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Jewish/Israeli Exploitation of Black Politicians

In 1989 the Los Angeles Times featured an expose on the questionable personal and business relationship between Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley and his "friend" Abraham Spiegel. A federal grant jury was in fact beginning a criminal investigation, also subpoenaing Bradley's campaign fund-raiser (also Jewish), Ira Distenfield. (For his part, Distenfield, a Republican, yet the largest personal campaign contributor to Democrat Bradley in 1985, was eventually "sued by five current and former city commissioners for allegedly misappropriating their investments in a limited partnership that included several other political insiders.") [CLIFFORD, F., 3-27-85, p. B1; KRIKORIAN, G., 9-3-90, p .B1] "The City Attorney," noted the Times, "found no illegality in ... the way a top mayoral aide cut through city red tape for three Spiegel [real estate] developments ... Nonetheless ... the relationship raises questions about the degree of access to the mayor enjoyed by political contributors and supporters who have dealings with the city ... The sheer number and personal nature of Spiegel favors for the mayor ensures that he shares an intimacy with Bradley that few others enjoy." [PASTERNAK/BUNTING, p. 1]

Spiegel even drew the African-American mayor of Los Angeles into the web of international activism for Israel. "Bradley," noted the Times, "has traveled twice to Israel to participate in ground-breaking, and dedication of museum and university buildings donated by Spiegel. And Spiegel in turn raised funds at a Los Angeles dinner to establish a Tom Bradley Chair in Social Integration at a college near Tel Aviv ... Spiegel has often invited local officials to galas for visiting Israeli dignitaries." The Times noted one especially disturbing meeting Bradley had with Spielberg; the other two guests were former Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban and Israel's Los Angeles consul general. "The discussion at their table," said the Times, "centered on two topics -- Bradley's friendship for Israel and Spiegel's construction projects in Los Angeles ... Spiegel became Bradley's 'point man' in Los Angeles' Jewish community, raising the mayor's profile among Israeli officials and thus among affluent local supporters of Israel." [PASTERNAK, J.; BUNTING, Glenn, F.; p. 1]

In Fall 1999, a Jewish Republican, Sam Katz, ran against an African-American, Democrat John Street, (who beat a Jewish opponent, Marty Weinberg, in the primary) to replace Ed Rendell as the (Jewish) mayor of Philadelphia. (Katz's dog, noted a Jewish journal, is even named Jabo, in honor of the famous right-wing fascist/Zionist Ze'ev Jabotinsky). 87% of the Jews of Philadelphia -- despite high nationwide Jewish proclivities to liberalism and the Democratic Party -- voted for Republican Katz. [FELDMAN, S., 3-2-2000, p. 1] Katz lost the mayoral contest, however, to the African-American by a narrow margin. A victory against Jewish political dominance? Hardly. Jews, after all, are central to the Democratic Party machine.

As the Jewish Exponent observed about the African-American candidate's victory:

"From mayor Ed Rendell to District Attorney Lynne Abraham to City Controller Jonathan Saidel to primary opponent Marty Weinberg to campaign co-finance chairman Robert Feldman to State Senator Allyson Schwartz -- it appeared clear that Street could not have gained his slim victory over Republican Sam Katz Tuesday without key Jewish supporters. Need more proof? Also on stage in the [victory] ballroom at the Warwick Hotel were campaign insiders Leonard Ross, Leonard Klehr and Mark Alderman; Rabbi Solomon Isaacson, who helped get the votes out in the far Northeast, and Philadelphia Federation of Teachers president Ted Kirsch, who prominently endorsed Street in September. In the back of the room, chief campaign spokesman Ken Snyder was busy fielding last-minute questions from reporters, and looking on was campaign media consultant David Axelrod." [FELDMAN, S., 11-4-99, p. 1]

In a follow-up article, the Jewish Exponent noted that "As was the case during Street's campaign, Jews are playing prominent roles in the transition phase [to the new mayor]." Two co-chairs of the transition committee were Jewish: Leonard Klehr and Judith Rodin (the president of the University of Pennsylvania). Education Committee chiefs included Lee Annenberg, David Cohen, and Ralph Roberts; working under them were Lois Yampolsky and Deborah Kahn, who was later named to be Philadelphia's Secretary of Education. [FELDMAN, S., 3-9-2000, p. 15] The Government Organization Committee included Leonard Ross, Mark Adelman, and Alan Kessler. Marty Weinberg was in Policy and Programs. Jewish Task Force transition leaders also included Ed Schwartz, Emmanuel Freeman, Ira Lubert, Moshe Porat, Marciarose Shestack, David Marshall (Campaign Chairman for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia), Harold Goldman (president of Jewish Family and Children's Services), Michael Blum, Harriet Dichter, Ken Jarin, Robert Feldman, John Binswanger, Steven Cozen and Rabbi William Kuhn. [FELDMAN, S., 12-2-99, p. 10]

