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Eduard Hodos: The Jewish Syndrome

The Jewish Syndrome-3

The Third Khazaria

Translated from the Russian


Before defining the Third Khazaria in detail, I'd like to quote the well-known Serbian scholar, Doctor of Jurisprudence and talented publicist Bozidar Mitrovic -- one of the few of our contemporaries who've noticed the "Khazarian thread" running through the history of the Eastern Slavs.

The first Khazar military putsch took place in 1917 in Petrograd. It's obvious that the Khazars hadn't disappeared; therefore one ought to bear in mind that the military putsch in Petrograd in 1917 was organized by Khazar extremists, who made up an absolute majority in the war committees later known as "revolutionary", in which Russians comprised less than one percent. The Vatican, Protestant-Catholic Germany and Jewish extremists from Wall Street financed Lenin's anti-Russian military putsch in Petrograd in 1917.

Germany's goal was the defeat of its enemy on the Eastern Front. This was accomplished by the signing of the Brest Peace Agreement, which had negative consequences. The Vatican's goal was the destruction of Orthodoxy, which it nearly accomplished. The goal of the Jewish extremists was the creation of an anti-national government, in which the question of the Jewish state would be solved, as well as the establishment of monopolistic control over the enormous source of natural and human resources which Russia comprised, in the interests of its own enrichment...

The Second Khazarian military putsch was carried out in 1993 in Moscow, when Khazar-Jewish extremists (who were carrying out extreme forms of economic transformation) took over the executive power, leading positions in the parties, including opposition ones, power over the mass-media and the banking system."

(Bozidar Trifunov Mitrovic, "Genocide of the Romans and Slavs". Moscow, BTM, 1999).

While agreeing in principle with Bozidar Mitrovic's conclusions, I'm at variance with him on a few details. For example, I consider the year 1991 to be the starting date in the history of the Third Khazaria, and the location of the putsch (not a military one, but nonetheless a putsch) to be the Belovezhsky Forest. [where the agreement dissolving the USSR was signed -- Editor]

It needs to be noted that the beginning of the erection of the Second and Third Khazarias were preceded by events designed to clear out the "building site" for the new "house of state".

The Khazarian Putsch of 1917 was preceded by the Russo-Japanese and First World Wars, which started the Russian Empire's irreversible process of destruction.

The factual destruction of the USSR, the socialist empire built by Stalin, was also begun long in advance of the "Belovezhsky Putsch" of 1991, namely in 1986, with the nightmare events at the Chernobyl atomic power station.

Bearing in mind the shocking similarity of the scenarios which prepared the way for these "Khazar putsches", one might assume that their estimated cost, as well as the source of financing, might have some common "family traits" as well.

The names of the financiers who paid for the "clearing of territory" in advance of the Second Khazaria are well known to us: "Schiff, Warburg and Company".

In the second case the "who, whom, when, and how much" isn't known to any degree of certainty. However, by analyzing certain events in the light of known historic facts, we can arrive at the following conclusions:

On the 26th of April 1986 an explosion occurred at the Chernobyl atomic power station, equivalent in power, as has been recently determined, to 500 Hiroshimas. This was the "bomb" which cracked the foundations of the great empire, whose "indestructibility" no one doubted up to that moment.

The "fissioning process" took on an irreversible character... A gaping hole in the country's economy opened up: unprecedented "unscheduled" financial expenses for the liquidation of the catastrophe, a general, army-style mobilization of "liquidators", enormous resettlements out of the contaminated territory, the erection of the "sarcophagus", and so forth. For the first time in our decades-long life as a "single family" mutual accusations began to fly and the "brotherly nations" began presenting demands to each other. And finally, the Radioactive Desert, which turned the very heart of the Slavic World into a "no-man's land", poisoning the hearts and souls of the "Great Soviet People", pushed the Socialist Empire over the brink, into the "black hole" of the Third Khazaria.

