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Henry Kissinger
The Real Prime Minister of Israel?

By N. W. Hutchings & Carol Rushton

Israel Resource Review 12/01/1997


Henry Kissinger's involvement with the Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order has been well documented for many years. However, little is known to Americans of his role in the Middle East and how he has influenced the events there to help the New World Order gain control over this area of the world.

The late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin met Kissinger when he was the U.S. secretary of state and Rabin served as the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. from 1968-1972. Later, Rabin stated that Kissinger was his role model.

During the Yom Kippur War, Kissinger refused to supply much-needed arms to Israel unless Golda Meir resigned as prime minister and supported Rabin as the next Labor Party candidate for the post. At that time, Rabin had never even been a Knesset member and was listed far down on Labor's Knesset list.

After the war, Meir appointed Rabin as Minister of Labor and supported his candidacy for party chairman, paving his way to become prime minister in 1974.

While Rabin was prime minister, Kissinger presented his "Gaza-Jericho First" plan in 1976 which called upon Israel to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and the city of Jericho first in any overall peace plan with the PLO. It was this plan that was incorporated into the Oslo Agreements which Israel and the PLO signed in 1993; the first Israeli redeployment under Oslo was from the Gaza Strip and Jericho.

During his first term as premier, Rabin and Kissinger redrew the map of the Middle East, which included Lebanon being absorbed by Syria. (It was this plan which reportedly caused Ariel Sharon to resign as an advisor to Rabin's first government.) Kissinger then instigated the Levanese civil war in order to accomplish this goal. He succeeded when Syria annexed Lebanon during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

During Menachem Begin's tenure as premier, Kissinger's influence in Israel was considerably reduced. Begin tried to reverse the Kissinger plan through the Peace for Galilee War in the 1980's (also known as the Lebanon War.) It wasn't until the Labor Party regained power in the 1992 elections with Rabin as prime minister that Kissinger could truly reassert his influence in Israel.

Kissinger seems to have a great deal of power over other individuals as well. In 1994, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres was on his way to South Africa when, summoned by Kissinger, he made a 5,000 mile detour to meet Kissinger for two hours in a Manhattan restaurant.

Ariel Sharon, former defense minister and now national infrastructure minister, alson met privately with Kissinger at the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan on October 17, 1996; they were spotted by reporters. The Jerusalem Post also published a picture from the Associated Press of the two men shaking hands in its October 18, 1996, edition. Sharon, supposedly in New York for an Israel-North America Business Conference, told reporters at a press conference after the meeting with Kissinger, "There must be sacrifices for peace. Peace, like war, is cruel. It requires concessions."

Sharon's spokesman, Raanan Gissin, later played down the entire affair. "I don't know why everyone is making such a fuss about it," Giffin said. "Mr. Sharon has met Dr. Kissinger every time he's flown to America over the past twenty five years ... Dr. Kissinger and Mr. Sharon have shared a deep friendship that began after the Yom Kippur War."

Gissin refused to give details about what Sharon and Kissinger discussed, saying that only the peace process and "regional details" were involved.

Kissinger continues to control Israel through the latest prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu's contacts with individuals from the Council of Foreign Relations can be traced to an anti-terrorism conference which Netanyahu organized in memory of his dead brother, Yonatan, who died during the raid on Entebbe, Uganda.

Netanyahu returned to Israel after quitting a $100,000 a year job in the U.S. with the Boston Group, owned by Ira Magarzina, a well-known New World Order insider and the person behind the failed Clinton health plan. Netanyahu worked for the Boston Group only eight months, deciding to take a position with a furniture firm in Israel which paid only $25,000. When he held the anti-terrorism conference, the CFR sent its most influential members at the time including George Schultz and George Bush from the Trilateral Commission. It is strange that the CFR would be interested in a conference organized by an unknown, even if it was in memory of an Israeli war hero.

After the anti-terrorism conference, Moshe Arens asked Netanyahu to be his aid in Washington, D.C. when Arens served as Israeli ambassador to the U.S. After a two-year stint working for Arens, Shimon Peres successfully secured Netanyahu's appointment as Israel's U.N. ambassador over Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir's objections. While U.N. ambassador, Secretary of State George Schultz, a former member of the CFR, visited Netanyahu every time he flew to New York City.

Schultz's connections with Netanyahu continue to this day. Before he became prime minister, Netanyahu was opposed to the establishment of a regional branch of the World Bank in the Middle East. According to an article in the August 1, 1996 edition of The Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu changed his mind after meeting with Schultz in the U.S. on his first visit there after his election victory.

Before his death, Rabin related what he thought was a funny story in an interview on Israeli television.

Kissinger told Rabin that Netanyahu had called him in New York and requested he issue a proclamation against stationing foreign troops on the Golan Heights as part of any peace treaty with Syria. According to Rabin, Kissinger told Netanyahu, "Oh, Bibi, stop bothering me with your nonsense, I don't have time."

The next day, Netanyahu confirmed the phone call to Kissinger. However, Netanyahu said that Kissinger did not laugh at him but said he would consider Netanyahu's request.

In spite of Netanyahu's various connections with the CFR and the New World Order insiders, it is clear that he did not know exactly what he was getting involved in until after he was elected prime minister in May, 1996.