Two weeks later the Jewish Exponent featured another article about the many Jews in mayor Street's entourage, joking to its Jewish audience that "the Jewish community is well represented in this round of appointments. In fact, if your name is not on the list, you just might feel left out." Appointments of Jews in city government included: Education: Shelly Yanoff, Sandra Fellman, Ted Kirsch. Government Organization Specialists: Bennett Levin, Larry Silverman, Michael Sklaroff, Ronald Caplan, Sandy Fox. Policy and Programs: Stuart Shapiro, Ellen Solms, Neil Stein, Max Berger, Richard Green, Sharon Pinkenson, Roseann Rosenthal, Larry Cohen, Bart Blatstein, Marvin Block, Howard Asher, Joseph Zuritsky, Mike Masch, Deborah Kodish, Adele Manger, Stephanie Naidoff, Marjorie Sarnoff, Sandra Stein, Sallie Glickman, Brad Blumberg, Jeffrey Batoff, Judith Eden, Kenneth Goldberg, Wendy Rosen, Ted Hershberg, Paul Levy, Ronald Rubin, Connie Beresin, Howard Kessler, Larry Frankel, Michael Karp, Vicky Weitzman, Joel Posner, Rabbi Lina Grazier-Zerbarini and Sharon Weinberg. [FELDMAN, S., 12-16-99, p. 18]

In the same time frame, the Exponent also did an article about the visit of the Tel Aviv mayor to Philadelphia, noting that the two sites were "sister cities." "There has been, for a long time -- or as long as I can remember," noted the Chairman of the Jewish Federation, Joseph Smukler, "a special relationship between Tel Aviv and Philadelphia." [FELDMAN, S., 4-20-2000, p. 13]

Among new mayor John Street's ceremonial tasks was to cut the ribbon to open Philadelphia's new "National Liberty Museum: America's Home for Heroes." The museum's Executive Director is Gwen Borowsky. Wealthy media mogul Irwin Borowsky founded the organization. He also is the founder of the "American Interfaith Institute, which aims to expunge anti-Jewish sentiment from editions of the New Testament." Borowsky's museum, like so many these days, clearly aims to appropriate American patriotic heritage under the umbrella of Jewish Holocaust mythology. In the heart of Philadelphia, one of the icons of American heritage, the Liberty Museum features a second floor "hall of heroes [which] is studded with Holocaust memories." [MONO, B., 1-20-2000, p. 9]

And new Philadelphia mayor John Street's inevitable bending to Jewish Zionist concerns and their ties to Israel? In 1998, while still a city councilman, Street, his wife, and son were flown to Israel for eight days as a guest of a Philadelphia Jewish businessman, Joseph Zuritsky. Criticism of Israel, nor Jewish loyalties, was not the focus of a Philadelphia Daily News story about the trip. After all, as the paper observed, "Most of the potential candidates in the 1999 mayor's race, as well as Mayor Rendell, have traveled to Israel at some point in their careers -- and in most cases the trip was paid for or subsidized by one of several groups promoting closer U.S. ties to the Jewish state." These politicians courted by Zionists include Happy Fernandez, Doug Evans, and John White, Jr.) [BUNCH, W., 11-2-98]

Rather, the Daily News piece examined the economic self-interests of Zuritsky (the CEO of the Parkway Corporation, Philadelphia's major "parking lot developer"), in sponsoring Street's trip to the Jewish state. The future mayor's journey "was paid for by a parking-lot magnate at the same time his firm was lobbying the [City] Council for millions of dollars in low-cost financing for a Center City development ... Zuritsky said he had no motive in sponsoring the trip -- which had planning assistance from several local Jewish community leaders -- other than to educate Philadelphia's highest-ranking black leader about Israel and Mideast politics. He said he wanted to promote ethnic harmony." [BUNCH, W., 11-2-98]

Among the critics of the trip was the president of the Philadelphia division of Common Cause, Barry Kaufmann,

Israeli propagandizing influence in the African-American community -- from Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley across the country to Philadelphia mayor John Street [the African-American mayor of Washington D.C. -- also included Washington DC mayor Marion Barry, famed when he was busted for cocaine possession in 1990. He also had a Jewish "longtime friend and campaign fundraiser": Jeffrey Cohen. [LAFRANIERE, S., 1-19-90]

Jewish/Israeli influence in the Black community was also noted by the Jerusalem Post in 1996, in a piece headlined "The Israeli "Secret" Diplomacy Inside the Afro-American Community." As the Post observed:

"There are 100 Black colleges and universities in this country but only 41 are members of the United Negro College Fund presided over by William H. Gray, III, the ex-congressman. And he is the 'secret weapon' of Israel ... Black scholars, intellectuals and students are the new Israeli target group."

