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The corrupting power of Jewish influence in Turkey

Adnan Oktar to Jewish Rabbis from Israel: "We love you all very much"

The case of Adnan Oktar: Proves that Jews actually haven't got anything against "Muslims" as long as the so-called "Muslim" dances to the Jewish tunes.

Adnan Oktar under the pen name "Harun Yahya" is a Turkish author-cum-"Islamic preacher" - who has written several books critical of Israel and Judaism, books such as "Israel's Kurdish Card", and books on freemasonry such as "Judaism and Freemasonry" and "The New Masonic Order".

When Adnan Oktar was an "anti-Semite" publishing anti-Jewish "conspiracy theory" texts, he was strongly condemned and ill-spoken of by the Jewish medias.

Then suddenly Adnan Oktar changed his tune, turning from anti-Israeli to pro-Israeli, to pro-Jewish!

As fast as he did this complete U-turn, switching to be pro-Jewish - hailing Jews and Israel - everything was forgotten, he was even promoted as an especially exemplary "Muslim" by the Jewish rabbis and Zionist élite!

The Jews don't actually have a grudge against "Islam" as long as it is preached and propagated by someone under their total control.
The problems only start if the person and associated movement is acting contrary to Jewish Power.

The level of decadence of their newfound friends has no limits, nothing can be morally too low, as long as you are a friend of Israel.

Here follows some revealing texts and pictures of the new Adnan Oktar, version 3.0, going Zionist fullsteam:
Now he is cosing up with rabbis coming straight from Israel, he hails the Jewish state, and in turn is portrayed as an example of a "good Muslim". His absurd sect-like group with his semi-plastic army of fem-bots - his so-called "Kittens" - poses no hindrance for the Jews.

Endnote: The doings of this charlatan in the end proved too much even for the Turkish authorities, who then clamped down on his sect and put him behind bars.

Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Rabbis from Jerusalem Rabbinical Court, Sanhedrin (November 21st, 2012)

Aired on A9 TV


to the Rabbis: "Israel has the right to live in that region. That is the land of their ancestors.[...] I mean, demanding Israel's departure from that land, saying "Israelis should leave those lands," is not rational."

Oktar then says to the two Rabbis: "It is your homeland, you are the adornment, the beauty of that land, you will remain there until the Last Day."

Adnan Oktar's conversation with two Rabbis from the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court, the Sanhedrin.

OKTAR BABUNA: Good evening dear viewers. We are continuing our program. We have very valuable guests, insha'Allah. Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander; he is the member of the Sanhedrin the Rabbinical Court and associate Justice on the Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah. He also teaches in a religion school. Our other guest is Rabbi Ben Abrahamson; he is a historian and he has been serving as the consultant at Jerusalem Rabbinical Court on matters about Islam since 2004. Furthermore he is the Director of the Committee for Historical Research in Islam and Judaism. Welcome. Please go on Master.

ADNAN OKTAR: Welcome to both of you.


ADNAN OKTAR: We love you all very much. Insha'Allah there will be peace in the region, there will be beauties and love. You are a trust to us from the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Palestinians are the children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) and you are the children of the Prophet Israel(pbuh), the Prophet Jacob (pbuh). We will not accept artificial fights and artificial plots by no manner of means. The region will turn into a place in which peace, beauty, goodness and pleasantness prevail. Insha'Allah the promises of the Torah, the promises of the Qur'an, the promises of our Prophet (saas) will all be realized. The artificial commotion will completely end insha'Allah. Allah has promised that to us. We are in the times of the Messiah, we are in the time of the King Messiah (pbuh), the Moshiach. Insha'Allah we will altogether live by this pleasantness, this goodness. These are all the portents of the appearance of the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

Well, let us first ask this to our guests here; does the Torah have beautiful teachings for us for the prevalance of peace and brotherhood in the region?

RABBI YESHAYAHU HOLLANDER: In the Torah, the Tanakh describes the time to come -which is hopefully our time- and many Prophets have described this time in metaphor and also in simple language. And here we have before us, a series of quotes which Mr. Oktar prepared [and which] are relating to the time of Messiah which we hope is coming upon us now, very soon.

