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Jewish Predominance in War Crimes Investigation Units,
against Germany after W.W. II

From the site "Judicial Inc". As it is archived, some links below may not be working.

Special Units That Followed Concentration Camp Liberators

Special Units of the 'War Crime Division' consisted mainly of Jewish investigators





After Liberators Took A Camp, The War Crimes Units Showed Up






Typical War Crimes Investigators





Roosevelt And Churchill Were Behind These Units




Col. Mickey Marcus And Lt. Col. Murray Bernays Formulated Everything

A Pole and Lithuanian immigrant picked the investigators, and the staff, for the Nuremberg Trails





Benjamin  Ferencz's Ran The Investigators And Prosecutors

Video of prosecutors at Nuremberg-Einsatzgruppen Trials






War Crimes Tribunal

International Jewry, under Henry Morgenthau, formulated a plan to hold 'War Crime' trials, so they sent a team of investigators into all the concentration camps to document, enhance, and fabricate various horrors. A 26 yr old Harvard graduate named Benjamin Ferencz, organized and lead the team.

Justice Jackson and his crew of 'Mutts' were on a vendetta. The trials, witnesses, and evidence were sheer fantasy and fabrication. Jewry had declared war on Germany in 1933, and their machinations ended in 1946, with Nuremberg and Dachau trials.







German War Heros

Some of Germany's most elite soldiers wind up at Nuremberg, being tried by Ivy League draft dodgers that were brought in to serve as "Holocaust Fabricators"







Benjamin  Ferencz

Benjamin Ferencz - Chief Of The War Crimes Unit

Ben attended Harvard University, graduating in late 1943. He claims:~ "I was a war hero and fought at every major battle from Italy, Normandy, the Battle of The Bulge, etc". Ben was charged with establishing the war crimes investigation branch of the U.S. Army. The group gathered evidence and apprehended alleged Nazi war criminals. He ultimately became chief U.S. prosecutor in The Einsatzgruppen Case of the Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings.

Mauthausen Camp

Benjamin entered Mauthausen as a 'War Crimes Investigator. If the  commandant wouldn't confess we would used Special Tactics to get a confession. His other main source of evidence: ~ "A lot of Jewish prisoners had secret records".


Dauchau Camp

He entered Dachau with the liberators. Ferencz describes how he tracked the deadly SS, and found hundreds of Jewish graves. He freely talks about executing prisoners, and sticking live SS in ovens.

Did His Group Orchestrate This Massacre?

He denies that his 'Group of Jewish War Crime Investigators' were behind the biggest war crime in history, the massacre of 540 soldiers at Dachau.

His peer was Mickey Marcus, a dual citizen Israeli, a US army Col., who became a leader in the 1948 Israeli Stern/Hagganah terror group.







Arnold Weiss - A Typical Investigator

Weiss sat out the war in Milwaukee until 1945, when suddenly he arrives in Munich. He joined a group of Jewish CIC investigators who ravaged what was left of Germany, and it's people.








Morris Rosen  - A Typical Interrogator

A Polish Jew who was in the camps on criminal charges. He was used at the Dachau trials, where SS where beaten till they confessed.








Henry Plitt - Investigator

Another Jewish war hero turned 'War Crimes Investigator' and prosecutor. He claims to have been in the 101st Airborne division, and was a "pathfinder" for the Normandy invasion. Pathfinders were elite troops that went in before and guiding the landing of other parachutists. 

Describes how he captured Julius Streicher







Robert M W Kempner - Prosecutor

Kempner was a Jewish lawyer who fled from Germany to the US in 1933, under questionable circumstances. He returned in 1945, in a  US Army uniform.

Cooked Evidence

He presented a Wilder movie of MP's unloading bloody gold teeth from Reichsbank branch. The manager testified that army personal put the gold teeth in the bank safes the day before. He also found/cooked the Wannsee Protocol, a critical historical document verifying the Holocaust.







Henry Kellerman - Prosecutor

Another war hero/prosecutor. He was so fearsome that Hess and Goering shuddered when this Delicatessen clerk walked by.

