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Monday, 11 July 2011

Steaming, bubbling, electrifying holocaust

In 1941 the American Jewish Congress, and World Jewish Congress established the Institute of Jewish Affairs, who since 1996 are called the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. In 1943 they published the book Hitler's Ten-Year War On the Jews, it contains some classic holohoaxing tales

Highlights include:

Nazis drown 30 children in clay pits as an example

So many Jews burnt alive in synagogues, the number of
victims cannot even be estimated (erm... 6,000,000 ?)

Hitler's order for complete extermination

German physicians killing Jews by "injecting air bubbles into the veins"

German science brought in to kill Jews with gas at Chelm,
electricity at Belzec, and with steam at Treblinka B

Witness says Treblinka B's "death house" is made of concrete,
has no windows, several chambers lined with steam pipes

"The floors are wet, slippery; the victims fall, others pile on top of them"

"When the cambers have been packed to capacity, they are hermetically
sealed, and the hot steam is released through the pipe-vents."

Cold water is poured to disentangle the glued mass of arms and legs

Each gravedigger must bury two bodies at top speed

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  1. Look into The Institute for Jewish Affairs and the vetting of the Polish underground reports by Jan Karski and Rudolf Vrba etc. about gassings in the Reinhardt Camps. I suspect the Polish Government in Exile, Bruce Lockhart's Political Warfare Executive (with American agents William S. Paley and C.D. Jackson attached to it), Peter Bergson's (aka Hillel Kook) Irgun operatives, The Swedish Embassy, Chaim Weizmann and The Joint Distribution Committee somehow all colluded to cook up and pass off holocaust story. It has to have started as a psyops.

    Vasile Grossman's and Ilya Ehrenberg's over-the-top The Black Book was endorsed by Eleanor Roosevelt and other worthies of the day. It's a bigger load of crap than Hitler's Ten Year War on the Jews, if that's possible. Grossman toured America with a bar of Jewish soap ostensibly fund raising for refugees. That was the front, anyway. His real mission in was to spread disinformation. Willie Muntzenberg and Arthur Koestler wrote The Brown Book and packed that with similiarly grisly false atrocity stories. Hollywood scriptwriter Ben Hecht was a "Bergson Boy" and had already put the sacred six million number into circulation before the camps were liberated through his heart wrenching stories of burning synagogues and defenestrated rabbis published in the popular press.

    There must have been "rat lines" that allowed heavy hitters like the entire Frankfurt School and Polish Jewish refugee Raphael Lemkin (inventor of the word genocide) to slip into the USA unnoticed and go to work immediately crunching numbers for The Carnegie Institute to promote the long range Zionist agenda.

    The holocaust story is a Byzantine colossus of political prevarication sustained by collective emotion and money. It's the gift that keeps on giving ugly art, maudlin literature and Draconian anti-free speech and free inquiry laws.

  2. "defenestrated rabbis" & "Bergson Boy" lol

    That's very well written! Though I had to look up what they meant.

  3. re The Bergson Boys

    The watchword here is "Militant". There must have been plenty of ideological cross pollination between all these American Jewish organizations although the story on the Bergson Boys is that they were single minded heroes up against American opposition to Zionism and and and over emphasis on the plight of European Jewry lest it appear that it was a war for the Jews (which it essentially was).

    There were also "The Ritchie Boys"

    Imagine thousands of these German Jewish refugee psyops soldiers spread out across occupied Europe acting as interrogators, clerks, translators, lawyers, patent pirates and OSS disinformation and de-nazification agents å la The frankfurt school.

    After the war these patriots were handed plum jobs in academia, industry, finance and science. They crowned each other with laurels and prizes while at the same time poisoning the society with cultural Marxism, psycho-spiritual fads, mind numbing entertainment, industrial outsourcing and financial legerdemain on a scale never seen before.
    Apparently we can't get enough of the historical BS, let alone all the other swindles.

  4. Got torpedoed yesterday so this is 24hrs late.


    "There must have been "rat lines" that allowed heavy hitters like the entire Frankfurt School and Polish Jewish refugee Raphael Lemkin (inventor of the word genocide) to slip into the USA unnoticed and go to work immediately crunching numbers for The Carnegie Institute to promote the long range Zionist agenda."

    I have always reckoned that the "arts" esp cinema gave them a cosey little conduit for shipping people in and out. They own the art racket after all. NOe thing I noticed about Mumbai was that there was a full recon done on the place by a bunch of Banghara/Beast Boy types shooting videos just before it all got blown to shit a few years back. The BBC is similar, a recon outfit for the special ops boys.

    Then it all went bang again in Mumbai yesterday.


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