Jewish lobby managed to get me imprisoned for six months for "lack of respect for the Jewish people". This is in effect a combat with unequal weapons.

The royal statement of July 8, (in which political refugees are invited to return) do you feel it concerns you?

Ahmed Rami: I have a habit of only believing in deeds, not in words. If a statement is not followed by concrete action, it becomes meaningless. Of course I feel concerned about what is happening in my country. It might added that the Moroccan society is now passing through a decisive stage of its history. As to my personal situation, I am not an ordinary political refugee. I have directly or indirectly participated in two attempted coups d'état during the seventies (the attack on the royal palace in Skhirat July 10, 1971 and the attack on the aeroplane of Hassan II August 16, 1972), after being a militant of the UNFP. My case can only be treated at the highest level of military authority.

Your return to Morocco, is it imaginable under present conditions, and how?

Ahmed Rami: You must know that I do not make an imperative necessity of my return to Morocco. Of course it is my most ardent wish to be able to retrieve my people, particularly my mother and my brother, who fortunately have never been worried. Nor has my father, who incidentally had a quiet death in his home in Morocco two years ago. Because of my exile I was not able to see him a last time."

Are you determined to get back to your country?

Ahmed Rami: If you can guarantee my security and my freedom to express my opinions, I would take the first plane . You know, every exile is a suffering, but the suffering is less harsh, when the exiled is fighting for the realization of his ideals and convictions.

In other words, your return to Morocco still remains hypothetical?

Ahmed Rami: I repeat that I am not an ordinary political refugee, my case can only be treated at the highest level of military authority, meaning by the head of the State. My dream, however, is to be able to return - to a country ruled according to the principles of freedom and justice. If those in responsible positions so wish, Morocco could become a model for a mild and peaceful transition to democracy for the whole Arabic-Islamic community in the world.

The coups d'état are worse alternatives for a country. Today there is no sense in being grieved about what happened, it belongs to the past. But the conditions of oppression and corruption at that time were such that a coup d'état was the only way of effectively expressing dissatisfaction.

At that time, I was only 25 years old, thus young, impatient, dynamic and ardent. Like most youngsters of my generation I wanted to change the world, but how? Some people have tried to do it by way of ideological discussions, others, like me, by means of action. Don't forget that I was a part of the army, where one is more used to acting than to talking.

Then you did express yourselves by means of arms, was that a good solution?

Ahmed Rami: It was the worst solution. It is a sign of weakness on the part of our society, if there has been need for resorting to violence. But all this is history now. Don't force me to stir the past we have behind us. Now Islam represents to me a new moral engagement.

But these views, couldn't you always express them as a member of a political party in Morocco?

Ahmed Rami: The political parties in Morocco are hardly representative. There is a real rupture between these organizations and the Moroccan people. Besides, in Morocco one is not yet allowed to found The Party We like. This is not something I have fabricated but a real fact.

The problem has not so much to do with the form of the regime as with its nature and real intentions. The current political parties just exist for form's sake and constitute integral parts of the regime, which has produced them for the purpose of hiding its real nature. This regime - like all other Arabian regimes these days - has no legitimacy. That is the essential problem. Give us freedom of opinion, expression and organization (even for Islamists!), give us an authentic political pluralism, give us a real alternation - of any form - and call it whatever you like! And We'll find a proper Arabic word for it! We must define democracy as a method, a set of rules for the political game, rather than as a certain ideological content (Islam is our only ideology). Democracy is neutral method as mathematics and necessary for the good functioning of all human societies.

You are known for maintaining privileged relations with the Iranian regime...

Ahmed Rami: Quite right, at the end of my lawsuit, which attracted an important attention in the media, I was invited by the Iranians to go to Teheran. My cause was discussed at the highest level of the Islamic republic, and the parliament discussed the details of my sentence.

Has Iran financed your activities in Sweden?