This whole Apocalypse was touched off by a single ... experiment! Uh-huh, that's right, a certain "unsuccessful unscheduled experiment" carried out (by whom we don't know to this day) on the eve of the Celebration of the "Great Khazarian Architects". [May 1st, International Workers' Day -- Editor]

Can we even imagine the unthinkable: that someone knowingly decided to play the role of "experimenter", risking a "diversion" which was to signal the beginning of the end for the socialist Leviathan? Yes, we can! As horrible as that sounds. For the right sum, as it turns out, anything is possible (even organizing the simultaneous hijacking of several airliners to attack the World Trade Center!).

We oughtn't forget that by that moment perestroika and the rot of the "moral philosophy of the dollar", were already in full bloom, poised to deal the death blow to the "moral philosophy of socialism", the virgin purity of which had heretofore been guarded by the "iron curtain" erected by Stalin. (By the way, in Stalinist times the mere mention of the word "diversion" was enough to make people tremble in fear...)

If we accept this version of the "clearing of the building site" for the Third Khazaria, we might expect the "expenses" item of the budget for this adventure to be comparable to that of the "Khazar Putsch of 1917".

As far as the source of financing goes... Here, as forensic scientists say, there's no direct evidence, but there are a few "leads" which give us much to ponder.

In my previous books I've described a certain ritual which I chanced to witness more than ten years ago in New York.

Every Sunday in Brooklyn a thousands-strong crowd of people awaiting the blessing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe would appear. The blessing ritual was carried out with the help of crisp new one-dollar bills. Over the course of the day, the Lubavitcher Rebbe would hand out tens of thousands of dollars on which the portrait of the US President was covered over with a photograph of the Rebbe himself.

One of the dollar bills which made their appearance in the year of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

One of the dollar bills which made their appearance in the year of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

There's no ritual like this in any religion, even in Judaism. But that's not the main thing. The "spice" of this ritual is the fact that it was introduced by the now-deceased Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson in 1986 -- the tragic year of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

I wrote about this for the first time in the pamphlet An Axe over Orthodoxy, or Who Killed Father Men' [about the murder of the Russian Orthodox priest of Jewish descent, Alexander Men' -- Editor], the first of three works making up the trilogy The Jewish Syndrome. But unfortunately this fact remained unnoticed by readers. As have many other facts, by the way, present in my works...

My regular readers are already familiar not only with the above-mentioned ritual, but with the Chabad sect itself, and with its "King-Messiah", the Lubavitcher Rebbe. However, for those who are reading my books for the first time, I'm simply obligated to fill them in on the main points. Here's a short historical reference, taken from my book, "The Jewish Syndrome".

Chabad is a Judeo-Nazi sect, built on the clan principle, at the head of which stands a "godfather", the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The members of Chabad are ultra-orthodox. Men and women are characterized by an astonishing sameness of appearance: the men are either too fat or too thin, with obligatory beards, frock coats and black hats; the women are thin with shaved heads and wear wigs.

Membership in the clan is extremely exclusive. Today there are only some 20 000 representatives of Chabad-Lubavitch. While the sect members make a pharisaical show of exclusive piety, they maintain an extreme secrecy about their activities.

The sect arose in the 17th Century on the border of three Slavic nations -- Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine -- in the village of Lubavitchi (in those days part of the Ukraine, now part of Smolensk Oblast, Russia).

Chabad is the only movement in Judaism with an obligatory fuehrer-leader at its head -- the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Over the course of 200 years - seven generations - this title has passed hereditarily from one generation to the next.

The sect arose, as its ideologues assert, in response to the persecutions of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, which were accompanied by the deaths of thousands of Jews. Orthodox Christianity, Khmelnitsky's spiritual foundation, is regarded by Chabad as a sworn enemy, deserving of corresponding treatment. [Khmelnitsky was the Ukrainian military leader who threw the Jews and Poles out of the Ukraine in the 17th Century, and re-united the Ukraine with Russia. -- Editor]

In the beginning of the 1930's Joseph Stalin, who in his time had studied in the Tbilisi Orthodox Seminary, and was correspondingly well-versed in matters of religion, expelled Chabad, as a fascist cult, along with the the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe from the territory of the USSR. Traditional Judaism, however, continued to exist on Soviet territory.

