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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Jewish camp prostitutes? yes, Yes, YES .... or No

1942, the Nazis opened their first concentration camp brothel at Mauthausen,
in Austria. By 1945 the Nazi-pimps were running 10 concentration brothels.

The brothel in the Auschwitz Stammlager, Block 24A,
had 21 whores, and was immediately next to the main-gate,
with the Arbeit macht frei (Work makes you free) sign.

Dr. Mengele, the hardest working Nazi in the Third Reich. Aside from choosing who'd live and who'd be gassed, sewing twins together, and attempting to change Irene Zisblatt's eye colour, he also chose the women for the brothels:

"The girls for these brothels were chosen by doctors in the camp. To the best of my knowledge,
Dr. Klein and Dr. Mengele carried out this selection from volunteers whom I had chosen."

But, did Nazi pimps order Jewish women to
'Shake them titties and wiggle that ass' ???

There are conflicting accounts

Sex between Jews and non-Jews was forbidden under the Nuremberg Laws:

Nuremberg Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor, September 15, 1935

Extramarital intercourse between Jews and subjects of
the state of German or related blood is forbidden.

The Nazis did open at least one brothel for the Jews

"Today there is only one known case of a state-run brothel for Jews in the Third Reich.
The Gestapo organized a brothel in Hamburg near Valentinskamp with money
from the Jewish community, but it soon closed because of too few requests." source

The girls must have been non-Jewish, as Jews were not allowed to be prostitutes source

And non-German, as Jews were forbidden to visit German prostitutes source

German Robert Sommer, spent 10 years researching his 460 page book entitled Das KZ Bordell about the
Nazis' brothels. The following is a quote from his earlier Short Exposé for a PhD dissertation by Robert Somme:

"In May 1941 the chief of the SS Heinrich Himmler visited the Mauthausen concentration camp, where he gave an order to open a brothel for prisoners inside the camp. Consequently, in 1942 the SS started building “Sonderbauten”, “special buildings” - camp brothels, in almost all major concentration camps.."


In a 2009 interview with The Deutsche Welle, Robert Somme said:

“A large majority of those forced into prostitution in the concentration camps were branded
socially undesirable or anti-social by the Nazis. But there were no Jewish women
among them, nor were any male Jewish inmates ever admitted to the brothels”

A Deutsche Welle article also states "The German social scientist says about 70 percent
of these women were Germans. The rest came from Ukraine, Poland and Belarus..
174 women are known by name, it was probably much more."

A Bloomberg article on Somme's book states of the brothels: "Sommer estimates
that fewer than 1 percent of inmates visited them. Jews were denied entry."


Published in 1943 by Polish Jews in America, The Black Book of Polish Jewry
claims the Nazis were planning to use Jewish girls as prostitutes

"a proposal by Professor Richter to open a brothel in Warsaw for
the German military forces, the Health Department to supply the
house with prostitutes, including fifty Jewish girls."

A Gestapo official named Wende reportedly said to Dr. Henryk Szoszkies,
a member of the Jewish council:

"After all you are a man and you can understand us; we need women
and we believe that we are proposing a plan for the Jewish community
from which it can profit. Don't let the race-laws bother you. War is war,
and in such a situation all theories die out."
The Black book of Polish Jewry (1943) p.26 & p.27

Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier (1912-1996) was a communist minister in the French parliament.
She was also an Auschwitzer who testified at Nuremberg, where she lied, and lied and lied again.
Here's what she had to say about the brothels at Auschwitz, and how the girls were chosen:

"MME. VAILLANT-COUTURIER: At Auschwitz there was a brothel for the SS and also one for the male internees of the staff, who were called "Kapo." Moreover, when the SS needed servants, they came accompanied by the Oberaufseherin, that is, the woman commandant of the camp, to make a choice during the process of disinfection. They would point to a young girl, whom. the Oberaufseherin would take out of the ranks. They would look her over and make jokes about her physique; and if she was pretty and they liked her, they would hire her as a maid with the consent of the Oberaufseherin, who would tell her that she was to obey them absolutely no matter what they asked of her.

M. DUBOST: Why did they go during disinfection?

MME. VAILLANT-COUTURIER: Because during the disinfection the women were naked.

