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While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

By Raida Hatoum*

I can hear the bombs as I write this: today, the 20th of July, is Day 8 of the Israeli war on Lebanon.

The bombing continues today especially in all the south and east of Lebanon. Today more massacres were conducted and more civilians were killed. Tomorrow we will count our lost ones from today and we will see more photos of murdered children and families.

Today we counted our lost ones from yesterday. We collected photos of the remains of families, of women and children who were killed. Yesterday was the worst, 70 civilians were killed - most of them are still under the ruins of their houses destroyed in the south and the Beqa'a regions.

On the television and radio people from the south and east Lebanon who are beseiged in their villages are asking for medicine, food, water, and are asking for mercy. They say there are still people buried under their houses that Israel bombed yesterday. They say there are still fires they cannot put off as Israel is using phosphorus bombs that burns everything. They say please give us one hour to allow us to have medicine and food at least for the children and to bury those who were killed.

They say there is a strong smell of death in their villages because there are bodies of killed people under the ruins of shelters and houses.

Reporters say they were able to hear voices screaming for help, moaning from pain, dying under the ruins, and no one was able to help because Israel is bombing any vehicle that moves and the people are not able to move the ruins of the houses to save the people who are buried underneeth.

Today doctors from the hospitals in the south are screaming saying many of the dead bodies they received were not even injured and didn't bleed, but they were burnt while the hair is not burnt and a strange strong smell comes from the bodies. These are evidence that Israel is using chemical weapons.

Yesterday the speaker of the human rights committee in United Nations, said that there is a "strong possibility that Israel is conducting war crimes". Of course Israel is conducting war crimes. This is a genocide. Would the UN and the international comunity act now before it is too late to force Israel to stop?

It is already one week of this and the UN gave Israel one more week to finish its dirty work in Lebanon. One week of this genocide and the result is more than half million displaced Lebanese and 325 killed civilians and 1000 injured civilians. Most of them are children.

The war is generating damages of one and a half billion dollars every day so far. It would take 15 years to rebuild what Israel destroyed in 7 days. But those who got killed cannot be brought back to life.

Yesterday Israel conducted several massacres, one of them in the village of Sreifah in the south by blowing up 10 houses with the people inside, killing 27; all were members of 3 families.

Israel orders the people in the south to evacuate their villages: when the people try to leave their villages Israel targets them with Apache helicopters and kills them. Israel did it again yesterday targeting 3 cars full of peole and children who were trying to leave the village Aitaroun killing 4 and injuring 7.

There will be no schools this 2006/07 schoolyear, as there are tens of villages and towns that were completely destroyed including schools, medical centers, shops, factories and houses of its citizens. Tens of thousands from among the half a million displaced people would have to stay in the public schools and gardens for 6 more months this is if the war were to stop today. Winter is coming, I wonder how the displaced Lebanese would survive in the public schools and gardens?

On Day 1 of the war the Israeli government said they would turn Lebanon back in time by 20 years. And they did it. But now they are murdering all of us. Lebanon is completely destroyed, no more bridges, roads, factories, stations, water, electricity, airports, seaports, they bombed medical centers and schools and internet stations, they even bombed the historical ruins of Bealbeck.

Today I had to go like hundreds of people to bring drinkable water from the fountain which is something my grand grand grandmother used to do in the 17th century. Then I went to buy milk and cigarettes: the shelves in the 7 shops I visited were almost empty.

The roads are cut and there is no way to provide goods from one region to the other. I didn't complain, I thought about the others who are trapped in their villages under attack with nothing at all for 8 days now.

I tried to call friends, Wafa and Fadi in Sida, Raed in Beirut, Sameera in Bealbeck, Sahban in Tyre and others, but while standing in front of the public phone in the street waiting for my turn, watching the tens of young women and children waiting to use the phone, listening to the conversations, the fear, the worries etc, I felt I couldn't wait, I couldn't make the phone calls, I was so scared that no one will answer at the other side of the phone, this other side that is only an hour or an hour and a half away now seems very distant, as if on another planet.

I went home feeling sad and helpless. Decided to occupy myself with reorganizing the old newspapers I keep in my room: I carry the first one and open it to find it is "Al Safeer" newspaper from 1996 and on the first page pictures of killed infants and children - it was the Israeli massacre of Qana. This massacre happened when people from the southern villages took refuge at a UN center in the village of Qana and were murdered as Israel bombed the UN center. Pain sweeps me and I crack down with the tears I tried very bravely and hardly to stop for seven days.

The whole picture is so shockingly clear to me: we will never live in peace and will never have a future as long as Israel is protected, tolerated and allowed to kill children and destroy houses and hospitals in Lebanon and Palestine.

It is a genocide. Nothing less. Nothing else.

Today on the television they showed Israeli children in north Israel writing messages on Israeli bomb missiles that will be fired - or have been already fired - at the Lebanese villages. Those messages say: "from the children of Israel to the children of Lebanon". Can any one explaine this... What is this madness? Can someone at least tell the world and Israel that those messages found their way to the flesh and blood of the Lebanese children? We got the message.

More survivors and displaced families are coming to the mountains today and they have even reached the northern mountain. Now people are hosting those displaced families in their own houses as all the public schools and universities are full. Cars with megaphones are driving in the roads asking people to donate matresses as there is a need for 11,000 matresses, in the mountain alone, and it is an immediate need.

When I think about the displaced people I imagine that I have to sleep wearing the same outfit I was wearing for a week, in the same underwear, I imagine how it would feel to be in a minivan on the road with tens of other people squeezed running away to what might be a safer zone, fearing that the Israeli missiles would hunt us at any second and that we would make the news like the family whose photos I sent you who were targeted after trying to escape with their truck on the road. And like many others. I try to imagine if I can stay with no shower for a week, with no medicine for a week, with no food, no bathrooms, no water to drink, no contact with other members of my family.

I stay at my room looking at each corner and think about those who lost their houses, their belongings, those who lost everything.

What does Israel want? - a land with no people in Palestine and Lebanon? What does USA want? A Middle East empty but for oil? Are they just displaying their weapons for buying and selling in the market, is it an exhibition of madness? Condy says "we won't ask Israel to stop firing because stopping it won't solve the problem". Yes Condy, it won't solve the problem. Dead Lebanese and dead Palestinians would solve the problem, no? A genocide. And Blair also share this position with Condy. Don't they know that ending the occupation is what would solve the problem?

What future are Israel, USA, UK and Iran planning for the region? More wars more killing more violence and hate. In this, superpowers fight over domination; we the ordinary people are the ones stuck in the middle, we are ones being used in their wars and conflicts, we are the ones who pay the price. In Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon, we deserve to live in peace.

All the violence is caused by the occupation.

Yesterday Israel bombed Borj El Brajneh district in the southern suburbs of Beirut with more than 23 tons of bombs!!! yes, 23 tons of bombs, even the global media confirmed it. The target was a mosque. They bombed it with the pretext that there are tunnels under this mosque and Nasrallah is hiding there!!!.

Till now 3 churches and 5 mosques were destroyed. I was thinking about Wafa'a and her husband Ali, both Palestinian refugees living in Borj El Brajneh camp. I just went to their wedding party one week before this war started, visited them at their new appartment in the refugee camp three days before this war started. I am dead worried about them. After Israel bombed the mobile/cellphone station it is almost impossible to make a phone call.

