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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Churchill & the 'Hitler a Rothschild' rumour

In 1943 the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA, instigated a psychological
profile of Adolf Hitler, which was completed by some of America's leading psychologists.
The report spent much time discussing the rumours of Hitler's Jewish ancestry, including
that Hitler may be the grandson of one of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

In Fact "a four-page weekly compendium of news other newspapers wouldn't print."

From the November 17, 1941 edition

Hitler's "Jewish Blood"

NO less an authority than Fritz Thyssen, the man who bought and paid for the Nazi party, from 1923 to 1933, gives credence to the rumor that Hitler is partly Jewish.

Every official trace of evidence concerning Every official trace of evidence concerning Hitler's ancestry has now disappeared. It has been destroyed by order, just as were Mussolini's police record in Italy and his record for forgery in Switzerland (as well as his political arrests). However, Thyssen writes: "According to the published records, Hitler's grandmother had an illegitimate son, and this son was to become the father of Germany's present leader." An inquiry by Chancellor Dollfuss of Austria "disclosed that the Fuehrer's grandmother became pregnant during her employment as a servant in a Viennese family . . . none other than that of Baron Rothschild." Thyssen insists that Hitler learned of this document and that it was one of the reasons for the murder of Dollfuss. Thyssen believes the British secret service has a copy. The original he says Hitler got from Chancellor Schuschnigg.

The foregoing statements are from Thyssen's amazing book, "I Paid Hitler" (Farrar & Rinehart, NYC, $2.75). The best part of this volume details the financing of Hitlerism by by German and American industry and bankers. In Fact recommends this book, a real inside story of Naziism).
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German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, later distanced himself from the book I Paid Hitler, which was
actually written by Emery Reves, whilst Thyssen, an ex-Nazi, was in German concentration camp.

Emery Reves (Rosenbaum), a Hungarian Jew, was Winston Churchill's friend, & publishing agent since 1937.

"I have long thought very highly of Mr. Reves' abilities in all that
concerns propaganda and the handling of the neutral press."
- Winston Churchill, June 30, 1940

Why did a Jew, a very well connected Jew, spread
the rumour that Hitler was a Rothschild?


  1. I say this not as somebody interested in "discrediting" Hitler, but as somebody interested in historical fact.

    The case of Thyssen is more complicated than Reeves writing a book and Thyssen being wrongly accused of actions he did not commit. Antony Sutton notes, in "America's Secret Establishment":

    "The records of the U.S. Control Council for Germany contain the post-war intelligence interviews with prominent Nazis. From these we have verification that the major conduit for funds to Hitler was Fritz Thyssen and his Bank fur Handel and Schiff, previously called von Heydt's Bank. This information coincides with evidence in Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler and Hitler's Secret Backers, even to the names of the people and banks involved, i.e., Thyssen, Harriman, Guaranty Trust, von Heydt, Carter, and so on.

    The document reproduced on page 167 below, slipped through U.S. censorship because the Office of Director of Intelligence did not know of the link between Fritz Thyssen and the Harriman interests in New York.

    Documents linking Wall Street to Hitler have for the most part been removed from U.S. Control Council records. In any event, we reproduce here the Intelligence report identifying Fritz Thyssen and his Bank fur Handel und Schiff (No. EF/Me/1 of September 4, 1945) and page 13 of the interrogation of Fritz Thyssen entitled "Financial Support of the Nazi Party."


    This flow of funds went through Thyssen banks. The Bank fur Handel and Schiff cited as the conduit in the U.S. Intelligence report was a subsidiary of the August Thyssen Bank, and founded in 1918 with H.J. Kouwenhoven and D.C. Schutte as managing partners. In brief, it was Thyssen's personal banking operation, and affiliated with the W.A. Harriman financial interests in New York.

    Thyssen reported to his Project Dustbin interrogators that:
    "I chose a Dutch bank because I did not want to be mixed up with German banks in my position, and because I thought it was better to do business with a Dutch bank, and I thought I would have the Nazis a little more in my hands."

    Hitler's Secret Backers identifies the conduit from the U.S. as "von Heydt," and von Heydt's Bank was the early name for Thyssen's Bank. Furthermore, the Thyssen front bank in Holland - i.e., the Bank voor -iandel en Scheepvaart N.V. - controlled the Union Banking Corporation in New York."

    Of relevance is the following:

  2. Sutton, in the chapter in "America's Secret Establishment" linked to above, also noted the following:

    "Chase Manhattan Bank is not only a firm that plays both sides of the political fence, but with Ford Motor Company, was selected by Treasury Secretary Morgenthau for post-war investigation of pro-Nazi activities: These two situations [i.e., Ford and Chase Bank] convince us that it is imperative to investigate immediately on the spot the activities of subsidiaries of at least some of the larger American firms which were operating in France during German occupation ...

    The extent of Chase collaboration with Nazis is staggering - and this was at a time when Nelson Rockefeller had an intelligence job in Washington aimed AGAINST Nazi operations in Latin America.

    In December 1944 Treasury Department officials examined the records of the Chase Bank in Paris. On December 20, 1944 the senior U.S. examiner sent a memorandum to Treasury Secretary Morgenthau with the preliminary results of the Paris examination.

    Here's an extract from that report:

    Niederman, of Swiss nationality, manager of Chase, Paris, was unquestionably a collaborator;

    The Chase Head Office in New York was informed of Niederman's collaborationist policy but took no steps to remove him. Indeed there is ample evidence to show that the Head Office in New York viewed Niederman's good relations with the Germans as an excellent means of preserving, unimpaired, the position of the Chase Bank in France.

    The German authorities were anxious to keep the Chase open and indeed took exceptional measures to provide sources of revenue.

    The German authorities desired "to be friends" with the important American banks because they expected that these banks would be useful after the war as an instrument of German policy in the United States.

    The Chase, Paris showed itself most anxious to please the , German authorities in every possible way. For example, the Chase zealously maintained the account of the German Embassy in Paris, "as every little thing helps" (to maintain the excellent relations between Chase and the German authorities).

    The whole objective of the Chase policy and operation was to maintain the position of the bank at any cost. In brief, Chase Bank was a Nazi collaborator, but the above preliminary report is as far as the investigation proceeded. The report was killed on orders from Washington, D.C.

    On the other hand, Chase Bank, later Chase Manhattan Bank, has been a prime promoter of exporting U.S. technology to the Soviet Union. This goes all the way back to the early 1920s when Chase broke U.S. regulations in order to aid the Soviets. As early as 1922 Chase was trying to export military LIBERTY aircraft engines to the Soviet Union!

    In conclusion, we have seen that the two arms of the dialectic described in Memoranda Three and Four clashed in World War II. Furthermore, the corporate segment of the elite profited from Lend Lease to the Soviets and by underground cooperation with Nazi interests."

    On WWII being a managed conflict, Mullins provides great insight:



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