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The Auschwitz Lie

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Nine articles
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A Zionist Conspiracy
the Auschwitz Lie

By M. Soroush-Nejad

Tehran Times, January 25, 2001

Perhaps the biggest lie in history took a formal shape in 1946 during the Nuremberg trials where the allied victors, in a concerted effort to validate the Jewish suffering before and during the 2nd World War, tried to justify their somewhat hypocritical judgement against defeated Germany by relying almost solely on the so-called confessions of the first commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess.

Hoess, who had disappeared after the end of the war and assumed the name Franz Lang, was living in hiding on a farm in northern Germany. He was discovered and captured by his hunters in 1946 and was brought for interrogation to the Nuremberg headquarters.

His inquisition was led and conducted by a notorious team of British torture specialists under the direction of a Jewish sergeant in the army called Bernard Clark.After three days of intensive grilling, his inquisitor subsequently managed to get a statement from him in which he evidently confessed to having gassed 2.5 million people, with a total of three million during his period as commandant of the camp until the end of November 1943.

These figures obtained under duress were the first big blunder of Clark and his fellow inquisitors. The Polish born historian Franciszek Piper, the director of the historical department of the Auschwitz museum, puts the number of prisoners sent to Auschwitz from April 1940 to January 1945 at 1.3 million. According to his confession, Hoess had visited the camps Belzec and Treblinka in June 1941. In reality, Belzec was opened in March 1942 and Treblinka in July 1942.

So, the cornerstone of the official Auschwitz version is a confession obtained by means of torture. We shall demonstrate in follow-up articles the real history of Auschwitz and of the Jewish fate during World War II.



Tehran Times, January 29, 2001

Dr. Younes Geranmayeh

The AUSCHWITZ concentration camp was situated in Upper Siliesia. Nobody denies that AUSCHWITZ was a place of terrible human suffering. As we will demonstrate later, about 150,000 prisoners died at AUSCHWITZ, mostly from diseases such as the dreaded pectoral typhus which is carried by lice, but also from insufficient nourishment and overworking. (Of course, there were also executions by shooting or hanging for acts of resistance and sabotage.)

The figure of approximately 150.000 victims means that about 38% of the 400.000 prisoners who were registered at the camp perished there. However, according to the official AUSCHWITZ version, these 150.000 victims only represent a small percentage of the total death count.

The Orthodox historians claim that AUSCHWITZ not only served as a labor camp, but also as an "extermination camp" where Jews from numerous European countries were murdered in large numbers with the pesticide Zyklon-B. According to these historians, those Jews who were able to work were temporarily spared, while the unemployable ones were immediately killed in gas chambers without ever being registered. According to the Orthodox historians, the gassing started in early 1942 in the morgue of the crematorium at the main camp (AUSCHWITZ I). From the spring of 1942 to the spring of 1943, two farm houses at Birkenau two miles west of the main camp were allegedly used as gas chambers. From the spring of 1943, mass gassing are said to have taken place in the four crematoria of Birkenau.

At the Nuremberg trial, the Soviets contended that no less than four million people had been murdered at AUSCHWITZ, but no Western historian ever dared to accept this preposterous figure. Raul Hilberg puts the total AUSCHWITZ death toll at one million Jews and 250.000 non-Jews, and in 1994, Jean-Claude Pressac, whom the media enthusiastically praised as the man who had finally refuted the revisionists, claimed that between 630.000 and 710.000 people (Jews and non-Jews) had died at AUSCHWITZ.

Significantly, these massive reductions of the AUSCHWITZ death toll do not affect the sacrosanct figure of six million "Holocaust victims". This figure remains as solid as the pyramids. So, if you have six apples in a basket, you can eat one, two or even three of them, there are still six apples left. That's "holocaust" mathematics.

Whereas the Orthodox historians depict AUSCHWITZ as a murder factory, the revisionists simply regard it as an huge labor camp. In order to determine who is right, we have to solve the crucial question of the homicidal gas chambers, for if there were no gas chambers, there was no murder weapon and consequently no "Holocaust".

