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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Jewish claim of Stalin's Jewish ancestry

Josif Jughashvili "( joo-ga-SHVEE-lee )"

In 1961, and again in 1962, two Jews, one an ex-Czech communist government official, the other a former editor of two of Britain's best-selling newspapers, collaborated to claim—very plausibly—that Joseph Stalin was of Jewish descent. In the article which follows, I will present their claim for the very first time on the internet, explain why it's plausible, who were the men who made it, and why it's unlikely to be true.

Columbia University's professor of History, Jerry Z. Muller, wrote in his 2010 book Capitalism and the Jews:
"Joseph Stalin, whose real surname of Dzhugashvili, according to an expatriate Ukrainian anti-Semite, is Georgian for “son of a Jew.” "
Muller does not provide a source, nor does he give the name of the "expatriate Ukrainian anti-Semitie", but the claim that Stalin's family name; Jughashvili/Dzhugashvili/Djughashvili/ means "son of a Jew" is a fairly common.

Incidentally, the spelling varies because Stalin's family name; ჯუღაშვილი in Georgian, transliterates to Jughashvili in English. But ჯუღაშვილი transliterates to Джугашвили in Russian, and Джугашвили transliterates to Dzhugashvili and Djughashvili in English. To quote a man fluent in Georgian:
"Dj" and "Dzh" are both fairly ridiculous transcriptions, widely hated among English-speakers in Georgia, because the Georgian ჯ (as in ჯუღაშვილი, Stalin's surname) is pronounced exactly like the J in English words like judge, jury, jam, etc.  They exist because Russian doesn't have the English J / Georgian ჯ sound so Russians use two letters, D (Д) and zh (ж). 
I've tried to keep my spelling of the name consistent in this article, but the majority of the sources I quote or cite, differ in their spelling of the name. 

'Son of a Jugha'
(Jugha = Jews from Diu, an Indian island)

Maurice Pinay (a pseudonym of a anonymous Italian Catholic clergyman) wrote in his 1962 book 
Complotto contro la Chiesa (The Plot Against the Church):
"... Stalin himself, who for a long time was regarded as a Georgian of pure descent. But it has been revealed that he belongs to the Jewish race; for Djougachvili, which is his surname, means “Son of Djou”, and Djou is a small island in Persia, whither many banished Portuguese “Gypsies” migrated, who later settled in Georgia.
Today it is almost completely proved that Stalin had Jewish blood, although he neither confirmed nor denied the rumours, about which mutterings began in this direction."
Pinay's cited source for this claim was:
"Bernard Hutton: French magazine “Constéllation” No. 167 of March 1962, p. 202."

I've not been able to track down that magazine, but I have found other writing's by Bernard Hutton, also known as Joseph Bernard Hutton, and J. Bernard Hutton, pseudonyms of Czech Jew and former communist official Josef Heisler (who will be detailed later in this article), in which he claimed Stalin's family name suggests he was of Jewish descent. Here's what he wrote:

Extract from: Stalin: The Miraculous Georgian (1961):
"The penetration of the Ossetes was followed by another ethnical event—a group of immigrants (to Georgia) who came from Iran. They did not come in great numbers but they were active individuals such as soldiers, artisans and traders. These immigrants came from the island of 'Dzhu' in the Gulf of Cambay and included a number of Marranos, Portuguese Jews, who practised their religion in secret. In the dialect of the population of this region, the word 'Dzhuga' means 'Natives of the Island of Dzhu' and was the actual description given to Israelites. When, some centuries later, proper names were given to the people of Georgia—with the exception of the noblemen—the descendants of these immigrants from the island Dzhu became Dzhugashvili, which translated means: 'The Sons of Dzhu'.
The name Dzhugashvili discloses that Stalin had Jewish blood in his veins. He neither confirmed nor denied this. How many generations ago the Dzhugashvili-Stalin family practised the Jewish faith is difficult to say. Some historians maintain that his grand-father was Jewish, other deny it."

