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How Farrakhan Solved the Crime & Drug Problem...
...And How the Jews Attacked Him

Nation of Islam Research Group (NOIRG) • October 25, 2015


On August 9, 2014, an unarmed Black 18-year-old man named Michael Brown was walking with a friend on a Ferguson, Missouri, street when he was confronted by white policeman Darren Wilson. Officer Wilson shot the young Black man dead. As Michael’s brains spilled onto the street, no ambulance was called and his body was left uncovered and unattended for three and a half hours—just as the mutilated bodies of lynched Blacks were left swinging as a warning to others only a few years ago. For the Blacks of the St. Louis area and around the world it was the last straw in a long history of anti-Black police harassment, violence, and murder.

As tragic and disgraceful as Michael Brown’s police execution is, it is yet unremarkable in a society where Black men are scapegoated hourly for all of America’s collective evils. It was the other police action that inflamed the nation and the world. When “law enforcement” showed up in Ferguson to contain public outrage for Brown’s killing, they inadvertently revealed a plot that had been in the making for over two decades—a plot that had been publicly uncovered at its earliest stages by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who—by himself—worked tirelessly to warn the world. Here we examine an incredible series of events that now lead a racist and corrupt American regime to the brink of total collapse.

In 1989, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, our greatest Teacher, looked directly into the hearts of our Black youth with these words:

“I say it again, the Government of the United States of America is planning an assault on the Black community, specifically aimed at our youth. And the conspiracy is so deep and so diabolical that many of you will not even believe that at this very moment that I am talking to you, your lives hang in the balance, whether you are living in Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, or any city in America. Black youth, particularly Black young men, are at risk today, and unknowingly, Brothers, you are playing into the hands of your enemy, and he is using you to set up your destruction and using the fear and the pain of your mothers to call for your destruction. ‘Could this be possible? Farrakhan, are you making this up?’ Even though consciously you may not wish to agree with me, in your subconscious mind, you know something deeply wicked and diabolical is going on. Now let me, by God’s Grace, point it out to you.” [1]

That was 1989. In 2009, Minister Farrakhan came even stronger: “If we don’t stop killing each other, soon you will see the National Guard in our neighborhood in full military gear.” He said, “expect to see military Bradley vehicles, helicopter gun ships, and SWAT teams trained for house-to-house combat in inner-city neighborhoods nationwide.” He said they will justify their brutality by reports of gangs with weapons—all of this turbo-charged by a flood of Hollywood-created movie images of violent, criminal, unrepentant, and uncontrollable Black boys and men.[2]

And it took until 2014, when Americans looked up from their post-racial Black presidential fantasy to see the extreme military reaction of the Ferguson, Missouri, law enforcement authorities confronting Blacks protesting the killing of Michael Brown. The world stood aghast as Kevlar-clad, night-vision goggle-wearing, M-16 aiming, grenade-launching military “police”—in tactical Humvees and Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected armored tanks—descended upon sign-carrying American citizens. Even President Obama and his white liberal supporters recoiled in shock and awe at the armaments dispatched against Black American citizens in Ferguson as though it were a Kremlin rocket parade in Red Square.

In that dire prophecy of 1989—now fulfilled—The Minister stood almost alone. And whilst his words were frank, direct, and unfailing, none of the negro leadership in the political or religious world would share or act upon his prediction and warning. It was a year, after all, filled with negro hope and dreams: Douglas Wilder would become the first elected Black governor in the United States; David Dinkins, the first Black mayor of New York City; Ron Brown, the first Black leader of a major political party; and South African Apartheid looked like it was failing fast. And even though the budget for the brand-new “War on Drugs” was nearly tripled, to $2.7 billion in that year, a diabolical, racist, and murderous government conspiracy was not so high up on the negro agenda. Now all those hopeful signs of negro political fortune are forgotten footnotes, and Ferguson erupts as a reminder of exactly where and who we are.

Abraham Foxman, Anti-Defamation League
Abraham Foxman, Anti-Defamation League

The American Jewish leadership has posed as the Black man’s best friend, a trustworthy comrade and a staunch ally in the civil rights struggle. They claim that they are inspired in that role by the commandments of tikkun olam, their God-given duty to redeem and repair the world. But in the darkest moments of Black grief, angst, and indignation, the Jews have been deafeningly silent about the horrific events in Ferguson, Missouri, and many other places around America. Abraham Foxman, the former director of the Anti-Defamation League, had his hands full trying to defend the utter holocaust that Israel launched against the people it has enslaved in its Apartheid subdivision of Gaza. But his and his successor’s silence about the overt racial injustices in Ferguson does not mean that the Synagogue of Satan had no part in those troubling events. Indeed, as we shall see, they were at ground zero.

