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Sept. 1 - 2000

Satan's Jewish Soldiers preparing for their crimes

The Jewish "peace"!

A picture speaks a thousand words.

If anyone else is in doubt about just what the jews has in mind when they talk of "peace" let them ask little 12 year old Mohammed Aldura of Netzarim! Oh, that's right, you can't ask him because he was murdered; shot down by those (jews) who are telling the world that they want peace. It is a fact that to the jews: peace = palestinian death!

I am moved by the Face of Israel, by the very moving "online" jewish killing of the young Mohammed Aldorra. Again, as has happened so often during the past, I was saddened at the site of this young man killed while clinging to his father with a look of total terror on his face. Then, as usual sadness gave way to anger as I saw yet another example of the Jewish "peace process".

Yes, the site did very good job of showing the face of Israel; it is the face of destruction, theft, rape, and murder!

Yes, the Jewish warriors have struck again, doing what they do best: killing children and unarmed fathers. What kind of people make war on babies and unarmed men and women? What kind of scum can do this and then turn around and talk of peace? Surely, the word peace should rot in the mouth of so wicked of people.

The thief came only to kill, steal, and destroy. In the face of Israel (the Jews) we see the face of theft, of destruction, and of murder!

As I have written to you before and said that I appreciate the fact that you have this site, I say again that you are doing a wonderful job in exposing the murdering, Satanic jews for what they are.

I pray for your continued success.

This is a great site! Your struggle [Radio Islam´s] is an honorable and righteous one; one that actually touches us all since the filthy hand of the Jews (Zionists if you prefer) has a stranglehold on so many of our countries.

My country, the USA, is actually nothing more than a lap dog of the Jewish state (Israel) now occupying Palestine. It is refreshing to see the blame for so many of the world's ills laid in the lap of those where it belongs...the Jews; not just the zionists but the Jews.

I know that the leaders of the PLO are well meaning, but if they think that they will ever be treated fairly by the Jews in that bandit state (so-called "Israel") in Palestine they are only fooling themselves.

How does one expect to be treated fairly by some of those who have already stolen one´s land and muredred one´s people?

If someone were to force their way into my home and say "this is now my home but let us negotiate for peace"

What would there be to negotiate? Peace? The only way peace would come would be when I drove those thieves out of my home.

I see in the news that during the last few days [0ctober 1, 2000] at least 16 more Palestinians have learned what the jews mean when they speak of peace. If anyone else is in doubt about just what the jew has in mind when he talks of peace let him ask little 12 year old Mohammed Aldura of Netzarim! Oh, that's right, you can't ask him because he was murdered; shot down by those (jews) who are telling the world that they want peace.

It is a fact that to the jew: PEACE = PALESTINIAN DEATH!

Again, this is a great site, keep up the good work. I pray for your success

Pastor Ray Redfeairn


  • Nablus is being attacked with rockets as well.

  • "Lao" rockets are beign used against the unarmed protesters.

  • The photos of the horrible crime of massacring a child with his father, as well as an ambulance man and another 19 year old boy when they tried to carry the victimes. This is the Jewish "peace":

They are Massacring kids now


The Blood Orgy of the Jewish Devils


Follwing is the latst news from Palestine, collecteed from several of reports, Action needed, they went beyioend all Human and even Animals limits:

6 Palestinians have been killed, including 4 children, and over 550 injured in confrontations taking place throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  According to DCI/PS fieldworkers, four Palestinian children were killed today by Israeli military forces.  They are:

1. Rami Jamal Al-Dura, 12 years old, Al-Breij/Gaza
2. Khaled Al-Saiyouri, 17, Rafah/Tel Al-Sultan/Gaza
3. Khaled Al-Bazyan, 14, Nablus
4. Nizar Mahmoud Eida, 16, Deir Amar/ Ramallah

According to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, the total number of Palestinians injured thus far today is 850.  DCI/PS fieldworkers have documented 175 cases of children injured by the Israeli military forces, in the following districts: Hebron, 51; Gaza, 35; Ramallah, 30; Tulkarem, 14; Jenin, 9; Nablus, 11; Bethlehem, 15; and Jerusalem, 10. Of these injuries, 37 children are in moderate to serious condition, with 7 of the cases critical. The majority of the injuries sustained by children were to the upper parts of the body, including the chest, neck, or head.  Numerous children have sustained injuries to the eyes.  The children, injured or killed, range in ages from 9 to 18 years of age.

According to DCI/PS fieldworkers, the Israeli military authorities continue to use live ammunition, dum-dum bullets, rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas in an attempt to disperse the demonstrations that are taking place throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It should be noted that the Israeli use of live ammunition during the confrontations has been at an unprecedented level compared with past confrontations.  The fact that the majority of Palestinians have been killed or wounded following injury to the upper parts of the body gives clear evidence of a deliberate Israeli policy to shoot to kill or seriously injure.