Extract from: The Private Life of Josif Stalin (1962):

"In later years, immigrants (to Georgia) came from Iran. They came from the island of 'Dzhu' and included a number of Marranos, Portugese Jews, who practised their religion in secret. In the dialect of the population of this region, the word 'Dzhuga' means 'Natives of the Island Dzhu' and was the actual description given to Israelites. When, some centuries later, proper names were given to the people of Georgia—with the exception of the noblemen—the descendants of these immigrants from the island Dzhu became Dzhugashvili, which translated means: 'The Sons of Dzhu'.
The name Dzhugashvili discloses that Stalin had Jewish blood in his veins. He neither confirmed nor denied this. How many generations ago the Dzhugashvili-Stalin family practised the Jewish faith is difficult to say. Some historians maintain that his grand-father was Jewish, other deny it."

Both these quoted extracts from Hutton/Heisler's books (the second he only co-authored) are almost verbatim, except that the first gives the location of the island of Dzhu; "in the Gulf of Cambay". Also worth noting, is that Hutton/Heisler's "Dzhu" appears as if it is transliterated from Russian (i.e. the "Dzh"), if it had been transliterated from Georgian to English is would likely be "the island of Ju" and "the Sons of Ju". 

Georgia outlined in yellow, and the Gulf of Khambhat (formerly the Gulf of Cambay), India, marked by the red arrow.

In the Gulf of Khambhat, is the Island of Diu, and it was a Portuguese colony for over
400 years. wikipedia The name Diu derives from the Sanskrit word dvipa meaning "island"

"Diu is a remarkable city in this kingdom, situated in a small island, which is separated from the main land, by a very narrow channel: the convenience of its haven drew many merchants thither; so that it was then a celebrated mart, famous for its trade and riches." 
The History of the Portuguese, published 1752
The Portuguese fort which still stands on the island of Diu is now almost 400 years old and is one of India's popular tourist attractions. Diu had been a vital port city where all ships entering and leaving the Gulf of Khambhat—a very important commercial and pilgrim route between India and the Middle East—were required to call at, and pay the Portuguese rulers a duty, perhaps what the structure built out at sea was for. 

Jewish sources confirm that Marranos (crypto-Jews) were on the island of Diu, and that Marranos existed in vast numbers, and dominated trade in Portuguese India.

Banner of the Goan Inquisition source

The Goan Inquisition (1560—1812), was the Indian branch of Portuguese Inquisition, formed to stamp out heresy in Portuguese India. Of the single book of records that remain for Goan Inquisition, it's clear that one of their earliest targets were Marranos (crypto-Jews), Jews, or the the descendants of Jews, forced to convert to Catholicism, but were practising the customs of Judaism in secret. As Jewish sources confirm, due to the power achieved by their wealth in Portuguese India, prior to the arrival of the Inquisition in 1561, some Marranos openly practised Judaism there. 

This 1836 encyclopedia states that all records were burnt when the Goan Inquisition was abolished by King John VI in June 1812 as part of an Anglo-Portuguese treaty. Although an inventory (photo of its cover) written c.1625 by an Goan Inquisitor named Joáo Delgado Figueria and dispatched back to Lisbon, details the 3,800 trials the Goan Inquisition conducted in India between 1561 and 1623. During the Inquisition's first 30 years in India, 321 people were tried for crypto-Judaism. Many more Marranos were surely imprisoned and tortured without them ever facing trial, and even more must have fled from Portuguese territory to escape the Inquisition.

This 1832 British publication states a Dominican friar named Manuel da Costa was the Goan Inquisition's representative, and absolute authority, on the island of Diu c.1760. This 1834 
publication by the British East India Company confirms the same.

Son of scum

Jughashvili means "son of jugha" in Georgian, and despite claims, more claims, further claims, and persistent claims to the contrary, ჯუღა ('jugha', or via Russian to English: 'djuga' or 'dzhuga', pronounced joo-gush), is not at all related to the Georgian words for 'iron' = რკინა ("rkina" pronounced ruh-KEEN-uh, with a really short "ruh") or 'steel'= ფოლადი ("poladi" pronounced PO-lah-dee). 'Jugha' doesn't mean anything in modern Georgian. The suffix 'shvili' means 'child' or 'son' in Georgian, and is common in Georgian surnames/family names.

