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 The U.S. Jewish War on Iran for Israel   

Jewish Media Provokes to Inflame
"Clash Of Civilizations"

Recruiting Europe For Bush's War On Iran

Humanity must act now to neutralize war provocations, and thus to prevent the horrors of war itself

Fox News Fans the Hysteria

In keeping with its established role as purveyor of disinformation, Fox "News" talking head Brit Hume misreported Fox's own poll. On "Special Report" (January 26, 2006) Hume said that 51% of Americans "would now support" air strikes on Iran. What the poll found is that if diplomacy fails, 51% would support air strikes.

On January 26th and 27th, 2006  the Jew Beckel said on Fox that: the US must "absolutely" attack Iran if for no other reason than "for the sake of Israel."


January 30, 2006

(Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of  the Wall  Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions)


Can we be optimistic and assume that diplomatic failure does not include orchestrated failure by the Bush administration? Alas, we cannot expect too much from the American people as even the corrected report indicates a majority of the population in thrall to disinformation.
The only "evidence" that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons is mere assertion by members of the Bush administration and the neoconsevative press. Iran says it is not pursuing nuclear weapons, and the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors say there is no evidence of a weapons program.
Iran is a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Under the treaty, signatories have the right to develop nuclear energy. All they are required to do is to make reports to the IAEA and keep their facilities open to inspection. Iran complies with these requirements.
There is no Iranian "defiance." When news media report "defiance," they purvey disinformation. The "seals" on Iranian facilities were placed there voluntarily by the Iranians while they attempted to resolve the false charges brought by the Bush administration. The "Iran crisis" is entirely the product of the Bush administration's determination to deprive Iran of its rights as a signatory of the non-proliferation treaty. It is just another demonstration of President Bush's opinion that his word overrules fact, law and international treaties.
Despite the clear and unambiguous facts, the Fox/Opinion Dynamics poll reports that 60% of Republicans, 41% of Independents, and 36% of Democrats support using air strikes and ground troops against Iran in order to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. This poll indicates an appalling extent of ignorance and misinformation among the American public. The Bush administration will take advantage of this ignorance to initiate another war in the Middle East.
A majority of Americans have now been deceived twice on the same issue. Just as there was no evidence that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons, there is no evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. There is nothing but unproven assertions, assertions, moreover, that are contradicted by the evidence that does exist. Americans, it would appear, are so anxious for wars that they welcome being fooled into them.
One wonders, also, where the 60% of Republicans, 41% of Independents, and 36% of Democrats think the US will find the ground troops with which to invade Iran. As the three-year old "cakewalk war" in Iraq has made completely clear, the US does not have enough ground troops to successfully occupy Iraq and to suppress a small insurgency drawn from a Sunni population of 5 million people.
We hear report after report from military authorities that the Iraq war is straining our armed forces to the breaking point. For example, a Pentagon study by Andrew Krepinevich (AP news report, January 24, 2006) concludes that the US Army cannot sustain the pace of troop deployments to Iraq long enough to break the back of the insurgency.
Every military expert knows this to be true, although few can afford to say it. If we are on the breaking point from trying to deal with an insurgency drawn from 5 million people, how are we going to send ground troops into vastly larger Iran with a population of 70 million people? It boggles the mind that a majority of Americans favor an impossible policy.
The situation is even worse than it so far sounds. Another recent poll, a LA Times/Bloomberg poll, finds, according to the LA Times, that 57% of the respondents "favor military intervention if Iran's government pursues a program that could enable it to build nuclear arms." These are the same respondents, 53% of whom believe it was not worth going to war against Iraq.
The poll thus reveals the American public as grist for the neoconservatives' war mill. If a country can produce material for nuclear energy, it can, with additional facilities and knowledge, produce material for nuclear weapons. Thus, if Iran exercises its rights under the non-proliferation treaty, 57% of Americans support a US military attack on Iran!
American politicians, whose strings are pulled by the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, despite AIPAC's current engulfment in spying charges against the US, are demanding, as we will see below, that the US attack Iran "in order to protect Israel."
One excuse for these demands is the statement by the new Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Europeans should give Israel a piece of Europe and move the country there. His statement that Israel should be wiped out was a statement for Muslims, not a statement of a program of action. The Iranian president is simply elevating Iran's standing among Muslims by taking advantage of the overwhelming Muslim sentiment against the US and Israel that President Bush has created.
The American notion that Iran might march into Israel is laughable. Iran has four routes into Israel: through Turkey and Syria, through Iraq and Syria, through Iraq and Jordan (or Lebanon), and through Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Three of these routes are foreclosed by US troops on the ground, and the fourth by the Turkish Army.
Moreover, Israel has never signed the non-proliferation treaty and does have nuclear weapons. An Iranian invasion of Israel could be fatal for Iran.
Why, then, is the American population being whipped up by the Bush administration and Fox "News" into war hysteria against Iran?
Fox is aggressively agitating for war with Iran. On shows such as Hannity and Combs, guest after guest--Newt Gingrich, Ollie North, various retired generals, pundits, and even Democratic politicians--agitate for attacking Iran.
For example, on January 26th and 27th, 2006 Liberal Democrat Bob Beckel said on Fox that the US must "absolutely" attack Iran if for no other reason than "for the sake of Israel." Democrat Bill Richardson affirmed that "we need to renew and re-strengthen our commitment to Israel." Newt Gingrich said that it is so urgent to attack Iran that it must happen within the next few months. According to Gingrich, Iran not only cannot be trusted with nuclear technology, but also Iranians "cannot be trusted with their oil."
On January 27, 2006 Democratic strategist Pat Cadell expressed mystification as to how strongly the polls surged, literally overnight, in support for attacking Iran.
One wonders if Americans ever think of the consequences of the rash actions that they say they favor. The Bush administration has placed Iraq in the hands of the majority Shia, who are allied with Iran, which is allied with Hizbollah, the strongest military force in Lebanon, which is friendly to Hamas, the new Palestinian authority. What response might a US attack on Iran bring from the Shia population in Iraq? What terrorism might Iran unleash throughout the Middle East? What US puppets might fall? What consequences might follow if Iran not only shuts off Iranian oil, but knocks out facilities throughout the region and blocks oil flows from the Middle East?
Compared to attacking Iran, attacking Iraq was a small if reckless risk. Nevertheless, the unexpected consequences of the US invasion of Iraq have prevented the Bush administration from achieving its goals.
Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda must be marveling at the rank stupidity of the American people. Maybe Fox "News" only pretends to be the Ministry of War Propaganda for the Bush administration and is really in the employ of al Qaeda.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.He can be reached at:

Jewish Media Provokes to Inflame

'Clash Of Civilizations'

Under the guise of "free speech", a leading Jewish "Danish" newspaper Jyllands-Posten published a dozen provocative anti-Islamic cartoons clearly designed to offend Muslims.

The predictable result has greatly increased the possibility of violence and left Denmark in a costly and dangerous predicament


Four months after pro-Zionist Jyllands-Posten (JP), Denmark's most widely read morning paper, published 12 anti-Islamic cartoons, Danes woke up to the fact that there is a very high price to be paid for promoting the Jewish "clash of civilizations."
The fact that the editors behind the anti-Islamic images claim to be exercising free speech while refusing to address Europe's strict censorship laws regarding discussion of the the Jewish "Holocaust"-Zionist propaganda and the ongoing imprisonment of historical revisionists reveals the existence of a more sinister Jewish agenda behind the provocative cartoons.
"Jewish Agents of certain persuasion" are behind the egregious affront to Islam in order to provoke Muslims, a Professor of the University of Copenhagen told the BBC. The key "agent" is a Jew, Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of JP, who commissioned cartoonists to produce the blasphemous images and then published them in Denmark's leading morning paper last September 2006.
The International Herald Tribune, which reported on the offensive cartoons on January 1, 2006, noted that even the liberalism of Rose had its limits when it came to criticism of Zionist leaders and their crimes. Rose also has clear ties to the Zionist Neo-Cons behind the "war on terror."
The Jew Rose told the international Jewish paper owned by The New York Times that "he would not publish a cartoon of Israel's Ariel Sharon strangling a Palestinian baby, since that could be construed as 'racist.'"
Asked why he was protecting Sharon, a known war criminal, while abusing Muslims and their Prophet in the name of free speech, Rose told American Free Press that he had been "misquoted" in the Times article.
Rose traveled to Philadelphia in October 2004 to visit Daniel Pipes, the Jewish-Zionist Neo-Con ideologue who says the only path to Middle East peace will come through a total Israeli military victory. Rose then penned a positive article about Pipes, who compares "militant Islam" with fascism and communism.
In April 2003, President George W. Bush nominated the rabid anti-Muslim Pipes to the board of the United States Institute of Peace (!!), a congressionally sponsored think tank dedicated to "the peaceful resolution of international conflicts." !!
Ministers from 17 Muslim nations condemned the publication of the cartoons as an egregious "offence to Islam" and called on the Danish government to ensure that it would not be repeated.
When the Danish government, which supports the Jewish "war on terror" with more than 500 troops in Iraq, refused to issue an apology for the offensive cartoons, Muslim consumers across the Middle East began a boycott of Danish products.
Within days the boycott had severely affected Danish exporters and the politicians in Copenhagen scrambled to undo the damage. Arla Foods, a large Danish-Swedish dairy company, was badly hit by the boycott. The company, which had annual sales of some $ 480 million in the Middle East, saw its sales in the region plummet to nil as Muslim shopkeepers pulled Danish products off the shelves.
"We have taken 40 years to build up a very big business in the Middle East, and we've seen it come to a complete stop in five days," company spokeswoman Astrid Gade Niels told the BBC.
"Our sales in the Middle East have come to a complete stop - in all countries in the region," she said. "We have found ourselves in the middle of a game that we have no part in."
As the boycott damaged Danish business and a bomb scare closed the office of his newspaper, the Jew Rose continued to defend his decision to commission and publish the offensive cartoons. "We stand by the publication of these 12 cartoons," he said.
Asked if he would have done it knowing what the reaction would be, Rose said: "That is a hypothetical question. I would say that I do not regret having commissioned those cartoons and I think asking me that question is like asking a rape victim if she regrets wearing a short skirt Friday night at the discotheque."
The dangerous "game" that was started by the Zionist "Danish" editor has now been picked up by at least 7 Zionidt newspapers across Europe.
Supposedly in support of the Danes, papers in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland simultaneously reprinted the cartoons on February 1, 2006. The timing suggests that this response was coordinated by a hidden Jewish hand.
In Paris, for example, the Jew Arnaud Levy, editor-in-chief of the financially-strapped France-Soir, chose to print all 12 of the offensive cartoons. Asked if there had been coordination between European editors about the simultaneous publication of the cartoons, Levy said, "Absolutely not."
The France-Soir's owner is Raymond Lakah, an "Egyptian" Jewish magnate.
However, when it comes to discussion of the Jewish "Holocaust" Zionist propaganda, media monitors accept without question the Jewish  government-imposed censorship laws and imprisonment of historical revisionists. At least 4 well known historians are currently in prison in Germany and Austria for writing and speaking about the Holocaust.
There is clearly a more sinister reason why the pro-Zionist Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen refuses to issue a formal apology as demanded by Arab and Muslim governments. The hard-line position taken by Rasmussen, an ally in the Jewish "war on terror", has more to do with advancing the Jewish "clash of civilizations" than defending free speech in Europe.
It is well known that Islam is an aniconic religion which prohibits depictions of the Prophet in the same way that the Second Commandment prohibits "graven images." The European editors are certainly aware of the fact that Islam prohibits the use of icons or visual images to depict living creatures and that it is blasphemous to publish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. Yet, they have recklessly and intentionally insulted millions of Muslims and are unwilling to apologize.
"The Danish paper set out to offend and provoke outrage in the Muslim community," a Muslim in Britain wrote to the BBC. "Muslims are able to distinguish between those who wish to debate and those who wish to insult. Trying to camouflage insults under the guise of debate or free speech fools nobody."
There is a deeper reason behind the publication of the offensive cartoons. Given the unapologetic position taken by the Danish government and the editors it appears very likely that tension with Islamic nations will increase and the international crisis will deepen. This is, after all, exactly what the global planners behind the "clash of civilizations" want.
The completely predictable reaction among Muslims sets the stage for violence and "false-flag" terror attacks as Europeans prepare to host the Olympics in Turin, Italy. The Turin-based La Stampa irresponsibly published the cartoons on Feb. 1, 2006  two days after Milan's Corriere della Sera.
The anti-Islamic cartoon scandal is no laughing matter. If and when a terror attack does occur and the cartoons and angry Muslims are blamed for being the cause, the reason they were published will become clear. Europeans will become increasingly polarized and hostility to Islam will grow.
A month ago, when I first became aware of the provocative anti-Muslim cartoons published in JP, I immediately contacted the editors and asked why they had allowed their newspaper to be dragged into such a ridiculous and provocative situation.
With Europe already involved in two Middle Eastern wars and with the political tension with Iran increasing daily, I asked the editors, "Do you truly wish to antagonize Muslims?"
"I support freedom of speech and am against self-censorship," Rose, who commissioned the cartoons, wrote in response. It was, however, clearly not simply to exercise Denmark's non-existent freedom of speech that Rose commissioned the anti-Muslim cartoons. The more sinister motive of advancing the "clash of civilizations" among Europeans was evidently behind the offensive images.
"If the issue is really one of free speech, would you publish cartoons making fun of the Jewish Holocaust?" I asked Rose and the editors. "If not, do you at least support the right of newspapers and individuals to raise historical questions about the Holocaust?"
Yet after a month of correspondence with Rose and the editors, they have completely avoided answering my questions about the Holocaust and the right of free speech for historical revisionists in Europe.

