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Drinking urine in the holocaust


Their own and other people's - plus washing in it, seem common in many ho£ocau$t survivors stories.

Here's a few examples:

Fania Fenelon (Goldstein) a French Jew, was the singer in an orchestra at Auschwitz.

She played in a concert for Himmler

Slept in the same tent as Anne Frank 

Liked to wash in, and drink her own piss.

"A trick I'd found to cool myself was to wash in my urine. Keeping myself clean was essential to me, and there is nothing unclean about urine. I could drink it if I was thirsty—and I had done so."

Kitty Hart a Polish Jew spent one and a half years living in Block 20 at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Not once did she make it to the sink in Block 20 to wash - due to "a thousand women" in the queue in front of her. She states in a 1979 BBC documentary regarding her return to Auschwitz:

"Sometimes there was a bit of water here. With a thousand women trying
for a drop of water. Now I don't remember this, because I never ever managed to get as far as this. I washed in my urine David, that's where I washed. And what's more you had to keep your body clean because selections were carried out.

The SS came in here, everybody had to get down, strip and then they looked you over if you were dirty ... your number was taken down and you were heard [of] anymore."

"If you didn't have your bowl, you didn't have your soup.

If you didn't have your bowl you didn't have your toilet.

Because you bowl was your toilet ... You didn't wash it out.

That's was your life - your bowl. My bowl  it was red.

Benjamin Piskorz was a "survivor" of Treblinka.

In 1946 he was interviewed by Professor David Boder.
He states everybody drunk each others urine, straight from the source - on the train to Treblinka:

BENJAMIN PISKORZ: So they threw in also the dead people. In . . . in the wagón I was still feeling very bad. And also during the ride I was terribly thirsty. So there was there an acquaintance, a comrade of mine whom I begged, from the terrible thirst, [that] he should for me even . . . nu . . . I don't know how to say it, because . . . urine.


BENJAMIN PISKORZ: He made urine into my mouth.

DAVID BODER: How? Directly?

BENJAMIN PISKORZ: In the wagon, directly.

DAVID BODER: What does it mean, he made directly into . . .

BENJAMIN PISKORZ: He made into my . . . directly.

DAVID BODER: He urinated . . .


DAVID BODER: From his . . .

BENJAMIN PISKORZ: From his . . . yes.

DAVID BODER: From his body?


DAVID BODER: Into your mouth?

BENJAMIN PISKORZ: Straight into the mouth, because of the terrible thirst. This wasn't the first case, because all the people drank this way.

The 1946 Black Book on the holocaust in Romania, details piss and pus drinking by Jews aboard a train:

"The train under the command of Sub-Lieutenant Aurel Triandaf, which had departed from Targu Frumos the previous day, arrived in Mircesti at dawn. Here, 327 dead bodies were re moved from the freight cars; they were buried on the edge of a village called Iugani. The doors of the carriages were left open only long enough to remove the bodies. No water was given to the people, who had gone crazy from thirst. They drank urine and sucked the blood and pus out of one an other’s wounds. Those who jumped out of the carriages either to escape or drink from the puddles of rain water were shot dead."

Eva Olsson on drinking piss and pissing on rags at Bergen-Belsen:

"She remembers how the Nazis blew up the camp’s water supply a few days before the liberating forces arrived, so she tried to urinate on a rag for liquid to cool down her raging fever. She remembers other prisoners trying to drink their own urine."

Polish Jew Elaine Geller was only four when she was captured by the Nazis:

“I stole food … I drank urine … I did anything necessary to stay alive,”

"She had to hide in the barracks to avoid being put to death in the “showers” and even drink her own urine to keep her hydrated enough to stay alive."

Ebi Gabor witnessed a Jewish boy drinking his own piddle on the train ride to Auschwitz, she doesn't say how, but she does mention their was one shared poop and piddle bucket for everyone. She also saw Jews fighting over who got to sit on a corpse of a Jew who died on the train, the floor was hard:

"In the boxcar in which she and 80 others were taken to Auschwitz, over the course of five days without food or water, she said, the single bucket provided as a toilet was filled and overturned. When the first death occurred, the corpse became an alternative to the hard floor. "Can you imagine? Everybody was fighting to sit on that dead body." She watched a teenage boy drink his own urine."


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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