These figures bring the total number of Palestinians killed since Thursday to 13, including 5 children, and approximately 850 injured.

About 13 Palestinians were killed since Thursday.

The Blood Orgy of the Jewish Devils

Israeli occupation forces perpetrate new massacre at Aqsa Mosque

(Circulated by IAP

Occupied Jerusalem: September 29/2000 - At least four Palestinians were murdered and scores were wounded Friday afternoon when Israeli occupation troops opened fire indiscriminately and thousands of Palestinian Muslim worshipers at the Aqsa Mosque in Alqods (Jerusalem).

Hospital sources in Al-Qods said four  wounded Palestinians succumbed to their injuries before they arrived to the Makasid Hosptial, two kilometers from the Haram al Sharif.

The Palestinian news agency Wafa said that as many as 140 worshipers were wounded,  twenty  of them sustained serious wounds.

Sources at the German Hospital, Mutala, reported that at least seven wounded Palestinians lost their eyes as they sustained direct hits by Zionist bullets in the eyes.

PA official Nabil Abu Rudeina described the events at the Sharam al Sharif plaza as "a full-fledged massacre."

He accused Israel of sparking off a religious war on a wide scale, which he said would burn the entire area.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Israeli army troops and police forces are besieging Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem and preventing ambulances from rushing the wounded to hospitals.

The hospitals earlier called on citizens to donate blood given the large influx of casualties arriving at the hospital.

About 7 persons lost their sights.

Boy dies in father's arms in Gaza clashes

By Ahmed Jadallah - September 30, 2000 - GAZA CITY (Reuters)

- Twelve-year-old Rami Al-Durra died in his father's arms on Saturday, caught in the crossfire of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces.

- Palestinian youths evacuate an injured child during clashes with Israeli soldiers.

Reporters watched helplessly as the boy and his father became trapped against a wall with nothing but a small concrete block for cover as bullets rained around them on a road near the Jewish settlement of Netzarim in the Gaza Strip.

Rami crouched weeping behind his father, who tried in vain to shield him with his arms and body. At one point, the father raised his head and wagged his finger, as if to scold.

Some time later, both were shot and Rami slumped into his father's lap. Rami died, while his father survived badly wounded. An ambulance driver, who braved the fierce shooting to try to rescue them, also died.

"Bassam al-Bilbeisi, the ambulance driver went to save the boy, Rami al-Durra, who was 12 years old. But he was shot at, the boy was shot at as well. Bassam and the boy Rami were both killed," Palestinian Health Minister Riyadh al-Zanoun said.

Humiliation and taking to the no return prison.

The Blood Orgy is still on!

This is a contrated brief report about the latest new form Palestine, our resrouce are mainly form the IAP , and other news groups and indvidulas e-mails.:

- PA traitors disarms its policement lest they fire on Zionists

- Two Palestinian cameramen seriously wounded by Zionist bullets

The Zionist authorities repeatedly accused Palestinian cameramen and journalists of "inciting the world against us."

- cannibalists...cannibalists : (Description of a scene that the TV Broadcast

By Khalid Amyrah, Palestine):

"....The scene defies linguishtic description....A 12-year old child, in his father arms, both seeking cover against a concret wall from Israeli soldiers' bullets ...The father tries in vain to shield the son with his arms and body....both terrified, helpless...

One "born-to-kill"  soldier, apparently a sniper with manifestly cannibalistic extincts, fires at the terrified child's head....the father, distraught,  grieves,.."my son is son is dying..." he raises his hand for help...then the  same soldier shoots at the father...silence...then an ambulance goes in a desperate effort to save the child...the soldier riddles the ambulance with bullets ....and kills the driver...

The phantasmagoric scene appeared on TV screens ....probably except in the US...where pain must remain a Jewish monopoly...

If that concret wall could speak, it would probably weep a lot before uttering any words...

how could that vile beast view himslef in the mirror again?....but a beast has no guilty conscience.

Indeed, the Jewish Rosh Hashanah (New Year Feast) never completes its joy and blessings without BLOOD, OUR BLOOD.



Demonstrations are planned in cities across North America to protest

Israel's ongoing massacre of Palestinians in
the Israeli-occupied Palestine.

More than thirty Palestinians have been killed, as of October 1, 2000, including at least seven children, by murderous Israeli occupation troops who have gone on an uncontrolled rampage. More than one thousand others have been injured by anti-tank missiles, live ammunition, plastic-coated steel bullets, and tear gas.

The bloodshed began on Thursday, September 28, after Israeli General Ariel Sharon forced his way into the Haram Al-Sharif, Islam's holiest site in Jerusalem, accompanied by 1,000 heavily armed occupation troops. Palestinians protesting this provocation have been brutally suppressed by the occupying army.

