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Sunday, 22 July 2012

The British Catholic, Rudolph Hoess, and torturing children

This is a scanned copy of the original, and fairly well known photograph of Britain's Major Gerald Draper intimidating
former Auschwitz commandant, and father of five children, Rudoph Hoess. I found it on the Yad Vashem's website.

What is news (googling reveals this has never before been posted on the world wide web, and I've only found
 it partially quoted in one book), is that there was a hand written message on reverse of this photo. It reads:
Miden, March 1946
The moment when Col. Draper asked the question "How many millions have you gassed in your camp Auschwitz Birkenau, Hoess?"
Answer: "Between 2½ and 3½ millions in my time!"

Hoess' "time" at Auschwitz (as commandant) ended on December 1, 1943 (see 3868-PS), when he became deputy to the chief inspector of all concentration camps, Richard Gluecks. The Nazis would not destroy the last "gas chamber" at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Krema 5, until January 20, 1945, giving the Nazis 14 months more to gas Jews after Hoess had left.

Someone has clearly drawn Hoess' blood. The Yad Vashem claims this photo was taken in Poland. But Hoess is wearing the same shirt, and has the same drastically shaven haircut, as he does in the above photo with Draper, and also in this photo with two British soldiers. The Vad Yashem clearly has these photos incorrectly marked as being from Poland, when they're all from the British Occupied Zone of Germany.

Professor Colonel Gerald Irving Antony Dare Draper OBE (1914 - 1989)
"he secured the confession of Hoess, the Commandant of Auschwitz."

Revisionists have already noted the role of Gerald Draper in Hoess' "problematic" confessions. Robert Faurisson wrote in 1986 that Colonel Draper (who was Major Draper in March 1946), "he may also have been a Jew", and that Hoess mentions in "his autobiography" an "English public prosecutor, a major" gave him further "rough treatment." David Hebden has pointed out how Colonel Draper was the British prosecutor at the Tesch trial in March 1946, where it was asserted by the prosecution (i.e. him) that 4,500,000 were gassed at Birkenau alone. Hebden also convincingly asserts that Hoess' "confessed" estimates were forced from him to corroborate what German/Brazilian Nazi turned British army interpretor Perry Broad had testified to as a witness at the Tesch trial. I've also posts here relating to Hoess' torture by British Jews, and to his numerous and widely varying estimates of the number he supposedly killed at Auschwitz.

In this article, I'm just going to attempt to outline who Colonel Draper was, but a more extensive biography of his career as a Professor of Law, mainly relating to war, can be read here.

This an interview with Gerald Draper from 1988 the year before his death. He talks about his background, and of the mass slaughter of Croatian men, women and children, many just handed over to Tito by the British, in the aftermath of WWII. He was clearly a intelligent and highly educated man.

Gerald Draper was born on May 30, 1914 in Hove, Sussex, on the south-coast of England. His parents had separated sometime before he was born, but the Births, Marriages and Deaths Index states his mothers maiden name was Short. His friend and former student, Count de Salis, wrote in his brief Biographical Note of Gerald Draper which was published in 1998 in a collection of Draper's articles, that Draper spoke rarely of his childhood and early life, but both were deeply unhappy. He was raised in simple circumstances by a nanny, who he believed was his mother, and noted bitterly that he was disappointed, when aged six, his father, whom he did not recognise or know, came to collect him, and soon pack him off to a Preparatory School. Within a few months of being sent to Prep school, he caught pneumonia after being soaked with cold water by other boys, and almost died. After his recovery, he never again returned to school, being given a private education, presumably at his fathers' home. He later attended King's College, London University.

Draper graduated as a Bachelor of Laws from King's College London University in 1935. On his CV which he wrote shortly before his death as part of the procedure for receiving a Knighthood, it states that he became a solicitor in 1936, and obtained a Master of Laws Degree in 1938. In the interview above, he says he began his Master's Degree in 1937, for which he was writing his Dissertation when war broke out, so he had to abandon that to go into the army.

This is where Gerald Draper lived in 1939, according to the London Electoral Register. The house 
is in Southwest London, although I won't publish the address here, I found it quite easily online.

Draper's CV states he was a member of the Irish Guards from 1941 - 1944 in the ranks of Ensign and Subaltern. In 1945 he was seconded to the Judge Advocate General's Office (until 1948) and as a Military Prosecutor at the War Crimes Trials in Germany until 1949. Between 1950 until his retirement from the army in 1956, he was an Legal Advisor in directorate of the Army Legal Staff. He held the rank of Colonel on retirement.

