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Jews versus Germany:

Collection of shocking Jewish quotes on their hatred of Germany and Germans


In his introduction to the book "The Controversy of Zion", Swiss Revisionist author Jürgen Graf pointed out that the Jews referring to Germans as the eternal enemies of the Jewish people - Amalek - is nothing of new, and that already:

" 1898 rabbi Yosef Haim Sonnenfeld declined to meet with Wilhelm II during his visit in Palestine, because the Germans were, according to him, descended from the Amalekites..."

American author and expert on the Jewish Talmud, Michael Hoffman, elaborates more on this subject in his book "The Jewish Mentality", from which we here reproduce the relevant part concerning Jewish attitudes towards Germany and Germans:

Let us tread further down the path of Jewish hatred for non-Jews. Here is the late Rabbi Meir Kahane advocating in 1990 the mass destruction of the German people: "When it comes to the Amalek of our times, Germany, there is an on-going war, a never-ending war, a war for generations...There can never be forgiveness or contact or relations or anything to do with them. They are beyond the pale and daily, the Jew must pray for the ultimate destruction of a German people that never received an iota of the punishment they deserved...If the Almighty ever allows me to become Prime Minister of Israel...there will be nothing but an Amalek whose memory we will blot out as much as possible until the great day when the Almighty finishes the mitzvah of vengeance." (Rabbi Meir Kahane, "Halachic Overview," The Jewish Press, Oct. 12, 1990, p. 49).

In March of l986, the Israeli army's chief chaplain on the occupied West Bank, Rabbi Shmuel Derlich, distributed a 1,000 word pastoral letter to Jewish soldiers calling for the total extermination of Amalek. "Derlich wrote that it is the duty of 'a king in eradicate Amalek without leaving any must show no pity for any creature from the nation of Amalek--man, woman, child...There is no doubt that in the last generation we met the Amalekite the form of the German nation,' he wrote." Jerusalem Post, May 17, 1986.

Harvard University's Jewish professor of law, Alan Dershowitz, who was cited earlier lying about revisionist Bradley R. Smith, in his book, Chutzpah, stated, "The rebuilding of postwar Germany into one of the world's most affluent nations is a moral disgrace. A minimal appropriate response to the collective responsibility of the German people for the crimes of their leaders...should have been a generation of poverty."

Janet DeLynn (a.k.a. DeLynnski): "...I am glad Israel has the atomic bomb, and the continued existence of Israel is the only cause for which I consider it justifiable to use nuclear weapons...maybe we could have tried the A-bomb on Germany rather than Japan...What practically speaking, can one do with a nation (Germany) in which virtually everyone over the age of ten, twelve, fifteen...was either a participant in or accessory to murder?" (Testimony: Contemporary Writers Make the Holocaust Personal, p. 65, quoted in Instauration, May, 1990, pp. 20-21).

"Rabbi Charles Rosenzweig of West Bloomfield, Michigan, stated that 'Germany's guilt is absolute' and that forgiveness 'is not possible." Dov Shilansky, Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, said that 'Even in a thousand years, the shame of Germany will not be erased." (Liberty, July, 1990, p. 14).

"I had avoided Germany because I did not choose to try to keep a civil tongue or civil face among those I felt would have stood by while my children and I were murdered...And I felt I knew all I cared to know then about German history and the German soul. On both, every Jew is a specialist." (A.M. Rosenthal, Press-Enterprise, [Riverside, Calif.], April 27, 1990. Mr. Rosenthal is the former managing editor of the N.Y. Times).

"In history, Germany was not the only criminal nation, just the most vile." (A.M. Rosenthal, "Our German Business," N.Y. Times, September 22, 1992, p.27).

"One of those rankling questions is why is it that Germany, which visited upon the whole world, and especially upon the Jewish world--an unprecedented hell of war, barbarism and assembly-line killing of millions of Jews, should have turned out to be a prosperous, powerful and even prestigious country. We wonder why in heaven's name, this country of savage murderers should have risen from the ashes of defeat to become a land of tranquility with a standard of living far above those countries which sacrificed the flower of their youth to stop the Germans from enslaving the entire world." (Rabbi David B. Hollander, "The Torah," Jewish Press, December 8, 1989).

"Germans are an abomination to me. I'm glad Dresden was bombed for no useful military purpose." (Mordecai Richler, Vancouver Sun, Sept. 13, 1966).

"The two greatest evils of this century...both came out of Germany...Arrogant overstatement is another endearing German trait." (Don Feder, Conservative Jewish columnist, Gazette Telegraph [Colorado Springs, Colorado], April 26, 1989.

"Let Austria decide whether it is a civilized country or the dirty anti-semitic dogs that they have so far been." (Edgar Bronfman, President, World Jewish Congress, Globe and Mail, May 8, 1989.



Above: The "Davidster" W.W. II Holocaust monument in The Hague, Netherlands, endorsed by the leaders of todays Jewry.

On the plaque are the following words from the Jewish Old Testament, the Torah, inscribed in Dutch (and Hebrew):

"Gedenk wat Amalek u gedaan heeft... vergeet het niet."

Translated into English:

"Remember what Amalek did to you... don't forget."

The German People thus equalled to the eternal enemies of the Jews: "Amalek"

Note that this quote from Deuteronomy 25:17-19 is essential in Judaism.

The missed out portion of the above quote, marked with "...", is the poignant part - that the Jews know by heart - the part where the Jewish God Jahve orders the Jews to "blot out the name of Amalek from under heaven".

The Torah/Old Testament also commands: "Now go and smite Amalek, and exterminate everything that is his. Don't pity him, but kill man, woman, infant and nursling, ox, sheep, camel and ass." (Samuel 15:2-3) 
The Old Testament even asserts that "the Lord will be at war with Amalek throughout the ages". (Exodus 17:16)

"Amalekites," notes the Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, "were regarded as Israel's inveterate foes, whose annihilation became a sacred obligation ... Only after the final destruction of the Amalekites will God and his throne be complete." (R.J. Zwi Werblowsky, Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, p. 41) 

Judaism equates Germany and Germans with Amalek and Amalekites.

If you who are reading this is German; What are you going to do about this fact?

Continuing staying passive?

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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