1- Süddeutsche Zeitung, Aug. 19, 1998, page 6

2- Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Document URSS-008

3- †Heinz Galinski, the then Jewish leader in Germany in his Jewish Weekly (Allgemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitung) Jul. 26, 1990, p. 1

4- †Heinz Galinski, the then Jewish leader in Germany in his Jewish Weekly (Allgemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitung) Jun. 11, 1992, p. 1

5- Jean Claude Pressac, Auschwitz-Expert, commissioned by the Jewish 'Beate Klarsfeld Foundation' in his book The Crematories of Auschwitz, Piper, Munich-Zurich 1994, page 202.




Tehran Times, February 1, 2001

Dr. Younes Geranmayeh

In 1996, an anti-revisionist French historian, Jacques Baynac, wrote two long articles in which he candidly admitted that the gas chamber story is solely based upon eyewitness testimonies (1). As a matter of fact, there is no documentary evidence for the gassing of even one human being in a German camp. In 1990, the Russians released the death books from Auschwitz in which the camp administration had recorded 66.000 deaths between mid-1941 and the end of 1943. Each page contained the name, date and place of birth, nationality, religion as well as the date and cause of death of a deceased prisoner. The orthodox historians are terribly embarrassed by these death books, as they are at a loss to explain why the Germans, who are supposed to have gassed up to one million Jews at Auschwitz without caring to register them, took such great pains to document every case of natural death.

The argument that the Germans destroyed incriminating evidence is simply wrong because after the liberation of Auschwitz, the Russians found about 60,000 pages of documents of the Zentralbauleitung (Central Building Administration). This organization was responsible for the construction of the crematoria which allegedly contained gas chambers. (As a matter of fact, these "gas chambers" were just ordinary morgues where the bodies of deceased prisoners were stored prior to cremation.) Had the Soviets discovered even one document proving homicidal gassings, they would have produced it immediately to demonstrate the bestiality of the National Socialist regime. But the whole pile of documents disappeared in Russian archives where it remained inaccessible to Western historians until a decade ago.

Not only do the German wartime documents not confirm the Holocaust story, they directly refute it. For example, records kept at the Auschwitz museum show that 15,706 people, mostly Jewish prisoners, received medical care at Monowitz, a sub-camp of Auschwitz, between July 1942 and June 1943. 766 of them died, the remaining ones were released (2). How does this square with an extermination policy?

The myth that the unemployable Jews were killed is also refuted by documentary evidence. To name but one example, a report written immediately after the liberation of Auschwitz by four Jewish doctors who had practiced their profession at the camp hospital contains the names of about a thousand Jewish patients whom the Germans had left behind before evacuating the camp. Among them were 97 boys and 83 girls between one and 15 years who had ben deported with their parents in order to avoid separating families (3). If the Holocaust story were true, these children would have been murdered as "useless eaters" upon arrival.

1) "Le Nouveau Quotidien", Lausanne, September 2 and 3, 1996.

2) Panstwowe Muzeum w Oswiecimiu, Syg. D Aul-III-5/1, 5/2, 5/3.

3) Gosudarstvenny Arkhiv Rossiskoj Federatsii, Moscow, 7021-108-23.



Tehran Times, February 3, 2001

Dr. Younes Geranmayeh

The fact that the evidence for the "biggest crime in history" solely relies upon eyewitness testimony is highly embarassing for the Holocaust historians because the total unreliability of such eyewitnesses, especially Jewish ones, has been proven innumerable times. In the USA, Frank Walus, a retired factory worker of Polish extraction, was put on trial after Simon Wiesenthal and his gang had accused him of unspeakable atrocities in a German concentration camp. No less than eleven Jewish liars declared under oath that they had personally seen Walus fiendishly torturing and murdering Jewish prisoners. Walus spent all his savings and run into debt to finance his defense. He finally obtained documents from Germany which proved that he had spent the entire war as an agricultural worker on a Bavarian farm. The accusation broke down, and Walus was acquitted. (1).

