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B'nai B'rith Umbrella group Declares Censorship WAR

For Immediate Release:- 5th July 2009
Article Reported and compiled from sources By Devon Markan and Cassandra Stein
Background research by Steve Johnson, Lloyd T Vance, Anita Waddell and Markus Schesling
(SEANEWS-Australian Bureau - Perth Office WESTERN AUSTRALIA.)

Zionists threaten Australian website with removal

ARTICLE Mirrored here on Threatened website:


The recent stunning threats made by the NSW Board of Jewish deputies against website comes at a rather curious time.


On the heels of a fiercely debated internet censorship row that has seen the Aussie Communications Minister: Stephen Conroy branded as the laughing stock of the technically aware world; it is very clear the filter plan is about as doomed to failure just as fast, as certain to be defeated and forgotten just as Conroys own career is doomed to certain failure.


What rather curious timing then, that the website with so much vital information that is waking up the zombie- like nation of Australia is now the target of Jewish aggression and slander over what it sees as "racist and offensive" material.


Such material that is also curiously mirrored on over 38,000 other websites *(For example the 96% of jews own the media story) Yet only targeted for removal on this one website alone.

This kind of openly atrocious and cowardly attack by the NSW board of Jewish Deputies is doubled when it is exposed that they actually have a secret group of "Highly trained professional volunteers" running a little known Security Group within Australia doing GOD KNOWS WHAT to the public to keep themselves and their own religions fundamentalist radicals "safe and secure".

Basically not giving "a rats arse" about anyone else.


Anyone else running their own zionist fuelled vigilante group can expect to be called a Militia and have visits by the Australian Federal Police. Not so for these criminals who seem to act with an almost arrogant immunity, and a flagrance for Australian law that can only be compared to the attitude of Apartheid shown in both Israel and formerly South Africa. Curiously both former homes of Mr Vic Alhadeff before becoming the high paid propaganda Minister for ALL NSW Jews taking up position as editor of the Australian Jewish News.

The Threats made against website are detailed here:


A Representative Of The NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies Has Threatened To Shut Down The Love For Life Website

PART ONE PHONE CALL to NSW Board of Deputies Part 1 

PART TWO PHONE CALL to NSW Board of Deputies Part 2



BUT How Did it get to this?

Australia, the wonderful free and open nation, was formed by combining ALL NATIONS creeds and colours to make an incredible mix of people sharing their experiences and joining together to create a nation of acceptance, tolerance and the unique ability to question itself without fear of being called names, being labelled or being hit with cheap, petty shots.

However in today’s world this has all changed.

We are no longer allowed to question ourselves or our world with impunity without being called racist, a bigot or a nutjob for doing so, even if we do so only with the determination to seek the truth.  We are no longer allowed to question the fictional stories pumped out by the Media without being accused of "incitement".   We are no longer allowed to print or re-print material which questions the official versions of some very obvious, blatant , official lies.

Why is this so? 

The Newsprint and Radio industries, for years the backbone of the propaganda arm of the "system”, are no longer the primary sources of information for many people.  Since the explosion in popularity of the internet, millions of people online have come to the conclusion that mainstream television reporters are no longer reporters.  Investigative reporters in mainstream media are now a relic of the 20th century system and, as clear as day, today’s reporters have been exposed as "repeaters",  repeating news-spin new-speak, catchy infotainment news lite™ catch blurbs, now with 65% less facts and 20% more filling. 


Our collective digestive tracts have been clogged with this rubbish for so long that it has taken real news reports on the internet by real reporters committed to exposing the truth for the rubbish of the TV media to be exposed for what it really is. The era of the TV media being an influential power has dissipated and been drowned out by its own nightly news theme songs.

Consider that, for hundreds of years, the system of Governments that have been elected to govern have put in place guidelines, laws and rules to preserve their rule and to what total sum? What exactly have they done to benefit us as a people? Basically nothing but line their own pockets and screw it all up for the rest of us.  Our water is poisoned, our animals are sick and dying and our food has become toxic and dangerous, full of cheap, nasty, untested chemicals. As a direct result cancer is more prevalent than ever before and has been on the increase since the creation of Government departments, committees and Ministers to deal with such things as food, air and water quality control. Since Government "standards" have been introduced and enforced, things have slowly gotten considerably worse. 

This leads a sane person to question what exactly they are governing. That’s easy to answer; they are governing the descent of mankind into chaos.  They are governing the control of the awakening of the individual as a free and creative spirit essence on planet earth and, before the internet, they were doing a damn good job of it too.

The last few years have really shaken these media giants as a lot of information has seeped into the everyday existence of these once asleep people, although an equal amount of people have slipped into the waking slumber and refuse to listen to these "crackpot conspiracy truths", instead focusing on how to get the latest phone with double memory, twice the speed and better colour screen.  The desire for the pursuit of more trinkets has sadly been instilled in a lot of the newest generation. 