*In one of the most horrifying scenes shown on world television, 12-year old Muhammad Al-Dura was shot dead in cold blood by an Israeli sniper, while his father, Jamal, was trying to protect him from the hail of Israeli bullets. A Palestinian ambulance driver, Bassam al-Bilbeisi, who attempted to rescue the two was also shot dead by the Israeli sniper. Jamal Al-Dura remains critically injured in hospital.

*In another alarming development, on Sunday, October 1, Israeli occupation forces began firing anti-tank missiles at a Palestinian Authority post near a heavily populated civilian neighborhood in the occupied Gaza Strip, killing a ten-year-old child and injuring at least 30 people. It is worth recalling that Ariel Sharon was the mastermind behind Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon, which claimed more than 20,000 Palestinian and Lebanese lives, and the notorious massacres of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon, the same year.

In October 1990, occupation forces massacred 17 worshippers at the Haram Al-Sharif, and again stormed the compound in September 1996, killing three. Al-Awda/the Palestine Right to Return Coalition strongly urges all peace-loving people to protest the ongoing massacres and to demand that the United States government immediately stop providing the weapons to Israel which are used to massacre civilians.


New York: Monday, October 2, 2000; The Consulate General of Israel in New York, 800 2nd Avenue (between 42nd and 43rd St.), New York, NY, 10017 Tel. (212) 499-5410 Fax (212) 499-5425, 12 to 2 pm. For more info contact Al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition NY/NJ: or International Action Center

San Francisco: Tuesday October 3rd, 2000 In front of the Israeli embassy in San Francisco, 456 Montgomery St. From 12:00 to 1:00 PM. For directions on how to get to the embassy, see: For more Information call American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice 408-988-1011, email or Al-Awda SF at

UC Berkeley: Monday, Oct. 2 (details to be announced). Ann Arbor, Michigan: 12 noon Monday, Oct. 2, Michigan Union steps. 530 South State Street, Ann Arbor. For more info write to Al-Awda Michigan:

Philadelphia: In front of Israeli Consulate 230 S. 15th St. (between Walnut and Locust). Tuesday October 3, 4 PM. Contact: Al-Awda Pennsylvania, Shouki Kassis 610-6661411 or Tawfiq Barqawi 609 685 9898, Anan Zahr 610-459-8498.

Washington DC: Details will be posted as soon as they become available from Al-Awda DC.

Montreal: Meet in front of the Concordia Hall building on Monday, 2nd of October at 3:00 PM and proceed to the Israeli Consulate on Rene Levesque. For more info contact SPHR

Houston: Demonstration 3:30 PM Sunday 10/1/00 Gathering will be at Cedar's Mediterranean Cafe & Restaurant 4703 Richmond Ave, (just inside the 610

Loop). For more info contact The Arab American Student Association and the Arab community in greater Houston Raleigh, NC: Tuesday October 3, in front of State Capitol. For information contact Al-Awda NC c/o Rania Masri at Chapel Hill, NC: For information contact Al-Awda NC c/o Rania Masri at

Los Angeles: Monday October 2, 2000, The Israel Consulate 6380 Wilshire Blvd. (Main Cross Street is Fairfax) Los Angeles, CA. Time: 12 - 1 PM, Directions: from HWY 10 take Fairfax exit and go North till Wilshire Blvd. Go left on Wilshire, Consulate will be on your left. From HWY 405 take Wilshire exit and go East before you reach Fairfax, consulate will be on your right. For more information contact Palestinian Right of Return Task Force/ADC : (714)6361232 or (714)9042212. New Haven CT: Sunday October 1, 2000. Meeting Point: At 5:30 Church and Chapel, Downtown New Haven to be followed at 6:30 by a gathering at Lieberman's house. 2 PM meeting in Orange to prepare signs and placards. Call 213-397-0067 for information.

Chicago: Monday October 2, 5PM. March from Chicago Tribune Tower (435 N. Michigan) to Israeli consulate. Sponsored by: Arab American Action Network,Al-Awda Chicago, Arab American Institute, Arab American View Newspaper, Islamic Association for Palestine, United Arab Networking, American Friends Service Committee,Hammerhard Mediaworks, (list in formation). For information, email: Previous Demonstration: Friday 29th September from 3 PM to 6 PM: Israeli Embassy in London, Kensington High Street. Friends of Al-Aqsa, PRC, Al-Awda London. Further info: 077 11 823 524 or


Because the Lebanese Dare to Resist Israeli Occupation of their Land Israelis Bomb Civilian Targets in Lebanon

Lebanese Prime Minister Selim Hoss declared that the Israeli bombings would not curtail Lebanese determination to end Israeli occupation. "If Israel is attacking Lebanon to make us accept the occupation then they will be disappointed," Hoss said. "The resistance has never been the cause (of violence), the resistance is a result of the is natural for the resistance to continue as long as the occupation persists."

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

Palestine banner
Viva Palestina!

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