Dear friends, Lebanon that some of you you have visited once does not exist any more. Tell the world, keep carrying out what you do, all you can do, make this genocide stop, there is nothing left for Israel to destroy unless they want to kill us in our homes, house after house, family after family ... just like what is happening in Gaza, just like what happened in Sabra & Shatila massacre in 1982.

Yesterday the 19th July, we were no longer able to recognize day from night; our days are just like our nights all full of bombing, black smoke of fires (because Israel is bombing gas stations and gas tanks). There's destruction of milk and cheese factories, burning tissue, wood, and carton factories, destruction of health care centers, destruction of schools and shops, photos of burnt children, news about families being targeted and killed in their shelters and relief centers...

I fear this might lead to a bigger war or conflict. I feel like every one lost their minds, even those who do know and do understand.

I have friends in all parts of Lebanon and I am dead worried about them.
I am worried about my friends in north Israel, too, in Haifa, Nazareth and Safad.

I write to Salman and his wife Nada, they live in Karmel mountain above Haifa, they tell me they are fine, yet their daughter left to Italy to stay with her brother. They ask me to be fine and not to crack down. Salman, who toured Italy last year talking about the verbal history of the Palestinians that he has collected for over 30 years, tells me that a storm is in his heart and mind.

Aida, my friend in Haifa, a brave activist and a mother of 2 children whom I met in Cyprus at a conference and became best friends since then writes to me saying she wishes to sacrifice herself for me and all the Lebanese. She told me that when people call her to see if she and her daughters are fine after the Hezbollah Catyoshia rockets hit Haifa, her daughters answer saying we are fine but what about the children of Lebanon?

What an ironic world.
What good would come from Hezbollah bombing Haifa, Acker, and Safad in north Israel? And what good would come from the Israeli systematic destruction of Lebanon and Gaza and West Bank and killing of civilians in Lebanon and in Gaza?
Nothing but more violence and madness.

Every day more civilians are being killed, more massacres. Every day more children within few seconds are turned from beautiful and innocent creatures full of life and laughter into pieces of burnt flesh and meat.

We see their images on our televisions and newspapers, and I wonder what future the surviving children can have with such memories, why should children in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq have to endure such brutality.

Make Israel pay for the crimes it is conducting.

Make it stop its crimes, or else Israel will continue this. I read today that the Zionist religious men in Israel said it is allowed for Israel to kill inoccent women and children who are not Jewish - what difference is there between this and what Bin Laden and Zarqawi and all those criminals are saying and doing in Iraq. killing innocent Shi'ites and Christians, Iraqis and foreigners?

The photos here are of two massacres Israel conducted yeterday and the day before. One in Nabishiet village near Bealbeck city in east Lebanon killing 7 members from one family (4 of them are children) by bombing their four-floor house and injuring 3. The other one occured in the south when Israel again targeted a car that was trying to escape to a safer place killing the family that was in it.

Also, there is a photo of the US embassador in Beirut turning his back to the photos of destruction and the murders which were displayed at a Government conference room where they invited ambassadors to ask them to pressure Israel to stop this war.

Thank you again for caring while the world is turning its back and closing its eyes.
Yours Raida


* Raida Hatoum was a founding member of the Lebanon IndyMedia organization in Beirut; is a volunteer active with the Palestinian Solidarity networks working at the Shatila refugee camp and with the Najdeh Association; member of the group which published the Lebanese paper Al-Yasari (the
Leftist); and a committed Socialist.
Cyprus IndyMedia editorial collective




We are in big trouble now!

The people of the USA have knowingly or unintentionally allowed evil men from within Government acting in conjunction with the Corporate crony fronts that they own to greatly prosper as those evil men knowingly, willingly, and intentionally, kill, rape, steal, plunder, destroy, and commit treasonous "ACTS" domestically and internationally one after another now for decades.

I dread what is going to happen to us in the USA as we could now receive the Justus you are "sorry for."

Then in arrogance Israel and their US counter part cronies are saying to themselves; “No true consequence, no true liability, so no problem.” Right? No, IT IS WRONG!

And he said "On the third day the reckoning will come" Go home Israel while you still can.


Hezbolah was never a threat to anyone in Lebanon! Keep in mind that they have not bothered the 25,000 Americans who (until the IDF attacks) lived in Lebanon. Israel-US are responsible for this tragedy.

Talk is cheap for most Americans! The TRUTH is they are indifferent to this horrible tragedy.


Israel along with USA & UK are the epitome of concentrated evil on this earth & have been/will be for a long time.


False History

The USA conducted genocide against the Japanese in WWII by systematically firebombing the majority of their cities (suggest watching "Fog of War" film) with the grand finalies of nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The American people have been duped into every war in the 20th Century by the likes of the Battleship Maine (a lie), the total deliberate and forewarned set-up of the Lusitania, the setup and foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor, the lie of the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident", etc, with the most recent lie being the fraud of the 9-11 myth.

The American people are still being defrauded and the cosequences getting more dire for the planet. May God help the world!



"This Genocidal war being conducted by the Zionist Kosraean JEWS  shows the true barbaric nature of these psychopathic people. They are a fraud against humanity, and are not worthy to be called civilized."

But then we all must be in shame until we stop the aggressor and punish them for their ACTS, otherwise we have again succumbed to the aggressor’s plan to masterfully entertain us all without consequence to themselves. No true consequence, no true liability, so no problem.

Where is David when Goliath tramples the people of Lebanon? Israel, take warning and STOP now and turn today towards your home. You have no other option if you wish to stand any more.


It is worrying that OPEC hasn't even initiated an oil-boycott yet, to thrash the economy of the evil empire of blind greed and genocide.


I am stricken to my heart watching the Israeli rape of Lebanon unfold, utterly sickened that these war crimes are being bankrolled by the maniacs running my country. "Punishing Hezbollah" is nonsense -- this is the collective punishment of people who democratically elected some representation by Hezbollah in their government. The message clearly is "Accept American puppets, or be annihilated." I am among the many decent Americans who denounce this wholesale carnage and who demand our government cease it's support of Israeli violence. Please know that we are doing what we can.



The bane of humanity.

Then again....the ZIONISTS  along with bakers in the USA and around the planet .

Its always the poor who will suffer because of these isnane illuminati/globalists.


The zionist entity occupying Palestine - and now they are using  jewish  tactics againt women and children in Lebanon. We will wipe the zionist scum off the face of the Earth.


This isn't a war, no more than what's happening in Iraq is a war. It's genocide pure and simple. These fake Jews (Zionists), hiding behind Judaism, are hell bent on widening the conflict, hoping to drag Syria and Iran into the quagmire, which in turn would open the door for USSA military involvement. This excursion into Lebanon was planned years ago, just as the war in Iraq was planned years before King George ever stole the first election.

The Zionists know two important things. First, King George, given America's current economic malaise and voter discontent regarding the misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, will in all likelihood lose the House and/or Senate this coming November during the congressional elections. They can’t afford this, as a divided Congress might put the brakes on their ambitious crusade. Second, Russia and China appear unwilling to bring Iran before the Security Council, choosing rather to keep it where it belongs, within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). They are both seeking a diplomatic solution to this issue, rather than push for economic sanctions or military measures. Unable to secure their support, Israel and the USSA would be forced to launch yet another unilateral war against either Syria or Iran, which they can’t afford to do.

Realising this, the Zionists’ only option is to force the issue. I would expect the hostilities to continue, even intensify and spread. With this said, every American citizen should feel ashamed, since all this destruction has been bought and paid for by the American taxpayer. Without it, and the craven support of the US Congress, this would never happen.