In the 1940's Chabad-Lubavitch establishes its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. From 1950 to 1994 the sect is headed by the seventh and last Lubavitcher Rebbe, and it's in this period that Chabad becomes a mighty political, financial and economic empire, with a goal of worldwide expansion.

The uninitiated often confuse Chabad with hasidism in general (Orthodox Jews, in other words). Representatives of the Chabad clan purposely, but misleadingly, identify themselves with a whole movement within Judaism, hasidism. In fact there are a whole range of influential currents within hasidism, many of them with a large membership: Karlinstown, Bratslav, Satmar, and others, which not only bear no relation to Chabad, but often find themselves in conflict with it. But it was Chabad which entered the USSR during the time of Gorbachev's perestroika, taking over the the religious and other activities of local Jews (and not only Jews)..." (I'll add that in the three years which have passed since the writing of this "historical reference" the "head count" of the Chabadites, known for their high birthrate, has noticeably increased. What's more, Chabad has now established itself so firmly on post-Soviet territory that it's been able to take control not only of high-placed members of of the regimes of "independent" governments, but of the political and economic processes taking place throughout the ex-USSR.)

It bears mentioning that Chernobyl has always been regarded by members of the sect as a sacred place of requital and punishment. You see, it was there that Bogdan Khmelnitsky wiped out the "Chernobyl branch" of Chabad's forefathers by fire and sword. And it's no accident that the catastrophe which took place at Chernobyl, which the whole world regards as a "tragedy" and a "catastrophe", is referred to by Lubavitchers as "The Chernobyl Wonder". It's no accident either that beginning in the 1990's -- the period of the establishment of the Third Khazaria -- Lubavitchers "opened season" on ritual bacchanalias in Pripiat', the epicenter of the Chernobyl Wasteland. [Unfortunately the author doesn't elaborate on these "ritual bacchanalias". -- Editor]

That's why my theory of a planned diversion, the generous financing of which was able to guarantee the well-known consequences at Chernobyl, has a perfect right to exist.

But let's return to the Third Khazaria, at whose foundations lies the "desert ideology" posited by my theory. What's the essence of this ideology, whose very name deprives us of any hint of optimism?

Well really, to understand what I'm talking about, all you need to do is remove your "blinders", take a look around you, and try to make sense of what you see. I hope it won't be necessary for me to strain myself in depicting the obvious "achievements" of the generously-financed Third Khazarian "experiment", which has ravaged our land like a tornado.

All of us are like addicts who were deprived of the "needle" of our socialist "stagnation", writhing for more than ten years in the hellish "withdrawal" of Khazarian "reforms". We continue to hope against hope that soon, very soon, things will get better -- the main thing is to be patient. But with every day the number of those who were unable to survive their Khazarian "overdose" rises.

In my books I've repeatedly attempted to show just what kind of fate is being prepared for us who are still -- for the time being -- alive on this [post-Soviet] land. On our holy, long-suffering land, over which the Khazarian Sword of Damocles once again hangs.

To support my words I'll once again cite a passage from my previous book. I'm referring to an article in the newspaper "Argumenty i Fakty" which I used in The Jewish Syndrome-2 and which will help you achieve understanding of the "desert ideology" of "The Third Khazaria".

The name of the article is "The Country's Dying. Quietly, but Quickly" (cited here in shortened form):

The decline of Ukraine's demographic indicators was first established in 1993. Since that time one can observe a steady escalation in the crisis. Today we're witnessing the lowest birth rate for the whole postwar period; it lags the death rate by nearly a factor of two. In the first nine months of 2001, 260 000 fewer people have been born in the Ukraine than have died. Adding to this figure data about the active emigration of our countrymen abroad, authors of numerous publications on the given topic have come to the following conclusion: Given the current rate of population decline, every 25-30 years the population of the country will decline by half, so if yet another 50-60 years pass the world map will be deprived of the mighty ox-shaped contours of the Ukraine, which is striving so mightily today to integrate itself into Europe!

