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Jewish war against Lebanon

After the conquest of Palestine, the occupation of Lebanon has always been on the Zionist agenda. The implementation of this criminal Zionist plan has caused much suffering among the Lebanese civilian population. After the Freedom Fighters of Hezbollah confronted the occupants with a fierce military resistance they were defeated, and temporarily had to abandon their plans.

Ahmed Rami with Naim Qassem of Hezbollah
Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam with Hezbollah's Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Naim Qassem.

   History and Background

On Hezbollah and the Resistance

Analysis - Current Affairs

Jewish Occupation 1970:s till 2000

Khiam Camp


Zionist Water Wars

Shebaa Farms

Summary of Israeli Aggressions

The Lebanese Civil War

1978 - The Litani War

1982 - Israeli Invasion

1982 - Sabra-Chatila Massacre

1993 - Assault On Lebanon

1996 - Grapes of Wrath Attack

1996 - First Qana Massacre

2006 - The July War

   2023 / 2024 Al-Aqsa Flood Battle 

Jewish "religion" and racism

Propaganda War

Al-Manar and Freedom of Speech

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  History and Background

The Zionists interests in Lebanon date back to the beginning of their colonization project in late 19th century. In the process of drawing the maps of their alleged entity, the Zionists aimed at a northern border that runs along the Litani river in Lebanon, drawing on millennia old dictates from their Jewish religion. A religion whose holy scriptures designate which areas the Jews should take in possession for the establishment of their "Eretz Israel".

Thus it comes as no surprise that the first stage of their occupation of the South of Lebanon, in March 1978, was named “The Litani Operation”.

Summary of Israeli Aggressions:


Main Israeli invasions

  • 2006 Israeli War and Invasion. Killed 1200 mainly civilians, devastaed Lbenaon´s infratructure and siplaced almost a million people. On the fatremath oil spill, environmental disatser an millions of Israel cluster bomblets in civilian/residential areas.

  • Operation Grapes of Wrath, April 1996 lasted 16-days, killed at least 172 people in Lebanon, wounded about 270 others and forced more than 400,000 citizens to flee their homes.

  • Operation Accountability, lasted seven days from July 25, 1993, 123 civilians and 11 Hezbollah guerrillas were killed, about 500 were wounded and half a million people displaced.

  • 1982 invasion, Operation Peace for Galilee, Israel's army occupied Beirut briefly and killed more than 15,700 people, with 30,000 wounded, nearly all of them civilians. The toll includes nearly 3,000 Palestinians and 167 Lebanese killed at the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps Sept. 16-18 by the Lebanese Christian militia, with logistical help from Israeli forces.

  • Israel's first invasion of Lebanon, Operation Litani, starting March 14, 1978, left nearly 2,000 people dead and about 300,000 homeless.

Israel's early (1950's) plan for partitioning Lebanon

Excerpts (concerning Lebanon) from the book "Israel's Sacred Terrorism: A Study based on ex-Prime Minister Moshe Sharett's Diary", 1980, 1986, by Livia Rokach.

... excerpts from an article by Israeli Member of the Knesset Uri Avneri, published in Hoalam Hazeh, September 23, 1980,...:

The intention to partition Lebanon Sharett reveals that already in February 1954 Ben Gurion proposed a large Israeli operation to dismember the Lebanese state and to establish a Maronite-Christian state in one of its parts. Extended discussions were held as a result. Ben Gurion explicated the plan at length in a letter to Sharett, and Sharett answered in a long letter in which he opposed the plan vehemently, Ben Gurion was ready to invest large sums in bribing Christian leaders in Lebanon. Sharett also revealed that the chief of staff supported the plan of buying a Lebanese army officer who would be used as a puppet, and who would make it seem that the intervention of the Israeli army would be in response to his call for the liberation of Lebanon from Muslim subjugation. In the eyes of today's reader this plan seems an accurate blueprint for what took place in Lebanon after that- the civil war, the establishment of the Maronite enclave of Major Sa'd Haddad and labeling it "free Lebanon."