Please, keep telling these stories. Not because they insight or delight us, but simply because they are happening. Enough is enough! We are all created by the same God and we all deserve and want the same thing, and the is PEACE. We want and deserve the right to educate our children, for them to have gifts on holidays, to have a better life, and to live in safty and happiness. Lebanon, Palestine, have faith, God will not let this go on forever. My heart goes out to you. I can hear your crys, I feel your pain, and I stand with you!


I think it is this belief in "GOD" that helped precipitate this whole mess. The my "GOD" is better than your "GOD" and he is on my side not yours, is so wrong. The bible states "Thou shalt not kill", not, "Thou shalt not kill, unless it is in my name" These people whom claim to be faithful, are all hypocrites. I think the world would be a better place if we could just forget the whole religion thing. Before the bible, people belived in many "GODS" for explaining things they couldn't understand. It is now the 21st century, wake up and figure it out, there is no "GOD", "ALLAH", or "ZEUSS", "APPOLO" or any other entity going to come and save us all. We are the only ones that can save us and the rest of humanity. Until we can eliminate this belief of my "GOD" is right and yours is wrong, wars will be fought, in "HIS" name.


As an American I am so ashamed of my government. I wish I knew what else to do, I have phoned, emailed and written letters to everyone I can think of. Please believe that not all Americans support this murder.


I have come to understand the Zionists' activities recently. Their goal is to burn that portion of the human race that is not Them to a cinder. Apparently, their belief is that their Messiah will shortly return and deliver the Earth to them. They aren't even Semites; they are descendants of the Khazars, a people from the Caucasus. They are trained to do these things from an early age so as to successfully compete as a group. By manipulating the American population, they have tricked us all into arming them. They have created institutions to formulate our perceptions before we were even born. Their control over the banks seems to be the largest leverage point. If you want to stop this, you must dissolve the false, Pharisee-like legal structures that funnel resources to them. Even the U.S. Constitution, excepting the Bill of Rights, was or may as well have been a ruse to create power for this ancient group of people. They have the skill of plotting over centuries and preying on the rest of us. It is that simple. I am numbed by what I am seeing.


As I read and read and hear the only thing that I can say that the Jewish mafia, U.S., and England,  apparently do not care what happens on earth. They only care about greed and power. What happened now with the Vatican, I do not hear their comments, remember that phrase: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR?? I learned that what I was taught, how about those who are engaged in crimes to humanity, it is horrible and God is looking what is going on, sorry for those politicians and the churches. I am tired to live on earth, rather live with benevolents beings somewhere else that they can behave like real creation of God. This creation down on earth looks like Lucifer's creation. Sorry about this comments, this is the way I feel.


Words are inadequate, if 350 cats were killed by a fighter pilot, the media will be more decent about reporting that than this obvious genocide being carried out at a race of people just because some satanic  evil psychotic demonic Jews  or creatures who havs or have corrupted our leaders and governments //bribing them or blackmailing them to do their bidding ...drugging the human race into zombies and feed them with images of degradation,,,and wipping peoples evil sides ,,,to spread dishonesty,,selfishness ..and fear of our human brothers and sisters ,,so that we become consumers and make them more rich and powerful,,and now they are rich and powerful ,,they want to teach us a lesson ,,the lesson of the master who can starve us and punish us ,,,,congratulations humans ,,, you have proved gold is more valuable than our humanity
but now lets love each other again ,,and show these hateful creatures that love is stronger than hate only love wins only the truth will free us


The "leadership" of the world has turned it's collective back on the plight of Jews and  the satanic  Israel. I am as ashamed as everyone else at what is being done in this "War On Terror". That: is a euphanisim for GENOCIDE (to be "politically correct").

Those jackals from Fascist Israel have taken a cue from the US pogrom used against the women and children in Al-Falluja with chemical weapons of varios varieties.

Hezbollah would never use chemical weapons on women and children as Fascist Israel and the US stooges of Jerusalem currently do. Not even in retaiation in-kind. To be "Politically Correct": Hezbollah emebers are the true Freedom Fighters in this cause.

I pray that Fascist Israel be driven into the sea from which they invaded palestine from. Also that My country; the US; suffer a truly humiliating defeat that drives our own rogue military back to our own shores where they can do no further harm to anyone outside our own borders.

I believe the world should isolate the US as she isolates other foreign countries for the banane idea that their ideology is unacceptable to the US. That kind of arrogance demonstrates a Fascist agenda at best.

It is a widely accepted fact that the vote of the American people has been nullified in 2000 and 2004 when Bush stole both elections and expressed his desire to be a dictator. Recently he described himself as "The Decider". Is that the Politically Correct term for DICTATOR? Me thinks so.

I cant see this once great nation surviving much longer. I don't expect it will, nor: does it deserve to survive in it's present form.

The best solution is the total destruction of Fascist Israel at such a great speed that the US is unable to react in a timely fashion.

I know why the rest of the world hates the US. I would hate being on the receieving end of our "foreign policy" myself. Some day we will become the targets of "Collective Punishment". I will understand. Empire is destined to failure. Democracy survives. I believe our Empire is under the rule of a modern day Nero.

Again: I am truly ashamed.


Better research WHO set up the state of ISRAEL in the first place.

Walter Rothschild

Balfour declaration

Lloyd George

British Royalty


Recall "manifest destiny" the English mantra that the so-called Americans used to kill the inhabitants of No.America and stole their country. The same thing that these murderous, insane Zionists are doing with no consciounce be they are the self-chosen of a very evil god. A god of their own creation. They enjoy the slaughter of humankind, it is used as sacrifice. Convoluta Rice even said a cease fire would do nothing to solve the problem. EVIL...



It should be becoming clear to even the thickest skulls that the state of Israel ,as it exists now should be dissolved and replaced with a secular state.
If a religious Jewish state can be allowed to exist, it should be more of the character of the Vatican - strictly ceremonial and without the ability to wage war.

We also need to eliminate the influence of the Israel lobby within the U.S. government. Many of these people possess dual American / Israeli citizenship and owe allegiance more to the later than the former. Our country can have no meaningful security with this kind of situation going on.

Not only are these people of divided loyalty (to say the least) , they also engage in criminal activity.


I am tired of Israel's aggression in the name of their god, and I'm tired of paying taxes for it (USA). I cannot understand how Israel justifies this type of aggression in the name of the holocaust. You would think that they would have developed compassion for others after their suffering. Instead they chose to mimic their tormenters.


It is up to the american people to stop this, as well as the citizens of the UK. These people that are in power now need to be stopped. Bush, Blair and all their minions need to be stopped. How long is everyone going to turn a blind eye? This war on terror has been a facade from the start.


 I do know as always it is the innocent that always die in huge numbers. I am sicken by the lack of care and concern that I see for the civilians and I am disgraced that we as the human race still endure and allowed such death to be entertained. No matter, what part of the world we are from, hearts are sadden by the lost and the continued lost of innocent life.


Only good deeds make good people. Invading nations is not a good deed. Libanon is about 40 % christians and mostly in the south, just the area most damaged by Israel. The palestinians also have many christians among them. Yet the US government support Israels bombing of these christians and their churches? Are all US politicans heatens then? Noone want to protect their own brothers and sisters of the faith? The recent 410 vs. 8 vote seems to point at this. Or they are all ignorant to the fact that Israel bomb christians...




I am shamed for the acts of this foreign administration that calls itself the US government. They do not represent me or anything good. They are all Zionists, both racially and politically. My heart bleeds for the victims


Don't know what to say.... it's too sad. Too sad to accept that Jews can do this, or even worse to innocent citizens. Just because they have weapon. More weapon less heart and soul. JEWS YOU ARE DOING WRONG !