M. DUBOST: This system of demoralization and corruption-was it exceptional?

MME. VAILLANT-COUTURIER: No, the system was identical in all the camps where I have been, and I have spoken to internees coming from camps where I myself had never been; it was the same thing everywhere. The system was identical no matter what the camp was. There were, however, certain variations. I believe that Auschwitz was one of the harshest; but later I went to Ravensbruck, where there also was a house of ill fame and where recruiting was also carried out among the internees."

World's leading Auschwitz expert Robert Jan van Pelt, Jewish, in his 1996 book
Auschwitz 1270 to the Present (plates p.4), co-authored with Jewish historian
Deborah Dwork, states Jewish women were used as camp prostitutes at Auschwitz:

click image to enlarge
"In Auschwitz, the prohibition against sexual intercourse between Germans and Jews
applied to the SS but not to the German kapos, camp functionaries, or particularly
productive "Aryan" prisoners. The "Special Barrack" depicted in plate 20 (above) was
evidently meant to house young Jewish women specially selected to be camp prostitutes."

American feminist Catharine A. Mackinnon makes numerous claims about Jewish
women forced into prostitution by the Nazis, in her 2006 book Are Women Human?

"Jewish women were imprisoned in special brothels in some places for use by the elite SS guards.
One report from a woman survivor who was used in this way recounts that attractive women at
the first selection at Auschwitz were "ordered out of line" and subsequently "used for the most licentious
purposes, kept alive solely to satisfy the base instincts of several sadistic and bestial Nazis." source

"Christa Paul (a German historian) concludes; "No doubt remains that, despite the prohibition on
intercourse with Jews, Jewish women were taken away to military brothels.... The women had
to sexually serve the soldiers under threat of death."" source

"When Jewish women were sexually used in brothels in concentration
camps during the Holocaust, they were used as Jewish women
"as such," no matter who else was used with them." source

Hadassah Rosensaft "Matriarch" of holocaust survivors & perjurer, in white coat.

"Hadassah Rosensaft, who aged 85: "died on October 3, 1997, of liver failure resulting
from malaria and hepatitis she had contracted at (Auschwitz) Birkenau" 53 years earlier.

She caught a tropical disease in Poland?

She was a Polish Jew and a dentist. Her entire family was sent to Auschwitz in August 1943. Her parents,
brother, husband and son were immediately gassed, but due to her medical training she was selected to work
along side Dr. Mengele, as a doctor, in the "Jewish infirmary." She saved hundreds of Jews from the gas
chambers by pretending they weren't ill.

She committed perjury at the 1945 Belsen trial of 45 Nazis, when she stated:

"I have examined the records of the numbers cremated and I say that the records show
that about 4,000,000 persons were cremated at the camp (Auschwitz). I say that from my
own observation I have no doubt that at least this number were exterminated."

So she's clearly dishonest, but that's a common trait amongst holocaust story tellers. Speaking of which:

Her memoirs published in 2004, 7 years after her death from a tropical disease she
caught in Poland. State Jewish women were selected to become prostitutes

"Block 27, known as the Schonungsblock, the so-called convalescent's barrack. Schonung means to beautify, or "taking care of," and Jewish women released from the infirmary spent a few days in Block 27. The inmates did not want to be there because they were afraid of selections. In fact, however, most were taken to the main camp of Auschwitz to be subjected for medicals experiments. Other women from Block 27 were chosen to be prostitutes and taken to a bordello within the camp. Few came back. We never knew what had become of them."

Her obituary in the New York Times, also mentions Jewish prostitutes at Nazi concentration camps:

"She was using her maiden surname, Bimko, when she testified in 1945 before the British military court in Luneburg. She sometimes wept as she recounted Nazi crimes. She said some of the total of 45 defendants had picked out Jewish prisoners in the Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen camps to be put to death or used as prostitutes."

Elisabeth Gelb, a Hungarian Jew sent to Auschwitz aged 24, says facially tattooed young Jewish girls, and men, were forced to be prostitutes. Her story appeared in Suburban, a newspaper in Sayreville, New Jersey, after she'd spoken to local children about her experiences. But, she claims new arrivals washed in soap made from humans, a pre-holocaust holocaust rumour, long-ago exposed as a complete lie.

"I want you to imagine and feel the horror [of] when all the women, young and old, teenagers like you, standing naked ... and redfacedwhen the S.S. soldiers came in to look at us," Gelb said. "The budding beauties of our people, the young girls were taken to the S.S. brothel where they were tattooed on the forehead with the words 'Yuden Hure,' which means 'Jewish Whore.'"