From the Beginning

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan, at Madison Square Garden, 1985
The Honorable Louis Farrakhan, at
Madison Square Garden, 1985

Let us first grasp the full historical context of our current condition before we show just how powerful a sign Ferguson actually represents for Black people of America and the world. Upon the departure of the NOI’s leader, the Messenger of Allah, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in 1975, America’s leadership cabal thought they had successfully crushed that divine movement. Then, in 1983, they heard the powerful and irrepressible voice of Louis Farrakhan emerge on the political stage at the side of presidential hopeful Jesse Jackson. The Reverend Jackson carried the Martin Luther King civil rights legacy into the political arena, but Jackson’s association with Minister Farrakhan, a Muslim, meant that Jackson’s candidacy could very well take on worldwide significance in the same way that Cassius Clay’s conversion to Muhammad Ali had global implications. Farrakhan’s presence also meant that economic justice would now have a higher profile in the Black freedom dialogue. Jewish people had financed and controlled the civil rights movement from its 1909 beginnings not only to steer Blacks far away from gaining economic independence but also to maintain control over their most profitable revenue stream—the Black laborer and consumer. For Jews, Farrakhan represented a very costly end to that parasitic arrangement.

Their utter fear of that loss was expressed by the intensity of the Jewish attack upon him. It was here—in 1983—when the Jews determined that the label “anti-Semite” would accompany Minister Farrakhan for all time, its purpose being to warn Jews that this Black man was the One who they had feared was here to bust up their slave-based civilization. No Black leader ever had to face the withering assault as that which the Jews mounted against Farrakhan. But Farrakhan’s power and legend as a Goliath fighter and truth champion only increased, and soon the Black oppressed were filling halls, then arenas, and then stadiums to hear a liberating Word from the inspired mind of Brother Farrakhan. Too deep and too wise for the superficial world of negro politics, Farrakhan championed a brilliant program developed by the Philadelphia-based Wellington Group ingeniously called P.O.W.E.R., People Organized and Working for Economic Rebirth. And by this means The Minister would help to bring to the thinking of the Black masses a wiser and more sophisticated use of our Black economic power.

Gary Webb, investigative reporter
Gary Webb, investigative reporter

The P.O.W.E.R. program spread the gospel of collective economics to a people whose misspending had made everyone wealthy but themselves. And as that new ethos spread in the hearts and minds of urban America, so did a mysterious flood of the cocaine derivative known as “crack,” which poisoned the brains and bodies of the vulnerable, downtrodden, and depressed. With major American industries shutting down and leaving the cities for overseas, so too did the blue-collar jobs that Blacks held in large numbers. Drug gangs formed in the void of depression and despair—gangs that had suspiciously easy access to a wide range of exotic automatic weapons—and there emerged a just-as-suspicious spate of Hollywood-generated images portraying gun-wielding urban action heroes. Violence in the inner cities became epidemic.

This predictable result was all engineered by devious design. Investigative reporter Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” series, which appeared in the San Jose Mercury News in 1996, located the origin of Los Angeles’ crack-cocaine trade in the offices of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Though it is claimed that Webb—under pressure from the government officials he exposed—committed suicide, it seems that Webb may instead have been “suicided,” for he was about to publish a new book that exposed the Israeli Mossad’s role in the South American drug trade.[3] Using the government-concocted “crack epidemic” as a pretense, politicians declared a “War on Drugs,” and under this non-racial banner their racist War on Black Males gained nuclear power.

Carl Levin’s Arms Race

Carl Levin, D. Michigan
Carl Levin, D. Michigan

In Congress, a Jewish politician from Michigan named Carl Levin worked his way onto the Senate Armed Services Committee, the powerful body that crafts defense policy for the nation. As a Jew and a Democrat Levin easily passed as a “friend” to the Black man and so his ascension to chairmanship was not alarming to the negro world.

But this same Senator Levin ushered in the so-called 1033 program under the National Defense Authorization Act, by which the Pentagon supplies surplus military equipment to local law enforcement. Back in 1990, the military transferred only about $1 million worth of equipment through this program, according to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) report. By 2013, under Carl Levin, that number ballooned to nearly $450 million, making America’s civilian police departments the most militarized on planet Earth.

The incredible explosion of advanced weaponry cannot be blamed on violent crime, which has actually plummeted in America according to the FBI’s own statistics. In the last 20 years U.S. firearm homicides declined by 49%, and firearm-related violence—assaults, robberies, sex crimes—was 75% lower in 2011 than in 1993.[4] Yet the deployment of military equipment has exploded in America, and the Special Weapons and Tactics Teams (SWAT teams) that use the arsenal tend to target Black communities. Thus, says an ACLU report, “58% of paramilitary searches affected people of color,” in a nation that is just 13 percent Black.

Nor is the military hardware—including military aircraft, tactical armored vehicles, Humvees, and grenade launchers—surplus. About a third of wartime weapons delivered to police departments are brand new and not military surplus at all, “indicating that the militarization of the police force is a deliberate federal strategy.”

When shocked white liberals confronted Sen. Carl Levin about his 1033 program after the Ferguson, Missouri, armaments parade, his stated justification not-so-subtly scapegoated the Black male:

“Congress established this program out of real concern that local law enforcement agencies were literally outgunned by drug criminals. We intended this equipment to keep police officers and their communities safe from heavily armed drug gangs and terrorist incidents.”

Sen. Levin’s domestic military buildup—in the midst of an alleged economic recession—leads inescapably to a motive other than drug wars, terrorism, or crime.