That's what they doing to our children all the time and deliberately trying to explode themselves near children. How come you are not saying anything about that?
An Israeli Woman


 I guess most people here are outraged more at Israel than Lebanon due to two reasons: 1. the sheer numbers (material and human sacrifices are in the rate of hundreds to one on the other side); 2. the technological superiority Israel has, which includes even uranium, phosphorus and other banned substances. 


People of the world, most of you have been asleep at the wheel or repressed by your own government(s).. if it has not come to light to you yet,that a great change is here now.. well that's the problem.the earth is an enclosed bio-sphere not much different from a fish tank.. and dears, the fish tank has been over-populated.. there is only so much room and resources to be used and those with the power (big business-the banks,etc..).  will decide who will be around to indulge in these depleteing(we are the ones using them up)resourses (water,land,oil,etc..) as a species we are all responible for where we are now.. is (war) genoicide the answer? (not if you care about human life and have any sense of moral being), but if you look at it from a pure naturalistic, survival point of view (what else works?) ** i dont advocate this, i'm just an observer**.. . what is going on in the middle east, is the pure erratication of human lives (civilians mostly).. but what are most militaries made of anyways? (poor and middleclass civilians turned government worker,by choice or not?)
if we as a species want to continue on this planet n(for a little longer than it looks like we will), we need to take responibility for our presence on this planet (allowing the elitest to make the decisions on who lives and who dies,we are doing).. we are poisoning and killing the whole planet, the planet has seen many cycles of life and we may well be the shortest cycle it will ever see and without a asteroid putting us out of our misery!!


I can only say that will pray that the Zionists of Israel wrap them selves in sack cloth and repent. This must stop. If they fail to stop they I tremble for them and for those who take no postion not matter what country they are from that on their judgement day they will face a JUST GOD.
It is of their own doing.
As for that "born again christian" Bush , he is no more christian that Lucifer himself.
Where is the outcry of the Churches of the World, or have they beocme as the church at Laodecia? They praise God and socialize, as He stands at the door and knocks.
I weep for the children as if they were my own.
LEt me remind you though that we must not become as our enemy. 


This is incredible I dread the day when we be held accountable as we should/will be god hates us all I truly wish I could do something to stop this stupid war/wars


I am as ashamed of my country as I am sickened by GENOCIDE ( Bush Co calls it 'de-population') that is being committed by Israel, aided and abetted by the Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld / PNAC people. Too bad we don't have a Hezbollah of our own in this country. The PNAC's stole the elections in 2000 and 2004, but the citizenry didn't rise up in outrage. Mainly thanks to Karl Rove's lifelong obsession with the psychology used by Hitler, Marx, Lenin, et al. American people are too naive and distracted by their busy personal lives to realize they are victims of psychological propaganda. They are easily enflamed by racial and 'patriotic' rhetoric when confronted with it daily in the mainstream media.

Please do not paint us all with the same brush. The democrats hate this Bush regime, and the thugs they've placed in OUR government. There has been an enormously sucessful media drive to "divide and conquor" us. There are good republicans, too - most have been very slow to notice and to admit that their political party has been hijacked by the PNAC's.
The problem we face now, is that there doesn't seem to be anything we can DO about getting our country back from the hijackers. We have had enormous Protests, thousands and thousands of us have protested. The media downplays or doesn't even report most of them. We have hundreds of 'grassroots' Groups who have organized on the internet, we write letters to Congressmen, make phone calls to legislators, demanding NO war, but we are ignored. Bush and Jewish Co has changed OUR Constitution, and set-up spying systems on us, and made dictatorial laws to prevent us from protesting. When we object we are subject to arrest now... this is NOT the way OUR America has ever treated our American Citizens.

We WANT TO HELP YOU we just don't know how to stop the madmen who have taken over our country. We are going to TRY to get control back for the people at the next election, but we fear it will be another fraudulent stolen one...

My heart bleeds for the suffering of the innocents. I can't bear to see pictures of the little children - I hold them lovingly and tenderly in my heart. ...and I cry and cry...

When we can't help ourselves, how can we help the rest of the world?

Following is a report prepared by The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies’ "Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000." The main substantive ideas in this paper emerge from a discussion in which prominent opinion makers, including Richard Perle, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser participated. The report, entitled "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," is the framework for a series of follow-up reports on strategy.


The globalists are very clever at what they do because they have had a lot of practice.Thanks to modern technologies the average attention span of a T.V. watcher aka "zombified consumer" is about the length of a good commercial. What they're betting on is that if we can collectively ignore the plight of the Lebanese people numbering in the 1 to 2 million, then maybe they can get us to become apathetic about 20 million or more in Syria and Iran.The major news networks carry some horrific scenes to shock you to attention and then talking heads appear and try to explain rationalise the conflict[all scripted of course [You'd think the CNN network has now become the Hezbollah history channel overnight


George Washington discouraged America from becoming entangled in alliances with foreign countries. We are better off following his advice, keeping our interests separate from Israel, and staying away from Lebanon and for the following reasons:

One, multiple witnesses observed a group of men with what appeared to be radio-controlled detonators videoing and celebrating the 9/11 Attacks. These men were apprehended and held for several months, then released. They were Israelis, not Muslims. Some of these men later appeared on Israeli talk shows, denying that they celebrated but admitting that "they were sent over to document the Event." These men were caught with some suspicious paraphernalia, cash, etc. When questioned they told the police, "We are your friends, we are not your problem, the Palestinians are your problem."

Many Muslims have been held for a lot longer at Guantanamo on much flimsier evidence than this.

Two, F.B.I. lists Bin Laden on its wanted poster for the 1996 Attacks only, not the 9/11 Attacks, because they say they have insufficient evidence linking him to 9/11. They do admit that there is evidence connecting Israelis with the 9/11 Attacks, but say that the information is "classified."

Three, A group of MOSSAD Agents was shadowing the 9/11 hijackers in Miami; they rented the apartment next door. Also, seven supposed hijackers are still alive, having been victims of identity theft.

Four, an additional witness who was the lone American employee of URBAN MOVING SYSYTEMS, a moving company in adjacent New Jersey (All the rest were Israelis) reported that they were also celebrating the 9/11 Attacks. After 9/11 they left the country so quickly, that other moving companies had to come in and finish their deliveries.

Five. - Right during and after the 9/11 Attacks, the NYC 911 emergency dispatcher received an anonymous phone call saying that "a group of Palestinians in a White Van" were observed. The caller stressed that they "were dressed like Arabs" and used the word Palestinians. Evidently MOSSAD tried to create a link.

Six - After the 9/11 Attacks, a group of IDF (Israeli) soldiers over in Palestine baited a group of Palestinians with sweets and jokes, and got them laughing. Then they videoed this behavior, sent it to the U.S. News Media, and stated that the Palestinians were "celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers." The fraudent nature of this footage was not revealed in the main stream media.

Seven - In Oct. 2001, two men were caught with C-4 explosives, hand grenades and a high powered gun, trying to enter the Mexican Parliament Building. The story was headline news in Mexico, and the incident also appeared on the official site of the Mexican Justice Dept. CNN briefly mentioned a "breaking story" about a "foiled terrorist attack in Mexico' promising further news, but never mentioned the story again!! Amazing. One of the terrorists was a MOSSAD agent, the other a Mexican Jewish person. Israel put very heavy pressure on Mexico to secure their release. The men had fake Passports on them from a Muslim Country. I think you get the idea.

