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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

"Nazism is an imitation of Judaism"

"We shall presently see how the curses of Hitler turn into a blessing."
- Rabbi Harry Waton (1939)

Something of a split amongst so-called "holocaust deniers" and "antisemites" is
opinions on what, if any, role was played by Jews in Hitler's ascension to power.

In the later-half of the 19th century, banking journals often claimed that no nation
could sustain a prolonged war without Jewish bankers, that the Rothschilds hold in
their hands "peace in Europe", and a few Jewish bankers were the "arbitrators of
peace and war". After World War One, the power of the bankers only increased.

Zionists wanted Jews in Palestine, but the over-whelming majority of Jews prior to
the Ho£ocaust, despised Zionism. Some Zionists frequently spoke of Hitler as a
"Messenger of God" even as their "Messiah". Several prominent Jews are on record
stating Jews financed Hitler, even Hitler's predecessor as German chancellor said so.

The Nazis introduced laws that were straight out of the Tanakh. In Israel today
a Christian can not marry a Jew, and the Nazis' classification of who was a Jew,
has huge similarities to who qualifies as a Jew under the Israeli Law of Return.

The word "holocaust" means burnt sacrifice, and even the supposedly most
serious scholars of the "Holocaust" refer to it in religious terminology, insisting
the figure of holocausted Jews does matter; "call it religious." And its been
proven the canonical 6,000,000 figure does hold Kabbalistic significance.

An undeniable fact, is that the Nazis went to huge lengths to round-up Jews in Europe.
Traversing Greek Islands to collect Jews, shipping them off (via Auschwitz) East.
Even in the spring of 1944, the Nazis were expending valuable resources on the
Jewish round-up, which undoubtedly could have been used against the conquering
Red Army, or the American forces poised to invade mainland Europe from Britain.

The Zionists got what they wanted, and very likely,
just by how Theodor Herzl suggested they should.

"Nazism is an imitation of Judaism, Nazism
adopted the principles and ideas of Judaism"

- Rabbi Harry Waton (1939)

Details of the American rabbi, Kabbalist, lawyer, scholar, philosopher, Jewish
supremacist and prolific author; Harry Waton are not easily found online, which
is strange seeing as he authored around 100 books. The New York Times states
that a Harry Waton died in February 1967, but gives no further details.

Seemingly his most quoted book is his 1939 effort A Programme for Jews, which
includes admittances of communism being Jewish and that Jews are superior.

It also has the following intriguing view of Nazism & Hitler:

All through the past, the anti-Semites perceived intuitively, though vaguely, that the Jews will inherit this earth, and that all other races will either disappear altogether or they will become Jews and they will together with the Jews inherit this earth. This was the mortal dread of the anti-Semites. It was the dread that is felt by one who faces the yawning mouth of the serpent who is about to swallow him. Judaism appeared to the anti-Semites as a serpent that is about to swallow them. It was not only the dread of death but worse still, it was the dread of being swallowed by the serpent Judaism and be turned into Jews. Every individual beingendeavors to persevere in its being. And this is also true of man. Man wants to exist forever, but he wants to exist as he is. For an anti-Semite to be converted into a Jew is worse than death. This seemed to the anti-Semites as being converted into an inferior being, since they regarded the Jews as being inferior to themselves. This was and is the mortal dread of the anti-Semites. In the past, the anti-Semites were only vaguely aware of this, but now the anti-Semites have become fully conscious of this. This definite intuition of the anti-Semites of today found a most definite expression in Hitler's work: Mein Kampf. This book contains the philosophy of the anti-Semites. I do not know whether Hitler wrote this book all by himself, or others helped him write this, but this is certain. most of the ideas contained in this book are not original either with Hitler or with the nazis; most of the ideas are as old as anti-Semitism is. But Hitler's book is historically significant for the following reasons. First, it contains a most definite expression of the philosophy of anti-Semitism, it most definitely reveals the true nature of anti-Semitism.Secondly, this book has become the Bible of all anti-Semites, and it will have a wide influence upon mankind. It is therefore of vital interest to the Jews to know and understand what this hook contains. For this reason I will consider the philosophy contained in this book. Every system of thought centers around one idea, which is the soul of the whole system of thought. To understand this one idea, it is necessary to know the whole system of thought; but to understand the whole system of thought, we must first understand this one idea. I will therefore begin with this one idea, which is the soul of the Nazi philosophy, and which is now the soul of the philosophy of anti-Semitism. This idea is involved in the nature of Nazism.

What is Nazism? Nazism is an imitation of Judaism; Nazism adopted the principles and ideas of Judaism with which to destroy Judaism and the Jews. This alone places Hitler on the same level with Balaam. And, first, we must acquaint ourselves with Balaam. Of all anti-Semites that ever lived, Balaam was the greatest. His greatness is attested in three ways. First, the Bible tells us that Jehovah spoke to Balaam, and that Balaam believed in Jehovah. This alone shows that Balaam was great; the mere fact that Jehovah spoke to Balaam makes him great. Next, the Talmud tells us that Balaam was even greater than Moses. The Bible tells us that among the Jews there never was and never will be a prophet as great as Moses was. The Talmud tells us: among the Jews, but among the other nations there was one that was even greater than Moses and that was Balaam. The Talmud tells us the reason why Balaam was greater than Moses. When in the Last Day of Judgment Jehovah will judge the nations, the nations will say to Jehovah: If Thou hadst sent to us a prophet like Moses, we would also have accepted Thy Torah. To this Jehovah will answer: I sent to you Balaam, who was even greater than Moses, and yet you did not accept My Torah. But the greatness of Balaam appears in the method he used for the purposes of destroying the Jews. ...
Since the days of Balaam, Hitler is the first anti-Semite that was great enough to adopt this method. But, like Balaam Hitler does not perceive that, if the Aryan nations endeavor to acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, they will also become Jews, and then they will join the Jews. And so, as in the case of Balaam, Jehovah turns the curses of Hitler into a blessing. We shall presently see how the curses of Hitler turn into a blessing.
A Program for the Jews and An Answer To All Anti-Semities: A Program for Humanity
By Harry Watson
Published by
Committee for the Preservation of the Jews
New York 1939
pages 53-7

1 comment:

  1. I laugh at some neo nazis, specially in the USA, when they are still living in the dream land thinking that Germany is this Aryan land. Germany is long gone and what you have left are some blonde Jews with a few plastic surgery to fix their noses. Just like Steff Graff and Boris Becker, the famous tennis players. If the Jewish control of Germany was that bad in the 1920-30's, just imagine today in the so localed Globalization era.


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