ADNAN OKTAR:Let us hear these from your mouth, could you please read and explain them to us?

RABBI YESHAYAHU HOLLANDER: So we start with a quotation from Zechariah. Zechariah Chapter 9:10. "I will take away the chariots… and the battle bow will be broken... He [King Messiah] will proclaim peace to the nations."

And similarly Ezekiel said; [Ezekiel 39:9-10] "Burn them [the weapons] up - the small shields and the large shields, the bows and arrows, the war clubs and the spears... They will use them for fuel... declares the Sovereign Lord." We will not need weapons anymore, we will not want and we will not need. No one will want them so no one will need them.

Micah, similar to Isaiah, said; "In the last days... He [the Lord]... will settle disputes for many peoples... Nations will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree, and no one will make them afraid." [Micah, 4:1-4] That is quite different than it is today yes, but it has to change soon.

"Bow and sword and battle I will abolish from the land, so that all may lie down in safety," in Hosea. [Hosea, 2:18]

"And in that time," the time of the Moshiach, soon here, "There will be neither famine, nor war, neither envy nor strife. All good things will be bestowed in abundance, and all delicacies will be accessible like dust." In Mishnah Torah, in the section dealing with the Laws of Kings, Maimonides wrote that we are to understand the "Wolf living with the Lamb" and similar phrases, metaphorically; that there will be no change in nature, wolves will still eat lambs when they can, but the metaphor means that people will not try to subjugate one another, people will be free. As the Qur'an says "There is no coercion in religion", so there will be no coercion of any nation by another nation.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. Now you read what our Master has explained in Turkish.

OKTAR BABUNA: The wars and violence coming to an end in the time of the King Messiah. Rabbi Hollander has read the quotes about peace from the Torah. "I will take away the chariots... and the battle bow will be broken... He [King Messiah] will proclaim peace to the nations." Zechariah Chapter 9:10.

ADNAN OKTAR: So here in these quotes it is said that the armaments will be stopped. Explain it to us a little bit, interpret it for us.

OKTAR BABUNA: Armaments will be stopped, all weapons will be taken out of use, insha'Allah. And the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will bring peace to the nations. Peace will come to the whole world.

ADNAN OKTAR: To the whole world, that is good.


 Adnan Oktar to the Jewish Rabbis: "We love you all very much."

In the midst of a crisis, Israel’s chief Sephardic rabbi is invited to Turkey


The Jewish Reporter,
September 16, 2011

Dr. Oktar Babuna (left), Israel Sephardic Chief
Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Dr. Cihat Gundogdu.
Photo courtesy of Harun Yahya organization 

Israel’s Sephardi Chief Rabbi and its Deputy Prime Minister have been invited to Istanbul for interfaith talks aimed at healing the rift between the two countries through a more spiritual, back channel approach.

The Rishon Lezion, Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar, agreed Wednesday to travel to Turkey as a guest of Istanbul-based Islamic theologian and philosopher Adnan Oktar.

Rabbi Amar accepted the invitation during talks held at his office in Jerusalem with Oktar’s two emissaries, Dr. Oktar Babuna and Dr. Cihat Gundogdu.

He also accepted with appreciation a gift of the Hebrew translation of Oktar’s book, The Evolution Deceit. In return, he sent as a gift his own book, entitled Genesis, which deals with his views on fossils, “to emphasize the importance he gives to preaching Creation.”

Oktar was “very pleased” with the Chief Rabbi’s gift. “He thanked and expressed his happiness and hopes for cooperation in refuting Darwinism and materialism scientifically, in showing signs of Creation, and preaching belief in One God,” his spokesperson said.

No date for the trip has been set.

The two envoys, who arrived in Israel on Sunday, met earlier in the week with Deputy Prime Minister Eli Yishai, chairman of the Sephardic religious Shas party. Yishai was also invited to the talks with Oktar and is reportedly considering the offer.