From the Council of National Interest:

1955 -- At a secret cabinet meeting, Sharett quotes Moshe Dayan as saying that the "only thing necessary is to find an officer, even just a major. We should either win his heart, or buy him with money, to make him agree to declare himself the savior of the Maronite population. Then the Israeli army will enter Lebanon, occupy the necessary territory, and will create a Christian regime which will ally itself with Israel. The territory from the Litani southward will be totally annexed to Israel, and everything will be all right." Dayan also admitted that "much anxiety had to be generated... the lives of Jewish victims also had to be sacrificed to create provocations justifying subsequent reprisals..."

  On Hezbollah and the Resistance

A collection of documents of the different means of resistance, its important achievements, and on the people who makes it possible.

Because the Lebanese Dare to Resist Israeli Occupation of their Land Israelis Bomb Civilian Targets in Lebanon

Lebanese Prime Minister Selim Hoss declared that the Israeli bombings would not curtail Lebanese determination to end Israeli occupation. "If Israel is attacking Lebanon to make us accept the occupation then they will be disappointed," Hoss said. "The resistance has never been the cause (of violence), the resistance is a result of the is natural for the resistance to continue as long as the occupation persists."

Hezbollah's paper interviews
Swedish writer Jan Myrdal

Interview with the famous Swedish author in
Hezbollah's Al Intiqad
                      Jan Myrdal
top Swedish intellectual
son of two influential Nobel Laureates
recipient of Ordre des Arts et des Lettres


Speeches by Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah

More and latest speeches by Hassan Nasrallah can be seen at Hezbollah's Al-Manar website


In this section articles on the latest events and analysis of what the future may have in hold are published.

See also American researcher Franklin Lamb's latest articles - an In-depth analysis on Lebanon and the Resistance (external link)

  Jewish occupation from 1970:s till 2000

Zionism is a criminal ideology involved in constant wars and subversion with the aim of founding a foreign body - a racist "Jewish" state - on the lands of the indigenous populations of the Middle East. It´s an ideology based on ethnic cleansing and theft of foreign lands and during the 60 years this criminal state and its occupation forces have been involved in countless of crimes. This section deals with some of the horrors of the Zionist-Jewish occupation of Lebanon.

On the killing by Israel of a Lebanese Mother and six of her Children which Israel labeled "a mistake":
"It is wrong to blame the pilot, the plane or the bomb that killed the mother and her children. The fault lies with the political leaders, who refuse to adopt a policy that will put an end to the killing of civilians. During its entire period in office the outgoing [Israeli] government did not make a single genuine, serious effort to advance a comprehensive solution. We can only hope that this situation will be reversed after the next government is installed." -- Ha'aretz Editorial (12/24/1998)

  Khiam "detention" camp  

During the Jewish state's occupation of southern Lebanon it erected a "dentention" camp in the Lebanese city of Khiam. Here anybody suspected of aiding the Resistance could be interred, and the methods used by these criminals against the defenceless prisoners reveal the Zionist ideology's contempt for human life and dignity.

After the camp was liberated in 2000 it was turned into a museum of these crimes visited by the thousands, even by delegations from the West. This was a constant thorn in the eye of Israel. During the 2006 war Israel thus specifically bombarded and completely destroyed the camp and museum area leaving it in complete rubbles, in an attempt to hide its crimes - just as Israel's bulldozers in 1982 under the rubble of fallen houses tried to hide the bodies of massacred Palestinians in the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps.

  Jews taking Lebanese hostages

The taking of hostages for extortion and for bargaining is a favoured method of the Jewish state. In this section some light is shed on their operations.

  Zionist Water Wars

Contrary to its claim that it had withdrawn its occupying army from the South, Israel still occupies many parts of the Lebanese territories. One of these areas includes part of the Wazzani river, a small river that runs along the border, from which the Zionists are openly pumping the water toward their colonies south of the border.