There's yet another "spicy" detail in the experts' forecasts: the sharp reduction of the native population could trigger an intensive influx of immigrants, mainly from the Asian and African continents, and the proportional weight of the non-European population (which is not suffering at all from the demographic point of view -- the only problem is in finding living space) will grow at a rate comparable with the dying-out of the native population. Racism is ugly and a sin, but once the Moors have move in to occupy the Dnieper you won't be singing "We're not dead yet..." any longer.

Optimists love to remind us that a few developed countries have an even lower birth rate than us. Yes, Italy, Spain, San Marino and Hong Kong are breeding even more slowly. But their process of depopulation is accompanied by a corresponding decrease in mortality and the rise in average life-expectancy. If we compare the last-mentioned criteria in the Ukraine to that of developed countries, we see that our "fleeting life" is more nine years more fleeting than that of Western Europeans' and twelve years more than the Japanese'.

It's been established that our demographic decline is determined above all by the use of birth control among women. But why is this happening? If in Europe the maternal instinct has been "deadened" by the ideals of career and emancipation, our far less feminized women are hindered by the fear of miscarriage or giving birth to a "defective" child: The quantity of unhealthy young women has risen sharply.

A certain "stability" is observed by the experts only in the primary causes of death, which have remained unchanged over the course of decades. First place among causes of death in the Ukraine is occupied by circulatory diseases. Second place -- by malignant tumors. Next come accidents, poisoning, trauma and respiratory failure.

To round out the above-mentioned factors which are leading to the "emptying" of our country one can add epidemiological data: tuberculosis, which takes 9 000 lives annually, and social pathologies resulting from the low standard of living. Even more alarming than tuberculosis are HIV-related diseases. Their "advance" seems to indicate that an AIDS explosion may lie ahead.

Against the background of these critical problems all the administrative, defense and humanitarian priorities which our politicians are occupied with look meaningless: ...the moment may come when there will simply be no one left to work in our fields and factories, defend our borders, or study in our universities...

...Behind all the abstract scientific terminology like "violation of demographic mechanisms", "depopulation" and "degradation of the quality of life" stand perfectly real women who refuse to give birth, pensioners begging at the entrances of drugstores, parents and children who've given up counting their chronic ailments "acquired" in the exhausting struggle for "free medical care"...

Mikhail Golubchikov, Medical Doctor, head of the medical statistics department at Kiev Postgraduate Medical Academy:

"... Soon there will be a census. I think it will reveal the same picture which we observe in Moldova, where according to pre-census data the population was 4.5 million, and after the census it turns out that the country has lost some 800 000, a fifth of its population! ... So if the census shows that we no longer have "more than 48 million", as is now officially claimed, but 30 to 35, that will seriously affect peoples' consciousness. Even the most optimistic forecasts have the Ukraine's population in 10 to 15 years at less than 40 million. I stress that these are the most optimistic forecasts."

("Argumenty i Fakty" No. 48, November, 2001).

Note that this article was written before the recent census, the results of which, the authorities assured us, should have been published in the beginning of April, 2002. Nonetheless, at the moment of writing, census data haven't been made public. Maybe this is due to post-election syndrome, or maybe they're still fixing the numbers.... Be that as it may, the countrywide census taken in December 2001 has been completely forgotten: It's as if the people, already standing with one foot in the grave, are beyond caring how many of them, the people, are still left...

But let's return to the data set forth in the article "The Country's Dying. Quietly but Quickly." All the "arguments" and "facts" point to the fact that the country really is dying. "What happens then?", you ask. What do you mean what? Why Khazaria, of course. With all its characteristic features: a Judaic elite, a Judaized "aristocracy", the prestige of Judaism, highly-developed trade and an "a-national" population of "nomads".

Just think about it: "Once the Moors have moved in to occupy the Dnieper..." Take notice of what I've said. You'd have to possess a high-degree of "pre-death" blindness not to notice the "influx of immigrants, mainly from the Asian and African continents" which has migrated in the past 10 years into the New Khazaria and "settled" the innumerable bazaars which now disfigure the "mighty ox-shaped contours of the Ukraine". Remaining representatives of the native population continue to sing, naively: "We're not dead yet", failing to notice that the once harmonious choir of voices sounds weaker and more dissonant with each passing day.