Some researchers have claimed 'dzuha' is derived from the
Ossetic word for 'dross', the waste skimmed from molten metal during the smelting process. Therefore "son of scum" would be a more precise translation of the Stalin family name.

Stalin's mother Ketevan 'Keke'
 Jughashvili (née Geladze) wrote memoirs which weren't discovered until 2005 in the archive of the Georgian Communist Party. She claimed that her husband (Stalin's father) Vissarion Jughashvili, had told her that his name originated from the Georgian word 'djogi' which means 'herd', as his family had been herdsmen, driven out of the town of Geri by marauding Ossetians.

I contacted an American teacher who lives and works in Georgia, married a Georgian lady, and speaks the language fluently. I asked his opinion on whether Jughashvili could really be a corruption of the Georgian word 'djogi', he wrote:

"... the "g" in Jughashvili and the "g" in jogi are different.  Stalin's "g" is ღ, which is a fricative sound (the airstream doesn't stop when you say it — see or see). The "g" in herd is გ, which is a normal English g like in "great" or "go."
The reason this is important is that in Georgian the "g" in "jogi" is very distinct from the "g" in "jugha." Non-Georgians may have trouble hearing the difference, but Georgians generally do not. "Jugha" and "jogis" (jogis = of the herd) wouldn't sound alike and Jughashvili and Jogisshvili wouldn't sound alike - at least, not enough alike for the name to change from a well-known word to a meaningless word within a generation or two."
The origin of Jughashvili being the Georgian word 'djogi' (herd) is corroborated by an article discovered in the Georgian Branch of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism in Tbilisi, it's entitled Childhood and School Years: Iosif Vissarionovich Jughashvili (Stalin), and was written during his life time by an unknown author. It reads
"According to the story of Olga Kasradze (who knew Jughashvili) and peasants from the village of (Didi-)Lilo—we read here—the name "Jughashvili," as they have heard from the Vissarion [Stalin's father] occurred in the following way: Their great-grandfather lived in the Mtiuleti mountains and served as a shepherd. He was very fond of animals, and jealously guarded the flock from all troubles and sorrows, and so he was given the nickname "Jogisshvili" (which means "son of the herd"). "This nickname was later transformed into the name "Jughashvili."   
The Mtiuleti mountains are less than 100 miles from the small village which shares Stalin's family name:

Jughaani stands between three seasonal meltwater rivers at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains (view on map). This village is 35 miles from Didi-lilo, the town where Stalin's great-grandfather, Zaza Jughashvili (an Ossetian), supposedly first settled in Georgia c.1804 (full details below). 

Georgian historian Ivane Javakhishvili, in his 1939 unpublished paper What is the Origin of the Surname of the Great Leader?
speculated that Stalin's ancestors had settled in Jughaani, and one of them had later taken its name as his own.

I asked the American teacher in Georgia (mentioned above) of this town named Jughanni, and whether its name had any meaning. He replied:

"I can't find anything on the meaning of the name Jughaani, although it's theorized that Stalin's real surname (Jughashvili) is derived from that village.  I asked my wife and she had never heard of the village and the word has no current meaning in modern Georgian."

Diu = Dzhu / Djou / Jou ?

As previously mention, the name Diu derives from the Sanskrit word 'dvipa', which means 'island'. The Georgian word for 'island' is კუნძული, or "kundzuli", the Persian is جزیره, or  'jazireye', the (modern) Hebrew is אי, or 'eek'. But what language(s) Persian Jews who emigrated first to Diu (which had it's very own language) and then later to Georgia, may have spoken, and whether "Jugha" could be a Georgianised version of Diu, via Persian, or another language, is well beyond my ability to even guess at.