Softening African-Americans to Israeli propaganda is expedited by "Israel Cultural Days" at Black American colleges, visits by Ethiopian Jews (who, never stated, face, as Blacks, omnipresent racism in Israel: see Israel chapter), and vacations to Israel for seven presidents of African-American colleges to build "a new bridge between the academic community in Israel and the black academic community in this country." [NAHSHON, G., 3-96]

In 2001, after the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC, even Al Sharpton, the controversial African-American religious leader who had long been at odds with Jewish organizations, visited Israel. As Rabbi Shmuley Boteach explained, Sharpton was known as "someone who was antagonistic to the Jewish community. But I think anyone who knew him privately, Rabbi Schneier, myself, [knew] that was clearly not the case ... After September 11 ... he said to me that he wanted to make a bold gesture of reconciliation to the Jewish community ... I hope that all my Jewish brothers and sisters will extend not just an olive branch, but a warm hand of familial friendship, seeing Rev. Sharpton as a friend of the Jewish community, as a friend of the State of Israel." [FORWARD, 10-26-01] The Village Voice also notes that Sharpton has also been courted by Jewish New York mayoral candidate Mark Green who "took Sharpton and his wife to the opening of a performance of Judgment at Nuremberg, a Broadway play about the Holocaust. At the same time Green was trying to kosher Sharpton, he was riding his coattails to popularity in the African American community." [NOEL, P. 10-22-01]

Council's Minority Caucus Should Welcome Weprin
, Newsday (Editorial) , March 4, 2002
"The Weprin name is as synonymous with Jewish affairs as it is with Queens politics. So some members of the City Council's Black and Hispanic Caucus were understandably taken aback when a membership application arrived from Councilman David Weprin - whose mother is a Jewish-Cuban immigrant. Some of the caucus' 25 members are resisting, which is troubling because of the message it sends. Even if the Hollis Democrat has not identified as much with Hispanic causes, he is emblematic of a city in which many people claim multiple heritage. That he's extending his reach later in life is a poor excuse for discouraging him from joining the caucus, which is not some private club."

Zionist Logic - Malcolm X on Zionism
, by Malcolm X (Omowale Malcolm X Shabazz), Taken from The Egyptian Gazette -- Sept. 17, 1964,
"If the Israeli Zionists believe their present occupation of Arab Palestine is the fulfillment of predictions made by their Jewish prophets, then they also religiously believe that Israel must fulfill its "divine" mission to rule all other nations with a rod of irons, which only means a different form of iron-like rule, more firmly entrenched even, than that of the former European Colonial Powers. These Israeli Zionists religiously believe their Jewish God has chosen them to replace the outdated European colonialism with a new form of colonialism, so well disguised that it will enable them to deceive the African masses into submitting willingly to their 'divine' authority and guidance, without the African masses being aware that they are still colonized ... The Israeli Zionists are convinced they have successfully camouflaged their new kind of colonialism. Their colonialism appears to be more 'benevolent,' more 'philanthropic,' a system with which they rule simply by getting their potential victims to accept their friendly offers of economic 'aid,' and other tempting gifts, that they dangle in front of the newly-independent African nations, whose economies are experiencing great difficulties ... The modern 20th century weapon of neo-imperialism is 'dollarism.' The Zionists have mastered the science of dollarism: the ability to come posing as a friend and benefactor, bearing gifts and all other forms of economic aid and offers of technical assistance. Thus, the power and influence of Zionist Israel in many of the newly 'independent' African nations has fast-become even more unshakeable than that of the 18th century European colonialists... and this new kind of Zionist colonialism differs only in form and method, but never in motive or objective."

Apartheid in the Holy Land, by Desmund Tutu [South African Bishop, Nobel Prize winner, and activist against apartheid],
The Guardian, April 29, 2002
"I have experienced Palestinians pointing to what were their homes, now occupied by Jewish Israelis. I was walking with Canon Naim Ateek (the head of the Sabeel Ecumenical Centre) in Jerusalem. He pointed and said: 'Our home was over there. We were driven out of our home; it is now occupied by Israeli Jews.' My heart aches. I say why are our memories so short. Have our Jewish sisters and brothers forgotten their humiliation? Have they forgotten the collective punishment, the home demolitions, in their own history so soon? Have they turned their backs on their profound and noble religious traditions? Have they forgotten that God cares deeply about the downtrodden? Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be built only on justice. We condemn the violence of suicide bombers, and we condemn the corruption of young minds taught hatred; but we also condemn the violence of military incursions in the occupied lands, and the inhumanity that won't let ambulances reach the injured. The military action of recent days, I predict with certainty, will not provide the security and peace Israelis want; it will only intensify the hatred ... My brother Naim Ateek has said what we used to say: "I am not pro- this people or that. I am pro-justice, pro-freedom. I am anti- injustice, anti-oppression." But you know as well as I do that, somehow, the Israeli government is placed on a pedestal [in the US], and to criticise it is to be immediately dubbed anti-semitic, as if the Palestinians were not semitic. I am not even anti-white, despite the madness of that group. And how did it come about that Israel was collaborating with the apartheid government on security measures? People are scared in this country [the US], to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful - very powerful. Well, so what? For goodness sake, this is God's world! We live in a moral universe. The apartheid government was very powerful, but today it no longer exists. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pinochet, Milosevic, and Idi Amin were all powerful, but in the end they bit the dust."