At this point we've arrived, at last, at the heart of "desert ideology".

Please note the "most optimistic" time frame allotted for the completion of the "experiment" on the Ukrainian people: 50-60 years, beginning from the Great Exodus from the Land of Soviets. But the most frightening thing is not this, but the fact that the dying Ukrainian people continues to believe in the "bright future" awaiting it just around the bend, and in its desperate rush to arrive there, refuses to understand that it's being led in circles in the Khazar Desert. "Until the last slave had died..."

Doesn't this remind us of something? Exodus, Desert, the death of the Last Slave... But of course! What's happening today is but a "remake" of one of the "episodes" of the Old Testament, the story of how Moses led the Jews out of Egypt into the Promised Land. He led them out, all right, but as it subsequently turned out, he had no intention of going anywhere for the next 40 years, but simply dragged the Jews into the womb of the Sinai Desert and stoically waited it out, "until the last slave had died". But it couldn't have occurred to the Jews, who were burning with unquenchable desire to enter "Palestinian Heaven", that a rather different fate was being prepared for them and that Moses was leading them to quite a different place than the Promised Land ... to the grave. So, tracing endless circles in the dunes already crisscrossed by them earlier, the "slaves" died off one after another over the course of 40 years, until the very last one's turn arrived. In this way, the Desert turned into a Graveyard, the final destination of the "slave population's" 40-year Wandering among the mirages... [A rather idiosyncratic interpretation of Scripture, I must say, but if you consider today's situation a "False Exodus" led by a "False Moses", preparing the way for the False Messiah, then everything falls into place. -- Editor]

I'm sure "wise guys" will be found who'll find things which "don't fit" in the comparison I've made between biblical history and our present reality: "The number of years allotted for the 'slaves'' dying-out doesn't coincide with the forecasts," they might object, or "What do 'slaves' have to do with anything?", or "Show us the Moses who's led us into the desert..."

I assure you that I'll have no difficulty dispelling the last lingering doubts of even such hardened skeptics.

Don't be "put off" by the fact that the Ukraine has been given not 40, but 50-60 years to die off. I think this time difference can be explained by two main factors: the large starting population of the "native population" and the vitality characteristic of Slavs. But if the rate of dying-off increases even slightly (which is perfectly conceivable in principle), we may not only "match", but even "beat" the biblical time frame.

Now, in regard to possible objections of the type "We're not slaves, slaves are not us", allow me to ask: Just who are we? Who, if not slaves, so easily change their idols, cry tears of gratitude for the most miserable handout and silently, silently!!! -- die off? Who, if not slaves, fear giving birth to children, indifferently observing their native hearths being occupied by invading nomads? Who, if not slaves, allow themselves to be led to the grave instead of the Promised Land, having lost all will to resistance and ability to see the obvious?

Can anyone tell me what national idea lives in today's Ukraine? No! Because there is no national idea! And it's painful to watch the endless unsuccessful attempts of philosophizing representatives of the "slave population" try to "give birth" to one. Slaves don't have a national idea; theirs is the realm of "desert ideology" -- to drag themselves around among mirages in search of "paradise" and arriving instead at the grave.

It's painful to watch how people's slavish hatred of each other murders their ability to adequately perceive reality. Take a look at the reckless abandon with which those in opposite political camps wish each other's deaths: the nationalists are waiting, waiting, for the last communist slave to kick the bucket, and vice versa. And no one wants to notice that the day will soon dawn when everyone -- "reds", and "whites" and "greens" and "yellow-blacks" -- will breathe their last, freeing their place under the sun of the Khazar Desert for new "Moseses"...

It's noteworthy that under the conditions of the Khazarian Yoke slaves are identified not by social, but by spiritual status. And this is the main achievement of "desert ideology", which has once again made the borders of our "independent" country "transparent" and created a new social class, slaves.