 The Mohammed Cartoons  
Recruiting Europe For
Bush's War On Iran


WASHINGTON, DC -- The NATO intelligence provocation appearing in the guise of the scurrilous Mohammed cartoons published by the Zionist reactionary newspaper Jyllands Posten of Denmark, and then by a series of other European Jewish publications, has already done much to mobilize the armies, bases, and treasuries of Europe in support of the lunatic plan to the Bush-Jewish neocon clique for a nuclear sneak attack and punitive expedition against Iran over the coming weeks or months. As I warned in a red alert of Feb. 3, 2006 this entire affair has been cynically orchestrated by NATO intelligence agencies to set the stage for a new world war.
In recent years, Moslem and Arab resentment for the various crimes of imperialism has been directed primarily against Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom. What is new about the present crisis is that Denmark, Norway, France, and Germany are the main targets this time, while the usual suspects in London and Washington can remain in the background and hypocritically condemn the inflammatory cartoons. The result has been a massive degeneration of the ideological climate of Europe in favor of militant racism in the form of the Samuel Huntington War of Civilizations. The Europeans are now far more likely than previously to go to war for Israel against Iran as the tail on the Anglo-American kite. The genocidal demand that the European Union cut off all aid to the Hamas-led government of Palestine has become far more likely to succeed. 
The evidence strongly suggests that the cartoon provocation was presented to Jewish  oligarchs at the meeting held from May 5 to May 8, 2005 at the Dorint Sofitel Seehotel Überfahrt in Rottach-Egern, on the shores of the Tegernsee lake in the south German federal state of Bavaria. (See Fountainhead for a partial attendance list)  The first publication of the cartoons in Denmark followed in September 2005. This meeting was attended by the certified Jewish neocons: madmen Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, and William Luti ­ all desperadoes haunted by the prospect of criminal indictment for their roles in the Iraq aggression, the Plame case, the Niger yellowcake forgeries, and the Lord Conrad Black embezzlement case. All three are fanatic proponents of the wider war against Iran, also in the hope of staying out of jail.

Others in attendance included Dutch, Belgian, and Spanish royalty, top Eurocrats and NATO bigwigs (including NATO Secretary General Jaap Hoop de Scheffer himself) from Brussels, the
Jewish Rockefeller and the Jewish Rothschild international bankers, and such all-purpose villains as the Jewish Henry Kissinger.  Another prominent participant in the Bavarian Jewish meeting was Anders Eldrep of Denmark. This Zionist Anders Eldrep (or Eldrup),the chairman of DONG (Danish Oil and Natural Gas), is the husband of Zionist Merete Eldrep, the managing director of JP/Politikens Hus (JP for Jyllands-Posten), the Danish publishing firm which owns the newspaper which first published the Mohammed cartoons.
This Jewish group of this meeting, founded after World War II by represents one of the key nodal points where the international Jewish finance oligarchs meet under US-UK leadership to ratify consensus on larger strategic initiatives.  

It was for example this Jewish group who held a meeting in Saltsjöbaden near Stockholm, Sweden in the spring of 1973 which secured the final consensus for the Royal Dutch Shell plans for the October 1973 Middle East War and the attendant "Arab" oil boycott, which looted Japan and Europe and imposed global austerity to stabilize the US dollar and the Atlanticist banking system. That financiers' staged oil boycott was the 1973 version of today's "peak oil" hoax.


As for the repeated canard about freedom of the press, all the countries of the Nordic Council have long maintained press control through psychological warfare boards with the power to suppress and plant news stories for propaganda purposes.  

Sweden is the best-known example, but Denmark, a NATO member state, is no slouch either. Having directed political organizing in Denmark for a number of years, the present writer can also personally attest to the pervasive surveillance of publishing, political meetings, and public speech (as of the mid-1980s) maintained by the PET (Politiets Efterretningstjeneste), the Danish Security Intelligence Service.  

The PET is a sinister and stealthy organization staffed by devotees of the Danish monarchy, and its mandate is unchecked. (See for a chilling self-presentation, including the ominous news that "the new Danish legislation on terrorism expands the scope of the Intelligence Service so that PET's investigations, to a higher degree than previously, may provide the basis of actual criminal cases or other more offensive initiatives." Author's emphasis.) Denmark, in short, is a monarchist police state.
Denmark has been largely a British puppet state over the last two centuries ­ since Lord Nelson burned the Danish fleet in a sneak attack on Copenhagen which put an end to Denmark as an independent power. For the broadest political purposes, provocations coming from Denmark can be thought of as being signed by the warmonger Tony Blair personally. The current Danish pro-Zionist neocon regime is in any case a member of Bush's coalition of the willing engaged in the illegal occupation of Iraq.
The Zionist editor of Jyllands Posten who ordered the publication of the cartoons is the Zionist Flemming Rose, who has extensive connections to Zionist Jewish Daniel Pipes, another neocon madman who runs Campus Watch, a neo-McCarthyite witch-hunting organization which vilifies American professors who criticize Israel or show sympathy for the Palestinians.  

President Bush wanted to name Daniel Pipes to the board of the "US Institute of Peace", a government-funded arm of the State Department which organizes conferences and publishes books. When the raving extremist Zionist Pipes turned out to be too widely discredited to obtain Senate confirmation for this post, Bush forced his nomination through with a summer 2003 recess appointment to a temporary term at USIP without Senate approval.  

Daniel Pipes
is the nepotist son of Richard Pipes, a Sovietologist who was a leading figure in George H.W. Bush's 1976 Team B, the incubator of today's Jewish neocon clique. At the time of his recess appointment, Daniel Pipes was accused by the very moderate "Arab-American Institute of hatred and bigotry" in the context of his "bizarre obsession with all things Arab and Muslim." (  This is the sick, racist point of view embraced by Jyllands Posten.
Flemming Rose provided details of his conversation with Daniel Pipes in a later article. They talked about the need to mobilize Europe for the war of civilizations against the Moslem world.  Rose wrote: "Pipes is surprised that there isn't greater alarm in Europe over the challenge that Islam represents thanks to falling rates of fertility and a weakened sense for its own history and culture." (Flemming Rose, "The Threat from Islamism, Jyllands-Posten, October 29, 2004) The relation of such racist arguments to the Mohammed cartoons provocation should be clear enough.

With these facts, a strong prima facie case for preconcert in the cartoon affair emerges. The convergence of the US-UK nuclear lynch mob's dragging Iran before the United Nations Security Council in a parody of the spring 2003 US-UK proceedings against Iraq, plus the cartoons affair, means that a new general war, perhaps more like the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) than futuristic scenarios of World War III, is now in sight.

The impact of the cartoon affair has been to re-invigorate the already considerable Jewish orchestrated racist and xenophobic forces of European society, making these tendencies pro-Zionist, anti-Islamist and more respectable in parts of the mainstream. For the moment, the pro-Zionist xenophobic reactionaries ­ Euro-traitors in every sense ­ are in power in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and other countries of the old continent. None of these governments would dare resist Israel, Rice or Straw in a war for Israel vote at the UN. Of course, if these regimes decide to play Mussolini to Bush's Hitler and actually send their troops to join the Anglo-Americans in war with Iran, most of them would fall, but that would come too late to avoid the looming general conflagration.
The alleged free speech defended by ranting Zionist hypocrites (including Cheney) thus amounts to the opposite: the defense of a society incessantly manipulated by out-of-control secret Jewish intelligence agencies with the help of the controlled corporate media ­ a martial law society on the road to the endless war desired by the invisible Jewish government and the "neocons". 
Danish embassies have been burned in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. The embassy attacks, plus world-wide threats, protests, and economic boycotts, have gone far to convince European public opinion that the war of civilizations between the west and the Moslem world is indeed inevitable.
In 2003, Germany, France, Belgium, and other European nations rejected the Bush-Blair plan for an illegal aggressive war against Iran.

Since, then, Zionist and (US-UK) intelligence networks have been working to overthrow or subvert the leading European governments.

In Germany, Chancellor Schroeder has been replaced by the very pro-Zionist Mrs. Merkel, a puppet of Israel and of Wall St. and the City of London.  In France, the Chirac presidency, weakened by its own foolish support of last year's European constitution, has been wholly subverted by last fall's "Moslem" riots. The beneficiary has been the Jewish Trojan horse, Sarkozy.  

Chirac has even issued his own nuclear threats against Iran. The days are long gone when Chirac could reject the war of civilizations and be cheered for it by Algerian students, as he was in the spring of 2003.

The one valuable lesson most Europeans had learned from the twentieth century ­ the utter and suicidal futility of war ­ has been called into question by the cartoons affair.


Since last July 2005, the world has known of the order from Dick Cheney to the Pentagon to prepare for the atomic bombing of Iran in the wake of a new 9/11 terrorist atrocity.  

Given Cheney's manifest aggressive intent, it should also be plain that he is not occupying his time doing rain dances in the hopes of conjuring up a new terrorist attack.  

Cheney and his invisible Jewish real government backers in the US-UK rogue network are actively preparing a new 9/11 or Gulf of Tonkin provocation with weapons of mass destruction in order to secure the pretext for their attack.  

Our advice to the world is accordingly:  if mysterious WMD incidents occur anywhere in the world, don't start looking for the swarthy perpetrators sporting turbans in the caves of Pushtunistan. Look instead in Dick Cheney's Jewishisatan´s office.

When might the new hostilities begin? General Sharon, before he was incapacitated, had told the Israeli Defense Force to be ready to strike Iran in March 2006.  

Whenever the attack comes, it is clear that the NATO logistics and manpower infrastructure ­ the German railways, the French air force and navy, the Italian ports and air bases ­ will play a vital role.

Without these, the US could hardly operate in the Middle East at all.

Today, the US Jewish "neocons" may be offering occupation rights in various secondary target countries, like Syria, to tempt countries like France or Italy into joining the war.

1-2-2006, a Home Depot in the Washington DC suburb of Gaithersburg, Maryland was evacuated because of suspicious package emitting a strange smell, which turned out to be a harmless videotape recorder.

3-2-2006, the Rachel Carson Elementary School in the same community, which is part of the region where many federal officials and bureaucrats live and have their families, was evacuated because of another suspicious package which a local official claimed looked like an Improvised Explosive Device or Iraq-style roadside bomb.

It was "something like you might see in a war zone," said the spokesman of the Gaithersburg fire department said to the radio and television that afternoon.

The school is typically attended by the children of federal employees. But the "IED" also turned out to be a big nothing. Early this evening, the Russell Senate Office Building was evacuated because of a nerve gas alert that also proved to be groundless, a complete false alarm.

But a dozen senators had to flee. This escalating pattern of incidents likely to provoke hysteria among US government officials betrays the intent of the invisible government to overload the circuits and facilitate the stampeding of this government into a wider war full of incalculable danger.

Our advice to the Moslem world:  DO NOT FALL FOR PROVOCATIONS. From Count Thurn's 1618 defenestration of Prague to Bismarck's Ems telegram in 1870, big wars have often grown out of staged provocations.  

For years former Prime Minister Dr. Mahatir Mohammed of Malaysia, an astute Moslem observer who knows how the Jewish power work and operate by proxies, has been telling his co-religionists that the greatest vulnerability of the oppressors is located in the weakness of the Jewish US dollar.  

Mahatir's argument has long been that it is time to stop complaining and dump the dollar and boycott all Jewish and Israeli interests.  

The fall of the dollar will entail the fall of the International Monetary Fund and of the Jewish Wolfowitz's World Bank, the greatest engines of global oppression.  

Those who burn the embassies of European countries or attack their citizens risk becoming dupes serving as recruiting sergeants for the NATO armies and air forces that are about to strike Iran, currently the leading Moslem state, plus Syria and others. It is time to break ideological profile, and respond unpredictably on the international monetary front, where the chances for success are the greatest.

In terms of the battle of ideas, the other great task for the Moslem world and for persons of good will everywhere is to contribute to the utmost to the dismantling and discrediting of the ultimate blood libel against Islam, the fantastic Jewish myth surrounding the events of September 11, 2001. The international 9/11 truth movement has shown how rogue networks inside the Pentagon and CIA organized those events. Since the basis of every attack on Islam is 9/11, it is incumbent on Moslems to join in refuting the myth. This will have the additional effect of eroding Bush's Jewish fanatical political base, and preparing his fall. 

I pleaded for a platform of ecumenical and irenic cooperation among the world's great faiths based in the comprehensive scientific, technological, and economic development of all nations. This is the call of Christianity, with its imperative of charity (agape) and faith expressed through good works, as in the second great commandment: love your neighbor. This is the call of the doctrine of social solidarity in Islam. This is the call of Confucian benevolence and the related need for rulers to promote prosperity and education. These are the ideas reflected in similar impulses prominent in Buddhism and other faiths. These are ideas readily accessible to persons of good will whose outlook is purely secular, whatever their political persuasion. Humanity must act now to neutralize war provocations, and thus to prevent the horrors of war itself.

Who Rules Hollywood And TV Today?

Movies And TV Promote Jewish  Propaganda

By Dr. Ed Fields


Note by Radio Islam: The facts on Jewish influence in the text below and how the Jews promote Gentile vs Gentile strife is a correct assertion, although Radio Islam doesn´t talk of "Whites" and so forth as racism (contrary to a sound dose of nationalism) is just part of the Jew´s game - the Jews themselves being the supreme racists on Earth.




The Committee on Un-American Activities investigated communist (Jewish) infiltration of the motion picture industry in 1947. Actor Larry Parks confessed that he had been a  member of a secret Communist Party Cell in Hollywood whose task was to insert Marxist themes into the movies. He revealed that Jewish actor John Garfield was also a member of this cell.   

The studios were forced to "blacklist" Garfield who never appeared in another film. Still the dark forces which control Hollywood also banned Parks. Later the infamous "Hollywood Ten" film writers were sentenced to prison for contempt of Congress. They had refused to answer questions about their pro-communist propaganda work. Nine of the ten were Jews! 

Stars Who Fought Communism 

John Wayne organized a group of Christian actors to fight against the Red stranglehold over Hollywood in support of the House Committee. Wayne formed the "Motion Picture Alliance for The Preservation of Amerlcan Ideals." He was joined by Hedda Hopper and Charles Coburn (who became a leading member of the Mississippi White Citizens Councils). Other members included actors Ward Bond, Robert Taylor and Adolphe Menjou. On the other side, opposing the House Committee and supporting the communist writers were Humphrey Bogart, Clifford Odetts, Lauren Bacall, June Havoc and Danny Kay (all Jews!) Marxism - A Racial Movement "An Empire of Their Own - How The Jews Invented Hollywood"is a book by Neal Cabler available from your hookstore. Gabler tells the story of a group of Jewish refugees who fled Russia when it was under the Christian Czars because they banned such "Jewish business practices" as money-lending at usurious interest rates.   