As David Hebden pointed out, Draper was the prosecutor at the Tesch Trial, which was held between March 1 and March 8, 1946 in Hamburg. In the Law Reports of Trials of War Criminals Volume 1, published in 1947, page 93 (pdf copy), in it's "Outline of the Proceedings" for the Tesch trial or "The Zyklon B Case" It states:
"Major G.I.D. Draper, Irish Guards, Judge Advocate General's Branch, HQ. B.A.O.R., was Prosecutor."
In the above interview with Draper, he stated that he was also involved in the Nuremberg Trials, and in Count de Salis's Biographical Note, he makes mention of Draper cross examining German Field Marshall Erich von Manstein. Manstein's British run trial was held in Hamburg between August and December 1949, and other sources also confirm Draper was part on the prosecution team at the Manstein trial.

His Posthumously Published Book

In 1998 Reflections on Law and Armed Conflicts: The Selected Works on the Laws of War by the Late Professor Colonel G.I.A.D. Draper, OBE (hereafter RLAC) was published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. The relatively short book, is a collection of Draper's articles selected by the book's editors Hilaire McCoubrey and Michael A. Meyer. A forward was contributed by British barrister Sir Elihu Lauterpacht,  and a Biographical Note of Draper, was written by his friend and former student Count de Salis (who I believe is Charles John de Salis). Clearly this phenomenally expensive book was never intended for mass-market circulation, but it does feature the photograph of Draper and Hoess on the cover, and confirms that it was Draper who secured the confession from Hoess, that he had gassed 2,500,000 people at Auschwitz. These extracts I quote below.


In both the Forward written by Lauterpacht, and the Biographical Note by Count de Salis in RLAC, is mentioned a sever physical disability Draper suffered from. De Salis, states that sometime in the early 1950s, Draper's "back bent forward and rigid" and he "was left for the rest of his life under a handicap". As you can see on Draper's CV, this did not stop him from pursuing a successful academic career at the Universities of London and later Sussex.


Count de Salis wrote: "Gerald was profoundly Roman Catholic" and included among his closest friends distinguished Priests ...". Another admirer of Draper's, described him as "deeply Christian himself." Draper's memorial service was held in Guard's Chapel, in Wellington Military Barracks in London, where during the Sunday service on June 18, 1944 over 100 worshippers had been killed by a German V1 rocket.

Jewish Connection

Draper (right) and his wife at the Yad Vashem in Israel (probably taken when he visited in 1972), the man in the centre is Giddeon Hausner, the prosecutor at the Eichmann trial. Draper wrote an article praising the trial, Hannah Arendt called it a "show trial". The caption to this photo on the Yad Vashem database says: "The occasion of submitting the photographs of Rudolf Hess in the Polish prison." They obviously meant; German prison in the British controlled zone.

Count de Salis wrote that Draper "was a deep friend of Israel", and as previously mentioned, the introduction to RLAC was written by British barrister Sir Elihu Lauterpacht, who once said of his own father: "He was neither 'Austrian' nor 'Polish'. His identification was 'Jewish.'" In 1972 Draper was the speaker at the Lionel Cohen Lecture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. But none of that is compelling evidence of much. I have not been able to find out anything about Drapers parents who separated before he was born, aside from his mother's maiden name being Short. And his father must have been very wealthy to have had his son privately educated, including by Hubert Brinton, once a master at Eton.

Was Draper baptised a Catholic as an infant, and raised in the faith? I don't know. His regiment, the Irish Guards, indicates he was a Catholic when he joined the British Army. Indeed, Count de Salis also stated that as a young student in London, Draper "became a close friend of, and was much influenced by, Canon Alfonso de Zulueta, as a member of the League of Christ the King." The only thing that would have made Draper a Jew, would have been his mother being Jewish, and until more is known about her, it's pointless speculating upon it.

Col. Gerald Draper and Mrs. Gerald Draper, 14 March 1987

In Chelsea, London, during 1951, Gerald Draper married Hughes-Gibb or Vogue! That's how her name reads Register of Marriages at least. Count de Salis states Draper's wife's name was Julia. Sean Longden in his 2009 book T-Force: The Race for Nazi War Secrets, 1945, states that he had interviewed Draper's widow during his research for the book, as she was the first civilian member of staff on T-Force HQ, and he calls her "Julia Draper (formerly Jean Hughes-Gibb)". Where precisely the Drapers were married (church, chapel, registry office etc.), and whether they had any children, again, I don't know.