It seems that they understand this in the "Russian district" of the Third Khazaria:

Looking around, we can already see that mass of slaves. They're by no means the most disenfranchised, the most exploited, the most unskilled, "black" laborers. On the contrary, among those just named are no few who are free in spirit, who've retained their Faith and their ideals. What marks the slaves is their complete refusal to struggle for the affirmation in life of certain spiritual values, their inability to think in terms of the common good, and to recognize good and evil in everyday life. We see many examples of this among people of the most varied social status:

1. Before our eyes our educational and health care systems and social security network are being dismantled. We've lost whole territories which our ancestors spilled blood and sweat to acquire. The paychecks of an enormous mass of our population have fallen manyfold, to below the poverty line. The health, welfare and futures of our friends, children, and future generations are in doubt. Only the slave consciousness is capable of justifying all of this, and limiting its collective protest to a pathetic demand to give back a morsel of what's been stolen from it, to receive its miserable paycheck, withheld for months on end, on time. Only a slave mentality forces itself to accept unethical and suicidal compromises, leaving its friends and children to the mercy of fate, instead of going into battle with the enemies of the Fatherland, its destroyers. The slave's logic is "Just give me a piece of bread today". And if they don't give it to you? Then it's curtains for you, not for them, the enemies, who've deprived you of everything.

2. Our officers watch as they destroy our armed forces and do nothing. They're deprived of housing for their families. The enemies, who understand their responsibility for what they've done to our people, are still deathly afraid of the soldier, so they take his weapons away to arm their "private security structures". They've humiliated the soldier, "rewarding" him for years of service in inhuman conditions with the status of social outcast. But he bears it all. He bears it all in the hope of receiving his miserable pay today and a pension tomorrow. Another dreams of his next promotion, not even trying to make sense of the fact that a Soviet major was higher than today's general major in terms of social status. If things keep on like this soon the rank of general, even generalissimus, will be conferred en-masse. The destruction of our armed forces is in full swing. And when it's over, no one will have any use for the former soldiers of our former armed forces. They'll deserve neither respect nor well-being, but only sympathy. And maybe not even sympathy, for without a viable defense there can be no Fatherland. And what sort of mercy from his conqueror can the officer of a vanquished army expect?... Only the traitors will line up to receive their 30 pieces of silver.

3. Our teachers have suffered especially hard. Have they all forgotten about the development of strong personalities...? Have they really been deceived by the latest portion of lies from television and the newspapers? They know about their responsibility for the future of the country! It's not teachers' strikes we need, or teachers committing suicide. There's no point in going on a hunger strike if you're already hungry! You have to tell your pupils the truth, the whole truth, to explain everything convincingly, having thought about the past and the present. Even the most widespread propaganda is powerless against the psychological army of of the teachers' collective! These are elementary truths which can be be beaten out of only a slave mentality.

We won't continue with these depressing examples. Everything's already clear enough. Anyone who devotes all his energies to "muddling through" his personal problems -- large or small, it doesn't matter -- and doesn't want to see what's going on around him or what awaits him in the future ought to ask himself an unflattering question: "Who am I? A free person or a miserable, beaten slave of new conquerors, the dark forces which have laid waste to Faith and Fatherland?"

(K.N. Sokolov, K.V. Sivkov. "Spiritual Crisis". Moscow, Voentekhizdat, 1999).

So who are these "new conquerors" who've "laid waste to Faith and Fatherland," these talented organizers of putsches and tireless reanimators of Khazaria, these modern "Moseses", who've turned us into slaves, dying in the Desert?

There they are, in front of you. Have a look at this "iconostasis" from the era of the Third Khazaria.

Khazar "experimenters" and "local" representatives of the Third Khazaria

Putin and friends

Putin and his friends from Chabad. "Diamond Lev" Leviev is the one without the hat, on Putin's right.

Ukraine President Leonid Kuchma and friends

Ukraine President Leonid Kuchma and his friends from Chabad. There's "Diamond Lev" again.


Well, now that you're acquainted with my "Three Khazarias Theory" the time has come to present the evidence.


Bold emphasis is the author's. Colored highlighting provided by

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