These "persecuted" Russian Jews included Marcus Loew who founded Loews Pictures, Louis B. Mayer and Samuel Goldwyn started Metro-Goldwyn Mayer (MGM). Barney  Balaban launched Paramount and Harry Cohen formed Columbia Pictures. William Fox started Twentieth Century Fox. The four Jewish brothers, Jack, Samuel, Albert and Harry Warner who departed Poland only six years earlier formed Warner Brothers.   

The Cleveland Plain Denier of April 24, 1988 in an article by Don Robertson described these Russian Jews as: "in the 1930s the Group Theater was based in New York City and was directed by film director Lee Strassberg, playwright Clifford Odetts and actor John Garfield. The Group Theater was an interesting bunch and produced a lot of left-wing plays... At the same time those people were limited by their origins usually urban, Jewish and believers in the Stalinist brand of Communism."

Who Rules Hollywood And TV Today?

How can CBS-TV be totally controlled by the Jew Larry Tisch when it has 24 million shares of common stock-outstanding worth $4.66 billion? The answer is that Tisch and his Loew's Inc. bought 25% of the CBS stock. Often a 10% to 20% stock holding in a large company gives one total control. Tisch has turned CBS into an all-Jewish run firm! He named the Jew Howard Stringer president and Jeff Sagansky entertainment head - he determines what you will view each night on CBS. ABC-TV is headed by Leonard Goldenson with Stu Bloomberg in charge of "entertainment."   

NBC-TV president is Leonard Grossman with Irvin Segelstein as vice-president. In 1980 they named the 31year-old Jew Brandon Tartikoff as "president of entertainment." No wonder the public is spoon-fed nothing but pro-Zionist propaganda - promoting Israel - damning the Germans - attacking Christianity - slandering White southerners and ridiculing anti-Communists? 

Who Controls Hollywood Today? 

The Jewish Post And Opinion of December 6, 1974 states: "Jews dominate Hollywood today as they did in its infancy, The Jewish presence in Hollywood is a historic fact, A majority of the producers and directors are Jewish while the Writers Guild is practically 70% to 100% Jewish!"   

What happens when non-Jews buy a film company? The Jews maintain control because it is "The Deal" in Hollywood which brings in the BIG MONEY! Buying the film story, signing stars to contracts, (who are under Jewish agents) and the distribution of the film to Jewish owned theater chains like Odeon. You had better be in solid with the Jews if you want to make money.  

November 16, 1989, the Japanese Sony Corp. bought Columbia Pictures and Tri-Star films. They immediately agreed to pay the all-time record sum of half-a-billion to two young Jews to run the studios. They are Jon Peters and Peter Guber to whom Sony paid  $200 million for their production company and each received $50 million as a signing bonus plus $2.75 million each for five years!   

Universal Pictures is 100% Jew controlled with Lew Wasserman as chairman of MCA (the parent company). Universal president is Sidney Sheinberg with Thomas Pollack as film head. Their most anti-White movie is "Do The Right Thing" and their most anti-Christian film is "The Last Temptation of Christ."   

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is run by the half-Jew Alan Ladd, Jr. (his mother being the Jewess Sue Carroll). He released the anti-South African film "Cry Freedom." Paramount Pictures president is the Jew Mel Harris with Martin Davis chairman and Deborah Rosen as communications director.   

Fox TV is owned by the Jew Barry Diller which presents "Married-With Children." This is condemned by Rev. Donald Wildmon's American Family Assn. "for portraying explicit sex, profanity and anti-Christian themes."  

The Name Changers 

The Jewish Hollywood moguls long ago decided that it would help them make more money if the general public viewed films as being "Christian." In fact, they personally wanted to blend in with the Gentile community. Thus Samuel Goldfish changed his name to Goldwyn and Cecil B. de Mille insisted that he was a Gentile until his death when a Rabbi officiated at his funeral. Every single one of the original Jewish developers of the movie industry divorced their Jewish wives and married beautiful Christian starlets.   

This includes Louis B. Mayer, Samuel Goldwyn, Jack Warner, David O. Selznick and Harry Cohen. They gave orders to the numerous Jews they made "stars" to change their Jewish names to Christian sounding ones. This has also included a lot of "nosejobs" for both Jewish male and female stars. Here are but a few who followed this road to stardom.

Adopted Christian Name ..........Real Jewish Name

  • Joey Adams .............................. Joseph Abramowitz 
  • Eddie Albert ...............................Eddie Heimberger 
  • Woody Allen.............................. Allen Konigsberg 
  • Lauren Bacall ........................... Joan Perske 
  • Jack Benny ............................... Benny Kubelsky 
  • Milton Berle ............................. Milton Berlinger 
  • Ernest Borgnine .........................Effron Borgnine 
  • George Burns ........................... Nathan Birnbaum 
  • Joan Blondell............................. Rosebud Blustein 
  • Joyce Brothers ..........................Joyce Bauer 
  • Mel Brooks .............................. Melvin Kaminsky 
  • Joey Bishop .............................. Joey Gottlieb 
  • Charles Bronson ....................... Charles Buchinsky 
  • Rona Barrett ..............................Rona Burnstein 
  • Cyd Chrisse ...............................Tula Finklea 
  • Tony Curtis ............................... Bernie Schwartz 
  • (daughter is Jamie Lee Curtis) 
  • Joan Crawford .......................... Lucille Le Sueur 
  • Dyan Cannon ............................ Samile Friesen 
  • Kirk Douglas ............................ Isadore Demsky 
  • (son is Michael Douglas) 
  • Bob Dylan ..................................Robert Zimmerman 
  • Rodney Dangerfield ..................Jacob Cohen 
  • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. ............. Douglas Ullman 
  • Joel Grey .................................. Joel Katz 
  • (father of Jennifer Grey) 
  • Elliott Gould ................................Elliott Goldstein 
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor ............................Sara Gabor 
  • John Garfield ............................. Jules Garfinkle 
  • Judy Garland .............................. Frances Gumm 
  • Paulette Goddard ....................... Paulette Levy 
  • Eydie Gorme............................... Edith Gormezano 
  • Cary Grant .................................. Larry Leach 
  • Lorne Green ................................Chaim Leibowiz 
  • Judy Holliday .............................. Judith Tuvin 
  • Leslie Howard ............................. Leslie Stainer 
  • Buddy Hackett ............................ Leonard Hacker 
  • Jill St. John .................................. Jill Oppenheim 
  • Danny Kaye.................................. David Kominsky 
  • Alan King ..................................... Irwin Kniberg 
  • Larry King......................................Larry Zeiger 
  • Tina Louise.................................... Tina Blacker 
  • Ann Landers...................................Esther Friedman 
  • (Abigail Van Buren is her sister.) 
  • Dorothy Lamour ........................... Dorothy Kaumeyer 
  • Miehael Landon ........................... Mike Orowitz 
  • Steve Lawrence ............................ Sidney Leibowitz 
  • Hal Linden..................................... Hal Lipshitz 
  • Jerry Lewis .................................. Joseph Levitch 
  • Karl Maiden .................................Maiden Sekulovitch 
  • Ethel Merman .............................. Ethel Zimmerman 
  • Jan Murray .................................. Murray Janofsky 
  • Walter Matthau ........................... Walter Matasschanskayasky 
  • Lilly Palmer .................................. Maria Peiser 
  • Jan Pierce..................................... Pincus Perelmuth 
  • Roberta Peters..............................Roberta Peterman 
  • Eleanor Parker............................. Ellen Friedlob 
  • Joan Rlvers ..................................Joan Molinsky 
  • Tony Randall .............................. Sidney Rosenberg 
  • Edward G. Robinson .................. Emanuel Goldenberg 
  • Dinah Shore ................................ Fanny Rose 
  • Shelly Winters ............................ Shirley Schrift 
  • Gene Wilder................................ Jerome Silberman 
  • More Jewish Stars Over Hollywood 

    There are hundreds of other Jews in Hollywood "stardom" - far too numerous to list them all here. However the following are Jews whom many think are Gentiles: Ed Asner, Bea Arthur, Gene Barry, Richard Benjamin, Kevin Costner, Lee J. Cobb, Joan Collins, Richard Dreyfus, Ted Danson, Peter Falk (Columbo), Eddie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Betty Grable, Sharon Gless, Steven Segall, Dustin Hoffman, Monty Hall, Amy Irving, Jack Klugman, Leonard Nimoy, Ken Olin, Ron Perlman, George Segel, William Shatner, Peter Strauss, Rod Steiger, Jane Seymour, Barbara Walters, Debra Winger, and Bruce Willis.   

    The following are half-Jewish, Joan Collins, Goldie Hawn, Paul Newman, Robert DeNiro and Geraldo Rivera.   

    Jews in the music field include, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Tony Martin, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand and Ringo Starr.   

    Here are but a few in the field of"comedy" which is 90% Jewish dominated! Roseanne Barr, David Brenner, Sid Caesar, Richard Dawson, Don Adams, Norm Crosby, George  Jessel, Alan King, Carl Reiner, Don Rickles, Martha Reye, Garry Shandling, Henry Winkler and David Letterman. 

    How The Jews Stole Thomas Edison's Motion Picture Invention 

    Thomas Edison was the greatest inventor who ever lived with over 2,000 inventions patented including the electric light, the phonograph and the motion picture machine.
    In 1903 the four Warner brothers bought a used Edison Kinetoscope projector for $1,000 and repaired it. They began showing what they called the "magic lantern pictures" on the walls in beer halls. 1909 Edison's General Film Co. sued Warner Brothers for violating their copyright to the motion picture machine and forced them to close their company. At that time, the Warners and other Jews were making illegal films in Brooklyn. They fled Edison's private detectives for Los Angeles where lax laws let them steal the film business away from Thomas Edison.   

    Later this same skullduggery occurred once again. Two Christian inventors. Lee De Forrest and Theodore Case, came up with the "talking machine" sound system. The same Jewish producers also stole this invention and the Jew Al Jolson came out with the first "talkie" film - "The Jazz Singer."   

    Propaganda The Goal of Hollywood It is of GREAT interest that Jack Warner's very first feature film in 1918 was a vicious anti-German melodrama called "My Four Years In Germany;", it accused the Germans of all kinds of atrocities which were later proven to be war time propaganda. It seems as though the Jews have ALWAYS harbored a hatred for the German people!  

    Anti-American, Anti-White Movies "Winds of War" and "War and Remembrance" were produced by Universal which lost $20 million yet more anti-German pro-holocaust films are coming. Robert Mitchum. star of the series, told Esquire Magazine that he doesn't even believe in the holocaust story! Facts prove that while 1.3 million Jews may have died of starvation, typhus, etc. not one single Jew was ever gassed. (According to The Leuchter Report!)   

    There have been three versions of "Mississippi Burning" but nothing about the assassination of Jackson, Miss. White Christian school teacher Mrs. Kathy Ainsworth.
    Her murder was financed by $79,000 furnished by New Orleans Jewish Anti- Defamation League head, A. I. Botnik. (According to Los Angeles Times, 2/13/1970). Columinist Pat Buchanan asks "When will Hollywood present a film on the new racism in which primarily black crime holds an entire nation hostage?"  

    Col. Charles Lindbergh. speaking on nationwide radio In 1941 stated: "The Jews greatest danger to this country lies in their large influence and ownership of our motion pictures and the press!"   

    "So Proudly, We Hail" by CBS and Jew director Lionel Chetwynd is a lying and vicious  attack upon Tom Metzger and David Duke!   

    "The Stick Wife" by Universal is about the 1963 Birmingham church bombing starring Jessica Lange playing Bob Chambliss wife. It is a total lie! Your editor covered that trial and Chamhliss was positively innocent.   

    "Glory" by Columbia and written by Lincoln Kirstein has a Negro regiment from Mass. practically winning the Civil War.   

    "Born on The Fourth of July" by Universal damns our Vietnam War Veterans as being guilty of inhuman atrocities while the Viet Cong are presented as absolute innocents.   

    Unending Anti-White Hate Movies Bruce Willis (Jewish) slaughters "German Terrorists" right and left in "Die Hard."   

    Harrison Ford (Jew) burns Germans alive in both "Indiana Jones" movies.   

    "Howard Beach - Making A Case For Murder" is yet another NBC film designed to instill "self-hate" within White people, directed by the Jew Kenneth Kaufman.
    Columnist Pat Buchanan says that 9 out of 10 interracial crimes are committed by blacks against Whites. When will we see this on TV?  

    Singer Paula Abdul has claimed to be Spanish, Puerto Rican and Lebanese. However, the Montreal Gazette, May 8, 1992 states that she is Jewish and her real name is Paula Rykiss from Winnipeg. 


    Propaganda Goals Outlined 

    Our Film Folk, a column by Herbert Luft, appears only in Jewish publications. His description of the 1982 Academy Awards applies to all such events: "Jews award Jews for Jewish theme movies! Reds glorified the Soviet Revolution, Chariots of Fire instilled a guilt feeling in Gentiles for discrimination against Jews. Genocide was best documentary on the German Holocaust of Jews." In the film "Holocaust" both Poles and Ukranians are described as "worse than Nazies." In "The Eye" the French betray the Jews during World War II.   

    In the famous Playboy Magazine interview of Jan. 1979, actor Marlon Brando explains this phenomenon: "You've seen every single race besmirched, but you never saw an unfavorable image of the Kike because the Jews were ever so watchful for that. They never allowed it to be shown on screen!"   

    No film maker dares to be critical of Jews, Israel or Zionism. A Jewish male must be referred to as "a nice Jewish boy," a young girl is an "American Jewish Princess," Jew musicians are always "talented," writers "gifted," painters "sensitive," doctors "brilliant." Jew millionares "philanthropic and visionary." Hollywood Molds Minds   

    Millions of innocent Christian Americans have been victimized by pro-Zionist and pro-Communist film propaganda. They do not realize the Jew "name changers" have used subtle and very sophisticated stories to manipulate the mjnds of our people. No nation can long remain free while such a powerful medium is totally controlled by alien Jews whose loyalty is to Zionism first.  


    Jews on Stage, Screen, Musicians, Artists, Etc.