Ahmed Rami:
If I had ever received the smallest sum from the Iranians, believe me, the Jewish lobby in Sweden would not have hesitated to cry it from the house-tops. I have never received any donation from whoever. Radio Islam is financed by its listeners. My books have been printed by benevolent and wellknown Swedes. I have chosen this road so as not to be dependent on anyone and thus maintain my freedom of expression and criticism and my dignity as a free Moslem.

Do you keep up relations with Moroccan Islamists?

Ahmed Rami:
I keep up relations with some of them, but I don't belong to any movement.

What keeps you from belonging to one Islamic movement or the other?

Ahmed Rami:
My contact with them allows me to stay and listen to their thoughts. An Islamic revolution, enlightened and radical, is the only road to the salvation of our nation . The Islamistic movements are our only chance to realize this revolution. Today the Islamists seem to be the only ones, who offer resistance against cultural decadence . It cannot be denied, of course, that certain Islamic movements have not yet learned to occupy themselves with essentials first. If I am fighting for a re-awakening and renaissance of Islam and for the establishment of an Islamic state, then it is not for giving the power to stupid fanatics as some of those in Afghanistan and Kuwait, to intolerant people who do harm to Islam. Some of these "Islamists" know more about the seventh century than about the twentieth.

The goal of Islam is the liberation of human beings. In Islam freedom is the rule, prohibition the exception. In the ideal Islamic state that I recommend, the fundamental principle is that of a liberty warranting the pluralism of ideas, which is guided by the Koran, the Sunna and by common sense "Ijtihad". The Islamist movements still show a great lack of intelligent, enlightened and competent political cadres, capable of handling a real Islamic concern as well as the problems of our time. The only movement endowed with such a sturdy frame to a certain extent seems to be the Hezbollah in Lebanon. On three occasions I have met with its spiritual leader Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah , who shows the qualities of a great leader. In Lebanon there is a relatively democratic system, with a freedom of expression, which might be favourable to a sound political development and to the appearance of capable leaders. But this Lebanese democracy has not fallen down from the sky, it has been acquired in a heroic struggle.

There is a risk that some of the "Islamist" movements are carriers of the same malady they claim to combat. Incompetent and power-hungry "leaders" - produced by the current regimes - can easily infiltrate and use the secretiveness imposed on the movement to establish an internal dictatorship. To avoid this it is essential to allow the creation of various Islamist political parties and safeguard a free debate. The main enemies of our nations are the corrupt tyrannical regimes installed in our countries. Only the Islamists are capable of defying them, and by the experiences won in action the Islamists and their organizations will mature. The Islamic republic of Iran is a proof of this, being the only representative and legitimate state in the Moslem world.

Do you have political relations with other Moroccans in exile?

Ahmed Rami: I often come across such people, and I have friendly relations with Abdelmoumen Diouri . But my relations with Moroccans are not limited to exiles. On several occasions I have met Abderrahmane Youssoufi (the current prime minister) whom I estimate for his honesty.

What is your position as to the Sahara affair?

Ahmed Rami:
My position has always been clear. I share the opinion of the people in Morocco concerning their rights in the Sahara. In my opinion even Mauritania and Algeria should unite with my homeland. If I were resident in Morocco, I would have been fighting side by side with my comrades for the unity of the Moslem countries and for the reunion of our provinces in the Sahara. I remember after leaving Morocco I was invited by president Boumedienne in Algeria. I was received with great pomp, and the president offered me a post as "military leader" of the "Polisario". My answer was this: "If I had wanted to prostitute myself for a state, I would never have left Morocco." In the course of events during my stay abroad I always refused to participate in meetings where there was a representative of the Polisario mercenaries.

The following article - here translated into English -
was published in the Russian newspaper
Pravda, July 15, 1997:
Ahmed Rami's idealism

"It doesn't matter at all, what government the country has. In reality the power is held by those, who own and control the financial assets of the country and the mass media. All Medias are completely judaized."

- Ahmed Rami


After succeding in fleeing miraculously to Sweden, King Hassan II ordered that lieutenant Ahmed Rami was to be traced and brought back to Marocco. Rami had participated in at least two military coups aiming at abolishing the monarchy and founding an Islamic republic. The Moroccan secret service has not been able to execute the royal order.