But there was another aspect to this that The Minister also highlighted:

The enemy…is feeding you the drugs. The Uzis, the AK-47’s—your enemy is feeding you automatic weapons now. You don’t make any weapons, Brother. Where did you get the weapons? You can’t go to a firing range with an Uzi. You can’t go to a firing range with a Street Sweeper, which is an automatic weapon that allows you to fire 12 rounds of 23-gauge shotgun pellets in three seconds. You aren’t going anywhere to learn to shoot that! They put that in your hand, knowing you want to practice! This is all calculated. This is all part of the conspiracy…. The Robert Taylor Homes, Stateway Gardens, Henry Horner Projects—White people want this turf. When they plan downtown redevelopment, they recognize you are too close to the downtown area, the business section of the country! The White people have moved to the suburbs, and it requires gas, money and time to get to downtown Chicago, New York, Boston, Los Angeles or Detroit.

So they plan your removal. How? Create gangs. Feed weapons to the gangs, and make them kill each other; just confine the killing to the Black neighborhood, don’t let it spill over to the White neighborhood. Then, as they kill each other, it will produce “Black flight.” They prepare apartment houses for you in the suburbs, so you move out and the enemy lets the property go down. The banks are in collusion with this. They send some of you to burn the property. Then, as you begin to move out, Whites let the property keep going down. Then, the White developers move in. Imagine the Robert Taylor Homes [Chicago] as a condominium![5]

One of the interesting features of Carl Levin’s police armaments program is the fact that no one was keeping track of the inventory. With weak or non-existent reporting guidelines, much of the weaponry was/is unaccounted for. (It is, after all, a Pentagon program.) This allowed weapons to come in the front door and then move out the back door to supply local drug gangs and white supremacist militias. Again, The Minister sees what the negro leadership missed and denied.

Farrakhan Wins the War on Drugs

While “Jewish liberal” Levin pumped his armaments into every little American town and hamlet under the false pretense of a “War on Drugs,” Minister Louis Farrakhan was busy actually solving the drug problem—and high officials in the United States government eagerly admitted it!

The Dope Busters: Farrakhan’s Salvation Army
The Dope Busters: Farrakhan’s Salvation Army

The Black men of the elite Fruit of Islam, under the training and guidance of Minister Farrakhan, formed into units and began to conduct security patrols in some of the country’s most drug-infested public housing developments. Armed with only a deep love for their own people and a determination to improve their condition, they became known as the “Dope Busters.” Drugs and violence had reached such proportions that a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) official testified that 12 security firms had toured one site in Chicago but only one, the Nation of Islam Dope Busters, would bid on the job.

The Brothers were so effective that the Secretary of HUD, Henry Cisneros, tried to hire them to provide security at all the HUD developments. Cisneros told Congress that since the Dope Busters began their work in 1988,

“we have conducted over 1,000 interviews of residents and management, and they illustrate that these security guards have been effective in transforming many drug-ridden properties into places which are now safe and peaceful…. Almost all the residents interviewed lauded the jobs that the reviewed firms have done and asked that the contracts not be terminated.”[6]

HUD officials went on to say that 97% of those surveyed “stated that crime and drugs were rampant under the old security company and that [now they] had been reduced or eliminated…” At no time in history can one find 97% of any segment of the population that claims satisfaction with any government action.

In fact, the residents were ecstatic. In the months after the Muslims’ arrival both drugs and the drug wars vanished, and city bus routes that had been rerouted away from the daily battles were reinstated. With the improved security, businesses began to open, and after-school activities and educational and cultural programs for the neighborhood youth were begun. The blinding stadium lights that generated daylight 24 hours a day were removed, and grass began to grow in the center courtyard.

As word spread of the tremendous success of the Nation of Islam, residents of government housing projects around America started to request that the Dope Busters come into their neighborhoods. Dope Busters had succeeded where police and government agencies had failed to find any other effective way to curtail the intensifying pattern of drug trafficking and violence. In one complex, elderly residents held a march in support of the NOI guards, saying they had significantly reduced drug-dealing.

Police officials of America’s capital city were so shocked at this victory that the Washington, D.C., chief, who had previously been sharply critical of the Muslim anti-drug patrols, completely changed his mind and stated publicly that his department would now work with the Nation of Islam. “They have just about stopped the drug sales,” declared police inspector Clarence Dickerson. With this remarkable success the United States government awarded contracts to the Dope Busters to provide security for public housing in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and other major cities.

Jews Un-Win the War on Drugs

In essence, Minister Louis Farrakhan had virtually single-handedly done what no President, no government entity, could do—he won the War on Drugs! Despite the Muslim Dope Buster’s total success at stopping drugs at the street level and the testimonies of a cabinet secretary and a thousand delighted drug- and violence-free residents, a gaggle of Jewish groups led by Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) dedicated themselves to actually un-win the War on Drugs. In one of the most incredible acts of Jewish betrayal since their immense role in the African slave trade, Jews forced Congress to hold hearings and proceeded to counter the Nation of Islam’s extraordinary success.

Meyer Eisenberg
, Jess Hordes, Michael Lieberman, and Mira Boland came representing the ADL; Marc D. Stern represented the American Jewish Congress: they all showed up—not with a better anti-drug security plan for the HUD tenants, but with reams of fabricated “fact finding” against Minister Farrakhan and the NOI. According to sworn testimony, the ADL even waged “a campaign of intimidation against private vendors, such as Holiday Inn, Federal Express, Stouffer-Renaissance Hotels and the Washington Convention Center, who had contracted these [NOI] security firms to perform services.”

