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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hitler blackmailed over his Jewish grandfather - by his nephew

CNN - February 6, 2002

(CNN) -- Adolf Hitler left no offspring when he died in his bunker in 1945. But he wasn't the last of the Hitler line. He had a nephew, William Patrick Hitler, who grew up in England, moved to America, and had three sons.

He sent a blackmail letter to Adolf, basically saying: If you don't give me a better job and treat me a little bit better, I'll go public with the speculation within the family that Hitler himself had a Jewish grandfather.

ZAHN: Whatever became of that threat?

GARDNER: Well, in fact, Hitler kind of bowed down to it, this lowly nephew, and did give him some money, which is kind of curious. I mean, of all the terrible things that Hitler did, the one person that
stood up to him seems to have been his own nephew, and who went away with the equivalent now to a
quarter-million dollars.

The Independent - August 17, 2006

"Hans Frank, the former Nazi lawyer responsible for millions of deaths while he was the Governor General of Poland, revealed how William had written to his uncle in the late 1930s threatening to expose the Hitlers' "unusual family history".

It was a veiled threat that he would confirm the long-held rumour that Hitler's paternal grandfather was, in fact, a Jewish merchant, Leopold Frankenberger, who had had an affair with his grandmother, Maria, during her time in service to the family in Graz."

Posted by The Black Rabbit of Inlé at 13:27


  1. If you look at all the sources for Hitler being a crypto-Jew, it all comes from Jewish sources or mainstream media articles. To me this indicates that the Jews support such speculation, for it discredits Hitler's struggle against the Jews as a weak controlled-opposition charade, or brought on by 'self-hatred' (essentially saying he had no real reason to dislike Jews and that anti-semitism is a 'pathology' of 'mental illness'). On one side Hitler is portratyed as the most evil ruthless strong-willed megalomaniac, and on the other hand that he was a weak, silly stooge or puppet. There's just so much disinformation out there about Hitler that it's almost impossible to discover the truth of the matter. I think the Jews intended it that way.
  2. You'll notice that Jews recently floated out propaganda that Ahmadinejad is a crypto-Jew too:

    Notice the Jews from Haaretz try to claim that Ahmadinejad's Holoco$t revisionism and criticism of Israel "could be motivated by a desire to conceal his own Jewish roots." That's essentially the argument Jews try to make when they lie and say their adversary is secretly a jew, thus his campaign against the Jews is not motivated by anything tangible but by 'self-hatred'. It's amazing, even Jews know Jews can't be trusted. That's why they use it as a smear against their enemies, lol.

    It's been debunked btw:
  3. Sorry, just noticed these.
    Many people greatly admire Hitler, and get as upset as many Judophiles when it's claimed he could have had Jewish blood.
    The OSS report is from 1943/4, that bangs on for ages about the possibility he was Jewish, so it's very old rumour.
    Personally, I don't think he consciously knew he was furthering their aims: Destroying Germany / German people / making huge war profits and rounding up Jews, who before WW2 despised Zionism.

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