The Litani river is one of the few major rivers in the Middle East that runs entirely within one country. It’s 100% Lebanese. The Zionists´ eyes are were never off its water.

For more articles on Israel's water strategies, see our section on Zionism

  Shebaa Farms

Contrary to Zionist propaganda that Israel pulled out of Lebanon in year 2000, Lebanese territory is still held by Israel´s army. No country in the world would accept such an offence to its national integrity, still this situation isn´t allowed to be discussed and regulated at the tables of the UN.

Usually when a UN member has its territory occupied, the organization - which was formed to promote peace and thwart aggression - would react with indignation, calling on sanctions, maybe even sanctioning a military option. But in this case it´s all silence.

Lebanese Farmer Heroically Confronts Israeli Bulldozer

Courageous Lebanese farmer Esmail Nasser fearlessly confronts a Jewish psycho in an Israeli bulldozer
as it encroaches his occupied land in the Kfarchouba area, 2023. Note the passivity of the UN troops.


  The Lebanese Civil War

The Israeli plan to conquer and dominate the land of Lebanon is an old one, envisaged as shown in the Historical section, by the religious authorities of that rabbinical state. The implementation of this plan includes both direct occupation by the Israeli military but also a strategy to "divide and conquer" Lebanon, by the use of proxies whereby the Jewish state will achieve its aims.

The Lebanese Civil War has a strong Israeli connection, where Israel funded and aided certain parties in the conflict to further this Israeli policy and thus contributing to the slaughter and mayhem brought on the Lebanese - of all religious and ethnic denominations.


  Litani War in 1978

In the countless of aggressions against Lebanon, Israel's 1978 Litani War is one bloodier and a forebearer for what was to come.


  Israel´s Invasion of Lebanon in 1982

The Jewish State's invasion of Lebanon in 1982 was part of implementing the old Zionist strategy of permanent occupation of Lebanese lands and the destruction of the means of resistance of the Palestinian people in exile. This war - again - showed the brutality of the Zionist masterminds and here they took destruction and killings of civilians to new - unprecedented - heights. From then on it would be more difficult for Zionism's media propagandists in the West to hide the true nature of this state.

This section highlights some of these crimes against humanity perpetrated by the "Chosen People".

The infamous massacre at the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Chatila that was committed during this war are highlighted in a separate section.

"Of all the declared, implied and hidden objectives of the [1982] war in Lebanon, there is no doubt that the central aim was to deal a crushing blow to the national aspirations of the Palestinians and their very existence as a nation endeavoring to define itself and gain the right to self determination"

-- "The Palestinian Aspect", by Mordechai Bar-On, IDF chief education officer and a Peace Now leading activist quoted in Chomsky's "Fateful Triangle". (It would seem that a portion of Peace Now's activism is more for improving Israel's image rather than the national rights of the Palestinians.)

  Sabra and Chatila massacre 1982

Zionism and massacres go hand in hand; the Jewish state is founded on countless of massacres, Deir Yassin in 1948 being one of the most notorious. Thus committing massacres in the invasion and war in Lebanon 1982 was a well contemplated method and the gruesome massacre in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila attest to this.

             "I could see in their eyes that it was going to be a relentless slaughter"
               -- Rafael Eitan (quoted in Schiff & Ya'ari: "Israel's Lebanon War", pp 259-260, 1984)


  The 1993 assault on Lebanon

In 1993 it was time again for a major Israeli assault on Lebanon. In July that year the murderous and concentrated fire from Israel's gunships, artillery, jets and naval forces killed more than 100 people and drove some 500,000 people from their homes. One of the Zionists outspoken aims was "to wipe the villages from the face of the earth".