    Murdoch, Rupert, Media Monopoly Mogul
    Allen, Woody - Comedian, Actor, Director, Producer (real name: Allan Konigsberg)
    Avital, Mili - Israeli actress, U.S. debut: Stargate
    Beck - Musician
    Berlin, Irving - Composer of "White Christmas"
    Biafra, Jello (Singer of American HC punk band Dead Kennedys)
    Bialik, Mayim - Actress (Blossom)
    Borgnine, Ernst (Effron Borgnine) - an actor
    Brooks, Albert - Actor, Director (real name: Albert Einstein)
    Brooks, Mel - Actor, Director, Comedian, Writer
    Bullock, Sandra - actress [Jewish?]
    Cantor, Eddie - Vaudeville Singer, Dancer
    Cass, "Mama" (Liz Cohen) - an actress
    Cherry, Ruben (A man who raised Elvis in public)
    Chessler, Deborah (Shirley Reingold)
    Chomsky, Naom - an American philosopher
    Cohen, Leonard -- Bohemian Song Writer
    Crystal, Billy - Actor, Comedian
    Davis, Jr., Sammy - Black Singer, Actor, Dancer (died)
    DeCarlo, Joe - Comedian
    DeNero, Robert - Actor [Jewish Mother]
    Deutscher, Isaac - an author (biography of "Stalin")
    Dreyfuss, Richard (Oscar Winning Actor)
    Duchovny, David - Co-star of the hit show The X-Files
    Duritz, Adam lead singer/songwriter for Counting Crows
    Dylan, Bob - Musician
    Escher, M. C. - Artist, Explorer of the Infinite
    Feuer, Aaron Neal - wrestler, talmud scholar, debate champ
    Ford, Harrison - Actor (Jewish Mom, see interviews in cosmopolitan/playboy)
    Frankel, Mark - Actor
    Freed, Alan (first radio star in 50´s to play Rock n' Roll)
    Geller, Sarah Michelle - Actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV)
    Geller, Rudy - Magician who Bends Spoons & Levitates Objects
    Gershwin, George - composer (Rhapsody in Blue)
    Goldblum, Jeff - Actor
    Goldwyn, Samuel - Director, Executive at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    Gordon, Tony (Manager UK punk band Sham 69)
    Gere, Richard - Actor
    Gifford, Cathy Lee Epstein - Talk Show Hostess
    Himmelman, Peter - Musician (and son-in-law to B. Dylan)
    Hoffmann, Gaby
    Keitel, Harvey (Actor: Pulp Fiction, The Piano, etc)
    Kirschner, Mia - Actress/Exotica
    Knopfler, Mark - Dire Straits
    Jeremy, Ron - Porn Star
    Joel, Billy - Musician, Winnner of Grammy Awards
    Jolsen, Al - Singer, Mummer, Cantor
    Klein, Calvin - Fashion Designer
    Lee, Michelle - Actress - Knots Landing
    Louis, Julia - Actress
    Marcell, Bibi - Klezmer Singer extraordinaire
    Marley, Bob - Reggae Artist (father was Jewish, mother negro)
    Martins, Luciano Costa - brazilian musician (mother mulatta, father indian/jewish)
    Marx, Groucho - Comedian
    Marx, Harpo - Comedian
    Mayer, Louis B. - Founder & Director at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    Meyers, Ari - Actress / Kate and Allie
    Minelli, Liza - Singer/Actress
    Neuwirth, Bebe - Lilith on Cheers
    Newman, Paul - Actor
    Newton John, Olivia - Australian Pop Singer
    Nimoy, Leonard - Actor (Star Trek's 'Spock')
    Owens, Ronn - San Francisco/Los Angeles Talk Show Host
    Patinkin, Mandy - Actor (Chicago Hope)
    Peck, Gregory - an actor
    Perlman, Itzhak - World-Renowned Violinist
    Portman, Natalie - actress
    Raffi - childrens' entertainer
    Reiser, Paul - Mad About You
    Reudor - Cartoonist,author, creator of comic strip and books featuring The Doodle Family
    Rhodes, Bernie (the first manager of The Clash)
    Richards, Michael - Seinfeld
    Rivera, Geraldo - Talk Show Host
    Roth, David Lee - Van Halen Rocker
    Ryder, Winona - Actress
    Savalas, Telly - an actor (died)
    Sandler, Adam - Comedian
    Schlessinger, Dr. Laura - radio therapist
    Seagal, Steven - action movie star, Under Siege, etc.
    Seinfeld, Jerry - Comedian
    Server, Josh - actor on the show All That
    Seymour, Jane - Actress (father is Jewish)
    Shatner, William - Actor (Star Trek's Captain 'James T. Kirk')
    Shiraz - Israeli supermodel(pic on top model directory)
    Shue, Andrew - Actor (Melrose Place)
    Silver, Josh (keyboard player in goth metal band Type-O-Negative)
    Silverstone, Alicia - Actress, Clueless Star
    Simon, Paul - Musician
    Sioux, Siouxie (female singer of British punk/goth band Siouxie & Banshees)
    Singer, Isaac Bashevis - Writer (Yiddish)
    Slash - Guitarist in Guns and Roses (Saul Hudson)
    Smith, Raphael - Composer and Scriptwriter ('Search for Bokkie Rosenthal')
    Sondheim, Stephen - Broadway lyricist/composer
    Spacek, Sissy - an actress
    Spielberg, Steven - Director
    Sprinkle, Annie - Porn star and performance artist
    Spungen, Nancy (girlfriend of Sex Pistols´s basist Sid Vicious) (died)
    Steinman, Jim - Composer for Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion
    Stern, Howard - king of all media
    Stewart, Jon - Comedian
    Streisand, Barbara - director, singer, producer
    Ustinov, Peter - an actor
    Williams, Robin - Actor (Said he was Jewish on "Oprah")
    Yetnikoff, Walter (ex-manager of Michael Jackson)
    Zuehra Elfassia - Famous Singer - Morocco
    Mel Brooks - Actor, Director, Producer
    Jacob Freedman -- WBZC's Sunday Morning Klezmer DJ
    Iggy Pop, musician
    Julianna Margulies - ER Actress
    Lisa Kudrow - TV Star-Friends
    Geddy Lee --lead singer and bass player of the band Rush
    Lauren Bacall - Actress
    Jeff Chandler - Actor
    Lori Beth Denberg - actress on the show All That
    Harvey Fierstein - actor, writer
    Claude Berri - French film director
    Bruce Boxleitner - actor
    Joey Ramone - Lead singer of the Ramones
    Noah Wyle - actor, E.R
    Ofra Haza - Israeli Singer
    Eddie Vedder - lead voaclist for Pearl Jam
    Ellen Barkin - Actress
    Lisa Bonet - ex-wife of Lenny Kravitz
    Danny Kaye - philanthropist, song-and-dance man
    Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky - real name)
    Lou Reed - Musician
    Paul Stanley - singer/guitarist player for Kiss, real name Stanley Eisen
    Scott Wolf - Party of Five
    Dominika Peczynski - TV star (Dominikas Planet), member of Swedish dance band Army Of Lovers (Crucified, Israelism)
    Henry Winkler - Actor ('The Fonze' on 'Happy Days')
    Bob Hopskins - Roger Rabitt, Cotton Club, ex-kibbutznik
    Fat Mike - Singer, guitarist and songwriter for NOFX
    Pat Benatar - famous singer
    Yasmine Bleeth - actress (father Jewish)
    Alan Rickman - Actor (Sense and Sensibility, Die Hard, Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves)
    David Oistrakh - Violinist
    Gene Wilder - Actor
    Debbie Friedman - songwriter and singer
    Gary Dell'Abate - Howard Stern's Producer (Baba Booey!)
    Brian Austin Green -
    Elizabeth Shue - Karate Kid, Back to the Future II & III, Leaving Las Vegas, The Saint, etc...
    Mordechai Richler - Famous Montreal writer
    Jerry Walker - Disc Jockey, ABC Radio Network
    Shemp Howard (Horowitz) one of the Three Stooges
    Rita Hayworth (Rita Cansino) Source: Debrett's Goes to Hollywood (Cansino family Spanish Sephardim)
    Walter Matthau - Comedian, actor
    Stepfanie Kramer - actress /Hunter
    Uri Geller - Spoon-bending Magician
    Kirk Douglas - Actor
    Jean-Pierre Barda - actor, TV star member of Swedish dance band Army Of Lovers (Crucified, Israelism)
    Elie Weisel - Author and Nobel Laureate
    Pauly Shore - actor
    Rodney Dangerfield - Comedian, Actor, real name Jack Cohen
    Lenny Bruce - comic
    Sarah Jessica Parker - Actress
    Elvis Presley - Jewish maternal grandparent
    (Jerome) Curly Howard (Horowitz) - one of the Stooges
    Dinah Manoff - actress\empty nest
    Mike Diamond - Musician (Beastie Boys)
    Chaim Goldberg - World renowned artist of the Shtetl Culture. see site
    Melanie Chartoff - actress
    Sara Silverman - commedienne
    Sophie Marceau - french actress Braveheart daughter of Marcel
    Howie Mandel - Comedian
    Carrie Fisher - Actress: Star Wars' Princess Leia
    Phil Ochs - Topical Folk Singer of 's
    Howard Ashman - lyricist Little Shop of Horrors, Disney animated features
    Debra Winger - Actress
    Clare Carey - actress, coach
    Kevin Kline - Actor, Best Supporting Oscar in A Fish Called Wanda
    Lenny Kravitz - singer, guitarist
    Harry Houdini - World's Most Famous Magician and Escape Artist
    Neil Diamond - Musician, Singer, Actor
    Morie Amsterdam
    Dustin Hoffman - Actor
    Barry Horowitz: real name, professional wrestler in the WWF & WCW
    Goldberg: name: Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler, WCW Champion
    Raven: name: Scott Levy, professional wrestler, former WCW Champion
    Dean Malenko, professional wrestler, former WCW champion
    Jon Lovitz - Actor, comedian (Saturday Night Live, The Critic)
    Isaac Asimov - world famous sci-fi writer
    Susanna Hoffs - Singer in the Bangles
    DiDi Conn - Actress
    Christine Lakin - Step by Step
    Herman Wouk - Author of War and Rememberance and other great epic novels
    Gilda Radner - Comedian, Saturday Night Live
    Jason Alexander -- Actor (George Castanza on 'Seinfeld')
    Joseph Gordon - Levitt - actor on rd Rock From The Sun
    Bette Midler - Actress/Singer
    Michael Landon - Little House On The Prairie (Eugene Orowitz - real name)
    Al Jolson - Singer, actor
    Paula Prentiss - actress Jewish?
    Robert Redford - Actor. Describes himself as 'half Jewish'.
    Alan Jay Lerner - Lyricist (My Fair Lady)
    Leslie Ann Warren - Actress Jewish?
    Jonathan Silverman - actor/single guy
    Marc Chagall - Painter, visual artist, Other site
    David Harari- Bunghole Extradorinaire
    Boris Karloff
    Gene Simmons - singer/bass player for Kiss Israeli/Turkish, real name Haim Witz (or Gene Klein?)
    Jeremy Priven? - actor on Ellen
    Joan Collins - Actress and Socialite Jewish?
    Jerry Lewis - Comedian, Actor, Director
    Gilbert Gottfried - Comedian
    Jonny Clegg - South african musician Jaluka and Savuka
    Hank Azaria - Cartoon voices in Simpsons and starred in Birdcage
    Gilad Gelfond and David Cygielman- Rappers
    Michael Jackson - ABC Talk Radio Host
    Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. - actor
    Larry Fine - one of the Three Stooges
    David Janssen - actor
    Jakob Dylan - lead singer of The Wallflowers and son of the great Bob Dylan
    Don Diamont - actor Young and Restless
    Irving Berlin -- songwriter & writer of musicals (God Bless America, White Christmas, There's
    No Business Like Show Business)
    Marcel Marceau - Famous French mime
    John Banner - Actor (Schultz from Hogan's Heroes) Jewish?
    Aaron Lebedev - famous Yiddish singer and actor
    George Burns - Comedian, Actor (Real name: nathan birnbaum)
    Randy Newman - Composer performer ('Toy Story' soundtrack)
    Heddy Lamarr- actress, Delilah in Samson and...
    Isaac Stern - Famous Violinist
    Jan Murray - comedian
    David Helfcott - Musican
    Roberta Peters - singer Metropolitan Opera
    Goldie Hawn
    Lawrence Hershon- little in the middle but he got much back
    Allan Sherman - Singer/songwriter, humorist
    Jamie Gertz -- actress
    Harpo Marx - Comedian (Marx Brothers)
    Lorraine Bracco - Actress (Goodfellas)
    Brett Gurewitz - owner of Epitaph records and former guitarist for Bad Religion
    diane venora - chicago hope
    Bruno Walter - German conductor and student of Gustav Mahler. Had to change his name.
    Giselle Fernandez (mother is Jewish)
    Jenna Leigh Green - actress on Sabrina The Teenage Witch
    Robert Goulet-Singer (Real Name: Robert Applebaum)
    Naomi Shemer -- composer to Yerushalayim shel zahav
    Stuttering John Melendezbaum - He looks as good as he talks!
    Jeff Goldman - actor
    katey segal - actress/singer married w/children
    Neil Gaiman - Author (Sandman, Neverwhere)
    Adam Sandler - Comedian/Actor
    Isaac Mizrahi - Fashion Designer
    Brooke Langton - actress (Samantha on Melrose Place)
    Leonard Bernstein -- composer (West Side Story)
    Peter Riegert - actor, Crossing Delancey
    Gina Gershon - actress/Showgirls
    Joel Grey - Broadway Actor (Emcee, Cabaret)
    Joy Division (at least Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner, Ian Curtis?)
    Ed Asner, Mr. Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    Dennis Prager - radio talk host, essayist, moralist
    Jerry Springer - Talk show host
    Kenny G - Musician
    Steve Lawrence - singer, skeptic, husband of Edie Gorme
    Jonathan Taylor Thomas - real name Jonathan Weiss
    Zero Mostel, actor, comedian, painter
    Stephen Schwartz -- lyricist/composer
    Richard Dreyfus - Actor
