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Introduction to Revisionist Thought

By Ernst Zündel



The Revisionist Claim:

American execution expert, Fred Leuchter, delivered a scientific break-through in proving that the so-called gas chambers at Auschwitz could not have been used for their alleged purpose."


After the Leuchter Reports, Fred Leuchter has been viciously attacked for two reasons: 1) He did not have an engineering degree when he wrote his trail-blazing studies, and 2) he was paid by the Zündel Defense and, hence, considered beholden to the Revisionist point of view.

The proof is in the pudding.

It is true that Leuchter did not have an appropriate degree. Jesus Christ didn't have a degree in Christianity. Marx did not have a degree in Marxism.

What Leuchter found can be, and has been, independently verified by engineers who have impeccable degrees.

Fred Leuchter was, prior to having his career and reputation ruined by the Holocaust Promotion Lobby, a most sought-after specialist in execution type equipment in America, as per Warden Bill Armontrout, who recommended him.

Warden Armontrout testified in the 1988 Zündel Trial that there was only one consultant in the United States that he knew of in the design, operation and maintenance of gas chambers, and that consultant was Fred Leuchter.

It was Armontrout who urged Zündel to contact Leuchter. (Armontrout Testimony: As summarized in Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian "False News" Trial of Ernst Zündel - 1988, Edited by Barbara Kulaszka, pp. 351-353)

Leuchter was a highly competent, well-paid and respected man in his field - until he was ruined financially and in his reputation by the vicious attacks of the Holocaust Promotion Lobby that saw its lucrative racket, netting billions of dollars for years, challenged by the Leuchter findings. Furthermore, Leuchter was qualified by Judge Thomas as an expert witness during the Zündel trial. Any serious researcher could have verified that by checking the Zündel Trial 1988 transcripts pertaining to Leuchter's testimony. (Leuchter Testimony as summarized in Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian "False News" Trial of Ernst Zündel - 1988, Edited by Barbara Kulaszka, pp. 354-362)

The second charge is that Leuchter was paid by the Zündel defense - and, hence, his finding are automatically labeled to be "suspect."

Of course Fred Leuchter was paid by the Zündel defense. He was hired to go to Auschwitz in a highly dramatic, secret mission while Ernst Zündel was on trial in Toronto in 1988, fighting for his freedom and reputation. There was no time or money to scout around for someone else. He was not a "fly-by-night" specialist, as has been repeatedly claimed.

Furthermore, Leuchter stated at the outset to Zündel and his lawyer, before he ever went to Auschwitz, that he believed the Auschwitz gas chamber claim, and if he found it verified, then he would state so under oath and in his report.

Zündel still engaged and sent him because he was sure of his facts and counted on Leuchter's professional integrity.

Leuchter went. He saw. He came back a much-enlightened man.

Read what he had to say. (Leuchter, Fred A. The Leuchter Report: The How and the Why. Journal of Historical Review 9, (1989): 133-139.)

So Leuchter was paid for his work. So what? Who paid for the Pressac investigation and book? Who paid for the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation? Who paid for the study of the Zündel case condensed in a book called "Hate on Trial"? (Gabriel Weimann and Conrad Winn, Hate on Trial, Mosaic Press, Oakville, 1986)

(No, not who you think! At least in part, the Canadian taxpayers did!)

Dr. Hilberg and Dr. Browning were paid by the Government of Canada for their expertise to bolster the Holocaust Promotion Lobby claim. Browning alone got almost $25,000 for testifying against Ernst Zündel - courtesy of the Canadian tax payers.

Do these two facts, that Leuchter was paid, and that Leuchter did not have the necessary rubber stamps to do the work he did negate scientific findings that can be double-checked and verified? When Leuchter was asked what stood in the way of someone being paid to malign his (Leuchter's) scientific findings, Leuchter stated simply:

"Anyone who would do that would risk his professional standing."

Will there be highly reputable professionals in the engineering field willing to come forward and replicate what Leuchter did? We will just have to see.

Revisionist reality is grim. Right now in Germany, if a scientist verifies the Leuchter findings, that scientist loses his job and goes to prison. Another case is the Lüftl Report. Walter Lüftl is an Austrian engineer. He was for years president of the Austrian Chamber of Engineers, the representative body of all Austrian engineers. He was a court-approved expert frequently called to testify in engineering matters. He investigated Auschwitz and came to similar conclusions to Leuchter's. The Austrians promptly charged him criminally for stating his best engineering viewpoint - that the Auschwitz "gassing" facilities were fakes. This caused him lots of grief. As a consequence, he resigned his position. The media had a feeding frenzy. After several years, the case was quietly dropped by the state. Even worse fared young Germar Rudolf, a German scientist of the finest qualifications, with not a speck on his credentials and his record. He wrote a magnificent report. (Das Rudolf Gutachten, Cromwell Press, 1993.) His life and career are ruined, while Browning's fortune soared.

For this reason alone, you don't see many people volunteering to tramp to Auschwitz with their own engineering gear.