Eight - Bin Laden denied any knowledge of the 9/11 Attacks, and many foreign intelligence experts and also some domestic ones, feel that the later tapes and videos in which he confessed are fake. There is ample evidence for this (he is left handed, the "confessor” is right handed, he is rather morose, the “confessor” is haughty and jubilant, etc.)

At any crime scene, there are four things to look at; motive, means, opportunity, and presence at the scene of the crime. Their own Prime Minister said that the Attacks were "very good' for Israel. We would go to war with Muslim terrorists, build huge bases in the Middle East, and their security is assured. The most likely scenario that the evidence supports is that Israel infiltrated the hijacking plot very early on, then placed explosives in the Twin Towers to insure that the plot succeeded.

As our "friends" Israeli agents could operate with impunity inside the U.S, entering and leaving the Twin Towers at will. On any given day, there were generally several hundred Israelis in the building. Most, I am sure were legitimate business people with no knowledge of the impending attacks. But among them were some MOSSAD people.

The notion that El-Quaeda was responsible is a convenient urban myth without much evidence to back it up. It is very appealing if one clings to the simplistic, "us vs them, good guys vs bad guys" Mentality. The reality is more complex. El-Quaeda, Hezbollah, the PLA, the IDF, MOSSAD, and the U.S Military, all have something in common. They all kill innocent bystanders with impunity. Then they justify what they do, while condemning similar behavior in their adversaries. In terms of the number of innocent people killed, the U.S. military has killed and injured far more innocent people than the others combined.

Such operations are not new for MOSSAD. In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs. The ploy would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli espionage ring.
Some of the spies were from Israel, while others were recruited from the local Jewish population. Israel first claimed that there was no spy ring, that it was all a hoax perpetrated by "anti-Semites". But as the public trial progressed, it became obvious that Israel had indeed been behind the bombing. Eventually, Israeli's Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon was brought down by the scandal, although it appears that he was himself the victim of a frame-up by the real authors of the bombing project, code named "Operation Susannah."
This is not the only example of a "False Flag" operation designed to trick the United States into attacking Israel's enemies. According to Victor Ostrovsky, a MOSSAD defector living in Canada, Ronald Reagan was tricked into bombing Libya by means of a radio transmitter smuggled into Tripoli by the MOSSAD, which broadcast messages designed to fool the United States into thinking Libya was about to launch a massive terror attack on the west On the basis of this bogus evidence, the US bombed Libya, killing Khadaffi's daughter

Uri Mileshtin, an official historian for the Israeli Defense Forces, states that back in 1948, when they first moved into Palestine, they dumped typhus and dysentery bacilli into the local village wells to get the people to leave. Israel has thus employed terrorist tactics since its inception.

It is difficult to say whether the 9/11 Attacks were planned by MOSSAD at the national level, or if a group of agents were involved as part of an international group. Some foreign intelligence sources say that that the 9/11 attacks were planned by a non-Muslim group in the U.K. Several of the identity thefts of the supposed hijackers took place in England. It is hard to conceive that Bin-Laden would have directed and planned identity thefts in England. Sounds more like a foreign intelligence operation.

Besides MOSSAD, MI-6 and the Deuxieme Bureau (French Intelligence) also reportedly had advance knowledge of the 9/11 operation. This suggests that a major Intelligence service was heavily involved.

During WW II, the head of BSC (British Secret Service) operations in the U.S., Sir William Stevensen often marveled at the gullibility and naivete of Americans. Some things haven’t changed since then.

So let's trust in the good judgement of our Founding Father and stop being so gullible.


First the israeli soldiers got captured on lebanese territory. What the fuck where they doing there. When a soldier with a weapon walks over a border into a foreign country, hell yeah i do arrest him or kidnapped them as said on tv.

Hezbollah is a part of the government  in Lebanon . they do represent 40% of the population. and when u would read about the hezbolla´s history u would get understanding for their position.

Third is Israel doing an annexion-politic. europeans do know what that means. You propably don't  so let me explain it for you qick. By pushing people of their land and building own settlements on it. They tore down palastinian settlements and build israeli ones on it. About the palistinians they did not care about. Sharon was even involved in a few fraud scandals. I am not pro or anti israel. I AM NEUTRAL. But what israel (zyonistic part) is doing right know is pretty grass, like we would say it in my country. In yours 'F***ED UP'.

I could continue for any side but what for, it is about that matter right now, and israel needs to push hard for their goals to get iran into a war. they even try to create a conflict, so syria and iran get involved.

I think it's terrible that young children are dying with the Israeli attack on Lebanon and the Hezbollah attacks on Israel. With the technology AND WILL TO PREVENT INNOCENT DEATH there are far fewer innocent casualties than ever before; including Israel's pre-emptive and defensive strikes in Lebonon.


Let's not forget the U.S. industrial / military complex in this never ending quest for global conflict. When the communism boogeyman fell the IM Complex needed a new bogeyman to scare American Sheeple into keeping the profits flowing for the American Killing Companies and that new bogeyman is the ubiquetous "Terrorism". It is in their best interest and those of their damned offspring to keep the world spending billions on the tools of killing. They want everyone to buy their instrumrents of death and use them constantly to fuel the need to buy more and more. Israel is truly evil and most American Congressmen and Senators have some Jew in their geneologies. It has always amazed me that a country the size of Rhode Island can exert so much world influence and have so much money to buy the U.S. government and it's policies. The Jews have been downtrodden their whole existence (both modern and ancient) so how on earth did they accumulate so much money and therefore power? This is no war on terrorism it is simply the push by Neocons to control all of the Middle East oil supply....Money has always made the world go round and OIL = Money....Plain and simple. We should have weaned ourselves from the insideous black gold decades ago but again were prevented from doing so by the rich oil soaked fuckers of this country and others. I am sick of the answer to all problems being KILL KILL KILL...killing doesn't stop violence it just prolongs it...but again that is what the rich bastards of the world who have invested in death companies want....Wake up America and get off your dependence on oil and get your damn noses out of the world's business...concentrate on the problems in this country before you feel obliged to act as the world's frickin saviours....I am ashamed to be an American....and if Jeb Bush becomes president I will leave this country forever. 9-11 was a government job to partly set this whole fiasco in motion along with the first Gulf Invasion....what a sickening joke this country has become.....there I feel better now.....hopefully the next posters will agree with my rant..........


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Not everyone is turning a blind eye. It is with true shame that as an American, my country supports such wanton actions of a conscientiousless entity who runs amok killing human men, women and children along with everything that made life bearable!
A truely amazing display of barbarians behaving at their very, very best! 4 billion dollars a year for this, amazing job of baiting Hezbolla!