During the war and in the immediate postwar period, there were all kind of gruesome eyewitness reports about Jews being exterminated by electricity, steam and fire. In 1945, the Hungarian Jew Stefan Szende claimed that at the Belzec concentration camp millions of Jews had been murdered in gigantic subterranean halls: "The floor was of metal and was submergible. The floors of these halls, with their thousands of Jews, sank into a water basin which lay beneath - but only far enough so that the people on the metal plate were in the water to over their hips; electrical current was sent through the water. After a few moments, all the Jews, thousands at once, were dead." (2)

During the Nuremberg trial, the Polish authorities submitted a report about Treblinka according to which hundreds of thousands of people had been steamed to death at that camp (3). As late as in 1958, the arch-lier Elie Wiesel wrote that the Germans used to burn the Jews alive at Auschwitz: "Not far from us blazed flames from a pit, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drove up to the pit and dumped something into it. They were small children. Babies! Yes, I had seen it with my own eyes!" No historian has ever claimed that the Germans used to burn the Jews alive. According to the official "Holocaust" version, they were gassed - but although Wiesel had spent eight months at Auschwitz, he never mentions gas chambers in his book "La Nuit"(5).

In the postwar period, there were numerous eyewitness reports about homicidal gassings in the Dachau concentration camp near Munich. Thus, the Czech doctor Franz Blaha, speaking under oath at the Nuremberg trial, declared that he had personally examined the corpses of gassed prisoners at that camp (6). But all historians now agree that Dachau had no homicidal gas chamber. Why should the eyewitness reports about gassings at Auschwitz be any more trustworthy than the ones about gassings at Dachau?

1) Mark Weber, "Simon Wiesenthal: Bogus Nazi Hunter", Journal of Historical Review, Volume 9, Nr. 4, Winter 1989/1990.

2) S. Szende, "Der letzte Jude aus Polen", Europa Verlag, Zurich 1945, p. 290 ff

3) International Military Tribunal Nuremberg, Document 3311-PS.

4) E. Wiesel, "La Nuit", Editions de minuit, Paris 1958, p. 58 ff

5) In the German translation "Die Nacht zu begraben Elischa" the gas chambers make a miraculous appearance as the French word "crematoire" is regularly mistranslated as "Gaskammer", gas chamber.

6) International Military Tribunal Nuremberg, Document IMT V p. 198, German version



Tehran Times, February 7, 2001

Dr. Younes Geranmayeh

A Swiss revisionist, Juergen Graf, has collected and analyzed 30 eyewitness reports about homicidal gassings at Auschwitz (1). The testimonies all contain technical and logical impossibilities which hopelessly shatter their probative value. Here are some examples. In a modern crematorium, the incineration of a corpse in a muffle takes an avarage of an hour. According to the witnesses, the same procedure at Auschwitz took place in a fraction of that time. The Czech Jew Dov Paisikovic claimed that it took only four minutes to reduce a body to ashes. The Hungarian Jew Miklos Nyiszli reported that the 46 muffles of the Birkenau crematoria could burn 20.000 corpses per day.

More modest was Rudolf Hoess; after the British had extradited him to Poland where he was later hanged, he confessed that at Auschwitz three corpses could be burnt in a muffle within 20 minutes, but even this figure is nine times too high. Some former Auschwitz prisoners, such as the Polish Jew Henryk Tauber, claimed that bodies could be cremated without fuel. It is generally known that the human body consists of more than 60% water and never burns without fuel, yet "Holocaust" historians such as J.C. Pressac, who considers Tauber an especially reliable witness, takes such nonsense seriously.

Other witnesses contended that the Jewish prisoners who allegedly had to clear the gas chambers after each gassing had worked without gas masks in cyanide clouds. A famous "Holocaust survivor", the Slovak Jew Filip Mueller - whose nauseating beststeller "Sonderbehandlung" Raul Hilberg quotes no less than 20 times as a source in his standard work about the "Holocaust" - described how he ate cake in a cyanide-saturated gas chamber (2)!