  Israel's "Grapes of Wrath" attack in 1996

Frustrated over the successes of the Resistance against its military might, Israel in 1996 launched a major operation of destruction and terror with the civilian population of southern Lebanon as its targets. This aggression reached its bloody climax with the Qana Massacre (se separate Qana section below). This murderous operation - named "Grapes of Wrath" - was led by then acting Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres.
  The First Qana Massacre 1996 (during Grapes of Wrath)

On April 18th 1996 Israel attacked the well known UN peace-keeping compound in Qana, southern Lebanon, killing over a hundred Lebanese civilian refugees as well as UN staff. This was a premeditated attack, not a mistake in the heat of battle, as documents in this section will prove.

In this massacre Israel conveyed its message that it totally despises the UN and any international authority and that human life - even that of civilians - readily can be taken in order to install terror in people's minds. Massacres is a favoured Zionist method, the history of the Jewish state is dotted with them, and the leaders of Israel - falling back on millenia old racism and the ideology of "Jewish Supremacy" - have no moral second thoughts on this as the enemies of Israel are considered subhuman.

On the Second Qana Massacre perpetrated during Israel's 2006 War, see separate section below.

"The U.N. report, whose release on May 6 greatly angered both the Israeli and American ambassadors to the U.N.
because it suggested that the artillery attack was not a mistake, said that eight shells aimed at the center of the
Fijian camp had proximity fuses. The majority of shells that fell outside the camp, near the site of earlier Hezbollah
mortar firing, were impact-fused rounds which are better for destroying equipment. This made it `improbable,'
according to the U.N. report prepared by a Dutch military officer, that the two types of rounds were fired in random
order as the Israel Defense Forces later claimed."

"Dozens of people with arms and legs missing or hanging off of them by bits of skin crawled out on their knees covered with blood trying to escape ... as the proximity shells came in again and again, 17 minutes long."

From ADC Press Release commemorating the Fourth Anniversary of Qana Massacre (
"Israel claimed that the attack was a mistake. However, Major-General Franklin van Kappen, who conducted an investigation for the United Nations into the massacre, reported to the Security Council that `While the possibility cannot be ruled out completely, it is unlikely that the shelling of the United Nations compound was the result of gross technical and/or procedural errors.' Following its own investigation, Amnesty International stated that `Amnesty International believes that the IDF intentionally attacked the UN compound.' On June 7, 1997, the United Nations demanded that Israel pay $1.7 million in damages to the UN for the Qana Massacre.

  The July War of  2006

The savage war of the summer of 2006 shows what Zionism is all about. This was a pre-meditated attack aimed at all Lebanese, with the aim of destroying Lebanon's economic potential, crippling its infrastructure, and killing its children. That it was a war against the Resistance was just a pretext, the list of targets shows that Lebanon as a viable state was the main goal of the Zionist war plotters.

Still Israel's military leaders had the delirious idea that they in the same sweep would be able to crush the Resistance. Instead they were severly whipped.

This section publishes documents on Israel's war crimes, it's cluster bombs, the oil spill, etc.

In the separate section on the Resistance we have collected other documents on the more military aspects of this war, a battle that has reshaped the military-political realities in the region and shocked the Zionist establishment to the core.

Cluster bombs

Oil spill, Environmental War

"The price we pay: a quarter-century of Israel's use of American weapons against civilians in Lebanon (1978-2006)", by Franklin Lamb
Order book from: and at 

  2023 / 2024 Al-Aqsa Flood Battle  

 A Hezbollah missile wrecks one of Israel's high-tech domes at its
multimillion dollar air surveillance-HQ in Meron,
6th of January 2024.
In the wake of Palestinian resistance group Hamas' successful 7th October 2023 attack on the Zionist settlements strangling Gaza - the "Al-Aqsa Flood Operation" - Hezbollah on 8th October opened up a Northern, Lebanese, Front towards the Enemy, to relieve the pressure on their Palestinian brethren - but also to prevent an Israeli onslaught on Lebanon.

  Jewish Religion and Racism

To win a war you have to try to get an understanding of the enemy's ideology, to penetrate their way of thinking and thus be able to pre-calculate their future plans and strategies.

