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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Thrown out of the SS for beating up Jews

A few select quotes from a interview Adolf Eichmann gave to a "Dutch Nazi journalist" in 1955, the interview was edited and appears in two 1960 issues of LIFE Magazine

Hitler's Jewish mistress / cook
"Some of my early work was with the Nürnberg laws, in force since 1935. Under the formula adopted at that time for "Final Solution of the Jewish Question," the laws intended to drive Jews out of all phases of German life. My experience in this field was often of a confidential and rather embarrassing nature, as when I established the the Führer's diet cook, who was at one time his mistress, was 1/32nd Jewish. My immediate superior, Lieutenant General Heinrich Müller, quickly classified my report as Top Secret." source

Jews willingly jumped into the pits
"Müller had heard that Jews were being shot near Minsk, and he wanted a report. I was there and showed my orders to the local commander. "That's a fine coincidence,"he said. "Tomorrow 5,000 of them are getting theirs." ... When I rode out the next morning, they had already started ... I watched the last group of Jews undress, down to their shirts. They walked the last 100 - 200 yards—they were not driven—then they jumped into the pit. It was impressive to see them all jumping into the pit without offering any resistance whatsoever. The all the men of the squad banged away into the pit with their rifles and machine pistols." source

"I would have been a fanatical Zionist"
1937: Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Eretz Yisrael aka British Mandate Palestine

"In 1937, after I had been struggling with Hebrew for two and a half years, I had the chance to take a trip to Palestine. We were most interested in the Palestine emigration and I wanted to find out at what point a new Jewish state in Palestine might be set up. Unfortunately Palestine was then in turmoil, and the British turned down my application for an extended stay. I did see enough to be very impressed by the way the Jewish colonists were building up their land. I admired their desperate will to live, the more so since I was myself an idealist. In the years that followed I often said to Jews with whom I had dealings that, had I been a Jew, I would have been a fanatical Zionist. I could not imagine being anything else. In fact, I would have been the most ardent Zionist imaginable." source

Jews in the SS
Reinhard Heydrich Jewish

"In general we respected the Jewish combat veterans of World War I. We even had some Jewish SS men who had taken part in the early struggles of the Nazis—about 50 of them in Germany and Austria. I remember giving my personal attention to a Jewish SS sergeant, a good man, who wanted to leave for Switzerland. I had instructed the border control to let him pass, but when he reached the Swiss border he apparently thought something had gone wrong. He tried to cross illegally through the woods and he was shot. He was a 100 percent Jew, a man of the most honourable outlook." source

Expelled from the SS for beating up Jews
"Through all this period I saw the Jewish problem as a question to be solved politically. So did Himmler and the entire Gestapo. It was not a matter of emotion. My SS comrades and I rejected the crude devices of burning temples, robbing Jewish stores and maltreating Jews on the streets. We wanted no violence. One of my former officers was expelled from the SS for beating up four or five Jews in the cellar of our offices." source

Jews founded the Jewish ghettos in Poland & the Zionists thought them wonderful

Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto feared the Jewish police far more than they feared the Nazi SS details

"Along with the liquidation camps we continued to maintain the ghetto system. I would not say originated the ghetto system. That would be to claim too great a distinction. The father of the ghetto system was the orthodox Jew, who wanted to remain by himself. In 1939, when we marched into Poland, we found a system of ghettos already in existence, begun and maintained by the Jews. We merely regulated these, sealed them off with walls and barbed wire and included even more Jews than were dwelling in them.

The assimilated Jew was of course very unhappy about being moved to a ghetto. But the Orthodox were pleased with the arrangement, as were the Zionists. The latter found ghettos a wonderful device for accustoming Jews for community living. Dr. Epstein from Berlin once siad to me that Jewry was grateful for the chance I gave it to learn comunity life at the ghetto I founded at Theresienstadt, 40 miles from Prague. He said it made an excellent school for the future Israel." source

Himmler doesn't like the Jews hurt
"I once saw a soldier beat a frail old Jew over the head with a rubber club. I spoke to the soldier, reported him to his commander and demanded he be punished and demoted. Himmler would not stand for that kind of thing. That is sadism." source

Genocide buses
'Gaswagon' due to wartime fuel shortage, retro-fitted to run on 'wood gas'
Public transport, not tool of genocide - details

"Arriving at Litzmannstadt, I drove out to the designated place where a thousand Jews were about to board buses. The buses were normal, high-windowed affairs with all their windows closed. During the trip, I was told, the carbon monoxide from the exhaust pipe was conducted into the interior of the buses. It was intended to kill the passengers immediately. ... I had been told that the whole process took only about three minutes, but the buses rode along for about quarter of an hour. ... The bus in which I was riding turned and backed up before a pit about two metres deep. The doors opened. Some Poles who stood there jumped into the buses and threw the corpses into the pit. I was badly shaken by what I then saw. Another Pole with a pair of pliers in his hand jumped into the pit. He went through the corpses, opening their mouths. Whenever he saw a gold tooth, he pulled it out and dumped it into a small bag he was carrying." source

"Auschwitz not primarily a death camp"
"... Commandant Hoess often complained about the condition of Jews who arrived from Hungary. This proves that Auschwitz was not primarily a death camp. If Hoess simply sent the Jews into the oven, it would not have made any difference to him. He would not have complained to General Pohl, his chief, when a few corpses were lying around in the cars because people had given them to little to eat or drink." source

Majority of Hungarian Jews not gassed
"All told, we succeeded in processing about half a million Jews in Hungary. I once knew the exact number that we shipped to Auschwitz, but today I can only estimate that it was around 350,000 in a period of about four months. But, contrary to legend, the majority of the deportees were not gassed at all but put to work in munitions plants. That is why there are thousands of Jews happily alive today who are included in the statistical totals of the "liquidated." Besides those we sent to Auschwitz, there were thousands and thousands who fled, some secretly, some with our connivance. It was child's play for a Jew to reach relative safety in Rumania if he could muster the few pengö to pay for a railroad ticket or an auto ride to the border. There were also 200,000 Jews left in a huge ghetto when the Russians arrived, and thousands more waiting to emigrate illegally to Palestine or simply hiding out from the Hungarian gendarmerie."

Mountain of Jews not burnt in Auschwitz ovens
"Auschwitz: SS soldiers burning prisoner corpses" - Encyclopædia Britannica

"I remember clearly the first time he guided me around the camp. He showed me everything, and at the end he took me to a grave where the corpses of the gassed Jews lay piled on a strong iron grill. Hoess's men poured some inflamable liquid on them and set them on fire. The flesh stewed like stewed meat. The sight made such an impression on me that today, after a dozen years, I can still see that mountain of corpses in front of me." source


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

Palestine banner
Viva Palestina!

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