In this close-up of the photo, you can see Colonel Draper's Irish Guard's insignia

I believe this article conclusively answers Robert Faurisson's question asked in 1986:
"As one remembers, Höss said in his "memoirs": "I received further rough treatment at the hands of the English public prosecutor, a major" (Commandant in Auschwitz, p. 74). Did this major become a colonel and was his name "Draper"?
The editors of the 1998 book of Draper's selected articles, Hilaire McCoubrey and Michael A. Meyer, wrote in their introduction to the book:
Cover photo: Major Gerald Draper of the Judge Advocate General's Department of the British Army interrogating a man believed to be Rudolf Hoess, former Commandant of Auschwitz, soon after his arrest in the British Zone in Germany in March 1946. A handwritten note by Gerald Draper held in the Archives at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem explains the circumstance of the photograph as follows: How many millions have you gassed in your camp Auschwitz Birkenau, Hoess?" Answer: "Between 2½ and 3½ millions in my time!" (RLAC, p.i)
"He served with the Irish Guards in Europe and North Africa in the Second World War and was thereafter engaged as a military prosecutor at the trials of war criminals in Germany after the Second World War, in which capacity he secured the confession of Hoess, the Commandant of Auschwitz." (RLAC, p.xvii)
"The photograph of then Major Gerald Draper interogating a man believed to be the war criminal Rudolp Hoess, appears with permission of Andre Deutsch Ltd., having been used as an illustration in their book Blind Eye to Murder by Tom Bower (1981). The print itself was supplied by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem." (RLAC, pp.ix-x)
Clearly McCoubrey and Meyer didn't actually see the original photograph in Jerusalem when they wrote the above. It's not a separate note, the message is written on the back of the photograph. And if Draper wrote it himself, why on earth would he write the sentence McCoubrey and Meyer left off, or weren't told about by the Yad Vashem: "The moment when Col. Draper asked the question"? Surely Draper would not have referred to himself in the third person so ridiculously. And I don't know when Major Draper was promoted to Colonel Draper, discovering this would give an indication of how long after the photograph was taken, that the this message was written on the back of it. Also "Minden, March 1946" is written with a different pen to the main text, and I presume the "1097-2" handwritten in the top right and bottom left corners, is for filing/archival purposes, perhaps at the Yad Vashem.

Rudolf Hoess was captured around 2AM on March 12, 1946, according to the British Jew and army sergeant Bernard Clarke who led the capturing team. Clarke of course boasted of his team (containing several Jews, supposedly sons of Auschwitz victims) almost beating Hoess to death, forcing whiskey down his throat, and probably most significantly; threatening to hand his wife and son over to the Russians, who would shoot his wife.

As previously mentioned, Draper was in Hamburg for the trial of Zyklon B inventor Dr. Bruno Tesch, held between March 1 - March 8, 1945. I've not access to the transcripts of that trial, but William B. Lindsey in his highly informative 1983 articleZyklon B, Auschwitz, and Bruno Tesch, advises that the prosecution insisted that 4,000,000 Jews had gassed with Zyklon B at Auschwitz alone. Lindsey wrote of the prosecution's star witness, Emil Sehm, a begruntled ex-employee of Dr. Tesch, who claimed to have  seen documents in Dr. Tesch's office which proved Dr. Tesch knew that his Zyklon B was being used to kill Jews:
"It seems quite obvious that the incriminating parts of Sehm's testimony are monstrous fabrications. Sensing the completely irresponsible character of this testimony, Dr. Zippel, who defended Dr. Tesch, lost no time in denouncing Sehm as a liar, and after offering examples to the Tribunal in which he had certainly lied under oath, proceeded to deal with the other testimony, believing that of Sehm to have been completely discredited. In the end, however, it was Sehm's incredible accusations in the hands of the British prosecutor, Draper, which provided all the substance the Military Tribunal wanted to tie Dr. Tesch and Herr Weinbacher to the "Holocaust" juggernaut."
Major Draper put it to Dr. Tesch under cross examination:
"Is it now clear, do you agree with me that your gas helped to exterminate four million people in one concentration camp?"
"Were you aware that the murder of the four million was partly arranged by the Reicharzt SS?"
Lindsey on Draper's performance at the trial:
"In his cross-examination, the British Military Prosecutor, Major Draper, was obviously more interested in the political implications of the trial rather than in whether Dr. Tesch actually was guilty of the charge as stated in the indictment. Draper's manner was abusive, and his questions were usually "loaded.""
Major Draper—probably not under his own initiative—had been attempting to alchemise the lie that 4,000,000 Jews had been murdered by gas at Auschwitz into an established historical fact before Rudolph Hoess was even captured. Once such an important figure as the former commandant of Auschwitz fell into the clutches of the Holocaust Industry, it was inevitable that they were going to do all it took to use this man to shore up the myth of 4,000,000 gassed Jews. A myth which had supposedly already been proven in trial of Dr. Bruno Tesch, and at the also British-run trial at Bergen-Belsen of former Auschwitz-Birkenau commandant Joseph Kramer and 44 Others (November - December 1945).