In Summary

No one denies the concentration camps. They were detention centers, in numbers not nearly as high as is claimed. They were not killing centers.

In fact, according to the Time Life book series on prisoners, German concentration camps numbered less than one-sixth the number of camps the USA had for the Japanese, Germans, Italians and P.O.Ws, and considerably fewer camps than the Allies' vicious ally, Stalin, had in his Gulag.

These camps like Auschwitz harbored Jews, among many other nationalities. They also harbored criminals, including German criminals. They harbored traitors, spies and others who were sabotaging Germany at war.

Once more: They were detention centers. They were NOT killing centers.

Nobody survived Stalin's killer squads in Katyn, and very few if any survived the icy tomb of Kolyma and many other Stalin camps. It bears repeating that in the infamous "Holocaust" we have the only case of "genocide" that is daily "proven" by survivors.

It is sadly true that tens of thousands of all kinds of nationalities died in different German camps, largely of diseases caused by malnutrition, overcrowding, lack of hygiene and lack of medicines. Undoubtedly some died of neglect and even cruel treatment by brutal guards. Human nature being what it is and was, there must have been atrocities. No one denies there have been individual atrocities. Who can surmise how a guard might have felt and acted who was just told that his own baby was incinerated in the true Holocaust that was called Dresden - a defenseless, strategically unimportant city filled with refugees? What if he just found out that his own mother lay buried in the ruins of Hamburg or Berlin? He will not have felt kindly toward those whom he considered enemies. Under the circumstances, Jews may have been high on that list.

These experiences were not unique to the "Nazi camps."

They were shared by tens of millions in Stalin's Gulags in political and in prisoners-of-war camps. This fate was shared by the Dutch at the hands of the Japanese, and by the British and Canadians in Burma, Singapore and Hong Kong. It was shared by the Americans in the Philippines, and by the Germans in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and France.

And let us not forget that it was shared by Germans in Germany after the war in the American Army's Rheinwiesen death camps described by Canadian author James Bacque in his book "Other Losses" and in his recently released new book, "Of Crimes and Mercies" on the topic. Bacque claims that nine million Germans died as a direct result of a deliberate Allied policy.

All of these deaths were tragic deaths. They were tragic for Jews, and they were tragic for Germans. They were tragic for all involved in that war. To quote Dr. Robert Faurisson, eminent Revisionist: "You keep talking about war crimes. War itself is the crime."

To claim there were atrocities and then equating them to genocide is viciously deceptive. The statistical and logistical riddle about where which Jews went to what camps, and why, and when, was documented a long time ago by a highly detailed book by Walter Sanning called "The Dissolution of European Jewry." ( Sanning: "The Dissolution of European Jewry.")

In the latest twists and turns of the Holocaust Promotion Lobby's dance around the Great Holocaust Myth they will have you believe that the death camps were mostly in the "East," (where most of the Jews were said to have lived) and that few died in the "Old German Reich" - because it would have been easier to keep a secret in the East.

Wow! What a flash!

The fact is that tens of thousands of people were shipped via trains from Auschwitz in Poland to other camps in the Altreich (Germany Proper) at the end of the war - Elie Wiesel, Sabina Citron and Anne Frank among them.

This was done at German expense and German inconvenience. It was hardly done to kill them. They could have been easily left behind to starve to death in the abandoned concentration camps as people were scrambling to get away from Communism.

There were no German "death camps." Period. People died in every wartime concentration camp for any number of sad reasons, including old age.

One final point needs to be made, and it has to do with the world-famous Auschwitz Plaque.

For decades, it was claimed on this plaque that four million people were genocidally put to death at Auschwitz. As summarized by Dr. Faurisson, until April 3, 1990, this "commemorative" Plaque - where the Pope and presidents of many nations were taken so they could genuflect to non-existent victims, had the following inscription in 19 languages:

"Four million people suffered and died here at the hands of the Nazi murderers between the years 1940 and 1945".

For almost half a century, approximately 500,000 gullible tourists have been deliberately deceived by intellectual con-men and immoral crooks while visiting the theme park of anti-German lies and horrors at Auschwitz and Birkenau - where tour guides, books and films insisted for decades that everything the visitor saw was ". . . in its original state."

The new text reads as follows:

"May this place where the Nazis assassinated 1,500,000 men, women and children, a majority of them Jews from diverse European countries, be forever for mankind a cry of despair and of warning." (Luc Rosenzweig, "Auschwitz, la Pologne et legénocide" (Tr.'s Note: Auschwitz, Poland and the genocide), Le Monde, January 27, 1995, p. 1).)

Why the lowered numbers?

Now the Holocaust Promotion Lobby says, "Well, gee, that wasn't us. The Soviets dreamed them up."