The Jews who claimed Stalin had Jewish Blood

British Jew, Jack Fishman (1920 - 1997) photo source

Jack Fishman is buried in Golders Green Jewish Cemetery in London, he claimed Adolf Hitler ruffled his blond hair on a trip to Berlin when he was ten years old, blaming the incident for his early hair-loss. An extraordinary successful journalist, newspaper editor, author, spy-catcher, pop song lyrics-writer, and movie soundtrack overseer. Between 1969—1971 over 10,000,000 copies of his songs were sold, although his song-lyrics were mostly written under pseudonyms, as he didn't wish his song-writing (which had started as a hobby) to discredit his reputation as a serious journalist. 

Fishman was the main author of The Private Life of Josif Stalin (1962), quoted from above. But as I've shown, the extract about Stalin being of Jewish descent, if almost verbatim with the extract from Stalin: The Miraculous Georgian (1961), written solely by Fishman's co-author of The Private Life of Josif Stalin; Josef Heisler (see below). Obituaries for Fishman from two of Britain's leading newspapers, can be read here and here. 

Czech Jew: Josef Heisler (1911 - unknown)

Josef Heisler was a Czech journalist, an author, a graduate of Berlin University, a communist, a defectee, a C.I.A. suspected Soviet agent, and a self-proclaimed spirit guide with time-travelling abilities! He was also the first person (that I can find) to claim the Stalin's family name proves he was of Jewish descent.

To avoid making this too long, I'll just briefly summarize what I have and haven't learnt about Heisler, and link to where more can be read on each topic:

Based on this genealogy site, Heisler was Jewish. The man listed as the brother is almost certainly the Czech Jew and surrealist artist Jindrich Heisler. The two Czech Heislers bare a remarkable 
similarity. If this is correct, Josef Heisler was the son of a wealthy Czechoslovakian Jewish industrialist.

In 1932 Heisler, who later went by the name Joseph Bernard Hutton, was in Hamburg, where he travelled 11 years
into the future and witnessed the devastating British bombing of the city. In 1939 he fled to Britain and became the press attaché of the exiled Czech government. What exactly he did after the war, I don't know, some sources state he was a "high-ranking Czecho-Slovakian diplomat, who was a member of the Central Committee of the Czech Communist Party." But when exactly he defected is unclear, but obviously before he wrote his two biographies of Stalin (published in 1961 and 1962).

Heisler/Hutton would go on to write a
vast number of books, particularly about the Soviet spy network operating in the West. A early 1960s C.I.A. document declassified in 1993, shows that American Intelligence was of the opinion that Heisler/Hutton may still be an active Soviet agent—a "cold warrior"—spreading propaganda about the seemingly invincible power of the Soviet espionage. A book published in 2009, states in no uncertain terms, that Heisler/Hutton simply invented many of his claims about Soviet spies, particularly female ones.

Heisler/Hutton was clearly a very talented author, even if he did write a lot of nonsense; dreamt up female spies, Nazi occultism, the paranormal, and physic healing, but does this mean his claim about Stalin's family name was also his own creation? After his supposed, but C.I.A. doubted, defection from communism to Britain, he was purportedly just an author (a prolific one), and like most authors, he wanted to sell as many books as he could, so it's easy to understand why he invented so many sensational claims.

Sources do state he was involved in the communist government of post-WWII Czechoslovakia, if this was true he would have been in a position to hear many rumours of the new overlord of Eastern Europe; Stalin. And on face-value, Heisler/Hutton's claim that Jughashvili means 'The Sons of Dzhu', who were descendants of Jews from then Portuguese colony of Diu, is plausible. Although Heisler/Hutton claimed in both books that: "Some historians maintain that his (Stalin's) grand-father was Jewish, other deny it." He neglected to mention just who these historians are. 

The Jughashvili's Orthodox Christianity

Stalin's father, Vissarion 'Beso' Jughashvili was a baptised and practising Christian. Stalin's mother Ketevan Geladze was a baptised and devout Christian. Stalin's parents married in the Uspensky church (Cathedral of the Assumption) in Gori (map / photo), on May 17, 1872. Rumours that Jughashvili was not Stalin's father, were abound in Gori (Stalin's home town) even when he was a child (but that's not the focus of this article).