Of course, it is impossible that the witnesses invented the same technical absurdities independantly of each other. On February 2, 1945, one week after the liberation of Auschwitz, the Soviet newspaper "Pravda" had reported a "conveyor belt of death" on which "hundreds of people were killed simultaneously with electrical current". The Jewish "Pravda" correpsondant, Boris Polevoi, also mentioned gas chambers, but in the wrong place - not at Birkenau, west of the main camp, but in the east of the Auschwitz camp. Later, the Polish communists took care to avoid a repetition of such embarrassing mistakes. They had numerous former Auschwitz inmates testify before a commission which made sure that the witnesses agreed on the murder weapon and the location of the gas chambers. The glaring impossibilities which characterize the eyewitness reports are simply to be explained by the fact that the witnesses either coordinated their statements before testifying or were instructed beforehand as to what they had to say. Thus, one witness after the other declared that four million people had been murdered at Auschwitz.

1) J. Graf, "Taetergestaendnisse und Augenzeugen des Holocaust", Neue Visionen, Wuerenlos/Switzerland 1994.

2) F. Mueller, "Sonderbehandlung", Verlag Steinhausen, Frankfurt 1979, p. 24/25.



Tehran Times, February 17, 2001

Dr. Younes Geranmayeh

For decades, no lawyer and no journalist ever dared to ask the Jewish swindlers who presented themselves as "gas chamber witnesses" any critical questions, so these swindlers could travel from one trial and from one press conference to the other without fear of exposure. This state of affairs changed in 1985, at the trial of German-born revisionist Ernst Zuendel in Canada (1).

Zuendel's lawyer Douglas Christie mercilessly cross-examined gas chamber witness number one, Rudolf Vrba. In April 1944, Vrba, a Slovak Jew, had fled from Auschwitz together with his compatriot and fellow-Jew Alfred Wetzler. In November of the same year, a report fathered by Vrba and Wetzler in which Auschwitz was described as an extermination camp was published in New York as part of the so-called War Refugee Board Report. Twenty years later, Vrba wrote a book about his time in Auschwitz (2).

On pages 10-13, he described a Himmler visit to Auschwitz in January 1943. According to him, a new crematorium was opened on that day in Birkenau with the gassing and burning of 3000 Jews, and SS leader Heinrich Himmler watched the agony of the victims through a peephole in the gas chamber door. (Had Vrba studied the documents, he would have known that Himmler visited Auschwitz for the last time in July 1942 and that the first Birkenau crematorium was opened in March 1943.)

When Christie asked Vrba if he had really seen Himmler arriving on that occasion, as he had claimed in his book, Vrba answered: "Perhaps it was him, perhaps it was only a representative. I don't think it makes a big difference." Christie insisted: "And you want to tell this court that you actually saw Heinrich Himmler peeking through the door of the gas chamber?" Vrba answered: "No, I didn't say that I was present when he peeked through the door of the gas chamber, but I put together a story which I had heard several times from various people." Christie objected: "But in your book you write that you had seen everything, and you don't mention that you had heard the story from other people." Vrba admitted: "In this special case I told what I had heard from others." The impostor finally conceded that he had used "poetic licence" when writing his book (3)!

So, the terrible accusation of industrial genocide made against the German nation since 1945 is based upon the lies of a handful of Jewish swindlers like Rudolf Vrba, Filip Mueller and Elie Wiesel, plus upon the confessions of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess who was tortured for three days by his Jewish and British interrogators before signing the statement his tormentors had prepared for him.

1) The Zuendel trials in Toronto were documented by Barbara Kulaszka in her book "Did Six Million Really Die?", Samisdat, Toronto 1992.

2) "I Cannot forgive", Bantam Books, Toronto 1964.

3) Trial records of the first Zuendel trial in Toronto, 1985, p. 1244 f.