New York State Assemblyman Jules Polonetsky actually “made it his mission” as an “orthodox Jew” to stop the Dope Busters, as he bragged to the New York Times (Oct. 20, 1996, CY10 ): “There are advantages to being a bull in a China shop. Some times you have to step on toes to get your way.” His way was to cancel the NOI’s $360,000 security contract:

“I found that they were doing a good job at providing security at the building. Tenants of the building attested to a drop in drug activity, and the local police precinct confirmed the decrease in criminal activity at the building. One officer said, bullets used to whiz there in the street. You can now…walk down the street.”

According to the conservative columnist and political commentator Armstrong Williams, when the NOI Dope Buster contracts were rescinded,

“Tenants of [Baltimore] city’s seven high-rise public housing projects complained bitterly. Wells Fargo Security, a competing firm that was eventually granted the security contract, drew the ire of residents who complained that crime, vandalism and violence had skyrocketed within a mere two months of the takeover. Within two years, Wells Fargo’s contracts were also canceled and the firm was chased out of town amid a rapidly disintegrating quality of life in the city’s housing projects.”

Jewish Demonization Reaches Congress

The Jews forced the NOI security firms out of government service and returned the “projects” to their drug-riddled status quo, but they had not yet finished destabilizing the Black community. Jewish Hollywood unleashed a flurry of degrading black drug-thug movies purporting to depict “life in the projects”—the same projects that Farrakhan had just delivered from the flood of drugs and violence. The Hollywood film industry, which is a wholly owned “empire” of the Jews, now emphasized and romanticized every rotten scourge that all responsible Black leaders were trying to curtail. So-called hood films like Strapped, Sugar Hill, New Jack City, Menace II Society, Boyz n the Hood, Juice, Fresh, Carlito’s Way, Bullet, and New Jersey Drive were spread throughout the world to promote the notion that Black and Brown youth represent a lethal threat to civilized society. Filled with malt liquor and drive-bys, all emphasized the dangerous criminality of the Black male. Television added Cops and other white-fear-of-black-crime shows, all of which accelerated a perverse anti-Black xenophobia in the mind of white America.

Undaunted, Minister Farrakhan continued his mission of pulling Black people from the brink of self-destruction and pointing them to a divine alternative. Throughout 1994, he pressed forward into every city under the banner of “Stop The Killing,” organizing Black men under the theme “Atonement, Reconciliation, and Responsibility.” This effort culminated in the incredibly successful Million Man March on October 16, 1995—attended by 2 million Black men, the largest gathering of human beings in the history of America. It presented to the world an image of the Black man it had never seen in the flood of Hollywood propaganda—that of a loving, kind, and intelligent family man, a citizen that had overcome a blistering white racial hatred to find unity and embrace self-development. Once again, by bringing this reality into worldwide focus, Farrakhan had undermined a clear and impending all-out assault on the Black male.

The Million Man March on the Washington Mall, October 16, 1995
The Million Man March on the Washington Mall, October 16, 1995

But no good deed by a Jesus-loving Muslim can possibly go unpunished. The Jews turned to Illinois congressional representative Paul Simon—a Democrat from the state where the Nation of Islam is headquartered—who dutifully championed the anti-Black Jewish agenda. The Illinois Democrat, who served in the Senate from 1985 to 1997, was eulogized in 2003 by Hyman Bookbinder, of the American Jewish Committee, as one who “came with a Jewish heart and an understanding of Jewish pain.” Indeed, it was the Jews who approached Simon to run in the first place. They hated Republican Charles Percy, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who was thought to have too much sympathy for the Palestinians to be in such a powerful position. Jews Bob Schrayer, Stan Weinberger, and AIPAC board member Bob Asher “begged” Simon to run, and Jews from all over America organized and financed Simon’s victory in 1984. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee considers it their greatest show of power.

Anne Roiphe
Anne Roiphe

It was Paul Simon who, from the floor of Congress[7], inserted into the Congressional Record a bitter 743-word essay by a New York-based Jewish writer named Anne Roiphe. It had been published in the Jerusalem Report magazine (May 19, 1994, p. 56) and titled “Sinking Into the Mud.” Simon added his own bile before allowing Roiphe’s wicked invective to be entrenched as an American policy statement. Simon said, “It is sad to note that hatred toward groups, of whatever background, seems to be rising in our country,” before he urged his colleagues to read the most vicious anti-Black-male rhetoric since the days when the Ku Klux Klan marched openly and proudly through the streets of Washington, D.C. Roiphe’s contribution began with “Louis Farrakhan is not the last Haman or even the most remarkable but he does break the heart.” Haman was the evil antagonist in the Book of Esther, who with his wife instigated a plot to kill all the Jews of ancient Persia.[8]

Roiphe continues: “We don’t believe that major pogroms will spill out of Harlem (Crown Heights was most likely a singular event). But we do know that Farrakhan stirs up hatred, that he repeats and his followers repeat every vile anti-Semitic smear known to history and some that are reinvented for our time.” Roiphe then targets the Black male:

“I see the well-dressed, mild-looking black man opposite me pull out of his briefcase a book called The Protocols of Zion, or I overhear on the subway a young black man complaining about Jewish control of the movies, and I sit silently, look away, feel afraid. I have a friend who no longer wants her seven-year-old son to wear his yarmulke on Broadway. She thinks that with his yarmulke on he is a target for a crazy black person.”