According to British-Jewish Stalin biographer Simon Seabag-Monteifiore, Stalin's paternal great-grandfather Zaza Jughashvili was an Ossetian, "semi-pagan mountain people", from the village of Geri (nothing seems to remain of it. map). He and other "baptised Ossetians" settled in Didi-Lilo c.1804. Didi-Lilo is 35 miles from the small village of Jughaani mentioned above.

Zaza's son (Stalin's paternal grandfather); Vano Jughashvili, was a serf, and tended the vines of the Prince Badur Machabeli. Nothing is known of Stalin's paternal grandmother or great-grandmother, nor is the maiden name of his maternal grand-mother, nor anything about his maternal great-grandparents, aside from the fact, that all Stalin's grandparents had been serfs of local princes until serfdom was abolished in 1860.

Stalin was a baptised Christian, a choirboy, and Seminary student. His communist regime killed Christians in their tens of millions. According to "Revelations from the Russian Archives", 
available from the Library of Congress, by 1939, 99% of Orthodox churches in the Soviet Union had been shut down.

Closing Statements:

There's clearly no consensus of opinion about the real origin of the name Jughashvili. A brief summary of the claims of what Jugha means:

1. In "(old) Georgian" it means 'iron' or 'steel'
2. It's related to the Ossetian word for a foundry waste product
3. It's the root of the Georgian word for 'herd' 
4. It sounds as if it has an Ossetian root

1. Is just a lie
2. Is ridiculous
3. Is plausible (just not to fluent speakers of Georgian)
4. Is speculation. 134 years after Stalin was born, if it meant something in Ossetian, it should be known by now

There's no point re-hashing here what I've written above about No.3, but in final summary: It's notable that both sources which claimed No.3 (Stalin's mother and Olga Kasradze), both heard it from Stalin's father, and in both versions Stalin's sheep-herding great-grandfather is portrayed as Georgian menaced by Ossetians sheep rustlers, when in actual fact he was Ossetian. Shorty before his death in 1909, Stalin's father's ethnicity was noted as Ossetian on hospital records.


If Stalin had been cognisant that he had Jewish blood, it would not be unreasonable to expect that some rumour of it would have made it into print, somewhere. But it hasn't.

This claim from the Heisler and Fishman is reminiscent of another claim by a very influential Jew. A claim—like this one—that's perplexing as to why an influential Jew should make it. That was the 1941 assertion by Emery Rosenbaum, Winston Churchill's media advisor, that Adolf Hitler was sired by one of the Rothschild banking dynasty!

I don't believe for an instant that Stalin had a "pathological hatred of Jews and Judaism", as one prominent Holocaust survivor claims. His son and daughter married Jews, some of his closest confidants up-until his final days were Jews or gentiles with Jewish wives. He may have had a few Jews tried and executed, suspected allies of Trotsky, and those he thought were out to poison him, but he killed millions upon millions of Christians, and no court historian would ever claim he had a "pathological hatred of Christians and Christianity."

Heisler and Fishman were undoubtedly talented, well-educated, highly successful, and very well connected in many different and influential fields. The claim of the Jews from the island of Dzhu was Heisler's originally, although Fishman must have been convinced by it to have included it in his book. Heisler's claim is intriguing, and might explain why so much nonsense is still claimed about the origin of the name Jughashvili, but it is merely conjecture, and likely to stay so.