    Jamie Luner - actress she was on the show Savannah
    Jessica Tandy - actress, Driving Miss Daisy
    Ari Telch, mexican actor
    Joe Cocker - famous singer israeli/german
    Barry Manilow - Musician, Singer
    Beverly Sills - Opera Star(Real name: Beverly Silberman)
    Theodore Bikel - actor / Fiddler on the Roof
    Kathie Lee Gifford - (father was Jewish Epstien)
    Sonia Benezra - Quebecer Talk Show host
    Swoozie Kurtz - actress/Sisters Jewish?
    The Greaseman (Doug Tracht) Nationally known radio shock jock
    Shel Silverstein Children's author
    Sandy Becker - late children's TV show host
    melissa gilbert - actress
    Jeff Beck - Guitarist
    Louise Rainer-fine actress s and s
    Amy Irving - actress
    steven weber - actor (wings)
    Dorothy Lamour - Actress
    Michael T. Weiss - TV actor (The Pretender)
    David Geffen - Dreamworks, Owns Geffen Records ( Israeli )
    Donald Fagen - Steely Dan singer/composer
    Nina Gordon - Musician, Veruca Salt
    Moe Howard - one of the Three Stooges
    Roseanne Barr - Comedian
    Nelly Sachs - poet, Noble prize in literature
    Stanley Kubrick- Director of '' and 'A Clockwork Orange'
    Elliot Gould - Actor from Bay Parkway Brooklyn
    Jeffrey Meyer - Yankee Hero
    Suzanne Pleshette-Costar of The Bob Newhart Show
    Fran Drescher - Actress (from The Nanny)
    Julie Kavner - actress, voice of Marge Simpson
    Effi - Israeli Hot Head ( MTV's Road Rules)
    Joan Rivers - Comedian/writer/jeweler/actress
    Scott Simon - host NPR's Saturday Weekend Edition, broadcast journalist
    Rhea Perlman - Actress
    Mara Wilson - child actress in Miracle on th St, Mrs. Doubtfire
    Jim Bradley - Dog Trainer
    Alan King - CNN king of talk
    Barry Levinson - 'Diner' Director
    Melissa Joan Hart - Mother's father devout orthodox Jew
    Ken Wahl - Wiseguy star Jewish?
    Jerry Herman - Composer of Hello Dolly!
    Larry Adler - world famous harmonica player
    Lorne Green - Bonaza star
    Dan Blocker - actor, Bonanza
    Fred Astaire (Fredrik Austerlitz - real name) Jewish?
    Peter Sellers - Actor, Comedian
    Ron Silver - Actor/Director
    Perry Farrel - ne Bernstein. Musician, Porno for Pyros
    Stan Getz - Jazz Saxophonist
    Roman Polanski - Director
    Super Dave Osborne - Comedian. Real name: Bob Einstein.
    Tom Arnold - actor
    Maury Chaykin - Actor -
    Molly Ringwald - Brat Pack Actress
    Jenna Von Oy -- actress who played six on blossom Jewish?
    Paula Abdul - famous singer (Mother is French canadian Jew)
    Phoebe Snow - Singer
    Lorne Michaels - T.V. Producer (created Saturday Night Live)
    michael mills (born Milstein) - cellist, brain surgeon, comedian, petty bureaucrat
    David Copperfield - Magician
    Lacey Chabert - actress on Party of Five
    Barry Sisters - famous Jewish duet
    Werner Klemperer (Klink on Hogan's Heroes, son of Otto K.)
    Mel Blanc - Best-Known Cartoon Voices
    Monty Hall - game show host
    Soupy Sales - comedian
    Leslie Howard - British actor, in Gone With The Wind, Killed as Pilot in WWII for Britain
    Jo Amar - Famous Singer - Morocco
    Tony Curtis (Bernard Schwartz - real name)
    Pinky Lee (Pincas Levy)--Children Entertainer of the 's
    Marc Bolan (Marc Feld) - UK singer: T. Rex Frontman
    Sally Jessy Raphael-T.V. talk show hostess, (real last name: Lowenthal)
    Marla Sokoloff - actress
    Richard Beymer - 'West Side Story' - actor
    Geena Davis - actress
    Jonathan Larson-composer (Rent)
    Ira Gershwin -- lyricist
    Matt Lauer - NBC Today Show
    Richard Avedon - Photographer
    Brent Spiner - Data character on Star Trek Next Generation
    Zeppo Marx - Comedian (Marx Brothers)
    Matthew Broderick - Actor. Jewish Mom
    Yehudi Menuhin, world class Violonist
    Tim Burton - Brilliant Director
    brian bloom - actor
    Michael Bolton - Singer
    Art Garfunkel - Musician
    Bruce Springsteen - singer/songwriter (Dutch/Jewish) evidence anyone?
    Beatrice Arthur - Actress (Dorothy, Golden Girls)
    Hillel Slovak - Late guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Victor Borge (Borge Rosenbaum) Pianist and Humourist
    Mike Wallace - Television journalist
    joey slotnick - actor/single guy
    Joe T Turri - Famous NY house music producer
    Harry Reems- 'Big' porn star of the 's
    Cindy Margolis- Model and Cyberpinup
    Fyvush Finkel - Actor/Entertainer - Picket Fences
    Jennifer Grey - Actress (Baby, Dirty Dancing)
    justine bateman - actress
    clio goldsmith actress
    Totie Fields - comedienne
    Bernie Bernstein - Musician, Punk Band,'Hector'
    Matityahu Glazerson - Author of Mystical Books/Composer
    Dinah Shore - singer and TV star
    Marat Galperin - athlete, entertainer, and regulator.
    Wolf Blitzer - CNN Journalist
    Peter Lorre - ne Ladislav Loewenstein, Actor
    Ben Stiller - Actor/Director
    craig t. nelson actor-coach
    Yaasha Heifitz - Famous Violinist
    Robby Benson Robert Segal-actor/director
    Giora Fiedman - klezmer musician
    Richard Kaufman (Ricky The K) - Disc Jockey
    Brody Stevens - Comedian and Cable Access TV host in Seattle
    Judd Nelson - Actor, Suddenly Susan, The Breakfast Club
    Tina Louise - Actress (Gilligan's 'Ginger' - origin of the Hebrew word 'Jinji')
    larry david writer-producer
    Keith Moon - The Who ( Reputedly Jewish )
    james spader - actor Jewish?
    Elsa Morante, Italian author
    Barbara Walters - US television broadcaster
    Irwin Chusid- Writer, Record Producer, Radio Personality and Bon Vivant
    donna karan - designer
    Lawrence Harvey - born Skikne - actor
    Judy Kuhn - Broadway Actress (Voice of Pocahontes)
    Danielle Harris - Actress
    sara gilbert actress-roseanne
    patricia wettig - actress-thirtysomething
    Leah Remini - actress , sitcom Fired Up
    Ricki Lake - talk show hostess
    Steven Spielberg - producer, director
    Andrew Norden - Pre-Medical lover of women
    John Garfield - actor
    melanie mayron - thirtysomething
    Pinchas Zuckerman -- violinist
    Garson Gershon Kanin - actor
    Cloris Leachman - actress
    Franz Kafka - author
    Francesca Neville - Shakespearean actress
    Arnold Schoenberg - Composer
    Daniel Jonah Goldhagen - author
    Gary Schandling - Comedian
    Mark Reizen - Great Russian bass, "probably the greatest bass voice Russia ever produced"
    mike ogulnick - one on one sports radio network anchor
    Burt Ward - actor, Robin from Batman Jewish?
    Audrey Landers - actress
    James Concord Douglas
    Estelle Getty - Actress (Sophia, Golden Girls)
    Matthew Kuchta -- first porn star with inch penis
    Harlan Ellison-Science fiction writer
    Morley Safer - Television journalist ( Minutes)
    Jack Carter - Comedy
    Bill Graham - Late rock promoter extrodinaire
    Howie Morris - comedian (Your Show of Shows)
    audrey hepburn
    Sophie Tucker Abuza - performer ''last of the red hot mamas'
    Pee Wee Herman (Paul Rubens)
    Paul Auster - author and poet
    Steven P. Greenberg - songwriter (Funkytown)
    paul michael glazer - actor/director starsky and hutch
    Country Joe McDonald - singer (mother)
    Robert Downey Jr. - Actor Jewish?
    jeffrey archer author
    Neil Simon - Broadway playwright
    Jonathan Mostow - Screenwriter and movie director
    David Harari- Film Maker
    Peggy Lipton - Mod Squad Actress From Lawrence N Y
    Debra Winger actress
    Buddy Hackett - Actor/Comedian
    Mark Dixon - Counts cars in Nissan in Sunderland,UK
    Neil Sedaka - Singer
    Al Cohn - famous saxophone player now deceased
    George Segal - actor
    Arlo Guthrie, Woody Guthrie's son, mother Marjorie was Jewish
    Richard Rogers - Composer
    Carolyn Summerlin-Comic/Concert Pianist
    Amy Brenneman actress
    Joe Dytko--the first founder of the turrles
    Judd Hirsh actor-Taxi
    Stan - South Park (Comedy Central) character (Wed. pm EST)
    Philip Roth - Author
    Jerry Orbach- Briscoe on Law and Order
    Alan Alda - actor Jewish?
    Al Kooper - Founder, Blood Sweat and Tears
    Rodd Keith (real name:Rod Eskelin) song-poem auteur
    Matt Fraiberg - owner Guardian Alarm
    Chico Marx - Comedian (Marx Brothers)
    Chaim Potok - Author
    David Broza --Israeli singer/songwriter
    Mr. Rogers - TV star... plays with little kids
    Are Thue-Jones - Founder of Jew-Tang
    Camille Pisarro - Artist
    Kathy Levine - QVC Hostess
    audrey hepburn actress
    Jessica Savitch - NBC News' Former Golden Girl
    Peter Mark Richman - Actor/writer/artist
    adam arkin actor/chicago hope
    Marilyn Michaels - Impressionist
    Alan Menken -- composer
    george jessel - Toastmanster General
    Dani Behr - S.African/British presenter(Giggs' girl)
    Yasha Heifetz - Violinist
    Lorne Greene - Actor
    Pamela Anderson - Playboy model (born Joan Goldstein)
    Gustav Mahler - Composer
    Phoebe Cates-Costar of Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Real last name: Katz) Jewish?
    Judy Blume - Children's author
    Bronco Billy Anderson-silent film cowboy star
    Richard Benjamin - actor and director
    Charles Bronson - Movie Star
    Joey Bishop - comic
    MCA (Adam Yauch)- Rap musician, Beastie Boys
    Josef Schmidt, Rosa Raisa, Leonard Warren, opera singers
    Norm Crosby- Standup comic
    James Caan - (Actor) Rollerball etc.
    Emma Samms - actress on Dynasty Jewish?
    Louise Wener - Frontwoman Britpop band Sleeper
    Omri Katz - actor
    Richard Lewis - Comedian
    Michael Fishman actor-roseanne
    Barbara Amiel - writer
    Walter Mathau
    - Actor and Comedian
    Norman Greenbaum - 'Spirit in the Sky' musician
    Joanna Going - actress
    Otto Klemperer - Orchestral Conductor
    Randy West - Porno Star
    Ralph Lauren
    Paul Mazursky - Director, beautiful, meaningful films
    Ed Asner - actor
    Mark Knopfler - Dire Straits lead vocal and guitarist
    Richartd Belzer-actor/comedian
    Eddie Cantor - Singer, actor
    max weinberg - drummer, bruce springstein, conan o'brien
    Mike Nichols - Director ( The Graduate, Catch , The Birdcage )
    Patrick Bruel - French Singer
    Yaakov Agam - modern painter/sculptor
    Rowan Atkinson(?)- Comedian (Mr. Bean, Voice of Zazu in Lion King) Jewish?
    Salim Hallali - Famous Singer - Morocco
    Benny Goodman - King of Swing
    danny jacobson writer/producer
    Jean Jacques Goldman, french musician et singer
    Adam Duritz - lead singer of Counting Crows
    Paul Cohen - Quebecer guitarist
    Joan Lunden, real last name Blunden
    saul rubinek actor
    michael wolf musician
    Marty Feldman - actor, comedian
    Dave Ehrman - actor
    ADRIAN KAPLAN - South African actor
    Maurice Schwartz - major figure in Yiddish Theatre
    Corey Feldman - Actor
    Milton Berle - Comedian
    Madeline Kahn - actress (Clue, Nixon)
    Matthew Bratter - Musician, Daisy's Red Gravy Train
    Donna Karan - designer
    Justine Frischman - Frontwoman Britpop band Elastica
    sally field - actress Jewish
    Arthur Fiedler - Former Boston Pops Conductor
    Laurence Tolhurst - Original drummer of The Cure
    Brett Sommers - The Match Game
    Stanley Kubrick-movies director (clockwork orange,the Shining...)
    Richard Tucker - Great hazzan and operatic tenor
    Buddy Rich - worlds greatest drummer
    Richard Simmons- Live-it, health guru
    Aaron Copland - Composer of Appalachin Spring and other great classical music
    George Solti-conductor (Chicago Symphony)
    Maury Yeston- Musical composer of shows like Nine, Phantom and Titanic
    gabriela karteris -
    Irving Layton - Canadian poet
    Gary Lewis - Rock Singer ( Jerry's Son )
    Ernst Lubitsch- Polish film Director of classic To Be Or Not to Be
    Don Adams - agent , Maxwell Smart
    Oscar Levant - pianist
    Arturo Jimenez - Columbian Real Estate Magnate
    Jan Peerce (Pinchus Perlmutter) - great operatic tenor
    Mike Gordan-Bass for Phish
    Joe Elliot- Def Leppard lead singer
    ken olin actor\thirtysomething
    David Horowitz - T.V. Personality
    Phil Glasser- Actor- An American Tail (Fievel)
    Debbie Gibson - Singer Jewish?
    Wallace Shawn- actor (Princess Bride, Toy Story, Clueless)
    Moshe Weinberg (Vainberg) Russian composer and contemporary of Shostakovitch. Relatively
    unknown in USA but popular in Former USSR.
    Simone Signoret - French actress ('Diabolique')
    Clea Lewis - actress/ Audrey on Ellen
    Saul Zaentz - Producer ( One flew over..., Amadeus, The English Patient )
    Rachel Rosenthal - Los Angeles-based performace artist
    Richard Belzer - Comedy