There is no actual record or report of any anti-Semitic attack. When, in his award-winning documentary Defamation, Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir asked the Anti-Defamation League to provide a single case of “anti-Semitism,” its leader Abraham Foxman could offer not a single example (see the film at 12:50 to 14:48). The ADL can find not a single Jewish individual or Jewish property that has been harmed or damaged by the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad or Minister Farrakhan. Roiphe’s fears of Black men are fashioned and spread by her Jewish brethren in Hollywood—just as they have demonized American Indians, Asians, Mexicans, Arabs, in preparation for a foreign war or domestic slaughter. It gets worse:

“The air we breathe, the communal air of our cities has been poisoned. This does not mean that every black looks at every Jew with hatred but enough do. The American pluralistic song begins to offend the ear with its sour notes. I begin to believe as I shop at the Korean vegetable store, as I head off to the bookstore, as I go downtown to the dentist, that I am moving through a fog of innuendo, bigotry and hatred. This is new to America….I always felt safe here as a Jew….I always felt that the European barbarism would not cross the ocean. I believed that equality and brotherly love… [But n]ow I look at a gaggle of black teenagers waiting in line ahead of me at the movies and I…avoid eye contact. I wonder if they’re carrying drugs or guns. I do not think of them as colleagues on my life journey.”

All because of Farrakhan. Then Roiphe uses all this concocted wickedness to justify Jewish racism:

“There has always been anti-shwartze [Jewish word for nigger] feeling in the Jewish world. It came from the mouths of a generation imitating the worst in a profoundly racist American community. It was an infection caught from the American social grid. Now it has flared up in response to Farrakhan and his well-dressed followers who like undertakers come to bury us. The shock we feel about comparing catastrophes, defending ourselves against accusations of greediness or slave-trading, has left us numb, turning inward.

“So while the historians and sociologists pundit on about the tribal nature of man and the root causes of the fires of bigotry, we who live on day to day in this ragged American dream, attempt to find personal ways to hold on to our balance, continue to care for the child who needs a better school or a better health clinic, remember that we had a vision of a good life, decent housing, fair opportunity, and that vision was not just for ourselves and was never intended to fence anyone out. I will not let Farrakhan take from me my stand with Abraham Joshua Heschel and my old-fashioned desire to overcome everyone’s anguish. I don’t want to be dragged into the mud. Will I be able to help it?

Henry Cisneros, HUD Secretary
Henry Cisneros, HUD Secretary

While the maniacal Anne Roiphe and the sycophantic Sen. Paul Simon reveled in their festering anti-Black bigotry, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) director Henry Cisneros stuck to the obvious facts:

“The FBI Domestic Terrorism Unit does maintain an internal list of groups known to have committed terrorist acts, which is at times used as an indicator of hate groups or hate crimes. Organizations such as the Aryan Nation are on that list. The Nation of Islam is not. In addition, in the last 5 years, the United States prosecuted more than 50 criminal actions against members of so-called hate groups, alleging violations of civil rights. Although these hate crimes prosecutions have involved members of the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nation, and skinheads, none of the actions have involved members of the Nation of Islam. This is a point of law, a definable, observable point of fact.” [Note: “Jewish Extremists” accounted for 10 percent of all “domestic terrorist” incidents between 1982 and 1994.]

Cisneros further pointed out that housing agencies had secured services of various types from religious-based organizations including the Jewish B’nai B’rith, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, United Church Homes, and the Salvation Army.

Negro Leaders Choose Barabbas Over Salvation

To fully appreciate what occurred, one must grasp the realities in play. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam had demonstrated to the world a cure for inner-city drugs, gangs, and crime. That act alone saved an untold number of young Black lives, but it further saved the American taxpayer’s treasure in the form of reduced court costs, policing costs, armaments expenditures, along with a number of ancillary but significant benefits to a struggling Black community.

And yet the American Jewish leadership mounted an extraordinary coordinated campaign—an actual campaign—to destroy the Black community’s victory over drugs, gangs, and crime. They offered no replacement or alternative to the unprecedented—even miraculoussuccess of Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Instead, the Jews successfully returned the Black community to full chaos and self-destruction mode. The police arms race was amplified, confrontations multiplied, prisons filled to capacity, and graveyards could hardly handle the flood of Black male corpses. For this brazen felony committed against the Black man and woman, the Jewish leadership has never been held accountable.

The responsibility for allowing that incredibly wicked assault falls squarely on the Blacks holding leadership positions at the time, including Alfred Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Hugh Price, Julian Bond, Roger Wilkins, John Lewis, Charles Rangel, Colin Powell, Maxine Waters, Ron Brown, Major Owens, Kweisi Mfume, and many other high-profile Blacks who saw Minister Farrakhan’s proven solution to the NUMBER ONE problem in Black America and chose to bow to Jewish pressure, returning our communities to darkness.

There is no clearer modern equivalent to the Hebrew masses choosing to free from crucifixion Barabbas over Jesus.