Schuster, Joshua. Jews Want E. Bay School Activist Removed for Racism, Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, 3/5/1999, p. 12A
"Oscar Wright lit the fuse in December when he remarked that an attempt to oust the district's superintendent was a play for 'white and Jewish control' of the predominantly minority district. He has continued to make such comments at school board meetings and to the press, which has in turn given wide coverage to his statements. Wright, 76, is a community activist and the appointed co-chair of the school district's Task Force on African-American students. He has a a history of anti-Semitic speech dating back to at least 1993. 'Wright should be removed from the task force,' said Jan Malvin, who works for Oakland's Human Relation Commission and has been following Wright's case for several years. Malvin, who is Jewish, said, 'The issue is racist rhetoric at the school board in general. Anti-Semitism is part of the bigger picture.' In 1993, Wright told the board that a cadre of Jews from the schools to the government to businesses was responsible for some of the 'wickedest acts of institutional racism against black people.' Local Jews didn't want to hear it again. 'He's the wrong person to hold an official position,' said Barbara Bergen, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League ... Wright's anti-Semitic epithets, however, are apparently directed at school board member Dan Siegel and Alameda County Superintendent of Schools Sheila Jordan. Both are Jewish ... Wright has not been the only one to denounce Jews in the Oakland school district in recent history. Superintendent Jordan said that when she was on the school board from 1988 to 1992, a flurry of anti-Semitic remarks was hurled at Jewish board members. Some Jewish members ended up resigning."

Blacks and Jews: The end of an alliance,
Final Call, September 24, 2002
"The recent defeat of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of the 4th District of Georgia by Judge Denise Majette has caused vast soul searching among Black Americans. We may quibble over the causes of McKinney’s defeat. Yes, there was a low Black voter turnout. Yes, White Republicans crossed over and voted against McKinney in the Democratic primary. Yes, certain prominent Black Americans withdrew their support for McKinney at a critical stage before the election. While all of the above were contributing factors to McKinney’s defeat, the most significant cause was an outside force that mobilized strong support for her opposition. When asked to identify this force, Georgia state legislator and father of McKinney, Billy McKinney, stated to the media: "J-E-W-S." Indeed, it was the Jewish lobby that not only orchestrated, headed, mobilized and funded Congresswoman McKinney’s defeat, these same organized Jews—particularly the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)—also defeated Alabama’s five-term Black incumbent, Representative Earl Hilliard, earlier this year ... While I share the outrage of many Black Americans over this, the latest successful move by prominent Jews to silence outspoken Black leaders and to set the Black agenda, I also sense that there is greater indignation now than ever before over this ongoing affront. So much so that for many Blacks, THIS IS INDEED THE LAST STRAW!!! Consequently, it is high time—no, long past time—that Black Americans everywhere re-evaluate the so-called Black/Jewish alliance ... This tendency of prominent Blacks to placate Jews by ignoring their excesses or deflecting criticism from them is precisely why so many Jewish leaders and organizations have consistently criticized, defamed, degraded and defeated certain Black leaders with impunity—AND WILL DO SO AGAIN. Jewish leaders have clearly decided that, no matter how widespread the outrage among Black people, if Black leaders—fearing Jewish reprisals—continue to cower before them, to rationalize their racism and to apologize for their flagrant disrespect for Blacks, Jews will suffer no consequences for their actions ... In light of the crisis before us, Black leaders must close ranks and act on one accord. The defeat of McKinney and Hilliard is not the work of a disaffected ally, but of cold-blooded racists who are willing to block Black progress—no matter what the cost to Black Americans in a loss of power and influence—if it conflicts with the overall Jewish agenda. It is high time, at this historical juncture, for Black Americans—the long-suffering, ever-obliging buffer between Whites and Jews—to step aside and let Jews fend for themselves so that White people will, at long last, stop focusing on Black people and get a good look at American Jews, whose McCarthyistic tactics and stranglehold on Congress threaten to make this country the United States of Israel."

Blacks, Jews meet to mend relations,
Washington Times, September 11, 2002
"The defeat last month of Rep. Cynthia A. McKinney has further widened the split between blacks and Jews, despite Democratic efforts to heal the rift dividing two key parts of an important coalition. Mrs. McKinney's loss in the Georgia primary was the second primary loss suffered by an incumbent black Democrat. Rep. Earl F. Hilliard of neighboring Alabama lost in June. In both elections, the incumbents blamed Jewish money flowing to their opponents ... Mrs. McKinney's father, state Rep. Billy McKinney, said before the Georgia primary that the effort against his daughter was a Jewish plot. 'Jews bought everybody. That's J-E-W-S,' he said."