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Let's not forget the U.S. industrial / military complex in this never ending quest for global conflict. When the communism boogeyman fell the IM Complex needed a new bogeyman to scare American Sheeple into keeping the profits flowing for the American Killing Companies and that new bogeyman is the ubiquetous "Terrorism". It is in their best interest and those of their damned offspring to keep the world spending billions on the tools of killing. They want everyone to buy their instrumrents of death and use them constantly to fuel the need to buy more and more. Israel is truly evil and most American Congressmen and Senators have some Jew in their geneologies. It has always amazed me that a country the size of Rhode Island can exert so much world influence and have so much money to buy the U.S. government and it's policies. The Jews have been downtrodden their whole existence (both modern and ancient) so how on earth did they accumulate so much money and therefore power? This is no war on terrorism it is simply the push by Neocons to control all of the Middle East oil supply....Money has always made the world go round and OIL = Money....Plain and simple. We should have weaned ourselves from the insideous black gold decades ago but again were prevented from doing so by the rich oil soaked fuckers of this country and others. I am sick of the answer to all problems being KILL KILL KILL...killing doesn't stop violence it just prolongs it...but again that is what the rich bastards of the world who have invested in death companies want....Wake up America and get off your dependence on oil and get your damn noses out of the world's business...concentrate on the problems in this country before you feel obliged to act as the world's frickin saviours....I am ashamed to be an American....and if Jeb Bush becomes president I will leave this country forever. 9-11 was a government job to partly set this whole fiasco in motion along with the first Gulf Invasion....what a sickening joke this country has become.....there I feel better now.....hopefully the next posters will agree with my rant..........


it is tough living next door to ungrateful refugees

it is tough living next door to ungrateful refugees,spirital midgets egg and spoon race
this battle of sand,is the biggest yawn in history,pre emtive strike in the future might head israels way ,would there be a free 2 week hit on that,its sad to see theres no respect for the beauty of life and world,all i see is sunday school gone bad,


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

if world allows this slaugher to happen then it does not deserve to be called civilized and it must face its own cruel destiny.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

The JEWS are the "chosen ones"

Bow down and serve your Jewish masters you stupid

Many times people tried to warn you all about the Jews, but YOU and YOUR governments labled them anti-semites. So now bow and serve the "chosen ones"

Remember, Jews run America, Jews sit on top of World FreeMasonry, Jews invented the interest system (usuary). The Jews have made it illegal to research facts about THEIR HOLOCAUST "industry"

Why does America give billions of American tax payers money to Israel????

Why does America rush more bombs to Israel????

Why is America so scared of the Jews????

Filthy Serpent Race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

You have my deepest sympathy on what can be best described as the 'slaughter of the innocents'. War affect everyone..unfortunately Israel decided to target the civilians who were trying to escape with the very lives they cherished. Seeing the pictures is eerily reminiscent of those who died or suffered in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But then again, the world did not condemn the US for what we did back then nor did it condemn our rape and invasion of Iraq.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

I'm from the UK and I, too, am appalled at what we are witnessing in Lebanon right now. I don't, however, think that I can add any more helpful comment than that which has already been so eloquently expressed, other than to reiterate my utter revulsion at the effects on the whole country and the sense of shame I feel for the inactions of the British and US sadists that call themselves responsible goverment ministers and leaders.

I would, though, like to throw a little information into the pot that will support the comment by the author "A New Yorker" just above.

I've been looking at this stuff for 10 years or more and it's all about blood lines, which is the reason these people have both the need, tenacity and capacity for planning over centuries. There has been mention of Bush, Blair and the British royals family. Bush, Blair and her majesty are, in fact, cousins via the same stock as Lady Diana Spencer.

If the research I've done is anywhere near accurate then the British royals can both trace their blood back at least as far as king David and also rely on the global fraternity of Fremmasonry to protect the British throne.

A piece of evidence that backs this up is the ceremonial (ritual) circumcision by a Mohel of Prince Charles. Check out this extract lifted from a site about the British Royal blood line.

The Mohel:
"In addition to being a religious officiant, the mohel is a specialist in his field. Many physiycians call Mohalim for the Brit Milah of thier own sons. The sugery involved is simple and safe and any reputable Mohel is competent and highly qualified to perform the Brit Milah.

It is noteworthy to mention in this section, that following tradition of the Royal House of England, Which requires cicumcision of all male children, it was the Jewish Mohel of London rather than the Royal Physician who was called to circumcise the son of Princess Elizabeth. The following news item from a brithish newspaper will be of interest."

Crown Prince Charles Circumcised by a London Mohel.

London (JTA) - Crown Prince Charles, son of Princess Elizabeth and hier to the Brtish throne, was circumcised in Buckingham Palace by Rabbi Jacob Snowman, official Mohel of the London Jewish community.

I had a sniff round on the net and discovered an image of the original newspaper snippet from the Daily Mirror.

If we allow these people to carry on in the middle east it won't be long before they start coming after the rest of us.

The answer? I don't know, I just hope there's race of benevolent beings on their way here from another planet to straighten it out before it's too late. There has to be some intelligent life out there, there's certainly precious little of it down here. Let's just hope the leader in the flagship is not sitting there saying "all the people of Earth have to do is to get them stop doing this shit and it's over!".



Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

to all you of hypocritical supporters of the war in iraq and the bush regime,please honestly, explain to me how you honestly and truly u can believe in your heart and soul(i guess im assuming u have them),that it was o.k. for us to invade and overthrow saddam(where thousands of civilians died and are still dying), mainly because of his so called stash of weapons of mass destruction(which none of were ever found,whoops),yet it has been proven(a picture is worth a thousand words),of how we(usa military used these so caled weapons-white phosphorus)in iraq as it is being shown(now) that the israels are using on the lebanese people(are they less than human? animals have more rights in most countries) as i write this.look at the pics of lebanese children and women on the internet(the controlled usa media will never show u this), of the people basically melted and almost turned to stone..where is the outrage??!! all of us, people that sit by idly and say or do nothing while these horrible things are happening,are as guilty as the doers..the poor and middleclass people of the world must unite and turn this all around!!


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

I think that all good people from all over the world need to look at the only the final and remaining option to stop this madness. Good people need now to look at organising a massive Revolution to oust the Dictators that are running our countries. The power needs to go back to the people. The first country that needs to do this now is USA followed by Israel and the UK. The leaders and not the good people of these States need to be stopped. They steal from their citizens, enslave us, put us in fear and then with the money they take from us,invade other nations and continue to plunder and kill in the name of their greed and insanity. Good people of the world....It is now time to revolt!

Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Dear Friends,
You have my heart felt Sympathy for the deaths and what is happening to the people of Lebanon. This is a terrible war crime. Most of the people of the World haven't turn their backs on Lebanon, It is the evil leaders of the World and who behind them.
You are in my heart and prayers


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

maybe,just maybe hitler was on to something or knew something and by his destruction the course of history was altered into the "bad"/wrong direction?
the egyptians,the romans,the germans,etc,etc..what did they all know???



Very good point


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

This Fight ain't America's Problem.

I ain't Jewish nor Moslem, Just plain old American
It ain't our fault you're all still in the 17th century. In America we compete EVERY SINGLE DAY
because we are tough sons of a bitches who don't
like to lose. THAT is why we're NUMBER ONE!!!!
Because we don't accept being number two !!!!

We work hard, play hard and learn hard
and millions of other Americans did exactly
what I do...compete and win in the game of life!
The fittest wins and the losers DIE !!!

Don't look to us to solve your problems.
We solve our own and if you're in the way
then that's too bad. Stop fighting each other
if you want to get anywhere...
We're powerful because we deserve it!

The dried blood and mangled guts of millions
of Americans paid the ultimate price
to make us great.

The simple truth is that you people just
don't have what it takes to be NUMBER ONE !!!!

Don't look to us to solve your problems.
They're yours not ours - you deal with them.
You made your beds now lie in them !!!!!!!!!!
If you can't or won't do what it takes
to become like us then you'll simple die
a miserable and lonely death and
very few Americans will shed a single tear
because we are far too busy with our own
lives to worry about what going on
in some rat's ass desert country that would
be piss shit nothing if it wasn't
for the good ole USA!!!!

