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Proposal to Radio Islam

By M. Khalfan


This is the first time I visit your web site , thank you and baaraka Allah Fiykum. You are doing what I have wished to do for a long time, but did not have the no talents nor resources. How ever I have a small contribution I would like to make concerning the general state of Muslims.

I have no doubt that we now how important the role of wealth and money in politics. The very establishment of Israel state was possible because the Zionest Jews and their allies had infinately more material wealth then Muslims. Today Most Muslim communities in different parts of the world live in poverty and this some times is a source of a psycologic weakness among Muslims. Now what can be done to eliviate the poverty among Muslims,

First we cannot depend on Goverments. Secondly we have about 1200,000,000 Muslim consumer around the globe this is a very powerfull consumer force.

If only we could find a way of gradually politisize this consumer force, so that it buys first what is produced in Islamic countries, and only buys from the enemy when no valid or reasonable alternative is available. If a Muslim some where around the world buys what is produced in my muslim country he is helping to develop more employment chances for some one like me, who might need to provide food, housing or education for his children.

I think a Muslim consumer should even sacrifise slight quality different in the material and consider that as Sadaqat for the poor in Muslim countries. We all know the place of Sadaqat and it's importance. We have to admit that very often we have to by what has been produced by our enemies, For example high tech items or medicine , these type of items we have to buy the best from what ever source they come in order to benifit from it. I have been having these thought for some time now and I wish that some one with influence could promote them in any way or style.


As we know the official stance of most of our goverments in Muslim world is disappointing, pitty, short sighted and undignified most of our leadership is incompetant. But this could turn out to be a great opportunity to find different and more effective ways of confronting the enemies of Muslims and also ways of building our societies. We need to know, practice and then explain to our families and freinds that it is our duty to some times sacrifise slight quality and price difference, or brand name and choose a produce from a Muslim country and boycot the enemies. By doing so we are gradualy helping to develop more employment chances, eleviate poverty, and help provide food, proper housing and education for Muslim children around the world. This has the effect of sadaqah and insha'allah will be rewarded by Allah subhanahu wa taala. This should also stop our enemy from getting extra resources for it economy.

We should not underestimate the role of wealth weather it is in the hands of society or the leadership. It has profound effect on the balance of stratigic power for example the very establishment of the zionist state was possible because of financial support given by ordinary but rich jews as well as rich western colonial powers at that time. Today Muslim communities in different parts of the world live in poverty and as the suffering prolongs it becomes a cause of psychologic weakness among ordinary Muslims as well as it's leadership. With a population of around 1200,000,000 Muslims consumer around the world we have a very powerfull and devastating economical weapon against our enemies and a building tool for our societies,it is true that we can not mobilise all this force at once but the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step and every small step counts.

These ideas can be expected to work, and will work insha'allah, they are not grand ideas they are very simple, at individual level no one could interfere with what you buy or don't buy with your own money,If we are keen to fight our enemies with words and describe him with every bad verb we know we should also be ready to fight his economy and deprive him from every penny that we spent as much as possible, I know many freinds who are already practicing these ideas for years, therefore they are not my ideas, what I am doing is campagn for them I am trying to find an influencial body or a personality which could seriously believe in these ideas and adopt the campagn to reach a wider audiance in a proper professional and effecitive way. I hope these ideas can be researched and discused by your respected organisation, and promoted in a suitable and effective way it will start on small scale but it will snowball and grow around the world, ordinary Muslims are looking for a way to contribute.

M. Khalfan

Dear Khalfan

What a wonderful idea. We can also do it by countries in the West, For instance in The US we can have people write to Big Companies, Corporations and state Why they are not going to buy their products any more. (Because they support Israel for instance. The Big T.V advertizers pay attention to those things particullarily if it involves great Nos. of consumers. It could be done on 2 fronts,The Muslims buying from Muslims, and in the West for things like technology cars etc etc we really could demand support for Islam from these Corporations. WE COULD POINT OUT THAT WE AREE 1 BILLION 200.000 of us and growing and growing.

This has to be well set up.. Someone should hire the best of Pubic Relations Firm with KNOW HOW, Maybe In Washington, and lists of firms and products to buy from, etc.. would have to be provided etc etc...I myself would do it.

I have gone to the grocery store and cheked were the oranges for Instance Were coming from as I did not want to buy food from Israel. And I told the manager, Imagine if millions of people did that! Try to set it up, so that 20 millions Jews do mot allways push their own self interest We must Unite. With best wishes...SALAM.

A. A.


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