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Eduard Hodos: The Jewish Syndrome

The Jewish Syndrome-3

The Second Khazaria

Translated from the Russian


The beginning of the creation of the second, atheistic Khazaria was marked by the Russia-wide pogrom which echoed from one end of the endless Orthodox Christian Empire to the other. The main blow was aimed at the Orthodox Church and the monarchy in the person of the Anointed One, the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family.

Power, as in the First Khazaria, once again ended up in the hands of the "eternal civilizers". But this time the power grab was not gradual and painless, but accompanied by rivers of blood. And there can be no talk of the "prestigiousness" of any religion: militant atheism - that was the "religion" adopted by the builders of the Second Khazaria.

I've already written about the "national character" of this historical period in The Jewish Syndrome-2. But before citing from that book, I'd like to explain why I resort to such frequent "self-citation" in this work.

Each of my books contain the main axioms of my "Three Khazarias" theory, but in "scattered" form. Nonetheless, an attentive reader capable of analysis could independently arrive at its discovery. So why didn't I present the theory in its "finished form" from the very beginning? The more you immerse yourself in the matter, the more you'll understand that the stage-by-stage method I've chosen for my "Khazaria Studies 101" is the only possible one: the mountain of evidence is simply too overwhelming and irrefutable -- and simply too frightening for many to digest, I'm afraid...

So let's return to what I wrote in The Jewish Syndrome-2:

...So February 1917 ended in the complete victory over the Orthodox Monarchy which anti-Christian forces had so long cherished. But along with it, the Bolshevik "genie" was released from its bottle. The "authors" of the February Revolution, International Jewry, which had relied on its blood ties with Jew-internationalists (they'd mistakenly placed their bets on Trotsky), and atheistic Masonry, which was hoping on its ideological ties with Bolshevism, had underestimated this factor. October not only conquered February, but went much further in its battle against Orthodoxy. Marxism-Leninism was not so much a pragmatic political theory as a utopian "religion with a minus sign". It was just this "religiosity" which accounts for the stable immunity of the Bolsheviks against Western liberal influence. This was a peculiar, modified Jewry, an internationalist hypostasis of Jewry. But none of this prevented international financial circles from correctly understanding the "mission" of the Bolsheviks and participating to completely insure themselves against the restoration of the monarchy.

It's also worth mentioning that the Bolshevik elite of the time was composed of two groups: 1) Lenin and his cohorts (who were spirited into Russia in 1917 by the Germans); and 2) Trotsky and company (who came from America). But in both cases it was the Schiff-Warburg Jewish banking elite who financed them.

Trotsky expressed his delight and gratitude at the generosity of his American "friends" in his memoirs: "I ended up in New York, in the prosaic-colorful city of capitalist automatons, where the aesthetic of cubism ruled the streets and the moral philosophy of the dollar ruled the hearts. New York impressed me, inasmuch as it expresses the spirit of the contemporary age more than any city... I left for Europe with the feeling of a man who was allowed a glimpse into the smithy where the fate of humanity will be forged..." (L. Trotsky, "My Life. An Experimental Autobiography", Berlin, 1930, v.1)

...Naturally, in accepting the generous "sponsorship" of Jewish financial magnates, both Trotsky and Lenin sincerely believed that the bankers, in cosmopolitanizing the world, were "unconsciously" helping the cause of communist revolution. In fact, the latter knew exactly what they were doing. By placing their bets on the Bolsheviks, they understood perfectly well that the revolutionaries, in destroying the world of Christian values, were working toward the establishment of the world-wide power of the banker-"blacksmiths". The events which followed only confirmed how correct their calculations had been: Orthodox Monarchy was irreversibly ground into the dust, the Anointed One crucified on the Toppled Cross, and the very Name of God given over to diabolical anathema.

Such of Lenin's utterances as: "Any religious idea, any idea of a deity... is indescribably vile, the foulest contagion" say a lot, don't they? This is how he browbeat Gorkiy for his "god-seeking". Lenin finished his tirade with the words: "devilishly annoying". And it's no accident that in the first years of the Soviet regime a monument to Judas was erected in the city of Sviazhsk. The children's writer Henning Keler, who witnessed the unveiling ceremony of this monument, described it thusly: "The local party functionary debated for a long time to whom the monument should be made. Lucifer was considered to imperfectly embody the idea of communism; Cain was too legendary. So they decided on Judas, as a completely historical figure. He was depicted full-height with his fist raised into the air..."

The breakneck pace with which the Second Khazaria was built was accompanied by a "shock wave" of destruction of Christian shrines. The country's new masters raged on the ruins of demolished churches; "Any religious idea, any idea of a deity..." was beaten out of the brains of the newly "conquered" people; a new era dawned, the era of atheism. The time had come for new "saints", to whom the "foolish Khazars" were to bow down.