As far as most American's are concerned,
we'd rather just pull out completely and
let you all starve or die of thirst as you
figure out how to survive without America.

It's highly ironic that we are actually
the number one supplier of Foreign Aid
to BOTH sides...this includes our contribution
of food, money, medical supplies (which by the
way are mostly made by American and British countries because you don't seem to want to
know how to make your own cars, medicines, planes,

As an American, I'm sick and tired of listening
to some half-ass twits think they know their shit
when it's really US who is giving YOU the tree
of life...In short FUCK YOU ALL AND JUST DIE
from an


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

kcscalf, you are SO right. This is just plain genocide committed by psychopaths... genetically selected deviants (Ashkenazi) who have coopted the Jewish faith and call themselves Jews while making sure that anyone with true Semitic genes (including their capacity to love) are eradicated...


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

weak nations deserve what is happening to them,with out nuclear weapons we are weak.this war will not be the last and those children also will not be the last victims.unless arab world change their regimes nothing will change.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

israel and usa make me sick, they're are not worth our spit..... eventually good will prevail and the world will stand up to them, I can not wait for that day


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Now you know who kill Hariri and put another false flag on Syria that help to defense Lebanon with Syria Lebanon is a cake walk for Israel. Never before UN investigate a murder case like Hariri case. All this is coming to play now if only Lebanon communities can foresee. What US and Israel has plan.

If the world does not wakeup to grand plan then we all will be the modern time slave to Neocon.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

This all together just shows the true face of all kinds of maniacs who are walcing around with way too much power in their heands.
It is destiny awaiting us all if people all together don't realise that times are not difficult.But catastrophical.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

To byUSA
Hezbollah captures just TWO soldiers inside the Lebenese side of the border (NOT inside the Israeli side as reported by your Israeli owned medias)so Israel reponds by what it does best, by killing innocent civilians, (55% of them children) maiming, muitilating and in short it blew up that country to thy kingdom come. Don't insult our intelligenge by saying you are sorry. Most of you are part of the problem including your puppet of a president.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Jesus said, "He who lives by the sword will die by the sword." President Kennedy said, "Mankind must end war or war will end mankind." Jim Morrison said, "Until the power of love over comes the love of power we will always have war." The real Israel of the Bible is the true followers of Christ. It is spiritual Israel, not physical Israel. The horror I feel about what is happening to innocent people, I cannot describe. Another quote is, "American is great because America is good, but if America ceases to be good, America will no longer be great."


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

The U.S. Govt. does not speak for me. Will not. So I will ask Isrealis to stop. Please Stop. What you have done and how you are doing it is Bad. You have failed, there is now no point in continuing the sloppy murder of the Lebanese people and Palestinian people. Some people in this world have no sympathy for your tactics. All Isreal does is to prove right those who think unkindly of the Israelis. We see. You kill indescriminatly, are in a killing frensy. A government is not real, only people are real. To hide behind a government and say a government did it, is only giving yourselves permission to do evil. No true Human being can support such actions. I do not. I have seen pictures of soldiers crying, and i have known men of other wars and those feelings don't ever go away. It is only those men of war who have not compromised their integrity that do not have nightmares about themselves. Isreal has become a mass serial killer.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Although born a jew, I have been a Buddist and humanitarian for
many years arguing FOR PEACEful solutions.
I wish to apologize for such brutality to your people.

Some day it is my hope that the holy men of both sides will lead
their people towards peace not war - in the name of all things we share:
Of heart, caring for others more than ourselves
Of mind, when we can share only common needs
Of soul, when we can accept strangers as brothers


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

our dead in heaven.. their dead in hell




Israel and his Dog (America) will attack :



7)Mesir or North Korea (nuclear war)
8)Saudi Arabia (all Arab Country)
All muslim will war over zionist
(a lot of muslim die)

Zionist want both america and komunis destroy
11)America declare war over Rusia and China (nuclear war,a lot of komunis and Christian die)

million people dead because stupid america leader (zionist Dog).

zionist : "HA HA HA.. now we conquer the world with only used Dog (america leader) "

Believe it or not? click here

jew said zionist evil :


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Although born a jew, I have been a Buddist and humanitarian for
many years arguing FOR PEACEful solutions.
I wish to apologize for such brutality to your people.

Some day it is my hope that the holy men of both sides will lead
their people towards peace not war - in the name of all things we share:
Of heart, caring for others more than ourselves
Of mind, when we can share only common needs
Of soul, when we can accept strangers as brothers


all american should read this (don't be stupid)


What the World Doesn't See

Since the early 90's the peoples of Israel : Christian Moslem and Jew start their day - on their way to work, or dropping the kids off at school etc. and may pull up at a set of traffic lights, opposite a school bus. And literally pray for the lights to change >>> as the bus could blow up !
Even putting kids on a school bus is a scenario where parents don't know if their kids will arrive back home that day.
What a way to live - year by year.

Living with terrorism is a reality most in the west cannot easily fathom. With this in mind the Lebanese government to some extent, has permitted literally thousands of rockets to occupy their land and then be aimed at innocent civilians.

Any of the 'recent violence', barely compares, in terms of war crimes, to the amount of depleted uranium used in smart bombs that has polluted the entire geographical area.

WHO's TO BLAME It seems to me that politicians and heads of state make power hungry decisions, that cause 'everyday' people
suffering & hardship.Generally people left to their lives do get on

Also I would add that although the Hezbollah gives community aid to those in need its primary goal IS NOT co-existance but irradication. This kind of extremist thinking surely is archaic, backward and certainly has been used to brainwash many people of the Arab world away from peaceful resolution. In short their is no current leadership to represent the moslems, in Israel who can effectively be a voice for the thousands of people in willing to reach for the the white flag and peaceful negotiations rather than fuel more senseless violence. ( from all sides ) Neocons or not.

It should also be known that many Palestinians live with Jews - as close friends; are now facing intimidation by the Hezbollah if they dare speak against their policy.



Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Is American said it just right. The middle east needs to lift their boot straps and be held accountable. Did you notice what "Does it really matter" had to say... Not much. It does matter and the gulf states will need to grow up and fight back the terrorists them selves and stop depending on others. It appears America and other free countries are moving towards making Iran, Syria, and others more accountable now. It will not be a free ride anymore for these terrorist states in taking the Muslim faith hostage.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

This is a severe case of over-reaction by the Isaeli's and of course a never-ending cycle of
back-and-forth retribution also caused by

I think both sides have to realize this is not working. I suggest to the people of Israel and Lebanon that enough-is-enough. Put down the swords
and lift up the shovels of peace. It's time
to dig out from this mess and the only way to do
this is by having about 500,000 people demonstrate
to their leaders that they've had enough
of being bombed and rocketed.

Even Hezhollah must listen to it's contituents.
and the Knesset (e.g. hard-line Likudniks)
will also have to listen to it's electorate
if it says stop the bombings and incursions
into Lebanon. I highly doubt that the average
Israeli wants to see a 2 year old child
dead because some soldier decided he'd play God.

I consider myself a Christian who has tolerance
for others be they Muslim or Jew, but I
have a had time tolerating the fact that
a small number of overgrown boys keep insisting
that the general populace on all sides
continue to suffer the consequences of their

That American with his rather nationalistic comments may have been a literary jackass,
but he did make one valid point in that
BOTH sides need to band together and literally
lay down your arms if you are going to get

I wish you all well,
Peace be with you,
and Take Action Now
because a large band of people
DO have the power to make changes.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

I would suggest that everybody go to and learn more about what our FREE press does not report to you.
And remember that if this reporting was not correct then they would have liable lawsuits daily thrown at them of which none have been filed to date


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Shut up you bastards ! The Jews are god's chosen people ! They have the right to kill the goym cattle anytime they want !