Today this sympathetic, youthful and incredibly energetic man is one of the most popular persons in Sweden, but at the same time one of the most hated ones. His political views are discussed the Swedish parliament, and also - they tell us - in government circles.

Rami has written and published four thick books. In these he gives convincing reasons for his opinion that in Sweden - as well as everywhere else in the West - the bases of national life are undermined. The Western countries are in reality ruled by conspiring mafiosos, who have nothing in common with true democracy but are trying to carry into effect their malevolent aims, the introduction of a totalitarian "New World Order". Rami, who today is a Swedish citizen, never tires of repeating this in the transmissions of Radio Islam.

Naturally views of this kind are causing a noticeable irritation in the Establishment. A few years ago Rami, an (Arab and consequently himself a Semite) was prosecuted for antisemitism (!) and sentenced to prison, where he had to stay for six months. Curiously enough he has turned out to be the only political prisoner in Sweden.

In spite of all this Ahmed Rami is not a broken man and has in no way lost his spirit. The prison sentence has probably only strengthened his conviction of being right. The transmissions of Radio Islam continue, and the courageous Moroccan has no intention of giving up his struggle. To him it is important that "people in all countries should have the right of being independent and not having to submit to the oligarchy which has usurped the power for themselves".

What then is the basis of his conviction? What gives him the strength to say aloud what most people not even dare to think? Has he understood against whom he has lifted his hand, whom he has challenged? When I met Ahmed Rami, I could of course not refrain from asking these questions.


"Since my early youth I have stuck to my Islamic conviction. I have always been striving for equality and justice. For this reason I joined the Moroccan "People's Union", founded by Ben-Barka, who was later murdered by the secret police. King Hassan II is totally responsible for his death. He rules the country with medieval cruelty since several decades and is mainly a puppet of foreign powers, in the first place Israel and the USA, which is dominated by it.

You hear sometimes that Morocco is a "democratic monarchy". By that is meant - as usual today - in reality a judaeocracy. You can criticize whomever you want, only not those holding the real power. They always keep themselves hidden, and they must not be named at all.

The king cannot take a step without the Jew André Azoulay, a Zionist "adviser" from Canada. Azoulay - and people like him - now make the decisions in matters of state. Education, mass media and the whole of social life are regulated by these gentlemen, not by the Moroccans themselves. They decide upon the direction and upon what ideals the citizens should allow themselves to be guided by in their daily life. In this Arab country prevails the real Zionist censorship, which is called "democracy". The free will of the people and the free word simply does not exist. As a matter of fact, my life-experience has convinced me that the situation in other countries today is not much better.

In Sweden the brainwashing goes full speed ahead, and anti-Swedish valuations are forced upon people. Only the totally blind cannot notice this. The effect of Zionist intellectual terrorism and disinformation is that people deny the existence of a Jewish power at the same time as it scares them out of their wits! The Swedes can be proud of their high standard of living and rightly so, but they stubbornly refuse to realize what has been taken away from them.

The power over banks, mass media and commercial and industrial life is in the hands of a small group of "the chosen people". All education in schools and universities is carried on in a way, which is favourable to the "master race". In addition to this, the history of events not too far behind us is interpreted in the interest of "the peculiar people of the Lord". But the real truth is quite different from the one shown on TV or taught at school. And what kind of freedom, independence and democracy is this, when the power is in the hands of a few? Such is the situation in Sweden, too.

In the former government, the very important post of coordination minister was held by Jan Nygren, a representative of the Zionist mafia. In no way did he conceal that he felt like being the master of Sweden. In the "Jewish Chronicle" he published an article, in which he quite openly used the expression "my Jewish Sweden". This person had a lot of influence about who was to be in the government!

Now Nygren is out of the government, but in return they got another member of "the chosen people" as holder of the important post of assistant finance minister, Leif Pagrotsky. Today he is also minister of foreign commerce and as such an important representative of "the golden international"."