Posted by The Black Rabbit of Inlé at 19:04
Labels: Son of Djuga


  1. Once again, Black Rabbit, a first class job of research!
    Appreciated the jpgs of documents sourced.
    Ever think of writing an entry on the thought process of how you find documents for your research?
    1. Thanks very much. And, lol, that'd be a strange post!
      But to give the game away, Google books and old newspaper archives are utterly, utterly invaluable for my version of research.
      This one started when someone left a "Stalin's name means Son of a Jew" comment on here, and I thought I'd just put that to bed. But I found Heisler cited in Pinay, then found his books, then got on an online atlas, found Diu, and went from there. (I visited Goa back in 2007, but had never heard of Diu before). Knowing that I would be open for easy sniping on this one, I've tried to cover everything I could think of in terms of Stalin's ancestors, and the supposed authoritative opinions on the origin of his name. I've also tried to give Heisler's claim fair treatment. I spent longer on this than I have any other post.
      But essentially it's key word searching on google books, restricting the date, often helps. Then it's a lot of reading, which'll often gives you ideas as to other connected things worth mentioning.
    2. thanks Black Rabbit!
  2. So can you tell me if he was a Christian? Do you know if he went to church daily? What is the prevalent religion in the area where Stalin was born? How about Putin? Interesting if they are not Jews, they are all mixed with the Jews. It is all about money and power.
    1. Stalin was an atheist, and a anti-theist. He was a member of the Orthodox Church as a child, and at 16 went to an expensive seminary School, where most of the students ended up becoming priests. He was expelled when he was 20 as he wasn't paying his school fees, and likely never went to mass again. Didn't even bother attending his own mother's funeral, just sent a wreath.
      In Gori, Georgia, they were predominately Orthodox Christians, but there's been Jews in that region for over 2,000 years, also many Muslims. According to a leading biographer of Stalin, his great-grandfather was some form of pagan.
      Putin's an Orthodox Christian.
  3. A superb post.

    Your hard work is clearly evident in both presentation and analysis.

    Unless something new and substantial turns up this will stand as the definitive account.

  4. Wow.


    BRI, you ROCK!!

    I have been bitching at fellow "anti-Semites" for years that this stuff you're doing——a rigorous academic approach and reappraisal of EVERYTHING we "know"——is what they should be putting their energy into, versus gad-flying all over the internet casually repeating the same 50 old saws everybody "knows" already, e.g. "Stalin was really a Jew. Djugashvili means "son of Jew." That proves it."
    Of course, many putative "anti-Semites" on the internet are really Jews tapping away in cubicles in Mossad HQ, Hertzliya, gathering names for their planet-wide Death List, and I think they also spread much of this sort of disinfo, knowing full well it falls apart under scrutiny and thus discredits any "anti-Semite" who repeats it.
    Possibly the supreme example of such disinfo is the dreaded 'Khazar hypothesis' of the origin of Ashkenazi Jews. Arthur Koestler wasn't just a Jew, he was a rabid flaming zionist. Why would such a person SINCERELY write a book like the Thirteenth Tribe? Only sane answer: he didn't sincerely; he wrote it as black magic aimed at the Jews' enemies, and it totally worked. So many of the "exposés" written by them and their shabbos goys are really like this.
    Of course, to question the 'Khazar hypothesis' on the internet is to immediately experience the weird outpourings of berserk rage from all the "anti-Semites" who've swallowed it hook line and sinker. Chemtrails is like this too. So is "controlled demolition of the twin towers." All of these are illogical crap, all of them originated with Jew psy-ops agents bent on turning intelligent opposition into STUPID, i.e. ineffectual, opposition, all of them get the same whacko devotion from the people who've chugged their Jew kool-aid.

    Anyway, kudos to you.

    A hopeful suggestion: it would be great if you would scan stuff like the letters in Slomovitz' Purely Commentary and just post those page images; makes the information that much less disputable.
    1. It's possible Arthur Koestler was psychotic. A condition which according to their own research, Jews are far more likely to suffer from than non-Jews. Interestingly, Koestler's mother was once a patient of Sigmund Freud while in Vienna.

      At one time Koestler was the personal secretary to Vladimir Jabotinsky, a right-wing Zionist leader so hated by David Ben-Gurion that he wouldn't allow Jabotinsky's body into Israel for burial.

      Koestler's position with Jabotinsky would later be filled by Benjamin Netanyahu’s father Benzion, while Koestler went on to became a communist agent working for the Soviets.

      In his dealings with people Koestler was a monster. A sexual predator who would employ violence and even rape in order to take whatever he wanted from male or female alike.