Wither Congress, Wither America? Crushing Congressional Dissent: The Fall of Hilliard, Barr and McKinney,
Counterpunch, August 22, 2002
"Hilliard and McKinney join a long list of politicians who were defeated after advocating an independent U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East: Senators Charles Percy, James Abourezk, James Abdnor, and J. William Fulbright, and Representatives Paul Findley and Paul McCloskey. The careers of Adlai Stevenson and William Scranton were similarly ended after they supported a Middle East policy less tied to the interests of Israel. Only Michigan's veteran Representative John Dingell was able to stave off a recent assault from the powerful American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) in a match off with fellow Representative Lynn Rivers in a redrawn congressional district."

Splenetic Thoughts for Dog Days From Cynthia McKinney to Katha Pollitt, to the ILWU to Paul Krugman,
Counterpunch, August 21, 2002
"One less radical black voice in Congress. One less champion of labor. One less brave soul unafraid to jump the traces of political orthodoxy. Cynthia McKinney, five-term US rep from Georgia's Fourth District, was beaten in Tuesday's Democratic primary by Denise Majette, also black, a former judge, put in with the help of lots of money from American Jewish groups and by a hefty Republican cross-over in Georgia's open primary. Don't you think that if Arab-American groups or African-American groups targeted an incumbent white liberal, maybe Jewish, congressperson, and shipped in money by the truckload to oust the incumbent, the rafters would shake with bellows of outrage. Yet when a torrent of money from out of state American Jewish organizations smashed Earl Hilliard, first elected black congressperson in Alabama since Reconstruction, you could have heard a mouse cough. Hilliard had made the fatal error of calling for some measure of even-handedness in the Middle East. So he was targeted by AIPAC and the others. Down he went, defeated in the Democratic primary by Artur Davis, a black lawyer who obediently sang for his supper of the topic of Israel. Then it was McKinney's turn. A terrific liberal black congresswoman. Like Hilliard she wasn't cowed by the Israel right-or-wrong lobby and called for real debate on the Middle East. And she called for a real examination of the lead-up to 9/11. So the sky fell in on her. Torrents of American Jewish money showered her opponent, a black woman judge called Majette. Buckets of sewage were poured over McKinney's head in the Washington Post and the Atlanta Constitution."

Impact of McKinney Loss Worries Some Democrats Tension Between Blacks, Jews a Concern ,
Washington Post, August 22, 2002
"Black and Jewish political leaders voiced concerns yesterday that the defeat of Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.), a critic of pro-Israel policies, by a challenger receiving extensive Jewish support might intensify ill feelings between two important Democratic constituencies. Any increase in tensions between Jewish and African American voters, political activists said, could damage Democratic hopes of taking back the House and keeping control of the Senate. Aided by hefty contributions from Jewish donors and big vote totals in predominantly white precincts, former state judge Denise Majette soundly defeated McKinney -- 58 percent to 42 percent -- in Tuesday's primary in Georgia. Majette is strongly favored to win the Nov. 5 general election in the solidly Democratic district near Atlanta. Although both Majette and McKinney are African American, the unusual interest in their primary by pro-Israel groups backing Majette and by pro-Muslim groups backing McKinney triggered talk yesterday of a potential for sharpened conflicts between blacks and Jews -- in Georgia and elsewhere. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Tex.), chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, said that 'at the grass roots' among African American voters, there is a growing perception that "Jewish people are attempting to pick our leaders. . . . There is some concern about that. It's concern about any candidate being targeted by a special-interest group for voting on any one issue.'"

N.J. Gov. Seeks Authority to Fire Poet, Newsday, October 6, 2002
"Gov. James E. McGreevey is seeking the power to fire the state's poet laureate, who has refused repeated calls to resign after writing a Sept. 11 memorial poem criticized as anti-Semitic. Legislation giving the governor the authority to end Amiri Baraka's two-year term could be introduced as early as Monday, McGreevey said Sunday. Last month, McGreevey demanded Baraka's resignation after the poet read 'Somebody Blew Up America' at an August festival. Then he tried to fire him, but the attorney general ruled he did not have the authority. The poem, written in October 2001, refers to an oft-repeated but long-discredited rumor, saying: 'Who told 4,000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers to stay home that day? Why did Sharon stay away?'"

N.J. Poet Strikes Back at Critics,
By Michael Weissenstein, Newsday, October 17, 2002
"Stung by accusations of anti-Semitism, New Jersey poet laureate [and African-American] Amiri Baraka struck back at critics from the stage of a downtown poetry cafe, saying he wanted to know 'why the Anti-Defamation League is not registered as an agent of a foreign power.' The Jewish civil rights organization and the governor of New Jersey have called for Baraka's resignation over his poem, 'Somebody Blew Up America,' which implies that Israel had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks. In a nearly hour-long monologue and question-and-answer session Thursday at the Bowery Poetry Club, Baraka criticized Israeli and Jewish groups' involvement in U.S. politics and reiterated that he would not give up his post ... New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey has sought Baraka's resignation as official state poet. A pending bill in the state legislature would give the state Council for the Humanities authority to remove the laureate. The title cannot currently be rescinded. Baraka also blasted McGreevey for appointing Golan Cipel, an Israeli national, as his unpaid liaison to New Jersey Jews. 'In New Jersey, there is an Israeli national shaping the opinion of the state's Jewish community,' Baraka said."