Lindsey made a poignant comment in this regard:
The British Military Tribunal was confronted with an elementary problem of logic. If, on the basis of the obviously sullied, unclean testimony presented against Dr. Tesch, they acquitted him and Herr Weinbacher (business manger of Dr. Tesch's firm), there would have been no one else apparently at hand against whom could be made the accusation of supplying Zyklon B or initially recommending its use to kill Jews. If, indeed, there was a "Holocaust," someone had to have carried out these functions.

Count de Salis writes in his Biographical Note, that Draper "had played scrum-half for the Sandhurst rugby team". Sandhurst is of course the Royal Military Academy, where all future Officers in the British Army are trained, and rugby is of course that immensely physical game. Draper would have been quite familiar with a little rough and tumble.

A friend of Draper who condones the torture of suspect's children

Above is Bruce Anderson a prominent British journalist who in 2010 wrote in The Independent that security services have a moral duty to torture the children of potential terror suspects. Anderson also claimed to have been a friend of Gerald Draper, and to have listened to Draper recount his experience of extracting information from Hoess. In a 2008 article, which again appeared in The Independent, Anderson wrote:
"At the end of their sessions, Colonel Draper summed up. (I cannot remember the figures. Perhaps David Irvine could supply them.) "Herr Commandant, we have agreed that during your time at Auschwitz, 1.35 million people were killed." "Oh no, Herr Colonel, I make it 1.16million." Both men checked their calculations. "Ah, I see where the discrepancy arises," said Hoess. "You're including November'43, when I was on that course in Munich, as well as the fortnight in March '44 when I was on sick leave. Even though I was Commandant, I was not in day to day control then. I think you should mention that in your report." Gerald agreed to do so."
Clearly either Anderson or Gerald lied. The figures Draper extracted from Hoess were well over double, even triple what Anderson claimed in his article. But the interesting point is, a friend and admirer of Draper, remains an enthusiastic supporter of torturing suspects, their wives, and even their children to the present day.

4,000,000 Jews Gassed at Auschwitz-Birkenau

By the time Hoess was captured, at least four former inmates at Birkenau, had either given an affidavit, testified in court, or both, that 4,000,000 people (sometimes specifically Jews) had been gassed there. A former SS-Rottenführer (Lance-corporal) Perry Broad, facing the prospect of being handed over to the Soviets, testified at the Tesch trial that 2½ to 3 million Jews had been gassed at Birkenau (at his own trial, beginning in 1963, he maintained it was "two to three million Jews"). The 4,000,000 figure for Auschwitz alone, is in the Indictment of the main Nuremberg trial (Count III, Section VIII, Part A), to which all defendants had submitted their responsive pleas by December 10, 1945. And the 4,000,000 figure was also quoted at the Nuremberg trial, by a Soviet prosecutor on February 19, 1946, and by a British prosecutor on March 21, 1946.

Rudolph Hoess made the first of his several signed confessions on March 14, 1946, in which he admitted to having gassed 2,500,000 people whilst commandant of the Auschwitz camps (May 1940 - December 1943). When he was cross examined as a defence witness at the main Nuremberg trial on April 15, 1946, he agreed that he had gassed 2,500,000. Hoess' admittance to having gassed 2,500,000 and killing another 500,000 by disease, by December 1943, obviously allowed room for the additional 1,500,000 or 2,000,000 to have been killed during 1944, bringing the total up to the Holocaust Industry's originally desired figure of 4,000,000 plus at Auschwitz.

