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Muslims: YOU must unite!

By John W. Willmott


Desert Man does it again!

Great points and history for perspective in his latest on Dual Use of scriptures... but this time I want to address his recent "Israeli-Russian relations at crisis over Iran" which concerns the arming of Iran.

This is another excellent article which should be studied by all Muslims but how would they be reached.

A few points I wish to stress if the .9 billion or 1.2 billion Muslims are to exert their rightful power.

A good point - or several - are worth repeating even to the point of boring redundancy:

Muslims: YOU must unite !

YOU must put away your inter-family disputes.

YOU must use all your assets.

YOU must realize that rejecting the modern world and technology will leave Islam with no present and no future.

YOU must look to others such as Japan, China, and others in that area as friends, allies and trading partners.

YOU must realize that the Jew's and their Zionist supporters are so intrenched that it will take monumental united effort to dislodge them.

What was the saying?:

Mohammed came to the mountain - and the mountain did not move?

Or some such!

YOU must remember that recently several greedy Muslims sold out their cause by payments from the U.S. Government's "buy a traitor" program at the State Department's 4 million dollar reward for betraying your family, friends and or your cause!

You see - greed and duplicity are not confined to Jews and to by the jews dominated Americans.

YOU must learn from history in many ways and especially - if you are developing modern arms - just remember how Saddam Hussein was betrayed and "set up" and remember that if he had kept his secrets and waited perhaps two years before "taking the bait" he would have been dealing from a place of power!

I.E. Why did not the U.S. and S. Korea crush N. Korea recently?

Number one: Remembering the history of troops freezing to death in N.Korea and retiring in defeat.

And number two: Did or does North Korea have nuclear bombs - or even one?

It is for them to know and the Jews´s U.S to find out!

The power position again.

This time the power of the uncertain - the unknown and the FEAR they create!

Then look at the current N. Ireland "negotiations" with the "terrorist" freedom fighters.

They still have their arms but have put them aside as a gesture of good faith.

History again in 2 factors.

Unwillingness of the British to take potential losses and more importently - the realistic threat of "terrorist" attack for which there is no cure except to negotiate!

Lessons worth rmembering.

And another:

The current negotiations of the terrorist Zionist regime with the "terrorist" Arafat which would never have come about without the brave kids of the intifada and the widespread bombings around the world and in Israel.

Jews only understand money, power and FEAR. FEAR is the greatest of the three and it is POWER!

Again the power play!

So you Muslims have the power in bits and pieces like a jug-saw puzzle and do not use it!

You have friends who are not Muslims whom you do not acknowledge, use and or help in our mutual effort for freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity.

Then another caution - and this particularly applies to Americans as it applies to Muslims.

The key word is "conspiracy" to commit an "illegal" act which is a crime that will get one incarcerated.

Do what you do openly and legally but when you talk to a friend just ask yourself if he is a friend and is he wired with a recording device and is he greedy for 4 million or 2 million or 1 million to betray you.

There is no secure means of communication - particularly via electronic transmissiins, coded or not. So what goes around comes around:

You have the power. Use it openly and united!

Again I remind you of the Bush-Clinton use of "credible deniability" which means don't get caught with your pants down and or: "I did not do it and I will not do it again!".

What more need I say?

Or did I say too much.

Se me at

until I am "terminated" again for cause!

One final thing: Any of you know where I can post a pro freedom and justice website free from Jewish or U.S. Government intervention?

It's getting to be that time - or perhaps it has already here.

Thanks again Desert Man for your goooood words and works!


John W. Willmott




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