So with this incredible act of betrayal, and the Dope Busters out of the way, the Jews were able to keep Carl Levin’s police militarization program on track for that 2014 Ferguson showdown. Sen. Paul Simon took credit for making $300 million available for “fighting drug gangs,” and he authored legislation that enhanced tracking through DNA testing, limited legal appeals for alleged drug traffickers, and created mandatory sentences for “violent criminals.” Levin and Simon’s legislative handiwork laid the legal groundwork for the incredible rise in Black incarceration rates—all based on the maliciously generated fear of the man who had solved the whole problem of drugs, gangs, and crime in the inner-cities: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The ADL Guides America Into Race War

With the legal, legislative, and cultural foundation of racial fear and Black criminality established, and the flow of Pentagon weaponry reaching the most remote American police forces, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) came out from behind the scenes and made its boldest appearance yet. The ADL under Abraham Foxman moved in to train the newly weaponized police in their military role and, most important, in enemy identification.

According to its website, the ADL actually pays our top “law enforcement executives” to travel to Israel “to learn how Israel’s police, intelligence, and security forces prevent terror attacks.” One of its recent training sessions, the ADL boasts, “was composed of 41 executives and commanders from agencies” including the Federal Bureau of Investigation; U.S. Customs and Border Protection; California Highway Patrol; Texas Department of Public Safety; Missouri State Highway Patrol; and the state police of Pennsylvania, Illinois, Louisiana, and Rhode Island; and the city PDs of Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Milwaukee, Miami Beach, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.[9] These are places that have high Black populations, and many of them, as in Ferguson, have long records of anti-Black civil rights abuses. The ADL now claims to have helped train “more than 90,000 law enforcement professionals.”

Eric Casebolt, “exclusively train in Krav Maga.”
Eric Casebolt, “exclusively train[ed] in Krav Maga.”

Many of these American police departments have been trained in the very same techniques that the Israeli Mossad and Shin Bet have used to murder and maim the men, women, and children in apartheid Israel, or Palestine. It is a hand-to-hand martial arts technique they call Krav Maga, a Hebrew phrase meaning “contact combat.” Those familiar with the technique immediately suspected that Krav Maga was used by the white police in Baltimore on Freddie Gray, whose autopsy showed his back broken in three places and his spine 80-percent severed at his neck. Rogue McKinney, Texas, policeman Eric Casebolt, the vicious cop who planted his knee in 15-year-old Dajerria Becton’s back at that Texas pool party was “exclusively train[ed] in Krav Maga,” a fact that the media quickly tried to conceal.

This Israel-ization of American police has been accomplished under the approving eyes of the top leadership of the American Jews—to the detriment of the Black community. The Cato Institute reports that SWAT Team raids are “increasingly frequent” and these heavily armed paramilitary units invade someone’s home in America about 40,000 times per year, resulting “in dozens of needless deaths and injuries, not only of drug offenders, but also of police officers, children, bystanders, and innocent suspects.” Though the justification for this police arms race is “terrorism,” Americans are now eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a “terrorist.”

Unrelenting Hate

In 2015, we are faced with proof of the ongoing targeting of Black males by the United States government as well as the reality that it was aggressively foretold by Minister Louis Farrakhan, vociferously denied by the perpetrators, and criminally ignored by the negroes who claim to lead, guide, and protect the Black community.

In 2014, a full twenty-five years after his dire admonition, The Minister listed the devastating result:

“I have warned you of this plan to eliminate the Black youth, using the pretense of a War on Drugs…. You think it is incomprehensible that there are those that are so wicked, they would actually devise ways to eliminate large numbers of people using devious methods. And if you look at Black America today, tell me if there’s not a plot. Nearly 25 percent of our Black youth in prison, now 44 percent of youth who are detained are Black; and you are 58 percent of the youth admitted to state prisons. Black men, steeped in a violent self-hatred, shooting each other in frightening numbers. They [whites] are not hiding their contempt and hatred for you any more. The same way Israel is now slaughtering the Palestinians is how they are coming for you.”

Can there be any doubt about the pure accuracy of The Minister’s words and deeds? The scholar Michelle Alexander calls the incarceration of the Black male The New Jim Crow and says that “more Black men are in prison today than were enslaved in 1850 [and m]ost of that increase is due to the War on Drugs, a war waged almost exclusively in poor communities of color.”

Barack Obama and the Troubling Presence of the Synagogue of Satan

And just as The Minister completely presented this whole scenario, he also revealed the Satanic social engineers behind the series of events that led us to this strangely dichotomous crossroads in our history, where we look to a “Black president” who literally commands the high-powered weaponry pointing at the Black community. The Minister has said that Mr. Obama was “selected before he was elected,” and the recent domestic uprisings help bring that statement into focus. Barack Obama has many interesting things on his résumé, many of which make him a perfect selection for the enemy’s task at hand. He is handsome, light-skinned, and articulate; he is from the state of Illinois, the home of the Nation of Islam—in fact, he lives in The Minister’s own neighborhood; and he is the darling of the sentimental negro, his presidency being the culmination of the civil rights focus on the political system as the answer to Black hopes and dreams.