    Will Self - British writer (mother)
    Roger Hannin - French actor
    Fritz Lang - German director of classics as Metropolis and The Vampire of Dusseldorf
    Dr. Laura Schlesinger - Radio host and author
    rena sofer actress
    David 'Dudu' Fisher - Popular Israeli Singer and Cantor
    Vic Tayback-T.V. Costar of Alice
    Daniel Day Lewis, British actor (Jewish mother)
    Graham Gouldman - member of cc, 's pop songwriter
    Dina Meyer - Actress-appears in upcoming film 'Dragonheart'
    Abe Vigoda - Fish From Barney Miller
    Felix Mendelssohn, composer
    Marcel Proust - Second most important writer (after Kafka) this century
    Mark Volman co-founder of the turtles
    Yul Brynner - definitely Jewish screen actor
    arye gross - actor
    Michael Gelman - producer of Regis and Kathie Lee
    Rain Pryor - actress daughter of Richard, mom Jewish
    Howard Kaylan co-founder of the turtles
    David Cronenberg - Canadian director/writer (The Fly)
    David Birney - actor-St. Elswhere Jewish?
    Rina Mor - Messinger - Israeli Miss Universe -
    Randy Spelling - actor son of Aaron Spelling and brother of Tori Spelling
    kim zimmer actresss/guiding light
    Carl Reiner - Comedian
    Mike Bloomfield - Blues Guitarist
    Lee Grant - actress/director
    Sam Wolff - Mayor Elect/Atlanta (Rabbi Cheamcheese)
    Alicia Markova - Ballet dancer (nee Alice Marks).
    S. J. Perelman - Writer - Screenplays for Marx' Comedies: Monkey Business; Horse Feathers, etc
    Yuri Rasovsky - Peabody Award-winning radio dramatist of the s and s.
    Edward G. Robinson-Actor(Realname Emmanuel Goldenberg)
    Anouk Aimee - French actress ('A Man and a Woman')
    Enrico Macias Algerian-French jew Famous?
    Melissa Rosenberg - Joan Rivers' daughter/Host E! Entertaiment
    Jennifer Jason Leigh
    Joely Fisher - actress/Ellen. Half-sister of Carrie.
    Mitul Patel - Jewish/Indian actor
    Adam Yauch - Musician (Beastie Boys)
    Mark Bomer-Jewish Activist and Historian
    Pincas Zuckerman
    Joe Belgrade - stage and screen actor
    Elliot Goldenthal - Movie Composer - Batman and Robin and others
    Kent Brockman - TV anchor on The Simpsons Kenny Brockelstein
    Henri Bergson - noble prize winner (literature)
    Stan Getz - world famous saxophonist
    Jim Shapiro - Musician, Veruca Salt
    Arthur Koestler - author
    Kurt Weil - composer (Three Penny Opera)
    Jennifer Jason Leigh - actress
    Mark Walberg - Game Show Host(The Big Date)
    Al Waxman - actor / Cagney and Lacey
    Max Fleischer - Animation Producer (Betty Boop, Popeye, etc.)
    Julius Lester - author and professor Jewish?
    David Halberstam - Author
    Kirk Douglas, nee Isadore Demsky
    Fritz Reiner, George Szell, conductors
    Joe Besser: one of the three stooges, for a while.
    Ronn Owens -San Francisco/Los Angeles Talk Show Host
    Lorraine Newman - Saturday Night Live
    Aaron Freeman - Chicago radio talkshow host
    Stephen Evans - Writer/Director/Actor
    Helen Hunt (Father Jewish; Mad About You)
    Albert Cohen, French language author
    Josh Niehaus - Musician/entertainer/player
    kinky friedman -country singer and mystery author
    Felix Mendelssohn - composer
    Todd Suchman, Styx drummer
    Laurin Sydney - Showbiz Today CNN
    Michael Kinsley - syndicated columnist
    Robert Merrill - Opera Singer
    Jeff Daniels - actor Jewish?
    Jerry Stiller - Mr. Costanza and Ben's dad
    Helen Shapiro - British singer
    Justine Frischmann - lead singer of well known UK indie band Elastica
    David Steinberg - comedian/director
    Steven Tyler - lead singer in the music group Aerosmith
    Jackie Mason
    Shecky Greene - comic
    Harvey Korman - Comedian, Costar of The Carol Burnett Show
    June Allyson Ella Geisman - actress
    Harrison Ford - one Jewish parent
    Alain Boublil - Lyricist of Miss Saigon
    Sakari Topelius - Old finnish national fairy-teller
    Ringo Starr - Beatles drummer.
    Isaac Mizrachi -- fashion designer
    Jack Klugman - Oscar from The Odd Couple
    Paul McKellar-Nazi Hunter, Nationally recognized lectur on Holocaust events.
    Fanny Brice - comedian
    Doc Severenson - Tonight Show
    Jessica Lundy - actress (Hope and Gloria)
    Alan Wilder - keyboards player of Depeche Mode
    Andrew 'Dice' Clay - Comedian, Actor. Real name is: Andrew Silverberg
    Nina Rodzynek - Musician
    Justin Wilson- Mais, Cher, ANOTHER famous Cajun
    Aaron Rosand, concert violinist
    Jennifer Doctorovich - theater actress in Houston ,Texas
    Jack Spector - Disc Jockey
    Joanna Gleason (daughter of Monty Hall) actress
    Elliot Gould- actor, M.A.S.H.
    Jon Stewart- Hilarious Jew
    Pittsburgh Pete - Radio Actor
    Jerry Bock - Composer( Fiddler On The Roof, She Loves Me plus more)
    john stossel /
    Ross Martin- actor(TV's 'The Wild, Wild West').Real name Martin Rosenblatt.
    Lee Konitz - musician (jazz saxophonist)
    Charles Grodin - actor/writer
    Dan Futterman- Actor (The Birdcage)
    Michael Ovitz - Disney
    Charles Orange - Poet
    Ben Elton - comedian and writer.
    Arthur Schnitzler - Viennese playwright, novelist and doctor
    Leslie Stahl - Sixty Minutes
    Laura Shaff - Bon Vivant, Girl About Town
    Debbie Goad - Writer (Answer Me!)
    Haim Topol - Actor (Fiddler on the Roof)
    Helena Bonham-Carter--her mother is a Rothschild
    Hans Rosenthal -- showmaster
    Don Black - lyricist of Sunset Boulevard
    Laura Bertam, actress on the Disney Channel's 'Ready or Not'
    Sid Ceasar - Your Show Of Shows
    Jamie Lee Curtis (Father is Jewish)
    Robert Clary - Actor (LeBeau from Hogan's Heroes)
    Steven Adler-ex drummer for guns n roses
    Michael Tucker - Actor, LA Law etc.
    Arlene Dahl - Actress
    Linda Rondstat -Singer Jewish grandparents
    Suzy Mamann Greenberg - Producer of Seinfeld and some other NBC shows
    Mick Jones - Musician from the Clash/B.A.D. -- mother Jewish
    Rick London (London's Times Cartoon in Mississippi
    Sid Caesar - comedian
    Steve Guttenberg - Actor
    Jay Diamond - Radio Talk Show Host (used to be on WABC)
    Lorenzo Lamas - Actor ( Jewish Mom )
    Hy Berkawitz - Owner of Rogers in Grand Rapids MI
    Bruno Schulz- writer
    Adam Faith - British singer
    Christopher Lambert - actor (father)
    Jackie Kallen - manager of James Toney
    Barbara Hershey (Herzstein)- actress- one-time hippie/flower child, now likes her lips to be big!
    Sasha Mitchell - Actor (Step by Step, Kickboxer )
    Sam Levinson - humorist/TV panelist
    Ann B. Davis - Actress (Alice in The Brady Bunch)
    paula zahn - broadcast journalist cbs
    Ramblin' Jack Elliot-folk singer/guitar player
    Wendy Mallick - actress ( mostly sitcoms)
    Carnie Wilson - former singer (wilson phillips), former talk show host, and daughter of beach boy
    brian wilson (mother marilyn rovell is Jewish)
    Arnold Stang - Film Actor
    chevy chase -actor comedian
    Carly Simon - Singer
    Jackie Mason - Comedian
    Martin and Charlie Sheen
    Ken Berry-T.V. star-Mayberry R.F.D., F Troop
    Rob Reiner - Comedian and Movie Director
    Totie Fields - Comedienne
    Steve Levy -- (ESPN-Sportscenter)
    Pope John Paul II -He's the spitting image of my Galitzyaner grandfather
    Richard Salwitz - aka Magic Dick, Musician J Geils
    Milton Berle - comedian
    Chuck Barris - Creator Of The Dating Game
    Ian Ziering - actor,
    Gene Barry - starred on TV Bat Masterson
    Adam Rich - Eight Is Enough
    jane kaczmarek actress
    Linda (Epstein) Eastman - Paul Macartney's wife
    Rona Barret ( Bernstein ) - Gossip Reporter
    paul shaffer musician-letterman show
    Red Aaron Buttons - comic
    Ivan Reitman - Canadian director - meatballs
    Tori Spelling - Donna in Beverly Hills
    Shelley Berman - comedian
    Yves Montand - real name Ivo Livi, famous french singer
    Florence Henderson - Brady Bunch, singer
    Lyle Waggoner-Comedian and former costar of The Carol Burnett Show
    Allen Funt - Host of 'Candid Camera'
    Woody Strode - black man from spartacus
    Alfons Halim -- yeah... this one is surely Jewish.
    Jeff Chandler -- 's movie star
    Tony Kushner- Playwright (Angels in America)
    Stephanie Powers - Actress
    Buzz Aldrin - former US astronaut
    Samy Elmaghribi - Famous Singer - Morocco
    Art Buchwald - author and columnist
    Jonathan Brandis - actor
    William Goldman - screenwriter (The Princess Bride)
    Walter Lippman - journalist/ founded the New Republic
    Josef Szigeti, violinist
    Rob Cohen, Director Horror Films
    David Helfgott - Brilliant Australian pianist
    Jerry Seinfeld -- comedian, tv star
    Haim Topol - actour
    Dani from Cradle Of Filth (Mother is Ethiopian,Father is Jewish)
    Andrew Mark Berman - Actor that was on The Wonder Years and other shows
    max weinberg - drummer for bruce springstein, conan o'brien
    Lawrence Harvey - Famous actor
    Michael Berrin - M.C. Search formally of rd Bass
    Arlene Sorkin - Caliope Jones On Days Of Our Lives
    Gene Wilder, actor, Silver Streak, Gilda Radner's husband
    David Schwimmer - Actor (Ross on 'Friends')
    King Diamond - american singer (Mercyful Fate)
    Herschel Savage - Porn Star
    Julie Kanver- voice of Marge Simpson
    Jenna Jameson - porn star/mother teresa protege/wife of SQS
    Shelley Winters Shirley Schrift - actress
    Tony Randall (Leonard Rosenberg - real name)
    Jerry Orbach-actor
    sylvia sydney - actress
    Jay Black - Jay And The Americans
    Samuel Avital - Founder, Boulder Mime Theatre
    Dustin Diamond - screech from saved by the bell
    Mircea Crisan (Kraus?) romanian entertainer
    Paulette Goddard - famous movie actress of the past
    Trevor Rabin - Yes
    David Gahan - Lead for Depeche Mode
    Sydney Rome- Famous Actress
    Arnold Schoenberg, famous composer
    Josef Von Sternberg - Actor/Director
    Robert Clary - actor (Hogan's Heros)
    Joel and Ethan Coen - producer, director, writers (Raising Arizona)
    fred savage actor-wonder years
    Jackie Vernon- comedian
    Liv Tyler - actress daughter of Steven Tyler
    Mitzi Gaynor - Actress, Dancer, Singer
    Neriah Davis- porn star
    Mark Feuerstein - actor (comedy Fired Up)
    Courtney Love - America's sweetheart
    Mickey Hart - Drummer for Grateful Dead (also Mystery Box)
    Bess Myerson - first Jewish Miss America
    Carole King - nee Klein. Songwriter
    Herschel Bernardi - actor
    Moe Kauffman - Canadian jazz great
    Michele Landsberg - newspaper columnist and Jewish Womens' activist
    tony goldwyn - actorghost
    Melissa Manchester - Singer
    Shlomo Mintz - violinist
    Mark Moran - Talk Show Host
    Shaun Weiss - Kid Actor(Heavyweights,Mighty Ducks +)
    Ross Gelman-actor,comedian,adult entertainer
    Vladimir Horowitz - Pianist
    Ron Leavitt - Married With Children Creator/Producer
    Jason Marsden - actor
    Jack Gilford - Comedian/Actor
    Serge Koussevitzky - conductor
    dianne weist actress
    Michel Berger, french composer and singer (tycoon)
    Barry Sonnenfeld - director Get Shorty, Addams Family
    Ron Rifkin - actor
    Sheldon Harnick - Lyricist (Fiddler On the Roof, She Loves Me plus more)
    Lee Zurik (CBS Sports Anchor)
    Mr. G - WPIX New York weatherman
    Selma Diamond - late gravelly voiced actress from Night Court
    Polly Draper - actress (Thirtysomething) Jewish?
    Dorothy Rothschild Parker - author and Algonquin wit
    Joshua Redman - saxaphonist, Jewish mom
    Malcolm McLaren--manager/impresario of the Sex Pistols
    Allen Garfield (Goorwitz) - actor
    Zohra Lampert - actress
    Peter Wolf - Musician
    David Susskind - producer
    Dan Greenburg - author ('How to be a Jewish Mother')
    Sheldon Leonard - late actor/producer
    michael lembeck - actor/director
    Sonny Fox - children's TV producer/host
    Stuart Pankin - former host of HBO *Not Necessarily the News
    Bruno Bauer - conductor
    Sherwood Schwartz - Creator Of Gilligans Isle
    Renee Taylor - Actress (The Nanny) Jewish?
    Paul Muni - Actor(Realname Muni Weisenfreund)
    Shalom Aleichem-Yiddish Writer
    Emma Lazarus - poet ('Give me your tired, your poor,..' from the Statue of Liberty)
    Jonathon Lipnicki - child actor/ Jerry Maguire
    Alan Gratzer and Kevin Cronin-musician of REO Speedwagon
    Doug Feiger - Musician, The Knack
    John Leguizamo-Colombian actor/comedian (Jewish?)
    Menahem Golan - Israeli producer/director
    Phobe Levy Pember --Confederate Civil War Heroine
    Gregg Woodman - The Sidewinder
    Jean-Luc Godard- filmmaker
    Rick Moranis actor