Listen to this crap 

Video of prosecutor Drexel Sprecher







Nuremberg Prosecutor Deson

Dachau Tribunals

A Look At The Witnesses and Evidence

Most witnesses were Jewish partisans, criminals, and communists, that the prosecutors pulled out of jails, and DP camps, and their stories were absurd. Jews told of man eating dogs, giant frying pans that cooked Jews, ray guns, atomic vaporizers, killed by showers in cold weather, being fed to bears, man eating eagles, and on and on.

The prosecution introduced various films, two Billy Wilder classics were: ~  'Death Mills'  was about the camps, and 'Reichsbank gold'.

This witness describes a  'Death Injection', used on children brought into Berlin doctor's offices.

Who were these witnesses?

Shunken Head Evidence Another prosecutor






Elitist Prosecutors Thought They Were In Long Island

You didn't want to hang around in the camps. There was diarrhea. There was dysentery. There were rumors of typhus in the camps. So, it was not a place to stay. You got in. You did your job, moved on.

Nuremberg's Staff Stayed Here

The Prosecutors, Judges, Researchers, etc stayed at Nuremberg Grand Hotel. It was understood that if you wanted a job (Germany was in ruins) with the occupation, then you be spending your nights at the Grand Hotel.


Nuremberg Was A Social Setting

Life at Nuremberg consisted of grand-standing lawyers, persecuted Germans, and staffs loaded with young German  girls. It was considered a 'Career booster' for these smarmy New Yorkers.



The Irony Of The 1933 Nuremberg Laws

In the late 1920's Germany suffered the Weimar collapse, Jews took full advantage of everyone's desperation, and this behavior brought about the Nuremberg Laws. 60% of Berlin's professionals were Jewish. Berlin was a den of depravity thanks to Jewish criminals that were protected by Jewish politicians and police.

The Nuremberg law's key components revolved around sexual harassment, and their infiltration of the government. Jews were forbidden to employ a female domestic under 45 yr old in their houses, interracial sex was a crime, and they were pulled out of key government positions.

Sixteen years later the Nuremberg trials brought revenge, as Germany laid in ruins, and the cycle started all over again.

Staffs were young German girls







Hanging Became Part Of the Propaganda

These 'slithering' hucksters saw it as party, and hanging female Germans, as entertainment. They hung a 19 yr old farm girl, who was a postal clerk at Belsen.

Some of the evidence presented was shrunken heads, later determined to be from a museum.



These Jews Hanged People On This Garbage Testimony

Blobel ordered me to have the children executed. I asked him, "By whom should the shooting be carried out?" He answered, "By the Waffen-SS." I raised an objection and said, "They are all young men. How are we going to answer them if we make them shoot small children?" To this he said, "Then use your men." I then said, "How can they do that? They have small children as we" This tug-of-war lasted about ten minutes....I suggested that the Ukrainian militia of the Feldkommandant should shoot the children. There were no objections from either side to the suggestion....

I went to the woods alone. The Wehrmacht had already dug a grave. The children were brought along in a tractor.

The children were taken down from the tractor. They were lined up along the top of the grave and shot so that they fell into it. The Ukrainians did not aim at any particular part of the body. They fell into the grave.

The wailing was indescribable. I shall never forget the scene throughout my life. I find it very hard to bear. I particularly remember a small fair-haired girl who took me by the hand. She too was shot later....The grave was near some woods. It was not near the rifle range.

The execution must have taken place in the afternoon at about 3:30 - 4:00. It took place the day after the discussions at the Feldkommandanten....Many children were hit four or five times before they died.







Benjamin Ferencz Today

He was in charge of Germany's $ 35 billion in Jewish reparations.Today Ferencz is 84 yrs old. For the last few years he has been an author and lecturer.

Info on Nuremberg Trials.

Videos of this clown

German puppets give Morgantheu's agents Germany's future

# 1

# 2

# 3

.# 4.

# 5

# 6







War Reparations Agreement







Mr. Niederman, Mr. Rapp, and  Kempner





Benjamin  Ferencz And His Team At Reunion







What's It All Mean?

When WW-2 was over there were 407,316 Americans dead, Germany was destroyed, and this was all done so Stalin, and the communists, could walk into Europe. It was bad enough that we firebombed Dresden and Hamburg, leveled most of Germany, but then we sent it some arrogant Jewish kids to fabricate a Holocaust, and hang military officers like Gen. Keitel and Goering.

Sixty years later, we are in Iraq, fighting and dying in another battle concocted by International Jewry.





"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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Viva Palestina!

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