      In 1995, the former leader of the Labour party, Michel Foot, had this to say about Koestler and the rape of his own wife, Jill Craigie, in 1952:

      "...In 1995, Foot unexpectedly returned to the headlines. Reviewing a book in the Financial Times, he brought up the subject of the Hungarian-born novelist and his former friend Arthur Koestler, announcing that he had ' discovered, years after the attempt, that he had tried to rape my wife'.

      The incident happened in 1952 when Koestler called at the Foot home in Hampstead while Michael was away. He attacked Foot's wife, Jill, and raped her.

      He growled: 'This is going to happen whether you like it or not.'

      'I was worried about my life, not my honour,' Jill later recalled.

      Afterwards, Koestler got up with the parting words: 'I thought you always had a bit of a yen for me.'

      When asked years later what he would have done if Jill had told him of the rape at the time, Michael said: 'I don't know. I think I would have written him a letter - something like "our friendship is at an end."

      See here

      Arthur Koestler ended his depraved life in 1983 via a double suicide pact involving his wife Cynthia.
    2. Wow Henry, you're no slouch yourself I see. I never knew Koestler was an underling of Jabotinsky the fascist zionist. Do you know of any books, besides Lenni Brenner's, which describe in detail Jabotinsky's activities, 1920-1940, and/or the embryonic stages of the Jewish terror undergrounds in Palestine during the same period?
    3. Thanks for the very kind comments.

      I've done as you suggested, the scanned pages are now linked at the bottom of the article.

      I'd noticed that of Henry too.
  5. BRI I doubt your results for the following reasons :
    you don't have the identity of all Stalins grand and greatgrandmothers. If 1 of 2 of these had been jews Stalin would at least be a half jew.
    stalin looks like a jew, he looks like a clean or heavier zappa or einstein so to speak.
    he came out of orthodox christian education and just out of the blue become an atheist? Off course. And his grandfatehr was a pagan? Why is this so important that is mentionned. You mean pagan like a druid or a witch or so?
    Anyway the way he made carreer among tons of jews in the bolsevist autocracy, the way he intermarried etc, all this indicates but one thing,, I don't doubt your findings, that the name is not son of a jew etc, but for the best conclusion NOBODY KNOWS but all traces go in the direction of ...

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The Israeli Nuclear Threat

The "Six Million" Myth

"Jewish History" - a bookreview

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Down with Zio-Apartheid
Stop Jewish Apartheid!

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Israel controls U.S. Presidents
Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton...

The Victories of Revisionism
By Professor Robert Faurisson

The Jewish hand behind Internet The Jews behind Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay...

"Jews, who want to be decent human beings, have to renounce being Jewish"

Jewish War Against Iran

Jewish Manipulation of World Leaders

Al Jazeera English under Jewish infiltration

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Garaudy's "The Founding Myths
of Israeli Politics"

Jewish hate against Christians
By Prof. Israel Shahak

Introduction to Revisionist
- By Ernst Zündel

Karl Marx: The Jewish Question

Reel Bad Arabs - Revealing the racist Jewish Hollywood propaganda

"Anti-Semitism" - What is it?

Videos - Important collection 

The Jews Banished 47 Times in 1000 Years - Why?

Zionist strategies - Plotting invasions, formenting civil wars, interreligious strife, stoking racial hatreds and race war

The International Jew
By Henry Ford

Pravda interviews Ahmed Rami

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Shahak's "Jewish History,
Jewish Religion"

The Jewish plan to destroy the Arab countries - From the World Zionist Organization

Judaism and Zionism inseparable

Revealing photos of the Jews 

Horrors of ISIS Created by Zionist Supremacy - By David Duke

Racist Jewish Fundamentalism

The Freedom Fighters:
   Hezbollah - Lebanon
   Nation of Islam - U.S.A.

Jewish Influence in America
- Government, Media, Finance...

"Jews" from Khazaria stealing the land of Palestine

The U.S. cost of supporting Israel

Turkey, Ataturk and the Jews

Talmud unmasked
The truth about the Talmud

Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo

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Abbas - The Traitor

Protocols of Zion - The whole book!

Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem
Encyclopedia of the
Palestine Problem

The "Holocaust" - 120 Questions and Answers

Quotes - On Jewish Power / Zionism

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