Here's how the godless "iconostasis" looked, through the eyes of an unknown artist who produced an "Album of 30 photographs of Bolshevik commissars" entitled "The Ukraine's Butchers" (The captions under the portraits are the original ones given by the artist):

The Ukraine's Butchers

Leib Bronstein Trotsky, Minister of War

Ulyanov-Lenin, Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars

Zinoviev Apfelbaum-Radomysl'skiy, Chairman of the Northern Commune

Moishe Uritsky, Chairman of the Special Commission (Cheka)

Viktor-Kopp, Soviet Representative in Berlin

Bela Kun, Chairman of the People's Commissariat of Ugorshchina

Martov-Cederbaum, Member of the Central Executive Committee

Yankel Yurovsky, Organizer of the Yekaterinburg Murders

Sukhanov-Gimmer, Member of the All-Russian Council of Soviets

Samuil Berkman, Bolshevik agent in America

Emma Goldman, Babushka

Levine-Nissen, Member of the Executive Committee

Tomsky-Honichsberg, Member of the All-Russian Council

Sverdlov, Chairman of the All-Russian Council of Soviets

Axelrod, Commissar of Finance

Schreider, Chairman of the Revolutionary Tribunal

Petrov-Weisbrot, Member of the Soviet peace delegation in Berlin

Steklov-Nakhamkes, Member of the Petrograd Executive Committee

Revkin, Member of the Founding Assembly

Bogdanov-Silberstein-Ioffe, Chairman of the Soviet peace delegation in Brest-Litovsk

Katz-Kamkov, Member of the Central Executive Committee

Kamenev-Rosenfeld, Delegate of the Soviet delegation in Brest-Litovsk

Avanesov, Secretary of the Executive Committee

Levin, Member of the Executive Committee

Parvus-Gelfand, Creater of Russian Bolshevism

Volodarskiy-Kogan, Member of the Petrograd Executive Committee

Steinberg, People's Commissar of Justice

Prostein, People's Commissar of Agriculture

Karakhan, Soviet Representative in Warsaw

Radek-Sobelson, Bolshevik "wise elder"


After the civil war, which passed like a destructive cyclone over the whole territory of the conquered Empire and the hungry years of "War Communism" the Second Khazaria's period of prosperity began. The "New Economic Policy" (NEP), which gave rise to a boom in trade and let loose the forces of private enterprise, marked the beginning of the the new state's meteoric rise.

I won't go into detail in describing this period, whose features are well-known, I'm sure, to anyone who knows their history. I'll only mention that NEP in essence completely contradicted the ideals of "freedom, equality and brotherhood", under which the proletarian masses were let into battle by the builders of the "bright future".


It was then that the Georgian came to power. In 1927 Joseph Stalin expels Leo Trotsky from the country and the fate of the Second Khazaria is practically sealed...

Here it would be appropriate to quote "Bolshevik wise elder" Karl Radek, who commented Stalin's actions in the following way: "Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, while Stalin led them ... out of the Politburo".

What happens after that? A frontal assault begins on the so-called "Trotskyite-Leninist Old Guard"; "Bolshevik commissars" are mowed down wholesale; the era of the Stalinist socialism begins.

Rejecting the "Khazarian" path, Stalin invented his own "blueprint" for the further development of the Land of Soviets. The three pillars used by the "father of peoples" to base this governmental entity, unique in human history, were the following: 1) collectivization of agriculture; 2) industrialization; and 3) centralization of power. The third "pillar" deserves special mention, for centralization was the principal of Stalin's achievements. It allowed him to nullify the main conquest of the builders of the Second Khazaria, namely, the destruction of the autocratic model of state administration. By organizing a strict "power vertical", Stalin in effect reanimated the autocracy. He created his own "know-how" -- "socialist monarchy", defining the political system in the country he ruled in his own words as a "socialist empire".

One has to give Stalin his due for stopping the campaign of mockery against Orthodoxy, carried out so relentlessly by his predecessors, once he had achieved unbridled power. One story, repeated in many sources, is indicative of this:

...Once Kaganovich was showing Stalin a project for the rebuilding of Red Square. He explained that the fake-classical building of the Historical Museum would have to be demolished, then he removed the GUM shopping center from the model, where a grandstand was to be built. When Lazar Moiseevich grabbed the cupola of St. Basil's Cathedral, intending to show where it needed to be relocated, Stalin literally exploded: "Put that back, you dog!"...

In this fashion, by dint of titanic effort and tremendous sacrifices Stalin was able to reverse the course of history which had been charted out for us, as you'll soon see, for a century in advance.


Bold emphasis is the author's. Colored highlighting provided by

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