And besides, it is not Lebanon,, it is Israel ! That land was given to the master race by their god.....Baal !


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

I am an American citizen. My wife is Lebanese. I love her to madness, but she cries all day, and won’t talk to me. I told her I want to go back to Lebanon, as I could not stand by and do nothing, but she does not answer. I think she might be angry with me because I’m an American. I despise my government, and the Israeli government, but I am an American, and so my beautiful wife now sees me differently. Even here, thousands of miles away, Israeli aggression ruins lives. No one is truly untouched by genocide.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

As a citizen of the United States of America since birth I am appauled at the Zionist Terrorists that control the USA. They should all be arrested and shot on the spot! As for Israel that country should be wiped off the map of the world! GOD BLESS THE VICTIM'S OF ISRAEL'S TERRORIST ACTIONS. Death to ZOG!



Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

the issue is clear. the zionist regime has started what would be `the armageddon' - the end of the world, destruction of civilization. Some of us might want to think it as a war between hezbollah (with Iran backing) and zionist Israel but the truth is zionist is on rampage, killing Muslims. It is a religious war. Except the muslim leaders and muslims around the world is denying the reality today.
Muslims are being killed for no specific reason. there is no political purpose, just pure hatred.
The war is not a matter that concern humanity but goes beyond that. Muslims must wake up and ready to face even greater threat. They must make the world realized that `enough is enough'. The US, Europe or other superpower wont help them, they must help themselves in time like this. Muslim leaders must unite to face zionist Israel and her big brothers.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

All foolish and blind people because they chosen or vote Bush / Blair / Howard for Government's because they support and help Zionist Jews and Khazan jews and they controlled for around the world and Jews make their happy and comfortable with USA and England and Australia, Why??? Did you know Khazan Jews's race from Turkey-Mongrel but NOT from pure Israelities or Hebrews's in their veins, Zionist Jews are not true Jews, I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Rev 2.9....AWAKE, AWAKE, AWAKE


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

The Jewish Zionists inflict attacks on themselves in order to justify action against whom they see fit.This has proven most effective with the 911 attacks which was a Zionist operation carried out with the assistance of the Bush regieme.If the the poeple of the world can be brainwashed by Zionist Jew owned media into believing that a controlled demolition carried out with the full knowledge of Larry Silverstein (the lease holder of the twin tower complex and a Zionist) who insedently bought the lease for approx 700 million dollars and then re-insured the towers for apprx 3.5 billion a month before the "attacks" was an act of terrorism then how are we ment to rally support for a resourseless nation who is clearly the victim of systematic genocide and landgrabbing?Who came to Rawanda's aid?


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Why can't we denounce this on mass? Why don't we burn our collective governments to the ground? We in the west have lived under Zionist Occupation for hundreds of years but we are too blind and ignorant to know it. Jews constitute a tiny minority in most western nations (between 2-5%), yet they are the most over-represented creed on the planet! The Jews have been playing European and American governments ever since they arrived in our respectable nations. They have managed to get themselves deported from just about every single European nation at some time or another throughout their history. Don't those fools realise that 2000 years of persecution may be an indication that you are doing something wrong? Are all European nations that unenlightened? Why do we make potential enemies out of 22 Arab nations all because we've been conned into thinking that Israel is the world's sacred cow? These cowards invented terrorism. They gained their country through terrorism. They bribe, extort and denounce any criticism of their country with their secret weapon - the all powerful "Anti-Semitism" label. Few people realise that most of the jews in the world today are no more semitic than you or I. The palestinians are more semitic than any of these Ashkanazi imposters. A palestinian child has more hebrew/semite blood in his little finger than the Larry Silverstein's or Jerry Seinfeld's of this world. They insure that anyone who questions the Holocaust is either threatened, slandered or imprisoned. How did we let this small minority gain control of our country's. The war on terror has zionist fingerprints all over it. We are sending our brave soldiers to Iraq to destroy an enemy of Israel. Just as we sent our men to their deaths in WW2 so that Israel could come into fruition ( a very broad statement I know, but no Hitler = No Jewish migration = No Israel). We need to stop getting conned by these pigs. We need to tell our governments that they do not have our support (as the respective rallies in London showed over the weekend) and denounce Zioterror. The sooner we do, the sooner the arab world and the west can become friends again and abandon these troublemaking, bloodthirsty, parasites once and for all.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

It's past time. The moral decay that pervades the israeli government and it's society is now obvious for all the world to witness. The scare tactics and intimidation used by the jews and their protectors, defenders and apologists is blatant. The time has come to say "Never Again" to israel.

Why should anyone continue to allow the label 'anti-semitic' to bother them? Why should this label serve to stop our pursuit of truth and justice? The time has come to refuse to bow to intimidation and continued subjugation. How much longer will the world allow this rogue State to continue it's aggression ?

The search for truth and justice supercedes the trash invented by the jews to protect their malfeasance and crimes against other peoples.

We will not continue to follow blindly the majestic fiction that is the Holocaust©®. Those who defend, appease and apologise for jews are ensnarled in daily complicity in crimes against humanity perpetrated by israel and the jews.

To be anti-semitic is to choose health and life.

We are past being intimidated by jews and their smear tactics. If pursuing truth, fighting criminality and awakening justice makes us anti-semites, then so be it. And, let us be thus with pride.

If acknowledging the dehumanisation, exploitation and utter destruction of the palestinian and lebanese people makes the voices of reason anti-semitic, then guilty we must stand. To bring attention to the humanity of israel's neighbours is to defend humanity itself. In this, we are beyond judgement and label.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

To all of you who have commented on we Americans as TV zombies and think we believe everything our corrupt goverment says are very foolish...If you dont live here then you shouldnt comment about us like if you have any idea how we are really feeling about this....Our elections have been rigged since Bush became president..many of us try and do our part by voting and petitions but nothing works...we hate being branded with Isreal everytime they kill and please dont blame all of us because of our goverment...most American dont beleive everything we see on TV and are very critical of our out of control president but what can we do?



Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

Dead is dead no matter if it's men, women, or children. And do not doubt for a minute that the US is pro-murder of these people. But we all "reap what we sow" and when this madness spreads from the middle east to YOUR town then you'll know what real pain and loss is. and it iS coming. keep watching.



Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

These people don't deserve this. We do not belong in other countries. In my opinion, this Lebanon / Israel (a close allie) conflict is going to be used as a reason for us, the USA, to gain military access to Iran.
Recall that shortly before this conflict, Iran was refusing to curb its nuclear program. Next the conflict between Israel and Lebanon ensues and it is announced that Iran is supplying Lebanon with ammunition and weapons.
Huh?, just like Iraq's "Weapons of Mass Destruction"?




Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

The jews & Israelis have always been known to be correct, law abiding, humanitarian, neighbourly and honest.To say anything else is antisemitic...


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

What sad day for the world,usa better get out before she burns. Why is this happening? We loaned wepons to all concerned i am ashamed of the curent adm....., When it back fires the so called world order will pay, sad.


Re: Lebanon: Day 8 ~ While the world is turning its back and closing its eyes

After what Hitler did to the Jews, I am proud of the Jews who are kicking some ass! Kofi Anon wants to send in tropps to "help" Lebanon, dumb ass will start World War 3...Armageddon. Whosever hates the Jew, Him will I hate.... "God"


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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