The young women were then raped, time and time again, until they fell ill or became
pregnant. When they were no longer of use to their captors, they were killed.

Young men were also taken to brothels and treated like objects, Gelb said.

Vera Laska, was a non-Jewish, Czech resistance fighter from the age of 15. She was on the Nazis' "Most Wanted List" until she surrendered on hearing her mother was in Auschwitz. Her mother was gassed, but she survived to write many holocaust books. One of which is mentioned by Myrna Goldenberg PhD in her paper Sex, Rape & Survival: Jewish Women and the Holocaust. She states Jewish prostitutes in camp brothels were rare:

“Although we have little documentation about rape, forced sexual slavery, sex for survival/ bartering for food or other necessities from which to draw conclusions, we do have isolated reports. For example, Vera Laska observed that rape and forced prostitution of Jewish women in camp brothels were rare because, if caught, the SS would risk severe punishment or transfer to the Russian front. “Most SS,” she said, “cherished their camp job which was a sinecure with power.””

Auschwitzer Ibi Knell suffered in silence for decades, but in 80's she got into the
Ho£ocaust racket. An article in The Yorkshire Post which is basically an advert
for her 2010 book The Woman Without A Number it states:

After war broke out, life became increasingly precarious, with Jewish girls
routinely rounded up and taken to work as prostitutes for German soldiers.

The Men With the Pink Triangle is a book first published in 1980, it's based on the memories of an unnamed homosexual Austrian man who survived the holocaust, apart from claiming more than 4,000,000 people were killed at Auschwitz, it's also states of Jewish women used as prostitutes at Flossenbürg concentration camp:

"One day the truck with the "girls" arrived at the camp gate and rolled up at the special block, impatiently anticipated by many people. Ten young women got out, and were taken into their quarters. They came from the women's camp at Ravenbrück, and were almost all Jews and Gypsies. The SS had brought them to Flossenbürg on the pretext that after six months of "service to clients" they would be released from concentration camp (sic). The tortures and sufferings in the women's camps must have been just as bad as those inflicted on the male prisoners at Flossenbürg, otherwise it would be incomprehensible that girls such as these would have volunteered for brothel service. The promise of freedom was a gleaming one, an end to torture and brutality, as well as the pangs of hunger."

The House of Dolls is a notorious 1955 book by Jewish Auschwitz survivor Yehiel De-Nur, in a later book he claims 1000 Auschwitzers ate a Jew covered in marmalade alive. The House of Dolls is about a 14 year old Jewish girl, forced to become a part of the Freudenabteilung (Joy Division, the English rock band took their name from this book) Nazi sex slaves, and she was tattooed with the words "Feld-Hure" (Field Whore) on her chest. The author claimed the book was about his sister, despite the fact he didn't have a sister. The book is part of the Israeli High School curriculum.

Above is a photo by Hungarian Jew Paul Goldman, who died in 1986. He claimed it
was taken in Israel, and the woman was an Auschwitz survivor, forced to be a sex
slave of the Nazis who tattooed "Field Whore" on her chest. It's an obvious fake.

There is a famous Israeli poem by Yitzhak Sadeh dating from
shortly after WW2 called "My Sister on the Beach" read here
The poem reads "Her flesh is branded 'For Officers Only'"

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Pierre Berg speaks about the brothel in Auschwitz III (Monowitz).
No mention of Jewish whores, just French ones, and how the ashes
from cremated humans makes good fertilizer & grows huge cabbages.

Catholic priest & friend of the Jews, Father Patrick Desbois,
who has the hilarious theory that the Nazis hid details of
the Ho£ocaust in weather reports details says:

"There are stories of how the Nazis drummed on empty buckets to avoid having to listen to the
screams of their victims, how Jewish women were made sex slaves of the Nazis and then executed."