    kim greist - actress: chicago hope/homeward bound
    Anthony Newley - singer/composer/actor
    Kitty Carlisle-panelist on What's My Line (real last name: Conn)
    Claude Rains - Actor (Casablanca)
    David Mamet - director-writer (The Verdict, Hoffa)
    Allen Ginsberg-all time greatest American poet
    Artur Rubenstein - piano virtuoso
    Andy Kaufmann - taxi-comic
    Dina Sfat, Brazilian actress
    William Daniels - actor St. Elswhere
    Jerry Ohrbach - Actor
    David Milch - Co-producer/writer of NYPD Blue
    Bill Pullman - actor Jewish?
    Yaphet Kotto - famous actor
    Adam Horowitz - Musician (Beastie Boys)
    Amos Elon - Israeli writer and journalist
    Lisa Edelstein - actress/Relativity
    Boris Pasternak - Russian writer
    Camryn Manheim - actress (The Practice)
    Rick Rubin - Record producer/Def jam co-founder
    Andy Ackerman - producer/director (Cheers, Frasier, Seinfeld)
    Eddie Fisher - Singer
    Georges Bizet-composer of Carmen, Symphony in C
    Clifford Odetts-playwright (Golden Boy)
    Michael Rappaport - actor
    Eugene Ormandy- conductor (purveyor of the Philadelphia sound)
    Rob Schneider - actor/comedian
    Roy Lichtenstein- painter
    Artur Rubinstein- pianist
    John Rubinstein- actor (Family; son of Artur)
    Jessica Walter- actress
    J.D. Salinger- author (Catcher in the Rye)
    F. Murray Abraham- actor (Amadeus)
    Sam Jaffe- actor (Ben Casey)
    Norman Lear - All In The Family Creator
    Marvin Hamlisch - composer of A Chorus Line
    EdIsaiah Wynn - actor
    Peter Green - Blues guitarist, founder of Fleetwood Mac
    Gummo Marx - Comedian (Marx Brothers)
    Marianne Faithful - singer, girlfriend of Mick Jagger
    Steven Lovy - writer/director of Circuitry Man
    Richard Dix - famous movie actor of the twenties and thirties
    Mickey Cohen - Gangster
    Florenz Ziegfeld - theatrical producer
    dan lauria - actor/wonder years
    Carl Bernstein - author and journalist
    richard masur - actor
    Don Rickles - Comedian
    joseph papp public theatre
    Harold Prince - Broadway Director (Phantom Of The Opera, Cabaret, and many more)
    Benjamin Mor - Benyad from the rap group Blood of Avraham
    D. Saevitz - Mazik from the fap group Blood of Avraham
    Max Aranoff (sp?), violist of the Curtis String Quartet
    Goldie Hawn - Actress
    Primo Levi - Writer(Holocaust Survivor)
    Adam Goldberg - actor (TV-Relativity, Movies-Higher Learningunfortunetlyand The Prophecy)
    Shimi Tavori - Outstanding Israeli Singer and Performer
    Stephen R. Kuntz - famous attorney at law
    Karl Haas-pianist, conductor, acclaimed host of Adventures in Music
    Polly Bergen - Actress
    hal linden hal lipshitz actor
    Arthur Miller - Writer (Death of a Salesman)
    Beverly Sills--opera singer and director
    Al Jolson--singer and actor
    Daniel Stern - Actor
    Carly Simons -singer
    Fredrick Loewe - Composer( Camelot, Gigi, My Fair Lady, Brigadoon)
    John Rubenstein - actor
    Tom Bosley - Mr. C. on Happy Days Jewish?
    Roberta Peters -- Opera Singer
    John Garfield -- 's movie star
    Mark Banks - South African comedian
    Susan Strasberg, daughter of Lee, stage and screen actress
    Betty Friedan - author/ feminist
    Stanley Drucker World-ranked clarinetist, NY Philharmonic Orchestra since
    Deborah Raffin - Actress
    Kevin Pollack - actor
    Theda Bara - Silent Actress, original 'vamp'
    Natalio Finkelstein - famous violinist in tango orchestras- Argentina
    Norman Corwin - pionerr writer, producer, director of American radio drama
    Paul Rubin - Comedian and...
    Alan Rachins - LA Law
    Fania Fenelon -- singer, author, Holocaust survivor;*Playing for Time* is her autobiography
    Max Weinberg - drummer
    Lee Strassberg - Actor
    Larry Storch - F Troop Actor
    Jeannie Becker - Fashion Television
    Phil Silvers - Sgt. Bilko
    Kenny G - World renowned Musician(sax)
    Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskin - musicians from Bauhaus, British goth band
    Billy Wilder - Director (Sunset Boulevard- the movie)
    Josh Niehaus - Musician/Entertainer
    Yaki Margulies - Well known artist in sea-town
    Pierre Monteux - Orchestral Conductor
    Mel Tilles - Country and Western singer
    Rita Rudner - commedienne
    Faye Kellerman - author,wife of jonathan
    Herb Edelman - Police Chief on 'Murder She Wrote'
    Chip Zien - Broadway actor (Falsettos, Into The Woods)
    Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor
    Bruce Adler - singer, dancer, comedian
    Yascha Heifetz - violinist
    Abigail Van Buren - dear abby
    Peter Falk - actor (TV's 'Columbo')
    Robert 'Mutt' Lange- owner Flood/Mute records (Depeche Mode)
    Martin Gore- songwriter (Depeche Mode)
    Stacy Earl- singer
    Josh Meisels -- marathon runner
    Bill Maher - comedian
    maeve kinkead actress-guiding light
    Jule Styne - composer of Gypsy
    Yarema Hutsaliuk - famous American/French writer
    Louie Nye (Neistat) - comedian
    david mamet- pulitzer winning playwright
    Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby)-advice columnist
    Ralph Bakshi- cartoon director (Fritz the Cat, Cool World)
    Lindsey Crouse - actress (Daniel)
    Judy Cavitez-actress
    Greg Hetson - guitarist for Bad Religion and the Circle Jerks
    Jerome Kern - composer of Show Boat
    Matt Groening - Creator of the Simpsons
    ben savage actor
    Robert Lansing - Actor
    Claude - Michel Schonberg- composer of Les Mis
    Sidney Lumet - Film Director
    DENISE KATRINA SMITH(aka Vanity) -mother is jewish
    Mark Rothko - Abstract Expressionist Painter
    Jane Wiedland - Member of the Go-Gos.
    Al Cooper - Musician
    roxanne hart actress-chicago hope
    Rod Serling - Twilight Zone Creator Jewish?
    Ethel Merman - ethel zimmerman performer
    Herb Alpert - musician and mogul (Russian Jewish)
    Abe Vigoda -- Fish on Barney Miller
    Sue Mengers - Agent
    David Brenner Comedian
    Edward G. Robinson - actor
    Paul Muni - Actor ('Louis Pasteur', 'Fugitive from a Chain Gang')
    Boris Thomashevsky - Actor (Yiddish theater)
    Walter Mosley Writer (mother is Jewish)
    Dictators-'s NYC punk rock pioneers-Handsome Dick Manintoba (Richard Blum) Andy Shernoff
    Ross (The Boss) Friedman Scott(Top Ten) Kempner Richie Teeter
    Ted Koppel - television newscaster (ABC Niteline)
    Goldy Hawn - actress, First Wives Club
    Zachary Hines - son of Gregory and Jewish wife
    Adam Sandler - Comedian, songwriter
    Erynn Hubbard - actress/comedian
    Dr. Ruth - Famous Sex Therapist
    Alexander Kipnis - Opera Singer
    Emanuel List - Opera Singer
    Marie Rappold - Opera Singer
    Barbra Streisand - actress, singer
    Rita Shane, Norman Mittelmann, Met opera
    Jerome Kern, Frank Loesser, Bway composers
    Gregor Piatigorsky, Emanuel Feuermann, cellists
    Josef Szigeti, Mischa Elman, violinists
    Thomas Shlamme - director
    Franz Kafka
    Joel Grey, actor
    Georgia Brown, actress
    Judy Holliday, actress
    nora ephron - writer/director
    Morris Carnovsky, actor
    Goddard Lieberson, President of Columbia Records
    Adolph Green, lyricist
    Bonnie Franklin - Actress
    Moira Shearer - famous actress now deceased
    Chaim Topol - singer and actor
    Robbie Kreieger - Doors guitarist
    Bruce 'Cousin Brucie' Morrow - great 's+'s NYC disc jockey
    Richard Hell - punk rocker-Television Heartbreakers Voidoids
    Jonathan Silverman - Actor
    Mike Diamond - (Mike D.) band member of Beastie Boys
    Adam yauch - (MCA) band member of Beastie Boys
    Adam Horowitz - (Adrock) band member of Beastie Boys
    Amos Oz - Israeli writer philosopher
    Silvio Santos - Brazilian humorist
    Leo Genn-Famous British actor(Quo Vadis)
    Duncan Renaldo - Tv's Cisco Kid (born in Roumania)
    Efrem Zimbalist Sr. - World-class violinist
    Ricardo Cortez - Film actor (born Jacob Krantz)
    Francesca Annis - British actress
    Douglas Fairbanks Sr. - Silents star (real name Ulman)
    Stuart Whitman- Film actor
    Larry Gelbart - Mash producer
    Jack Benny, comedian
    Alan Klein - briefly manager of both The Beatles and The Stones
    Joel Siegel - film critic ABC
    Bernard Kalb - CNN Host of 'Reliable Sources'
    Hart Bochner actor-director
    Armin Shimerman- 'Quark' on Deep Space Nine
    Jonathan Larson - composer of the musical RENT
    Matt Groening - Genius Creator of The Simpsons
    Gary David Goldberg - producer
    Barbara Walters - Journalist
    Shalom Harlow - model need confirmation of being Jewish?
    Frank Hope- From Oddville he is the host on the show.
    Joseph Brodsky - Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature,
    Natasha Lyonne- jewish actress
    Claire Bloom - Actress
    Sydney Pollack - Director/Producer
    Katrina Neville- soprano- star of Penn State Opera Theatre
    Patricia Richardson actress/home improvement
    Henry Jaglom - Director of off-beat films
    Amy Heckerling - director-writer (Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Arthur Rubinstein - Pianist
    Sarah Berhardt - famous French actress-early 's
    Jason Bateman - actor
    Isaac Babel - Writer
    Nathanael West (Nathan Weinstein) - Writer - Miss Lonelyhearts; The Day of the Locust,
    Shari Lewis - Children's Entertainer
    All the members of The J.Geils Band except for J.Geils
    Lisa Loeb - Singer with band Nine Stories (spelling?)
    David Schwimmer
    - n Friends
    Jessica Hecht actress-single guy
    Bert Bachrach - popular American composer
    Aaron Abel-singer
    Serge Gainsbourg
    - French comoser and singer
    Larisa Oleynik - Secret World of Alex Mack
    Gertrude Berg - actress (TV's 'The Goldbergs')
    Oscar Hammerstein - deceased composer of Broadway musicals
    Gene Siskel - film critic (Siskel and Ebert)
    Arthur Hiller (director of Love Story)
    David Notowitz - Film producer, writer, editor
    paul kossoff, guitarist english group free
    Barbara Bach - Ringo's Wife Jewish Father
    Syl Sylvain - Member of New York Dolls
    Shmuel Yosef Agnon - Writer, Nobel Prize Winner
    Judy Landers - actress
    Linda Lavin - TV Show Alice
    Alan Arkin actor - father of adam
    Elmer Bernstein - musician (composer/conductor)
    Daniel Benzali - Actor (The Series: Murder One)
    Jill Clayburgh-Actress (An Unmarried Woman, Silver Streak)
    Brett 'Da Hit Man' Moses - Proprietor of Atlanta's Tattletales
    Rod Steiger - actor (Oscar Winner) Jewish?
    Wendy Liebman - commedienne
    mel baron -- hero in WW
    Estelle Harris - Yiddish actress plays George's Mom on Seinfeld
    Larry Floyd Matthews - Country singer/accordianist
    Norm Crosby - comedian
    Beck - musician
    Lena Brenner-story teller
    Bill Dana - comedian
    Al Levine -- WBLI/NY DJ JEWISH?
    Manfred Mann - musician
    The King Ad Rock (Adam Horovitz)- rap musician, Beastie Boys
    Harry James - bandleader (husband of Betty Grable)
    Dave Katz - Lead singer of Ekoositk Hookah
    Tristan Tzara ( real name Sami Rosenstein ) - French poet (-); begginer of the Dadaist Movement
    of arts.
    Al Lewis - TV Show The Munsters
    António José da Silva, o Judeu - Portuguese playwriter, his work is the most important collection of portuguese dramatic theatre of XVIIIth cent. Killed by the Inquisition.
    Harold Pinter -- English actor and playwriter; founder of the 'absurd theatre'.
    Kim Iglinski - Israeli top-model, discovered in Paris with y/o.
    H. Leivick -- Russian poet: 'The Golem'
    Steve Lawrence -- popular singer-real name Sidney Liebowitz
    Mitterrande Stein french actor
    Michel Boujenah - famous french actor
    Arthur Hiller - director (silver streak et. al. )
    Louise Lasser - Mary Hartman
    Eric Johnson -- solo artist (guitarist)
    Gabriel Kaplan - Comic/welcome back kotter
    Henny Youngman - Comedian
    Malcolm Gets - actor (Richard on Caroline in the City)
    Earl Pomerantz
    - executive producer for the Larry Sander's Show, Major Dad, (the old) Cosby Show
    Carol Connors - Wrote theme song for Rocky
    Alexey Sayle - Comedian
    Jean Claude Van Damme Mother is Jewish
    Susan St. James - Actress
    Mick Green - Rock guitarist with the Pirates (was Johnny Kidd and the Pirates)
    Greg Wise - actor
    Max Miller - English music hall comedian.
    Bud Flanagan - English music hall star.
    Ruby Wax - comedienne.
    Gustav Mahler - composer.
    Mendel Feibush - famous Yiddish character actor
    Jack Rosenthal - playwrite
    Horst Buchholst - actor (one of the Magnificent Seven).