Auschwitz Revisionism

By early 1947 the Holocaust Industry, had clearly worked out that it wasn't necessary for 4,000,000 Jews to have been killed at Auschwitz, for them to maintain 6,000,000 Jews had been killed throughout Europe. Perhaps eyebrows had been raised following the publication of the English edition of The Black Book in 1946. It claimed 4,000,000 Jews were killed at Auschwitz (p.396), 1,135,000 Jews were killed at Chelmno (p.377), 750,000 Jews were killed at Majdanek (p.379), and 3,000,000  "mainly Jews" were killed at Treblinka (p.407 & 400). If we proceed with the "mainly" of 3,000,000, being 2,500,000 (which is more than justified by other parts of The Black Book on deportations to Treblinka), then at just those four camps alone, 8,385,000 Jews were killed. But The Black Book (pages 4, 241 and 396) states just 6,000,000 European Jews were killed. Something obviously had to be done.

Roughly six weeks after his appearance at the Nuremberg trial, on May 25, 1946 Hoess was handed over to officials from the Soviet puppet regime of Poland, who immediately flew him to Warsaw, and placed him in a prison. Following seven months of interrogation, Hoess supposedly wrote an autobiography during January and February of 1947. In his memoirs, which provide full details of the gassings at Auschwitz and Birkenau, Hoess lowered his estimate of the number he gassed from 2,500,000 (which appears in three separate affidavits he gave in April and May 1946 (NO-1210, 3868-PS and NI-034), to a minimum of 1,130,000, but certainly not significantly more. This figure was purportedly obtained by Hoess by then having remembered the numbers of Jews Adolf Eichmann or one of his subordinates had told him had been deported to the Auschwitz camps.

Hoess was himself put on trial in Krakow on March 11, 1947, and the Indictment states that 4,000,000 mainly Jews were killed at Auschwitz, along with another 300,000 inmates who'd been registered at the camp. During the trial Hoess apparently denied the 4,000,000 figure again, maintaining it was around 1,500,000. Converging on evidence that Hoess' reduction was not all his own work, is the "Expert Opinion" of Jewish historian Nachman Blumental of the Polish Jewish Historical Committee, whose report dated March 25, 1947 was submitted as evidence to Hoess' trial. It reads:
“Hence, about 3,000,000 died in the large death camps: Bełżec, Chełmno, Auschwitz, Sobibór and Treblinka. Estimating, in accordance with the findings of the judicial investigation, the number of victims at the Chełmno and Treblinka death camps to be about 1,000,000 (to be precise 731,600 at Treblinka and 340,000 at Chełmno), plus about 400,000 for Majdanek and its sub-camps, about 400,000 altogether for Sobibór and Bełżec, about 1,500,000 victims remain for Auschwitz.”
The world's leading Revisionist, Carlo Mattogno, has pointed out that this report proves nothing more than the fact Blumental was poor at mathematics. I'd believe it also strongly suggests that Hoess' reduction of the death toll was the result of an boardroom decision of Holocaust Industry, who had decided that the figures for the individual "death camps" were unnecessary high for their overall desired figure of 6,000,000 holocausted Jews. Hoess was found guilty of having killed "an undetermined number of people, at least 2,500,000, mainly Jews", sentenced to death, and executed by hanging in the main Auschwitz camp on April 16, 1947.


Just what could Draper have said in that moment which was captured in this photograph, what was it Draper told Hoess which produced such a look of fear on his face? The threat of another beating! Unlikely, Hoess had fought in the First World War, and been recognised for his bravery with the Iron Cross First Class. Hoess was to appear at the Nuremberg trial, he could hardly be placed before the film cameras with blacken eyes.

Draper's torture-approving friend Bruce Anderson, also wrote in 2008, of Draper's interrogation of Hoess
Thirty years later, when Gerald retold the story, the emotions which he had suppressed at the time would seize possession of his soul. It was as if there was a poison in his bloodstream, which the cleansing organs were powerless to eliminate, even after several decades. 
Anderson insists that the "poison in his bloodstream" was a result of Draper having to endure listening to Hoess retell the horrors of Auschwitz 30 year prior. But in reality, it was undoubtedly due to the guilt that haunted Draper for the rest of his life, for having been complicit to the torture of Hoess' family—blackmailing Hoess to tell the world at the Nuremberg trial, that the Nazis had gassed millions of Jews at Auschwitz.


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  4. Excellent - thank you and do continue your good work!



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