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By Herman Khan:

- Roots of racism
- What is Islam?
- To all taliban fans!
- Arab States follows US!
- Therealities in mideast
- "USA-kosher kitchen"!
- How about some Kebab?

1. Roots of racism

Let's be clear about what the conflict between the western powers (not neccessary countries or people) and Iran is about. Western powers can not simply tolerate the independency and the legimate national interests of Iran, which is regarded as a strategic threat to what is regarded as US "vital" interests in middle east and now Central Asia. The revival of free islamic thinking and the increasing consciousness about the power of islam and resistance against western political and cultural influence are therefore regarded as fanatism, barbarism and off cource te-rro-rism, terrorism. Not to mension the Iran-inspired islamic resistance in Libanon and Palestine against zionist ockupation and zionist puppets like SLA or PLO. The picture of a country in the western media is accordingly directly connected to the country's relation toward US-israeli interests. It shouldn´t surprise anybody that Iran is regarded as a country living in dark-age and ruled by fanatic 'mullahs'. Neither, should you be surprized when those who blindly obey or follows western dictates are called moderates and intellectuals in the 'free' zionist-controlled media. As long as any state or group, serves the western interests in their country, they can count on massive support from the 'democratic' states or enjoy silence from human right activists. No matter if they are secular facsists in the turkish army or fundamentalist talibans or Wahabis. The western or liberal kind of democray and freedom seems to presume and to be founded on slavery, dictatoship and censorship. So the moslems should be greatful to the westerners that their counries have been devastated by their democratic policy or their moderate or conservative puppets or some US-sponsored peace process aimed to solve the problems planted by CIA?! So how dare the stupid moslems to critisize the freedom in west world and all it's good intentions for the rest world? For the chance of gaining absolut control over the world's natural and human resources are no sacrifies too big. Finally, you don't need to be a geni or a fanatic barbarian to come to the conclusion that "West suchs". At least, from the majority of the world citizens' point of view.



2. To all taliban fans! 

It is clear to every clear minded person that the taliban movement is nothing else than a long arm of US "vital" interests in the landlocked oil rich central asia. US has never lost its interest in Afghanistan.

As a spring-borad to central asia, this contry has turned out to be of greatest value to US (and Pakistan) 'by-pass' operation of Iran. Preventing Iran from emerging as the hub for distribution oil and gas in next century is a US top priority. From the ideological and cultural point of view the 'jahili' reactionary ideas of Talibans is intented to counter balance weight to Iran's islamic revolutionary ideas. Factors as narrow-minded tribalism and religious reactionary (lika Wahabism in Saudi arabia) have always been the best allies of colonialism. By exploiting the ghost of the stone dead 'evil empire' (sounds reaganic to me!) and nowadays Iranophobia the afghan people is to be forced to the arms of the Great Satan (sounds Imam Khomeinic to you?). No wonder why the imam always warned the the moslem world for different variations of americanized islam or 'CIA'-islam! They argues something like: OK, if the afghans don´t like the turkish or egyptian style modern 'secular' or 'modern' islam or the saudi-style 'traditional' islam, let them plague themself with a 'fundamentalist' islam. (as long as it doesn't disturb the peaceful and stable free flow of oil (or heorin!). If they don't like it, they should blame themselve or islam! Beside this, they had the free choice! After all, nobody should blame US for the afghans being uneducated, fanatic or stupid! The argument of 'peace' and 'stability' is often used by westerners to justify another 'moslem leader' Saddam Hussein stay in power! For the policy makers in White House and Capitol Hill it doesn't matter who runs a country or how, as long as the US interests are served.

What west simply can not tolerate is independent governments or movements which prioritize the interests of their own nations and are not willing to be controlled by western powers or some of their democratic institutions.

Have anybody heard anything from Talibans against american or colonial influence in the contry? Recently, the baby butcher Shimon Peres invited the jews, christians, and moslems to unite against what he called the 'fundamentalism' organized by Iran! Talibans seems to have joined his appeal! The sick, disgusting and perverted interpretation of islam demonstrated by Talibans has actually turned out to be a very thankful object for western media to give islam bad image in the whole world.