Tehran Times, February 19, 2001

Dr. Younes Geranmayeh

If Auschwitz had been an extermination camp for Jews, virtually no Jew would have survived it. But the memoirs of former Auschwitz inmates fill whole libraries. Professional survivors such as Elie Wiesel, who present themselves as witnesses of the "Holocaust" are, in fact, living proofs that the alleged extermination of the Jews did not take place.

Even the tragic fate of the Frank family does not square with the official Auschwitz version. The Jewish girl Anne Frank, who became world-famous after her death thanks to her diary - as Robert Faurisson demonstrated, this diary was largely written by her father after the war (1) - was deported from Amsterdam to Auschwitz in August 1944.

Shortly afterwards, the Germans began evacuating Auschwitz because of the worsening military situation. Anne and her sister were sent to Bergen-Belsen where they succumbed to typhus shortly before the end of the war. Their mother died at Auschwitz in January 1945 (which means that she cannot have been gassed because those who believe in the gassings say that they were stopped in October or November 1944). Their father Otto survived the war and died in Switzerland decades later. The example of the Frank family shows that, while the Jews were indeed heavily persecuted and large numbers of them perished because of the bad conditions in the camps, there was no extermination policy. Had there been such a policy, the whole family would have been gassed at Auschwitz.

Many Jews were transferred from one camp to the other without ever risking to be murdered. Thus, Israel Gutman, who would later become the editor of the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, survived Auschwitz, Majdanek (another "extermination camp"!), Mauthausen and Gunskirchen (2). One Samuel Zylbersztain, a Polish Jew, survived no less than ten camps: The "extermination camp" Treblinka, the "extermination camp" Majdanek and eight "ordinary camps" into the bargain (3)! Incidentally, these frequent transfers were to be explained by the labor shortage in war-torn Germany: The prisoners were sent wherever they were needed for labor. Of course, these incessant transports favoured the spreading of infectious diseases. We do not need the gas chamber rubbish to explain the high mortality rates in the concentration camps!

As the countless former Jewish concentration camp inmates who wrote their memoirs after the war are forced to explain how they managed to survive the "Nazi killing machine", they routinely ascribe their rescue to a miracle. Thus, one Moshe Peer claimed in 1993 having survived no less than six gassings at Bergen-Belsen (4), and Jewish humorist Ephraim Kishon declares: "Look, I was just on my way to the extermination camp, but I was able to flee. It was a miracle (5)!"

1) R. Faurisson, "Is the Diary of Anne Frank genuine?", I.H.R., Torrance 1985.

2) Nordwest-Zeitung, Oldenburg/Germany, 13 April 1994.

3) "Pamietnik Wieznia Dziesieciu Obozow", in: "Biuletyn Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego", Nr. 68, Warsaw 1968.

4)The Gazette, Montreal, 5 August 1993.

5) Schweizer Illustrierte, 13 April 1992.




Tehran Times, February 20, 2001

Dr. Younes Geranmayeh

The first researcher who seriously examined the technical aspects of the alleged gassings at Auschwitz was the French professor Robert Faurisson. He studied the execution technique used in some U.S. states where death sentences are carried out with hydrocyanic acid. (This acid is also the active ingredient of the pesticide Zyklon-B which has the shape of small pellets from which the gas is released through contact with the air.)

An execution by gas is a dangerous matter. Many precautions have to be taken, and the gas chamber must be hermetically sealed, otherwise the execution will become a gamble with death for the penitentiary employees. Faurisson, who had visited Auschwitz and studied the plans of the crematoria, wondered how up to 2000 people could have been murdered simultaneously in these rooms which could not be hermetically sealed and had no facilities for the introduction of the gas. He concluded that any gassing with Zyklon-B performed in these rooms would not only have poisened the victims, but contaminated the surroundings as well, and that it would not have been possible to remove the corpses shortly after the gassings, as the witnesses unanimously claimed (1).