On Friday, July 5, 1996, an economic "International Forum for the Middle East" was held in Amman, Jordan. Some of the attendees included Simon Weil, first president of the European Union, Henry Kissinger, and Conrad Black, CEO of Hollinger International and owner of The Jerusalem Post. It is somewhat odd that these men would fly from halfway acrosse the world to Amman, Jordan for a simple economic conference.

The Jerusalem Post described the conference in its July 10, 1996, edition. "The 30 politicians, economists and academics in the forum, including Henry Kissinger, Simon Weil, and Lord Weidenfeld, will monitor the effects of important events on the region and make appropriate recommendations."

Some important questions need to be asked about this conference. First, what authority do Henry Kissinger and these other men have to monitor events in the Middle East and make "appropriate recommendations"? What kind of recommendations will they be making? And to whom?

After the conference, Kissinger flew to Jerusalem with Conrad Black in Black's private plane. While in Jerusalem, Kissinger held two meetings: one with newly-elected Prime Minister Netanyahu and another with Yehuda Levy, president of The Jerusalem Post.

On July 8, 1996, The Jerusalem Post carried a story about Kissinger's visits to both men, complete with a picture of Kissinger, Conrad Black, and Yehuda Levy together at the Post building. The article was entitled: "Kissinger: PM will learn peace is in Israel's interests."

"Furthering the Middle East process is necessary for Israel and Benyamin Netanyahu will soon realize this, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger said yesterday.

Speaking to reporters after visiting the grave of Yitzhak Rabin, Kissinger said, 'What he [Rabin] has started grew out of Israel's necessities, and I think any prime minister will come to the conclusion that the [peace] process has to be continued. Of course, each leader has his own ideas.'

"Kissinger, in Israel to visit Rabin's family, met Netanyahu earlier at the prime minister's residence. He said he is confident Netanyahu would take a 'constructive' message to Washington on his maiden visit starting tomorrow.

"Israel and the United States have a common destiny, and their leaders have come to express that common destiny' Kissinger added.

"Kissinger and Conrad Black, CEO of The Jerusalem Post's parent company, Hollinger International, also paid a visit to The Jerusalem Post building for a short, unplanned meeting with the President and Publisher Yehuda Levy.

"Levy updated them on the situation at the Post, focusing on the departure of executive editor David Bar-Illan."

Kissinger held a two-hour private meeting with Netanyahu. According to those who were present, Netanyahu emerged from the meeting white and pale, refusing to repeat what Kissinger had said to him.

It is not too hard to deduce who is behind Netanyahu's meetings with Arafat, his caving in to Arab demands on the Hebron agreement, and the continuing building freeze of Jewish settlements in the territories.

Jibril Rajoub's security men will continue to roam Jerusalem unhindered. Under Netanyahu, Orient House and other PA institutions in the city have not only remained open, they have flourished. According to the February 12, 1997 edition of Ha'aretz, twenty PA institutions and offices are now operating openly in East Jerusalem. Netanyahu claimed only four PA institutions were found in Jerusalem. However, Ha'aretz listed all twenty PA institutions, describing their functions.

It will be amazing if the apartment buildings of Jerusalem's Har Homa are ever built. Netanyahy refused to authorize building the apartments before he left for Washington, D.C. in February, to the great disappointment of Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and a delegation of coalition members. Although construction on Har Homa was authorized by the cabinet after he returned to Israel, Netanyahu ordered it delayed he says for "technical reasons." These same "technical reasons" were stated when construction for settlements in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) were authorized and stalled.

The amount of control Kissinger now wields over Netanyahu was never more clear than during the prime minister's trip to the U.S. in February. After meeting with Clinton, Netanyahu planned a short visit in New York City, planning to leave on Saturday night after Shabbat was over. But while he was in Washington, he suddenly announced he would stay in New York for an additional 24 hours.

An article in Ha'aretz on Friday, February 14, 1997 reported that Netanyahu had decided to spend an extra day there in order to meet with various Jewish leaders on Saturday night and hold press conferences on Sunday. Among the additional meetings Netanyahu scheduled was one with former secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

Netanyahu did not suddenly "decide" to stay in New York an extra 24 hours; he was ordered to do so by Kissinger.

When Yasser Arafat declares a Palestinian state, Netanyahu will not say or do anything to prevent it, no matter how much he protests to the contrary right now. Indeed, he cannot do anything, for he is powerless.

Israel has a hidden leader that they did not choose or vote for, and one they do not know anything about.

Henry Kissinger is the real prime minister of Israel.

Joseph Alsop, a noted columnist who witnessed Dr. Kissinger's rise to political prominence, wrote in his editorial column:

As secretary of state, Kissinger will be acting upon a view of the political historical process so somber that it is close to anti-American.


The American view is all optimism and all morality ....

That is not the way Henry Kissinger thinks. He never expects any nation to put morality above the chance of great gain ...."

(Daily Oklahoman 9/10/73 -- emphasis added).

Dr. Henry Kissinger is a political survivor. Her continues on to pursue the "cruel road to peace" at the expense of singular nationalism, biblical morality; and God's standard for human government. The odds are fantastically high as to preclude his present status as having been arrived at through chance.

Therefore, if not by chance, it must be by design. Whose design? The CFR has a plan for a One World Order. The Devil pursued his plan to exalt his throne above the stars of God. God has a plan to bring all nations into Israel at the battle of Armageddon. God's plan includes ruling "... in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth over it the basest of men" (Daniel 4:17).



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