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Races? Only one Human race
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Tomorrow it will be too late
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The Protocols of Zion (in Russian)

Radio Islam is working to promote better relations between the West and the Muslim World. Radio Islam is against racism of all forms, against all kinds of discrimination of people based on their colour of skin, faith or ethnical bakground. Consequently, Radio Islam is against Jewish racism towards non-Jews. The World Jewish Zionism, today, constitutes the last racist ideology still surviving and the Zionist's state of Israel, the last outpost of "Apartheid" in the World. Israel constitutes by its mere existence a complete defiance to all international laws, rules and principles, and the open racism manifested in the Jewish State is a violation of all ethics and morals known to Man.


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published in PRAVDA July 15,1997
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Letter to Radio Islam

Greetings and Salutations to Radio Islam: 
I feel that Radio Islam website has been extraordinarily helpful in helping me understand the Muslim world. The declaration on the opening page (No hate.No violence. Races? Only one Human race) really says alot about the mindset of the wordsmiths who wrote. It is carefully crafted with compassion and logic without sacrificing honesty. The rest of the site seems to have followed that path. All my life, I had wondered what all the fighting in the Middle-East was really about. I'd only be told one side of the story because of the obvious media control in the US. To learn the truth in these matters is like having a transcendental experience. I feel like I just woke up. The section on zionist massacres against Palestinians is heart-breaking to read. Hopefully, the truth of these stories will not vanish down an Orwellian memory hole. I put some links below to some sites that have some info about the Ukrainian famine. The famine in the Ukraine was artificially induced and resulted in the deaths of millions. This could go under the zionist massacre section. 

In the year 2000, Patrick Buchanan may run for president in the US. He was once quoted as saying: "There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the middle east and that is the israeli defense ministry and its "amen" corner in the US." (8/24/90-McLaughlin group). This made him an object of scorn and ridicule in the press. He seems to know whats going on too.  


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Zionist Massacres
Zionist Terrorism
Jewish Power, Racism
Zionism, Palestine
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Zionist War Against Iraq


Islam and the Islamic World

Zionism and the Palestine
Information about the ongoing Zionist war waged against the peoples of Palestine and the Middle East, and Zionism´s totalitarian and racist backgrounds:

4 excerpts from Alfred Lilienthals famous book "The Zionist Connection":

Zionist Massacres
The land of Palestine could never have been conquered by the Zionist war criminals, had it not been for the long series of massacres they perpetrated:

Zionist Terrorism
The Zionists are leading a war of terrorism against their opponents, using organisations such as Mossad, the Anti-Defamation League, Betar-Tagar, the Jewish Defence League:

The Jewish Genocide in Iraq
Up to date around 1 000 000 Iraquis have been killed as a result of the Zionist-orchestrated "Gulf War". This is because the Jewish ideology, i. e. the Old Testament, the Torah, demands a terrible revenge - the total annihilation - of those who dare to oppose the plans of the Jews:

Jewish Massacres in Lebanon
After the conquest of Palestine, the occupation of Lebanon is on the Zionist agenda. The implementation of this criminal Zionist plan has caused much suffering among the Lebanese civilian population:

Jewish Power - Racism
Jewish Power
Jews do have power. Lots of it. Denying that fact is just a part of the Jewish game of chutzpeh. The Jewish lobby in the U.S. dictates the foreign policy of that Super Power:

Jewish Racism
(= Jewish "Religion")

The Old Testament (the Torah) and the Talmud constitute the basics of Judaism and contain the principles by which todays Jews live. But see what an abyss of racial hatred and intolerance they contain, as one closer studies these Jewish scriptures:

Khazar Jews
The information that the Zionists wants to put the lid on! The fact that over 90% of those today calling themselves "Jews", are actually descendants of the Khazar people, originating from southern Russia:

Jewish Racism towards Blacks
Black people have been subjected to Jewish racism for hundreds of years; but the end to that is closing. Black resistance is becoming organised, and is now posing a serious threat to World Zionism:

The non-Jewish, non-Zionist, historical version of what actually did happen, and what did not happen, to the Jews during W.W. II:


Radio Islam leaves its pages open, at the disposal of anyone who wants, to take part in the debate on the issues that affect us all:



Pay attention!

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Our weakness
We must know that our weakness is Israel's strength.The regimes that are in power in our countries are like dead bodies, our "leaders" are politically finished. Instead of stepping down in honor, they cling bitterly to power and try to drag their peoples along into the precipice.

In the first place, we must conquer tyranny, decadence and corruption in our own hearts and in our countries! Instead of giving up, we must work seriously to create the economic, political, military and social conditions for the future victory of the Justice.

The future belongs to the forces of Islam. The Hezbullah, Hamas and the Jihad are the Islamic response to the Zionist challenge. The Islam began in the 6th century as a cultural, and spiritual movement against the superpowers of that time.

The military strength of the Islam grew as a consequence of its spiritual strength. Today, capitulating before the jewish arrogance is not a solution; it is betraying the future generations. If we can not create victory today, we muste not create defeat ourselves. The least We can do is to capitulate without resisting.

Any "solution" violently extorted, any unjust "peace" (capitulation) will be rejected by the future generations. The only real solution of the Palestinian question lies in the return of the Palestinian people to their fatherland.

= Nos voleurs!
Il y a des problèmes extrêmes où nous nous debattons et que nous avons trop tardé à regarder en face. A la différence des pays occidentaux, nos "pays musulmans" ne connaissent que peu de hold-up de banques. C'est que les voleurs d'envergure savent qu'aujourd'hui, dans nos pays, la source d'enrichissement la plus sûre, la plus rapide, la seule à vrai dire, est le pouvoir. À titre d´exemple : le systeme féodal (makhzen) - qui n´a rien à voir avec l´Islam - que Hassan II a pérpétué anachroniquement au Maroc en plein XXe siècle - fait de la corruption généralisée un systhème de gouvernement.

Le régime de Hassan II constitue, pour notre pays, pour notre peuple et pour notre avenir un danger mortel réel.
Face à ce danger et à son défi, il n y a, devant nous, qu´une seule alternative et une seule réponse: une révolution islamique radicale, éclairée, intelligente, tolérante et liberatrce!
En Islam, la liberté est la régle et l´interdit est l´exception.

Il s´impose donc urgence et nécessité vitale de créer un Front Islamique uni pour la Liberation du Maroc.
Les grands ne sont grands que parce que nous sommes à genoux. Levons-nous!

Ahmed Rami

 Ahmed Rami,


Freedom fighter
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The Protocols of Zion
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The Jewish war against Islam
and the Islamic Resistance

We should step up strugle against Zionism

It is not just enough to know that we are right

It is time to see the REAL enemy !


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La démocratie et l´Islam sont-ils compatible au Maroc ?