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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

No proof can be given that six million Jews 'perished'

Major Britain's Douglas Reed (1895–1976) was a very remarkable man, a journalist,
playwright, novelist and author of a number of books of political analysis in which
he was an outspoken critic of Zionist control of Western governments and media.

A few quotes from him:

"For the Zionists Hitler, had he not arisen, would have needed to be created" (1956)

"In daily usage, no American or British newspaper, apparently, now dares to print a line of news or comment unfavourable to the Zionist ambition ... The inference to me is plain: the Zionist Nationalists
are powerful enough to govern governments in the great countries of the remaining West!" (1950)

"... No proof can be given that six million Jews 'perished'; proof can be adduced that so many could
not have perished ... Certain mathematical rules govern destruction on such a scale; you need
pursuers, jailers, prisons, camps, transport, executioners in numbers inconceivable ...

In a matter where nothing is verifiable, one thing seems sure: that six million Jews were never
even contained in German-occupied territories ... Yet this massive assertion about the six millions
was used by politicians in the highest places, by prosecutors at Nuremberg, and habitually by
mass-newspapers which in lesser matters would print no statement unverified!" (1951)

"In this matter, too, the Western masses were hopelessly misled by years of propaganda, presenting
"the Nazis" and "our Soviet allies" as opposites, whereas a close affinity always existed.
Mr. Karl Stern, a Jew from Germany who migrated to North America and became a convert
to Roman Catholicism, records his own misunderstanding of this, during German days when
he was on the staff of a psychiatric institute: "A couple of Nazi doctors held forth on the
so-called 'Theory of Permanent Revolution' of Trotzky. This theory was new to me. . . but that
it should be propounded by these people was something entirely new and quite astonishing. . .
I said, 'Gentlemen, I understand that you draw a good deal of your theory on political strategy
from Trotzky. Does it not strike you as extraordinary that you, Nazis, quote Trotzky,
a Bolshevist and a Jew, as if he were your evangelist?' They laughed and looked at me as
one would look at a political yokel, which I was. . . They belonged to a then quite powerful
wing in the Nazi party which was in favour of an alliance of Communist Russia and Nazi Germany
against what they called Western Capitalism . . . When one was not listening very carefully,
one was never quite sure whether they were talking Nazism or Bolshevism,
and in the end it did not matter much. (1956)


  1. Douglas Reed's friend Ivor Benson was also a journalist living in Johanessberg SA. Reed mentored Benson who wrote his own book about Zionism based on Reed's research entitled The Zionist Factor. Benson also published a pamphlet that is a sort of Cliff Notes (condensed overview) of Zionist ascendency in the 20th century. The title is THIS AGE OF CONFLICT and it's a good introduction to Douglas Reed's oeuvre for those who don't have the time to plow through it all. It serves as an excellent summation of Benson's understanding of the Zionist imperative, too.

    This Age of Conflict Parts 1 & 2

  2. Thanks for the link, I'm reading the The Controversy of Zion at the moment, it is pretty long.


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