It was Illinois Sen. Paul Simon who was greatly instrumental in building the legislative prison that has entrapped Black men in massive numbers. And it was Paul Simon and the political machine behind him who initiated Obama’s meteoric rise to the presidency. As previously shown, Simon was “selected” and financed to run by the Jews of AIPAC, and it was this same political machine that mounted the campaigns of Barack Obama. He was an unknown local Chicago politician when he was selected for bigger things by the Jewish forces backing Paul Simon. After the senator’s untimely death in 2003, his daughter Sheila Simon, made a television ad for Obama, in which she declared, “Barack Obama will be a U.S. Senator in the Paul Simon tradition.” It launched Obama into big-time political notoriety.[10]

Indeed, Anne Roiphe—the Jewish writer whose vicious words against Farrakhan and the Black male now infect the Congressional Record—places Mr. Obama at the very opposite end of her racist scale. Here, in a March 17, 2008, article in the Jerusalem Report titled “BARACK OBAMA AND THE JEWS,” she champions an unproven Obama to her doubting fellow Jews, even invoking a comparison to the prophets:

Yet it seems eminently possible that our [Jewish] history as victims of betrayal and our fear of anti-Semitism may send the American Jewish community into an irrational frenzy against a real ally. It would be a great setback for American democracy if that happens. If we can’t look past a man’s skin color and listen to his actual words and respond to his actual record, then we become mere fodder for demagogues. If in the polling booth we allow ourselves to be frightened by imaginary demons, we will ultimately be consumed by real ones [allusion to Farrakhan]….If Jews, forgetting their own past, shifted their votes out of conscious or unconscious fear of a black man, our world would be a shabbier place for our children to inherit. We have every right to be angry at those in the black community who turned on us, but no right to taint Obama, who comes as our friend, with the bitter words of others….We are angered by certain black leaders and we are aware of black anti-Semitism. It exists. It just doesn’t exist in Barack Obama.…Jews were there at the very beginning, when the prophets first sang a song to wake the people’s hearts. They should not turn stone deaf when this candidate speaks. Jews of all people should know that each man should be judged by his words and his deeds, not by his skin or his religion or what others like him may have done.

Joseph Biden singing to Abraham Foxman
Joseph Biden singing to Abraham Foxman

Roiphe’s support has not been unrewarded. Obama’s choice for vice president, Joseph Biden, served in the Senate as the overlord of the so-called War on Drugs. He was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and led the creation of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, and he was chairman of the International Narcotics Control Caucus. If there is a gatekeeper at the one-way prison door of Black America, it is Obama’s most trusted 8-year ally, Joseph Biden. In this assessment we are not alone. Washington Post writer Radley Balko comments on Biden’s role in the War on Drugs:

…from a policy perspective, it’s a disaster. Biden has sponsored more damaging drug war legislation than any Democrat in Congress. Hate the way federal prosecutors use RICO laws to take aim at drug offenders? Thank Biden. How about the abomination that is federal asset forfeiture laws? Thank Biden. Think federal prosecutors have too much power in drug cases? Thank Biden.… Biden voted in favor of using international development aid for drug control (think plan Columbia, plan Afghanistan, and other meddling anti-drug efforts that have only fostered loathing of America, backlash, and unintended consequences)…[11]

Quite remarkably, the Episcopalian Biden has declared without reservation that “I Am A Zionist. You Don’t Have To Be A Jew To Be A Zionist.”[12] Biden declared his Ashkenazic self-identity whilst marshaling one of the United States government’s most racist and destructive mass operations since COINTELPRO.

The Minister, we must recall, used these words of warning in 1989: “And the conspiracy is so deep and so diabolical that many of you will not even believe that at this very moment that I am talking to you, your lives hang in the balance.” Let us run down the list of Satanic personalities on whom the explosion in Ferguson has shone the light of truth.

  • Senator Carl Levin is so central to this arming of white America that the very bill that authorizes it is now named after him![13] Bill S.2410—the one that clothed Ferguson police in Kevlar and night-vision goggles—is officially called the “Carl Levin National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015.”

  • As the plot unfolded, it was the Jewish Rep. Charles E. Schumer of New York who chaired the committee overseeing the “progress” of the War on Drugs. His aide was none other than state assemblyman Jules Polonetsky, who forced the NOI out of a New York security contract.

  • When seeking relief from the obvious violations of Black human rights, we found the Jewish head of the American Civil Liberties Union named Morton Halperin. He toured the talk shows finding no problem with the caging of Black America or with the increasingly draconian legislative dragnet.

  • When Farrakhan proved that he had the answer to the scourge of drugs in the most drug-ridden areas of the nation, it was the major Jewish organizations (Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Congress) that appeared in Congress to actually un-win the War on Drugs.

  • Jewish Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Robert Stutman[14] became the face of the drug war. Drug agents usually prefer anonymity, but the brash and “street-wise” Stutman found his way into the media spotlight with no other purpose than to raise the threat level in the minds of the white American public.