    Maureen Lipman - comic actress.
    Brian Epstein - impresario (Beatles manager).
    Harry Rabinowitz - conductor.
    Alfie Bass - comic actor.
    Warren Mitchell - actor.
    Frankie Vaughan - singer.
    Anthony Sher - actor.
    Bob Monkhouse - comedian.
    Leslie Howard – actor
    Leslie Gore – singer
    Ronald Harwood - Born in South Africa as Horwitz( playwright)
    Harry James - bandleader
    Melvyn Douglas - actor
    David Helfcott - classical pianist/child prodigy
    Artie Shaw - bandleader
    Bob Hoskins - Oscar winning actor : got an Oscar for 'Mona Lisa'.
    Alma Cogan - singer
    Taylor Dayne - Singer
    Donald Weilerstein, former first violinist of Cleveland String Quartert
    Norman Corwin - American radio dramatist
    Viola Spolins - inventor of theater games
    Paul Sills - founding director of Second City
    Bernie Sahlins - founding producer of Second City
    Wayne and Shuster - comedians
    Ritz Brothers - comedians
    Tony Martin - singer
    Marty Balin - singer, Jefferson Airplane (father)
    Gwyneth Paltrow - Movie Star (Emma,Seven)(father is Jewish)
    Marlee Matlin - Deaf actress-Picket Fences
    Saul Bellow - Novelist
    Janet Leigh-Movie Star (Psycho,Bye Bye Birdie), mother of Jamie Lee Curtis Jewish?
    Sarah Bernhardt - actress
    Robbie Robertson - singer, The Band (father)
    Vic Morrow - actor
    Calvin Trillin - writer
    Grace Lee Whitney - actress who portrayed Yeoman Rand on 'Star Trek' -
    Nichols and May - comedians
    Smith and Dale - comedians
    Rachel Lipman - Emmy winning tv writer ('Rugrats','Hey Arnold',...)
    Rob Morrow - actor
    Peter Bogdanovich - director
    Maury Povich - Talk show host
    Alan Rosenberg - Actor in LA Law and Cybill
    Claude Lelouch - French film director
    Bert Lahr - comedian
    Freddie Prinz - comedian (mother)
    Carl Reiner - comedian
    Laura Nyro - singer
    Molly Picon - actress
    eugene levy actor/sctv
    Fred Levine--Psychologist
    Mary Livingstone - comedian
    Mel Blanc - cartoon voice
    Marlee Matlin - actress-picket fences
    Helen Reddy - singer (converted)
    Anne Revere - actress
    Lilli Palmer - actress
    John Forsythe (John Freund) Actor
    Bob Saget - Comedian, Host of America's Funniest Home Videos
    Kate Capshaw - actress
    Joan Micklin Silver - director, writer (Hester Street, Crossing Delancey)
    Steve Goodman - singer
    Michael Douglas (Kirk's son) Actor
    Ezequiel Antar
    Sonia Benezra- french talk show host in montreal
    Jason Hervey - costar of the wonder years
    Victor Borge - comedian
    Susan Cabot - actress
    Carmel Myers - actress
    Leo Gorcey - actor
    Billy Halop - actor
    Ben Harris - Scholar Extraordinaire
    Michael Krugman - author of Generation Ecch
    Adam Wyle - actor-picket fences
    Donne Pescow - Angie T V Show
    Bruce Morrow (Cousin Brucie) - Disc Jockey
    Jerome Robbins - choreographer, director
    Albert Suissa - Famous Singer - Morocco
    Jules Dassin - film director
    Michael Stoyanov - actor he played Tony Ruso on the show Blossom
    Murray Kaufman (Murray The K, The Fifth Beatle) - Disc Jockey, WINS
    Aaron Spelling - famous TV producer/ daughter Tori on
    Barbara Sokol - Grease
    Jerzy Kosinski - Novelist
    John Byrne (born Bronowski) - wanker
    Tony Cowley (born Kaulish) - also a wanker
    Barry Miller - Saturday Night Fever
    Yaphet Kotto - capt. g on HOMICIDE
    Chris Isaac - Musician, mother is Jewish
    Bob Vila - Home-improvement Giant
    Harry Ellis Dickson - Former Boston Pops Conductor
    Juan Valdez - Columbian coffee guy (born John Feldenstein)
    Carol Kane - Actress
    Joel Silver - Producer ( Die Hard I,II,III etc. )
    Mort Sahl - Comedy
    Emil Gilels - Concert Pianist
    Jeannie Berlin - Actress
    Tony Parisi --  ...of the Village People (cowboy)
    Seth Polzer -- famous shepherd from Isreal
    Martin Landau - actor
    Brad Ray -- famous pin-up boy and rap star
    Justin Miller -- first male to receive breast implant
    Paul Whiteman, Early big jazz band conductor
    Richard Starkey - Ringo Starr - Former Beatle
    Bugsy Siegal - gangster
    The Beastie Boys - rap group, all Jewish
    Jonathon Wolfe - musician
    Michael Buchmann Silver-actor (DA on NYPD Blue)
    Israel Horowitz - Playwright
    Jennifer Rubin - actress/Screamers
    Kirka Babitzin - Finnish singer
    Rachel Miner - actress/Guiding Light and is also in the Anne Frank play
    Pat Nash - real name-Jacob Goldberg -- Famous Israeli Singer and Cantor --- Yiddish writer/actor
    (Three Penny Opera)
    Mark Moses - actor/single guy
    Marilyn Bergman - Songwriter
    Mel Torme - singer, actor, songwriter (The Christmas Song)
    Maxim Gorgi - Russian writer
    Jaime Alissa Yoss - Gymnast extrordinaire, Indy car driver
    Martin Mull - Comedy
    LEIBER and STOLLER - composers, producers, writers, HOUND DOG, STAND BY ME, JAILHOUSE ROCK)
    Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman - Guitarists for Slayer
    Cass Elliot (Elizabeth Cohen) singer of the mammas and the papas
    Bob Rivers-Morning Radio host
    Josh Mostel - actor-son of zero mostel
    Phyllis Newman - Actress
    Sandra Bernhard - Comedian, Actress
    Carol Leiffer - commedienne,writer/Seinfeld
    John Taylor - Bass of Duran Duran Jewish?
    James L Brooks - Producer
    Anton LaVey-Founder of The Church Of Satan (real name is Howard Levey)
    Marilyn Manson-Teenie bopper pop star (Warner is real name)
    Edward G Robinson tough guy actor deceased
    Tracy Pollan - Actress, wife of Michael J Fox
    Shlomo (sp?) Mintz, concert violinist
    Jonathan Kellerman - best selling author
    Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons-Musicians for rock band KISS
    Mike Stern - Jazz guitarist
    Jackie Mason - ordained Rabbi and Comedian
    Jonathan Taylor Thomas- Home Improvement
    Adam Arkin- actor
    Leon Askin - actor, director (General Burkhalter in Hogan's Heroes)
    Paul Shaffer - CBS ORCHESTRA , LATE SHOW
    Piper Laurie Rosetta Jacobs - actress
    Sidney Sheldon - best selling author
    Barbara Walters-(Baba Wawa)-ABC TV interviewer
    Dyan Cannon-actress currently on Ally McBeal
    George Gershwin -- composer
    Barry Horowitz
    -- Pro Wrestler
    Randy 'Macho Man' Savage
    -- Pro Wrestler
    Fred Savage - Young actor from Wonder Years
    Maya Plisetskaya - Russian balet dancer
    Missy Yager - is currently in the Anne Frank play on broadway
    Natanya Ross - Actress 'Secret World Of Alex Mack'
    Meredith Bishop - Actress 'Secret World Of Alex Mack'
    Marion Ross - Actress 'Brooklyn Bridge' and 'Happy Days'
    Steve Reich, American composer of minimalist music
    Alana Ubach - Actress 'Brady Bunch movie' and 'Airborne'
    Philip Glass, American composer of minimalist music
    Michael Tilson-Thomas, Conductor classical music , grandson of Tomashefsky, Yiddish actor
    Andre Previn, former jazz pianist, now classical conductor
    Juice Newton - Country/pop singer-Queen of Hearts (real last name:Cohen)
    Harold Pinter, British playwrite
    Sir Gorge Solti, Conductor - especially opera
    Ronnie Scott, British jazz saxophonist, founder of Ronnie Scott's Club
    Daniel Barenboim, Conductor and pianist
    Hermione Gingold, Actress - parents married by British Chief Rabbi !
    Warren Mitchell, British actor - especially TV.
    James Levine, Conductor
    Stephen Perkins - Drummer, Jane's Addiction
    Steven Bochco - Producer of NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues
    Jose Lewgoy, Brazilian actor ( Kiss of the Spider Woman)
    Dyan CannonSamille Diane Friesen - actress
    Ted Coppel - from ABC news (Broadcaster)
    Barbara Walters - / News Broadcaster
    Sally Jesse Rapheal - Talk show host
    Michael Nyman, Composer - wrote music for film 'The Piano'
    Jeremy Isaacs, was director Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
    Peter Schaffer, British playwright
    Jonathan Miller, British opera director,doctor.
    Arnold Wesker, British playwright
    Arhur Miller, playwright - once married to Marilyn Munroe
    Michael Roll, British pianist
    Robert Rietti, British actor
    Bernard Levin, British writer, newspaper columnist
    Chaim Bermant, British humorous writer, newspaper columnist
    Kyra Sedgwick - Star of Phenom,Miss Rose White (mother is Jewish)
    John Steinbeck - Famous American Literature Author (i.e. Flight) of the th Century from Salinas,
    Richard Kind - actor (Mad About You, Spin City)
    Leslie Nielsen, actor (Airplane, Mr. Magoo)
    Robert Crumb, s/s cultural cartoonist
    Liz Sheridan - actress (plays Jerry's mom on Seinfeld)
    Mike Wallace ( Minutes)
    Buck Henry - Comedian/Writer/co-creator of Get Smart
    Lee Strasberg - acting teacher
    Lynn Samuels - Radio talk show host, WABC radio
    Sam Levene - stage and screen actor
    Michael Tilson Thomas, Conductor, Grandfather was famed Yiddish actor Boris Tomashevski
    Michael Gross- Actor (Family ties)
    Maurice Sklar - violinist, plays for Benny Hinn
    Red Skelton - Comedian and former T.V. variety show host
    Larry Kramer - AIDS activist/Playwright (The Normal Heart, The Destiny of Me)
    Scarlett Levine -- Huggies Commercial Star
    Brian Epstein - Manager of The Beatles
    Harry Shearer - Cartoon Voices on Simpsons/Comedian
    Shawn Michaels - Pro wrestler
    Sally Kellerman - actress/Mash
    richard marx singer/musician
    Alex Bendersky- A russian-Jewish poet
    Caroline Schreiber-singer and actress
    Daniel Wayne Matthews - Interstate Commerce Commissioner
    Jeffrey Katzenberg - Producer ( Dreamworks )
    William Finn- composer (Falsettos)
    Didi Pickles - mother of Tommy on the Rugrats
    Aaran Tan - Lead singer and guitarist for rock band Phoenix
    Aaron Bharatan - ex-Metallica guitarist and former guitarist for Phoenix
    Jon Cryer - actor ,Pretty in Pink, The Famous Teddy Z
    Richard Dreyfuss - JAWS Actor
    Lee Cobb - famous actor
    Phil Spector - Record Producer, famous for The Wall of Sound
    MELISSA MANCHESTER - Singer-Songwriter-Actress
    Leo Rosten - author Joys of Yiddish
    Joshua Bell, concert violinist
    Bruce Kulick - Guitarist from KISS
    Elsa Zylberstein - french actress (played in Mina Tannenbaum)
    Anita Diamant - author
    Leonid Kogan - world class violinist
    Peter Strauss - actor ('Rich Man, Poor Man')
    Rebecca Goldstein - author/Mazel
    jackie zeman - actress/general hospital
    Jascha Brodsky, first violinist of the Curtis String Quartet
    Jim Rome - sports talk show host
    Michael Zaslow - Roger Thorpe on The Guiding Light
    Jim Bleyer - writer
    Michelle Tractenberg - actress in the movie Harriet The Spy
    Kari Wuhrer-Salin - MTV hostess, B movie actress and hot piece of ass
    Cy Coleman - Composer (Sweet Charity, City Of Angels)
    Cindy Margolis - Beautiful blonde supermodel
    Brian Feldman - he could be famous
    Shalom Secunda-Composer wrote by meir bist du shane
    Assaf Bernstein- top young israeli filmmaker
    Amadeo Modigliani - Artist
    Delmore Schwartz - Poet (th Cent)
    Richard Kline - actor(Three's Company)
    Eli Wallach - actor (The Magnificent Seven)
    Danielle Fishel --actress
    Jamie Luner - Actress, Savannah
    Chris Brunecz -
    comedian (King of Late Night)
    Harold Robbins - ne Rubin. Best selling author
    Chaim Soutine - Fauvist painter; friend of Modigliani
    Jawaad Backstaber
    - owner of % of shops in FMT, Cal.
    Carrie Fisher
    - author, actress (Star Wars)
    Bageleatin' Backstaber
    - controls of Hollywood
    Bloodsucking Richman
    - Wealthiest Jew alive( studios)
    Charlie Chaplin
    Lloyd Bochner--Canadian Shakespearean actor, also in Naked Gun /, father of Hart Bochner (my cousin)
    Steve Page -- lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies (also my cousin)
    Al Eisen -- Flushes guy, father of Paul Stanley
    Andy Kaufman
    -- Latka on Taxi (have you heard about this one?)
    Alan Greenspan -- entertainer? (yup, he's a concert violinist and the Federal Reserve Chairman and his wife, Andrea Mitchell, is a Jewish NBC NEWS Reporter)
    Mitchell, Andrea, NBC News Reporter


    Archived here for Educational Purposes only  in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107,
       under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior  interest in reviewing
      the included information for personal use, non-profit research and educational purposes only. 



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