Instead of rejecting the unimaginable lunacies orcestrated by talibans, the western media has actually welcomed these madnesses as 'puritan' or 'strict application' of sharia. Unfortunately, the hard proven afghan people (like iraqis and algerians) have fall a victim to US geopolitical intersts and the western world's hostility toward Iran. The sadists in west can now relaxing in their towers enjoying the 'spendable' afghan people suffering under the new puritan rulers. Hopefully, the afghan people has raised again determined to kick out talibans back to the CIA-sponsored ass holes they come from in pakistan! And they are gaining success these days! Be Allah be with them! Piss off, talibans, please!

Before it's too late.


3. Arab countries follows US!

To all westerners and Israel lovers!

Get life and stop lieing about Israeli charity and arab states lack of solidarity and humanity.

We have seen enough Israel-arabic brutalities against the moslem people in Mideast and North Africa and heard enough silence from the so called human right organizations about these particular cases.

Every serious observer knows by now that both Israel and arab states do their best to serve the US interests in the region and they are intensifying their joint efforts to repress the islamic societies in the mideast in order to maintain US dominance.

Nowadays, parallell with US' open declared support for the illegal proclamation of Beit-ul-Moqaddas (Al-Quds or Jerusalem) as the capital of the jewish state, the arab states in Persian Golf open their arms for the jewish US defend minister Cohen whos primary mission is to convince them to stay behind US plans to take harsh military actions against Iran. US and Israelis seem quite desperate to start a war in order to shake some life in their mideast peace process and very eager to counter the increasing popularity of the islamic democracy in Iran among arab nations. I really hope the arab dictators in the Persian Golf realize their fragility, when they throw stones from their glass towers! However, these kind of threats are nothing new and would hardly change the realities or feelings about Iran in favour of the west or Israel. Let's hope that americans, israelis and their arab servants are wise enough to realize the dangerious consequence of their joint war policy against Iran and palestinians! It's not probable that the islamic world remains silent toward so much hatered, hostility, treachery, and hypocracy demonstrated by the US government, Israel and their arab 'allies' against their fellows in Iran or Palestine to


4. The realities in todays mideast 

Dear westerner!

You're wrong as usual. It seems to me that your either you are joking (or trying to waste our time) or your mental structure disables you from catching the realities in todays mideast. My point is that the western countries can under no condition tolerate existence of a free and independent government in the extremely strategic and oil-rich mideast. As a political system and ethnically Iran is completely different from the semite arab countries. While all arab countries slaveish follow US dictates or are completely unable to oppose it, Iran acts as a free and independent state at the international scene. Iran has recently had another free presidental election and a candidate which was not the favourite of the political establishment won the election, which astonished the arab and western world. let's also make clear that Iraq is ruled by a secular 'western oriented' Baath party maffia and its godfather Saddam Hussein. The founder of the arab nationalism and socialism (nazi!) Baath ideology was the arab christian Michel Aflaq. The iraqi people are suffering because the your admired US-Britain prefer the 'stability' under Saddam before an Iranian-style freedom under Islam. So the fall of 'Babylon' is plauging Saddam Hussein as much as the western governments.

Iran is housing the major part of the arab and kurd refugees from Iraq as well as refugees from Afghanistan. As the peace process is deteriorating and the Israeli occupation expands, the US government has escalated its efforts to find evidences that connect Iran to the bombing of the US military base in Khobar in Saudi-Arabia, in order to justify a military strike against Iran. To protect the israeli territorial gains and to prevent the arab countries and Turkey from becoming as free as Iran have the absolute top priority in the USA foreign policy. Do you remember stopping of the islamic FIS in Algeria from winning in the free elections in 1991 and the threat from the turkish military to carry out coup a d'état if Turkey contiunue to move toward Islam and tighter cooperation with Iran. And now the turkish society is almost sandwitched between the illusions of their secularist elite to become european (something that Europe denies them because of the country being moslem) and the the european-backed generals to prevent them moving toward their own cultural roots and identity. Dear westerner, todays islamic movements that oppose the western harmful political and cultural influence in their societies are known for their humanitarian aid activities beneficial to the poor and sick people. Therefore, they are accused by western media to use the charity as a camouflage to recruit new followers! After heavy pressure from Israel the US government do anything to strangle the financial flow to islamic groups in order to restrain 'terrorism'. The moslem bosnians were slaughtered by serbs in order to prevent emergence of a new Iran in the heart of Europe. If it were not for the military and humanitarian assistence from Iran, Bosnia had ceased to exist as a nation. And the late CIA chief resigned for his reluctance to stop the military aid from Iran. According to the political analysts, the iranian presence in Bosnia has become the most important strategic problem for US policies in Bosnia. U.S is hindered from gaining the fruits of the genocide which was carried out on behalf of the western civilization! And now the palestinians are suffering under the israeli occupation and the western financed israeli-backed corrupt regime of Yes-Sir Arafat. One of the most heard zionist standpoint toward palestinians is that there is only one jewish state and 21 arab states, where the palestinians can go to and live in.

