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From National Journal, Jewish Studies 2003


The Friedman Case

Power struggle within the Council of Jews in Germany?

"How is Friedman linked to a Ukrainian gang that smuggles young women into Germany where their services are offered in the red-light market?"

Michel Friedman, Vice-President of the "Council of Jews in Germany" and TV-star came under suspicion of having violated the German Drug-Law. Moreover, the media links him with the Jewish-Mafia from Russia, an organisation that makes billions of Euros in the slave trade (selling young girls). On June 11, 2003 Friedman's house and office were stormed and raided in order to secure evidence.

Friedman was, until June 11, 2003 not only the most popular Jew in Germany, but he was also the most hated Jew. Despite the repulsive bootlicking of the German elite towards Friedman they still privately wished him to go to hell, or now actually in prison. Salomon Korn, leader of the Jews in Frankfurt, "reckoned that some people want to get even ... 'Many will rejoice the attack on Michel Friedman on the quiet'." [Die Welt, June 13, 2003, p. 3] Friedman enjoyed publicly destroying the German good-doers in his TV-Shows. The prestigious German Magazine DER SPIEGEL therefore called him "THE TV-INQUISITOR" [25/2003, p. 42]

Almost entire Germany enjoys the total assault against Friedman. DER SPIEGEL's headline, following Friedman's TV-Inquisition-Show "Cautious, Friedman" read cynical: "Friedman, cautious!" [25/2003, p. 42] It is quite macabre that the attack on the deputy leader of the Jews in Germany had been carried out in almost the same manner as Friedman demanded from the German authorities to apply on so-called right-extremists when persecuted for free speech. A paramilitary special unit with machine-guns presented, raided Friedman's home and office. However, compared to the assault on Jürgen W. Möllemann, hours before his mysterious death, the Friedman assault was still a mild one, since there were no TV-cameras covering the raid for the public.

The reasoning for deploying a heavily armed command of the "Border-Protection-Force" to raid Friedman's premises, was that the Friedman-Case is seen in connection with organised crime: "How is Friedman linked to a Ukrainian gang that smuggles young women into Germany where their services are offered in the red-light market?"  [Der Spiegel, 25/2003, p. 42] However, many may ask themselves whether the German authorities would have dared in the first place to apply such methods against the Vice-President of the "Council of Jews in Germany" if they did not have the backing from an even higher authority? After all, it is known for several years that Friedman maintains a relationship with the underworld: "Clues of possible contacts between Friedman and the red-light-scene in Frankfurt were actually known for years. But the authorities did not institute criminal proceedings." [Die Welt, June 17, 2003, p. 5] Friedman obviously had then enjoyed the protection of the entire leadership of the "Council of Jews in Germany"  (the powerful "authority" in Germany) which he might have now lost.

In the tradition of Germany's judicial system since 1945 and its political "sensitivity" towards Jewry it is impossible to imagine that such an attack could have taken place without the blessing of the actual Jewish leader in Germany. If Mr. Paul Spiegel clandestinely agreed that the German judiciary takes Mr. Friedman on, it can then be assumed that there is a power struggle raging within the Jewish leadership. Such an internal struggle would be happily exploited by the German good-doing elite, in order to get revenge on Friedman.

Reasonable Jewry could indeed consider Friedman a risk to their agenda. Jürgen W. Möllemann, who died in such a sudden way just a week before the Friedman affair became public, had criticized Mr. Friedman because of his "spiteful and intolerant manner". Möllemann accused Friedman also of "being responsible for rapidly growing anti-Semitism in Germany". Möllemann's opinion is shared by the overwhelming majority of all Germans. Thus, Michel Friedman is the first prominent Jewish leader who accomplished the undesirable task that a very broad section of the German population now considers Jews as an alien element with great power.

As long as a certain anti-Jewish ness is restricted to so-called Neonazis, Jewish leadership actually welcomes such anti-Semitism: "Deep down, I believe that a little anti-Semitism is a good thing for the Jews - reminds us who we are." [Jay Lefkowitz, NYT Magazine. 12 F. 1995, 65, Lefkowitz is now Deputy assistant to President Bush and Director of Domestic Policy Council.] But if anti-Semitism grows into a popular phenomenon, it naturally becomes democratically legitimized and therefore it will constitute a real threat to Jewry.

It is no secret that Friedman strived for the power position of president within the "Council of Jews in Germany". If he was successful in taking over the presidential position, anti-Jewish feelings amongst the Germans would have increased dramatically and a revival of Adolf Hitler's ideas would be the expected result.

Perhaps these were the perspectives under which the interests of the Jewish leadership and the German elite merged. Furthermore Friedman exposed in one of his TV-shows, his president, Ariel Sharon, by discussing Israel's "war of extermination" (Norbert Blüm) against the Palestinians. A punishment with a long lasting effect could therefore have become unavoidable in order to save Jewish status, hence the influence of Jewry in Germany.

At the same time the method of the attack on Friedman, as well as the attack itself, will surely be exploited by Jewry. Salomon Korn, leader of the Jews in Frankfurt, revealed how Jewry intents to use the Friedman-Case: "The case will show how far we are away from normality in Germany and whether Michel Friedman will be treated like anybody else." [Die Welt, June 13, 2003, p. 3)] By attacking Friedman, Germany could find itself once more in a so-called anti-Semitic corner, which has always proved beneficial to Jewry. Is it about to kill two birds with one stone, to get rid of Friedman and make the Germans pay for their "sins" once again?

The Friedman-Case is also important for other reasons. By punishing Friedman the public will be made to understand that Jews are not so almighty and untouchable after all, as it is propagated nowadays in prominent leftist circles. Journalists of the left and mainstream media foster the following philosophy these days: "The axis Washington-Jerusalem is about to take over the world which can now be observed in the Middle East, journalists gloomily emphasize. Of course, the American war against Iraq was only waged in the interest of Israel. And then they wink to their Jewish journalist colleague mischievously that he, of course, must know this best, for he is part of this great conspiracy after all." [Die Welt, Die Literarische Welt, June 7, 2003, p. 2]

Friedman not only caused damage to Jewry in Germany because of his "intolerant, spiteful manner and is indirectly responsible that right extremism became so popular in Germany," as Möllemann said, [n-tv, June 11, 2003] but he also threatened the Holocaust-Industry. Perhaps under drugs, Friedman stated before graduates of the Berlin Police-Academy the following: "60 years ago [1942] I was taken by the police for deportation. Today I am protected by the police." [Die Welt, June 1, 2002, p. 2] It surely is understandable for Jewish leaders, when the deputy leader of the Jews in Germany tells them that he was deported to concentration camps 14 years prior his birth, that the Germans become a bit hesitant in believing every story of the Holocaust-Industry.

The Friedman-Affair is going to cause great damage to Jewry in Germany, no matter how he will be dealt with. As all Jewish leaders in Germany, Friedman also demanded to be seen and addressed as a "moral authority". But now, "Friedman's graphically expressed citations bouncing back at him like a boomerang. He used to claim that his character 'was based on Veracity'." [Der Spiegel, 25/2003, p. 43] Suddenly, when he finds himself under investigation for being related to the organized crime scene, he "refuses to comment on the case and refers to 'phrases that he hated so much'. Once asked, which phrase he finds unbearable, he revealed: 'You surely understand that I cannot comment on this right now'." [Der Spiegel, 25/2003, p. 43]

Thanks to Mr. Friedman's high moral stance, Jews might soon become superfluous as "moral authorities" in democratic Germany!



"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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