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British Jews and British Politics

The Jewish Imperium in Imperio


An Imperium in Imperio is a state within a state, and such a body is illegal under the British Constitution. The most powerful Imperium in Imperio in Britain today is the Board of Deputies of British Jews. This is effectively a parliament of Jews and it actively influences our laws, not least because it has bought our government.


TONY BLAIR and his freshly packaged Labour Party is hugely Jewish financed. £500,000 has just been given to him by leading Jewish business men including Sir Trevor Chinn, Britain's biggest motor dealer (Lex Service); Alex Bernstein, former Granada TV chairman; Bob Gavron, publishing millionaire who himself recently gave £500,000 to the party; Sir Emmanuel Kaye, chairman of Lansing Bagnall; and Michael Levy, head of N & G Records. Michael Levy's Blind Trust thus helped Tony Blair raise £22 million for his election campaign.

Other major benefactors to the Labour Party apart from Levy, Gavron et al are the Jews Maurice Hatter, David Sainsbury and Robert Earl, each of whom contributed at least one million pounds.

Michael Levy, Bob Gavron and Maurice Hatter are now known as "Lord Levy", "Lord Gavron" and "Sir Maurice".



Jack Straw.

The Jewish influence in the media, in law and in government far exceeds their numbers in the population. There have been several Jewish Home Secretaries who in this position are able to control immigration and the police. Examples of Jewish Home Secretaries are Jack Straw, Michael Howard (real name Michael Hecht) and Leon Brittan (real name Leon Brittanisky).

Almost all of these influential Jews are Zionists: they believe in a sovereign Israeli state which will ultimately be the centre of a world government. It is a combination of Israeli nationalism and their conviction that they are "God's Chosen People." We quote a letter from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx:

‘The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will obtain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and the establishment of a World Republic.’ (Baruch Levy writing to Karl Marx).

We could have gathered many more quotes saying the same thing. However there is one example of especial importance because it not only illustrates the Jewish Imperium in Imperio but also the magnitude of the wrong we are attempting to reveal. We show the front page of the Daily Express of 24th March 1933. The real start of the Second World War, when the hidden hands started their work, was reported here in 1933. The accompanying text reads:

‘Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce, and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler's people.’

Between 40 and 50 million people died in that war. Note that "Judea" is a distinct entity, despite the fact that the state of Israel did not exist until 1948, fifteen years later. In other words the Jews are a state within a state, an Imperium in Imperio.

The Jews' strategy is disguised invasion: to invade a country and take it over, but to keep it hidden.




THE OLD PARTIES are but variations, bogus alternatives, within the same system. They put on an act of combat, but really they are a consensus committed to the course of Britain's decline and downfall. The system sets up from time to time, when it seems advantageous, bogus options such as currently the Referendum Party of the billionaire financier, the Jew Sir James Goldsmith, to side-track and dissipate discontent.

This fake puts on an act of standing for British sovereignty against foreign regulation from Brussels, but has nothing to say about and against foreign, including Jewish, influence in London conceived by him and his followers as compatible with British sovereignty. 




JEWS from parts of Europe have poured into Britain during the last hundred years or so, crying out that they have been persecuted and appealing for refuge, which has been generously granted to them. Now, however, with the wealth and power which they have amassed, they have taken to demanding and securing more and more legal restraints on criticising them, meaning more and more reduction in our ancient freedom, so that the wartime poster shown here has new and striking relevance today.




The Law Devised by the Jewish Imperium in Imperio to Prevent its Exposure


The so-called Race Relations Acts are acts of parliament working as political instruments to enforce the Jewish dogms and efficiently thwarting any efforts of opposition.

The Race Relations Act of 1965 was introduced to parliament by the Russian Jew Frank Soskice, purported Labour Attorney General. Further Race Relations Acts were devised by the Board of Jewish Deputies.

In the Jewish Chronicle of 17 January 1975 it was stated that:

‘Section 6 of the Race Relations Act, 1965, dealing with incitement to racial hatred, may be amended and strengthened following representations made to the Attorney-General, Mr. Sam Silkin, QC, by the Board of Deputies.

‘In the view of the board's Jewish Defence and Group Relations Committee, the weakness of the Section is its present requirement that "intent" to stir up racial hatred must be proven for any prosecution to succeed.’

Here we have a Jewish Attorney-General receiving instructions from the Jewish Board of Deputies. The Editorial in the same issue of the Jewish Chronicle stated that this amendment to the law "would better have been achieved by less publicised means."