Investigation: Elections Official Accused Of Anti-Semitism Community; Relations Coordinator's Background, Beliefs Questioned,
Channel 10 (Florida), October 9, 2002
"An employee working for the Broward County supervisor of elections may find himself having difficulty with more than helping manage the election, Channel 10 News has learned ... Channel 10 reporter Jeff Weinsier has been looking into [African-American Jimmy] Davis' background and performance. Here's a sample of Davis' writing that Weinsier found in the Westside Gazette published in late 2000: 'How dare the Jews ask or have the nerve to demand an apology or compensation from their oppressors.' 'The Jews must turn that money over to blacks because they accumulated their wealth through the slave trade.' And later: 'It is difficult for me to find sympathy for what the Jews are calling a holocaust' ... Channel 10 News has learned that soon after Davis was hired, there were problems on the job. Elections officials found what they describe as anti-Semitic e-mails on Davis' computer in the supervisor's office. After less than two weeks on the job, personnel records show Davis' pay was cut, he lost his supervisor's position, and he was demoted. Weinsier was told that the reason Davis was not fired was because the evidence against Davis was 'second and third hand.'"

Sharpton Parley With Israelis Turns Focus to 2004,
[Jewish] Forward, October 11, 2002
"The Rev. Al Sharpton hosted a delegation of Israeli students at his Harlem offices last week in what many saw as a bit of image-polishing ahead of his intended run for president in 2004. The controversial civil rights leader, who antagonized many Jews and others in the past decade with his comments during several racially fraught episodes in the Empire State, welcomed the two Ethiopian-born and two native Israeli students at his National Action Alliance headquarters in a meeting arranged by the Israeli consulate. They discussed how terrorism had changed life in Israel and America, while the reverend showed the students some gifts he had received at an absorption center for Ethiopians during his trip to Israel last year. The consulate billed the meeting as 'another show of solidarity with the people of Israel' and a 'look at the human price of terrorism' ... Sharpton's relations with New York Jews also have ramifications for national Democratic politics ... Sharpton's consultant Ramirez said the minister had not yet decided to make a presidential run ... The Jewish vote is a crucial factor in Democratic primaries in New York and California. Dismissing any political concerns, the Israelis, for their part, professed themselves to be pleased with the Sharpton meeting. David Nekrutman, the consulate's director of community relations, said the consulate had staged two previous events with Sharpton: a meeting before his trip to Israel and a September 11 memorial prayer service six months ago. As far as Israel is concerned, such meetings serve to 'bring a face of Israel not shown in the media... meaning a black face' to the attention of Americans, Nekrutman said."

Interview: Alan Keyes, by Charley J. Levine. Hadassah [the women's Zionist organization], October 2002, p. 12
[Alan Keyes is African-American and a former member of the United States delegation to the United Nations]
"Alan Keye's quixotic run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000 may not have attracted many voters, but it made him a leading figure among conservative intellectuals. The protests, particularly among American Jews, over the cancellation of his talk show on MSNBC earlier this year showed his popularity broadening among at least one more liberal constituency ... Q: What is behind the love affair behind American Jews and Alan Keyes? How do you react to headlines this one in a recent Jewish newspaper: 'Jews Go Ga-Ga for Pro-Israel TV Host?' A: I've simply tried to talk about issues in a way that I think has integrity ...Q: Does the concept of Israel being a light unto the nations have meaning for you? A: The twentieth century and the culmination of the aeons-long saga of the Jewish people in the Holocaust set the stage for one of the most breathtaking demonstrations of the inextinguishable quality of the human spirit. Israel is the tangible manifestation of the truth that I see in Jewish people all the time and marvel at."

Southern Poverty Law Center,
Guide Star Pages (The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations)
"Financial Info: Fiscal Year: 2000. Assets: $147,441,903. Income: $32,520,416 ... Chief Executive: Mr. Joseph J. Levin, Jr." (President and Chairman of the Board).
[What about the Southern Poverty Law Center, famed fighter for the impoverished and African-American rights, especially in the South? It is based in Montgomery, Alabama, and in 1996 the local Montgomery Advertiser printed an embarrassing expose about the Center. The salary, noted the paper, for SPLC president and CEO (as well as SPLC co-founder) Joseph Levin was $137,798 a year. Not bad for a fighter on behalf of those mired in poverty. The Center's Legal Director, Richard Cohen, made $151,420. But that's not all. The Advertiser further noted that "One thing remains a constant at the nation's wealthiest civil rights charity, the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center: All the top-paid, top-level management jobs are held by whites." [What percentage Jews?] [RICHARDSON, SANDEE. CIVIL RIGHTS CHARITY CONTINUES TO HAVE WHITES IN TOP-PAYING JOBS. ASHVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES/MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER, 8-29-96, p. D7] In SPLC's 25-year history "no black person has held a top-level management position, and only one black staffer has ever been among the top five paid positions." In SPLC's team of five lawyers, one was African-American. [RICHARDSON, S., 8-29-96, p. D7] The next year, an editorial writer, Rose Sanders, expressed outrage that the SPLC publicly condemned Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam (a hero in large parts of the Black community) as a racist. She pointed out the hypocrisy of the charge, noting that "Joseph Levin says he is not a bigot, but how does he explain the bigotry evidenced by the employment practices at the Poverty Law Center? An example of the Center's racial prejudice is illustrated by its racial tolerance program. The program did not have a single black employee. No black person helped shape or design the program." [SANDERS, ROSE. CENTER'S CONDEMNATION UNJUST, THE MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER., 9-22-97, p. 7A]