The biggest threat to the control over the minds of these young people who carry upon their shoulders the future direction of the planet, are the independent websites that are ever-increasing in readership and popularity. The war for our minds is being won with truth rather than spin and, because of this very fact, Governments worldwide are freaking out about so much information leaking into the collective consciousness of us spiritual beings who are, on so many levels, connecting all the dots around us that have been hidden in plain sight for so long.

In Australia, this led to the inception of the "Internet Filter Plan", a plan so well thought out and devised by non-technical minds that its demise was written before it even began.  With that plan in tatters, along came plan B.

Plan B is to call these freedom of information sites "Incitement to hate" sites because of the damage they are doing to the plan to keep people dumbed down. This would be fine except for one thing; in claiming to be anti-racists and anti-haters, they in effect become exactly what they say they are against.

Take a case in point; the Canadian Govt. funding an Anti Racism campaigner called Alan Dutton from Vancouver.  His site looks good enough - clear and precise against the white supremacists and kkk crowd. Such a great and honourable cause on the surface, but is that all he truly targets?

For the 100 thousand Canadian dollars that he receives from the Canadian Govt. Mr Dutton has specifically targeted 9-11 truther accounts on youtube.

See their "hitlists of 9-11 truth channels here:"

Mr Dutton lumps them all in with youtube Nazis and white-power clowns under the one banner. No explanation given, no explanation offered, just sheer ignorance on display.

This is when anti-racists become as bigoted, ignorant and racist as those they report to be fighting.

When seriously questioning Israel’s racist policies becomes a "racist" action we have THEN witnessed the wheel go full circle and the anti racist has become the racist. Sadly, with ignorance abounding and Canadian taxpayers dollars flowing to fund this outrageous behaviour, even those really standing up for Human Rights for Palestinians are called "racists" and added to the Hitlist in this freakish Bizarro world.

(StopFundingIsrael Account listed as racist and Nazi Youtube account.  Palestinian support videos flagged and already removed.)
By this user:
These accounts are very clearly funded and organised by Alan Dutton using Canadian taxpayers money, all linking to his site with this perverted form of anti racism.

Welcome to the upside down world which is a clear ADL creation. Black is white and white is black in a strange world where unarmed children and Arab civilians are called terrorists and well-armed terrorists are called "defenders of the State of Israel".

In this bizarre world, a Senior reporter of a South African newspaper can move to Australia from Israel and begin to make demands about "What is acceptable and what is not" for Australians in an Australian society, a society to which he has as much as a close connection with as mainstream religions have a connection with peace and tolerance.

Please listen carefully as this man makes it very clear:


and anything he deems offensive suddenly becomes illegal by law under his twisted definitions. 

Hear his words as he clearly states that he has his own mandate given to him by his fanatical supremacist religious groups to eliminate anything he wishes to.
Under any other name this would still be called vigilantism.

Listen to him squirm as I delve into and question his elite group of professionally trained Sayanim (Sayanim (Hebrew: helpers, assistants) is a term used to describe a network of Jews living outside Israel who volunteer to provide assistance to the Mossad.), always willing to dob in a friend or neighbour to earn an extra scout badge of honour, and then as he makes it clear this group has a not hidden but: secret agenda "not to be discussed in public".

Hmmmm... Make of that comment whatever you will.

An agenda is underway to undermine Australians Freedoms as they were afforded to us by our forefathers and descendants.  Make it known and expose their "hidden agendas" before it becomes far too late.  With knowledge we can undermine their true goal to usurp Australians’ rights and become the by-   proxy slave masters of the respective colonies.  Not in my name at least, and certainly not on a day I hold my head proud as a free citizen of planet earth.

Be aware that this is just the first step in a larger plan internet-wide to remove everything that has a close association with the truth.  Everything that exposes the true agenda of the New World Order and levels of the deception onion that in recent years have been peeled back to the extent its starting to show the rotten core.
Did you notice despite being upset with a couple of articles on Arthur and Fionas’ site, that indeed he wants the whole site taken off the internet?  They are not happy with just silencing critics, they want to completely muzzle then as well.

When this man Vic Alhadeff says:
“ 95% of the worlds’ media is a claim so ridiculous it’s laughable...”

He forgot to link me with the following pages where Hollywood Zionists ARE laughing at how much they do actually control. These articles written by Zionist jews in the entertainment industry.  I suppose he finds these articles offensive as well?,0,4676183.column




Please do download and spread this video around to your friends and family. Burn it on CD and copy it as much as possible.

Please download the high quality versions and spread to everyone, please share this site and article with others and return often for updates.

(Right click to save as)

Love and regards

Steve Johnson


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Southeast Asia is not affiliated whatsoever with the originator of this article nor is Southeast Asia endorsed or sponsored by the originator.

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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