According to this line of argument, the wicked Soviets

". . . purposely overstated the number of non-Jewish casualties at Auschwitz-Birkenau by many times their true numbers. With the end of communism in Poland and the former Soviet Union, officials at the Auschwitz museum have meticulously lowered the casualty figures in line with the estimates of historians who, for years, have insisted that between one and 1 1/2 million people perished at Auschwitz-Birkenau - 80 - 90% of them Jews.1 (The Breitbard Document, as published by the Simon Wiesenthal Center )

Sure, blame the Russians and the Poles. Don't give the Revisionist credit that the numbers are shrinking and ever more shrinking under the magnifying glass of scholarly scrutiny.

Why not take yet another look at Dr. Faurisson's revealing chart?

Dr. Faurisson, as is his style, being the careful scholar and meticulous researcher that he is, a man who is scrupulously honest with friend and foe alike, will tell you what is known so far. (Full explanation in Appendix A)

The chart above was compiled in December 1995 in response to an ad placed by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League in the New York Times. This ad asked: What happened to the missing Jews?

That is precisely what Revisionists ask - a question for which they have been hounded, beaten, spat at, vilified, charged, tried and jailed and even killed. Why is it "criminal" to want to know why the numbers are shrinking and shrinking - like a balloon that has been pricked?

Is it not good news, rather than bad news, that millions didn't die at Auschwitz? Is that not reason to rejoice?

Will we ever really know what happened and how many victims there were? Not if we cannot ask questions!

After an intensive write-in campaign initiated by the Zündel Team and directed to Mr. Gorbachev a few years ago, the Soviets finally released the remaining Death Books of Auschwitz, which they had captured in 1945.

Surprise! Guess what?

The so-called "four million", revised to "1.5 million," have shrunk to 74,000 proven deaths!

All meticulously recorded - name, date, nationality, religion, time, reason and cause of death!

German researcher Tjudar Rudolf, who is fluent in German, English, French, Yiddish and Polish and understands most slavic names and languages, has painstakingly gone over all these Soviet/Auschwitz death register books and totaled the number of Jewish deaths according to name and religion - even allowing for slavicized names.

The end result?

Slightly over 30,000 Jewish dead in Auschwitz.

That is what "Holocaust" Revisionism has achieved!

From all we know as of today, according to this man's educated analysis, some 30,000 Jews thus lost their lives, mainly to diseases and overcrowding, in Auschwitz and surrounding work camps affiliated with the main Auschwitz complex.

That is a tragic enough number of people. Why the need to exaggerate? To justify what? A vicious hate campaign for half a century against a former enemy? A regime which entered the pages of history some 50 years ago?

Is that what this is all about?

Or is it not rather to keep the Germans in perpetual mental, political, economic and financial bondage and to make them susceptible to ever new, thinly disguised blackmail schemes which have extorted over 100 Billion DM out of them for the Holocaust Lobbyists and the members of their tribe, institutions and organizations - not to forget the State of Israel? Which did not even exist at the time of the alleged crimes that were supposed to have been committed by the Nazis?

The ethnic abuse of Germans and Germany must stop. The Holocaust is not, and never has been, about this touted "Jewish victimhood." It is about extortion. Power politics. And money and revenge and hate!

The German people, most of whom were not even born when the tragedy of the Second World War befell their country, have been paying huge, huge sums of reparations to the Jewish state and people - many of them beneficiaries who themselves were equally not yet born when what the world now has been taught to call "The Holocaust" took place.

These German people have a right to all the facts. The Holocaust Promotion Lobby is brazenly misrepresenting their "facts" to fit its agenda of intolerance toward all those who would question its unconscionable, underhanded methods and goals, employing secret agents, slush funds, boycotts, threats and Holocaust terrorism.

Victimizing ever new generations of Germans for the misdeeds, real and imagined, of their grandfathers and soon great-grandfathers is no way to bring peace, tolerance and harmony to the world.

Ernst Zündel is on record saying that the persecuted of yesterday have become the persecutors of today.


April 4, 1996


Introduction to Revisionist Thought
By Ernst Zündel



The Revisionist claim:

PART I - The Holocaust is useful postwar propaganda that started as a systematic, insidious campaign during World War II as one of the tactics employed by moneyed interests to rally the troops and engage the world, specifically America, in what turned out to be, essentially, a fratricidal war.

PART II - There is no proof that the Holocaust, as depicted by the Holocaust Promotion Lobby and the highly politicized Hollywood industry, actually occurred.

PART III - The numbers of "Holocaust" victims are irresponsibly exaggerated.

PART IV - Official state policy towards the Jews in the Third Reich was emigration, not extermination.

PART V - Not a single document has been found with Hitler's signature ordering the extermination of the Jews.

PART VI - Zyklon B was a fumigant. It wasn't a practical agent for mass murder.

PART VII - Zyklon B was highly toxic. This being so, it would have been foolish and counterproductive to endanger Third Reich personnel engaged in allegedly pulling bodies from the execution chambers shortly after they were "gassed."

PART VIII - American execution expert, Fred Leuchter, delivered a scientific break-through in proving that the so-called gas chambers at Auschwitz could not have been used for their alleged purpose."


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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