Nothing like the possibility for the palestinian refugees of becoming citizens in other countries (doesn't matter arab or non-arab) can enjoy the zionists. For the zionists and western imperialists, such an ethnic cleansy would be a nice 'final solution' to the Palestinian problem.




For previous MER:



MER - Washington - 6/16/1997:

He promised a "kosher kitchen" in the White House when he first ran for the Presidency. He delivered far more -- the most Israeli- oriented Administration in American history with strongly pro-Israeli Zionist Jews at nearly every doorway watching and directing every move. From the head of the National Security Council, to the corridors of power at the State Department, CIA, and the Pentagon, (in addition to the White House of course) the Clinton Administration is kosher indeed. Never before in American history has there been a President who has practically turned U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East over to another country and its legion of powerful, wealthy, and yes, dually-loyal -- supporters. The latest addition to the crowd is a very talented writer, Sid Blumenthal, now being brought into the White House to write speeches and closely advise the Clintons. He too is a long-time very staunch Israel-supporter who recently received a community service award from the American Jewish Congress -- one of the most rabid of the anti-Arab Jewish groups now masquerading as a supporter of the "peace process" after years of bashing Arafat and Palestinian nationalism. It's all but forgotten now, but when Clinton first announced for the Presidency the head of the Israeli/Jewish lobby -- the President of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) -- was forced to resign right in the middle of the campaign. His offense? He was overheard and recorded bragging to a potential donor that his organization had placed a dozen operatives in Clinton's Little Rock campaign headquarters and when Clinton became President he would be their man and do everything Israel wanted done. Indeed, that's exactly what has happened -- it was the truth, and it has come to pass...he had to resign simply because it wasn't supposed to get out. All this of course explains why the Clinton Administration always casts its U.N veto on Israel's behalf, always looks the other way when the "dual loyalty" realities are occasionally exposed, has a former Israeli army captain in the White House at the President's side, and is about to appoint a former Israeli lobby official to be Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East -- someone who wasn't even an American citizen when Bill Clinton was elected! It's a tremendous scandal of course But shamefully no one in the "establishment" press is willing touch to -- and many in that same press are in fact members of the same Israel-oriented club.



6. How about some Kebab?

I'm not hateful. I'm simply telling some basic facts. I've come up with a lot facts before and beyond the article I found on a newsgroup about the Kosher House and send it to netters at R.I. However, I admit that sometimes some facts heart. As a matter of fact I've nothing against the zionistic metastasis in the U.S. administration. I regard zionists as a tool of U.S. foreign policy and not the opposite, as many conspiration theorist claim. The Israeli 'democracy' and its allied arab dictatorship only operates within the U.S. interests, which is absolute control over mideast oil resources. The dog may shake its tail, but the tail never shake the dog! When U.S. vital interests face the choice between saving the ass of the state of Israel or the ass of U.S. oil interests, you will see that U.S. will sell out the interests of jews or other 'allies', without hesitation. And that's what the iranian policy is pushing US toward. US can never hurt or destroy Iran without risking to be hurt or destroyed itself. Washington knows that. Tehran knows that. And Tel Aviv knows that. And I can hardly decribe how much these facts hearts them. Who knows, in a near future you will see that persian Chello Kebab is served in White House, if they play their cards well. So to be nice to you: take a break and have some Chello Kebab! You will neither regret it nor forget it.

Have a nice time!

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