Under what government - social democratic or conservative - does the influence of this minority most assert itself?

"It doesn't matter at all, what government the country has. The difference between right and left is all a sham. In reality the power is held by those, who own and control the financial assets of the country and the mass media. I say this openly: In Sweden all political parties are completely judaized.

The actual battle is not between right and left, as people believe, but between different Zionist clans. They do not fight for the best of the country, but for their own personal gain."


Are there many in Sweden, who share your views?

"No, not so many. You see, under such a hard intellectual terrorism it is very difficult for most people to pick up courage. Probably it's their primitive instinct for self-preservation that works. Everybody is fond of good things to eat and drink and wants to be weighed down as little as possible by anxieties. But still many people react positively to the transmissions of Radio Islam. I get tens if not hundreds of letters, among them several from other countries. Thanks to Internet it has become easier to communicate and exchange information. I hope to be able to find people in Russia too who share my views. The new slave-owners continue to fear your country, even if they have managed to break it to pieces."


Wouldn't you like to travel to Russia?

"I think it would be extremely dangerous. In your country criminality today is worse than in the United States. According to the information I have, many anti-Zionists have died under mysterious circumstances. Either they have died during an ordinary medical examination (although they have never had any problem with their health), or they have been run into and killed by a car, and some have been found hanged. In no case the murderers have been caught, or rather they haven't been searched for.

Swedish newspapers (and you know who owns or controls them) constantly write about your country as a "menace". It is pictured as a paradise for the mafia and as a menace to Sweden. Russia has always been and will always remain the greatest menace to "the chosen people", which will always fear it, even if it now seems to be defeated and hardly capable of breathing after so many experiments by these elected superhumans.

I draw that conclusion when reading the anti-Russian articles, which keep cropping up in the Swedish press. Some of them are written by a goy ( a non-Jew and non-human according to Judaism), Israel's useful idiot in Sweden, Per Ahlmark. It is quite obviously no coincidence that Israel in his honour has called a newly-planted forest after him - on land stolen from the Palestinians. Later Ahlmark has also been appointed a human being ("Ben Adam") by the Jewish congregation in Denmark!"


Are you not afraid of living in Sweden?

"A believer has nothing to fear. I am used to threats, and just now a violent campaign is going on against me and Radio Islam. But in Stockholm you can still say what you think, even if you have not so many adherents. The maffiosos all over the world today regard themselves as victors. In their view the matter is already settled, and obviously you cannot feel safe anywhere, if you speak the truth.

Even today I have received a letter containing the following: "You dirty Arab swine, what do you want to accomplish? We laugh at your miserable efforts. We enjoy listening to your transmission after a bottle of vodka. We have the whole world in our hands. And when we want, you will disappear from the face of the earth like a fly, and nobody will say a thing, and not even notice your disappearance."


But what is it you are really striving for?

"I am striving for what in my opinion every man should be striving for, namely freedom and justice. In this world, created by Allah, nobody should have enormous privileges, and that includes the Zionist mafia, which has appropriated for itself immeasurable wealth through lies, insidiousness, fraud and trickery. Let Palestinians, Swedes, Russians, Arabs and other peoples be the equals of those, who have declared themselves to be the chosen ones and superior to all other peoples.!

I am a Muslim, and that means that I am against all privileges, particularly those which are solely built on power and the law of the jungle. I hope I have expressed myself simply and clearly, and that you understand what kind of people dislike my thinking and doings."


Somebody might perhaps call Ahmed Rami a paranoiac or a person with a fixed idea. As for myself I regard him as a person, who thanks to his exceptional self-devotion helps us to still see the differences between good and evil, truth and falsehood, freedom and slavery. It is only to be regretted that idealists like Rami are becoming too few in our too pragmatic world, where it is much more advantageous to be cunning and adapt oneself than to be oneself.

Ahmed Rami cannot be bought. For this reason he is hated and dangerous to all those who advocate "the New World Order", both in Sweden and elsewhere.


Valentin Prussakov, Pravda


Pravda´s article is translated into:

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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