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Thursday, 31 January 2013

I know the slander of those who say they are Jews but are Khazarians

In December 2012 Israeli geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik published his paper The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, which has scientifically proven that Ashkenazi Jews, 90% of the Jews in the world, are the descendants of the Khazars/Khazarians; the populace of the once mighty Empire, whose pagan King, and his pagans subjects, converted to rabbinical Judaism en masse in the 8th century.

Dr. Elhaik spoke of a previous study which had claimed to have proved that Ashkenazi Jews were not the descendants of the the Khazarians, but instead proved that they originated from the Levant: "It is my impression that their results were written before they began the research. First they shot their arrow - and then they painted the bull's-eye around it."

Unlike previous studies, which "proved" what the Zionist Khazarians wanted to hear i.e. they were they descendants of the tribe of Judea, Elhaik's study has been meet with silence in Israel, with virtually all historians and geneticists refusing to comment to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

It was Henry, a valued commenter on this blog, who first told me of this study, and sent me a copies of Elhaik's paper and a report on it from the journal Genome Biology and Evolution, published by Oxford University Press. It's not the first time he has sent me very interesting documents, so a big thank you to Henry! 

On the first two pages below is the aforementioned Genome Biology and Evolution article by Danielle Venton, and is fairly straightforward. The Haartez link above, is a mainstream report on Elhaik's paper.  The study itself is a scientific paper, by a geneticist for geneticists, so it's not all 'light reading', to put it mildly.

Posted by The Black Rabbit of Inlé at 12:48


  1. Interestingly Prof Kevin Macdonald despite being the guru of the radical right was always of the opinion that the Khazar origin was false. I wonder if this will change the professor's mind.
    1. I've now sent the papers to Kevin MacDonald and await his response, if any.
  2. The rebuttal from the Jewish world.
  3. After the orgy of " Holocaust week" you would think that the propagandists of the MSM would have a pause.
    But hey every day is " Holocaust day " for the MSM ! In today's Daily Mail read by the unthinking Brits we have the charming story of how Rudolf Hoess could be kind to children whilst at the same time throwing Jews into gas chambers.... comments are pre moderated!
    1. Jews in the British army threatened to send Rudolp Hoess' children to Siberia unless his wife told them where Hoess was hiding. They admit it in a British Army report:

      "We informed Frau Hoess that the train outside was to take her three sons to Siberia, unless she told us where her husband was,"
      — Captain Victor Cross, 92 Field Security Section, Report 15 March 1946 *

      What did they threaten to do to his children to make Hoess admit to gassing 2,500,000 people between the summer of 1941 and November 1943?

      * As quoted in Baxter, Ian. The Commandant. Rudolf Hoess, the Creator of Auschwitz. Meath, RoI: Maverick. 2008. pp.174-175 & 217 & 222.
  4. Rabbit:
    "Eran Elhaik's ... paper ... has scientifically proven that Ashkenazi Jews ... are the descendants of the Khazars/Khazarians"

    This is shockingly dishonest. El-haik's own claim is that he's shown they're of *mixed* Khazar and ME ancestry.

    McDonald (and many others) are absolutely right: one can't be too cautious about this Khazar kool-aid, and yet it keeps getting screamed in our faces just like controlled demolition on 9-11...

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