In February 1988, Faurisson and the Canadian revisionist Ernst Zuendel assigned American execution specialist Fred Leuchter, who had constructed gas chambers himself, to draw up a report about the rooms designated as gas chambers in Auschwitz I, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek. With a small crew, Leuchter flew to Poland. Upon returning, he wrote a report which would become a real icebreaker and initiate the scientific victory of the revisionists (2). Here are his conclusions about Auschwitz:

A) The gas chambers were exactly what they were called in the German documents, namely morgues. Owing to their features of technical construction, they could not have been used for homicidal gassings.

B) The capacity of the crematoria would only have sufficed to incinerate a small fraction of the alleged victims.

C) Analyses of mortar samples taken from the walls of the gas chambers showed no significant quantities of cyanide residue. The analyses did, however, indicate an enormously high cyanide content in a sample taken from a Birkenau delousing chamber.

The Leuchter report was far from perfect. For example, Leuchter erroneously stated that there had been no ventilation system in the "gas chambers", and the part about the crematoria was unsatisfactory, as he had no competence in this field. However, the chemical part would turn out to be decisive, for its conclusions would later be fully confirmed by Germar Rudolf in a much more scientific study.

1) R. Faurisson in "Storia Illustrata", August 1979, and Serge Thion, "Verite Historique ou Verite Politique?", La Vieille Taupe, Paris 1980.

2) F. Leuchter, "An Engineering Report about the alleged execution gas chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, Poland", Samisdat Publishers, Toronto 1989.



Tehran Times, February 21, 2001

Dr. Younes Geranmayeh

In 1993, the German chemist Germar Rudolf confirmed the results of the Leuchter report in a masterly scientific study (1). He demonstrated that the holes in the roof of the morgue of Crematorium II at Auschwitz-Birkenau, where several hundreds of thousands of Jews were gassed according to the witnesses, did not exist at the time when the mass murder allegedly took place. The witnesses speak of four round holes, and the two holes which we now see in the roof are of irregular shape; moreover, the reinforcement rods still running through one of them show that these holes were clumsily made after the war to create the illusion of Zyklon-B introduction openings. Thus, the poison could not be introduced into the "gas chamber"!

The pesticide Zyklon-B consists of hydrocyanic acid absorbed in a granulate carrier substance. The hydrocyanic acid is released through contact with the air. At normal temperatures, the entire content of gas is released after about two hours. To kill the victims in 5 to 15 minutes, as stated by the witnesses, would have required enormous quantities of Zyklon. Under these circumstances, the workers who allegedly removed the corpes after each gassing could not possibly have entered the gas chambers shortly after the death of the victims, as the witnesses claim. They would have been killed even if they had been wearing gas masks. This is also clearly demonstrated in the Rudolf Report.

Rudolf proved that the "main killing facility of the Third Reich", the morgue of Crematorium II, was never exposed to Zyklon-B. Hydrocyanic acid forms an extremely stable pigment (ferric-ferrocyanide) with the iron-bearing component of the masonry. The pigment decomposes as slowly as the masonry itself, as shown by long-time experiments over decades. Extremely high concentrations of cyanide compounds are still to be found in brick samples from the delousing chambers in Birkenau, while no relevant concentrations can be traced in samples from the alleged gas chamber of Krema II which is still partly accessible although the crematorium was blown up in late 1944 or early 1945. This leads to the inevitable conclusion that no gassings can have taken place there.

Using the pen name Ernst Gauss, Rudolf edited the scientific anthology "Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte" (Foundations of Contemporary History) in 1994. An updated English version of this work appeared in 2000 (2). This book, which summarizes the results of revisionist research, is indispensible for everyone seriously interested in the truth about the Holocaust.

1)"Das Rudolf-Gutachten", available at Castle Hill Publisher, P.O. Box 118, TN34 3ZQ Hastings/GB, Internet:

2)"Dissecting the Holocaust", Theses and Dissertation Press, P.O. Box 64, Capshaw/Alabama, USA, Internet: 


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