Speaking in an interview in Jerusalem, Gundogdu said it was hoped that an interfaith dialogue could bypass the current political dispute and “relieve the tension.”
Mr. Oktar, who is considered to be close to Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan, has been for years a persistent voice of reason and moderation.
As host of a popular faith based television talk program and author of many top selling books on religion and philosophy, he consistently condemns terrorism in all its forms. Especially egregious in his eyes is violence against civilians in the name of religion. The Islamic theologian opines that such violence in the name of Islam is a perversion of Islam and is really pagan at its core.

In particular he has vehemently defended the right of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel. As “descendants of the prophets” Israel belongs to the Jews, he says, and quotes from the Koran to prove his point.
He most recently condemned last week’s attack on Israel’s embassy in Cairo, saying such violence is “against the Koran.” According to the Istanbul-based theologian, the Koran says that “diplomats and ambassadors are guests and they have to be protected,” Babuna explained.

Babuna continued by saying, “So we have to relieve this tension… The verse from the Koran says that Allah settled the Jews in their holy Land. So too are the Muslims and the Christians, [in the land of their ancestors] and so we have to live here together in peace.”

During their talks with Yishai, the two emissaries said the Mavi Marmara flotilla clash in May 2010 was responsible for much of the current tension between Jerusalem and Ankara.

The Shas minister wanted to know if he would be asked to apologize on behalf of the Israeli government for the deaths of nine Turkish IHH terror activists on the vessel who were killed during their attack on IDF navy commandos.
The Ankara government has demanded that Israel apologize for the deaths, compensate the families and dismantle its blockade, which was created to prevent the smuggling of weapons by terrorists into Gaza.

Israel has expressed regret and offered to compensate the families but refuses to apologize for killing armed terrorists who attacked first, and who were carrying no humanitarian aid on their ship.

Yishai will not be asked or expected to apologize, Oktar’s emissaries said. However, Oktar himself made it clear in an emailed reply subsequent to the interview that he believes it is in Israel’s best interest to issue an apology.
“I cannot decide on behalf of the Israel nation, of course. But my personal opinion is that an apology should be made,” he wrote. “Apology is a reasonable act; it is courtesy, a beauty. It is not something degrading, not a humiliation. It is a graceful attitude. We recommend the apology and compensation so as to calm the tension and at least balance matters.
“But this is our belief… Ultimately something to make up for the situation needs to be done,” he said. “However Israel decides regarding the apology, we believe that the visit to Istanbul and having meetings with the Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Interior Minister Eli Yishai here will help to reduce the tension.”

Oktar made a point of stressing his focus on the commonalities between the peoples of the two countries, rather than their differences.

“With this occasion we would like to express our compassion, love and respect for the Jewish people. And we would like to state our common beliefs and common goals. However, according to our belief, there is no other solution besides King Mashiach in this age. There will be discussions and meetings; however the outcome of the meetings will not resolve the matter entirely. The ultimate solution will be King Mashiach whom all parties will be pleased with his decisions.”

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, Likud faction head Ze’ev Elkin, MK Nissim Ze’ev and a number of other high-level officials also met with the two envoys, who are set to return to Istanbul at the end of the week


Orgies, Blackmail and anti-Semitism: Inside the Islamic Cult Whose Leader Is Embraced by Israeli Figures

He has a harem of scantily clad 'kittens,' claims the U.K. 'deep state' brought Hitler to power and is accused of sex slavery.
What draws Israeli politicians and rabbis to Turkish cult leader Adnan Oktar?

 By Asaf Ronel 
July 11, 2018


'Adnan Oktar’s anti-Semitic 'cult of orgies' embraced by Israeli figures' - Haaretz


Ahval News, March 30 2018

‘’Oktar, 62, who started to preach his version of the Muslim faith in Istanbul in the 1980s, has since then collected 300 “good friends,” as he terms them, who follow his path, despite accusations that they are being brainwashed and also exploited sexually and economically,’’

In an article penned for Israel’s Haaretz daily, this is how contributor Asaf Ronel, describes Turkey’s own ‘’televangelist’’ Adnan Oktar.