Minister Louis Farrakhan,
Anti-Defamation League
Louis Farrakan comments about Jews:
"And you do with me as is written, but remember that I have warned you that Allah will punish you. You are wicked deceivers of the American people. You have sucked their blood. You are not real Jews, those of you that are not real Jews. You are the synagogue of Satan, and you have wrapped your tentacles around the U.S. government, and you are deceiving and sending this nation to hell. But I warn you in the name of Allah, you would be wise to leave me alone. But if you choose to crucify me, know that Allah will crucify you."
-Savior's Day Speech, Chicago, February 25, 1996
"They [Jews] cannot stop me in what I'm doing and the power of God is with me and it's time for them to recognize that everything they've done has been able to thwart our progress towards the resurrection of our people."
-New Bethel Baptist Church, Detroit, April 16, 1996
"What are [Jews] saying, that 'I'm the boss,' that crap is why I'm fighting. This is why I'm here: Because too many of our people are under the inordinate control of members of that family, and I can't sit idly by and watch you punk out in your life. You're a big man in front of me, but your future is controlled by somebody else. If you're a doctor, of the AMA [the American Medical Association], it's members of the Jewish community. If it's the lawyers, they're in there, I it's the social workers, if it's medicine, if it's science, if you don't play ball, you don't move."
-District Council 33 Union Hall, Philadelphia, April 22, 1996
"It becomes very difficult when people want to be exclusive. You know, like the Jews have an exclusive club, who are the 'chosen' of God -- that you are not 'chosen,' that he is not, that they are not. The question that I always raise is 'Are you using your influence to bring people to God? Or are you using your influence in a Satanic way?' That is not anti-Semitism. That is dealing with truth, as I see it. So when I see Jews and Anglo-Saxons involved in manipulation, like causing members of Congress to take away from the government the right to print money and instruments of credit, and then establishing a Federal Reserve system so the printing of currency of America is not owned by the government, but by families --that, to me, is Satanic, man!"
-Interview with Louis Farrakhan in Utah Business Magazine, July 1996
"Of course, it's true (that it is the truth to call Jewish, and other inner-city business owners bloodsuckers). A bloodsucker is as a bloodsucker does, whether it's Jewish, Asian, or Black. When you take from a community and give nothing back, what are you doing? You are living from that community. You put a leech on your arm and let that leech suck your blood, what does that leech give? Nothing. What does it take away? The lifeblood of that organism."
-Interview in Swing magazine, October 1996
"On the Jewish myth: [U]ntil Jews apologize for their hand in that ugly slave trade; and until the Jewish rabbis and the Talmudic scholars that made up the Hamitic myth -- that we were the children of Ham, doomed and cursed to be hewers of wood and drawers of water -- apologize, then I have nothing to apologize for."
-Interview in Swing magazine, October 1996

