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Israeli Press:

"Much of the Ukrainian media is owned by Jewish businessmen..."


Israeli Newspaper Ha´aretz´ Online Edition published 16/08/2008 a revealing article by Anshel Pfeffer under the headline "Out of the shadows", on the life and achievements of Naomi Ben Ami, former Israeli ambassador to Ukraine.

Naomi Ben Ami has a record of co-working with the openly racist Avigdor Lieberman, who later in 2009 became Israel´s Foreign Minister. According to Ha´aretz Naomi Ben Ami is "close to Avigdor Lieberman", who according to the Israeli paper is "her political patron".

Ben-Ami has a background in the Israeli security apparatus before becoming ambassador. According to Ha´aretz she did "military service - as a secretary in Central Command", afterwards she entered work in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, where here husband was a security official.

Ha´aretz then writes some interesting facts on Ben Ami´s time as Israeli ambassador to Ukraine (underlines below have been added by Radio Islam for the sake of emphasis):

In 2003, she was appointed ambassador to Ukraine, a senior posting for a 43-year-old diplomat. She was there during the Orange Revolution and had to maneuver between the two sides as they jostled for power. "It was a riveting time, and not a simple one," she says. "As an embassy, we strictly avoided entering any place we were not supposed to enter, apart from one case, when unofficial Israeli observers arrived to supervise the elections, and it turned out that they were connected to a Russian institute. We were interviewed by the Ukrainian media and explained that we had nothing to do with it, but there were a few embarrassing moments. All in all, we were able to stay neutral, though other diplomats got involved."

The situation was particularly sensitive, because as the nationalism intensified in the course of the revolution, anti-Semitism intensified along with it. Ben Ami prefers not to comment on the criticism that has been leveled at President Viktor Yushchenko - with whom she has "very good relations," she says - for not doing enough to suppress the anti-Semitism.

"She might have social relations with some of the leaders of the government," says an Israeli emissary who served in the Ukrainian capital, "but in practice she did not have any diplomatic achievements. Yushchenko may be perceived as pro-Western and as friendly to Israel, but actually he is covering for harsh anti-Semitic elements in Ukraine, and even though he expects Israeli support in his contacts with the United States and the West, we did not demand a proper quid pro quo for this, and that can be seen in part as Ben Ami's failure." Her critics also accuse her of failing to handle the local media properly during the Second Lebanon War.

Much of the Ukrainian media is owned by Jewish businessmen, but the local embassy was nevertheless unable to change the anti-Israel line that dominated most of the media outlets. Ben Ami's efforts to enlist the local oligarchs in a media front were largely rebuffed, and part of the mobilization that did succeed was not coordinated with the embassy. Of the war period, she says, "We were all busy in Kiev in a struggle with the media. I tried to work with Jews, some of them in the media. They are very good people, but I simply reached the conclusion that we were not working with them as we should be."


The Ha´aretz article includes some interesting revelations. For instance that the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko had "very good relations" with the Israeli ambassador, expecting this to payoff as "Israeli support in his contacts with the United States and the West".

The text also reveals the total interference in the medias of a sovereign nation by the embassy people of a small state who are stationed in that nation´s capital. Ben Ami reveals that "much of the Ukrainian media is owned by Jewish businessmen" and who according to the Israeli emissar are "very good people", which should be interpreted as they being pro-Zionist. During the murderous Israeli assault on Lebanon 2006 the public relations image of Israel, as it massacred Lebanese civilians, was rightly severely blackened - what Ben Ami calls the "anti-Israel line". But here the representative of the Jewish state, Ben Ami, via her influential Jewish media channels directly interferes in the way the Ukrainians should perceive this Jewish-Israeli massacre. "We were all busy in Kiev in a struggle with the media", she states, and Ha´aretz tells of "Ben Ami's efforts to enlist the local oligarchs in a media front".

Imagine that the ambassador of an Arab state in a Western country, like Britain (if there were Arab media oligarchs owning disproportionally much of the British medias), trying to coordinate these media-Arabs in pro-Arab propaganda for British public consumption, as that very Arab state was invading and massacring the citizens of a neighbouring non-Arab state. Would that be a tolerable situation?

The above quotes prove what has long been said about the Yushchenko regime and also explain the so called Western medias support of this ridiculous figure. The article also ones for all proves that there are powerful Jewish oligarchs in Ukraine - just like we have always said - actually owning most of the media, and that the Israeli embassy tries to coordinate these Ukrainian media-Jews in their effort for pro-Israel propaganda.

The situation is very similar in Britain where influential British Jews also have been coordinating their pro-Israel efforts with the aid of the Israeli embassy. The London-based Jewish Chronicle reported that Brian Kerner, former chair of Joint Israel Appeal argued that there was "the need for a body able to orchestrate British Jewry's political and public relations" after the year 2000 outbreak of the Second Intifada. The day after it began, fifty Jewish leaders met with the Israeli ambassador and "raised an initial £250,000 fund for pro-Israel lobbying and public relations".

Jewish media actors in their respective countries in the so called "Diaspora" readily lend their services for their Jewish state of Israel - that they perceive as their true homeland - and thus aid in spreading anti-Arab/anti-Muslim and pro-Israel propaganda.


"Every Jew is an Ambassador for Israel"

- Rabbi Aron Moss, Arutz Sheva, Israel National News, 07/25/2006.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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