Posted by The Black Rabbit of Inlé at 01:28


  1. are you a Holocaust denier or some sort of weirdo? Why?
    1. Define the "Holocaust" Jessica, and then I'll be able to tell you whether or not I deny it.
  2. Most conspiracy theories, and theorists, have the same problem. No perspective. You want to poke holes in the testimony of this witness, or that story, and hope that in doing so you'll make discredit the reality of the Holocaust (defined here as the Nazis' systemic murder of millions of Jews by gassing, shooting, etc.) in its entirety. You're no different than the 9/11 Truthers who want to draw people's focus to the melting point of steel, or the collapse of Building 7, so that we forget all about Al Qaeda, bin Laden, and the obvious conclusions that are staring us right in the face. You say you want people to look closely at history, but what you really want is for them to become so myopic they can't see the forest for the trees. Where did these people go? The millions of missing Polish and Hungarian Jews went where exactly? Why did the Germans add so many large crematoria to these concentration camps? Why would so many eyewitnesses lie about the existence of gas chambers? Why would Nazi officials like Eichmann and Rudolf Hoess, and SS guards at the concentration camps, confirm that these atrocities occurred in their testimony after the war? You're hoping that if I stare at my hand under a microscope long enough, I'll forget it's my hand. You would do well to remember Occam's Razor. 9/11 wasn't a neo-con black flag operation, the American government didn't create AIDS, and the Holocaust isn't a hoax. You're a conspiracy theorist. You didn't form your conclusion by weighing all the evidence, you formed it by ignoring 99% of the evidence. You're hoping to convince other people to do the same. I hope they won't be fooled.
  3. This is the most disgracefully insensitive and ignorant thing I have ever seen.
  4. I've had trouble reading this thing, because it doesn't make any sense.

    Either Jewish women were too disgusting to fuck because they were racially below par, so wouldn't have been used as whores, thus making the brothels in Auschwitz and other death camps a myth because they would have been gassed instead (by your argument); OR they were OK to fuck, because they were less than human and good only for sex, so the brothels DID exist, as part of the dehumanising policy or just as to be expected. You're saying the first one - the brothels were a lie because the belief that Jews were filth would have prohibited fucking them, and would, instead, have had them exterminated as pollution, whatever gender.

    So... You DO think Jews were murdered in their millions then? OK, good, because you seem to be denying that later, before, and throughout, except when antisemitism works as an argument to suggest forced prostitution in death camps couldn't have been.

    Having established they were murdered and there were death camps, by your own say-so, we'll move into the sex/experimentation angle.

    It's perfectly possible to experiment on rats and then use the results for humans; we have plenty of examples of vivisection, and Mengele - whom I'm not sure if you believe existed or not - contributed hugely to the wealth of medical research that you couldn't get from real rats, but could from JudenRat; the research in Japan went even further; maybe check out Unit 731). It's also possible to use physical bodies, that you would never consider actually human, as receptacles of sexual pleasure (sometimes experimenting on them at the same time) - material objects, animals, individuals who are emotionally or intellectually inferior (and God don't I know it! The number of MORONS LIKE YOU I've been charitable enough to screw), or just what most men think about women anyway. Thus the idea of brothels in death camps involving the sexual use of Jewish women is easily possible amongst misogynists, and/or racists who hated fucking kikes as much as you do. These women were not human. Why not fuck them as well as kill them? If you've already burnt out their wombs there's no worry of reproduction, and they'll be dead soon anyway.

    This was the theme; well, it was the reality. Go back and get a new one, when the one you had last week has been either raped, worked, tortured or beaten to death. Why on earth would hating Jews prevent violating the ones who happen to have cunts? Hell, we're already using their fat for soap and candles, stuffing our sofas with their hair - why hold back on the fun bit? Men do it to mud. And even to Yids, who were considered less than dirt in those days. And in these, seemingly.

    So. You get all that do you? Which bit are you disputing? The burning of your intellectual superiors (the Jews, all those many millions, whom, had they lived, would have created a culture you'd have failed to exist in, except as a sad fool, generally laughed at and disparaged, but this time for your very real failings, not weird projection fantasies), the whoring out of Jewish women, the experiments, the candles and the soap, or the the fact you're just incredibly stupid as well as a misogynistic prick?

    I agree that the world needs a good cleansing out. It's just so far definitions of what is filth have been inaccurate, and maybe because we are using human fat TO clean things with, which renders our understanding of what is pure, and what is toxic, questionable. But your article gives us a pretty good C.V. on individual human degeneracy.

    Sadly for you, I deal with the afterlife. People there don't just get four minutes in a gas chamber, or even months, years or weeks of rape, torture, mutilation, death by labour, forcibly injected bubonic plague, or half an hour of agony on the bonfire. They burn for eternity.

    I'll see you there.

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