Israel is created on the basis of the racist visions of their Bible - the "Torah" - and an army of ideological indoctrinators in the form of rabbis influence all levels of the Jewish state, from persons of government to the armed forces and the civilians, fostering them in this ideology of hate and revenge.

So when Israel uses US missile technology - which was originally designed against state of the art Soviet tanks - to instead attack civilians in, for instance, Lebanese ambulances, it's no coincidence.

See also Judaism - the ideology behind massacres - our special section on the Jewish so-called "religion"

  Zionist Propaganda War

Article 2Just as in all wars the Zionist enemy is waging a war of propaganda and desinformation. But due to the exclusive nature of Jewish influence in the Western medias and specifically in Israel´s benefactor the USA, this war propaganda reaches enourmous levels of impact. The major news outlets are controlled by so-called "friends of Israel" and anybody resisting its aggressions and expansionism is demonized in their press, medias reaching millions of unsuspecting Westerners.

This media dominance is also used to mobilize economical and political support for Israel and to hide or downplay its countless of crimes against humanity.

In this section documents are published to shed som light on this vast - and important - aspect of the present conflict. Highlighting this aspect of their war is of major importance in winning over the desinformed peoples of the West to the cause of Right and Justice, and revealing who is the real terrorist and criminal in the more than half a century of conflict in the Middle East.

See also our special section on Jewish Media Power and Influence

  Al-Manar and Freedom of Speech

Documents on the Media Resistance, the struggle to keep the World informed on the Israeli onslaught against Lebanon. The Zionists use all means, even laser-guided bombs, in their desperate fight to try to shut down the beacons of truth.


  Image Gallery


  Movie Gallery

The Lebanese are not even free to have an anti-Zionist conference in their country...

For more on the conference see our Revisionist section.

Article 1
Racist Jewish Fundamentalism a Factor By Omar Barghouti
Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora condemned Israel's massacre in Qana today as a "heinous crime" and called Israeli leaders "war criminals." Reacting to an earlier atrocity, he wondered: "Is the value of human life in Lebanon less than that of the citizens of other countries?" The answer, at least as far as Israel is concerned, is an unambiguous "yes!" Israel's latest...
Article 2
The Blood on Israel's Hands By Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed “A war of terrorism was forced on us”, announced Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a live televised broadcast outlining Israeli war plans in the wake...
Article 2
The Lobby and the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon By James Petras
All the national, state and local Jewish organizations have launched a $300 million fundraising and propaganda campaign in support of the 21 Jewish civilians and 116 soldiers killed during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon (but not the 18 Israeli Arabs who were...
Article 2
Nearly All the War Crimes Were Israels By Jonathan Cook
This week marks a year since the end of hostilities now officially called the Second Lebanon war by Israelis. A month of fighting -- mostly Israeli aerial bombardment of Lebanon, and rocket attacks from the Shia militia Hizbullah on northern Israel in...
Article 2
Massacre in Sanctuary; Eyewitness By Robert Fisk The Middle East yesterday experienced its blackest day since the launch of the Arab-Israeli peace process, threatening to plunge the region into a sickening new cycle of violence. Israeli shells hit a UN base which had become a sanctuary for civilian refugees, killing 101 people...
Article 2
Khiam Prison
Khiam prison was a detention and interrogation camp during the years of the Israeli occupation in Southern Lebanon. From 1985 until the Israeli defeat in May 2000, thousands of Lebanese were held in Khiam without trial. Most of them were brutally tortured - some of them died...
Article 2
Shiites are under-represented By David Morrison
The most important fact about Lebanese politics, which the Western media rarely tell us, is that the Shiite community is under-represented within the Lebanese political system. Bush and Blair constantly talk about defending democracy in...
Article 2
The Real Goal of Israel's War on Lebanon By Jonathan Cook
Israel's supposedly "defensive" assault on Hizbullah last summer, in which more than 1,000 Lebanese civilians were killed in a massive aerial bombardment that ended with Israel littering the country's south with cluster bombs...


  Lebanon News

  Lebanon Links

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