[Two-faced and loaded with Jewish "PAC" money, Lieberman seeks to buy the Black vote]
The Lieberman Coalition Guess who's coming to the support of his campaign? by Stephen F. Hayes, Weekly Standard, 1/27/2003, Volume 008, Issue 19
"It's odd to say the least --Joe Lieberman, first ever Jewish-American presidential candidate, leading the Democratic field in support from black voters. But according to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll asking black Democrats who they liked best from a list that included Al Sharpton, that's exactly what is happening today. The first explanation most political observers give for this popularity is also the most obvious: name identification. A former vice presidential candidate gets a head start from having his name on the leftover blue and red bumper stickers that still decorate the rear ends of cars across the country ... And since the 2000 campaign ended, even before he knew for sure he would run in 2004, Lieberman spent time cultivating support among African-American leaders in Washington and around the country ... Last spring, as he waited for Al Gore to decide whether to make another bid for the White House, Lieberman telephoned Eddie Bernice Johnson, then head of the Congressional Black Caucus, to ask which caucus members he might support with his PAC. She gave him a list of the CBC members thought to be most vulnerable, and Lieberman contributed to almost 20 of them. Among his contributions was a $1,000 check to the reelection effort of Rep. Earl Hilliard of Alabama. Hilliard had a long record of hostility to Israel. He refused to sign a resolution in support of Israel's war on terrorism, and sponsored a bill, after September 11, that would have lifted sanctions on states that sponsor terrorism. Columnist Cynthia Tucker called Hilliard 'a loose cannon, a dimwit, and perhaps a crook' who 'gained a reputation for trying to persuade his colleagues to vote against pro-Israeli initiatives.' Hilliard lost in a nasty June primary in which his opponent solicited and received large sums from Jewish Democrats. After the race, he warned of a 'future with a great deal of conflict between African Americans and Jews in this country' and suggested African Americans would seek 'retribution' for his loss. Lieberman's advisers point out that the money was given in late March, several weeks before the primary turned into a bitter referendum on the Middle East. But the senator's critics say the Hilliard contribution is one example of just how far Lieberman is willing to go to win support among black politicians and voters. Another, they say, came last week, when Lieberman blasted the Bush administration for filing a brief with the Supreme Court opposing the University of Michigan's affirmative action program. 'I am deeply disappointed by the president's decision today,' Lieberman said. 'This was an opportunity for the president to demonstrate his commitment to achieving real equality in education. Instead, he sided with the right wing of his party, and sent a signal that equal opportunity in higher education is a low priority for his administration.' It's a shot that might be expected from any of the other Democrats running for president. But Lieberman's own views on racial preferences in the mid-1990s put him arguably to the right of where President Bush is today ... Lieberman went further. He infuriated many in his own party when he said he would support California's Proposition 209--a 1996 statewide ballot initiative that banned racial preferences--taking a step then Governor George W. Bush would not ... [African-American] Representative Maxine Waters said Lieberman must be 'vigorously opposed' because 'what he's doing is dangerous.' A local Connecticut Democratic party chapter circulated a petition to oppose Lieberman's efforts, and Jesse Jackson teamed with the National Organization for Women to sponsor an anti-Lieberman rally at Yale University, Lieberman's alma mater. Jackson also fired off a four-page letter to Lieberman calling the senator's remarks 'particularly irresponsible,' later adding that on affirmative action 'Lieberman and Jesse Helms are indistinguishable.'"

[Same theme: Jewish money and Blacks at its mercy. Jews own the Democratic Party; march to the Israeli drum or you're history.]
Sharpton Will Seek Jewish Dollars, Says an Aide,
[Jewish] Forward, January 17, 2003
"Reverend Al Sharpton is seeking campaign contributions from the Jewish community like any other presidential candidate, according to his political adviser. Former Bronx Democratic Party chairman Roberto Ramirez told the Forward that Sharpton's 'progressive, populist and clear message' would attract Jewish campaign dollars despite his often dicey relations with the community. The civil rights firebrand is anathema to many New York Jews because of conduct many Jews viewed as inflammatory during two local racial incidents: the 1991 Crown Heights riots and the demonstrations that preceded the 1995 torching of a Jewish-owned clothing store in Harlem. Eight people died in those incidents ... 'I would hope and argue that in there lies a wealth of support,' Ramirez said in an interview in his New York office Monday. Jewish donors supply a vastly disproportionate share of the millions raised by Democratic presidential candidates; the amount has never been measured, but political operatives say that it is more than half. Ramirez said that Sharpton, who plans on creating a presidential exploratory committee later this month, did not need as much money as some others would ... Rabbi Marc Schneier, president of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and a Sharpton confidant, said the minister would have 'limited' support in the Jewish community. 'He has sought rapprochement with the Jewish community,' Schneier said, but "the Jewish community at large is very suspect and remains very much on edge when it comes to Al Sharpton and his candidacy.'"

ZOA Protests Campus Speaking Engagements by Tutu,
by Max Gross, [Jewish] Forward, April 11, 2003
"The Zionist Organization of America has denounced two universities for inviting Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu to speak on their campuses. Citing at least half a dozen instances in which the anti-apartheid activist spoke out against Israel, ZOA president Morton Klein criticized Yeshiva University's Cardozo School of Law for hosting Tutu last week and the University of Pennsylvania for inviting Tutu to be its commencement speaker in May. Tutu, said Klein, 'is viciously anti-Israel. To give a podium [to a] man who hates Israel, who compared Israel to Hitler, is shameful.' In a speech last year in Boston, Tutu was quoted by the Israeli daily Ha'aretz as saying the Palestinian experience 'reminded me so much of what happened to us black people in South Africa.... I say why are our memories so short? Have our Jewish sisters and brothers forgotten their humiliation?' Tutu has also voiced support for efforts to convince American universities and municipalities to divest from Israel. The ZOA is not alone in objecting to Tutu. 'Many students would have preferred that Tutu not be chosen as commencement speaker,' said Rabbi Howard Alpert, executive director of Hillel of Greater Philadelphia. 'That being said, since he is coming, most students are hoping that their commencement, that their one graduation, will go on unimpeded.' Tutu could not be reached for comment by press time, but other Jews have defended Tutu against charges of antisemitism. 'He's the chief patron of the Holocaust museum' in South Africa, said Yehuda Kay, national director of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies 'In no way is... Archbishop Tutu an antisemite.'"


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