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Commentaries on Ataturk´s Jewish background

"Ataturk the great!"

By Abdullah, Dhaka

Kemal Ataturk was born in 1881 in Thessaloniki, Greece which was at that time a Muslim nation. His full name was Mustafa Kemal and the Ataturk surname, meaning the Father of Turks was given to him by the Turkish people in accordance with the reforms he introduced to destroy the Islamic state and convert it to a "Turkey" state. He was a "doenmeh". Meaning, of Jewish descent. The "doenmehs" never inter-married with Muslims and celebrated their version of Islam indoors. The doenmehs were known to be false converts who were planted in the Muslim Empire to destroy it. One must admit that Kemal Ataturk performed his task well.

"His background was military, and he served in various posts in the Ottoman Army. During the World War I, he was the colonel in charge of Infantry at Gallipoli in 1915 and it was his genius defence tactics that prevented the allied forces (British, French, Anzacs - Australians and New Zealenders and Senegalese) from capturing the Dardanelles and eventually Bosphorus." This is what the false historians try to preach. The truth is that the British suddenly and mysteriously backed out after negotiations with Kemal.

His success and fast growing reputation disturbed the capital and to keep him under control he was promoted to Pasha (General). When the War ended the armies of the allied forces occupied nearly all corners of the country including Istanbul. The allied forces realised that cornering the Muslims like this would prove fatal, as history is a witness to what happens when Muslims are cornered. Thus, instead of marching in and taking the nation for a few months and then running on their heals by the inevitable Muslim Jihad they devised an interesting devious plan.

The plan involved their puppet Kemal Ataturk. He left Istanbul in a small boat, namely Bandirma (a nice model of the boat may be seen at the Ataturk Museum in Ataturk's Mausoleum, Ankara), going ashore at Samsun, a coastal town in the Black Sea, on the 19th of May 1919 (a date later to be presented by Ataturk to the Turkish Youth as the Turkish Youth Day), the day the War of Independence began. He showed the people his desire for Independence. The British thus gave the "oppressed, cornered ready to fight" masses a leader -- their one and only puppet, Kemal Ataturk.

With skirmishes Kemal and his army friends' armies started fighting the enemy. One should wonder how the powerful allied forces suddenly could not fight the friends of Kemal. Ankara was chosen to be headquarter for its central location and the seeds of a new country were planted there. The real agenda was to break up the Khilafah and to leave the Muslims leaderless and thus baffled and in a perpetual state of confusion and "leaderlessness". Thus by the end of the year 1922, all of the powerful invaders had left the country.

The Ottoman Sultan was forced to resign and while he was signing his forced resignation, Kemal stood there witnessing it along with a Jew friend (a banker), pictures of which are available in any history book. The birth of a new nation had begun.

Today Turkey has an agreement with Israel and the USA and the West. The "Sick man of Europe" was feared by the entire West. Today the "The healthy man of Europe" is treated with no dignity and holds absolutely no say or position in the world affairs and the Turks still don't get it!

"Ataturk the great!"

By Feroze Alam, Toronto, Canada

Mr. Akbar Hussain (July 13) fits like a globe into young Farah's audience that she advised to think, question and learn.
Let's educate ourselves about Kemal Pasha and how history evaluates his deeds:

According to Joachim Prinz in his "The Secret Jews", K. Pasha was a descendant of the Jewish Marranos of Salonika in the Asia Minor. Two commandments that the Marranos adhered to were -- (1) "Shall not marry into a Muslim family nor maintain any intimate association with them, for they are to us an abomination and particularly their women"

(2) "Shall meticulously adhere to the customs of the Turks so as not to arose their suspicion. I shall not only observe the Fast of Ramadan but all the other Muslim customs which are observed in public". Kemal Pasha followed them and thus earned confidence of his fellow Muslims. He became the Turkish national leader during World War I and liberated his country. Then the real drama began.

According to TIME, 2 July 1928, Kemal Pasha ordered all mosque floors to have their rugs removed and replaced with pews like in the Church so that no Muslim forehead could bow toward Mekka and prostrate on the floor during prayer. He ordered installation of organs and choirs in the mosques. The traditional Fez cap was removed from the Turk's head, shoes were worn during prayer in the mosque. The language of worship was changed from Arabic to Turkish.

In his "The Emergence of Modern Turkey", Bernard Lewis has described how Pasha indoctrinated his own ideas of prayer into Turk life. Any opposition to his reform was meted with prison, gallows and terror. I wonder how Mr. Hussain discovered humanism in Kamal Pasha's "vision of a united humanity".

According to Grey Wolf, in his "Mustafa Kemal, An Intimate Study of a Dictator", Kemal Pasha declared, "Islam, this theology of an immoral Arab, is a dead thing."

He became an ardent drinker and womaniser as historians testify. Mr Hussain, do you still call Ataturk not anti-Islamic?

In today's Europe, Turkey maintains the worst record of human rights violations in imprisoning political opposition, banning religious freedom, ethnically cleansing the Kurds population.

I am at a loss to fathom how people glorify Turkey's place in the modern world. If you have ever lived in Europe and Australia it is certainly not a joy to be a Turkish. I wouldn't be proud to bear the legacy of Kemal Pasha who made Turkey a prisoner of Europe. Once the conqueror of Europe, today's Turkey is begging to be just a part of the European Union.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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