Ronel takes a look at Oktar’s ‘’Islamic cult’’ and the affinity that Israeli figures have for who he describes as an ''anti-Semitic cult leader.''

Ronel stresses that Oktar’s over-arching themes focus on ‘’warnings against the ISIS-based interpretation of Islam, the need for interfaith dialogue – with the emphasis on ties with Israeli political and religious figures – and the struggle against the British deep state.’’’

While recalling his harem of scantily clad 'kittens,' - an entourage of women he keeps -  and claims that the UK 'deep state' brought Hitler to power, Ronel asks what it is that draws Israeli politicians and rabbis to Oktar.

Since the establishment of his TV station, A9, Oktar has succeeded in getting politicians from the Balkan republics, and politicians and rabbis from Israel, to appear on his very own talk show, where women appear to be displayed as ‘’eye candy.’’

Ronel argues that willingness of at least some Israeli politicians and clerics to appear on his TV program may stem from his attitude regarding Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Oktar holds that “Christians, Jews, Muslims – everyone can worship there; the land there is sufficient for this.” The 62 year old added, ‘’We will build the prayer house of Prophet Solomon there, and in this century, inshallah [God willing].”

Some Israelis have appeared on the program in recent years are MK Yehudah Glick (Likud), Communications Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud), rabbis from all the branches of Orthodoxy, and quite a few MKs and all-expenses-paid visits took place despite the strong recommendation against ties with Oktar from Israel’s Foreign Ministry.

The Jewish community in Turkey, however, in stark contrast, wants nothing to do with Oktar.

Oktar is known for having penned anti-Semitic works including, “Judaism and Freemasonry” his first but not last anti-Semitic work, published under the pen name Harun Yahya, in 1987. Oktar denies having written books under said pen name; however, he is widely accepted as having done so. 


Orgies, blackmail and anti-Semitism: Inside the Islamic cult whose leader is embraced by Israeli figures


Shady Israel-linked cult leader Adnan Oktar referred to court

A News, July 19, 2018

One week after his detention, Adnan Oktar, the head of a shadowy cult with links to Israel, was referred to court yesterday, along with 91 other suspects, including his followers and aides.

Oktar was detained near his mansion in Istanbul as he tried to flee with Didem Ürer, an aide and one of the many women he surrounds himself with. Police rounded up 187 suspects in operations against what they called the Adnan Oktar Criminal Organization, and the remaining suspects were expected to be referred to court in the coming days. Forty prosecutors were assigned to the case to interrogate the suspects who are charged with everything from running a criminal organization to sexual abuse and money laundering. He is also charged with espionage and media outlets reported his close ties to Israel whose relations with Turkey remain strained due to Turkey's pro-Palestinian stance.

Oktar often hosted delegations from Israel and rabbis, including Yehuda Glick, an anti-Palestinian rabbi known for his call to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a sacred site for Muslims. Israeli media says Oktar maintained friendship with Israeli politicians and rabbis and often sent his followers to that country to improve relations. The charge sheet against Oktar and other suspects is a long list of crimes, but it focuses on his organization's alleged espionage and sexual abuse, as well as blackmail. The 62-year-old Oktar is known for surrounding himself with women, and media reports say his followers blackmailed women by secretly recording their sexual acts, and Oktar himself brainwashed the women, mostly from wealthy families, to join his cult.

The cult leader is primarily known for a series of books challenging the theory of evolution he wrote under the pseudonym "Harun Yahya." He first made headlines in the 1980s when he was arrested for promoting a theocracy. The cult leader was charged with blackmail and was arrested in September 1999, but the charges were dismissed after a two-year-long trial. After a court found him mentally ill, he spent 10 months in a psychiatric hospital, and after his release he kept a relatively low profile. He established a foundation in 1995 and started publishing books on creationism.

In pictures...

Adnan Oktar - friend of Jews:


Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) with Rabbi Haim Meir Drukman, Rabbi Rafael Schimon Feuerstein and Rabbi David Stav.

Adnan Oktar - the "Islamic" cult leader - with his "Kittens":

Adnan Oktar - the downfall:


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- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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