The 1976 Race Relations Act was amended just as the Jews had requested and then passed in the Commons by default, with only 132 of the 635 members present; 124 Labour and Liberal traitors voted for the bill with eight Tories against. In other words, 500 MP's stayed away from the House for fear of the repercussions if they voted against the Jews' wishes.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s Neville Nagler, a synagogue official, was the head of the Home Office Department responsible for race relations matters. Whenever a Cabinet Minister made a speech on the subject of "race relations", notes for the text were always drafted by Nagler, who routinely consulted with top officials at the Jewish Board of Deputies such as Geoffrey Bindman and Anthony Lester. In 1991 Nagler retired from the Home Office and became the Chief Executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The so-called Public Order Act of 1986 was placed before parliament by the purported Conservative Home Secretary, a Jewish immigrant from Lithuania, Leon Brittanisky, also known as Leon Brittan, assisted by his cousin, another Lithuanian Jew, Malcolm Rivkind, also know as Malcolm Rifkind.

The illegal Act of Parliament called the Public Order Act is intended to prevent subjects of the Crown from discussing and revealing the Jewish takeover of our country. It is a law which has been made by traitors - in other words, criminals - to prevent their exposure.




Now, on top of a Public Order Act which penalises not only the distribution of literature critical of them, but also the possession of it, sanctioning the ransacking of homes in this connection, they are seeking and securing the promise of yet further limitations on our freedom.

Heading the concerted attack on our freedom is Eldred Tabachnik, president of the Jewish Board of Deputies, who is a close friend of Tony Blair, leader of the Labour Party. Apart from other measures expected to follow the Labour victory in the General Election, whereby Jack Straw of Jewish ancestry succeeded Tory Home Secretary, Michael Howard, (identified by the Independent on Sunday, 14 April, 1996, as born Michael Hecht, son of a Jewish refugee from Romania); Tabachnik has already succeeded in getting the Labour Party to agree to end freedom of speech on the subject of the depicted Jewish holocaust by subjecting denial of it to a two-year jail sentence.

The Jewish community's main organ, the Jewish Chronicle (4 October, 1996) joyfully reported this forthcoming further mutilation of British freedom as follows:- "A Labour government will act to make Holocaust denial a criminal offence, Opposition leaders pledged this week.

The announcement, made at the party's Blackpool conference, was the culmination of a lengthy campaign by Jewish groups, including the Board of Deputies, the Holocaust Education Trust and Poale Zion. Shadow Home Secretary Jack Straw confirmed that a motion committing a Labour government to such a law - due to be discussed yesterday - had the backing of the entire leadership. The Blackpool conference continued the party's courting of the Jewish community."

This alleged Jewish holocaust centres on the contention that no less than 6 million Jews were deliberately put to death by Germans during the Second World War, a great part of them by gassing. There are very many substantial and serious contradictions and deficiencies in the accounts, sufficient at least to raise grave doubts that this holocaust ever happened as described, although undoubtedly a great number of Jews were put in camps as avowed enemies of the regime and a security risk to it, and many fell victim to typhus in the final days of the war when Allied bombing severed communications and stopped supplies.

Instead of the suppression of contrary opinion sought by Tabachnik and his fellow foes of freedom, we call for unhindered free discussion regarding this and all other alleged holocausts and other atrocities. If the Jews are confident of their case, why do they need to ban dissent?


In defence of your status, resist the efforts of Tabachnik and his Jewish foes of freedom to turn you into a Soviet-style thought police under either a Tory or Labour Jewish Home Secretary! Insist on the Force being confined to traditional police work, which today needs all its time and effort to cope with real crime! In keeping with this, when obliged to carry out Public Order Act political searches, refrain from violating the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 by removing material in advance of establishing its relevance!

The Jews in Britain also have a 2,000 strong vigilante group called the Community Security Trust. The Board of Deputies of British Jews maintains extensive records on anyone who opposes them. Maintaining what is effectively a private militia and flaunting the 1984 Data Protection Act are illegal yet these activities have been condoned by the former Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.  


Note: The so-called “Anti-Nazi League” is a front group for the Jew Tony Cliff’s (nee Ygael Gluckstein) Socialist Workers Party, the main Marxist group in Britain, now headed by his son. Another instrument in the Jewish supression of their idelociacal opponenets is the Jew Gerry Gables’ Searchlight slander company.  



"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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