Credited with bringing “crack” to national attention, the Jewish Mr. Stutman was considered by William F. Buckley to have “single-handedly chang[ed] the policy of the United States DEA.” Stutman became Special Consultant on Substance Abuse for the CBS News division, including the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes. In addition, he appeared frequently on Nightline, the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour, 48 Hours, Firing Line, Good Morning America, the Today Show, the Phil Donahue Show, Face the Nation and Oprah. He was featured in the PBS Frontline documentary titled Drug Wars and the VH1 special titled The Drug Years. In all these appearances, he touted “crack” as an exclusively “inner-city” phenomenon, using language that insisted it threatened national security. Crack, crack houses, crack babies, crack gangs, crack hos, crack epidemics—all were forced into the American racial lexicon, with no less urgency than is “ISIS,” “al Qaeda,” and “Islamic terrorism” today. Stutman’s extensive crack tours have brought him before hundreds of audiences in over 70 countries.[15]

In that crack-fogged context the House of Representatives passed a bill that appropriated $2 billion to fight drugs. The Senate strengthened the law to make it even harsher and it was signed into law as the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. It unleashed on Black America an incredible government assault: the Act

  • gave the U.S. military free rein in narcotics control operations,

  • enacted capital punishment for some drug-related crimes,

  • loosened the evidentiary requirements in drug trials, and

  • imposed mandatory minimum sentences for the distribution of cocaine. The act imposed more severe penalties for selling crack than it did for selling powder cocaine, which set sentencing guidelines that were racially discriminatory.[16]

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton put the law to good use. The “first black president” put 225,000 more Blacks in prison than under President Reagan, the Republican President most disliked at that time by Black America. According to the Washington Post, “During the Clinton administration, the Department of Justice grew faster than any other agency of the federal government.” It was Clinton who nominated Morton Halperin for Assistant Secretary of Defense, to oversee—you guessed right—drug policy at the Pentagon.

How many Black communities collapsed, how many Black families were destroyed, how many children were reared without a father, under Clinton’s destructive power? And Hillary Clinton’s mass incarceration bona fides are just as robust as Bill’s. In 1994, right before Bill’s Trail of Black Tears, she said with both nerve and verve:

“We need more police, we need more and tougher prison sentences for repeat offenders. The ‘three-strikes-and-you’re-out’ for violent offenders has to be part of the plan. We need more prisons to keep violent offenders for as long as it takes to keep them off the streets.”

Prison President William Clinton
Prison President
William Clinton

The message is clear: Black success—even victory—cannot be tolerated or accepted, lest the enemy’s satanic plans be thwarted. Abraham Foxman and his Anti-Defamation League appear yet again with their sister operative, the Southern Poverty Law Center, in “training” the police around the nation. This Judaic guidance of America’s law enforcers has left us with a statistic that could not be more racially skewed if the police had been trained by Klansmen. Five times as many whites use illegal drugs as Black Americans, yet Black people are sent to prison on drug charges at ten times the rate of whites. The Sentencing Project says Blacks and Latinos constitute nearly 90% of those sentenced to state prison for drug possession. In total, between 1980 and 1999, the incarceration rate for Blacks more than tripled from 1,156 per 100,000, to 3,620 per 100,000. This is more than 4 times the rate of incarceration of Blacks in South Africa during the apartheid era. And in the city with the most Jews and the headquarters of the Anti-Defamation League, New York, only 10 percent of the NYPD’s recruits in 2013 were Black.[17] J.B. Stoner once infamously wrote to the NYPD commissioner to offer the aid of the Ku Klux Klan to control the “darkies” and save them from “the evil genius Elijah Muhammad.”[18]

Clearly, J.B. Stoner of yesterday is A.H. Foxman today. Minister Farrakhan, with that divine guidance of the divine genius Elijah, has given us a clear vision for our future. Our “leaders” faltered badly and fell headlong into the hands of Satan, whilst their people have been marched into iron cages all across America. Jews incessantly tell us that “never again” will they be paraded into death camps at the hands of a crazed dictator. It has happened again—to Blacks in America—and at the hands of a people who have ruthlessly carried out a “conspiracy so deep and so diabolical” whilst posing as our best friends.

We thank Allah for the life of Michael Brown, for the lesson he taught us in Ferguson, Missouri, will never leave us now. We thank Allah for The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for standing up for truth even as our so-called leaders faltered, stumbled, and fell away in droves. It is a different generation today—a Joshua Generation—and Farrakhan is reaching them. This year he tweeted: “Our fearless Black youth are ready to move for liberation. The spirit to organize is in our youth.” The difference today—and maybe for the first time in our history—is that we have a much clearer vision of the Synagogue of Satan’s diabolical racial scheming. Minister Farrakhan has asked for 10,000 Fearless to step forward to redeem and repair the Black community. It is they who must lead us out of the traps set for us by a wily and deceptive enemy. And they won’t be fooled again.


[1] . Also,



[4] The Maricopa County Sheriff’s office alone received 120 assault rifles, five armoured vehicles, and 10 helicopters, according to the ACLU report.



[7] Congressional Record, Volume 140, Number 70 (Wednesday, June 8, 1994).

[8] As has been amply demonstrated by biblical scholars, the so-called Book of Esther is a phony, made-up addition to the Bible, placed there by ancient rabbis to justify aggressive wars—the same way the rabbis placed the Curse of Ham in the Bible to justify the Jewish slave trade. The current prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave a bound copy of the book “as a present” to President Barack Obama to help him in his decision to bomb Iran. See

[9] “ADL Holds A Milestone Twentieth Advanced Training School Session,” December 8, 2011,,3ee9c1c0-ea4b-47af-832a-92a26f3de2fb,frameless.html.

[10] ; ; Carol Marin, “Obama Success Rooted In Late Senator Paul Simon,” Sun-Times, October 29, 2008.

[11] ;








"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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